• Gummygugugaga

    The Water Games

    April 7, 2014 by Gummygugugaga

    Welcome to my blog! I wanted to create a new games but put less details on the actual death since it is a bit physcopathic to talk about kids killing each other even though that is what The Hunger Games is about.  I did this since I really like survival in the wilderness and I like the idea of the control room; not the idea of controlling the games itself but the idea of being able to touch a screen and suddenly a tree pops up out of the ground and things in the environment of the arena.

    There are not that many rules but here are just general guidelines you should follow to let the games go smoothly.

    1)ENCOURAGE YOUR OTHER FRIENDS ON THE WIKI TO ENTER USERS;it doesn't take that long and it will help the process of creating tributes move a lot …

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  • Gummygugugaga

    The Ice Games

    November 2, 2013 by Gummygugugaga

    Hi I am Gummy and this is my first games.  It would be really cool if you created tributes for this game since I have already worked hard on the map of the arena.

    *Author's note* there will be a new arena map posted just below, showing what the arena will look like once the flames start to brew. Thank you :)*

    The arena for these games has 6 main landscapes.  The first is the cornucopia field where the tributes are launched at.  The second is the mountains on the upper west side of the arena.  The mountains have almost no vegetation or clean/fresh water however there will not be any mutts there.  In the forest which spreads from the south end of the map to the north-east is very strong in vegetation with lots of hiding places for those that …

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