Hi I am Gummy and this is my first games.  It would be really cool if you created tributes for this game since I have already worked hard on the map of the arena.

*Author's note* there will be a new arena map posted just below, showing what the arena will look like once the flames start to brew. Thank you :)*

The Original Arena

The Ice Games

The Arena

The arena for these games has 6 main landscapes.  The first is the cornucopia field where the tributes are launched at.  The second is the mountains on the upper west side of the arena.  The mountains have almost no vegetation or clean/fresh water however there will not be any mutts there.  In the forest which spreads from the south end of the map to the north-east is very strong in vegetation with lots of hiding places for those that can climb but also no fresh water.  The lake just north of the field is not fresh drinkable water and neither is the river that flows through the arena.  The only source of drinkable water is in the ice/black circles near the river.  That way the tributes do not all go miles and miles away from each other.  

The prairies are to the other side of the cornucopia but it is likely that most of the tributes will stay away from this.  If a tribute were to go over here then it would be a long walk to drinkable water found in the ice.  

Throughout the games I will try to describe the POV's so that the people reading it will have a sense of where the tribute is.

The Current Arena

Burned arena

After the fire burned down most of the forest, there are brown streaks showing where the remains of the burned down forest are. There have been some changes to where everything is in the arena.

The gamemakers have moved the river from south of the cornucopia field to north west and beside the prairies where it turns into a waterfall. The ice has formed together into larger groups. The prairies and mountains stay in the same location as they were not affected by the flames.

The Rules

  • Stay active.  Let me know that you are ready the games and that I am not writing them for nobody
  • Maximum 4 tributes per user (I will change this rule if I do not get enough entries)
  • No HGRP wiki profiles
  • Links are ok, as long as the info contains what is asked for in the template
  • Your tribute will only be added if the Lunaii is present.  If the Lunaii is not there but everything else is then I will put down that you reserved it
  • Any tributes from previous games can have the name of the tribute and a link to a games they have already been in if the info is the same.  For those tributes it is not required to fill out the entire template since I know there are tributes used in a lot of games such as Shade Spectrus, Missy Lonshore,etc.

Tribute Template





Appearence (Lunaii Only):

Primary Weapon:

Secondary Weapon:



Token (Optional):



District and Gender 

Name Age Weapon Strength Weakness Token Alliance
District 1 Male Kai Anderson 14 Mines, Sword Hand to hand combat, Strong, Fast Snakes, Traker Jackers, Dying A saphire stone his dad gave to him

District 1 Female

Floral Denim 15

Bow and arrows,

Throwing knives

Smarts, Stealth, Aim Fear of dying, misses family Gold locket with family pictures
District 2 Male

Astric Madley

18 Sword, Machete




Stupid, Rude, Anger Pocket knife he keeps around his neck
District 2 Female Onyx Liberty 18 Sword, Knives Excellent battle strategist, quick reflexes Can be too over-confident, cannot swim Her father's badge

District 3 Male

Evergreen Opal

14 Bow and Arrow, Knife Hunting,Long distance combat face-to-face combat Scarf
District 3 Female Alaska Hart 13 Traps(Wire, Rope,etc.), Throwing Knives Making Traps, Aim, Stealth Climbing, Hunting Heart Necklace
District 4 Male Poppa Rocks 15 Sword, Crossbow, Distractions can distract enemies, iron gut stupid, low common sense rubber leek
District 4 Female Marilla Pearl 18 Trident, Sword Agile, Swimming, Manipulative Resistence, Strength Flower
District 5 Male Shade Spectrus 16 Dagger, Crossbow, simple yet fatal traps his weapon strength easy to tire out,too independant necklace with a red thunderbolt
District 5 Female Exxa Cali 16 Machete Fighting, Strength, Can throw Machete if needed Patience, Fear of killing to everyone, Anger None
District 6 Male Plarain Rode 17 Axe Speed, Determined, high IQ Poor social skill,can't forgo food long None
District 6 Female Carmine Wesley 17 Machete, Axe face to face combat,  long range combat silver locket necklace
District 7 Male

Venus Lorac

17 Hand To Hand Combat N/A N/A Circlet
District 7 Female Trivia Lorac 14 Gladius Sword N/A N/A Silk Cloak (Circlet)
District 8 Male Midareta Riot 17 Fists, Scythe, Dagger, Chain unique skills with a chain anger gets the best of him, violence tattered remains of a hooded cloak 
District 8 Female Danny Anderson 14 Dagger, Mines Aim, Smart, Stealth Fire, Spiders, Kai a broken ring
District 9 Male Simeon Gran 16 Scythe, Sickle Scythe fighting, very strong, high indurance  slow, climbing grain of wheat
District 9 Female

Solstace  Alabaster

15 Crossbow, Bow and Arrows Aim,Agility Strength, Overly-Caring Headband
District 10 Male Lee Omega 16 Sword, Knife Agile, intelligent, manipulative strength, climbing, ranged weaponry Onyx Pendant
District 10 Female Missy Teagle 14

Throwing knives,Blowgun

Stealth, Intelligence Strength, Close-Combat Dog's Collar
District 11 Male Denn Colins 18 Sickle, Baton Strong, plant identification, wrestling Slow, swimming Orange
District 11 Female Halley Foxy 16 Blowgun and darts, slingshot and rocks

Hiding, Camouflage,Plants

Killing,careers Headband
District 12 Male Erien Smith 12 Machete Smart, flirtatious, high pain resistent Emotional and lacks competitiveness Bandanna
District 12 Female Serina Ebony 17 Knife, either a sword or poison strategizing and planning, plant identification kind of shy Her mom's checkbook


Bold=alliance leader(s)


Floral Denim (D1F), Kai Anderson (D1M), Onyx Liberty (D2F),  Astric Madley (D2M),  Marilla Pearl (D4F), Solstace Alabaster (D9F), Lee Omega (D10M), Halley Foxy (D11F)

Anti Careers 

 Evergreen Opal (D3M), Alaska Hart (D3F), Exxa Cali (D5F), Shade Spectrus (D5M),Danny Anderson (D8F), Simeon Gran (D9M), Denn Collins (D11M), Serina Ebony (D12F)

Lorac Alliance

Trivia Lorac (D7F), Venus Lorac (D7M)

District 6 and 10 Alliance

Plarain Rode (D6M), Missy Teagle (D10F)


Poppa Rocks (D4M), Carmine Wesley (D6F), Midareta Riot (D8M), Erien Smith (D12M)

Training Scores and Odds

      • Tribute odds change as the games progresses. This is because a tribute could get a weapon that they didn't have earlier on and that would give them a higher chance of winning. There are others reasons but I think you guys are smart enough to know this.


                      Name and Training Score and Sponser Money Left Odds
Kai Anderson                          6                         25$ 14/1
Floral Denim                           9                       50$ 9/1
Astric Madley                        10                           70$ 5/1

<strikeOnyx Liberty                         9                            50$</strike>

Alaska Hart                           8                            50$ 10/1
Evergreen Opal                     7                            25$ 22/1
Marilla Pearl                         4                             25$ 40/1
Poppa Rocks                        5                           25$ 38/1
Exxa Cali                              7                        25$ 20/1
Shade Spectrus                    8                         50$ 8/1
Carmine Wesley                    9                        50$ 9/1
Plarain Rode                         6                       25$ 13/1
Trivia Lorac                          7                        75$ 7/1
Venus Lorac                        9                         50$ 3/1
Danny Anderson                  8                         50$ 6/1
Midareta Riot                       9                       50$ 6/1
Solstace Alabaster              7                         25$ 26/1
Simeon Gran                     6                         25$ 28/1
Missy Teagle                     9                       50$ 7/1
Lee Omega                        8                        50$ 14/1
Halley Foxy                       7                        25$ 24/1
Denn Collins                      2                       25$ 60/1
Serina Ebony                     6                        25$ 25/1
Erien Smith                      7                         25$ 40/1
                      Items Needed by the Tributes
Astric Madley Water, cream for wound
Alaska Hart nothing
Carmine Wesley tent & sleeping bag
Plarain Rode Food
Trivia Lorac nothing
Venus Lorac sleeping bag
Danny Anderson nothing
Missy Teagle Food


Each tribute receives 25$ sponser money.  Tributes that received a training score of 8+ get 25$ extra and tributes that score higher than 10 receive 45$ extra.  

Here is the list of items you can sponser your tributes with.  If you created the tribute you can comment in the item now or save it until farther in the games.  Please note that the tribute will not receive the item until after the bloodbath even if you comment it now.

Your tribute may recieve extra money for various things throughout the games as awards for intelligence and for discovering things about the arena.


Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows or Spears                    70$

Sword, Machete, Sickle, Scythe                                      65$

Liquid Poison (25ml)                                                      25$

Baton                                                                             45$

Blowgun with 4 darts                                             70$ (GREAT DEAL)

Food and Water

Pack of fruit                                  20$

Pack of Meat (20g)                        30$

Loaf of bread                                 30$

Water (250ml)                               30$

Water (1L)                                     70$

Crate of Assorted food and water    80$ (GREAT DEAL)


Sleeping Bag                               45$

Rope  (1 metre long)                     30$

Spile 30$

Pots,Pans,Eating Utensiles           10$

Medicine and Pain Killers

Water purifier 2 doses (makes the bad, undrinkable water found in the lake and river drinkable)  50$

Wound Cream 30$

Trakerjaker relief leafs 20$

Burn cream                        30$

First aid kit                          25$

Anything that is not on the list can be nogotiated in the comment section

Death Chart

Tribute Name Cause of Death Killer Day
Halley Foxy Knife thrown into back Alaska Hart 1-BB
Poppa Rocks Stabbed in the back Danny Anderson 1-BB
Denn Collins Hit by a passing spear  Evergreen Opal 1-BB
Marilla Pearl Axe buried in chest Carmine Wesley 1-BB
Lee Omega Machete swang into his face Exxa Cali 1-BB
Simeon Gran Slashed in the neck Plarain Rode   1
Exxa Cali Knife thrown into chest  Floral Denim   1
Solstace Alabaster dart fired into his stomach Shade Spectrus   1
Evergreen Opal presumably stabbed with a sword Astric Madley 2
Kai Anderson lightly slashed in the neck but hit the ground Trivia Lorac 2
Erien Smith stabbed in the back (nearly instant and paralyzed death) Floral Denim 2
Serina Ebony Fell out of tree and snapped her neck (instant) Gamemakers (probably broke the tree) 3
Floral Denim Hypothermia Venus Loral (he put her in the freezing water) 3
Onyx Liberty Stabbed (blood lose) Plarain Rode 4
Midereta Riot knife thrown into chest Danny Anderson 4
Shade Spectrus Hit by passing fire ball, pushed my Astric into flames Astric Madley, Gamemakers 4
Astric Madley hit by multiple arrows Missy Teagle 4-FINALE


Day 1 - Bloodbath

Serina Ebony's POV

I wave goodbye to my stylist as the tube closes and begins to accend to the arena.  I pray and grasp with my mom's checkbook which she gave to me before I was sent to the capital for this.  I look around and notice the beautiful forest and a lake in the distance trying to plan where me and the antis should go.  I look to Danny and make eye contact with her.  We both smile.  





I spot a golden knife lying at the outskirts of the cornucopia.  I need to get that.  To my right I see Plarain turning away towards a river behind us to escape the bloodbath that will come.  What an idiot.  All there is back there is a river which probably has one problem with it or another since it is in the arena.  Nothing in here is natural. Nothing.








Alaska Hart's POV

I run as fast as I can towards a pack of throwing knives that I spot lying on top of a crate.  By the time I get there Astric;the career from 2 with the highest odds of winning chasing Midareta from 8 with a machete.  Midareta grabs a small backpack and escapes before he gets to him though.  Gotta focus on me now.  I take a knife out of the bag and look around to see who my targets are.  Halley Foxy is charging towards Evergreen with a spear after what seems to be a fight for them.  I whip the knife and it finds a place in Halley's back as she stumbles to the ground.  This is getting crazy. Poppa Rocks the idiot from 4 just literally ran into me and I pull out my knife and he pulls out a sword which he must of found IN the cornucopia since I am right at the entry and he attempts to stab me. I cannot believe that he would run into the cornucopia for a sword since there is one lying on the ground still waiting to be picked up. Thank god for my allies since Danny takes a dagger out of Poppa's back as he falls to the ground.  The twin; Trivia I think it is just ran away to the woods while her brother is beating up the boy from 5; Shade.  Oh wait Shade. Shade is in my alliance.  I run towards them but noticed that he is already lying on the ground.  I don't think he is dead since he is blinking but who know's. Luckily for me Venus doesn't notice me since I duck behind a crate.  Right beside me I see a spear in Denn's stomach.  That is a first.  Never seen a long distance weapon used in the bloodbath but I guess with Evergreen is an exception. I charge towards the forest where Evergreen is running after had thrown the spear. It is too intense here, even for me.  

Carmine Wesley's POV

Oh my god! I cannot believe that I just buried my axe in Marilla's chest.  I turn around and grab an orange backpack. I run as fast as I can toward what seems like ice since I know that the careers probably won't be hanging around there.  I turn around after running for a few minutes with the cornucopia still in sight.  It seems like most of the loners have left and now there are only careers and certain antis.  Lee was just knocked to the ground after trying to escape to cornucopia with a sword by a swinging machete which I now realize belonged to Exxa Cali.  If only I had grabed a weapon before I left. I could had gotten way more people than I did why that wierd double holed axe. The bloodbath is over and the antis have left to the forest just behind the long flowing river which seems to go ALL THE WAY across the arena.  I probably will go that way.  The careers head towards the mountains and most of the loners seemed to go to the forest on the other side of the ice.  This is gonna be a long games.


Day 1 - Post-Bloodbath

Plarain Rode's POV

I slow down to catch my breath.  Ok I think I have ran far enough away from the bloodbath.  It wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be considering the fact that I only heard 5 cannons.  I notice that there is not much different here from back home.  Just a regular old forest, probably infested with crazy mutts.  The cornucopia is probably not occupied and I don't trust myself without supplies so I decide to head back to get whatever is not taken.  I arrive to the site of blood splattered on crates and inside the cornucopia the wall of swords,axes,machetes and knives is empty.  In the distance the antis are walking on the ice so I don't think they are gonna see me here.  I open a crate to find a beautiful set of assorted knives which I strap around my waist.  Next I grab a black bag with a sleeping bag attached that contains food and medicine.  I take an axe which is under a crate with blood splattered all over the end of it.  "This is the jackpot" I scream not realizing that there is a tribute running towards me.  It is Simeon; the anti who was probably sent for the same reason I am here.  I climb up onto the cornucopia since he is not the sharpest tool in the shed and probably will not know what to do.  He arrives and screams "You get down from there or I'll kill you".  He is waving his sickle.  I climb down knowing that my aim with throwing knives is debatable.  He charges me but I easily avoid it.  I turn around and with little effort my axe has found a place in his thigh.  He falls to the ground screaming "SHADE" "DANNY" but it is too late.  I slash him in the neck. BOOM!  As I see the antis running across the field I turn and head towards the river knowing that most of them probably don't want to get wet.

Trivia Lorac's POV

After what seems like a few hours a walking me and Venus sit down to look threw the things we have.  I managed to grab a sword from the wall before dashing out of the cornucopia.  Venus got a small black bag with a sleeping bag attached.  He also has a machete but he doesn't need a weapon.  He has his hands.  "I think we should head down to the mountains.  I don't think there will be a lot of tributes there.  Tomorrow morning we'll go across the cornucopia field towards the ice.  I think the ice has some significance" Venus instructs.  "Ya the food will probably last until then but we should probably get some more from the cornucopia if it is not guarded".  I fill up the canteen with water from a small pond and take a drink.  It does not taste like all.  At that point I realize that the water in this arena is undrinkable and that we are in deep shit.

***Author's Note*** Trivia Lorac receives 50$ extra of sponser money for being the first tribute to realize that the water in the arena is undrinkable.  The user that created Trivia now can pick 75$ worth of sponser things from the list/catologue in the sponsers section.  Thank you:)

Kai Anderson's POV

Something inside me is telling me to leave this alliance and go and be with my sister.  I couldn't though.  Everyone here would target me since they know I pose a threat.  Luckily they don't know what I feel inside.  Everyone looks at me as if I am a strong fierce brutal career.  All I want to do is get home.  If I do not get home then there would be nobody there to take care of my mother in her old age.  Everyone else in this alliance is always talking about bringing pride to their district but for me, killing another tribute feels as though I am the one being stabbed.      

Astric speaks up "I see the antis in the distance on the field.  It seems to be getting dark so we should go over RIGHT NOW".  I pull out my sword and prepare to go.  I think that is the whole reason why we came to the mountains; So we could have a better look at the arena and then decide where to start.     We arrive on the field and the antis have still not spotted us.  Floral pulls out an arrow and shoots it right in the stomach of Exxa Cali.  She is not dead but they see us prep there weapons for a battle.  Astric swiftly dodges a dart by hiding behind a crate.  I go around to cornucopia without any of them seeing me.  I run up behind Exxa but she turns around and swings her machete at my chest.  It did not get that far in but I feel an outrageous pain.  Luckily, Floral sees and throws a knife into Exxa's chest.  BOOM!  Everyone looks towards us with grim faces.  I turn around and whack Alaska in the face with my sword and she tumbles to the ground.  I scream "Let's go" and everyone hears me and we start to run towards the icey area.  Solstace tries to shoot an arrow one last time but in turn finds a dart in his stomach from Shade Spectrus.  Astric carries him into the woods and lays him down cause we know he does not have much more time left to live.  He says "stay with me to the end" and we all nod.  BOOM! Onyx closes his eyes and we head towards the ice.

Day 1 - Night

Midareta Riot's POV

I pull out my sleeping bag and lay down on the rocks on the side of the river. Something about the sound and the waves mesmerizes me. The sky lights up and the anthem starts to play.

I see the face of the boy from 4; Poppa Rocks. The only thing I knew about the kid is that during training he spent all of his time at the sickle and baton training station. He was an idiot. I am not surprised he is gone. Next, the girl from 4. Wow both tributes from a career district are gone on the first day. The faces keep on coming; Exxa Cali, Solstace Alabaster, Simeon Gran, Lee Omega;his blue eyes looking down on me, Denn Collins and Halley Foxy. Wow, that was mostly people in an alliance. Those that are not in an alliance are not as big of a threat. I have enough food to last a day or two. Tomorrow I will take water from the river and see if it is drinkable.

  • Poppa Rocks D4M
  • Marilla Pearl D4F
  • Exxa Cali D5F
  • Solstace Alabaster D9F
  • Simeon Gran D9M
  • Lee Omega D10M
  • Denn Collins D11M
  • Halley Foxy D11F

Shade Spectus POV

After seeing the anthem I make the decision to camp for the night. Our alliance is weakening and the others seems tired from today's battle with the careers. "maybe we could sleep here tonight" says Serina. I look around and see that there is a river between us and the field where to cornucopia is so we are not in plain sight. There is only about 150 meters or something between where we are now and where the ice starts and the forest ends. "I could take the first watch" I say. Everyone lays down their things and Evergreen practices his archery while Serina and Alaska whisper while creating a fire.

Everyone goes to sleep. A few hours later when I am about to wake someone to take the next watch, I hear a branch crack in the distance followed by a lot of shouting. The careers. They probably had been walking from the other side of the lake to the ice. Why would be out so late? I cannot wake the others though to tell them to get ready so I am gonna have to hide and eliminate them one at a time.

As I climb the tree they are nearly passing under me without seeing my alliance camping at the bottom. My crossbow is already in position to fire. The arrow hits Onyx in the back and she falls over onto the ground. The others keep walking though and it seems as though they didn't even notice she was hit since she was trailing a few meters behind them. Onyx, on the ground turns around and sees the antis sleeping just a few feet away hiden behind a big bush. She pulls out a knife-BOOM!. I hop down from the tree without Onyx noticing me and I look around to see if the cannon is one of us. I hear screaming coming from the careers. Someone has fell through the ice. It had to have been that since I bet everyone else is sound a sleep.

Onyx gets up and limps away in pain but left the knife she almost used to kill someone lying on the ground. I look to see but it wasn't any of the careers. Floral, Kai and Astric are all over there. They were not screaming because of the cannon. It was because Onyx was not with them. That cannon belonged to someone in the antis who must have snuck away when I was not looking and then ran into the careers. Yes, Evergreen Opal probably wanted to be heroic after he woke up from the noises. He must have got up and gone towards the careers to shoot them with his bow and arrows. But once someone gets close to Evergreen it is game over for him. He cannot fight close range with an arrow. And Astric is skilled with a sword.

Day 2

Missy Teagle's POV

I awaken to find everything where I left it. My black bag is still under a bush and my blowgun is hidden in a hollow log. It would have been great to have grabbed some throwing knives but I grabbed what I saw and ran. Luckily, the blowgun was near my plate and the bag was behind the cornucopia so nobody was there. I am still debating on whether I should go back to the cornucopia since my supplies are scarce but what if the careers are there? I have three darts left for my blowgun since the other were used to hunt my meal last night. If I use up all of my darts on hunting game then I will not have anything to defend myself. I couldn't be that far away from the cornucopia and I do not think any of the tributes came this way. To my left there are prairies and directly in front my me there is a river separating me and the cornucopia. As I start to walk towards the river I drop down from instinct. The careers are coming this way. Last night, before I went to sleep, I saw them over by the ice but they must be making their way to here by now. They pass right by me luckily without noticing me and head towards the prairies. After they are already far away I sprint in the direction they came since the river is a lot smaller near the ice and I could probably hop over rocks to get to the field. Sure enough, the antis are camped right beside the cornucopia. I will use the strategy I used during the bloodbath. OMG, they see the careers walking across the prairies and I think they are gonna go follow them. PERFECT! So now the cornucopia is unguarded. Erien another loner runs across the field from the forest and grabs a bag and a few knives and runs.

Those are the ones I wanted! Without further redue, I charge across the field but she is already deep into the forest and there is no chance that I will catch her now.

Whatever, I skip across the field and open a crate. Just to make sure, I look in the direction that the antis ran in and they are already on their way back. I spot a pack of knives and ran towards them. Shade Spectrus sees me and pulls out a cross bow but I whip a knife into Alaska's stomach. She spits out blood and falls to the ground. Someone tries to run around me but I turn around and smash my bag into their face. It was Serina Ebony. I turn and run towards the mountains the mountains in the distance, awaiting Alaska's cannon...but it never comes. I guess someone had a first aid kit and somehow treated her. It doesn't really matter to me. What matters is that I have more darts and the throwing knives.

Now all I need is some water.

Venus Lorac's POV

I let Trivia sleep a few more minutes up in the tree while I start to make lunch. I am starving and she has been asleep since around sunset last night. The fire is started and the meat is roasting. I do not even know what it was that she hunted yesterday but it looks like it is cooking well with the spices that were in the bag I grabbed from the cornucopia. While the food is cooking, I climb up the tree to wake Trivia up. "Thanks for letting me sleep in" she says. We eat the delicious food and set out to find tributes. There is uncooked meat for another meal in the bag and there are still a lot of spices so we are good for now. I start to hear a faint clinking sound and within thirty seconds, a parachute is in front of Trivia. It is water which is what I feared we would not have a lot of since Trivia said the water in this arena is safe to drink. There is a note attached that says "stay hydrated". I sip a bit of it and then Trivia does the same. We have about 200ml left so it could us for a few hours until we will need another source of water like a spile to use to get water of trees.

Alaska Hart's POV

It has already been a few hours since Missy threw a knife into my stomach. Now it is time to actually look at the damage. There is a huge gash where the knife penetrated and I am still bleeding a lot. Shade had a first aid kit in his duffel but I do not think the cloth was wrapped tightly enough. I vomited blood again a few minutes ago and the headache is getting worse. "You should take another tablet" Danny says. "What good will that do" I shout at her. It will keep off a little bit of pain for a few hours but then the pain will return. "It would be wasting them" I say. "We only have 5 more and what about Serina. She has a headache from being knocked down by Missy's bag. I cough up more blood as I lay down on a bag in SO MUCH pain. The cloth is not strong enough of the gash is still bleeding. "I don't know what else to do". If it does not get better in the next little bit, I think. I am pulling myself out of these games. There are some strange looking berries over there that could do the trick.

Astric Madley's POV

"I am thirsty" whines Floral. I look around to see a small pond off in the distance. I just got a little bit of water from a sponsor with a note telling me to only drink the water he sends me but I do not know if the same applies to the others. She takes out her canteen and sips a bit but quickly spits it out. "Not this water, it is not safe" Floral bickers. Well, I guess the same does apply to Floral. "Maybe we should try and find some loners" says Kai. I look around the arena and notice that there is smoke coming from the forest. "Let's go" I order pointing to the smoke.

Floral puts her head threw the leaves and notices that it is the Lorac alliance eating happily. "Can I handle this" says Floral as I hand her the bow and quiver of arrows.

The first arrow hits Trivia Lorac in the hip startling her. Before Floral could even reload another arrow, Venus already has her pinned to the ground after knocking my sword away from me. I stand and watch as Trivia fights Kai until she pushes him into the their fire. What a weakling he is in hand to hand combat. I thought he was strong and Trivia is not even the good one at that in her family. I pull out me sword and try to stab Venus but he hear me coming so he rolls off of Floral. She is not conscious. He probably punched her rapidly. I carry her away as Venus runs back to his sister. Kai is a goner. We should have brought Onyx but she is in pain so I think it is right to leave her to guard our camp.

I look back and see that Venus has Kai pinned to a tree. There is still time. I quickly drop Floral and run to them. As Trivia grabs a sword that was beside the fire, she prepares to stab Kai. Me and Venus are both pretty strong but I think I can take him down with my sword. I stab him in the arm which is his biggest weapon. He smashes Kai against the tree and Trivia slashes his face before he makes it to the ground.

Now it is me and Venus because Trivia is already high up in a tree. Venus grabs Trivia's sword which she left on the ground and tries to stab me but it only slightly cuts my face. BOOM! Venus runs in the direction of Floral but I chase him. He has Floral in a headlock and shouts to me "Get any closer". I throw my sword at him but he jumps out of the way. Oh great, now I am unarmed. Floral is back on the ground and he chases after me. I try to run to get my sword but it is too far away. He punches me hard in the face. I fall to the ground in pain and the last thing I see is Venus running back to Floral who is back on the ground. I slip away while knowing that I will wake up and have one less ally and possibly two. Kai.

Carmine Wesley's POV

Wow, I just watched the careers loose a battle to the Lorac siblings. Floral and Astric are on the ground still unconscious after about two hours but the Trivia and Venus Lorac wisely headed towards the ice. Earlier this morning I drank a bit of the water from the ice. It tastes a lot better than the pond and lake water so I am starting to think like that is the only source of drinkable water here. Through out the day the antis, Trivia and Venus, Plarain Rode and Erien Smith have all been smart to choose that as their drinking source. The careers however have not clued that in.

I am the prairies right now since this is not a common place to come in this arena. Everyone chooses to stay fairly close with each other. Plarain, Erien and Onyx are all in my eyesight right now. Erien is sitting on a log in the forest. Plarain is walking through the forest but on the other side of the cornucopia field and on the other side of the river. And for Onyx, he is sitting and tending to Floral who in conscious now and Astric who will probably be by morning. I think the antis went up the mountains since I have not seen them since I woke up.

Everything is peaceful for me in the arena, no one has really noticed me lately. I already got two parachutes which means that the sponsors are indeed noticing me. "The food was tasty and the sleeping bag is very helpful" I say out load so my sponsors can hear my thanks. I still have some meat left in my bag from the cornucopia. BOOM! The cannon startles me since I do not see anything happening. I wonder what happened.

Now I can see it, Astric seems to be really angry after he suddenly regains consciousness;probably because he is not used to the feeling of defeat. I run towards the place where the prairies meet the field after realizing that I had been walking too far in. Erien is lying on the ground between the ice and the lake with a knife in her back. Beside him Floral is walking back to where Astric and Onyx are. That is a shame. I liked Erien. If I had seen Floral walking towards him I would have gone after Floral with my machete which I found at the cornucopia yesterday night. Erien was one of the only two people I were to consider for an alliance. Him and Missy.

Day 2-Night

Danny Anderson's POV

I have already heard three cannons today. Something inside me is telling me to forget about my brother since his alliance are our enemies. Alaska was just talking about he was a threat thinking that I was busy doing something else and was not listening. "We should camp out now, it is starting to get dark" Alaska says. "I don't know though...the careers are right over there. We don't want a repeat of yesterday" Shade instructs. We continue walking up the mountains even though we don't have a lot of water left. Wow perfect timing. A parachute drops to the ground and I go to see who it is for. IT'S FOR ME!!! I open the lid and find that it is a small cup of water. Perfect, now we have my water and Shade's water which he got from the ice. "Now that we have this, can we go to the prairies". We all agree and head towards the prairies, knowing that the careers are deep in the forest on the other side of the cornucopia field.

We are about half a kilometre into the prairie when the sky lights up.

  • Kai Anderson D1M
  • Evergreen Opal D3M
  • Erien Smith D12M

"Wow, all boys" shouts Shade. I don't know what to brother was up there. Who could have killed him. He is so strong. The only three people that could have had the gut to kill him would be...lets see...Midereta Riot,Venus Lorac or Missy Teagle. I guess maybe Plarain Rode but he would not survive the other careers even if he took down Kai.

"Let's go after Midereta guys" I announce. "In the morning,in the morning" and with that we go to sleep.

Day 3

Onyx Liberty's POV

Things have not been going too well for us lately. Floral can barely go anywhere because of her headaches and Astric keeps going to find tributes on his own. Floral has been asleep for a while so I am pretty much on my own. We moved onto the ice last night so we are not seen as well. I can see Carmine Wesley eating and walking across the field but it is way too far from here to even try to get her. Just the field is a couple miles away.

By now I think Astric is hiking through the forest towards the mountains. If he only he listened to me when I said that most of the tributes are probably hidden in the forest on the other side of the river. BOOM! Floral jumps up and looks around. She sees me and smiles and I smile back. I wonder who caused that cannon. Lots of screaming suddenly booms throughout the arena. Floral and I grab our things are book it to the nearby forest.

On the other side of the ice in the distance, Missy runs out of the forest with Midereta running behind her. They are swatting. Trackerjakers! Missy's arm turns blue as she collapses to the ground. Midereta is walking funny but there are no more trackerjakers near him. He stumbles and then falls to the ground. Neither of them have died but look like they are in lots of pain. Huh, I wonder what they did to get those to follow them. Midereta and Missy are not even in an alliance so maybe he had been chasing her and then the nest fell or something. I walk hike over since Floral has fallen asleep again.

Midereta is in a lot worse shape then Missy. He must have gotten the bulk of the attack while Missy got a few stings on her arm and face. Midereta is practically covered in bites so he is probably in a coma or whatever by now. Oh Dang it! I left my knives with Floral so I have nothing to use against Floral. I walk back to Floral.

BOOM! As I bite into my food I know that one of the major threats in the arena is gone.

Plarain Rode's POV

I just saw Serina Ebony fall from a tree. The hovercraft just picked her up but I can't see how that killed her. The branch that she was on was about 50 feet high and she landed on her feet and then her neck jolted. I guess she fell funny.

The antis have not noticed me at all and I have been following them from far away but not far enough to the point where I loose them. From what I can hear faintly, it sounds like they are looking for that Midereta guy. It was kinda weird watching Floral get attacked by Venus a few minutes ago in the distance. He smashed her against the ice until it broke. He didn't smash her head so she didn't die then but when she fell into the freezing cold water, trying to get out while screaming. By the time she managed to pull her self out, she was frozen.

I decide that it is time to stop following the antis. I wanna see if Missy is willing to make an alliance with me. I have poor social skills but at least I know that I need someone there. Someone to talk to. Someone to ally with. She couldn't be that far away. No one here has gone far away from where I am now which I still do not get; this arena is so huge but people choose to play na-na-na-boo-boo. As I walk through the forest I notice a dog running towards me.

I run as fast as I can towards the field and as soon as I make it there, the dog is gone. Out of sight. Maybe the gamemakers are trying to lure us towards each other by releasing mutts. To be honest, we do not need gamemakers to do that. It is happening naturally.

As I walk around the outskirts of the field, I notice Midereta Riot lying on the ground. Next to him is Missy. They are not dead but probably unconscious. I know what to do. I smile and run towards them and lift Missy up. I take her into the forest with me and lay her down after about an hour of walking. Still unconscious. There are a few swollen bites on her arm and face and I immediately know what they are;trackerjakers bites. I know it will take a few days so I climb up a tree above her and wait.

Missy Teagle's POV

Midereta is chasing after me. I do not know what to do since he is definitely faster then me so I turn around, realizing my fate.

I awaken in the forest. That is weird. The last thing I remember is falling to the ground on the field so how did I end up here. A parachute lands right beside me containing a first aid kit. I am kinda wobbly still from all those stings but I think I am gonna be ok. I thought I would never wake up because of those stings.

As I jump up and start walking, I hear something coming from behind a tree. "Wait" they say as I prepare my machete. "I brought you into the forest so that they would not see you and kill you. Would you like to be in an alliance with me?" "Show yourself, I say".

It is Plarain Rode.

"What makes you think I want an ally" I question. "Well, I did save your life, if I had not brought you into the woods,you would have been dead meat" he says. I guess he does have a point. If I had been left there in the open, I would have been seen eventually.

If he had not saved me then I would still be unconscious just like Midereta.

"Let's go, but let me decide what our plans are" I say. "We can survive a lot longer that way". He does not really mind though. Plarain got what he wanted and I will not let him be the leader just because he is few years older than me.

Day 3 - Night

Astric Madley's POV

Well now that Midereta is gone, we are in good shape. Onyx said that there was a trakerjaker accident that Missy woke up from but Midereta died from stings. We have not seen Floral in a while and I am starting to get a bit worried. The Lorac's are a bigger threat than I though and it would good if Floral could go after them from surprise. Our biggest threat turns the Venus Lorac. Once he is gone then his sister should not be that hard.

"I think they went towards the mountains yesterday" Onyx says. "I was just there earlier and the only one I saw was Carmine Wesley but she quickly scurried away so there was no chance I could catch her" I bicker back. Loud sounds come from the forest and then smoke starts to rush up and out from the top of the trees.

Once we arrive there, it happens to be the antis, chatting along and waiting for the anthem. My sword is already out and I charge towards Shade Spectrus. Screaming emerges behind me and I turn around to see Onyx holding Alaska down in the fire. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" I shout. I feel a massive impact on my back and as I turn around, Danny and Shade are standing. Danny is holding a dagger and Shade is just standing there. I realized what has happened.

Shade has made a trap which has swung me into a tree. Luckily, I am strong so I flipped myself onto a strong branch and none of them can reach me. Onyx looks at me and scream's "HELP". My sword is not really good for throwing but I whip it as hard as I can and it hits Alaska right in the back. The other antis grab her and leave. Well, at least Onyx and me are still here.

Shade Spectrus POV

Poor Alaska. I remember how tough she was back at the initial cornucopia bloodbath. She made the first kill of these games. I guess that is not a very big accomplishment but she was fierce and strong. I do not think she can deal with all of this. Her hair is practically burned off and just as her stomach wound got better, she got another one in the back. As I look at it, it does not seem as bad as the other one but it makes her more vulnerable.

The sky lights up and I see the face of Floral Denim. No wonder she was not with the careers when they attacked us earlier. Next is beautiful Serina Ebony. Serina was my favorite. I loved her. There is no one to blame for what happened to her though. Maybe the gamemakers caused that tree to snap and fall to the ground but we cannot do anything about that. I am going to avenge Evergreen though. Astric is as good as mine.

  • Floral Denim D1F
  • Serina Ebony D12F

"Attention tributes" booms out Titus Templesmith. "There will be a feast at sunrise. It will be a very interesting gathering so be sure to attend. As you may have noticed, the cornucopia no longer contains supplies greatly needed by some of you. During the feast the cornucopia will be restocked. Now you may think that what you need is not there but after carefully being watched, the items you all need will be there".

Day 4 - The Feast

Carmine Wesley's POV

I wake up early so that I could get a head start on the feast. The mountains are vast and I am not sure exactly how far in I went since it is valley but I hope that it will not take me more than 15 minutes to get to the cornucopia.

Once I arrive there, Astric and Onyx are already standing on the field ready for the others to arrive. I grasp my axe in my hands and I run to the other side of the cornucopia. Behind me, I see Plarain Rode and Missy Teagle running out of the forest charging me.

The supplies are still not here so I turn and run back in the direction of the prairies. It's a good thing that they didn't actually see me and that they are targeting Astric and Onyx. It is horrifying to watch as Missy sneaks up behind Astric and pulls his sword away while Plarain slashes the legs of Onyx from behind. I cannot believe that the careers are actually that dumb and weak. Astric punches Plarain in the face and then turns to Missy since Onyx is still lying on the ground screaming.

A table ascends just outside the cornucopia and all of the bags fall to the ground as the table goes back down, leaving us with some bags and then a reloaded wall of weapons. Astric is chasing after Missy in the opposite direction so I run in take a bag and go back to where I was standing. Nobody saw me so now it is time to watch the battle unfold.

Danny Anderson's POV

We arrive on the edge of the field between the ice and the field. In the distance, on the other side of the cornucopia, Plarain is stabbing Onyx while Astric is chasing Missy. Onyx was not as bad as Astric. She was loyal to my alliance which I credit and was actually a skilled tribute. BOOM! There can only be one winner and she was a career. Venus Lorac comes running out of the forest and chasing Astric.

As me and Shade get closer Venus punches Astric in the face and Astric falls to the ground but he gets up and runs towards Plarain. "It is time to join the battle" Shade says to me and we run in towards Astric. We are the antis after all.

Missy has beaten me there and is cutting off Astric's legs. I do not even see how she can stay on him with his strength pushing at her. "This is what you get for treating us all like you have" Missy screams and she kills him. This is sickening. I run in and push Missy off and stab Astric in the stomach. I do not know how but he gets up and runs away. Missy is stormed now.

As I turn to Shade, he is running towards Plarain who is standing by the forest. Midereta who has obviously woken from those stings which kept him out for a few days, runs out and smashes Shade into a tree with a chained sickle.

I run towards them but the sickle is already on the ground with Shade nearly lifeless. With my anger, I pull out a knife and swiftly whip it into Midereta's chest. BOOM!

Everyone else runs away and I realize that I am now alone with Shade who is badly hurt. I start to cry as I remember what my wonderful alliance was. Wait, Alaska. We left Alaska back at the camp to heal.

Day 4

Trivia Lorac's POV

I wake up suddenly to the sound of a cannon. "It's ok, we didn't need to go to the feast" Venus says. "How many left?" I ask. "7" Venus responds. Wow, and minus us there are five other tributes. One of us could go home. We have a strong chance of it. "But, one of us will have to die in order for the other to win".

"Attention tributes" echoes the voice of Titus Templesmith. "Starting at night, 80% of the forest will be burned to the ground". The only remaining area of forest will be east of the cornucopia field, past the ice and the river. Everything else will be gone. However, in return, there will be two victors instead of one. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour".

"Well we are in the forest but where exactly are we" Venus asks. "We are exactly where we need to be. East of the cornucopia and past the ice and river" I answer. We should still be ready for the flames.

*Author's note* there will be a new arena map posted just below, showing what the arena will look like once the flames start to brew. Thank you :)*

Alaska Hart's POV

Great. Just great. How are we gonna be able to manage without the forest. I am not gonna be able to move tonight and the flames are gonna hit where we are. "Guys, I will not be able to walk tonight" I announce. "Then I will carry you" Danny replies in a stubborn manner. "Shade, how are you doing" I ask. "Bullshit". My wound in the back is healing but the one in the stomach is getting an infection. Shade pools more water into his sickle wound and then screams in pain. "What is that chime sound" I ask. "Sponsers!" Danny screams. We run over and it happens to be a jar of cream for my wound. "YES" I will be able to walk tonight. "Way to go"

There is a chance at me winning this thing. There is.

Day 4 - Night

Plarain Rode's POV

The flames are going to come soon. It is already getting dark and we are standing in the middle of the forest. "What way to the ice" I ask. "To my left" Missy shouts back. It has been a lot harder than I thought. This whole alliance thing. She is not that easy to work with. I breath in to notice that I smell smoke.

In the distance there is a huge flame engulfing the forest. The antis come running out of the flame screaming. "There they are, let's get em" Missy orders. "The smoke will kill us and the fire is spreading fast" I tell her. Danny is ahead with Alaska and Shade trailing behind. They are vulnerable from injury. I huge fire ball comes flying past us and hits a tree as everything around us goes up in flames.

I turn around and sprint towards the ice but Missy won't move. "There have to be other tributes in these woods, otherwise they would not light it up first" Missy tells me. Without responding I continue running. Finally, Missy does the same. 5 more fireballs go by me but luckily I ducked and jumped out of the way. BOOM!

I finally reach the ice when I turn around and see the entire section of the forest that we were in was burn't down. We must have ran a few kilometres to get to where we are now from where we just were.

I wonder who that cannon belonged to.

Astric Madley's POV

It was a good thing I ran into Shade. He was a big threat and luckily the game makers launched a fireball at us right when he bumped into me.

Well my allies are all gone. The flames are still at full strength but it looks like everyone got out. I think the Lorac's went towards the prairies and the antis went to the lake which will soon be very visible, but also very far away.

It is probably idiotic for me to be on the field right now since everyone is running around. I need to show the sponsors that I am not weak just because my legs are nearly falling about. I am Astric Madley the boy from 2 and I am gonna win the Hunger Games.

The sky lights up and the anthem begins to play. It is no mystery on who those cannons belonged to. First, the face of Onyx. Onyx. She was my district partner. She watched over me when I was out from the Lorac encounter. She was the last of my alliance. Then Shade. You can blame me for that. And lastly, Midareta. It is kinda ironic. Midareta was attacking Shade at the feast and then Midareta was killed by Danny in the attempt to help Shade. And then, I bumped into Shade and he was hit by a fireball. LOL.

  • Onyx Liberty D2F
  • Shade Spectrus D5M
  • Midareta Riot D8M

Day 5 - The new Arena

***Author's note*** Please look at the arena picture above now. Not only is there less forest but the orientation of everything has changed. I will try to write throughout the POV's, where the tributes are in relation to each other but there is only so much they could know.

They do not know what the changes are until they see them.

Carmine Wesley's POV

Everything is messed up now. I wake up not to notice the river beside me but the ice. That is strange. There is not a river separating me and the cornucopia field. Just ice. Luckily, it is so far away that I am not gonna be seen. It seems that the entire south side of the arena is just ashes of the forest.

Hmm, yesterday and the day before, I was in the forest. Before that I was on the mountains and prairies. I think that most of the tributes are probably gonna head towards the river or ice since the forest is too small so I will head over towards the remaining forest.

Venus Lorac's POV

Trivia and I walked towards the mountains yesterday while everyone was at the feast. It was good timing since the forest is gone. I have a good view of the arena from here and it looks a bit different from before. I guess the gamemakers want to keep things interesting.

"There are the antis" Trivia says pointing towards the lake in the distance. "That is a few kilometres away, do you think there is any point" I reply. "Yes" she shouts. Trivia is right. There are not that many of us left and what else is there to do here. That is the bad thing. They put us in here and even for those like us who do not like killing, it is hard. That is the purpose of this whole thing. It is wicked.

By mid-afternoon we reach the end of the ashes of the forest. I duck behind a small bush and then prepare to lunge at Danny. She is a bigger threat than Alaska. Trivia sneaks up behind Danny but Danny notices her and turns around.

=Alaska Hart's POV

Danny is on the ground attacking Trivia Lorac. Where is Venus. Oh there he. Venus walks out from behind a bush and pushes me down to get to Alaska. I grab my throwing knives and try to stab Venus but he got away.

"Danny!" I shout as Venus rips her off of Trivia as she attempts to kill her. This is awful. I take the knife and stab Trivia in the back as she gets up. "Awww" she screams. "Go" Danny cries.

I run as fast as I can towards the field. A few minutes of sitting and shrugging, Danny comes and sits beside me. "How did you escape" I plead. "Venus didn't want to do it, Venus was not too lucky though. A minute after they said "GO", A mutt came running at them and attacked Venus then disappeared. I don't know how bad the attack was. "Let's go, we got lucky there but that won't always happen".

Day 6

Missy Teagle's POV

There was no anthem or anyone in the sky last night. The day felt like it went by faster than the others. Plarain is not awake yet but we are not in a rush to move yet. Astric comes walking past the ice. I run at him from behind but trip. Plarain's axe which I have in my hand is buried in the ice.

The ice begins to crack and Astric does not notice it until it until it starts to separate. He slips and falls into the freezing water. I turn and run away.

"Attention tributes, the arena is breaking and the mountains are beginning to cave in. All cameras are down and there is no connection between inside the arena and the control room since the mutt was placed in the arena a few hours ago. There will be no way to know what is going on other than the trackers in you arms. All tributes are going to be removed from the arena. The mutt was supposed to be in the arena for one planned attack but is currently uncontrollable".

"Each of the remaining tributes are to head towards the cornucopia immediately. Each tribute will receive a bow with one arrow. You will be placed on the launch plates and will shoot the arrow. There may be no more than 6 victors and there may be none. If you step off your plate, the arrow will burn up in mid-air. That is all"

I run back to Plarain. He looks at me and says "If they do not have connection, how will they be able to control this". I respond saying "I don't know, we will just have to see".

Day 6 - The Finale

Danny Anderson's POV

Me and Alaska make it to the cornucopia. The platforms have our names on them. "Oh god, I do not think I can do this" Alaska yells to me. "You have survived this long, just use your aim and block your face. See you at the Victory Tour" I say back to Alaska.

"You may now step onto the platform with your name on it" I hear. Where are the others? The only other tributes here are Alaska, Carmine, Venus and Trivia. Where are the other three. Oh, there they are. Astric comes running out of the cornucopia and Plarain and Missy stroll across the field from the forest.

Venus Lorac's POV

As I step onto my plate I take a last look at Trivia before a table ascends in front of me containing a bow and an arrow. I pick it up and look around. A bow is not my weapon of choice but I will do the best I can. I know that Carmine Wesley cannot use a long range weapon well so she is not a threat but I do not know about Missy. She can use a blowgun well but I do not know if it is the same with a bow.

Astric is the first to shoot. The arrow hits Danny's thigh. Next is Plarain who shoots it towards me but lands shy. By now, the arrows are flying through the air. BOOM! Astric falls to the ground. He tried to block it but all the arrows were headed towards him. I think it was Missy's that killed him though.

I shoot mine and it hits Missy in the face. I did not know I had that type of aim. Carmine pulls an arrow out of her leg and I see that it came from Alaska. "YES" Missy screams but I do not think it went far enough in to kill her.

"Congratulations to the victors of the Ice Games; Danny Anderson, Alaska Hart, Missy Teagle, Venus Lorac, Trivia Lorac, Plarain Rode and Carmine Wesley.


What The tributes go on to be

if a tribute does not appear here, they have a good life after and become the typical mentor.

Danny Anderson

Danny Anderson was one of the most skilled tributes in the games. She eliminated some of the major threats such as Midareta Riot. Danny went on to be a D8 mentor.

Plarain Rode

Plarain was a big character in terms of development. We first meet him where he goes back to the cornucopia after the bloodbath. Plarain becomes a mentor.

Alaska Hart

Alaska was my favourite of the tributes. Her willingness to keep fighting. It would have been painful to let her go. She fought well at the bloodbath and stayed in the games. Alaska recovers from her wounds and is one of the few that does not develop an addiction. She stays sober through her entire life and opens up a shop in her district.

Missy Teagle

Missy was a big part of the destruction of the careers. I base her character off of characters from other games that I have read such as Lynx and Missy Longshore. Missy unfortunately does not have a bright future. She turns to alcohol after a few years and does not have much money.

Thank you to everyone for reading these games. It was really fun developing the characters throughout the POV's. The hard part was to have to eliminate them but it is the Hunger Games so that is what happens. Serina Ebony and Floral Denim were the hardest.

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