The Water Games

Welcome to my blog! I wanted to create a new games but put less details on the actual death since it is a bit physcopathic to talk about kids killing each other even though that is what The Hunger Games is about.  I did this since I really like survival in the wilderness and I like the idea of the control room; not the idea of controlling the games itself but the idea of being able to touch a screen and suddenly a tree pops up out of the ground and things in the environment of the arena.

The Rules

There are not that many rules but here are just general guidelines you should follow to let the games go smoothly.

1)ENCOURAGE YOUR OTHER FRIENDS ON THE WIKI TO ENTER USERS;it doesn't take that long and it will help the process of creating tributes move a lot faster.

2) There will be 48 tributes instead of 24 in order to give me more space for activity in the arena.  Each user may create up to 7 tributes although this rule may be changed at any time depending on the popularity.

3) No fighting in the comments.

4) All tributes must have a Lunaii which can easily be created here

5)No Spamming.

6) No "look on my profile".

7)No perfect tributes.

8) Stay Active (Give sponsers to your tributes; they will be a catalogue up before the games start).

9) Submit all entries in the comments section below!

10) Please give advice to your tributes throughout the course of the games as ones that don't will most likely die earlier.

11)Have Fun.


The Arena

Arena Water Games

Sorry if it is a bit blurry. Major marks are pointed out.

Tribute Template





Appearence (Lunaii Only):

Primary Weapon:

Secondary Weapon:






District and Gender Name Age Weapon Strength Weakness 
D1M Lapis Canalo 18 Sword, Spear Physical Strength, Speed Plant Identification, Climbing

Sam Ogivinty

17 Axe, Chopper, Sword Killing, running, swimming often ignored
D1F Candy Orenson 15 Crossbow,spear Weapons, manipuation Strength, has to be the center of attention, selfish
D1F Amanda Selkirk 18 Throwing knives, sword Fighting, swimming and manipulation Climbing
D2M Doan Vauna 15 Axe, Spear Physical Strength, Climbing Swimming, Hunting
D2M Reggie Castillo 16 Twin Swords, Spear Strength, agility, fast reflexes, Swordplay, survivalist climbing, swimming, thinking to hard, unstable, slight cockiness
D2F Zepher Nockturnal 16 short sword, flail, if in angry personality can be terrifying, if in happy personality can be deceptively nice and seemingly helpless, strong.

occasionally loses her bearings when switching personalities, will wound but not kill if in happy personality, if in angry personality may accidentally break something.

D2F Irelia Frostfang 16 Swords intelligent, fast overly generous, getting sponsers
D3M Evergreen Opal 14 Bow and Arrow, Knife Hunting, Long Distance Combat Close combat
D3M Arkheus Carter 15 Traps, Sword REALLY smart, strategic resourceful Speed, strength, swimming
D3F Isca Poral 12 Knife Setting Traps, Hiding

Physical Strength, Swimming

D3F Seraphina "Sera" Oaks 15 Sword, dagger Climbing, fighting Too sympathetic, makes decesions fast
D4M Erik Norsemen 18 Sword, Axe Strong, Fast, strategic, swimming climbing, irrational, anger
D4M Radiant Tayz 16 Spear power,agility speed, climbing

Reia Sunrise

15 Bow and arrows strong, fast, wide range of weapons  wilderness,cocky,agile,climbing
D4F Tamora Rickson 18 Trident Swimming, running, fighting, camouflage, manipulation Making friends, throwing knives
D5M Xiophacis Zadronaksige 17 hand axe, sword, strong, smart, quick heights, not afraid of but will steer clear of spiders,always hungry.
D5M Lance Ampere 16 Throwing Knives, hand to hand combat close range fighting,  projectile fighting, swimming
D5F Alli Ocran 17 Bow and Arrow Speed, Hiding

Plant Identification,


D5F Amber Burn 13 Mace, spear Smart, fast, reaction time Bravery, she's shy, climbing
D6M Brendan Jack 14 Kukri Smart, speed climbing, swimming, weapons
D6M Auron Felistan 18 Spear Physical Strength, Camouflage Paint Speed, Making Allies
D6F Zoey Proasheck 16 knives and traps Zoey is a great swimmer, strong and seductive. Zoey is thin and not very proud of it. She's very self-conscious and mainly wears a hankerchief to cover her nose and mouth.
D6F Purity Knight 17 Throwing Knives Fast, smart, very nice but killing is not an issue to her Strength, swimming, climbing
D7M Jayson Huff 17 Axe, Hatchet strong, take a lot of damage not smart, slow, bad social skills
D7M Raze Dethamphetamine 15 Throwing Axe, hand to hand combat Speed, Agility, Smart, Climbing Strength, swimming, throwing anything but axes
D7F Bee Clio 14 Axe, Throwing Knives Smart, Independant,ressourceful

Worrying, strength

, other weapons

D7F Kirsten Barker 17 Axe Communication (mainly just to manipulate people), weaponry, climbing trees Plant identification and attitude
D8M Moose Riverbuck 15 Sythe, Bow and Arrow Agility, strength, genius, climbing.

Swimming, cocky, setting traps, camouflage

D8M Robin Swing 15 Spear, Sword robin has always had a way with animals. He can easily gain their trust and use it to his advantage. This includes Mutts. socially awkward, shy
D8F Lacey Despin 12 Bow and arrow, knives  Resourceful, climbing, hiding/stealth

Using other weapons

than a bow or knives

, coordination, bravery

D8F Eliza Thorn 14 Pickaxe, Katana sneaky, smart inconsiderate, can't swim well
D9M Felix Ashford 17 Axe, Sword, Knife Aim, Swimming, Climbing Stealth, Careers
D9M Jacob Caesarus 12 Sword, stealth Swimming,. making friends, stealing, hiding, making people LOVE him Nice tributes (he is not able to kill nice ones)
D9F Savannah Darnell 12 Blowgun, knives Charm, aim, stealth Weapon skills, pain tolerance
D9F Nichole Peyton 15 Intelligence, charisma Bright and Friendly, can easily trick people. Small and neither fast, nor strong, weaponry
D10M Ganta Alomo 14 Bo Staff, Medical Kit Healing and speed Swimming and social skills
D10M Mortarian Xeran 17 Knife, Hands smart, strong Speed, climbing
D10F Molly Bennett 16 Club Plant Identification, Hunting Swimming, Speed
D10F Holly Bennett 16 Scythe Plant Identification, Hunting Physical Strength, Climbing
D11M Denzel Manning 13 Spiked-Mace, Hatchet Strong, gentle, survivalist swimming, slow, not smart
D11M James Ledger 15 Dagger, kukri knife Strength, combat Swimming, climbing 
D11F Lilly Moon  16 Throwing knives, Throwing axes plant identification, camouflauge Lilly is worried she will have to turn on someone she cares about. She would have trouble killing a ally
D11F Carmine Wesley 12 Machete, Axe Face to face combat, swimming long range combat
D12M Jack Sinthai 17 Tomahawk, Kama Knife Camouflage, hiding, climbing throwing knives, swimming 
D12M Falk Avian 13 Bow and Arrow making allies, projectile fighting wilderness, platns
D12F Jennesa Forrester 14 knives Gymnast, agility, endurance, climbing. Swimming, strength, usage of swords, setting traps.
D12F Lavender Morton 16 Knife, sword running, climbing trees swimming, fishing

Tribute Gallery

The Lunaiis will be added along with the alliances once at least half the tribute spots are full.

They are not placed by District, I know it would make it look so much better but it is so hard to organize it with 48 Lunaiis!!



Bolded Name=Alliance Leader

District 12 Alliance: Isca Poral D3F,Lavender Morton D12F, Jennesa Forrester D12F,

Careers(dissolved into loners)Sam Ogivinty D1M, Amanda Selkirk D1F, Candy Orenson D1F, Reggie Castillo D2M, Doan Vauna D2M, Zepher Nockturnal D2FRadiant Tayz D4MErik Norsemen D4M, Reia Sunshine D4F, ,

Anti Careers(1 REMAINING)Evergreen Opal D3M, Arkheus Carter D3MTamora Rickson D4F, Xiophacis Zadronaksige D5M, Brendan Jack D6M,Auron Felistan D6M, Raze Dethamphetamine D7M, Eliza Thorn D8F, Ganta Alomo D10M, Molly Benett D10FJames Ledger D11MLilly Moon D11F, Falk Avien D12M, Jack Sinthai D12M

Benett's Alliance: Holly D10F and Molly D10F(joined the antis)

No Alliance:  Lapis Canolo D1M,Jayson Huff D7M,  Lance Ampere D5MZoey Proasheck D6F,  Moose Riverbuck D8M, Robin Swing D8M, Mortarion Xeran D10M, Denzel Manning D11M, Carmine Wesley D11F

2 and 5 Alliance:  Irelia Frostfang D2F, Alli Ocran D5F

District 9 Alliance: Felix Ashford D9M, Nichole Peyton D9F

Pippycat Gals (3 REMAINING + Purity) Seraphina "Sera" Oaks D3F,Purity Knight D6F (formally career), Amber Burn D5F, Bee Clio D7F, Kirsten Barker D7F, Lacey Despin D8F, Savannah Darnell D9F,  Jacob Caesarus D9M

Training Scores

The average training score for the surviving tributes is 

There are no complete districts, fully dead districts are 2,3,5,9,10 and 11.

Districts with 2 or more are 1,7 and 12

District and Name Training Score Dead or Alive
D1M Lapis Canolo 10 DEAD
D1M Sam Ogivinty 9 ALIVE
D1F Candy Orenson 9 ALIVE
D1F Amanda Selkirk 8 DEAD
D2M Doan Vauna 10 DEAD
D2M Reggie Castillo 10 DEAD
D2F Zepher Nockturnal 9 DEAD
D2F Irelia Frostfang 7 DEAD
D3M Evergreen Opal 7 DEAD
D3M Arkheus Carter 5 DEAD
D3F Isca Poral 6 DEAD
D3F Sera Oaks 8 DEAD
D4M Erik Norsemen 9 DEAD
D4M Radiant Tayz 8 DEAD
D4F Reia Sunrise 9 DEAD
D4F Tamora Rickson 10 ALIVE
D5M Xiophacis Zadronaksige 7 DEAD
D5M Lance Ampere 7 DEAD
D5F Amber Burn 8 DEAD
D5F Alli Ocran 4 DEAD
D6M Brendan Jack 3 DEAD
D6M Auron Felistan 6 DEAD
D6F Zoey Proasheck 6 DEAD
D6F Purity Knight 8 ALIVE
D7M Jayson Huff 8 DEAD
D7M Raze Dethamphetamine 7 DEAD
D7F Bee Clio 5 ALIVE
D7F Kirsten Barker 8 ALIVE
D8M Moose Riverbuck 6 DEAD
D8M Robin Swing 4 DEAD
D8F Lacey Despin 7 ALIVE
D8F Eliza Thorn 8 DEAD
D9M Felix Ashford  9 DEAD
D9M Jacob Caesarus 7 DEAD
D9F Savannah Darnell 6 DEAD
D9F Nichole Peyton 2 DEAD
D10M Ganta Alomo 4 DEAD
D10M Mortarian Xeran 7 DEAD
D10F Molly Benett 7 DEAD
D10F Holly Benett 6 DEAD
D11M James Ledger 11 DEAD
D11M Denzel Manning 8 DEAD
D11F Lilly Moon 7 DEAD
D11F Carmine Wesley 8 DEAD
D12M Falk Avian 8 DEAD
D12M Jack Sinthai 7 DEAD
D12F Jennesa Forrester 7 ALIVE
D12F Lavender Morton 6 ALIVE

If a career-listed tribute that is not from a career district (career districts:1,2,4) recieves a training score of 7 or lower, they are no longer careers and are placed on the anti-career alliance or another alliance for their fury of not being accepted.  This is because I realized that being able to walk right onto the alliance is not what the career alliance stands for.  It is prestigous among the games, only the best tributes can be on it.

The Rule above only applies to Zoey Proasheck.


How sponser money works:

Tributes that go below 8 training score get 50$

8 or 9 get 75$

10 or 11 get 100$

Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows or Spears             70$

Sword, Machete, Sickle, Scythe                                      65$

Trident                                                                                65$

Axes, Maces, Daggers                                                     65$                                                  

Liquid Poison (100ml)                                                      25$

Baton or Staff                                                                    45$

Blowgun with 4 darts                                                       70$ (GREAT DEAL)

Pack of fruit                                  20$

Pack of Meat (20g)                        30$

Pack of grains                               10$

Loaf of bread                                 30$

Water (250ml)                               30$

Water (1L)                                     70$

Crate of Assorted food and water    80$ (GREAT DEAL)

Sleeping Bag                                45$

10 Matches                                   30$

Rope (1 meter long)                     25$

Water purifier 2 doses                 50$

Wound Cream (15oz)                   30$

What The Tributes need

District and Name
D1M Sam Ogivinty
D1F Candy Orenson
D4F Tamora Rickson
D6F Purity Knight
D7F Bee Clio
D7F Kirsten Barker
D8F Lacey Despin
D12F Jennesa Forrester
D12F Lavender Morton

Requested as Sponser gift

The majority of tributes have used up all of their sponser money.

The final 15 will each recieve 50$ extra.

The final 8 will each recieve 50$ again.

The final 4 will each recieve 50$ again.

Death Chart

Name and District Cause of Death Killer  Day
D1F Amanda Selkirk Cut by Machete Carmine Wesley  1-BB
D10M Ganta Alomo Drowned        - 1-BB
D5M Xiophacis Zadronaksige slashed multiple times Jacob Caesarus 1-BB
D9F Savannah Darnell shot with arrow;probably head or chest Candy Orenson 1-BB
D7M Jayson Huff hit by trident then bled to death Tamora Rickson 1-BB
D5F Alli Ocran  hit with axe Erik Norsemen 1-BB
D7M Raze Dethamphetamine hit with axe Lapis Canolo 1-BB
D6M Brendan Jack shot with arrow Candy Orenson 1-BB
D10M Mortarian Xeran shot with arrow Evergreen Opal 1-BB
D8M Robin Swing unknown CAREERS 1-BB
D2M Reggie Castillo  poisoned multiple times  scorpion 1
D5M Lance Ampere attacked with knife Isca Poral 1
D12M Jack Sinthai stabbed in already bad wound Sera Oaks, Bee Clio 2
D2F Zepher Nockturnal poisoned by the rocket's acid rockets (poison) 2
D3M Arkheus Carter Poisoned  Moose Riverbuck 4
D4F Reia Sunrise stabbed in leg, fell off cliff then shot Tamora Rickson, Evergreen Opal 4
D10F Holly Benett slashed multiple times Irelia Frostfang 4
D9M Jacob Caesarus light poison Kirsten Barker 4-After Anthem
D11M Denzel Manning impaled with trident Tamora Rickson 5 - FEAST
D9F Nichole Peyton stabbed in chest Amber Burn, Sera Oaks 5 - FEAST
D2F Irelia Frostfang shot Evergreen Opal 5-FEAST
D8F Eliza Thorn electrocuted Falk Avian, electrofied wire, Evergreen Opal 5
D3F Isca Poral bled to death Felix Ashford 5-FEAST
D3F Sera Oaks stabbed to death Carmine Wesley 5
D12F Carmine Wesley poison Bee Clio,assisted pippycat girls 6
D12M Falk Avian poison Tamora Rickson, assisted anti careers 6
D1M Lapis Canolo electrocuted Doan Vauna, assisted careers 6
D2M Doan Vauna stabbed in neck James Ledger 6
D4M Erik Norsemen knocked out by club, shot in head Molly Benett, Evergreen Opal 6
D8M Moose Riverbuck burned, unable to escape due to injury exploding trees (gamemakers) 7
D9M Felix Ashford impaled in chest Tamora Rickson 7
D11M James Ledger allergic reaction to morphling Morphling, injected by ally Molly Benett 7
D4M Radiant Tayz assisted suicide, fast-acting poison himself, assisted by Sam Ogivinty 7
D8F Amber Burn poisoned, put out of her misery Bee Clio (not in a bad way) 8
D6M Auron Felistan shot in head Lacey Despin 8
D3M Evergreen Opal stabbed mulitple times Bee Clio 8
D11F Lilly Moon slashed in stomach and legs (no healing supplies, all blown up) Bee Clio 8
D6F Zoey Proasheck slit neck, stabbed multiple times in back Molly Benett, assisted Tamora rickson 9
D10F Molly Benett

arm cut off, bled to death

Zoey Proasheck 9


Day 1 - Bloodbath

Amber Burn's POV

The image of my stylist fades as the podium begins to rise.  It is a few seconds before I reach the arena.  All I can see is the glass receding on my plate and it becomes clear where I am.  Water.  Water everywhere.  In the distance, I can see the cornucopia on an island of sand.  Beside me is Doan, the career from 2.  In the distance, beyond the cornucopia is water and then it retreates to forest.  

Right now I have to focus on finding my allies before the countdown begins.  All of the tributes are in a line beside each other.  There are beams to keep the tributes near the sand on the side to climbing up and RUNNING to the cornucopia.  




I spot Sera about 100 yards away from me.  How can they pack 48 tributes in a straight line?  It doesn't even to seem to be a span of more than 500 metres for the podium area but the space is oddly shaped to keep us from being to close to each other.  







Sera points to the cornucopia and I know exactly what my role is. 

Evergreen Opal's POV

I can see the other anti's on their podiums.





It is my job as their leader to defeat the careers.  First, we need to keep as many alive during the bloodbath.  I spot a bow with a quiver along with some axes and a few tridents.  







There are so many goodies on that little island and it will be hard to avoid the other tributes so I will have to make a few kills in the process which would have to be close-range.  My weakness.  At least I know how to swim, something that a lot of the others probably cannot do.  Here we go.






Felix Ashford's POV

I dive into the water as the gong sounds.  I swim as hard and fast as I can, not caring about what I am going to do next.  I glance back as I come up for air and notice that about a third of the tributes still remain on their platforms.  The cornucopia is about 25 metres ahead of me and it looks like I am one of the closest to it. <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom:3.0pt;mso-pagination:none;mso-layout-grid-align: none;text-autospace:none">As I reach the cornucopia, climbing up fast so I can be one of the first there, I notice that the only other person that has arrived is Tamora the anti career leader holding a silver trident. "Let's help each other while we are here" she asks me.  "Ya" I respond.  

Sam Ogivinty is swimming up me too close for comfort so I grab an axe and throw it at him, causing him to circle to the other side of the sand.  BOOM!  I turn to see a body floating in the water with Carmine Wesley from 11 pointing a machete at it. It is Amanda; the career.  In the distance, Lavender and Jennessa are swimming toward land but away from here.

Looks like the fight has began.

Jacob Caesarus's POV

I arrive at the cornucopia and there is a huge fight going on.  Luckily I went around to the side where there is not anyone yet. Some people have already left like Isca from 3 and the sisters from 10.  “Some help over here” Carmine yells.  She is in a little brawl with the Xiophacis  guy.  I grab a sword from a rack and slash him in the thigh.  BOOM! In the distance I can see Ganta Alomo lying in the water, dead.  He probably drowned.  Another slash to Xiophacis in the chest.  BOOM!

“Jacob, let’s go” Carmine orders.  We jump into the water and leave before all the bad swimmers even get close to the cornucopia.  We swim towards forest, which is about 80 meters away. 

James Ledger's POV

BOOM! I finally reach the cornucopia to see that the careers have gathered, minus Amanda Selkirk who must have been killed.  That put’s us at the advantage.  “James, over here” Tamora yells.  Lapis and Doan are guarding their side of the cornucopia because I guess they cannot see us.  Candy just shot someone in the distance with her crossbow, I think it was Savannah Darnell, the young girl in that big alliance. 

I turn to see Tamora wielding her trident into Jayson Huff and that shoving him back into the water. BOOM!

Reggie has Raze pinned on the ground on the other side of the cornucopia.  Tamora is trying to save her but is knocked off her feet by Lapis. I run to her side on the ground while Lapis is taking Raze’s throwing axes. I help her up and take her away.

Everyone else has ran across to the forest, there is no one to help Raze. Lapis slashes him with an axe and kicks him into the water to die. Erik Norsemen just attacked Alli Ocran with his axe.  She has no chance against him.  Another slash to her stomach.  Another to her head.  BOOM!  BOOM!


Falk Avian's POV

We reach the outskirts of the forest just as the final cannons sound.  BOOM!  BOOM! BOOM! One for Brendan who was trying to grab a bag but was shot by Candy.  One for Mortarian the loner who was trying to kill Tamora but was shot by Evergreen.  And the last one was for someone in the distance who was killed right as the careers were leaving the cornucopia.  I have a hunch that is was for Robin Swing; the crazy animal lover who was the last one to leave the cornucopia.

“Let’s keep going” James orders.

Day 1 - Post-Bloodbath 

Doan Vauna's POV        TIME: 3:30 PM

As we venture into a desert after walking through forest for sometime, I start to wonder what this arena is.  We swam to get to the cornucopia and then to the forest.  Now we are going through desert.  "Let's head back, this is not good terrain for us to sleep or stay on" Lapis orders.  As we turn around to head back to the forest I hear a shout behind us. "Hey guys, wait up".  It is Zoey, the tribute who was not good enough to make it to the careers.  Candy readies her crossbow but something is telling me that is not the right approach. 

"What do you want" I bicker.  "I have already fought with a lot of people. Doesn't that make me worthy of being  career" she asks.  "We don't need any more help" Reia instructs.  Zoey turns around to run but there is already an arrow sticking out of her thigh.  We start to chase after her but stop when we here a strange sound.

"Did you hear that" I ask the others.  Zepher nods but doesn't say anything.  It was a scorpion, a huge one.  Almost as big as a hound.  "Run" Erik yells.  I have lost sight of Zoey but now we have our own problems. 

It is gaining on us and we are too tired to pick up the pace. "Shoot it" Reia yells to Candy.  Candy loads her crossbow and shoots the arrow but it misses the scoripion by and inch.  The scorpion grabs onto Reggie with its claws and we run faster since there is no way to get it off of him.  I stop and attempt to spear it but there is no chance.

The scorpion injects poison into Reggie multiple times and his screams are painful. The scorpion dies soon after as if it were a bee...and my friend does shortly after.  BOOM!

Day 1 - Night

Bee Clio's POV                      TIME: 7:45 PM

We have already lost Savannah.  Luckily,  Amber and Sera returned from the cornucopia fully stocked.  We now sit at the bottom of a tree in the forest eating some beef jerkey that I found in my bag.   "11 gone in the first 5 hours" Sera says.  "How many careers do you think will be in the sky" Lacey asks. "The more the better" I respond.  

The Panem anthem starts and the sky lights up with the face of Amanda, the career and then Reggie, career.

  • D1F Amanda Selkirk
  • D2M Reggie Castillo
  • D5M Xiophacis Zadronaksige
  • D5F Alli Ocran
  • D6M Brendan Jack
  • D7M Jayson Huff
  • D7M Raze Dethamphetamine
  • D9F Savannah Darnell
  • D10M Mortarian Xeran
Author's Note: Not all of the Lunaiis are in the slideshow since I am still missing a few.  If your tribute died but their Lunaii is not in the slideshow, please comment it.  Except for Savannah since it was just commented.

Lavender Morton's POV           TIME: 9:00 PM

It is been rather dull so far in the games which is fine by me. The anthem just played and there were enough people in there to make things better.  2 careers is a lot for the first day.  "Im gonna go to sleep, can you take first watch?" Jennesa asks.  "Ya go ahead, Ill wake you in a few hours" I respond.  We didn't go to the cornucopia when the games started earlier today and I am starting to get hungry.  The cornucopia is on the island and I am about 20 meters deep in the forest.  Maybe I will go in a few minutes once Jennesa is asleep.

Ya that is what I will do. I smile and rest my head on the trunk of the tree waiting.  

It has been about 10 minutes since the snooring started so I am going to head out.  As I walk toward the water, I notice that there is a group of people sitting in the forest on the opposite side of the cornucopia from me.  They shouldn't be a bother to me right now since they seem too distracted by their fire.  I think it is the Pippycat gals.  

The swim was not to bad to the cornucopia.  Even though I am not a very good swimmer.  Everything seems to be picked over.  There is a couple crates and bags left.  The wall of weapons is empty though meaning that the machetes and big swords are gone.  The rack of tridents is empty but there are a few awls and knives lying around.  

I grab a pack of knives that I find in a crate and strap it around my waist.  Even though I am not good with throwing knives, why not take them? 2 backpacks which I stocked with food from other bags and water as well as 2 sleeping bags.  I bet when the others got here they didn't take time to make sure their bag was stocked with everything they needed.

"You think that you can just waltz in here and take whatever you want" a voice says from behind me.  It is Lance Ampere holding a few knives and a bag over his sholder.  One thing I can tell is that he is not here to make allies.  

I grab a knife and throw it at him but like I said, I am not good with throwing knives so it doesn't get to far.  He swings a knife around and throws one at me which hits my foot. "YAAWWWWW" I scream.  "Where's your little friend" he bickers.  I ignore him but there is not even any work I need to do BOOM! he falls to the ground for some reason. 

All I can see is Isca Poral, the girl from 3 holding a knife in one hand.  My saviour. ***Authors Note - Arena will be up tomorrow, you guys have waited long enough.***

Isca Poral's POV              TIME: 10:45 PM

The girl from 12 stands there staring at me in shock.  "Allies?" I ask.  "For sure" she responds. "Let's just get some more things and head back to Jenessa" she instructs.  I grab a water bottle and a sleeping bag since I didn't have on before.  "We just have to swim across to the forest over there" she says gesturing towards the forest on the north-west side of the cornucopia.

The swim didn't take that long, even though I am not great at it.  I see Jenessa sleeping on the ground about 10 yards ahead of us. "Do you think she will be ok with it" I ask. "You saved my life, that will convince her" she responds.  Im not going to wake her up and I don't thing Lavender will either.  It is late at night and all I want to strangely is sleep.  "I'll take first watch" Lavender says.  "Wake me before dawn" I respond.  "Let Jenessa take the next watch" and with that I go to sleep.

Day 2

Auron Felistan's POV      TIME: 7:55 AM

I wake up to see a small fire lit and Evergreen standing beside it.  Tamora and James are talking to each.  They are the leaders of the alliance and we are all grateful that they do most of the planning. 

"What's that sound" Evergreen says readying his bow.  "SPONSERS" Jack exclaims. The electronic chimming stops and the parachute drops right beside me.  Jack shrugs. "I guess it is for me" I say.  

I open it to find a letter that reads use your brains.

"Lol, what are we supposed to do with that" Arkheus blabbers.  "I have an idea, we poison the main water supply but first we take water for ourselves.  Luckily we camped out right beside the huge freshwater pond" I propose.  "We should take water now.  I have a canteen and James and Falk both have jugs." Tamora orders. I sit beside the pond and fill up Tamora's canteen while she watches the premises.  

"Someone's here" Tamora screams.  I run a few feet beside since I am not great with weapons.  It is Lacey Despin from the girl alliance.  Jack lunges forward but James pushes him aside.  Bee Clio appears along with Sera Oaks.  Luckily, we outnumber them. Tamora runs that them and swings her trident into Bee but Sera protect her with a sword to block the way.  Evergreen shoots an arrow at Sera but she dodges it and spins around.  She throws a dagger into Jack's stomach.  "AWWWWWWW" Jack screams.  He falls to the ground and I pull him behind a crate to cover us.  There is a huge gash in his abs so I roll his shirt up to check how much blood is pooring out.

It is bad.  I never knew how strong he was though, physically and mentally, he is not really crying. "Is there any way to fix it" he demands. Lilly runs beside me and says "Let me take over".

Bee Clio's POV      TIME: 8:30 AM

I throw a knife at Falk but it doesn't hit him.  Auron stands up from behind a crate.  This fight is getting really intense.  Tamora is hitting Sera with a trident but Sera is doing her best to block her self except for a few cuts.  James Ledger is defending everyone in his alliance. I run behind the crate where I see Lilly Moon helping a weak Jack Sinthai.  "Oh no" she says.  It would be too sad to make his wound worse but they have almost killed Sera so I close my eyes and hit Jack in the head... I think.  

It is kinda like putting him at peace from the suffering.  BOOM! "NO" I hear Lilly scream as I walk away.  I turn to see James running at me.  I forgot.  I think they put him in charge of protecting his alliance.  I try to block the stab but he is too swift.  He knife is in my stomach.  He then swings an axe at me legs and I scream as I fall to the ground.

I can see Amber starting to cry and running over to me to help as James backs away.  "Thanks for being the best ally" I say to her. "No" she says.  "You are not going anywhere" she instructs.  She gestures to Sera and they both carry me off away from the fight.  Lacey falls soon after.  

Aww, it really hurts now.  I can't walk and the gash in my stomach is mean't to kill me.  "I'm sorry" Lacey says to me. "Wait, I have some wound cream that I found at the cornucopia" Sera says.  The gash is big but I have seen past games and that cream works like magic."

They dab it on my wound and wipe it on my legs.  Everyone is helping me.  Lacey takes cloth we have and wraps it tight around my wound.  

Radiant Hayz's POV          TIME: 11:45 AM

It is kinda wierd that we have already lost 2 careers.  That is a lot considering the fact that we have been in the arena for a short amount of time, not even a day and a half. Luckily, we escaped from the desert and we are now venturing into the area on the other side of the desert.  The farthest walk from the cornucopia.  It is a wierd terrain.  Some shrub near the desert outskirts and then forest.

It may have just rained because all of the leaves and trees are covered in water; at least I think that it is water.

I start to hear a faint rumble and then it starts to get louder.  "Did you guys hear that" Reia asks. "Yeah" I respond.  "What, are you afraid of a little bit of thunder" Lapis questions me.  "No but at least I would be able to swim if there were a flood" I respond. "Wanna bet" he responds.  "Guys stop" Reia exclaims.  "No, its funny" Candy chuckles.  

"Let's settle this with a friendly battle" Lapis suggests in a cocky tone.  The rumble gets louder but he doesn't seem to be noticing.  "Guys, what is that thing coming from the sky" Reia asks.  Lapis ignores her, he is still staring at me. "I don't know" Doan responds.  Suddenly, a rocket comes crashing down ahead of us but not too close but close enough to know that we should turn around.  

"Holy" Doan screams.  How does Lapis still not notice this? Another rocket crashes down behind us.  "Do you think that it is trying to lead us somewhere" I ask.  We all turn and run in the direction that there has been no rocket fired.

Zoey Proasheck's POV           TIME: 12:30 PM

Just as I was sitting down for lunch; a piece of beef jurkey and some bread I just got as a sponsor.  I got wound cream yesterday so I am starting to heal from that arrow that was in my leg.  

A strange sounds goes through the forest I am in.  I chose this spot to be far away from everyone to recover for a few days, not to be in even MORE danger.  

It is a rocket. It cannot be too far away from where I am now.  Yep, I can see another go crashing down into the forest near the cornucopia.  Another one hits the desert but this one is spewing purple coloured liquid and black gas into the air as it hits.  When it hits, It explodes with tons of that purple liquid.  It is filled with it.

BOOM! Someone must have been hit by one or there would have been more cannons to signify that it was an alliance or several that were hit.  Another one comes crashing down right near me and I am thrown back into a tree but I didn't hit my head.  I am not covered in that purple liquid and it is stinging, not burning, my skin.  

I know that what ever it is, it is not good so I run as fast as I can back to the cornucopia.  Maybe the water can rinse this off.

Purity Knight's POV         TIME: 2:55 PM

The rockets have been firing all afternoon.  We are now running through the desert trying to avoid them.

I can see a lot of tributes swimming in the water, probably trying to rinse off the purple stuff.  "I have come to a conclusion that the purple stuff is a special type of acid, non-burning which penetrates deep into the skin and goes through the blood stream" I inform the group. "The heart helps the acid by spreading it through the body and infects all the organs.  That is why you do not die immediatly when you are touched by it however you suffer for a while and if not treated will die."  I finish.  "Wow, you are smart.  How do you know" Radiant asks.  "I used to study science a lot back home and we did some tests on how creams go through your skin and into your blood stream which is why you have to pick the proper one to ensure a healthy life style." I respond.

"So that is why Zepher's cannon was a few minutes after he was hit by it.  Not because it took a lot to so called finish her off but because it takes some time to shut down the human body" I tell the group.  "If it helps, think of it as drinking poison as oppose to what you would typically think of acid" I conclude.

"We don't NEED to understand this.  We are here to kill and win, not to have a science lesson" Lapis yells at me.  "Yes but-" I am cut off by him again.  "Lapis, I have had enough of your barbaric slaughtering.  We are not here to think of the grossest way possible to kill someone.  We are here because we are trying to stay alive.  We serve a common purpose;sort of." Reia screams. "YOU ARE A CAREER, THIS IS WHAT WE DO" Lapis yells.  "Not necessarily" I say.  "We are with each other because we believe that by staying with one another, it raises our chances of winning.  It is not to be looked at as a who can kill the best club.  Not with this group of careers anyway" I finish.

"Then, I am done!" Lapis says as he attemps to throw himself at Reia but Doan protects her with his shield and we run as fast as we can to escape from Lapis.  The most cruel person in these games.

Nichole Peyton's POV           TIME: 3:30 PM

We have not ran into tributes for the most part through out the games. Felix has been a really good ally and he always takes watch during the night.  We just got a pack of grain as a sponser gift which we mixed in with some berries and a piece of meat we found. 

"I am really bad with weapons just so you know" I say to Felix. "You think I don't already know that?" he chuckles.  "So what do we still have left?" I ask. "well, I threw my axe at Sam Ogivinty during the bloodbath and I didn't have the chance to take another one so we are without a weapon.  I guess the pack of beef jurkey will last for 2 more meals if we mix it with some of the berries we got.  A canteen and a little water, two sleeping bags, 6 matches and rope." he responds.

There seems to be a noise coming from nearby.  We are sitting on the beach and the forest is on the opposite side of the cornucopia.  We are behind the pedestals and far from the desert unless you consider the beach a desert.  I guess that means that we are far from everyone else.  Last I saw the Gals, they were heading for the area which is too far to see past the desert. The careers are everywhere, Lapis in one area of forest and the others went back to the desert.  Antis are in the forest probably near where Lapis is.  That means that we are at least 1 kilometer away from the nearest tribute.  "If we stay here, the gamemakers are going to push us all closer together" Felix says, probably thinking EXACTLY what I was just thinking.

"Where should we go" I say.  "No where, we are staying here.  Just be alert" he orders. I do not know how I picked him as an ally but he is keeping me alive which is what I want.

"Look who we have here" a voice from behind us says.  Felix jolts around but it takes me a minute to figure out what is going on.  It is Kirsten Barker and she has an axe in her hand. She is from D7. S!#T.  I jump up and run as fast as I can but Kirsten is chasing after me with Felix on her tale.  He runs a little faster and jumps on her back.  I grab her and pull her and pull her to the ground.  First thing I do is take her axe and give it to Felix.

"NO" she screams as I hand it to Felix.  "Allies" she asks in a manipulative voice.  "NO" Felix responds quickly.  He swings back and hits her in the thigh and then digs it into her arm as if he is pulling out her tracker or something. I turn away.  He is not trying to give a gory death but he doesn't want to kill her, genuinly.  

The screaming continues as me and Felix swim away.

Sera Oak's POV          TIME: 7:50 PM

As we walk along the water something doesn't feel right.  Maybe it is that we are each holding a part of Bee, I'm holding her left arm since she is not able to walk.  But that is not it.  

Then I see it.  Blood trickling down the beach like it were a stream of water running down a street on a rainy day. We follow the trail and it leaks to someone doubled over in pain squeezing their arm to their thigh.

It is Kirsten Barker, a great axe wielder.  But she doesn't have an axe.  Instead she is now lying motionless on the ground but not dead since there has not been a cannon since earlier this afternoon and I think I saw Kirsten running through the forest at about noon.

"Hello?" Amber asks as we lower Bee to hold our weapons.  "Come to finish me off" she scowls.  "We can help you" Amber says.  I shoot Amber a glare.  Do I really want to help Kirsten.  It is hard enough to protect the others, how would I be able to handle another severe injury.  "How?" Kirsten cries but in a nice tone.  

I pull out some wound cream and run to her side.  "When did this happen" I ask looking at the wound in her thigh.  "Earlier today, I approached Felix and Nichole" she responds.  "Couldn't have been Nichole" Bee scowls from her spot on the ground.

"HEEYA" I hear behind me.  It is Lapis.  Kirsten would be perfect in this moment but since she can't really move I hand the cream to Amber and prepare to fight.  

Amer pushes Bee aside and helps Kirsten while I fight with Lapis.  I am probably no match for him but it is worth a shot to protect the ones I love.  

I spin and throw a dagger at him but he dodges it.  Another one he dodges.  And another one.  He is getting too close.  "Lacey take over" Amber screams as she passes the first aid kit to Lacey.  Amber stands up and spins her mace into Lapis who has a hard time dodging it and falls back into the water.  

I throw a few more daggers into the water but I can no longer see Lapis.  We would never be able to do that on our own.  That was luck.  

"Let's go and hope that he is injured and won't follow us." I order the group.  "What about Kirsten, we can carry Bee but where does Kirsten go." Lacey asks.  

"Bee get on my back, her wounds are worst than yours. Lacey and Amber can carry Kirsten.  Now let's go." I instruct.  "This is gonna be heavy.  A 13 year old and a 12 year old carrying a 17 year old" Amber says.

"No one left behind" Lacey says.

"No one left behind" Kirsten repeats.

  • D2M Zepher Nocturnal
  • D12M Jack Sinthai

Day 3

Molly Benett's POV                TIME: 7:00 AM

The rockets stopped coming down yesterday afternoon.  It was weird but luckily we are ok.  As I wake up, I notice that Holly is still asleep.  Most of the other tributes probably sleep for another hour or so but I think we need to get an early start.

I push Holly awake. "Holly" I say.  "Ya" she responds.  "We should head to the cornucopia to get some supplies, we can't live on berries and plants forever and it is not safe to be here without a way of defense." I plead to her.  "I don't know, the careers are probably waiting for people to go back, it seems to easy" she argues. "There might not be racks full of swords and knives lying around everywhere but we will take what we need from what is left" I say.  "And if there IS someone coming, I will kill them I guess." I sigh.

"Fine" she finally says.

It is not a hard time getting to the cornucopia even though swimming is one of my weaknesses.  There seems to be some things here and there but for the most part, it is as if someone just came in and pushed all the stuff into the water to sink.  In fact, I can see a water bottle floating to the right.  

"Hey, here's a sythe" she says.  Of course no one would take that weapon.  There are some crates stacked on top of each other but they are all empty.  At the bottom though, under it all lies a small pack of beef jerkey with a knife.  "There is a machete on the wall over there" she says pointing to the inside of the cornucopia.  All of the items are in a radius of about 20 meters squared on a square of sand.  "It almost seems too easy..." I respond.

It is the careers.  Oh no.  I swing around and throw the machete at the first thing I see coming on the sand.  It hits Radiant Hayz in the thigh and he falls back into the water.  Now I have no weapon.  Erik whips an axe at Holly but she just dodges it.  Luckily, I find a small knife on the ground and whip it at Purity who is attacking Holly.  She is also standing on the edge of the sand, about ten meters away and she slips back into the water but does not get hurt.

"Lets go" I say to Holly and see Erik, Sam and Doan;probably the strongest people here and we run the other way until there is no more land and just water.  "Go, you are better at swimming than I am" I say to her.  "I will hold them off so you can make it to the other side" I tell her.  There are running from the cornucopia and have nearly reached us when I push her into the water.  "Remember what mom said" I say.  

"Stay alive" and that is the last thing I tell her before she swims away and I have to take on 5 soon to be six careers.

"What do we do" Erik ask Reia. "Do you know where the antis are?" she asks me.  "Uh, I saw them heading towards the desert last night and this morning they were still there when I crossed over there.  There are all really weak and probably will stay there for a while" I lie.  I have no idea where the antis are and I have not even SEEN them all games.  Erik gives her a look that says I think we should trust her.  "Can you take us there" Purity asks me.  "I justed risked my life for my sister, I thought you were going to kill me" I say.  "We are not like careers from past games, loners and small alliances can hunt each other until all the antis are gone.   At this point, the more the merrier since the antis have Tamora AND James." Purity says.  "What can you do?" Doan asks me.  "I know plants, VERY well and I'm amazing at hunting." We have now reached the side bordering the desert.  "Prove it, take down that squirell over there" Candy says as she hands me her crossbow.  "okay" I respond.

I hit the squirell even though I am not usually good with a crossbow. 

What happens when they realize I'm lying.  They said they are not like previous years but how nice they can be.

"Where is Lapis" I ask.

Candy chuckles.

Erik Norsemen's POV            12:15 PM

It was kind of a weird choice that Reia chose to keep Molly instead of just killing her right there.  In fact, if she had any brains at all, she would have let us blow her to bits but she is the leader.  I glance at Molly.  She must be worried about her sister but I don't think her sister thinks that she is dead since there was no cannon this morning.  

We are now walking through the beach.  We tried the forest, no one there.  We tried the other forest, one one there.  We have been walking for 4 hours straight but Reia insists that we don't stop until we find someone, hopefully the antis.  "I say we split up in order to raise our odds of finding them.  They could be where we have already checked but we wouldn't know unless someone was there when they came" Purity proposes.  "YES and it would cover more ground" I say.  "Fine but if someone sees Lapis, be careful.  He is lethal." Reia says.  

"We need to combine smarts and OK fighting with skilled wielder. Sister girl goes with Reia and takes the forests; they can climb well, Purity and Erik take the beaches, the strongest pair; Doan and Sam will take the desert and what lyes beyond it. I will take the largest area with Radiant; second stongest group.  We will take from the forest to forest and through to the cornucopia since we have good indurance" Candy proposes.

"Sounds good" I say.

"Yep. Ok so then let's go to the cornucopia to re-stock even more than we did this morning since everyone needs the essentials.  We will spend the night there and then split up in the morning.  Once you feel that you have done what you had to do, head back to the cornucopia." Radiant says.

"Great" Candy chuckles.

Moose Riverbuck's POV       TIME: 8:30PM

There were no faces in the sky tonight.  That means that the audience must be getting bored.  Either that or something fascinating is going on that has not resulted in a cannon yet so the gamemakers are staying out of it.

That is all about to change since I have a special plan.  "I'm gonna go to sleep" Evergreen says.  "I'll take the first watch" James says.  "I took one both nights that we have been here so count me out." Arkheus says.  I have an urge to hurt him.  He stopped helping the alliance earlier today and since then he has just been a birden.

My plan is to slowly cut off the weak tributes one by one, the ones that deep down, nobody cares about. After that I will join the careers knowing that the antis are too outnumbered to win.  I know this sounds selfish and terrible but I am the one that has to win.  I need to get home to my family.  If I am not there, they will throw my sister into the factory and keep her there until she dies.  That cannot go on.  How could anybody live like that.  It would be different if I won.  For as long as I live they would be safe in the Victor's Village.

I go to sleep.

"Moose, wake up.  It is your turn" James says.

"Ok, thanks.  You get some rest" I respond.

Now that everyone is sound asleep I begin.  Arkheus is holding a knife in his hand but I don't want that to be taken to the hovercraft so I take all of his stuff.  I take out the vial of poison.  It will probably one work for one attack since there is only a tiny amount.

I poor it into his mouth and then put the cap back on.  Now so that no one accuses me since it was my watch I go and wake up Tamora since she is after me.  Even though I have only been on watch for 10 minutes and shifts are a couple hours.  Now the whole night's shifts are screwed up.  "Tamora, its your turn" I say to her.  "Ok" she responds.  

I go to sleep but then wake up what seems like a few minutes later to "MOOSE, wake up.  Something bad has happened" Lilly says to me.  I look up to see everyone is awake and it is still dark out.  "Is he dead" Evergreen asks.  "No, not yet" Eliza responds.  I see Arkheus lying on the ground with Eliza, James and Auron trying to help Arkheus but they don't know what happened.  "There is no wound" Eliza says.  "Come on, Arkheus" James says as he tries to revive him with CPR.

BOOM! Ha, I didn't know that poison took that long to kill them off.  Maybe in D3 they got vaccines for it or something.  "WHAT THE HELL" Evergreen screams.  "What happened to him" Tamora pleads.

"He was poisoned." James says with no expression on his face or in his tone.  

Day 4

Candy Orenson's POV             TIME: 9:00AM

"Let's go" I say to Radiant.  "Good luck guys" Reia says.  "We are looking for the antis but don't hesitate to kill anyone else or take more as prisoners like we did to D10 over here" Doan says.  "HEY" Molly whines.

We walk with Doan and Sam since they are going to the desert and we can just turn away from the desert right before the sand.  

"Good luck" I say to Sam.  As we walk through the forest I wonder why Reia decided to keep that sister girl.  She is not much help to us and it seems to me that I was the only one who could figure out that she was lying about seeing the antis.  She just wanted to save her skin and her sister's skin.  That is why if I see her sister, I show no mercy.  Molly isn't an ally.  She is a prisoner.  

I smirk at Radiant.  "What" he says.  It is kinda hard making conversation with him as we walk.  I moslty talk with Sam or Erik.  The reason I said that Radiant should be with me is because he is great in water and is pretty good at combat.  Maybe it would have been better to go with Doan and Sam since they could be a cushion for me in a fight.

What I didn't realize when we made the plans is how are each SMALL group going to be able to take on a whole pack of antis.  We just have to hope that they broke off like we did but I highly doubt it.  

"Do you hear that"  Radiant says.  I stop and listen.  "Ya, it is a camp, not the antis since I cannot hear one male voice" I respond.  I look around.  "Let's follow the sound until we can see them" he says.

It doesn't take long to notice them sitting on logs.  The girl alliance.  I run with my crossbow loaded and hit something in the dirt that is not human flesh.  Radiant throws a spear that misses as well but now they know we are there.

Lacey Despin pulls...Kirsten Barker away from us as she is injured.  Amber swings a mace around and it hits Radiant in the calf.  "AWWW" he screams. Now it is just me taking on Bee Clio, Amber Burn and Sera Oaks.

They are all running at me now and I shoot the closest one.  Sera Oaks.  It hits her in the arm as she guarded her face but falls to the ground in pain.  2 more to go.  Amber swings her mace into Radiant again as I rush to her to see if there is any way to help him.

"Get off him" I scream.  She jumps back and raises her mace but I am too quick.  I swing my crossbow into her head and she falls backwards.  There is no time to finish her off so I grab Radiant who has blood pouring out of his stomach and leg.  

Bee has fled the scene along with Sera Oaks. I don't have many first aid supplies except for bandage which I wrap around his stomach and some wound cream which I spread on his leg.  I also have a few pain killer tablets which Erik gave to me before I left so I give them to him.

This is going to be difficicult.

Carmine Wesley's POV             TIME: 11:00AM

It has been a bit weird.  Jacob is nice and all but there is so much time you can spend with the same person.  We have supplies and such but there is not much to do right now except for waiting, eating, sleeping and more waiting.  

As we walk through the forest we come across some mountains.  At the top I can see a group of people walking across the beach; the antis.  On the other side of the beaches are Purity and Erik.  In the forest I can see the Pippycat gals who look very sick.  On the cornucopia is Radiant who looks wounded with Candy.  In the forest in the distance are Reia and Molly Benett.  

"We need to go and help them" I say to Jacob pointing towards the spect in the forest which are the pippycat gals. "We have supplies and they probably have things that we need" I plead.  "Like what" he responds.  "Human company" I bicker.  

Well that shut him up.  "Fine" he finally says.

As we climb down to mountain I think about how many tributes there are still remaining but how we just saw how at least 6 are injured. 

The walk through the forest only takes 5 minutes before we approach the girls.  I see a tear going down Lacey Despin's cheek looking at Sera injured on the ground and Amber unconsious.  Bee is helping Kirsten Barker.  "We can help you" I say to them.  "Really?" Lacey smiles.  "Sure, we have medicin from when I got a big cut on a rock and a lot of bandages.

"What do you ask for" Sera says.  

"Allies" Jacob responds.

"Well then let's get started" Bee says.

Lilly Moon's POV                 TIME: 2:00PM

I just sat down and ate some lunch.  hunted venison which tasted great with the spices and oils we got from a sponser.  Also thanks to Falk's great cooking skills and my ability to start a fire in 30 seconds.

We always have our camp guarded since there are people hunting us down.  Our guards surround it in a circle formation with two people on guard at all times during the day and we have just changed it to two during the night to make sure none of us are killing EACH OTHER which may have happened to Arkheus.

"Lilly, your turn" James says to me.  "Go relieve Eliza" he says gesturing behind me. I grab my two throwing axes and put them in their spots on my waist.  My pack of knives is already strung around my waist.

By looking at the camp from my post, it could be that we were on a camping trip.  We have a lot of supplies for injuries, hunting, sleeping and pretty much everything else we would need.  I think it is because we had a really good bloodbath strategy which resulted in many crates and bags being taken by the people that went; Tamora, James, Jack, Auron, Moose and Falk.  Also, Evergreen briefly but then he came and was sort of in charge of the people who didn't go which was more until they all died before they got to us.

"We've got company" the other guard, Auron says.

I look to see Molly from 10 and Reia;the career leader. 

"You know the plan" Tamora says to us.  

James, Evergreen and Tamora all run at them and start fighting.  I take out a knife and throw it at Reia which makes her loose focuse and gets pinned on the ground by James.  Evergreen and Tamora grab Molly and take her to the camp for interogation. 

After we have her secured to a tree with rope and Falk and Eliza both guarding it, we do the same to Reia at another tree and have Tamora and Evergreen guard it while James and Auron guard the camp at the watching posts where I was before the fight broke out.

"Stupid to attack in such small groups" Tamora chuckles.  "Where are the other careers" I ask to Reia.  "I'll tell you everything" Molly says.  Reia gives her a look from the tree over.  "They took me as a prisoner when I was trying to protect my sister, I am not even part of their alliance" Molly bickers.  "I know the plan and where each of them are to try and find you" Molly says. "And that is why we have guards watching the camp at all times" Evergreen says.  "If you let me go, I can HELP you" Molly pleads.

Evergreen looks at Tamora who would be looking at James if he were here.  I just look at Molly.  "Please" Molly says.  "NO" Reia screams struggling to get free from the tree.  Evergreen keeps his bow pointed at her just in case.

"Fine, untie Molly" Tamora says.  "As for Reia, she won't be use to us anymore, kill her" Evergreen instructs.  "Who put you in charge" Eliza bickers.  "When James is not here, I am also a leader" Evergreen responds.  "Right" Tamora says.

Tamora Rickson's POV     TIME: 3:15PM

"Actually, Evergreen" I say.  "Keep Reia here until we have finished asking Molly.  Make sure that there are always at least two people watching her though, we don't want any surprises" I finish.

"Got it" Evergreen responds.  Now that our security is back in order, I sit down with Molly.  We don't need anyone else here since if there is a fight with Molly, I can easily take her and it would be better if it were alone.

"So, how did you get taken as a prisoner" I ask.

"Me and my sister were re-stocking at the cornucopia.  Then they appeared and I let my sister swim away while they were about to kill me.  Then I told them that I knew where you guys were but I lied in order to keep you guys out of the fight. I told them you were in the desert; farthest place from where you really were.  Then, instead of killing me they took me with them.  Once they realized you were not in the desert, someone suggested that we broke off into small groups.  I knew that if my group found you, I would fight on your side" she responds.

"Ok.  Where are the other groups" I ask.

"Erik and Purity took the beaches, Doan and Sam take the desert, Candy and Radiant take the area from the cornucopia to the forest and around, pretty much everywhere.  I saw them get in a fight already so I don't think they are planning on attacking anytime soon.  Radiant is badly hurt" she responds.

"So I presume there wont be many others coming to visit us?" I ask.

"Correct" she responds.

"Thank you for that.  I think you have earned a place in the antis." I say to her.

She smiles.

James approaches.  "Do we kill her now" he says about Molly.  "Nah, she can stay in the alliance." I say firmly.

Now about Reia.  "Ok, Evergreen" I say.  "Tie her arms to the ropes and her legs to long sticks so we can carry her out of the camp.  I am going to take her a bit off camp with the help of two people to guard and take her.  There is food cooking and I think it would be better for all of us if we didn't kill her here." I order.

Reia starts to squirm but she now has her arms in ropes and sticks on her legs for carrying.  "Falk, Eliza, Evergreen, Moose.  They will carry her to the spot and then we will get rid of her" I instruct.

"Got it" James says.  "Everyone else will stay here" I finish.

Eliza Thorn's POV       TIME: 4:00PM

I hold on to the stick on her leg.  Everyone but Evergreen is carrying her.  He is watching as we walk to make sure there is no one nearby.  

"Here is good" Tamora says.  "You coward, killing someone when they are all tied up" Reia screams at Tamora.  "Fine, we will untie you" Evergreen says but Tamora does not argue.  

"Ok, now you are untied" Tamora says.

She takes her trident as Reia stands up.  Reia swings her sword at Tamora but she is blocked by the trident.

There is a small cliff beside us that goes into the water.  I think I know what is about the happen.

"Can we help" Evergreen asks.  "No" Tamora responds.  She wields her trident swiftly into Reia's leg on the backswing and Reia lets out a little scream.  

She pushes Reia back off the ledge and off the cliff.  It is only a 10-15 foot drop but Reia smashes against the water.  "Evergreen" Tamora says.

Evergreen pulls an arrow from his quiver and shoots it into the water.

I can hear a shriek from Reia and then silence.


The cannon echoes in my ears as I look down at the water. 

"Let's go back" Evergreen says.


"What was that" I say.  "Ok, now we have to go back" Tamora says. We run as fast as we can to see that everyone else looks worried.  "Ok, we thought Reia killed someone after that last cannon went off" James says.

"NO, we got her off the cliff and then Evergreen shot her.  I wonder what that other cannon was for.  Maybe Radiant couldn't hold his injuries" Everyone looks at her.   "Oh ya, I was the only one listening to Molly, I forgot" Tamora finishes.

Irelia Frostfang's POV     TIME: 5:00PM

I just saw a tribute for the first time in two days.   It was Denzel Manning who was strolling by, I think he was hunting.  He had a lot of scrapes but no wounds so I would say that he was not attacked but just tripped a lot.

It crosses my mind sometimes why I chose to stay in the desert and sometimes outer forest.  Those are the kind of desicions I would have made with Alli if she had returned from the cornucopia.  Instead I saw her in the sky looking down at me.  I am all alone.  I went back right after the bloodbath to get stuff but there was no one there.

I do not see why people have to go the minute the gong goes off.  

"Hey you" I hear a voice behind me say.

I turn to see Holly Benett standing behind me holding a club.  "I'm not going to hurt you" she says.  

'Even if you tried to you couldn't" I respond holding my sword.  

"My sister was taken by the careers, I was hoping you would help me find her" she asks.

I take a moment to consider the options.  I could help her find her sister but that could risk being killed by the careers and the chance that Molly or Holly kill me in the process.  What's in it for me anyway? 

If I stay alone though it is boring but the games need to advance and I have to stop being so generous to people.

"Sorry but NO, I have failed at that already" I respond.

"Ok, by then" she says.

Before I let her get to far, I run at her and pin her to the ground.  I stand up and then throw her on the ground again.

I pull out my sword and slash at her but she rolls out of the way just in time.  Another slash and this time it hits her in the stomach.  She squils and I say one last thing.

"Only weak tributes have mercy" I quote from a games a few years back.  


Kirsten Barker's POV        TIME: 7:30PM

I am really thankful the gals really took me in.  I just had another injection of morphling which eased the pain on my thigh.  My arm is doing a lot better and is pratically healed thanks to their help.  Everyone is still a little weak but we are copping well.  

I just don't know if I am going to be able to stay here when I am all better.  They are really kind but that is the problem. I am a fighter, not a healer.  If they had known the real reason why I have these wounds, they would probably look at me differently.

The only people I don't trust are Carmine and Jacob.  That is why I poisoned their food supply.  We joined them before noon judging by where the sun was but I have been plotting ever since.  

They are now lying on the ground moaning after eating some bad seeds according to Sera.  I don't want to make it seem like someone purposely did this so I should probably save one of them.

"Hey Carmine, do you want to have some of this antidote" I say.  "Really.  Why didn't you say that earlier?" she responds.  "I forgot I had it" I finish.  "Jacob will need some too" she says after she drinks a bit of the poison remidy.  "Ya" I moan.  When she turns over to give him some I accidentaly knock it over.  "Oh no, now there is none for him" Carmine yelps.

"What is going on" Sera says.  "I had antidote but only enough for Carmine" I say.  "Better than nothing, thanks Kirsten" Sera says genuinly.

"His blood pressure is really declining" Lacey says.  She is a good medic.  "If it continues to drop at this rate, it appears that he will not survive the night" she whispers so he can't hear.  "I will take another blood test but it is kinda hard with the little testing tube I recieved as a sponser and the glass that filters the blood from the poison." she proclaims.

That is the most stupid sponser gift.  Instead of sending us food, we get some blood filter thing-i-ma-bober.  It probably cost a lot too.

I get up to go talk to Sera who is starting a fire.  I forgot what I was about to say when the anthem starts.

Let's see what today brought us.

  • Arkheus Carter D3M
  • Reia Sunrise D4F
  • Holly Benett D10F

Soon after, a cannon goes  BOOM!

I look over to Lacey and she nods in despair.

Day 5

Molly Benett's POV       TIME: 10:07 AM

It was so SAD to see Holly's face last night in the sky.  If I had just gone to her a little earlier this would not have happened.

Maybe James was thinking the same thing because he just got up from talking to Tamora to give a message.  "Moose and Evergreen, you can come back from your posts right now, we are all going to be alert during this message.  Falk stop making the food and get Eliza up from her tent.  It is her post time next anyway"  he instructs.

Everyone has now sat down around the fire.  "It must have been very sad for Molly to see her sister in the sky last night.  Molly, if there is anything we can do to help it would be our pleasure.  You are one of us now"  he smiles.

"We will make it our personal goal to immediately find out who killed Holly and we will track her down for the next few days.  Evergreen, Falk and Eliza can handle that when they are not doing their tasks, Evergreen's hunting and 3rd command, Falk's cooking and food preparing and Eliza's...housekeeping let's call it." Tamora says.  Eliza chuckles.

We all have special tasks that we are assigned I found out when I joined.  Everyone contributes and it makes it really feel like we are back on a camping trip.  Except eventually we will all have to kill each other. "Tamora" I ask.

"Ya" she responds as everyone is returning to what they were doing.  "What happens when it comes down to just our alliance, when everyone else has been killed" I ask.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there but I think within a few days some tributes in this alliance will be on their way" she says.  

I don't understand.  What does she mean that tributes in this alliance will be on their way?

"I know it was you Moose" I hear Evergreen say to Moose.  "What?" Moose replies.  "Everyone, Moose was responsable for the death of Arkheus Carter.  "How can you prove that" Eliza says but not in a bias way.

Evergreen Opal's POV             TIME: 10:50AM

"Because I saw Moose was on watch when it was happening.  Tamora says that nothing happened when she was on watch and so did Lilly for hers.  I saw Moose standing over Arkheus with something in his hand, I think it was the poison." Evergreen states.

Moose lookes guilty.  "You are not even a good lier" Falk bickers. Everyone does a small grin.  "You have 2 seconds to leave" Tamora says to Moose sternly.

"Bu-" he tries to say.  "NOW" Eliza says.  He turns and runs but I chase after him.  Tamora, James and Molly all follow behind me.  Tamora throws her trident and it hits him in the back.  Soon after, my arrow is sticking out of his leg and a dagger from James in the thigh.

He moans on the ground.  "How long did you think it would take before you were caught" James says.  Moose doesn't respond.  "We are a team, that doesn't mean you kill us off" Molly says.

"You don't deserve to be killed and for us to give mercy to you.  You let Arkheus suffer for a matter of hours" James finishes  Molly hits Moose on the head with a club and he falls unconsious.

As we walk back to our camp we hear another voice.  This is not a tribute voice.  It is the announcer of the games.

"Attention Tributes"  he says.  I look at Tamora who is already running back to our camp.

"There will be a feast starting at noon by the cornucopia.  As you may know, the cornucopia is completely empty.  Soon you will low on supplies and the cornucopia will be restocked.  After a few minutes, everything remaining will be destroyed.  It is up to you but this may be your last chance.  

Good luck and May the Odds Me Ever in Your Favor.

Day 5 - The Feast

Lapis Canolo's POV      TIME: 11:45PM

I am now crouching at the beach on the other side of the cornucopia.  I think that there are some people camped right on the little island that the cornucopia is on but for the most part, people will be coming from the forest.  If I swim to the other side of the corncopia where they can't see me, I can get supplies and then ambush the people on the other side from behind.

I hop in the water and begin swimming towards the cornucopia.  Just as I am about to pass the electricity poles, a hovercraft arrives over the cornucopia and drops all of the supplies down.  A few hit the water and immediatly blow up.  They are probably all being controlled by the gamemakers.  Another set drop and then another.  And another.  Wow, that is a lot of stuff.

I reach the conucopia just as the hovercraft leaves.  I grab a sword and a machete.  Some bags and swing them around my shoulder.  

I go around the other side to see Sera Oaks and Lacey Despin swimming towards me.  They are too far away to hit.  I hear rustling behind me and see Tamora Rickson the anti with James Ledger standing behind her.  James pushes me down suddenly and then Tamora throws her trident at something behind me.  BOOM! I look up to see Denzel Manning lying on the ground, dead.

James swings his axe towards me but I run to the other side of the cornucopia.  Irelia Frostfang is already swimming back towards the beach with a bag.

Jennesa Forrester's POV     TIME: 12:03PM

I arrive at the little island to see Tamora and her little pack of antis who came;James, Evergreen, Lilly and Eliza.  Lapis Canolo is leaving.  Purity and Erik are talking while taking bags and Felix and Nichole are doing the same.

  Amber Burn was just attacked by Nichole.  Nichole is not that skilled so Amber tries to get up with Sera shooting an arrow with a bow she just got.  "NO" Felix screams as he runs from where he was standing. Tamora looks over and runs at Sera.  I like the gals so I throw a knife in front of Tamora so she slows down.  

She then points James towards me and runs towards Sera.  BOOM! She slows down since Nichole now has a knife in her chest.

Tamora spots Irelia in the distance, then looks at Molly and whispers something to Evergreen.  

"Let's go" Lavender says.  Isca doesn't hear her though.  Felix is still stormed about what happened to Nichole so he stabs Isca in the side when she is getting things.  "Oh no" Lavender screams.

Felix is not looking so I punch him into the water;we are standing at the edge.  He swims but crashes into the electrified pole.  He is probably gonna die in a matter of seconds.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh" Isca screams.  There is blood gushing from her stomach at the side.  "Help!" Lavender screams.  There is no one out there to help us.  Strangely, Sera Oaks walks over to us with a medical kit and offers to help us.

Behind her I see Carmine approaching Tamora from behind with a knife.  Carmine is skilled but Tamora is REALLY skilled.  "I wouldn't do that" I say to her.  

She doesn't hear me and slashes Tamora in the back.  James spots it and throws an axe but it misses her.  She then throws a knife and it hits him in the thigh.  She stabs Tamora a few more times in the back as she lies on the ground.

I grab her and run. "Get off me" she screams.  

"Let's go, Carmine.  We are going to help Isca." Sera instructs to Carmine.

Evergreen Opal's POV      TIME: 1:30PM

I have been walking for about an hour now.  I can see Irelia ahead of me but I don't know when the time to shoot is.

I made an agreement with Tamora that I would kill Irelia since she killed Holly.  BOOM! That is not Irelia but she stops and sits down.

She spots me but I am too quick.  I shoot her in the back and then again in the head.  Her limp body falls to the ground.  I walk over to take her supplies; I know that sounds horrible.  The life is already sort of fading from her eyes.  I know from a lesson back in District 3.  Oh how I miss.  It was fun to be able to head to the lab and work on what ever I wanted.

The bag she got has a little paper on the side of it which reads: de-activate mine.  

Right below it is a little clock which says 1:45.  I think that means 1 minute and 45 seconds.  I worked on mines though in D3 so I know how to temporarily stop them and then turn them back on again.  

I rip off the back and do a bit of tweaking to the wires.

I put it in my pocket and walk away.  


Day 5 - Post-Feast

Zoey Proasheck's POV     TIME: 3:15PM

That was one crazy feast earlier on.

I managed to get in and grab a bag while the antis were occupied by the girls.  

I really want to be accepted by the careers but I don't think that is going to be happening.  I have been watching some of the tributes since they left the feast.  That is one of the good things about having a feast.  For the past few days, I have not really known exactly where everyone was but by having everyone at the feast, you can see where they go afterwards.

Here is what I have seen:

The antis are back at their old camp, no chance of attacking them since they put up this wierd electric wire as a form of security.  

The girls are helping the D12 alliance somewhere on the beach.  I don't think they are going to join each other though, the girls are just being nice but I think that Carmine or Kirsten are going to kill them soon.

Candy Orenson is no longer in the careers, after the feast she ran away from them.  Radiant Tayz is still nowhere to be seen.  Erik Norsemen and Purity Knight both re-grouped with Doan and Sam after all the remaining bags blew up at the cornucopia. 

It was really wierd.  One minute there are a lot of useful things and then next they explode.  Soon after, firebombs begin to drop on the cornucopia.  Anyone in the vicinity would have been killed easily.  No one was though.  

I shrug.  It is getting really lonely.  Who can I join though?  The careers and antis are probably going to have a fight soon with each other.

The anti campout is actually just a little ways away from where I sit now.  I begin to walk over because I have a plan.

I'm going to camp up in a tree right beside their site.  I run as fast as I can because I don't want to waste a minute.

Before I know it, I am hiding behind a tree just a few feet from the active wire.  Ah, now I can see the layout.  I was wondering.  The wire is fairly close to the site, someone could easily cause damage without even crossing the wire. But there are several nets set up around it to make sure that anyone that gets close is swang up in a net.

Falk and Eliza are in some strange dispute. Falk pulls out a knife and I grin.  The leaders;Tamora and James would probably stop them if they saw this but they are too busy talking near a firepit. 

Falk Avian's POV     TIME: 4:10PM

"We don't need someone JUST for cooking" Eliza screams.  "Well at least, I can do something other than killing people" I respond.

She runs at me again but I swing my knife into her and then push her back into the wire.  She almost stops herself from falling but then I grab her by the collar.

"And I watch how these traps are made" I finish.  

I push her back again into the wire and she stuns herself. "AHHHHHHHH" she screams.  Im not done yet.  

I grab a piece of coil from the ground nearby;how convenient.  I slide it across the wire so that it is touching her and the wire at the same time.  She gets stun again and again and again.

After she falls into the trap and it lifted up, Tamora runs over and asks "What the hell happened?".  "She was yelling and then tripped backwards. Eliza would probably deny it if she was awake in that net hanging at the top of that tree.

"How do we get her down?" James asks.  

"We don't" Evergreen says.  He takes an arrow and shoots it at the net.  It gets cut and then crashes to the ground.  

Right on top of the wire. 


Bee Clio's POV      TIME: 7:00PM

There was no way to help Isca Poral the way we helped Kirsten.  If we had found the things we needed in the bags, we could have.  We had what we needed, just didn't open it up until it was already too late.

We made a deal with Lavender and Jennessa that they could leave unharmed in order that they gave us somethings from one of their bags.  I don't feel bad for them though.  Neither of them have been injured in these games the same way we have been.  They are two people and we are...6.  That is pretty good considering the antis have lost A LOT and the careers can't hold up much longer with Radiant still not with them, Candy and Lapis are now both alone.  All that remains are Erik, Purity, Doan and Sam.  None of them are real leaders among the alliance.

"What do we do" Lacey asks.  "There isn't much to do, now that everyone is pretty much healed.  We have 4 more doses for Kirsten's thigh treatment but after that, there isn't anything else that takes up our time" she finishes.  "So your saying it's better when we are injured as oppose to healthy" Carmine bickers.

"You know what, I have had enough of you" Sera screams to Carmine.  Kirsten grabs her axe but I don't think she is going to attack.  "You don't say" Carmine responds.  

Carmine lunges at Sera but I jump in front, slashing Carmine in the arm.  She then slashes Sera in the chest.  Sera falls to the ground.  She squeals.  Kirsten gets up; not completly healed and slashes Carmine in the back from behind.  Carmine stabs Sera a few times in the stomach on the ground but I throw her off.

I don't have a knife in my hand anymore so I grab her neck and hold it as tight as I can.  Lacey pours something into an empty syringe; what we use for Kirsten.

She throws it to me and I inject it into Carmine neck.  I throw her to the ground.  Lacey reloads the syringe and I inject it again.

Kirsten is helping Sera now since we don't know how bad the cuts were.  BOOM! Carmine is on the ground motionless but she is not dead.  I run over to Sera to see that Kirsten has put a towel over her chest to cover up the wounds.  

I begin to cry. 

Sera.  The strongest.  Bravest.  Kindest.  Has left us.  

Radiant Tayz's POV     TIME: 10:00PM

It has been rather wierd in this cave for the past couple of days.  Candy never came back after the feast.  She probably gave up on me.  I don't blame her.  I can't walk.  I can't really do anything that they would need me to do in the alliance.

People in the capital probably don't see hope in me; no more sponsers.  Now, all there is are the stuff I have had since the re-stock we did, the night before the careers split up.  I'm no longer part of that.  I doubt Candy is either.

"Let's talk in this cave, I don't want the others at the camp to listen in" a noise from outside the cave says.

I lean against a wall and hide behind a rock while they enter the cave. 

It is Kirsten Barker, Evergreen Opal and James Ledger.  They probably are forming a plan to kill the careers. 

"Falk killed Eliza.  Do you think that there needs to be a punishement?" Tamora asks the boys.  

Why are they here this late anyway.  I am just waiting for the anthem to play before I get some rest.  

"Yes, there are a lot of people in the alliance anyway.  We have to make it look like an accident." Evergreen proposes.  "Ya, otherwise they will think we are finding reasons to kill them all off." James finishes.

"It will be hard to control the camp with such little people, we will have to make a new plan after it happens" Tamora concludes. 

James looks over to where I am hiding.  "Do you hear that?" James asks the others. "Ya, something is moving behind the rock" Evergreen says.

Right before they look, the anthem starts and they run outside.  

I guess I'm not going to find out who died.

Day 6

Tamora Rickson's POV      TIME: 7:50AM

I now stand before Molly, Evergreen, Falk, Lilly and Auron.  James is standing on my right for the announcements.  

"Our first message for today is about Eliza's death.  Falk killed her.  Killing another member of the alliance is injust since that person has given you their trust." I say.

"As a result of that, we have to have a vote to decide wether Falk should leave our alliance or not" James finishes.

"Who thinks that we should let Falk stay in the alliance?"  I ask.  Auron raises his hand but he is the only one.  "So that means that everyone else agrees we should kill him?"  James asks.

"It is what's best for the sake of Eliza" Molly says.   "I was just defending myself.  She attacked me." Falk pleads. "Don't worry, it won't be too painful" Evergreen says pulling the syringe out of the bag.  Falk tries to run but gets caught by Auron.  

I pour the remainder of the poison into the syringe and then push the plunger down.  He falls limp on the ground. Just in case he wakes up, we put him in a net that was set and then it reacts and swings up towards the treetops.  

Everyone goes back to what they were doing.

"Wait, there is one more thing" James says.  Everyone looks at him.  "There are now only 6 members of this alliance which means that our strategy has to change.  We can no longer stay in one spot and dwell there for days.  We are not strong enough to.  The idea of a big camp with guards and a special schedule no longer stands.  We will pack up and leave my lunchtime. There will be no voting on this"  James finishes off.

"Thats fine.  It is hard to maintain a strong area with so few people." Lilly says.


"We should start packing up now."  I say.

Doan Vauna's POV     TIME: 11:53AM

I think that cannon earlier belonged to Carmine Wesley.  When we were walking, we saw her body;not dead but motionless and it didn't look like she was breathing fast.  I guess there was a fight with the girls. 

"What are we going to do?" Erik asks.  "Is Radiant a career or not?" he finishes.  "We know that Reia was killed and that Molly is probably out there alone.  We don't need her anymore though.  Purity said she saw Candy at the feast but Radiant is still a question mark.  He is not dead." Sam says.

"Maybe he is really injured and UNABLE to get to us" Purity says.  

It is possible.  I just can't imagine him hurt.  

"Hey look, its Lapis" I say as we stroll down the beach.

Lapis is lying in the water eating.  Not the smartest thing to do.  Erik charges but Lapis notices and stands up.  He takes out a sword and swings it into Erik's stomach.  Purity grabs Erik and takes him back. 

I throw a dagger at Lapis but it misses.  He swims out to the cornucopia where we follow him.  Erik lays on the beach while we are there since I think he is dying. Meh.

Lapis crawls to the top of the cornucopia and throws a knife at Sam, it misses.

"I have an idea" Purity says to me.  Sam watches Loan who has a stare down with Sam.

"If you take this wire out to that pole over there, we can throw it up to Lapis just before you touch the end of the wire to the electricly charged pole." she finishes.

BOOM!  I have no idea who that was for.  It can't be Erik.

Lapis Canolo's POV    TIME: 12:30PM

Doan is swimming somewhere for whatever reason.  I knew that they were not able to kill me.  Erik is probably going to die soon.  I cannot kill the others though.  No, there needs to someone to kill some antis.  I don't think I would be able to take Tamora, James and Evergreen all at once.

Suddenly, Purity throws some wire at me and within a few seconds it shocks my foot.  I did not notice that Sam had climbed up on the cornucopia.  He charges from behind and pushes me off the cornucopia.

I hit the ground hard and loose my breath for a few seconds.  They quickly tied the wire around my leg.  The shocks comes in a few seconds again and stays.

"AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" I scream.  All I can think about is the pain I can feel right now.  They tie my hands together and then roll me into the water.  They push me all the way to where Doan is.

Right beside the electricily charged beam.  I squirm a lot but they push me into the beam.  

The shock is really really bad.

Then everything goes black.

Lavender Morton's POV    TIME: 2:58PM

BOOM! There have been several cannons in the past couple of days.  Isca, she saved my life.  That was very upseting for me and Jennessa.  I am happy that she is still alive.  It is great to have company and to be able to sleep knowing that someone is looking out for me.

It is kinda annoying though.  There isn't one moment where I can talk before being interupted by something.  The rockets that came down earlier in the games, the feast, confrontations by other alliances.

We are sitting on the shore line looking out at the water with the forest behind us.  The antis are currently walking with huge duffles and bags strung around them.  

I guess they are moving from there camp.  It would be way to hard to manage that4 4 with only a few people.  They are lucky that they have tents and access to so many resources.  I think that they are the only alliance to have all of their leaders alive; Sera Oaks of gals died yesterday.  Lapis Canolo is alone or dead, Reia is dead.  

Everyone is getting weaker but at the same time stronger.  People are getting used to the games.  Gaining the hope and courage that they can win with almost half the tributes gone.

The games look good from everyone's perspective...unless you are dying.  That is the deception it can have on you.  Only one winner can be crowned.  Not 6 anti careers.  Not 4 careers or pippycat girls.  

One day I will have to kill Jennessa.  Everyone says killing an alliance member is hard.  Not for me.  I will do what I have to do in order to protect the ones I live back in D12.

"I'm gonna start a fire, are you hungry?" she asks me.

"Ya, I'd prefer meat" I respond.

Auron Felistan's POV     TIME: 5:21PM

The day has gone by really fast.  All we have been doing is walking and taking water breaks.  It feels really wierd that Tamora and James chose to kill Falk.  He was a good guy and made good use of the food we had.  He also was pretty skilled; 8 training score.  

It has made me wonder if James and Tamora and finding ways to kill people in order to move the games along.

Moose is not dead yet but I am sure he is not well. Arkheus. Eliza.  Falk.  All victims of disloyalty.  I think that Molly, Lilly and Evergreen are pretty trustworthy but I am not sure about the leaders.

They are currently planning an attack on the remaining careers.  Once we are done with them, I don't know what we are going to do.  We are the anti careers. Our common goal is destroying the cocky, arrogant careers.  Who are also the biggest threat right now.

"Yo, hold up!" James says.  We all stop and look at him.  "The careers are just at the beach, I think one of their members is injured.  We are going to head over there now.  If we are lucky, it will be over by dusk which is in about an hour." he instructs.

"Tamora and I will take Sam and Doan.  Lilly will take Purity.  Erik will be taken by whoever is done.  Let's hope that it just works out the way the other fights have worked out.  Don't try to kill them all.  Focus on one." James finishes.

Lilly Moon's POV    TIME: 5:50PM

We arrive at the tree line shortly after we discussed the plan.

The careers are sitting down.  They look bored.  Radiant Tayz is not with them, nor is Candy Orenson.  Tamora was right.  

"Let's not waste anytime" James says.  Tamora takes the gold trident she just recieved and runs out of the trees.

I take a knife and charge Purity.  Sam runs as fast as he can away into the trees.  Erik grabs Purity and attempts to run but is confronted by me.

I slash him in the stomach.  He takes his axe and swings it at me.  I fall.  He slashes me in the shoulder and then pushes me into the water.

I come up to see Tamora uppercutting Doan in the chin.  He crashes to the ground covered in blood.  I try to get up but the pain is too great.

James is waltzing around with a mace and a dagger.  He throws the mace at Doan from behind.  The dagger is now in Doan's neck.  We are doing great! BOOM!

Erik throws a knife which hits James in the stomach.  James drops his dagger and tumbles to the ground.  Erik attempts to throw another one but is hit to the ground by...MOLLY!

She hits him on the head multiple times with a club.  Purity screams in terror and runs deep into the trees.

Evergreen shoots Erik in the chest with an arrow.  BOOM!

Purity Knight's POV     TIME: 7:00PM

Me and Erik had just been forming a plan to leave the careers.  We knew that the threat the antis created was bigger than the pro's in the careers.  There have been two cannons already.  I think they belonged to Doan and...Erik.  The last thing I saw was Molly clubing him in the head.  The antis have a couple injuries though, James; the strongest and Lilly; pretty good in combat.  Tamora must be upset about James.  

He recieved the highest training score.  He probably won't last the night.

I begin to cry again.  It is very lonely being without an alliance.

At that moment the anthem starts.  I hope that it was James who died instead of Erik but I have a bad feeling about it.

Day 7

Lacey Despin's POV     TIME: 10:45AM

Since Sera is dead, Bee is technically the new alliance leader.  We would be trying to get revenge on her killer but Carmine is dead as well.  There are only about 19 tributes left in these games.  4 of them are here.  The antis have about 5 or 6, the careers are split up...I think.  That means that right now, our biggest threat are the antis.

In the distance, there seems to be something spewing from a tree.  It is lava.  There is a loud explosion coming from nearby.  Then another one.  Then one that is so loud, I think I am nearly deaf.  The tree in front of us blows up and lava spews from inside of it.

"I wonder how long that has been in there" Bee chuckles.  "RUN" Amber screams as she gets up.  The lava does not hit us since we are sheltered behind another tree.

"Which way do we go, they are all exploding in no particular pattern" I ask.  

Bee points towards the water.  We all run as fast as we can.  In the distance I hear screaming followed by BOOM!.  Maybe somebody got burned or something.

I wonder how the people who are injured are going to be able to avoid the explosions.  Kirsten has been getting medicine through injections.  She is nearly back to full health.  Another tree beside us explodes.  

We are almost at the beach when the tree in front of us comes crashing down.  We turn around to run but Amber trips.  Kirsten runs to grab her hand but then the tree explodes.  The lava spews all over her.  We have made it to the beach.  

Bee walks over the remaining scraps of the tree to retrieve Amber.

She is covered in burns and bruises from head to toe.  Half of her body is charred off.  She is missing a leg aswell as an arm.  Her other leg is pratically just bone.  It is disgusting.

I don't even know where to start, being the medic of the team.

I grab the morphling and poor it into a syringe.  The corpse is the most vital so I will start there.  Kirsten wraps a towel over her legs and body.  

I inject it into the back and another dose in the leg.  

Bee takes the burn cream jars we have and rubs it onto the soon-to-be scars.

Amber begins to gasp as Kirsten finishes CPR.

"You are going to be OK" Kirsten says.

My eyes begin to water.  

Candy Orenson's POV   TIME: 12:00PM

The trees have been exploding all day.  After the first few, I ran towards the beach since there are no trees there.  I think that Moose Riverbuck died, I saw him lying on the ground with burns from head to toe.  He looked as if he was injured before so he probably couldn't get up and run.

Sam told me that he betrayed the antis. I don't know to believe that though.  That is why I am no longer with the careers.  The only remaining people in the alliance are...I guess no one.  

Purity ran away after Erik died.  Sam left last night; I saw him lurking in the woods but thought against killing him.  Doan is dead.  Our leader, Reia is dead.  Even Lapis is dead.  

I am surprised that Radiant is still alive, I have to give it to him.  Being attacked by the girls was pretty hard on him.  I am too lazy to help him.  It is wierd to help someone like that in this.  If you are in the pippycat girls, it is one thing since they are healers.  Me helping Radiant? What is in it for me?  

I am here to get home, not to get Radiant home.

My goal right now is to get rid of the antis.  Once they are all dead, the others won't be hard to get to.  Tamora Rickson and James Ledger are the biggest things standing in my way.

I will follow them once I find them.  When they have let their guard down, I will shoot James; he is injured.  

Tamora will be next.

Molly Benett's POV     TIME:3:02PM

"WTF are these explosions" James screams.  I have had enough of the loud sounds.  How many trees are there anyway.  I think they have destroyed pretty much every tree in this arena.  When I look around the forest though, everything looks the same.  There is no sign that trees had blown up. New ones have quickly grown in their place.  We chopped one down to see if there is lava inside; it is not lava, it is poison.  

Oh Joy.

"Let's go get some loners" Lilly says.  Before I would have though about Holly but since she is dead, there is no one else that I care about.  The last ones I would want to kill are the pippycat girls.  They seem so nice.  The antis are very organized and well protected, I LOVED how they had tributes who would guard the perimeter, people to keep the camp neat and organized, people who were skilled, people who cooked.

Now, there are only 5-6 members.  It is not easy to do it like that anymore.  Now we wander...and sleep...and wander some more.  

"Hey look its Felix" Lilly says pointing to someone charging us from behind.  I drop my stuff and get my club out.  Tamora holds me back and smashes my club against my head, knocking me to the ground. 

It wasn't an act of betrayal, I think she is trying to protect me.  

I cannot get up, the pain in my head is too strong.  

Tamora takes her trident and throws it at Felix...who dodges it.

Lilly Moon's POV    TIME: 3:30PM

Evergreen just shot Felix in the leg.  He has no more arrows in his quiver.

I take a knife and attempt to cut Felix but he dodges it.  Felix hits Auron in the back with an axe.  James tries to throw an axe..but misses and looses balance.  I think he is still recovering from the injury at the feast.  

Felix takes his axe and slashes James in the back.  I push him to the ground and stab him a lot in the thigh. Tamora lifts her trident up and digs it in his chest.  BOOM!

"James needs morphling" Molly shouts.  "We don't have any left" I respond.  At that moment, a silver parachute drops right beside us.

Tamora grabs it and reads stay alive.  

It is the morphling and a syringe for James.  There are also pain tablets for Molly.  Molly shoots them down her throat and then injects the syringe into James' back.  

He moans and starts to cough and weeze a lot.  

Then he stops.

"This is going to be hard" Tamora says looking at his back.  


"Was that him?!" I ask frantically.  Molly nods and a tear goes down her cheek.

"James is alergic to morphling"  Tamora cries.  

She lunges at Molly as if it was her fault for injecting it and punches her in the face.

Auron takes the tranquilizer and puts it in the syringe.  He injects it into Tamora's neck before she stabs Molly in the chest. 

Our leader James.  Gone.  Highest training score.  Combat ready.  Great guy.  All gone.  Because someone enjoys watching it all happen.

Sam Ogivinty's POV    TIME: 6:56PM

It was hard to see Doan die.  He was a great friend, I spent a few days alone with him.  Now the careers no longer exist.  Everyone is on their own...that is...for the ones that are still alive.  

I think it started when Lapis irratated Erik. Everyone took Erik's side and that is one of the reasons why Lapis left.  Then everyone split up and Radiant got very injured.  Candy ditched him after the feast.  Erik got killed in the attack by the antis yesterday.  Doan; same thing.

I am getting pretty tired, it is starting to get dark. There is a cave coming up, maybe I should start a fire there and eat some left-overs.  

As I enter the cave, something doesn't feel right.  I don't know what it is.  "What are you doing in here" says a voice from behind me.

It is my former ally Radiant Tayz.  

"So are you going to kill me" I ask.  "My leg is in bad shape, I can't even walk" he says but not in a pleading voice.  

I guess that if I kill him, it would sort of be like puting him out of his misery...even though there is a way to save him easily.

"Drink this, it will relieve the pain and put you out of your misery" I instruct to him as I hand him a little vial.  

He drinks it up, suprisingly.  

"I didn't want to have to kill myself, this makes it A LOT easier" he shrugs and shows a little smile.  

The vial drops to the ground and his eyes roll to the back of his head.  



Bee Clio's POV    TIME:11:56PM

It is almost a new day when the athem begins to play.  Maybe the gamemakers were just waiting for the perfect moment to do it since they were not sure if someone was about to get killed or not.

First is Radiant Tayz;the career.  They are pretty much all dead now.   The eyes of Moose Riverbuck are now staring down at me.  At least the antis are getting weaker.  Next is Felix Ashford; another skilled tribute.  The last face to come on is the most shocking of them all.  The tribute with the highest training score; James Ledger.  He was the co-leader of the antis and probably the most skilled tribute in these games.   I wonder what it took to take him down.

The sky goes dark and the anthem ends.


Not too bad for a day 7.  Amber is still really injured.  I don't think that the morphling is going to work.  I mean with her type of burns, nothing can really repair that.  A lost leg.  A lost arm.  She is probably never going to be able to walk or do anything on her own really ever again, IF she makes it out alive. 

It is just PAIN AND PAIN for her.  She won't recover in a short time like Kirsten did.  A scar is a scar.  In this case, thousands of scars and open flesh wounds.


Lacey and Kirsten probably wouldn't agree to this which is why I am going to do it when they are asleep.  Amber is sleeping but looks in a lot of pain. 

I take the rope and sling it to the tree.  There is no more poison left to give her a less frightening death to WATCH.  I will have to hang her.

Wait a minute.  This is Amber BURN.  Her name is perfect for her state...sadly.  At that moment, a parachute comes falling to the ground.  In it is a little syringe filled with a red liquid.  it is the right thing to do it says.

I remove the rope and say one last thing to her.  "You are my best friend"  I begin to cry. I take the syringe and press the plunger into her neck.


I look up at the sky and scream "WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO HER, SHE NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG.  


Day 8

Zoey Proasheck's POV    TIME:  11:12AM

It is a late start for the day.  There is not much to do though.  Throughout the games, I have wanted to join the careers but now...they don't really exsist. 

The arena feels very empty now that there are only about...14 or 15 tributes alive. A few days ago, if you had asked me about the careers, I would have known they were crumbling.  The antis however have lost a few key tributes over the past few days.  James Ledger; probably was the most likely tribute to win.  I overheard them talking about loyalty and Eliza and Falk.  

The pippycat girls lost their leader and 2 other members over the last couple of days.  I think that there are about 3 left.

As I walk along the desert, I try to piece together the remaining threats.  The antis take up more than a third of the remaining tributes.  They are the strongest thing holding me back from winning.

I turn and run towards where I last saw the antis.

There is not even a plan formed in my head when I arrive just 20 meters away from Tamora Rickson.  I climb a tree and take out a pre-made trap.

It hits the ground just before Lilly's foot.  She doesn't notice it and steps on it.

The blades close around her feet and the rope lifts her towards the top of the tree.  


Auron Felistan's POV    TIME: 12:28PM

Lilly is dangling from a rope on a tree.  It all happened so fast, we barely had any time to cut the rope before it took her sky high.  Tamora takes out her trident and tries to cut down the tree...she is still a little shaky about James being gone.

"That is not productive" Evergreen says to Tamora.  He loads his bow and shoots an arrow at the rope, piercing it but it still does not drop.  

"AWWW" Lilly screams.  She is in the hands of Zoey.  Zoey stabs her in the legs and then attaches her rope to top of the tree.

Tamora is screaming.  Evergreen shoots Zoey in the leg but it is too late.

Lilly is struggling to free the rope from her body but then the tree limb snaps and she comes crashing to the ground.

She crashes into me and I see stars for a second.  Her cuts are not bad at all.  I don't think Zoey was trying to cut her to death.  

Her legs snapped like a twig. "Lilly, can you please stand up so we can see if you can walk." Tamora asks.

Lilly remains motionless.  "She hit her head, I don't think she is going to respond anytime soon" Evergreen says.

Tamora mutters something under her breath.  "Maybe we would have morphling to give her if someone had remembered about James' allergy." she bickers.

She takes her trident and stabs the tree.  There is nothing else for me to do, so I pick up one of James' old axes and chop at the tree.

After about 15 minutes, it comes falling down.  Zoey jumps off of it but her legs are wounded from Evergreen's arrow so she can't really run.

"Don't kill her, we need to know where all the other tributes are and something tells me she knows" Tamora instructs.  

I take her and tie her body to a tree. Molly injects her with a liquid that we think will knock her out but it could have just been a coincidence last time.

I hope she is allergic to it.

Kirsten Barker's POV   TIME: 2:30PM

The fire left a huge effect on everyone.

Amber died with the help of Bee.  What a shame.  We are all such a great family.  "Let's go" Lacey says. 

She is right.  Now that the forest is mostly just ash, it doesn't do us any good.  I guess they are trying to reduce the amount of tributes and/or bring us all closer together.  

The antis are on the other side of the water.  They are all sitting on the beach.  We have enough supplies to last a couple of days but we should probably hunt again.

"Why don't we go around towards them" Bee says pointing to the antis.  

As we walk we hear footsteps.  Oh wait... they are running.  Suddenly someone jumps out from what used to be the tree line which is now mostly covered with ash a small tree here and there.

It is Purity Knight.  She has a pack of throwing knives strung around her waist but she does not want to kill us.

"Can I join your alliance.  I am really not enjoying the loner life.  Please.  I can help you fight the antis." Purity asks.  

"Alright, but any move to attack us will result in your death." I answer.  The only reason why I am doing this is because the other careers are dead so she can't be under cover.

"Let's go kick some anti butt." Lacey grins.

Tamora Rickson's POV  3:13 PM

Zoey is now part of our alliance.  She could be very usefull in fighting the remaining careers.  

"We've got trouble" Auron says pointing to the pack of girls walking about 50 feet away from us on the beach.  Purity Knight is with them.  That is a shocker.

Evergreen loads his bow and shoots an arrow at Purity but she dodges it.  She whips a knife which rips a bag open and all the contents spill into the water.  Food. "THE FOOD" Auron screams. 

Lacey Despin shoots Auron in the shoulder.  "Yes!" she screams.

Auron falls to the ground in pain.

Kirsten AND Bee come towards me with axes.  Kirsten swings and misses but Bee manages to hit my thigh.  

OOOH I can feel the pain coursing through my body.  I stab her in the chest and then knock her into the water.  

I ran away and throw my trident at Purity.  It hits her in the thigh.  She takes it and throws it about 10 metres past the tree line.  Blood is spurting out of her thigh.

She throws a knife at Evergreen's stomach after he shoots Kirsten in the back. 

Kirsten, Auron and Evergreen are all on the ground.  Lacey shoots Auron in the head.  He doesn't have much longer.

I would help him but this fight is far from over.

Lilly Moon's POV   3:20 PM

I have been hiding behind a crate this whole time.  I see Purity come near as she is looking at Tamora so I take the club and smack her in the head really hard.   She falls to the ground unconscious.  

I pick a knife up off the ground and throw it at Bee but it misses.  She hits me in the stomach with her axe and then again in the legs. 

I fall to the ground in pain.

Blood is pouring out of my wounds.  I lay here and watch Bee attack Evergreen.   At that moment Molly appears and punches Bee in the face and then take her axe and hit her in the chest.  

Now the only people up are Lacey, Molly and Tamora.

Lacey screams and then grabs Purity's body and runs away

I guess that means we won.  Although we lost all of our food.   

BOOM!  I wonder who that cannon was for.  It was probably Auron since he is floating in blood-red coloured water.

Kirsten has a small wound in her chest that doesn't go in that far at all.  I think when Tamora stabbed her is was a failed attempt at a slash.  She will probably survive.

Purity will probably be fine when she wakes up.  Molly and Tamora begin to use up the remaining 2 doses of morphling we have.

One needles goes into Evergreen and the other one goes into...BEE?!.

Bee Clio's POV  3:36 PM

I feel a surging pain in my chest.  Waaait, it's a needle.  

Haha the antis must have thought I was someone else and now I going to feel better.  I look up to see Molly and Tamora trying to stop the blood from pouring out of Evergreen.  I attacked him and now he probably won't survive.

BOOM! I see Molly walk away from Evergreen and shrug. He was the replacement leader for James Ledger being the 2nd strongest.  

I stand up in pain and run as fast I can in this condition.  I see Lacey running towards me and Purity's body left behind.  

When we meet, we both say the same thing.

"We need to get Kirsten"

It is a good sign that both the cannons so far are most likely the antis'.  Molly and Tamora are trying to recover from their wounds when Lacey hits Tamora in the hand.  She falls off her crate and tumbles into the water.

Molly grabs a knife and runs towards us but I hit her onto the ground. 

I grab a bottle labeled POISON ACID

 I pour it onto her but it only hits her arm.  That doesn't matter.  Lacey already has Kirsten but cannot hold her on her own.  I put Kirsten on my back while Lacey takes 2 crates, a backpack and some other stuff.  

Tamora tries to get up but I take Lilly's club off the ground and smack her with it.  She falls back down.

Now we have more time because Molly is still in lots of pain from the poison and everyone else is either dead or passed out. 

There is a litre of gasoline in one of their backpacks... why would you ever need that in an arena?

There is also bug spray with is explosive and flammable. 

Lacey grins at me.  Usually we are not people to do this but it is hard to resist.

I take my lighter and set one of their bags on fire after Lacey pours the gasoline all over their stuff.  

The flammes are huge.  I step back and then throw the bug spray into the fire.

POOOOOOBOOOM! There is a huge explosion that knocks Lacey off her feet.  A piece of something on fire flies and hits Molly.  The acid on her arm sets on fire and she jumps up and screams in pain.  She trips and falls and Lacey redirects her into the fire.

Oops.  She hits the fire and gets burns all over her body and then rolls off into the water.

"Let's go" Lacey says.

We walk towards where we dropped Kirsten and pick her up and bring her back to Purity.

We here screaming from the antis.  Tamora is on her feet and looking at the big fire.  

I chuckle.

Jennesa Forrester's POV 6:00 PM

As I begin to roast the food Lavender walks over.

2 dead already today.  There must have been a fight or something.  We are sitting by one of the last trees in this forest.  BOOM! "Do you think they belong to the remaining careers?" I ask Lavender.

"Remember that fight we saw between the antis and the girls a couple hours ago and then the big fire the girls made of the antis' supplies.  Most of the antis were injured and the fire probably destroyed all of their medical supplies, first aid kit, bandages, pain killers.

That's what the cannon are.  At least of them could have been healable." Lavender finishes.

"That's probably true." I respond.

The antis looked pretty weak.

We eat in silence and then get ready for sleep when the sky lights up and the anthem begins to play.

Day 9

Molly Bennett's POV  9:46 AM

Tamora is the only other living soul left in the alliance.  Yesterday, the girls killed off Evergreen, Auron and Lilly.  Without Evergreen, we are left unguarded and don't feel protected nor safe or led.  And Lilly who was decent in combat with her knives and clubs.

Auron wasn't as vital but still helped us out.  I'm not too upset about him though.  If James had been alive for the fight, we would probably still have at least 2 of the 3 dead and the alliance would have been wiped out.

Tamora is lying down on the ground holding her trident.  She feels defeated.  All of our stuff got destroyed by the fire and explosion.  My arm wouldn't be nearly as bad as it is right now if the fire hadn't lit the acid.

My arm is basically mush in a cloth that we found in the scraps.  I don't think any of our opponents died.

Kirsten Barker was unconscious in the water last time I saw her yesterday.  She had a small wound in her back.  Purity had a gash in her thigh.  I accidentally injected morphling into Bee Clio yesterday which probably saved her life.

"Hey guys" I hear a voice from behind.

It is Zoey.  She left before the fight to look for food.  I feel so much anger coursing through my body.  She could have helped us.  "We lost 3 because of you" I scream.

Zoey is startled and steps back.  I can see the knife she is holding.  I lunge at her with our only knife left but miss.  She takes her knife and accidentally chopes off my arm.

"AAAAAHHHAAHAHAHAH" I scream.  My mush arm is now on the ground and I have a stump on my shoulder that is gushing blood.  Zoey looks at the arm on the ground.

I slash her in the face with the knife.  At that moment Tamora gets up and grabs her trident.  Zoey starts to run away while holding her face.  Tamora throws the trident and it hits Zoey dead-centre in the back.

She collapses to the ground.  I pick up the knife off the ground that she dropped and stab her multiple times in the back.  We turn her body over.

The skin on her face is dirty and the wound has stretched a little bit onto her forehead.  I lift the knife and then slit her neck rapidly BOOM! giving her an extremely quick death.  

Does she even deserve that after what happened yesterday?


Tamora Rickson's POV 10:30 AM

Molly's wound in her shoulder where her arm used to be is still pouring blood out.  She is not passed out on the ground as I try to find a way to stop it. 

All of our first aid supplies were destroyed in the fire yesterday that the girls must have set off.


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