Horn of Plenty (Panem National Anthem) The Hunger Games Original Motion Picture Score02:01

Horn of Plenty (Panem National Anthem) The Hunger Games Original Motion Picture Score

May the odds be ever in your favor

This is my next Quarter Quell. Hope you enjoy it.

"Today is another exciting Hunger. And this year, will be an exciting Quarter Quell. And this year, the 12 Districts of Panem shall offer one young man and woman, between the ages of 12-18. And these Tributes will fight to the death until 3 Tributes Remain. Good luck, and May the odds be ever in your favor."

Only 4 Tributes per person.

If you have any costume ideas or pics, let me know.

No POVs during the Games. I will determine the deaths by small sheets of paper I will randomly pick out of a hat.

I will determine the Tributes' training scores by the roll of dice.

Tribute Template





Appearance: Either by lunaii or your description





Name District Age/Height Pesonality Weapons Pre-Games Alliance Token Creator

Colton Thorne


1 16/ 5"10' Bitter, Strong Knives, sword, traps Careers Necklace with many things on it Leapkit
Britany Leo 1 16/ 5"9' very sassy and jokey(in a bad way) Bow and Arrow Careers Her leapord print paint on her head Dedejacob
Drake Mordan 2 15/ 6"2' Cold and Calculating. Incredibly ruthless. Killing Machine, but is in love with Jackie Sword, Spear, Axe Careers none Theman77

Jackie Devilin


2 16/ 6"1' Sly, and charming, is in love with Drake Bow and arrow, blowgun, is decent at throwing knives Careers none Theman77

Raven Mockinjay


3 16-17/ 6"4' Brutal, Agressive, Scary Mace,Scythe,Throwing Knifes,Crossbow Careers Golden Watch Raven HG

Diamond Pearl


3 17/ 5"11' Sweet,Funny,Brutal Knife, Ax Careers Diamond Ring Raven HG

Brad Smith


4 18/ 5"11 Strong, Humorous Sword, Spear, Mace Careers Wooden pair of dice
Vanessa Hayes 4 17/ 5"11' Ruthless, Brutal Bow and Arrow, Mace Careers Picture of her father
Lucas Heyk 5 17/ 5"10' Nice Charming Funny Brutal Deadly :Sickle,Mace,Trowing,Sword,Axe Ethan Axe (7), Hadix and Carolyn Maven(6), Jordan Blight(9) Bracelet Raven HG

Icelia Wintersmith


5 16/ 6"1' Mysterious, quiet Knife, traps Mason(12) Necklace with a tiny golden horseshoe charm on it

Hadix (Hay-dix) Maven


6 17/ 5"7' Nice, Agressive Mace, Knife Ethan Axe, (7), Carolyn Maven (6), Jordan Blight(9), and Lucas Heyk (5) none Raven HG

Carolyn Maven


6 14/ 5"3' Happy, Nice Crossbow, Dagger :Ethan Axe (7), Hadix Maven (6), Jordan Blight(9) and Lucas Heyk (5) none Raven HG
Ethan Axe 7 16"'1 Scary,Brutal Axe,Mace,Spear :Ethan Axe (7), Hadix Maven (6),Carolyn Maven (6), Lucas Heyk (5) none Raven HG

Lauren Huntley


7 15/ 5"8' Quiet, Ethusiastic Traps, Bow none Mockingjay necklace

John Madrick


8 17/ 5"4' Mean to people he doesn't like. Club Helen Dugsky(8) none Theman77

Helen Dugsky


8 18/ 6"1' Cruel, vicious, and hateful, evil Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow John Madrick(8) none Theman77

Jaiden Blight


9 12/ 4"7' Nice, Charming, Brutal Anything Sharp Ethan Axe(7), Hadix(6), Maven Carolyn Maven(6),and Lucas Heyk(5) none Raven HG

Katy Rose


9 16/ 6"3' Kind, Gentle Mace Ameryllis(12) Necklace A Wikia contributor

Oscar Rayn


10 13/ 5"2' quiet, shy, sweet, smart, easily scared, funny, loyal Speed Leah-Rose(9) none Aquastar4infinity

Leah-Rose Snyder


10 16/ 5'4' leader-like, protective, smart, nice, supportive, strict Throwing knives Oscar(9) String necklace Aquastar4infinity

Issac Presko


11 16/ 5"9' Brutal, Aggresive, Protective Spear, Machete Edith(11) Same as Edith Raven HG
Edith Presko 11 15/ 5"7' Nice, Caring Throwing Axes, Bow Issac(11) Necklace from District 11 Representing a Flower Raven HG

Mason Everwood


12 18/ 5"8' Prous, strong, Determined Spear, Bow traps Icelia(5) Father's old hand woven bracelet
Ameryllis Silvermoon
12 16 5"11' Throwing Knives Katy(10) none Dedejacob

Tribute Parade

President Snow Welcoming the Tributes00:22

President Snow Welcoming the Tributes

Training Scores

Name District Score
Colton Thorne 1 10
Britany Leo 1 9
Drake Mordan 2 11
Jackie Devilin 2 10
Raven Mockingjay 3 6
Diamond Pearl 3 5
Brad Smith 4 10
Venessa Hayes 4 9
Lucas Heyk 5 2
Icelia Wintersmith 5 6
Hadix (Hay-dix) Maven 6 9
Carolyn Maven 6 12
Ethan Axe 7 6
Lauren Huntley 7 9
John Madrick 8 5
Helen Dugsky 8 1
Jaiden Blight 9 5
Katy Rose 9 3
Oscar Rayn 10 6
Leah-Rose Snyder 10 8
Issac Presko 11 9
Edith Presko 11 2
Mason Silverwood 12 10
Ameryllis Silvermoon 12 11


Careers: Colton and Britany(1), Drake and Jackie(2), Raven(3), Brad and Vanessa(4).

Alliance A: Lucas(5), Ethan(7), and Jaidan(9)

Allliance B: Issac and Edith Presko(11)

Place Name District Place of Death Cause of Death Day of Death
24th John Madrick 8 Cornucopia Pushed by Colton(1), then repeatedly stabbed 1st
23rd Oscar Rayn 10 Cornucopia Axed in the back by Drake(2) while trying to run. 1st
22nd Lauren Huntley 7 Cornucopia Stabbed by Jackie(2) 1st
21st Diamond Pearl 3 Cornucopia Neck slashed by Lucas(5) 1st
20th Icelia Wintersmith 5 Cornucopia Strangled and smashed onto crates by Carolyn(6) 1st
19th Hadix (Hay-dix) Maven 6 Cornucopia Neck slashed by Issac(11) 1st
18th Carolyn Maven 6 Cornucopia Stabbed repeatedly by Britany(1) 1st
17th Leah-Rose Snyder 10 Cornucopia Neck snapped by Brad(4) 1st
16th Katy Rose 9 Cornucopia Attempted to enter Corucopia, neck slashed by Vanessa(4) 1st
15th Jainden Blight 9 Forest Found by Careers, and Decapitated by Britany(2) 2nd
14th Helen Dugsky 8 Lake Drowned by Brad(4) 2nd
13th Jackie Devilin 2 Forest Stabbed by Edith(11) 2nd
12th Issac Presko 11 Forest Shot in the heart by Britany(2) 2nd
11th Raven Mockingjay 3 Cornucopia Neck snapped by Drake(2) 6th
10th Mason Everwood 12 Forest Takes a sword to the chest from Brad(4) 9th
9th Brad Smith 4 Forest Knifed by Ameryllis(12) 9th
8th Colton Thorne 1 Lake Stabbed and drowned by Vanessa(4) 12th
7th Edith Presko 11 Cornucopia Strangled and throat slit by Vanessa(4) 15th
6th Lucas Heyk 5 Cornucopia Speared by Ethan(7) 15th
5th Vanessa Hykes 4 Cornucopia Impaled by Drake(2) 15th
4th Drake Mordan 2 Cornuopia Head smashed from broken sword handle by Ameryllis(12) 15th



Ameryllis Silvermoon 12



Britany Leo 1



Ethan Axe 7

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