Okay, This is my first Hunger Games. And, to start, this will be my own Quarter Quell.
Mocking JayPin

May the odds be ever in your favor

From President Novarro: "Welcome Panem. Today is another exciting Quarter Quell. We've had some exciting ones since these Games started. But, this year will be determined by the envelopes. (Grabs a golden envelope, opens it, and reads it.) And so this year, The 13 Districts of Panem shall offer 3 tributes to fight to the death. Two tributes will be one young man and woman, while the third will be a previous victor. And this year, only 4 will win. I wish you all good luck. And may the odds be ever in your favor."

I will be determinting your tributes' traing scores, odds, and places by the roll of dice.

I will annnouce the training scores as each tribute table is filled. I will announce it as id I were saying it on T.V. or by dice.

I will create alliances( Careers too) based on the team members.

You may decide Which weapons, food, or medical supplies you on the Cornicopia, and I wil decide which to take.

I will create victors that won before to join your tributes.

I will create a Tribute Parade. If you have a picture to represent your District, show me a pictur and a short description.

I don't know if I'll do a Bloodbath, but maybe. No POVs. I suck at making POVs.

If after October 8th, I don't get enough Tribute requests, I will fill the rest of the Tribute table, so I can get these Games started.

UPDATE: I have changed the due date, from October 8th, to October 12th. This id due to my brother taking the laptop, plus, the Internet was all wacked up.

This is how I want the tributes to be created









Tribute Token:


Name Age&Gender District Appearance Pre-Games Alliances Strengths Weaknesses Weapons Age he/she became a victor Creator

Lucas Rayden


17/ Male 1 Blonde hair, Blue-Gray eyes, 5"7' Careers Manipulation, Stealth Swimming Bow and Arrow, Knives n/a Gurule2012

Charlie Russel


15/ Female 1 Strawberry Blonde hair, Green eyes, 5"10' Careers Charm, Speed Climbing, Reflexes Mace, Ax n/a Gurule2012

Kevin Chamberlin


26/ Male 1 Black hair, Brown eyes, 5"8' Careers Strength, Speed Swimming, Climbing Spear, Sword 18 Gurule2012

Adam Clarke


15/ Male 2 Black hair, Blue eyes. 5"3' Careers Speed, Climbing Swimming, Survival skills Daggers n/a Gurule2012

Bethany Clarke


18/Female 2 Black hair, Brown eyes, 5"8' Careers Throwing, Running Swimming, Hunger Spear n/a Gurule2012

Elizabeth Bennet


45/ Female 2 Brown Hair, Blue eyes, 4"11' Careers Throwing, Speed Climbing, Survival skills Knives 15 Gurule2012

William Sharpe


12/ Male 3 Black hair, Green eyes, 4"11' Isabella Martin(3) and Amber White(3) Technology, Intelligence Climbing, speed Wire n/a Gurule2012

Isabella Martin


16/ Female 3 Dirty Blonde hair, Blue eyes, 5"3' William(3) and Amber(3) Technology, Speed Swimming, Speed Knives n/a Gurule2012

Amber White


32/ Female 3 Blonde hair, Green eyes, 5"8' District 3 tributes Technology, Intelligence Speed, Stealth Dagger 16 Gurule2012
Luke Odair 17/ Male 4 Blond hair blue eyes 5'11 Careers, then with Layla and Ralphie swimming, running, climbing, fishing sneaking, Layla getting hurt Trident, Bow and arrows n/a Jack412

Layla Mist


16/ Female 4 Blond hair green eyes 5'6 Carrers then break with Luke and Ralphie Swimming, running quick not strong, claustrophobic Knives, Spears n/a Jack412

Ralphie Cunningham


36/ Male 4 Black Hair, Blue eyes, 6"1' Careers, then with Luke and Layla Swimming, speed, fishing Ignorance, strength Spear, nets 13 Gurule2012

Tommy Collins


12/ Male 5 Blonde hair, Grey eyes, 4"11' Almary(5) Stealth, Climbing Swimming, Speed Sword n/a
Almary Wintes 17/ Female 5

Brown hair, Green eyes, 5"6'

Tommy(5) Stealth, Speed Attachment Daggers, Blowgun n/a Gurule2012

Lyle Johnson


24/ Male 5 Blonde hair, grey eyes None Stealth, Knowledge of plants Strength, Swimming Sword 16 Gurule2012

Carver Alenko


17/ Male 6 Red hair, Brown eyes, 5"10' None Speed, Reflexes Climbing, Swimming Sword n/a Gurule2012

Ashley Linderman


15/ Female 6 Tan hair, Green eyes, 6"1' None Speed, Climbing Survival Skills None n/a Gurule2012

Kelli Whitworth


62/ Female 6 Grey hair, green eyes, 6"0' None Climbing, Speed Survival skills Hook Sword 18 Gurule2012

Johnny Parkman


18/ Male 7 Brown hair, Blue eyes, 5"6' District 7, 8 and 12 tributes Speed Strength Sword n/a Gurule2012

Sora Benson


12/ Female 7 Red hair. Brown eyes, 4"9' District 7, 8 and 12 tributes Climbing Swimming Spear n/a Gurule2012

John Shepard


28/ Male 7 Black hair, grey eyes, 5"2' District 7, 8 and 12 tributes Speed, Strength Mental breakdown, climbing Axes 16 Gurule2012

Mallick Kramer


13/ Male 8 Brown hair, Blue eyes, 4"11' District 7, 8 and 12 tributes Knowledge Speed, Swimming None n/a Gurule2012

Denise Blake


15/ Female 8 Blonde hair, Grey eyes, 5"1' District 7, 8 and 12 tributes Speed, Climbing Reflexes, Survival skills Knife n/a Gurule2012

Miranda Williams


30/ Female 8 Blue hair, Brown hair, 5"3' District 7, 8 and 12 tributes, Ingtelligence, Speed Stealth, swimming Baton 18 Gurule2012

Dex Miller


17/ Male 9 Black hair, Brown eyes, 5"8' None Climbing Speed, Survival skills Sword n/a Gurule2012

Nina Killington


16/ Female 9 Blonde hair, Blue eyes, 5"10' None Speed Swimming Knife n/a Gurule2012

Rosemary Lawson


50/ Female 9 White hair, blue eyes, 5"9' None Knowlede of grain. Swimming, climbing None 18 Gurule2012

Kyle Lincoln


13/ Male 10 Black har, Grey eyes, 4"9' Amanda(10) and Daisy(10) Farming skills Climbing Dagger n/a Gurule2012

Amanda Perry


18/ Female 10 Blonde hair, Green eyes, 5"11' Kyle(10) and Daisy(10) Farming skills Swimming None n/a Gurule2012

Daisy Swanson


19/ Female 10 Black hair, blue eyes, 5"8' District 10 tributes Farming skills, Stealth Swimming, Speed Mace 16 Gurule2012

Josh Masterson


16/ Male 11 Black hair, Green eyes, 5"11' District 11 partners Climbing Swimming n/a Gurule2012

Samantha Taylor


12/ Female 11 Blonde hair, Brown eyes, 4"10' District 11 partners Speed Strength n/a Gurule2012

Cole Anders


51/ Male 11 Black hair, Grey eyes, 6"1' District 11 partners Clmbing, Survival skills Running, Strength Dual swords 18 Gurule2012
Alex Miller 17/ Male 12 Black hair, Grey eyes, 5'9' District 7, 8 and 12 tributes Hunting skills Strength Spear n/a Gurule2012
Katy Roberts 18/ Female 12 Blonde hair, Blue eyes, 6"1' District 7, 8 and 12 tributes Hunting Skills Swimming Sword n/a Gurule2012

Anthony Mellark


29/ Male 12 Blonde Hair, Grey eyes, 5"9' District 7, 8, and 12 tributes Camoflauge, Strength, Hunting Climbing, Swimming Bow and Arrow 17 Gurule2012

Kurt Watson


15/ Male 13 Black hair. Grey eyes, 5"6' None Intelligence Climbing, Strength Ax n/a Gurule2012

Serena Cage


16/ Female 13 Brown hair, Blue eyes, 5"8' None Speed, Climbing Swimming None n/a Gurule2012

Tracy Sanderson


45/ Female 13 Blonde hair, Green eyes, 5"11' District 13 tributes Climbing, Speed Swimming, Strength Sword and Dagger 15 Gurule2012


The Arena will have a forest, grain field, and a lake.

Tribute Scores

From Peter Summers: "After 3 days of careful inspection, the tributes recieved a score of 1-12"

Name District Score
Lucas Rayden 1 10
Charlie Russel 1 9
Kevin Chamberlin 1 10
Adam Clarke 2 9
Bethany Clarke 2 10
Elizabeth Bennet 2 9
William Sharpe 3 5
Isabella Martin 3 6
Amber White 3 7
Luke Odair 4 9
Layla Mist 4 8
Ralphie Cunningham 4 8
Tommy Collins 5 6
Almary Wintes 5 9
Lyle Johnson 5 6
Carver Alenko 6 4
Ashley Linderman 6 5
Kelli Whitworth 6 3
Johnny Parkman 7 9
Sora Benson 7 6
John Shepard 7 7
Mallick Kramer 8 5
Denise Blake 8 7
Miranda Williams 8 6
Dex Miller 9 10
Nina Killington 9 6
Rosemary Lawson 9 5
Kyle Lincoln 10 8
Amanda Perry 10 2
Daisy Swanson 10 8
Josh Masterson 11 3
Samantha Taylor 11 7
Cole Anders 11 4
Alex Miller 12 9
Katy Roberts 12 10
Anthony Mellark 12 10
Kurt Watson 13 11
Serena Cage 13 9
Tracy Sanderson 13 10

Alllances in the Hunger Games

Current Alliance: Careers- Lucas(1), Kevin(1), Adam(2), Elizabeth(2), William(3), Luke(4), Layla(4), Ralphie(4), Almary(5)

Alliance B: Amber(3), Lyle(5)

Alliance C: Johnny(7), Sora(7), John(7), Mallick(8), Anthony(12), Alex(12), Katy(12)

Alliance D: Josh(11), Samantha(11), Cole(11)

Alliance E: Kurt(13), Serena(13) Tracy(13)

Death Chart

Place Name District Place of death Cause of death Day of death
39th Charlie Russel 1 Cornucopia

Killed by Anthony Mellark(12) with bow and arrow

38th Isabella Martin 3 Cornucopia Throat slashed by Tommy Collins(5) 1st
37th Miranda Williams 8 Cornucopia Stabbed by Lucas Rayden(1) 1st
36th Kyle Lincoln 10 Cornucopia Impaled by sword from Elizabeth Bennet(2) 1st
35th Kelli Whitworth 6 Cornucopia Speared by Kevin Chamberlin(1) 1st
34th Carver Alenko 6 Cornucopia Slashed & stabbed by Adam Clarke(2) 1st
33rd Ashley Linderman 6 Cornucopia Strangled by Kurt Watson(13) 1st
32nd Tommy Collins 5 Cornucopia Stabbed by Bethany Clarke(2) 1st
31st Bethany Clarke 2 Cornucopia Impaled by trident from Luke Odair(4) 1st
30th Nina Killington 9 Cornucopia Slashed by Adam Clarke(2) 1st
29th Dex Miller 9 Cornucopia Strangled by Almary Wintes(5) 1st
28th Denise Blake 8 Cornucopia Impaled by Cole Anders(11) 1st
27th Amanda Perry 10 Cornucopia Throat Slashed by Adam Clarke(2) 1st
26th Mallick Kramer 8 Forest Fled alliance, then killed by Adam Clarke(2)due to creating fire.


25th Kurt Watson 13 Forest Attempted to kill Alex(12), but slain by Anthony(12) 2nd
24th Amber White 3 Lake Drowned by Lyle(5) 2nd
23rd Lyle Johnson 5 Lake

Speared by Lucas(1)

22nd John Shepard 7 Forest Fell off cliff 2nd
21st Sora Benson 7 Cornucopia Left group, attempted to join Careers. Neck twisted by Kevin(1) when she insults him. 3rd
20th Daisy Swanson 10 Lake Stragled by Almary(5) 3rd
19th Cole Anders 11 Forest Stabbed by Rosemary(9) 4th
18th Rosemary Lawson 9 Forest Throat slased by Josh(11) 4th
17th Lucas Rayden 1 Forest Shot by arrow from Anthony(12) 4th
16th Samantha Taylor 11 Forest Speared by Lucas(1) before dying 4th
15th Johnny Parkman 7 Forest

Shot by Katy(12)

14th William Sharpe 3 Cornucopia Neck slashed by Kevin(1) 5th
13th Layla Mist 4 Lake Drowned by Kevin(1) 7th
12th Elizabeth Bennet 2 Cornucopia Smashed onto Corucopia till death by Josh(11) 8th
11th Josh Masterson 11 Forest Mauled by Muttations 9th
10th Anthony Mellark 12 Cornucopia Takes a swing from Kevin(1) meant for Alex(12) 13th
9th Serena Cage 13 Cornucopia Slashed by Adam(2) 13th
8th Tracy Anderson 13 Cornucopia Impaled by Luke(4) 13th
7th Ralphie Cunningham 4 Cornucopia Slashed by Kevin(1) 13th
6th Kevin Chamberlin 1 Cornucopia Impaled by Adam(2) 13th
5th Adam Clarke 2 Cornucopia Shot by arrow from Alex(12) using Anthony's(12) Bow 13th



Alex Miller 12



Almary Wintes 5



Luke Odair 4



Katy Roberts 12

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the Winners of this year's HUNGER GAMES"

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