Okay, time for another Quarter Quell. And This year, the 12 Districts of Panem shall offer up 48 Tributes: 2 being previous Victors joining the new Tributes. Each District will be its own alliance, except for the Careers. And in the end, only 2 shall be crowned Victors. Good luck.

Tribute Template







Pre-Games Alliance:

Tribute Token:

Tributes Y=Yes N=No

Name Age District Previous Victor? Personality Appearance Weapons Pre-Games Alliance Token Creator
Noah Everest     RIP 13 1 N Know-it all, funny, good at making friends, good at annoying them. Blonde hair, green eyes, skinny Intelegence, Knives, throwing axes Careers None Theman77
Ally Derella RIP 17 1 N Rebellious, Strong, Nice Long blonde hair with some black streaks towards the bottom, pale skin, grey eyes Katana Careers None EvilhariboMadness
Lance "Bloody" Smith        RIP 25 1 Y Cocky after he won his games,loves Sovereignty so much but he longs to tell her,kind of shy as well Red hair,blue eyes,great abs Spear, knife Careers Picture of Sovereignty A Wikia contributor
Sovereignty Song         RIP 21 1 Y Deadly, Loyal, Sadistic Blonde hair, grey eyes, white skin, tall , skinny Axe, spiked whip, knives Careers Ring IHGWIKI
Malek Rath  RIP 17 2 N Cocky, cold, arrogant, flirty Short spiked ebony hair, slightly tanned skin, muscular, grey eyes Sword or Throwing Knives Careers None EvilhariboMadness
Britannia 'Bree' Lyon  RIP 16 2 N Snobby, Nice Long blonde hair that is always down, browny-grey eyes, pale skin Spears Careers None EvilhariboMadness
Mark Matthews  RIP 25 2 Y Cocky,arrogant,a little shy Blond hair,blue eyes Mace, knife Careers None A Wikia contributor
Caesrea True           RIP 23 2 Y Brutal, sadistic, Manipulative Red hair, grey eyes, white skin, tall , skinny Knives Careers Bracelet IHGWIKI
Ares Jones  RIP 16 3 N Calm, Collective, Angry Slightly longer than short brown hair, pale skin, greeny-grey eyes, light freckles across his nose, slight muscles Throwing Knives or Throwing Axes District 3 Tributes None EvilhariboMadness
Ruby Hyrglass   RIP 15 3 N Care-free, happy, smart Long, wavy blonde hair, light tan skin, ice blue eyes Throwing Knives or Technology District 3 Tributes None EvilhariboMadness
Wirenety Trocute      RIP 27 3 Y Nice, funny, genius ? Pale skin, brown eyes, short brown hair, 5'9 Wire, mines, technology, anything that explodes. District 3 Wire Nhtomahawks22
Techa Cable       RIP 21 3 Y Sweet, kind Dark red hair, geary eyes, tall, strong Wire, sword, night-lock District 3 None ~glitterday~
Berke DeFlint      RIP 17 4 N Calm, Snooby, Short brown hair that's spiked, greeny-blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, fairly , scular Trident Careers None EvilhariboMadness
Yumi Rakasji      RIP 18 4 N Charming, Manipulative, Deadly Brown hair, brown eyes, slightly tan skin Trident Careers None EvilhariboMadness
Poseidon Cresta      RIP 21 4 Y Nice, charming, sweet, funny, pretty calm Bronze hair, sea green eyes, tan skin Trident, fish hook, net Careers Fish hook he found in the ocean near Victors Village. Dangerous part cut off. Nhtomahawks22
Arsone Waters       RIP 25 4 Y Brutal, Dedicated, Calm. African American, long black hair, light brown eyes, tall, skinny Knives, Sword Careers Medallion IHGWIKI
Flect Swich RIP 12 5 N Quick, Tough Short brown hair, blue eyes,? dark skin None District 5 None Kanine400
Annabeth Demeke     RIP 15 5 N Shy, kind, sweet. Just past shoulder length blonde hair, pale skin, dark grey eyes Technology, Dagger District 5 None EvilhariboMadness
Tyler Pine   RIP 23 5 Y Nice,kind,friendly Blondish brownish hair with blond bangs,green eyes Mace,spear,bow and arrow District 5 None A Wikia contributor
Maesia Hawe        RIP 30 5 Y Kind, tough, ethusiastic Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, medium weight, white skin Plants, knife District 5 Cord IHGWIKI
Port Nava     RIP 16 6 N Mean, loyal, Hair with red and blue halves, green eyes Baton District 6 None
Twyning 'Twyla' Jurella    RIP 16 6 N Friendly, kind, angry. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, pale skin Whip District 6 None Bow and Arrow
Rabastar Abbott    RIP 30 6 Y Strategic, clever Fair, black shoulder-long hair, pale skin, freckels, dark, liquid-like eyes, very tall and thin, reasonable muscular Dagger, stealth District 6 None A Wikia contributor
Revanche Sade       RIP 34 6 Y Nice, clever ? Asian Knife District 6 Her victor crown IHGWIKI
Krane Octrus       RIP 17 7 N Kind, optimistic, charming Black hair with white star on the right side, Blue eyes Throwing axes District 7 None Kanine400
Spring Risen      RIP 12 7 N Quiet, shy, Sweet Blue hair, green eyes Small axe District 7 None Kanine400
Luke Searer     RIP 19 7 Y Quite optimistic, funny, but can be serious and take the lead Blonde haie, Brown eyes, slighty tan skin Axe District 7 A silver dipped leaf Thena.airice14
Vienna Italy RIP 20 7 Y Quick-minded, quiet Asian Axe, Machete District 7 Black rock IHGWIKI
John Madrick     RIP 17 8 N Mean, Brutal Short, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, skinny Machete, Club District 8 None Theman77
Helen Dugsky      RIP 18 8 N Cruel, vicious, and hateful Brown hair, green eyes, fit, pale skin Throwing knives, bow and Arrow District 8 None Theman77
Lacey Brook   RIP 20 8 Y Sadistic Dark red hair dark brown eyes pale skin Throwing Knive District 8 Skull Necklace ~glitterday~
Ava Beggs Mid-20s 8 Y Sweet, but mean Black hair, hazle eyes musclar slight taned Axe,kinfe plants District 8 A piece of fine fabric from the Victor Village A Wikia contributor
Eli Dawn     RIP 18 9 N Rough, harsh, but when u get to know him he is nice Black and brown long hair, pale skin, reddish-brownish eyes, really tall, really skinny Bowie knife (long knife), slingshot, crossbow District 9 None Theman77
Grove Petal RIP 15 9 N Mean, brutal Black hair, Brown eyes, dark skin Sickle District 9 None Kanine400
Justin Price RIP 19 9 Y Ruthless,evil,smart,mean Brown hair,green eyes,glasses Bow and arrow,knife,spear District 9 None A Wikia contributor
Psylocke Sae       RIP 29 9 Y Quiet, sweet, little harsh Dark hair, grey eyes, tall, medium weight, white skin Katana, knives District 9 Wheat IHGWIKI
Alan DeGenari   RIP 17 10 N Manipulative, mean Brown Hair, freckles, skinny Knives, spear District 10 None Theman77
September Rollo      RIP 18 10 N Shy, sweet, kind. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin Bow and Arrow District 10 None EvilhariboMadness.
Kole Lovett    RIP 27 10 Y Shy,a little nervous,smart,brave Blond hair,blue eyes Mace,katana,knife District 10 None A Wikia contributor
Susan Goldgate   RIP 24 10 Y Sweet,mean and evil Blonde hair, brozen eyes, tanned skin Axe District 10 A necklace of a bull its like a good luck charm to her. ~glitterday~
Thomas Carter        RIP 17 11 N Serious, can be nice occationaly Brown hair, dark skin, strong, brown eyes. Sythe, Axe District 11 None Theman77
Talia Carter     RIP 16 11 N Quiet, not very outgoing, but nice Brown hair, dark skin, skinny, brown eyes Bow and Arrow, Sythe District 11 None Theman77
Kaden Mai  RIP 27 11 Y Loyal, Deadly, Charming African American, long black hair, light brown eyes, tall, skinny Knives(throwing or regular) District 11 Tributes Necklace IHGWIKI
Terry Evans       RIP 25 11 Y Friendly,shy,sneaky Blondish brownish hair,green eyes,freckles Bow and Arrow, knife District 11 None A Wikia contributor
Jonathan Magas       RIP 18 12 N Sweet, Charming, sneaky Black hair, black eyes, well built Spear, axe District 12 None Theman77
Blaze Smelta      RIP 18 12 N Quick, tough, charming Oranger-red hair, Green eyes Snares District 12 None Kanine400
Martin Meyers   RIP 23 12 Y Shy,determined Red hair,blue eyes,glasses Spear District 12 None A Wikia contributor
Constantine Pole 32 12 Y Tough, Charming Black hair, olive skin, and gray eyes. Spiked whip, Her flexibility, Dodging skills District 12 Picture IHGWIKI

Tribute Scores

Name District Scor
Noah Everest 1 10
Ally Derella 1 9
Lance "Bloody" Smith 1 12
Sovereignty Song 1 9
Malek Rath 2 11
Britannia 'Bree' Lyon 2 10
Mark Matthews 2 10
Caesrea True 2 10
Ares Jones 3 9
Ruby Hyrglass 3 7
Wirenety Trocute 3 4
Techa Cable 3 3
Berke DeFlint 4 9
Yumi Rakasji 4 9
Poseidon Cresta 4 12
Arsone Waters 4 11
Flect Swich 5 2
Annabeth Demeke 5 5
Tyler Pine 5 9
Maesia Hawe 5 11
Port Nava 6 5
Twyning 'Twyla' Jurella 6 8
Rabastar Abbott 6 3
Revanche Sade 6 7
Krane Octrus 7 3
Spring Risen 7 9
Luke Searer 7 4
Vienna Italy 7 2
John Madrick 8 1
Helen Dugsky 8 12
Lacey Brook 8 8
Ava Beggs 8 9
Eli Dawn 9 1
Grove Petal 9 5
Justin Price 9 3
Psylocke Sae 9 10
Alan DeGenari 10 7
September Rollo 10 1
Kole Lovett 10 11
Susan Goldgate 10 4
Thomas Carter 11 5
Talia Carter 11 10
Kaden Mai 11 1
Terry Evans 11 2
Johnathan Magas 12 6
Blaze Smelta 12 9
Martin Meyers 12 2
Constantine Pole 12 10


Death Chart
Place Name District Place of Death Cause of Death Day of Death
48th Lacey Brook 8 Cornucopia Stabbed repeatedly by Lance(1) 1st
47th September Rollo 10 Cornucopia Stabbed by Mark(2) 1st
46th Rabastar Abbott 6 Cornucopia Speared by Noah(1) 1st
45th Ruby Hyrglass 3 Cornucopia Neck slashed by Tyler(5) 1st
44th Susan Goldgate 10 Cornucopia Stabbed and stabbed by Sovereignty(1) 1st
43rd Grove Petal 9 Cornucopia Head smashed by Yumi(4) 1st
42nd Flect Swich 5 Cornucopia Strangled by Twyning(6) 1st
41st Twyning 'Twyla' Jurella 6 Cornucopia Decapitated by Poseidon(4) 1st
40th Luke Searer 7 Cornucopia Knifed by Caesrea (2) 1st
39th Ally Derella 1 Cornucopia Head smashed onto crates by Helen(8) 1st
38th Martin Meyers 12 Cornucopia Strangled by Berke(4) 1st
37th Psylocke Sae 9 Cornucopia Stabbed by Port(6) 1st
36th Vienna Italy 7 Cornucopia Attempted to enter Cornucopia, neck slashed by Malek(2) 1st
35th Port Nova 6 Forest Shot in the head by Helen(8) 2nd
34th Wirenety Trocute 3 Lake Impaled by Malek(2) 2nd
33rd Malek Rath 2 Lake Impaled by Wirenety(2) before dying 2nd
32nd Justin Price 9 Forest Neck slashed by Kaden(11) 2nd
31st Jonathan Magas 12 Lake Drowned by Arsone(4) 2nd
30th Noah Everest 1 Cornucopia Shot by Tyler(5) 3rd
29th Krane Octrus 7 Forest Falls off cliff 4th
28th Spring Risen 7 Forest Speared by Britannia(2) 4th
27th Eli Dawn 9 Lake Strangled by Sovereignty (1)    5th
26th Revanche Sade 6 Forest Beaten to death by John(8) 6th
25th John Madrick 8 Forest Poisoned by Revanche(8) with a dart. 6th
24th Thomas Carter 11 Forest Throat slashed by Talia(11) 7th
23rd Talia Carter 11 Forest Shot by Kaiden(11) 7th
22nd Terry Evans 11 Forest Strangled by Mark(2) 8th
21st Techa Cable 3 Lake Neck snapped by Berke(4) 8th
20th Lance "Bloody" Smith 1 Cornucopia Beaten to death by Sovereignty(1) 9th
19th Alan DeGenari 10 Forest Shot by Kaiden(11) 9th
18th Annabeth Demeke 5 Lake Drowned by Poseidon(4) 9th
17th Tyler Pine 5 Lake Stabbed by trident from Yumi(4) 10th
16th Ares Jones 3 Forest Neck slashed  by Constatine(12) 10th
15th Blaze Smelta 12 Forest Stabbed by Kole(10) 10th
14th Kole Lovett 10 Forest Slashed by Blaze before dying(12) 10th
13th Britannia 'Bree' Lyon 2 Cornucopia Stabbed by Caesrea(2) 11th
12th Caesrea True 2 Cornucopia Shot from the Lake by Helen(8) 11th
11th Helen Dugsky 8 Lake Drowned by Arsone(8) 12th
10th Arsone Waters 4 Forest Stabbed by Helen(8) before dying 12th
9th Mark Matthews 2 Forest Shot in the heart by Kaiden(11) 12th
8th Yumi Rakasji 4 Lake Drowned by Berke(4) 13th
7th Berke DeFlint 4 Lake Shot by Kaiden(11) 13th
6th Kaden Mai 11 Lake Falls of nearby tree due to knive to the head from Berke(4) 13th
5th Maesia Hawe 5 Forest Accidently ate Nightlock berries. 13th
4th  Sovereignty Song 1 Cornucopia Takes a trident to the chest from Poseidon(4) 14th
3rd  Poseidon Cresta 4 Cornucopia Neck snapped by Ava(8) 14tn
2nd  WIN Ava Beggs 8 Cornucopia N/A 14th
1st WIN Constatine Pole 12 Cornucopia N/A 14th

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