This is now a regular Games. And only 1 may win. Good luck. And while you wait for updates, please enjoy this Propo from the Capitol:

The Hunger Games - President Snow's Propaganda Film01:29

The Hunger Games - President Snow's Propaganda Film


Enter as many Tributes you want.

This is what I expect from your Tributes:

1. Name

2. Age

3. District

4. Personality

5. Appearance(Lunaii and/or description)

6. Weapons

7. Pre-Games Alliance:

8. Token


Tribute Table
Name Age District Personality Appearance Weapons Pre-Games Alliance Tibute Token Creator 1
Noah Everest RIP 13 1 know-it all, funny, good at making friends, good at annoying them. Blonde hair, green eyes, skinny Intelegence, knives, throwing axes Careers none Theman77
Chloe Madison RIP 14 1 Intimidating, mean, rude, sassy, nice to Noah and some careers Long blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty, strong hand-to-hand combat, bow and arrow, throwing axes Careers None Theman77

Thomas Carter


17 2 Serious, can be nice occationaly Brown hair, dark skin, strong, brown eyes Sythe, axe Careers None Theman77
Talia Carter 16 2 Quiet, not very outgoing, but nice Brown hair, dark skin, skinny, brown eyes Bow and Arrow, Sythe Careers None Theman77
Jacob Lawson RIP 16 3 Brutal,Agressive,Funny Black hair, Green eyes, Pale skin Sythe,Throwing Knifes,Mace Careers Gold Medal Raven HG

Plasma Periman


16 3 Nice,Diva-ish(in a good way),but kinde brags alot Rock star look,Blonde mowhawk with brown of one side with a simple brown flip in the front,Light skin,Dark green eyes Knives, Machete Careers None Dedejacob
Grant Doniel RIP 15 4 Nice, kinda a show off

Bleach blonde hair with blue/green eyes. Also very fit

Machete Careers :A necklace with a broken glass instead of a gem Dedejacob

Venus Slatterin


15 4 Bloodthirsty,Powerful,Brutal,Agressive Black hair, Green eyes Teeth, Bow and Arrow, anything throwable Careers Silver Medal Raven HG

Jackson Pryor


18 5 Strong, Charming Blonde hair, Blue eyes Sword, Mace Annabeth(5) District 5 Gloves Gurule2012

Annabeth Demeke


15 5 Kind, sweet Shoulder length blonde hair, pale skin, dark grey eyes Technology, Dagger Jackson(5) None EvilhariboMadness

Amos Billong


17 6 Happy, quiet, kind of shy, littlebit awkward, nice, can be grumpy Black spiced hair,grey eyes, hispanic, huge eyes Machete Jennifer(6) A hat thats almost the same as people that drives trains SuperTomato
Jennifer Fern RIP 17 6 serious,caring,kind,trustworthy and competive waist high blond hair, pale skin,big green eyes bow+arrow, spear Amos(6) None Misytmolla
Flux Travin RIP 17 7 Brutal, funny, nice, cold, always cooled down Brown untidy hair, tan, blue eyes, athletic Axe District 9 and 11 Tributes A little piece of wood to remind him of District 7 SuperTomato

Lucy Warner


14 7 funny,loyale,hard worker,clever shoulder lengh brown hair, taned skin, thin, blue eyes axe, throwing knives District 9 and 11 Tributes Her district sign necklace Misytmolla
Calganno Supana RIP 15 8 Grumpy, kind, a little stressed, loves fashion Brown hair, Blue eyes, tall, skinny Dagger None Fasion Magazine SuperTomato
Ava Beggs 17 8 Mean, backstaber, tells lies Black hair, Blue eyes, strong Axe None Piece of fabric A random person who likes hunger games

Hazingus Elt


14 9 Nice, laidback, lazy, kind, loyal Brown hair, blue eyes, tan, skinny, tall Sword Emily(9), Lucy(7), Emelia(11) A little stone he grabbed at the reaping, just because he wanted a token. SuperTomato
Emily Wilson RIP 15 9 Kind, Sweet, Funny Red hair, Green eyes, Fit Knife Hazingus(9), Lucy(7), Emelia(11) None Gurule2012

Carlos Mendez


16 10 Nice, Loyal, Funny Black hair, Blue eyes Spear September(10) Horseshoe Gurule2012

September Rollo


18 10 Shy, Sweet, Kind Long blonde hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin Bow and Arrow Carlos(10) None EvilhariboMadness

Lucas Vaarg


17 11 Cold, serious, tough Sandy short hair, deep blue eyes, muscular, very tall Axe, Club Emelia(11) Fruitpin
Emelia Paylor RIP 15 11 Sweet, Flirty, Enthusiastic Blue hair, Green eyes Curved Sword Lucas(11) None Gurule2012
Jake Lehouk 15 12 Hardcore Short brown hair, green eyes Throwing Knives Sierra(12) Pin with a string of her mom's hair Crazytrainftw

Sierra Holly


17 12 Tough, Unforgiving, Cold, Calculating Bow and Arrow, Dagger, Axe Jake(12) Gold Amulet FrostSnake

Tribute Scores

Name District Scor
Noah Everest 1 10
Chloe Madison 1 10
Thomas Carter 2 9
Talia Carter 2 10
Jacob Lawson 3 7
Plasma Periman 3 8
Grant Donial 4 11
Venus Slatterin 4 3
Jackson Pryor 5 8
Annabeth Demeke 5 10
Amos Billong 6 2
Jennifer Fern 6 4
Flux Travin 7 8
Lucy Warner 7 12
Calganno Supana 8 2
Ava Beggs 8 9
Hazingus Elt 9 6
Emily Wilson 9 3
Carlos Mendez 10 8
September Rollo 10 12
Lucas Vaarg 11 10
Emelia Paylor 11 8
Jake Lehouk 12 11
Sierra Holly 12 8


Name District Place of Death COD Day of Death
Amos Billong 6 Cornucopia Neck Twisted by Chloe(1) 1st
Jackson Pryor 5 Cornucopia Beaten by Noah(1) 1st
Thomas Carter 2 Cornucopia Neck sliced by Talia(2) 1st
Lucas Vaarg 11 Cornucopia

Stabbed by Carlos(10)

Carlos Mendez 10 Cornucopia Smashed onto Cornucopia by Annabeth(5) 1st
Plasma Periman 3 Cornucopia Tripped and stabbed by Flux(7) 1st
Venus Slatterin 4 Cornucopia Shot from arrow by Sierra(12) 1st
Hazingus Elt 9 Cornucopia Strangled by Chloe(1) 1st
Sierra Holly 12 Cornucopia Decapitated by Talia(2) 1st
September Rollo 10 Forest Neck snapped by Talia(2) 2nd
Annabeth Demeke 5 Lake Drowned by Jake(12) 2nd
Lucy Warner 7 Forest Stabbed by Emily(9) 2nd
Jacob Lawson 3 Cornucopia Strangled by Talia(2) 5th
Emily Wilson 9 Forest Shot by Jake(12) 5th
Flux Travin 7 Lake Throat slit my Calganno(8) 5th
Grant Doniel 4 Cornucopia Stabbed by Talia(4) 8th
Emelia Paylor 11 Forest Poisoned by Jake(12) 8th
Chloe Madison 1 Forest Impaled by Ava(8) 10th
Jennifer Fern 6 Forest Shot by Jake(12) 12th
Noah Everest 1 Lake Drowned by Talia(2) 12th
Calganno Supana 8 Cornucopia Stabbed by Ava(8) 12th
Jake Lehouk 12 Cornucopia Sabbed repeatedly by Talia(2)
Talia Carter 2 Cornucopia Speared by Ava(8)
Ava Beggs WIN 8 Cornucopia

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