Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. This year, the Hunger Games will take place in a ruined city. And this time. District 13 and the Capitol shall surrender their  Tributes.             

Horn of Plenty (Panem National Anthem) The Hunger Games Original Motion Picture Score02:01

Horn of Plenty (Panem National Anthem) The Hunger Games Original Motion Picture Score







Pre-Games Alliance:

Tribute Token:


Name Age District Personality Appearance Weapons Pre-Games Alliance Token Username
Louis Haymond    RIP 17 Capitol Bloodthirsty Red hair with blonde highlights, green eyes Throwing Knives Careers Yellow piece of fabric from her dead dad's favorite jacket  Equestria Gurl
Callie Haymond   RIP 17 Capitol  Sweet and loving Red hair with blonde highlights, green eyes Bow and Arrpws Careers Yellow piece of fabric from her dead dad's favorite jacket Equestria Gurl
Broedy Maslow      RIP 16 1 Flirty, kind, smart Short Blonde Hair, Tanned Skin, Blue Eyes, Buff Bow and Arrow, Mace, Crossbow, Spear Careers A leather necklace from his father Brocky292
Gold Swan RIP 17 1 Flirty, rube, diva sassy Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Tiger logo on left cheek. Knives,bow and arrows Careers A ruby spikey ring with diamond around it ~glitterday~
Landon Jones       RIP 18 2 Charming, Smart, kind Brown hair, Brown eyes, Tanned skin Sword, Mace Careers None Brocky292
Solenn Corona      RIP 1`7 2 Sarcastic, witty, vicious, determined, but caring nonetheless Golden-blonde hair, dark blue eyes that's almost black, beautiful. Bow and Arrows Careers None IdleInMind
Shadow Reid         RIP 15 3 Tactical, Survivalist, Smart Brown hair, green eyes, muscular Knives, swords, shield Luna(3)and District 7  D3 seal on a necklace VRGuardian
Luna Fern  RIP 15 3 Happy, kind, caring, smart and cunning Blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful Electricity, explosives and stealth Shadow(3)  and District 7 A microchip neclace made of silver Misytmolla
Clause Summers   RIP 16 4 Funny, deadly, cunning, smart Gold skin , dark hair picture over there Spear, net Careers A District 4 Necklace with a diamond in the center with gold circling around it Xneonlightsx
Arsona Waters       RIP 14 4  Nice, Outgoing Red hair, blue eyes Knives, Trident Careers None .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
Trenton Powers    RIP 17 5 Generous, kind, thoughtful Brown hairt, Green eyes, freckles Mace and Throwing Knives Careers None HungerGamesFanatic21
Sylvia Churchill    RIP 16 5 Cunning, insane Brown hair, brown eyes, mean look Knives, bow Random, mostly weaker Tributes. None EHKnight
Otto Prime RIP 16 6 Nice, respectful, helpful  Dirty blonde hair, Brown eyes, Tanned skin Sword, axe Miranda(6) None Brocky292
Miranda Swan        RIP 16 6 Nice, fearless Long brown hair, Brown eyes, Pale skin Blowgun, Spear Otto(6) None Brocky292
Alex saphire    RIP 17 7 Nice,charming,kind,loyal,vicous and stern when needs to Gold skin,hazel almost gold eyes,  brown hair Axes,throwing axes, throwing nives Susan(7) and District 3 Hand-made braclet from little sister and brother to return back good luck charm Xneonlightsx
Susan Palma        RIP 12 7 Sweet, Kind, Adorable, Falls for guys easily (sweet guys, not "players") Light Brown hair, Brown eyes.  Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow Alex(7) and District 3 Some solid amber she found ~PopTart~
Calphrite Stasual    RIP 17 8 Very clever: seductive, manipulative, nice Tan skin, sky blue eyes, pretty muscular, 6'1, blond hair down to his shoulders Blowgun, stealth, knife and Camoflauge None A piece of red fabric Nhtomahawks22
Adelaide D`Eye        RIP 16 8 Honorable, charming, funny, flirty Blonde hair, purple eyes Bow, close combat District 10 None EHKnight
Hunter Blask       RIP 15 9 Shy, brave, protective Axe, darts Shock(9) None Captainsv
Shock Horror         RIP 17 9 Sadistic, quick Green eyes, Black hair, black eyeliner, Gothic style Torture Hunter(9) None Prezziesnow9704:)!
Hope Wingman    RIP 13-14 10 Hopeful , compasionate , charasmatic  Brown hair , blue eyes , cute , slightly tanned Martial arts , Blunt weapons Aurora(10) and  Adelaide(8) None TheAeonFlux
Aurora Anderson  RIP 17 10 Sweet, kind, loving, but she has short fuse, though Brown hair, grey eyes, freckles Bow, ju-jitsu Hope(10) and Adelaide(8) A silver hairpin shaped like a pitchfork EHKnight
Wess Cornst​ob   RIP 17 11 Very Aggressive and Takes everything Seriously Brown hair, green eyes, dark skin Sword, throwing axes District 12 None HungerGamesFanatic21
Dani Granite       RIP 17 11 Nice, clever, smart Brown hair, with blonde hightlights, green eyes, Nets, knives, trap Careers None HGClatoLover
Coaltin Miners       RIP 16 12 Very Unique and Aggresive Red hair, green eyes Thrwing axes, Spear None None HungerGamesFanatic21
 Lindsay Tereen       RIP 16 12 Does not like to kill. She is sweet and smart. Dark red hair with white highlights, green eyes Bow and Arrows Wess(11) Small locket with a picture of her family. Equestria Gurl
Doomsday Terror     RIP 17 13 Sadistic, evil : Green eyes, Black hair, black eyeliner Knives, axes None None Prezziesnow9704:)!
Radiance Illumination   RIP 18 13 Cunning, ruthless Red hair, green eyes Bow and arrow, deer horn knives None VRGuardian


Name District Score
Louis Haymond Capitol 9
Callie Haymond Capitol 9
Broedy Maslow 1 12
Gold Swan 1 9
Landon Jones 2 11
Solenn Corona 2 10
Shadow Reid 3 7
Luna Fern 3 6
Clause Summers 4 9
Arsona Waters 4 12
Trenton Powers 5 9
Sylvia Churchill 5 7
Otto Prime 6 2
Miranda Swan 6 5
Alex Saphire 7 3
Susan Palma 7 3
Calphrite Stasual 8 8
Adelaide D`Eye 8 12
Hunter Blask 9 7
Shock Horror 9 5
Hopw Wingman 10 9
Aurora Anderson 10 10
Wess Cornst​ob 11 6
Dani Granite 11 10
Coaltin Miners 12 8
Lindsay Tereen 12 11
Doomsday Terror 13 8
Radiance Illumination 13 12


Death Chart
28th Calphrite Stasual 8 Cornucopia Repeatedly stabbed by Broedy(1) 1st
27th Aurora Anderson 10 Cornucopia Stabbed by Landon(2) 1st
26th Luna Fern 3 Cornucopia Neck snapped by Trenton(5) 1st
25th Shadow Reid 3 Cornucopia Shot by Radiance(13) 1st
24th Gold Swan 1 Cornucopia Strangled by Otto(6) 1st
23rd Otto Prime 6 Cornucopia Stabbed by Louis(Capitol) 1st
22nd Shock Horror 9 Cornucopia Smashed onto Cornucopia by Doomsday(13) 1st
21st Sylvia Churchill 5 Cornucopia Decapitated by Clause(4) 1st
20th Clause Summers 4 Cornucopia Knifed by Radiance(13) 1st
19th Hope Wingman 10 Cornucopia Tripped and Slashed by Callie(Capitol) 1st
18th Susan Palma 7 Cornucopia Shot by Solenn(2) 1st
17th Wess Cornst​ob 11 Cornucopia Neck Slashed by Louis(Capitol) 1st
16th Doomsday Terror 13 Park Stabbed by Dani(11) 2nd
15th Dani Granite 11 Park(poisoned)/ Cornucopia(Killed) Poisoned by Doomsday(13), then stabbed by Arsona(4) 2nd
14th Trenton Powers 5 City Hall ruins Shot by Lindsay(12) 4th
13th Solenn Corona 2 City Hall ruins Knocked out, then head smashed by brick from Coaltin(12) 4th
12th Coaltin Miners 12 City Hall ruins Stabbed by Callie(Capitol) 4th
11th Miranda Swan 6 Town Square Neck slashed by Landon(2) 5th
10th Hunter Blask 9 Building Shot by Broedy(1), then falls off building. 5th
9th Broedy Maslow 1 Cornucopia Shot by Radiance(13) 8th
8th Callie Haymond Capitol Cornucopia Neck snapped from behind  by Adelaide(8)  8th
7th Landon Jones 2 Cornucopia Hit by knives and axe from Alex(7) 8th
6th Lindsay Tereen 12 Building Grabs Arsona(4) through a window, and fall down. 10th
5th Arsona Waters 4 Building Grabbed by Lindsay(12),  crashes window, and fall down. 10th
4th Alex Saphire 7 Cornucopia Head smashed by Louis(Capitol) 11th
3rd Louis Haymond Capitol Cornucopia Shot by Radiance(13) 11th
2nd Radiance Illumination  13 Cornucopia Head smashed onto Cornucopia by Adelaide(8) 11th
1st   WIN  Adelaide D`Eye 8 Cornucopia none 11th

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