Hey, folks. This is a very special and difficult(for  Careers) Quell. This year, the 24 Tributes will be a mix between new Tributes and previous Victors. Here's another twist: All 24 Tributes will have to work together, dodging ferocious beasts, natural disasters, etc. The Games will end as soon as 3 remaining Tributes are left. And you can have Alliances, but all Tributes count as on team. There will be a bloodbath, but beasts will take the Careers' place. Every day in the Games will be a new or old horror. Any Tributes who survived after 5 days, will have the privilege to fight each other to the death. Here's one more twist, the last 2 will be winners if they both kill a giant beast. However, if one dies, the other is automatically be the winner. Good luck.

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Appearance(No Lunaii, plz):


Pre-Games Alliance:

Token(May or may not be useful):


Name Age District Personality Appearance Weapons Pre-Games Alliance Token Creator
Elizabeth 'Liz' Turnabout  15 1 Nice, funny and friendly but can change her personality completly when she needs to. Blue eyes, long flowing blond hair good looking throwing knives, bow and arrow, fists, swords Careers A purple pendant Cherrybunny01
Griffin Cronin         RIP 17 2 Compassionate Wild sandy colored hair, large blue eyes, tan skin, 5'10, fit, muscled Spear, Knives Careers A locket with his family in one side and a picture of Hardie (Below) on the other. Brynn1999
 Hardie Ash  RIP 15 2 Playful Sapphire Blue eyes, silky bonde/brown hair that's normally in a ponytail, tan skin, 5'9 and skinny Trident Careers A silver bracelet to match her younger sister's Brynn1999
Dawson Spark          RIP 13 3  Sweet, kind, silent, shy, timid Black hair with grey streaks (streaks for fun) Large grey eyes, tan-ish skin Electronics, snares Katharin(3) Maya's favorite necklace Brynn1999
Katharin Seroine 17 3 Fun, lethal, deceiving  Long, Soft, Wavy (not curly) golden hair, Blue Eyes, White Complexion Dagger, Bow and Arrows Dawson(3) Diamond Ring QuinerooSalvix
Blu Aqua      RIP 12 4 Nice,Friendly,Funny a bit of a pervert for his age but will kill if needed Marine blue eyes,Freckles,Blonde and very skinny Net,Spear and Trident Careers A fish made out of seaweed and sticks Larry Mango
Sandy Moral          RIP 19 4 Funny,popular,kind and helpful Long, sandy hair, tan skin, green eyes, Peach Lips Tridant,net,sword,beauty and strenght Careers Locket withmoving picture of her final kill before she won( for insparation) Misytmolla
 Lucas Viridian 14 5 Charming, strong Brow eyes, red hair, freckles Knife, blowgun Kate(7)  None EHKnight
Kate Volta   RIP 15 5 Sweet, trusting, but can be pretty vicious Ginger hair. Green eyes, 5'6 long, very pale, and is a little musculair Blowpipe Lucas(7) A tracker jacker stinger Teamrueforever
Quineroo Salvix         RIP 17 6 Friendly to Allies, Vicious to Enemies, short-tempered, Blonde, Aquamarine Eyes, White Complexion Axe None  His sister's favorite green handkerchief QuinerooSalvix

Sylvia Churchill


16 6 Tough, brutal Beige eyes, brown hair, freckles Throwing knives, bow and arrows None None EHKnight
Blaise Cooper        RIP 15 7 Cunning, stealthy Black hair, grey eyes Axe, stealth Random None EHKnight
Mary-Ann Hunter        RIP 15 7 Frail Blonde hair, blue eyes Axe None None EHKnight
Quentin Pointe           RIP 12 8  Quiet, hard, Like Thresh and Cato mixed Golden eyes, dark blonde hair, tan skin Anything Nonw A rag, the last memory of his parents Brynn1999
Jezabelle Swift             RIP 13 8 Sweet, gentle, kind Olive skin, long wavy dark hair, small  Throwing Knives None Small felt pin badge Yowhyy
Keith Scythe         RIP 17 9   Arrogant, Loud, Argumentive, Dangerous  Brown eyes, black hair, always scowls, deep tan, large nose, fit Spear Careers None Brynn1999
Kaylie Alleman      RIP 15 9 Friendly, excited, independent Dirty blonde, bluish- gray eyes, tan skin Tomahawk None  A bracelet Katniss992710
Lemon Lim 18 10 Strong Brutal and Protective of his sister Aprocit 6'0 with short spiked blond hair muscular and dark green eyes and tan skin Spear, Hand to Hand, Combat Aprocit(10) None District2Career
Aprocit Lim  RIP 16 10 Decitpive she wants everyone to think she is weak and feeblie but in reality she is a wicked mentally unstable killer she will kill without hesatation.' 5'6 with short blonde hair pale skin and bright green eyes' Throwing Knives Lemon(10) Gold Bracelet District2Career
Landon Sean           RIP 14 11 Shy, calm, sweet, like Thresh Brown skin, Black hair, green eyes Scythe Beatrice(11), later alone His sister's ring. Brynn1999
Beatrice Viado          RIP 16 11 Very Clever, Lazy, Resourceful, Funny, Friendly, Becomes extremely mean and rude like your nightmare if needed. Have a quite long black hair, Black eyes and quite light skin  Throwing knives, bow and arrow, Martial arts Landon(11), later alone.  Comb with mirror that her family given to her Beatrice Viado
Rilios Madd           RIP 18 12  Sweet, brave, strong, determined Tan skin, dark brown hair, grey eyes Any Careers His sister's favorite stuffed bear (tiny, but big enough) Brynn1999
Auvelina Lorphelin     RIP 13 12 Very mean, arrogant and snobby  Brunette, Green Eyes, Pale Skin  Bow and Arrow / Throwing Knives / Mining Pick None A piece of coal that was given to her by her crush at Christmas QuinerooSalvix

Tribute Scores

Name District Score
Christopher Lilith 1 9
Elizabeth 'Liz' Turnabout 1 11
Griffin Cronin 2 10
Hardie Ash 2 12
Dawson Spark 3 7
Katharin Seroine 3 10
Blu Aqua 4 12
Sandy Moral 4 12
Lucas Viridian 5 9
Kate Volta 5 11
Quineroo Salvix 6 12
Sylvia Churchill 6 9
Blaise Cooper 7 8
Mary-Ann Hunter 7 6
Quentin Pointe 8 10
Jezabelle Swift 8 6
Keith Scythe 9 11
Kaylie Alleman 9 7
Lemon Lim 10 9
Aprocit Lim 10 9
Landon Sean 11 8
Beatrice Viado 11 10
Rilios Madd 12 7
Auvelina Lorphelin 12 9


Death Chart
Name District Place Cause Day of Death
Jezabelle Swift 8 Cornucopia Stung by giant, poisonous butterflies 1
Dawson Spark 3 Cornucopia Suffocated by gas 1
Quineroo Salvix 6 Cornucopia Ripped to shreds by feral bear 1
Blaise Cooper 7 Cornucopia Fell into lava 1
Kate Volta 5 Cornucopia Decapitated by giant blades 1
Auvelina Lorphelin 12 Cornucopia Dragged into lake and eaten by giant alligator. 1
Landon Sean 11 Cave Lava 2
Aprocit Lim 10 Cave Lava 2
Sandy Moral 4 Cave Lava 2
Griffin Cronin 2 Forest Hit by Firball 2
Rilios Madd 12 Forest Fell off cliff 2
Sylvia Churchill 6 Icy Tundra Hit by large hail 3
Kaylie Alleman 9 Ice Tundra Hit by large hail 3
Quentin Pointe 8 Ice Tundra Hit by large hail 3
Beatrice Viado   11 Burnt Jungle Crushed by fieball 4
Keith Scythe 9 Burnt Jungle Crushed by fireball 4
Mary-Ann Hunter 7 Lake Killed by beast 5
Blu Aqua 4 Lake Killed by beast 5
Hardie Ash 2 Lake Killed by beast 5
Christopher Lilith 1 Lake Killed by beast 5


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