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After the Bloodbath, the Tributes that survived gathered at a nearby cave, with Christopher(1) and Lucas(5) blocking the entrance. The Careers stay as one group, while the rest stay as another. They manage to create a fire using supplies, thanks to Aprocit(10). Each Tribute had, in their backpacks, were dried beef, half a gallon of water, crackers, etc. The Careers, having better stuff, have a GPS tracker, weapons, a flare gun, etc. An announcement called on: "Attention, Tributes. Congradulations for surviving Day 1. Each day, I will be announcing what horror will occur. That's all the news for today." The Tributes invite the Careers to sit by the fire, despite their hatred for them. The Careers join them reluctantly.  Keith(9), however stays at his own spot in the shadows. Landon(11) suggests someone should guard the fire. Christopher(1) does so, while everyone sleeps.


Lemon(10) wakes up to sniffling. He looks at his left. Katharin(3) is crying. He tries to get up, but Aprocit, awake, nods her head, and Lemon goes back to sleep. Christopher kicks Lemon awake, saying that its his turn to guard. Lemon goes to the entrance, and Christopher sleeps. He looks at Katharin, who is now lying down. He grabs his spear and watches the entrance.



Rilos(12) wakes up, only to see smoke from an opening in the cave. Suddenly, The Capitol Anthem is heard. All the Tributes wake up. "Attention, Tributes," said the announcer. "Its is Day 2 today. Today's horror will be fire and lava. So, I would advise you to leave the cave you're in." The Tributes get up and start to pack their stuff. Lucas(5) and Christopher(1) take out the big rock blocking the entrance. Outside, a firestorm is occuring. Suddenly, molten lava enters the cave through a hole on the wall. 3 Tributes perish as the others run out of the cave and into the burning forest. As they dodge the fireballs, 2 more fall victim. They continue to run, and, after a few minutes, the flames stop. The area the Tributes are, can be described as, what the ancestors once said, is an artic-like enviornment. The Tributes find a large cabin while walking to find safety. They go inside as a blizzard begins. Lemon(10) begins to walk back and forth, seeing his sister die. Katharin(3) tries to calm hime down, but Lemon ignores her. Some of the Tributes try to calm him, but when Keith(9) insults Aprocit's death, Lemon snaps and brawls with him. Lemon begins strangling him. Suddenly, Hardie(2) knocks out Lemon.



Lemon wakes up on a bed. He sees Katharin(3) sitting next to him. She tells Lemon, that 2 Tributes, Sylvia(6) and Kaylie(9) tried to find food outside, but were killed by the hail storm that's occuring now. The hail is at least the size of baseballs.  Mary-Ann(7), whose has been silent since her district partner died, finds an opening on the floor. The Tributes see a hole that leads in the water. Christopher(1) suggests that they fish for food. Blu(4) suddenly strips into his underwear, and dives into the water. After a couple of minutes, Blu(4) comes back up with 3 fish. Blu(4) has a slight reaction to the icy cold water. Being from District 4, Blu(4) tells the group that he used to swim during the winter, increasing his resistance to the cold. He goes back in the water, with a small basket he got on the 1st day. He comes back with the basket filled with fish. Over the next few hours, Blu(4), with the help from Mary-Ann(7) and Elizabeth(1), they clean, gut, and prepare the fish. They cook the fish with a stove that works.


The 12 Tributes are sitting, eating the slightly overcooked fish. Nevertheless, it was food. Lemon(10) takes a couple of bites, and just stops. Katharin(3) asks what's wrong. But, Lemon just shrugs her questions away. After eating, Christopher(1) stores the remaining fish in a plastic bag, and puts it away.  All if a sudden, it gets quiet. Not a sound of falling ice. As Quentin(8) goes to the front door, suddenly a larger chunk of ice crash through and hits him on the head. He falls to the ground, dead. More ice crash through the roof. Christopher(1) and Lucas(5) lift the mattresses off the beds and covers the group.  Lemon notices a hand grasping his tight. It is Katharin(3), her eyes closes and shaking. Lemon moves closer, holding her. The storm goes on for a few minutes. Then, it suddenly stops. The Tributes see the wreckage around them. Quentin's body is now buried under the ice and rubble. Mary-Ann(7), seeing Quentin, screams out loud. She then says that they're all going to die no mattter what happens in the end.


Lemon wakes up. The Tributes are sleeping inside a makeshift tent made of sheets. The Tributes sleep. He notices Katharin(3) shivering. Lemon moves closer and holds her till she stops shaking. Katharin, who was awake turns to see Lemon. She smiles at him. The 2 spend the night keeping each other warm.



The Tributes are walking through the burnt jungle. They see the volcano nearby emitting smoke and lava.  Lemon sees Katharin looking up. Lemon looks up. He sees flaming dots in the sky. The other Tributes see the dots. Suddenly, the fireballs hit the ground, exploding. The Tributes scatter, running in small groups. Lemon sees Beatrice(11) get crushed by a fireball. Lemon and Katharin find a place under a tree. They wait until the fireballs stop. Lemon and Katharin get out and see the chaos. The other Tributes are alive. Burned, but alive. Christopher says that Keith(9) was also killed by a fireball. The Tributes walk out of the Jungle.


Some of the Tributes swim in the lake, cleaning themselves. Lemon and Katharin are sitting near the lake. Lemon comments that the lake must be the safest place, and that it should be a place to stay till the 6th day. Katharin agrees. As soon as the Tributes gather, they are told of the plan, and agree.


The Tributes are sleeping in sleeping bags. Some just sleep on the soft grass. Lemon looks at the sky and see Baeatrice and Keith's faces in the sky. Katharin sits next to him. They talk for a while. When they are done, they lie down together. Katharin says to Lemon that she's afraid that they will have to kill each other in the end. Lemon looks at Katharin, and says that it wont happen, and that he'll protect her form harm. Katharin smiles at him. She suddenly pulls him closer, and gives him a peck at the cheek. They then go to sleep.



The Tributes are looking at the lake. Lemon and Katharin see Blu(4) swimming around. Suddenly, a scream is heard. The Tributes go to see Mary-Ann(7) on the ground. Christopher flips her, showing that she's dead. A roar is heard. They look up. It is a giant beast. It charges after them. Lemon throws a spear at it. The beast falls dead.  Another scream is heard. Blu is flat in the water, with blood surrounding him. Another beast emerges from the water. Hardie charges at it, but the beast swings its arm at her, throwing her at a tree. Christopher tells the others to go, while he holds it back. The Tributes run, as Christopher arms himself with a spear. The Tributes hide behind a rock. Christopher dodges its attack and manages to get a few jabs a it. But, the beast found a weak spot in his strategy. It lunges forward, knocks the spear away, and lunges its claws into Christopher. He falls down. All of a sudden, the ground starts to shake. Katharin holds Lemon, as something emerges from the ground. It looks like some sort of military vehicle. The door open. Someone exits, and aims, what appears to be a peacekeeper gun. But, he does'nt aim at the Tributes, he aims at the beasts and shoots it dead. The man goes to the 4 remaining Tributes. He takes off his helmet. He tells them to go into the vehicle, before the Capitol arrives. Lemon, Katharin, Elizabeth and Lucas enter the vehicle. The man throws some sort of device. He goes inside, and drives inside the tunnel he made. He presses a button, and an orange light shine in the hole.


Lemon, Katharin, Elizabeth, Lucas, and the man are sitting in a conference room. Someone called Ashlyn Milton tells them, that they rescued them, so they would contribute to what will be another Rebellion. And the only person who will spark the revolution, is only 8 years old. And they will wait for the right moment, even if it takes years. They will wait forever for a girl named Primrose Mellark.


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