Hello and welcome to my 3rd annual hunger games!

As you can tell I am very excited to because I have been waiting to make this. Just like my last games, its gonna be another quell. My next games though is gonna be a regular games.

So this year I am taking more of a natural approach to the tributes deaths other than them killing each other, so I am adding arena pitfalls to this games.

I dont really want to write all that other stuff, so im just gonna the games, sorry. Well thats about it... I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE GAMES!

Rules! (READ!!!)

1. Please no mean comments.

2. No getting mad if your tributes die. Its the hunger games, 23 tributes are gonna be dead by the end of this!

3. You can have up to 4 tributes.

4. Please do not add a lunaii with your templates because I will not use them! I am the one who will be making the lunaii's so I can make a gallery.

5. Reservations last up to 2 days!!!

6. Enjoy the games (:

Tribute Template

Your tributes must include the following:

1. Name

2. District

3. Age

4. Weapons

5. Strengths

6. Weakness

7. Bloodbath? Yes or No.

8. Allies?

9. Apearence (ONLY DESCRIPTION! I am making the lunaii's)!!!

10. Token?

Thats all...

The Quell Twist!

So for everyone that joined my last games my twist last time was that I added tributes from D13 and the Capitol. This years twist is gonna be much better in my opinion. So are you ready for this? This years twist is... ONLY FEMALE TRIBUTES! :D


I dont really want to make a arena since I am very lazy so I am just gonna describe the arena to you...

1. The cornucopia is in the middle of a large field of grass. Nothing unusual about that right? Well you guessed wrong. The cornucopia is surrounded by a long ring of fire. The only way to avoid the fire is to run over 1 of 5 bridges. But be careful, if you fall or get pushed off the bridge you will fall into a black pit never to come back up!

2. Besides the cornucopia there are only two other parts of the arena so this is my smallest arena yet. To the right of the cornucopia is the largest section, A jungle. The jungle contains large trees and has some rain. The jungle contains the worlds largest waterfall, but can you handle the pressure of the water?

Food: Has lot of edible plants and real life animals to hunt and eat.

Water: Contains the worlds largest waterfall but has a lot of pressure.

Mutts: It has real life animals but also contains mutts such as wolf mutts that will eat you alive, bird mutts that will use their beaks to peck you alive, tracker jackers mutts that sting you to death, and ant mutts that stay together in an army and all bite you at once so you will have a slow and painfull death.

3. To the left of the cornucopia is a dark and murky swamp that contains lots of mutts and no food and no clean water. This is also the smallest section of the arena. Now I know what you are thinking, what idiot would go in there? Well for the tributes that dont go for the cornucopia they have a second chance. The swamp is filled with containers of food, canteens of water, weapons, and supplies that are hidden in the swamp waiting to be used.

Food: None except for the food that is hidden in the swamp.

Water: None except for the water that is hidden in the swamp.

Mutts: The swamp has some 2 kinds of mutts that stay there the entire games. There is the mosquito mutts that cause diseases that will kill you instantly if bitten and also crocadile mutts looking for fresh meat.

Arena Pitfalls

The arena is kinda similar as the 75th arena. The arena will have lots of different things that will happen at random times. The pitfalls are:

Laughing Gas: This gas will be released at any random time all over the arena and will cause loud laughing that will attract other tributes and eventually the toxic gas will knock you uncontious. The only way to excape the gas is to find shelter or to climb a tree because the gas only flows low to the ground.

Acid Rain: Any random moment there will be a downpoor of acid raining down on the the tributes. The acid will burn your skin on contact unless you find a shleter to hide in.

Giant Venus Fly Traps: These man-eating plants will swallow you whole if you get to close. They blend in with other vegetation so they are hard to notice.

Giant Hail Storm: At any time during the games the sky will open and turn grey warning you that extremely hard and heavy hail will start to fall from the sky. If you dont want to die from ice then you better hurry and find a shelter.

Poison Ivy Plants: These plants may seem harmless but come in contact and you will suffer through days of itching. They also blend in so they are hard to find.

Tornado: Probaly the worst pitfall out of them all, all of a sudden a large tornado will come out of nowhere. If you get to close then you will be sucked into the cyclone, never to come out. This pitfall will be the worst and the last.

Mutts Released: At any time every mutt that was mentioned in the jungle section of the arena will be realeased at once, including the swamp mutts.

Sponsoring Items

So like my other games each tribute will get $500 and the users that made the tribute(s) control there money...

Sponsoring Items!

Item: Cost:
Pack Of Dried Fruit $25
Pack Of Crackers $50
Pack Of Beef Strips $75
Container Of Rice $100
Container Of Rice & Meat $150
Pot Of Soup $175
Whole Chicken $200
Mini Food Pack (Gives A Tribute Food For 3 Days) $300
Mega Food Pack (Gives Food The Whole Games) $500
Canteen Of Water $75
2 Canteens Of Water $150
1 Bandage $20
Pack Of 20 Bandages $150
1 Pain Killer Drug $25
Bottle of 20 Pain Killer Drugs $175
Burn Medicine $200
Sleep Syrup $200
1 MagiHeal (Heals Anything) $200
5 MagiHeal (Heals Anything) $500
Axe $200
Set Of 5 Throwing Axes $250
Blowgun With 20 Darts $250
Bow With 20 Arrows $275
Coil Of Wire $50
Dagger $100
Knife $75
Set Of 10 Throwing Knives $200
Mace $300
Net $50
20 Rocks $25
Slingshot $150
1 Throwing Spear $75
Set Of 5 Throwing Spears $325
Sickle $75
Sword $400
Set Of 5 Tomhawks $125
Trident $450
Whip $225
A Empty Canteen $20
Pair Of Socks $50
Flashlight $50
Pack Of Matches $50

Bottle Of Iodine (Water Purifier)

Poison $125
Night Vision Goggles $150
Explosive Arrows $175
Sleeping Bag $125
Blanket $150
Map Of Arena $200
Body Armor $300

Sponsoring Money

Neptune Fray - $125

Penelope Underwood - $500

Katrina Ellison - $500

Johanna Zesser - $300

Ava Sekaya - $150

Dymentia Light - $500

Lena Cyan - $0

Alanna Tewie - $500

Illuminate Sensorium - $425

Merrie Roberson - $500

Stella Walters - $225

Callie Crow - $500

Amanda Hawks - $500

Devin Star - $500

Coco Joansi - $0

Jennika Stromoling - $500

Kyra Sharpe - $200

Jade Parlor - $500

Hailey Riktor - $500

Danielle Anners - $500

Estelle Crinde - $500

Emma Lien - $425

Melonai Jet - $25

Jane Socha - $325

Tributes Health Chart

This is the chart to show how your tribute(s) are doing in to games.

Name: District: Possessions: Needs: Allies:
Neptune Fray 1
Penelope Underwood 1
Katrina Ellison 2
Johanna Zesser 2 VICTOR!!!
Ava Sekaya 3
Dymentia Light 3
Lena Cyen 4
Alanna Tewie 4
Illuminate Sensorium 5
Merrie Robertson 5
Stella Walters 6
Callie Crow 6
Amanda Hawks 7
Devin Star 7
Coco Joansi 8 VICTOR!!!
Jennika Stromoling 8
Kyra Sharpe 9
Jade Parlor 9
Hailey Riktors 10
Danielle Anners 10
Estelle Crinde 11
Emma Lien 11
Melonai Jet 12
Jane Socha 12

The Tributes!!!

Name: Age: District: Weapons: Strengths: Weakness: User:
Neptune "Nellie" Fray 16 1

Bow & Arrows, Trident

Tree Climbing & Starting Fires Hunting & Hand-To-Hand Combat Jsm13athome
Penelope Underwood 18 1 Throwing Knives Running & Deceiving Not Being In With The Careers Beetee19
Katrina Ellison 18 2 Spears Strengths & Intimidation Not Trustworthy Cloveismywife
Johanna Zesser 16 2 Axe Climbing Hunting TheCoCoPuffsGuy
Ava Sekaya 16 3 Bow & Arrows Aim & Climbing Cant See Without Glasses Dedejacob
Dymentia Light 15 3 Scythe & Kama Fast, Stealthy, Alert, Intelligent Nimble & Weak The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Lena Cyan 17 4 Trident & Snares Brute Strength & Swimming Running Cloveismywife
Alanna Tewie 12 4 Trident & Net Swimming & Net Trapping Careers Maybell Rocks!!
Illuminate Sensorium 15 5 Metal Whip & Bullwhip Strength, Running, Smart Swimming The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Merrie Roberson 16 5 Throwing Knives & Sword Swimming & Climbing Running Lexi13
Stella Walters 12 6 Blowgun & Darts Hiding & Making Friends Brute Strength Cloveismywife
Callie Crow 15 6 Spears, Mace, Bow & Arrows. Strong, Athletic, Stealthy, Hand-To-Hand Combat Short Captainsv
Amanda Hawks 16 7 Throwing Knives Smart, Great Instincts, Strong, Swimming, Hearing, Running Temper, Climbing, Camouflage Bluefire16
Devin "Dev" Star 13 7 Bombs, Land Mines, Hand-To-Hand Combat Charm, Manipulation, And Being Bitchy... Retarded People ~PoundtheAlarm~
Coco Joansi 14 8 Slingshot Fast & Smart Weak & Climbing Maybell Rocks!!
Jennika Stromoling 14 8 Throwing Knives Swimming, Fast, Manipulative Clumsy & Spiders Andy1854
Kira Sharpe 14 9 Axe Fast & Camouflauge Long Words & A Bad Liar Grimreaper8080
Jade Parlor 14 9 Sickle Climbing & Throwing Asthma Grimreaper8080
Haley Riktor 16 10 Sword & Spears Strong, Tracking, Hunting, Climbing, Trapping Swimming & Running Bluefire16
Danielle Anners 15 10 Blowgun, Axe, Bow & Arrows Survival, Smart, Good With Weapons, Knows About Plants Running & Asthma Polinarose
Estelle Crinde 15 11 Bow & Arrows Running & Climbing Trees Swimming Cloveismywife
Emma Lien 15 11 Knife Climbing, Knife, Deception Other Weapons Beetee19
Melanoi Jet 16 12 Shurikens Accurate & Fast Very Weak The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Jane Socha 12 12 Spears & Nunchunks Hiding & Fast Climbing & Mutts Maybell Rocks!!

Tribute Gallery!


Careers: Neptune (1), Penelope (1), Katrina (2), Johanna (2), Dymentia (3), Lena (4), Amanda (7), Haley (10)

Alliance #1: Alanna Tewie (4), Coco Joansi (8), Jane Socha (12)

Alliance #2: Illuminate (5) & Melanio (12)

Alliance #3: Kira (9) & Jade (9)

Alliance #4: Ava (3), Stella (6), Devin (7)

Bloodbath Atendees.

So its really hard to keep track of who is going in the bloodbath and who is not so im making this list :P


Neptune Fray (1)

Penelope Underwood (1)

Katrina Ellison (2)

Johanna Zesser (2)

Ava Sekaya (3)

Dymentia Light (3)

Lena Cyan (4)

Alanna Tewie (4)

Callie Crow (6)

Amanda Hawks (7)

Coco Joansi (8)

Jennika Stromoling (8)

Kira Sharpe (9)

Jade Parlor (9)

Haley Riktor (10)

Jane Socha (12)

Not Attending:

Illuminate Sensorium (5)

Stella Walters (6)

Devin Star (7)

Danielle Anners (10)

Estelle Crinde (11)

Emma Lien (11)

Melanio Jet (12)

Death Chart


Day 1 - The Countdown

Emma Lien (11) POV

My stylists tells me I only have 10 seconds until I have to step into the tube and he slips on the thin red jacket that the tributes are wearing this year. The outfits arent really meant for the cold so hopefully the arena is warm. The rest of the outfit is light tan capris and ugly black and orange tennis shoes that look more like halloween decorations. My stylist gives me a big hug and then escorts me to my small clear tube. That is when I start to get nervous and worry about what its gonna look like once the tube rises. I blow one last kiss to my stylist and he returns it because im sure, just like me I know that im probaly not gonna win. Just then my tube starts to rise and im blinded by the sunlight.


Dymentia Light (3) POV

My pod starts to rise and all I can think about is winning and making it back home with my family. Especially my brother Dymento, I have to win for him. The pod makes it above ground and I see a bright blue sky filled with clouds. There is a jungle in the distance I can barely notice and it looks like a murky swamp to the left. Straight ahead see I a large field with healthy bright green grass and the cornucopia filled with shiny new weapons, food, water, and supplies just waiting to be used. I see the other careers looking very confident and overly cocky, meanwhile im thinking off a strategy besides just slashing everyone.


Neptune Fray (1) POV

I look and see Penelope staring down almost every tribute and making a slashing motion across her neck and I know she is excited to kill people. I cant wait for the games to start myself. I guess you could say im being a little cocky but being a career you cant help it. Most of the tributes think the careers are mean and vicious and kill people for fun but really were just trying to win just like everyone else. I mean, I cant help it tthat I was born in a rich district. But anyways we have a great careers group this year. We have me, Penelope, Katrina, Johanna, Lena, plus we have Dymentia who is taking Alanna's spot which I think that move was pretty stupid. Like really, who denies joining the careers? I know she is gonna die in the bloodbath, anyways and we also have two extra careers this year, Amanda and Hailey so this years career group is very strong.


Stella Walters (6) POV

I immediantly start sweating when the countdown starts, being 12 defintely makes the other tributes consider you weak. In a way that si a good thing that means they wont be going after you. But then again im not as strong and good with weapons as everyone else. I really need food and water but im to scared to go into the madness that is called the bloodbath. Most of the tributes look confident so im not gonna go, im just gonna run towards the jungle and hope I make it to the jungle alive. Well things could be worse I mean im not the only 12 year old here. There are actually lots of 12 years olds this year suprisingly like me, Alanna, and Jane and think about allying with them but quickly forget that idea because you cant trust anyone in the hunger games.


Coco Joansi (8) POV

As soon as the countdown starts I look around for Alanna and Jane. I see Jane about 5 pods down and Alanna is about 8 pods down, thats not bad right? I am kinda worrying because being the oldest in the alliance while the other two are only 12, that puts alot of responsibility on me because I promised them I would protect them and that is exactly what I am gona do even if I have to put my life in risk. I have to do everything I can to help these two no matter what, and that starts with the bloodbath. We are all attending so we have stuff to keep us alive so I have to somehow keep them alive while getting supplies and stuff. I look and see they both have scared faces, and they are not helping me at all.


Illuminate Sensorium (5) POV

I look around for Melonai and luckily she is only a couple pods down. We have already decided to ally but we didnt really get a chance to talk about what to do when the games start, I dont even know if im suppossed to go for the bloodbath or not! It takes a while to get her attention but finally she notices me and I put to the cornucopia and mouth the words "Do I Go" and she shakes her head no. Well atleast we have that much figured out but know im worried because were not gonna have weapons or nothing.


Kyra Sharpe (9) POV

I see Jade and give her a slight smile because I dont want to worry her even though im dying on the inside. I never planned on being in the games, well nobody did except the careers. Me and Jade both decided that we are gonna go in the bloodbath during training to get everything we need. We are gonna run to each other and then run and find the nearest bags we can find. I look over and give her a thumbbs up and then the goong sounds signaling the start of the games.

3...2...1... GONG!!!

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Danielle Anners (10) POV

The gong spunds and I run as fast as I can towards the cornucopia. By thw time I get there half of the tributes are already fighting with each other, I spot a blowgun and a medium yellow bag close to it and run to it. I bend down to grab it and run towards the jungle, just when I thought I had made it out of the bloodbath alive I feel a hard, sharpe, pain in my back. I reach behind me and pull out a large throwing knife, I turn around and see Penelope run off and start chasing another tribute. Then I fall to the floor, never to get back up again.

Penelope Underwood (1) POV

I cant believe I got the first kill of the games, I think as I see Johanna continously hacking away at the girl from 6 with a axe... Callie I think her name is. I look around me and see chaos everywhere. Blood flying everywhere, tributes chasing each other with knives and swords. I start to think about being a career and how its not so great as everyone thinks it is but I quickly get the thought out of my head. I came to win and thats exactly what im gonna do.

Melonai Jet (12) POV

I quickly look around for Illuminate and see her wondering, probaly looking for me. I run towards her and I almost reached her when im suddenly pushed down by Neptune and I scream as loud as I can in hope that Illuminate can her me even though im sure im gonna die. She raises her trident and is just about kill me when she is pushed off me and I look and see Illuminate standing over me. She raises her hand and pulls me up and we run towards the jungle. No weapons, food, water, nothing.

Coco Joansi (8) POV

I look and grab a nearby bag and see Alanna who is already holding a large bag and a trident and net, wow she is good. I look around for Jane and see she is holding tons of spears and a small bag. I grab Alanna's hand and run towards her. Just as I do I see Hailey running to her from behind holding a raised sword. I quickly yell "Jane look out"! And she turns around and throws a spear Towards her heart but it misses. In a sigh of relief I grab her arm and run to the jungle we survived the bloodbath.

Ava Sekaya (3) POV

As soon as the gong sounds I ran to Stella and gave her a big hug. I ran towards the cornucopia dodging swords and spears and grabbed 2 bags and a bow and sheath of arrows. Stella quickly finds a knife and a bag and we search for Devin. I look around but cant find her, I start to get nervous because I know we cant just stand here in the middle of the bloodbath like fresh meat. Just then I spot her bending over to grab a blue bag just as Amanda stabs her in the neck with a knife and I scream, "NOOO!" I start to run towards her but Stella pulls me towards the jungle as emotions flow from my face.

Lena Cyen (4) POV

The bloodbath ends rather quickly and me and the ther careers are dissapointed in our performance. We only got 3 deaths out of the careers and I didnt even get one. We all decide to go try to find nearby tributes while Dymentia guards the cornucopia for any tributes hiding near it.

Estelle Crinde (11) POV

I am currently in a bush. I changed my mind about not attending the bloodbath so I just decided to hide until everyone leaves. After the careers leave to go hunting for tributes the only other tribute there is Dymentia, I start to get nervous because I know I cant fight a career. Im just about to turn and run when I see Jennika come out of a nearby bush and start running to the cornucopia. I quickly run after her and im excited that she had the same plan as me because that means maybe Dymentia will try to chase her instead of me. But im wrong because Jennika just grabs a small bag nearby and runs into the jungle and im all by myslef with a careers. By now she is already running towards me so I just grab a bag and run. Apparently im to slow because I feel her push me to the ground and I yell for my life, "Please dont kill me please"! But she doesnt listen, instead she pulls a scythe out of her jacket and stabs me repeatedly and I die instantly.


Day 1 - After Bloodbath

Jade Parlor (9) POV

Me and Kira settle under a large tropical looking tree in the jungle that provides enough shade from the sun. We somehow managed to easily sneak out of the bloodbath without anyone noticing us. I got a sickle and Kira got a axe, the weapons that we wanted then I search through my bag. I got 2 packs of dried fruit, a canteen of water, a sleeping bag, and some matches. Kira gets a pack of dried beef, 2 canteens of water, night vision goggles, and a large knife. We snack a little on out food then sleep.

Katrina Ellison (2) POV

We start to walk back to the cornucopia as the sun starts to fall. We all have weapons and tons of left over supplies, as soon as we get there we sit and eat a large dinner just when the anthem begins to play and the faces of Danielle from 10, Callie from 6, Devin from 7, Estelle from 11, and of course one of our own Haley. We are down one careers but we stay confident, only 5 deaths in a bloodbath... That must be a record.

Emma Lien (11) POV

I cant believe Estelle died, she didnt deserve to die so young. I hate this place, I hate the Capital, killing innocent kids, I dont know who they think they are. Plus pnly 5 deaths in the bloodbath... Somethings not right. I didnt get any weapons or supplies so I just fall asleep, ready for whatever happens tomorrow, and whatever the evil gamemakers have planned for us.

Day 2

Neptune Fray (1) POV

Me and the other careers wake up to find our first sponsoring gift with my name on it. I is a small little bottle the about as large as my thumb. I quickly open it and sniff the strange liquid wondering what it is. "Its sleep syrup" Katrina tells me and I stick it in my pocket. We decide to go tribute hunting since there werent very many deaths in the bloodbath. We gather our packs and weapons and take off towards the jungle.

Merrie Robertson (5) POV

A wake up against the very hard and uncomfortable tree and sit up to eat when I hear laughter coming towards me and I can see the careers in the distance. I shove my food in my pack and start to run when I feel a sharp pain in my back and reach behind me and pull out a arrow. I fall to my death and the last thing I hear is the careers laughing at my death, grabbing my sword and supplies and run away. BOOM!

Stella Walters (6) POV

Me and Ava instantly wake up from the loud boom and we know a tribute died. We both look at each other then look at the ground to see 2 sponsoring gifts, one for each of us. As if it was Christmas I open to medium orange pack to see dried fruit and a large blowgun with 20 darts. I show Ava and she shows me the canteen of warer and takes a drink and passes it to me and the water taste ice cold but I know I have to save some of it. We start walking through the jungle when we see puffy green gas ahead of us. "Its the laughing gas, quick! Up the tree!" Ava yells and we both start to climb the tree as the gas flows under us.

Jane Socha (12) POV

Me, Coco, and Alanna run as fast as we can from the toxic gas but it gets closed and closer to us. "What do we do!" Alanna yells and looks towards Coco but it looks as if even she doesnt know what to do. She looks at something up ahead "quick in that cave!" She yells and we all run into the dark cave and take cover from the gas until it passes. "Thank god that was close" I say, but then I hear screaming coming from Alanna, but we cant see anything. "Help!" she screams for her life but its to late, BOOM! Me and Coco run out of the cave just as a large wolf mutt and its jumos towards me. "Coco!" I yell and she grabs the small knife out of her pack since its her only weapon and throws it at the wolf and it lands in its heart. It falls to the ground dead as I look at my arm to see a large claw mark.

Melonai Jet (12) POV

Me and Illuminate jump down from the tree safe from the gas, just as 2 sponsoring gifts hit the ground. I open mine to find a pack of 10 shurikens and Illuminate gets a long whip. We walk intoa small clearing of land just as we see a spear fly behind us and land in Illuminate's back. "NOOO" I scream and quickly throw a shuriken and it lands in the girl from 7's forhead. BOOM!BOOM! I grab Illuminate's weapon since I know she would want me to have them and run away. After running for a while I stop to rest without eating or drinking because I have no food, water, not even a sleeping bag to sleep in, just the cold hard ground.

Johanna Zesser (2) POV

We all bend down next to Amanda as she slowly dies. Afterwards we take her knives and pack and walk back to cornucopia to eat, drink, and rest to get ready for ever happens tomorrow. After all the laughing gas today, no one could even imagine what tomorrow's torture could be. Satisfied with are kills yoday even though we are down a career, we all sleep.

Emma Lien (11) POV

I look up at the sky just as the anthem begins to play and I see the faces of both the girls from 5, the little 12 year old from 4, and the careers from 7. The sky goes dark as my stomach growls from two days without food or water. I swear this games gives a whole new meaning for "my ribs are showing". I try to zone out the growling and sleep but I cant stop thinking about the wonderful capital food and the warm bread of district 11, then I start thinking about home and my family... This is gonna be a long night.

Day 3

Emma Lien (11) POV

I wake up early in the morning just as the sun starts to rise. I find a small canteen of water hanging from a branch above me and quickly take it down and start gulping the water, finally I havent drank anything in 2 days. After I feel at least a little refreshed I start to worry about food, I wish I had some but I have to be strong. I start walking around the forest just as a large chunk of ice falls from the sky and bashes my skull in. BOOM! Its the hail storm!!!

Stella Walters (6) POV

"RUN!" I hear Ava yell as the large chuncks of ice pour from the sky hitting the ground like thunder. We dodge piece after piece as the storm gets worst and worst. We see a large cave and run into as we watch the ice fall heavily from the sky. We wait about 2 hours until the storm stops and we walk out of the cave just as I see a knife fly towards my head and kand in my temple... The careers. I whisper to Ava "run" as I fall to my death, BOOM!

Penelope Underwood (1) POV

Me and the other careers quickly run after the read headed girl but she is very fast. "Let her go, we will get her later", Neptune says and we start walking away. As we walk back to the cornucopia we see a girl sleeping in a small cave and you can tell she fell asleep while hiding from the hail storm. I point to the cave just as Johanna runs into. We hear loud screaming and she walks out with a bloody axe. BOOM! "Who was it"? I ask... "The girl from 8." She responds and we walk back to the cornucopia and rest and eat.

Katrina Ellison (2) POV

We walk out of the cornucopia to go hunt tributes when all of a sudden a drop a rain falls and lands on my arm. "Aghh" I say and the careers turn to me and reply "what, its just rain". I quickly snap out of it, maybe im just imagining stuff. We start walking again and the rain start to pour and we all start to feel it. Everyone yells "AGGGHHHHH! Its acid! Run to the cornucopia"! I knew I wasnt lying, as we all start to run to the cornucopia I trip over a stick as the others make ot to safety and start yelling "Get Up"! But I cant I twisted my ankle and as the rain starts to pour, my skin start to burn until im just a skeleton on the ground, BOOM!

Ava Sekaya (3) POV

As the rain stops pouring I start to sleep but I cant, all I can think about is Stella. I cant believe I didnt try to help her or block the knife or anything! Im so stupid! I try to stay strong but tears start to flow, all I can think about is that im responsible for her death... Its my fault. I stay wide awake even though I dont want to see the faces in the sky tonight, I dont want to see Stella's face...

Cococ Joansi (8) POV

Its been a rough day for me and Jane, after experiencing being in the middle of a hail storm we have been stuck in the small, uncomfortable, wet cave, plus we have been freezing. I have been trying to take care of Jane's arm as much as I can, and im extremely worried that she wont make it. But I quickly get that thought out of my mind as a pour some water over the large claw mark. Besides water I dont have any form of treatment for her injury. The anthem starts to play and the faces of the girls 11, 6, 8, and 2 are shown in the sky. Jane immediantly falls asleep but I stay awake to make sure she is okay.

Day 4

Neptune Fray (1) POV

I wake up early in the morning to the sound of a sponsoring gift that lands on the side of the cornucopia, I look to see the rest of the careers still sleeping. I run over to the gift and open it find about 10 explosive arrows. "Guys wake up now! Its time to go career hunting". "Really why so early," they all ask half way asleep still. "Because its time to blow some caves to pieces" I reply and wait for them to gather their weapons. We start walking through the forest and we hear voices in the distance. We sneak farther into the forest and see a small cave and we hear the voices coming from inside. I aim one of my arrows for the cave very quietly and let ut fly.

Coco Joansi (8) POV

BOOMMM!!! The cave starts to colapse and I quickly flip out of the entrance of the cave leaving all of our supplies behind. "COCO! HELP" I hear the desperate screams of Jane, I start to throws rocks from the now giant pile of rubbish in hope of finding her. The air starts to fill with debris and dust and I lose my vision, BOOM! I hear Jane's cannon and know she is dead. I hear the laughs of the careers running away in the distance and I quickly start to run away from all the dust. It starts to enter my eyes and mouth and I have trouble breathing. I cover my face with my jacket as I reach the waterfall and start to drink the water and wash my face off, just as a sponsoring gift lands in the water, I grab it to find some food, water, a sleeping bag, and a slingshot. I lean against a nearby tree in the shade and sleep, already exhausted.

Lena Cyen (4) POV

Me and the other careers run away from the cave laughing, we are very proud of probaly the best kill ever in the history of the hunger games. Once we get back to the cornucopia, we relax, eat, drink, and rest a little since day 4 was already a success. As the other careers easily fall asleep, I start to wonder about how many remaining days are left and when the traditional feast will be. I start to doze off, tired.

Melonai Jet (12) POV

I start walking around in search of some form of food. The only thing I have eaten since I have been in the games was some bitter berries I found in a small bush. I can already tell I have lost a lot of weight. I start to give up just as a large feast and a canteen of water kands in front of me. "Thank god" I whisper to myself and read the note attached to it.

"Melonai, I have sent you a canteen of water and a small food pack which will provide you food for 3 days, which is basically the rest of the games. Im sorry about Illuminate but you have to stay strong. You can win this Melonai"!

After finishing the food and drinking some of the water, I continue walking out of boredom. I walk into this large garden looking area with some different plants that I havent seen yet, and I can tell its poison ivy. As I start to walk away from he deadly plants a large plant reaches out and eats me whole, BOOM!

Ava Sekaya (3) POV

Daylight starts to fall over the horizon as the moon rises. I sit to rest inder a large tree just as a sponsoring gift lands on the branch above me. I take it down and open it to find a small bottle of poison for my arrows. I decide to save these for the feast and the final day. I start to fall asleep just as the anthem begins and the faces of both of the girls from 12 are shown in the sky. My eyes close as I fall alseep easily.

Day 5 - The Feast

Penelope Underwood (1) POV

Me and the other career wake to the sound of screaming and we look over to see the two girls from district 9 running from a pack of wolf mutts as one jumps on one of the girls and starts eating her flesh, BOOM! "Quick, climb on the cornucopia" Johanna yells as we all climb on top of the cornucopia with the remaining girl from 9. Then we see the girl from 3 and the girl from 8 running away from a large flock of pink birds with sharp, long beaks. They easily make it on top of the cornucopia and then we hear the voice of the gamemaker.

"Let the annual feast begin, good luck and may the odds be ever in youtr favor".

Dymentia Light (3) POV

We see a table appear from the ground holding 9 packs and thats when the chaos starts. All the tributes jump down from the cornucopia and it's like another bloodbath. It feels like we have to start the games all over again. I look over and see the girl from 8 and the girl from 9 quickly grab her pack and make it to the forest safely. I almost reach my bag when I see Neptune load her bow, "please dont" I yell but its to late, she shoots a arrow and it lands in neck, BOOM!

Neptune Fray (1) POV

I grab my pack and look at Dymentia's dead body and I her the cannon sound, I know that the careers alliance is gonna be over by the end of this. The girl grabs her pack and runs to safety. Then its just me, Penelope, and Johanna. I start to run away with my pack when I see Johanna throw her axe and it lands in Penelope's chest "NOOO" I scream and and run to try to protect her but its to late, BOOM! I start to load my bow to shoot but she quickly grabs the axe out of Penelope's chest and raises it and I know im dead. The axe lands in my head and I fall, BOOM!

Kyra Sharpe (9) POV

I sit against a tree and open my pack as the sun starts to fall. I empty the pack and find a set of body armor. I put it in my bag for tomorrow, the final day then I thank about Jade, killed by a wolf mutt and I didnt even remember to grab her pack, stupid! I wonder what they do with the packs of the dead tributes. The anthem plays and the first face is Jade. I decide I dont want to watch it and lay down and sleep.

Lena Cyen (4) POV

I see the faces of Dymentia, Penelope, And Neptune and know the only careers left are me and Johanna. I count the remaining tributes in my head and know theres only 5 girls left, only 4 girls left to die... Or is there? (bum bum bumm). I put the body armor on I got from the feast and rest, ready for the final, ready for the final battle, and very ready to win this and ho back home to district 4 and my family.

What The Tributes Revieved At The Feast

Johanna - An Axe.

Ava - 1 MagiHeal.

Lena - Body Armor.

Coco - Bow & Arrows.

Kyra - Body Armor.


Day 6 - The Final Battle


All the tributes wake up to an uncomfortable sleep to hear the gamemakers voice:

"Congratulations final 5 tributes, yall all have done exellent so far but its not over yet. Its time to put the final torture on you. So, I have some good news and some bad news."

"The good news is that WE ARE ALLOWING 2 VICTORS THIS YEAR! So yall have a greater chance of winning now. And the bad news is... We our releasing a tornado in the arena, so yall have a couple of minutes to get to the cornucopia for the final battle. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

Kyra Sharpe (9) POV

I quickly grab my supplies and start running away and I can hear the tornado in the distance as it tears down trees and blows the caves to pieces as rocks and dust fly everywhere. I completely forgot to put on the body armor so I wont even be ready for the final battle. It starts to fill like I have been running for hours as I can feel the force of the strong winds start to pull me back and blown off the ground, into the tornado. I didnt have a chance, BOOM!

Johanna Zesser (2) POV

I already heard one cannon so I know thats one less tribute I have to kill. I was so shocked when they said there can be 2 victors this year so now I have a half chance of winning and making it out of this arena alive. I make it to the cornucopia and hide inside waiting for the other tributes so I can sneak up on them. I hear loud breathing and see Lena run in front of the cornucopia, and she doesnt nootice me. I jump out of the corncuopia with my axe raised as I can ehar her yell "WAIT! I just wanted to ally with you". My axe enters her head and I see her start to pull something out of her bag and it must be a MagiHeal, but its to late... She already dead, BOOM!

Coco Joanso (8) POV

I make it to the cornucopia just as I see Johanna cut Lena's head with axe and Lena is lifted into the air by the hovercraft and its down to 3, only one more person has to die then I get to go home. I a arrow fly by my head as it bareky misses and see Ava standing behind me. This battle is gonna be hard since we both have a bow and arrows. I shoot mine and it hits a tree, I dont have any experience with these things and I dont even know why they sent it. She shoots another arrow and I duck just in time as it hits the side of the cornucopia with a thud and falls to the ground. I see Johanna standing in the cornucopia waiting for someone to die as I load an arrow and get ready to miss. I ket the arrow go and see Ava fall to the ground as it enter's her leg.

Ava Sekaya (3) POV

"AHHH!" I scream and kand on the ground with a hard "thud". I pull the arrow out of my leg as the pain gets worst and worst. Coco starts to run towards me and im forced to use my MagiHeal as I apply it to my leg and stabd up to feel instant relief. I quickly duck under Coco as she trys to hit me only to see Johanna start to run towards me and I can tell she is starting to impatient, I take out my slingshot and shoot a rock and it hits her head. She falls to the ground. She is knocked out, but not dead. I start to run towards her to finish her off just as a arrow lands in my stomach. I was so close to victory, but I failed my family and I failed my district, BOOM!

Coco Joansi (8) POV

I cant believ it I won, I get to go home to my family, my home. I start jumping up and down in excitement just as I hear the gamemakers voice,

"Congratulations Coco and Johanna, victors of the games"!

A hovercraft starts to fly above us to take us home just as I start to think about Jane but I quickly take the though of her being squashed by a collapsing cave as the hovercraft starts to lift me up. I have won the games...

Johanna Zesser (2) POV

I wake up from confused, thinking "am I dead"? But then I see Coco being lifted into the air and into the hovercraft. Then im lifted into the air and I know I have won the games. I have survived this battlefield with 23 other girls and zo get to go home to safety, to large meals, and my friends at school. I get to go home finally, it felt never ending.




Place: Name: District: Killed By Who?: How?: Day:
24. Danielle Anners 10 Penelope (1) Throwing Knife In The Back. 1
23. Callie Crow 6 Johanna (2) Hacked Away With A Axe. 1
22. Haley Riktor 10 Jane (12) Throwing Spear In The Heart. 1
21. Devin Star 7 Amanda (7) Stabbed In The Neck With A Knife. 1
20. Estelle Crinde 11 Dymentia (3) Stabbed Continously With Scythe. 1
19. Merrie Robertson 5 Neptune (1) Shot With Arrow In The Back. 2
18. Alanna Tewie 4 Wolf Mutt Eaten Alive By Large Wolf Mutt. 2
17. Illuminate Sensorium 5 Katrina (2) Spear In The Stomach. 2
16. Amanda Hawks 7 Malonai (12) Shuriken In The Forehead. 2
15. Emma Lien 11 Hail Storm Skull Bashed In By Large Hail. 3
14. Stella Walters 6 Penelope (1) Throwing Knife To The Temple. 3
13. Jennika Stromoling 8 Johanna (2) Stabbed Continously With Axe. 3
12. Katrina Ellison 2 Acid Rain Skin Burned Off By Acid Rain. 3
11. Jane Socha 12 Exploded Cave Died From Being Trapped In A Collapsing Cave. 4
10. Melonai Jet 12 Venus Fly Trap Eaten Alive By Giant Man Eating Plant. 4
9. Jade Parlor 9 Wolf Mutt Eaten Alive By Huge Wolf Mutt. 5
8. Dymentia Light 3 Neptune (1) Shot With Arrow In The Neck. 5
7. Penelope Underwood 1 Johanna (2) Axe Thrown Into Her Chest. 5
6. Neptune Fray 1 Johanna (2) Axe Thrown Into Her Head. 5
5. Kyra Sharpe 9 Tornado Blown Away By Speeding Tornado. 6
4. Lena Cyen 4 Johanna (2) Sliced Skull With Axe. 6
3. Ava Sekaya 3 Coco Joansi Shot With Arrow To The Stomach. 6

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