Hi Guys!!!

This Is My First Hunger Games:) So I Will Not Be Doing Reapings, Chariot Rides, Interviews. Sorry:(

I Will Be Doing Games And Training Scores.

Rules (Please Read!)

1. No Mean Comments Please! This Is My First Games, So It Might Be Terrible.

2. No Getting Mad, It's The Hunger Games, 23 People Are Gonna Die!

3. The Submissions Have To Have A Lenaii!!!

4. Please Put The Submissions On This Page. I Do Not Wanna Go To Anyone's Profile!

5. If You Make A Tribute You Have To Sponsor It, You Might Have More Than One Tributes To Sponsor.

6. Reservations Last Two Days!


So This Is What I Need In The Submissions.








Bloodbath Strategy:


Anything Else Is Optional...

The Submissions Must Include Lenaii's!!!

You Can Have As Make As Many Tributes As You Want!


Since There's No Mentors, This Is How It's Gonna Work.

If You Make A Tribute Your In Charge Of That Tributes Sponsor Money.

Every Tribute Gets $1,000, So There Will Be $24,000 All Together.

You Have To Sponsor Your Tribute!!!!!!!

Additional Money:

Highest Training Score: $300

Sponsor Items


Pack Of Dried Fruit: $50

Pack Of Crackers: $75

Pack Of Beef Strips: $100

Container Of Rice: $150

Container Of Rice And Meat: $250

Pot Of Soup: $200

Whole Chicken: $350

Mini Food Pack (Gives Tribute Food For 3 Days): $500

Large Food Pack (Gives Tribute Food For The Whole Games!): $900

Canteen Of Water: $100

2 Canteens Of Water: $150


1 Bandage: $25

Pack Of 20 Bandages: $150

1 Pain Killer Drug: $50

Bottle Of 20 Pain Killers: $250

Burn Medicine: $400

Sleep Syrup: $200

1 MagiHeal (Heals Anything): $200

5 MagiHeal (Heals Anything): $900


Axe: $250

Blowgun With 20 Darts: $300

Bow With 20 Arrows: $500

Coil Of Wire: $50

Dagger: $100

Knife: $50

Mace: $450

Net: $75

20 Rocks: $50

Slingshot: $150

Spear: $200

Sword: $500

10 Throwing Axes: $350

20 Throwing Knives: $350

Trident: $550

Whip: $200


Sleeping Bag: $150

Blanket: $200

Bottle Of 10 Idione (Water Purifier): $100

Empty Canteen: $50

Pack Of Matches: $50

Night Vision Goggles: $200

A Pair Of Socks: $50

Flashlight: $50

Map Of Arena: $250

Body Armor: $600

Sponsoring Money-

Bentley Odair - $800. (Katelyn.danita)

Star Prope - $1,000. (Thena.airice14)

Cholo Werdair - $800. (FinickForever)

Ivy Ross - $950. (LeopardPrint RadioStation)

Dexter Volts - $50 (Zakel)

Sophie Livingston - $1,000. (Katelyn.danita)

Nicholas Davenport - $450. (FinickForever)

Karen Mariharu - $1,000. (FinickForever)

Tristan Cale - $1,000. (Thena.airice14)

Nina Camberlit - $1,000. (AdaPayne)

Varin Ego - $1,000. (VarinEgo)

Heather Castle - $1,000. (Whatrbooks)

Hunt Jones - $700. (Whatrbooks)

Emma McEsure - $450. (Thena.airice14)

North Blaze - $1,000. (Aquastar4infinity)

Foxibelle Hunter - $1,000. (Aquastar4infintiy)

Andy Pillar - $1,000. (FinickForever)

Evie Rae - $1,000. (Katelyn.danita)

Jacob Hill - $1,000. (Whatrbooks)

Mercury Daintree - $1,000. (Katnisssupporter)

Ayaan Hlupe - $850. (Thena.airice14)

Cynthia Crowe - $0. (Whatrbooks)

Nick Lovizio - $1,000. (Whatever It Takes)

Flo Adler - $1,000. (Whatrbooks)


P.S. I Don't Know How To Put A Table So I Just Made This List.


District 1 M - Bentley-Emerson Odair

District 1 F - Star Prope

District 2 M - Cholo Werdair

District 2 F - Ivy Ross

District 3 M - Dexter Volts

District 3 F - Sophie Livingston

District 4 M - Nicholas Davenport

District 4 F - Karen Mariharu

District 5 M - Tristan Cale

District 5 F - Nina Camberlit

District 6 M - Varin Ego

District 6 F - Heather Castle

District 7 M - Hunt Jones

District 7 F - Emma McEsure

District 8 M - North Blaze

District 8 F - Foxibelle-Fishline Hunter

District 9 M - Andy Pillars

District 9 F - Evie McKenna Rae

District 10 M - Jacob Hill

District 10 F - Mercury Soluna Daintree

District 11 M - Ayaan Hlupe

District 11 F - Cynthia Crowe

District 12 M - Nick Lovizio

District 12 F - Flo Adler


The Arena Is Sepperated Into Five Parts.

1. The Cornucopia Is In The Middle Of A Large Green Field.

2. To The Left Of The Cornucopia Is A Large Forest With Lots Of Trees And Contains Lots Of Fruits And Berries, Some Poisonous And Some Not. But It Also Contains Mutts!

3. South Of The Cornicopia Is Frozen Tundra That's Very Cold, And Contains Almost No Food, But It Does Contain Mutts.

4. To The Right Of The Corucopia Is A Beach, The Only Part That Contains Water, And It Contains Alot Of Fruit And Has A Lot Of Mutts.

5. And Last, North Of The Cornucopia Is A Volcano That Has Heat That Can Kill You In Minutes, Has No Food, No Water, No Mutts. But Don't Worry The Volcano Is Inactive... Or Is It.

77th Games Arena

The Arena!!!

Sorry To Whoever I Stole This Picture From:/

Prvate Training Sessions & Scores

Bentley Odair - Teared The Dummy To Shreads With A Sword, And Great With Every Other Weapon!.

Score- 11

Odds- 3-1

Star Prope - Great With A Mace, But Even Better With Bow And Arrows.

Score- 10

Odds- 5-1

Cholo Werdair - Somebody Loves A Mace And Is Great With It!

Score- 9

Odds- 6-1

Ivy Ross - 5 Bullseyes, I Give You The Queen Of Throwing Knives! And The Trainers Loved Her Attitude:)

Score- 11

Odds- 4-1

Dexter Volts - Great With Wire And Making Traps. Tributes Watch Out!

Score- 9

Odds- 12-1

Sophie Livingston - Hit Most Tragets With Bow And Arrows.

Score- 8

Odds- 10-1

Nicholas Davenport - R.I.P. Dummy. Excelled With A Trident And Sword, And Great With Plants.

Score- 10

Odds- 4-1

Karen Mariharu - Ok With A Bow And Arrows, And Is Wicked At Camouflage.

Score- 9

Odds- 7-1

Tristan Cale - Hit 3 Out Of 5 Targets With Knives.

Score- 6

Odds- 14-1

Nina Camberlit - Best Female Sword Fighter Ever, And Execllect With Plants!

Score- 9

Odds- 6-1

Varin Ego - Hit Half Of His Targets With Bow And Arrows, And Almost Killed A Trainer With A Knife.

Score- 8

Odds- 11-1

Heather Castle - Killed 3 Trainers On Accident, And Almost Died From Eating Nightlock!

Score- 3

Odds- 24-1

Hunt Jones - Slashed 8 Dummies With A Sword, And Hit Every Target With A Spear, And Also Very Strong!

Score- 11

Odds- 3-1

Emma McEsure - Eh. Ok With A Mace.

Score- 6

Odds- 16-1

North Blaze - Great With A Sword, Knows Alot About Plants, And Strong! The Whole Package!

Score- 9

Odds- 7-1

Foxibelle Hunter - Knows About Plants And Hit Every Target With Throwing Axes. Wow!

Score- 9

Odds- 7-1

Andy Pillars - Great With Spear And Hand-To-Hand Combat, And The Trainers Loved His Anger.

Score- 10

Odds- 5-1

Evie Rae - Hit Most Targets With Knives, Great At Tying Knots, And Very Intelligent.

Score- 8

Odds- 9-1

Jacob Hill - Great With A Knife!

Score- 5

Odds- 16-1

Mercury Daintree - Good With A Mace, But Seen Better...

Score- 7

Odds- 13-1

Ayaan Hlupe - Trainers Didn't Really Notice Anything Too Exciting, But Strong, And Great With Plants.

Score- 6

Odds- 20-1

Cynthia Crowe - Great Survival Skills!

Score- 6

Odds- 18-1

Nick Lovizio - Great With Throwing Knives. Ok With Bow & Arrows. Multi-Talented!

Score- 9

Odds- 8-1

Flo Adler - Unintelligent With Weapons But Very Smart...

Score- 5

Odds- 21-1

Sorry If You Your Score Didint Turn Out The Way You Wanted It To. Everything Was Random!

Congratulations To Bentley Odair, Ivy Ross, And Hunt Jones!

All Of Y'all Recieve $300 Extra Sponsoring Money!


The Careers- Nicholas Davenport (Leader)(4), Karen Mariharu (4), Cholo Werdair (2), Ivy Ross (2), Star Prope (1), Bentley Odair (1), Sophie Livingston (3), Hunt Jones (7), Nick Lovizio (12).

Alliance #1- Foxibelle (8), North (8), Heather (6).

Alliance #2- Emma (7), Flo (12)

Death Chart

Again, I Don't Know How To Make A Table... So Yah:/

24. Andy Pillars - Throat Slit By Bentley.

23. Mercury Daintree - Hacked At By Hunt.

22. Varin Ego - Knife In The Back By Ivy.

21. Tristan Cale - Hit In The Face With A Mace By Cholo.

20. Nick Lovizio - Sword In The Heart By Nina.

19. Nina Camberlit - Arrow In The Neck By Star.

18. Jacob Hill - Stung By Jellyfish Mutts And Drowned.

17. Heather Castle - Mauled By Bear Mutt.

16. Flo Adler - Shot In The Back With Arrow By Star.

15. Sophie Livingston - Knife In The Heart By Emma.

14. Ayaan Hlupe - Knife Dropped On His Skull By Evie.

13. Karen Mariharu - Hit In Head With Mace By Emma.

12. Star Prope - Stabbed Continuously By Emma.

11. Dexter Volts - Stabbed In Stomach With Sword By Hunt.

10. Evie Rae - Bit By Venomous Snake Mutt.

9. North Blaze - Drowned In Lava With Foxibelle.

8. Foxibelle Hunter - Drowned In Lava With North.

7. Cholo Werdair - Hit Continuously With Mace By Emma.

6. Nicholas Davenport - Hit In Face Twice With Mace By Emma.

5. Bentley Odair - Crushed Chest With Mace By Emma.

4. Emma McEsure - Knife In The Back By Ivy.

3. Cynthia Crowe - Sword In The Stomach By Hunt.

2. Ivy Ross - Throat Slit With Sword By Hunt.

Victor - Hunt Jones!!! Total Of 3 Kills.

The Games!!!

Day 1 - The Countdown!


Flo Adler POV

The Clock Starts To Tick As Soon As I Rise Into A Big Open Field Of Grass. I Feel A Cold Breeze Coming From The South, That Just Proves That The Game-makers Can Do Anything They Want To The Arena, I Mean A Tundra In The South And A Volcano In The North... Seriously! I Spot A Big Green Bag-pack, Im Going For Since It's The Closest One To Me. I Don't Want To Go To Close Into The Mayhem, Cause I Know I Wont Make It Out Alive...


Emma McEsure POV

The Clock Is Still Counting Down The 60 Seconds Till Everything Goes Violent. I Immediately Start To Look At My Competition And Wonder Who I Can Ally With, But I Quickly Get The Though Out Of Mind. I Should Be Wondering What To Do When The Gong Sounds, Usually I Would Go For The Cornucopia But With The Amount Of Careers This Year You Would Have To Be An Idiot To Do That.


Dexter Volts POV

I Just Decided That I'm Gonna Go The Cornucopia As Soon As I Noticed A Coil Of Wire Next To A Blue Backpack That Looks Pretty Large. So I'm Gonna Go For It, Hopefully There Will Be Food And Water In That Bag, And I'm Gonna Need The Wire If I Am Gonna Trap Anything... Or Anyone.


Heather Castle POV

The Clock Keeps Ticking And All I Can Think Is I'm GoingTo Die. As It Keeps Repeating Itself In My Head, I Didn't Want To Join The Cornucopia But I Know I'm Gonna Need The Supplies Since The Careers Rejected Me. I Don't Know Why, I Think It Might Be Because I Almost Died In My Training Session. Plus, I Know I'm Especially Gonna Need The Food And Water Since I Cant Hunt And I Don't Know The Difference Between Night-lock And Blueberries. I Know I'm Gonna Have To Go For It.


North Blaze POV

Most People Are Already Thinking About What They Are Going To Grab At The Cornucopia, Not Me I'm To Worried About Where Foxibelle Is. I Keep Looking Around But I Can't See Her! Then I Know She's On The Other Side Of The Cornucopia. Which Means I'm Gonna Have To Go Through The Bloodbath To Get To Her! Just My Luck... And I'm Surrounded By Careers. FML.


Nicholas Davenport POV

Luckily For Me, I'm A Career. So I Know That I Have Great Chances Of Surviving The Cornucopia. But As I Look Around I See All The Nervous Faces Around Me, And I Know These Are The People That Are Gonna Die Today. Then I Look At Ivy... She Pops Her Knuckles Like Shes About To Hit Somebody. I Laugh At This, Because I Know I'm Gonna Survive The Cornucopia And Win The Games.


Andy Pillars POV

Ever Since I Was Reaped I Didn't Know If I Was Gonna Go For The Cornucopia, And I Still Don't! But I'm Gonna Need The Supplies And Weapons. I Knew That I'm Gonna Have To Go For It Ever Since There Was Spears I Could See That Was Right In The Middle Of It. But Then, I Noticed The District 1 Male Staring Them Down Too. I Know I'm Gonna Have To Outrun Him If Im Gonna Get Them. But He's Also Starring Down A Sword Too, So I Might Have A Chance. But Then...

1... Let The Games Begin!

Day 1 - The Bloodbath!

Andy Pillars POV

Darn it! I Missed My Chance, I Was To Busy Worrying About What The District 1 Male Was Gonna Do And Now I'm About 3 Seconds Behind All The Other Tributes. I Run As Fast I Can And While I Do I See The District 1 Male Go Straight For The Sword. Yes! I Still Have A Chance, I'm Close To The Spears When Suddenly... Someone Swoops Past Me And Grabs The Spears And Runs In The Other Direction. I'm So Mad!!! I Was So Close. But I Have To Keep Going I Quickly Grab A Bag Nearby And Turn To Run To The Forest. Right As I Do A See A Long Silver Blade Slash Across My Neck And I Fall To The Ground.

Bentley Odair POV

My First Kill! I Think As I Look At The Blood On My Sword. This Is Gonna Be A Piece Of Cake. Me And The Other Careers Are Gonna Finish This Fast. I Look Over And See Hunt Continuously Hacking At The The Girl From 10. Piece Of Cake I Think Again... Piece Of Cake.

Varin Ego POV

Since The Girl From 2 Took The Throwing Knives That I Wanted I Run Straight For The Bow And Arrows. I'm Fast, But Apparently Not Fast Enough Because I Notice The Girl From One Running Straight For The Bow Too! She's Just As Fast As Me But I Reach Them First, Grab Them As Fast As I Can And Run In Towards The Forest I Look Back The Girl From 1 Is Now Chasing Someone Else. I'm Almost To The Forest But Suddenly I Feel A Sharp Pain In My Back. The Girl From 2 Threw A Knife In Back. I Fall To The Ground And Whisper To Myself "Goodbye Family, Goodbye World."

Foxibelle Hunter POV

The Gong Sounds The Entire Arena Fills With Chaos. I Don't Know Where North Is But I Know That He Will Come For So I Just Stand On Pod And Wait. Even Though Theres A Really Large Red Bag Pack That Looks Very Tempting But A Stay In My Place. Just Then I Notice North Running Straight Towards Me With A Bag, At Least We Have Some Supplies. He Ducks Under A Sword And Dodges A Mace And We Give Each Other A Fast Hug And Kiss And Run Straight Towards The Forest. On The Way I Stumble Along The Red Bag And Stop And Grab It. Now We Have 2 Bags.

Dexter Volts POV

I Run As Fast As I Can Even Though I Don't Run Very Fast. Good Thing The Bag Im Getting Is Close By. I Successfully Made It To Bag Without Anyone Notice Me, I Stop And Put The Wire In Bag And Make I Run For It. I Don't Know What Direction Or Where I'm Going I Just Run For It. I Survived The Cornucopia!

Tristan Cale POV

The Girl From 2 Got The Throwing Knives Before I Even Got To The Cornucopia! I Stop To Look To If There's Anymore Because That's The Only Weapon I'm At Least Decent At. Just My Luck! There Aren't Anymore... I Quickly Run Into The Cornucopia Since I'm Already Close Find A Large Orange Backpack And A Full Water Bottle Cause I Know I'm Gonna That. I Run Out Of The Cornucopia And Just As I Do, I Come Face To Face With Mace. Then Everything Goes Black.

Heather Castle POV

I Run, Run, Run. By The Time I Get To The Cornucopia I'm Already Out Of Breath. I Stumble On Something And I Twisted My Ankle. I Look And I See The Body Of The Boy From 5 With Large Dents In His Skull. Horrifying I Think. My Ankle Hurts Really Bad But I Stand Anyways Because I'm So Determined. I Grab A Pink Bag And A Large Knife. I Try To Walk On My Foot But I Stumble And Fall Again. I Know I Cant Go Out Of The Cornucopia While There's Still People Outside, So I Sit In The Corner And Wait For Everyone To Leave.

Nina Camberlit POV

Most People Have Already Left The Cornucopia Or Died By The Time I Get There. Which Is Actually A Good Thing! I Quickly Grab A Sword Lying On The Ground Check Around Me For Anyone Grab A Bag-pack And A Large Bottle Of Water That I Can Tell Is Full. I Get Up And Try Run, But Someone Is Blocking Me. I Quickly Stab Him In The Heart And He Falls To The Ground. I Look At His Face, The Boy From 12. I Can't Believe It I Killed A Career! As Soon I Turn I See A Arrow Go Right Past To My Face. The Girl From 1. She Missed, I Get Up And Run Straight Towards Her With My Sword. But Im Too Slow, She Lets Go Of Another Arrow And It Goes Straight Through My Neck. I Fall To The Ground. The Last Thing I See Is Her Taking My Sword And Running Away. Then My Eyes Shut... For Good.

Evie Rae POV

The Careers Leave To Go Catch Nearby Tributes And I Finally Stand. My Legs Are Sore For Hiding Behind A Nearby Bush Waiting For The Bloodbath To End. It Finally Has, I Sprint Towards The Cornucopia. I'm A Couple Feet Away When I See Heather (I Think That's Her Name) Walk Out Of The Cornucopia. I Don't Know Why But She Was Limping, We Stop Moving And Stair At Each Other For A Minute But I Stop Staring And Keep Running Towards The Cornucopia Grab A Small Black Backpack, A Small Knife, And A Long Rope And Keep Running Towards The Forest. Because Both Of Us Just Wanted To Get What Need Without Killing Anyone. She Seems Like Someone I Would Ally With, But Knowing Me She Would Just End Up With A Knife In Her Back.

Day 1 - Sunset

Emma McEsure POV

I Didn't Go For The Cornucopia Because I'm Not Stupid. With 9 Careers This Year I Wouldn't Last A Minute. I'm Still Running Through The Forest, I've Been Running For About 30 Minutes Now And I'm Not Stoping Until I Reach A Water Source Or At Least Somewhere To Sleep Tonight.. "Aww!!!" I Yell As I Go Face-first With The Girl From 12. We're Both Empty Handed, "Allies?" I Ask First. "Allies" She Repeats. We Walk A Little Farther Until We See A Nice Tree To Sleep Under. But Before We Go To Sleep We Talk About Our Lives Back Home And Were Gonna Miss If We Don't Make It Out Alive Of This Torture Chamber.

Ivy Ross POV

Me And All The Other Careers Have Already Gone Through The Cornucopia And Picked Out Our Weapons. I Got The Weapon That I Wanted... Throwing Knives. Right Now We All Left The Cornucopia To Search For Any Nearby Tributes, Because Were All Pretty Mad About The Little Amount Of Deaths At The Cornucopia. Plus, We Already Lost A Career, The Boy From 12. But That's Ok Because Wasn't That Important Anyways. We Cant Find Anybody So We Decide To Back And Sleep.

North Blaze POV

Me And Foxibelle Are In A Tiny Old Shed That We Found In The Forest. We Are Almost Asleep When We Here Footsteps Outside. We Both Get Up And Peek Out The Nearby Window. It's The Girl From 6, Heather. She's Looks Pretty Hurt Because She's Limping So Bad She Can Barely Walk. She Has A Bag And A Knife. I Walk Outside, She Sees Me And Raises Her Knife. "Wait" I Shout. Foxibelle Steps Beside Me. "You Look Like You Need Some Help" I Say. She Shakes Her Head Yes And We Take Her Into The Shed And She Immediately Falls Asleep. Me And Foxibelle Lay Down. BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! The Anthem Begins To Play We Watch Out The Window. Both Tributes From 5, The Boy From 6, The Boy From 9, The Girl From 10, And A Career, The Boy From 12. "6 Down... 18 To Go" I Say. And We Both Fall Asleep.

Day 1 Stats

1. The Careers Are Sleeping By The Cornucopia. They All Have Weapons And Supplies.

2. Foxibelle, North, And Heather Are Sleeping In An Old Shed In The Forest. They Have Plenty Of Supplies, But No Weapons.

3. Emma And Flo Are In Sleeping Under A Tree In The Forest. The Have No Supplies And No Weapons.

4. Dexter Is In The Tundra. Luckily He Had A Sleeping Bag In His Bag-Pack. He Has Plenty Of Supplies And Wire.

5. Jacob Is Sleeping Under A Tree On The Beach. He Has No Supplies And No Weapons.

6. Evie Is Sleeping In The Forest. She Has Enough Supplies And A Knife For A Weapon.

7. Ayaan Is On The Edge Of The Beach And Tundra. He Is Really Cold. He Has No Supplies And No Weapons.

8. Cynthia Is Sleeping On The Beach. She Has Plenty Of Water And Has Found Fruit For Food. But Has No Weapons.

Day 2 - Watch Your Back!

Jacob Hill POV

I Wake Up To The Sounds Of Crashing Waves. So Relaxing, I Plan On Staying On The Beach The Entire Games. When I Wake My Mouth Is Dry, I Walk To The Seaside Of The Beach And Take A Drink." Ahh Refreshing" I Say. The Water Is Cold Yet Warm. I No But It's To Tempting. Walk Into The Water As It Gets Deeper And Deeper. I Float On My Back And Go Underwater, The Water Is Very Clear. I'm So Relaxed... Then I See Something In The Water. At First It Looks Like Seaweed. Then It Gets Closer And Closer And The View Gets Better... A Jellyfish Mutt. Of Course Im So Stupid! How Did I Not Know There Were Gonna Be Some Kind Of Mutts In The Water. I Swim As Fast As I Can To Shore, I Start To Get Ahead But Then I Run Out Of Energy. I Slow Down, Then I Feel A Sharp Pain On My Legs It's Stinging Me. The Pain Goes Through My Body As It Keeps Stinging Me, Making It Hard To Swim Untill The Stings Become Unbearable. I Go Under, Never To Come Back Up. BOOM!

Heather Castle POV

I Wake Up To The Sound Of A Canyon. I Look Over, North And Foxibelle Are Still Asleep. I Barely Remember Last Night, But What I Do Remember Is That They Want To Ally With Me. I Was Very Surprised That They Would Ally With Someone With A Twisted Ankle... My Ankle, I Totally Forget About That! Because It Feels Much Better. I Stand And Walk Around. I Don't Feel Anything! I Probably Just Needed To Rest. All Of A Sudden I Hear Footsteps. I Walk Outside To See What It Is, Then I Hear Leaves Crumbling, I Walk Farther And Farther. Then I Feel A Shove Against My Back And I Fall To The Ground I Turn Around And I See A Bear Mutt With Gigantic 3Ft. Long Claws. It Jumps On Me, And I Scream As Loud As Can. Then The Bear Settles It's Claws Into My Chest. I Completely Stop Breathing And The World Around Me Goes Blank.

North Blaze POV

I Hear Screaming And Me And Foxibelle Quickly Sit Up From A Long Sleep. I Look Over And "Heathers Gone!" I Yell. BOOM! "That Must Of Been Her Canyon And She Left Her Stuff" Foxibelle Says In A Very Scared Voice. A Stand Up, Grab Her Knife, And Run Outside. "Wait" I Hear Foxibelle Say. But I Don't Wait I Keep Running Until A Come Upon A Body... Heather Body With 3 Claw Marks In Her Chest. I Look Up And See A Bear, Without Thinking I Throw The Knife. It's Hits The Bear Right In The Eyes, And It Runs. Foxibelle Looks At The Body And Then Me. I Walk Back To The Shed "Theres No Saving Her Now." We Walk Back Into The Shed And Eat Some Bread And Sit There In Silence And Wait For The Games To End, But At This Point It Seems Never Ending.

Emma McEsure POV

As Soon As I Woke Up Today I Heard 2 Cannons. I Am Really Nervous To Leave The Peace Under The Tree, But Me And Flo Are Really Hungry And Thirsty, And Since We Can't Find A Water Source In The Forest We Decide To Go The Beach. Just As We Stand Up We Hear A Loud Beeping Noise, A Noise That Could Attract Another Tribute. Its A Sponsor Gift, We Open The Container And It Contains 2 Packs Of Dried Fruit. Thank God! I Feel Like I'm Starving, I Quickly Open The Pack And Shove A Handful In My Mouth And Give The To Flo, And We Decide To Save The Other Pack So I Put It In My Pocket. We're About To Walk To The Beach Even Though We Don't Know Which Way Were Going And We Hear Somebody Talking. Not Somebody, A Lot Of People... The Careers. Me And Flo Run As Fast As We Can In Some Random Direction.

Star Prope POV

Me And The Other Careers Are In The Forest Hunting For Tributes. It Quite Until Se Somebody Start Running, 2 People! A Double Kill I Think, Is Just We Need. "Guys Look!" I Yell Out Loud Because I'm So Excited We Finally Found Tributes. We Quickly Run Towards The Figures As Fast As We Can, But They Get Farther And Farther. I Feel Hopeless Until, One Them Suddenly Fall To The Ground.

Flo Adler POV

Oww! I Fall To Ground After Tripping Over A Large Twig On The Ground. My Leg Is Throbbing With Pain, But I'm Really Determined. I Don't Want To Die, I Want To Go Back To My Home In District 12 And See My Family Again. As Soon As I Get Up I Keep Running But Im Too Late, I Feel A Sharp Pain In My Back. I Yell And Go Face First To The Ground. There's An Arrow In My Back, The Pain Gets Worst And Worst... Until I Feel Nothing.

Emma McEsure POV

I See Flo Trip, And I Hear Her Yell And I Know She's Dead. But I Keep Running. I Feel Really Bad But I Know That If I Go Back For Her And Help Her, I'm A Goner I Think I Outran The Careers. At This Point I Don't Know Where I Am And I'm Still Really Thirsty. But I'm Too Tired To Keep Walking, I Feel Like I'm Gonna Pass Out So I Climb A Tree, Because At This Point It's To Dangerous To Be Sleeping On The Ground. I Lay On The Branch And Stare At The Sky, Waiting For This Torture To End.

Nicholas Davenport POV

Star Killed The Girl From 12 And We Let The Other Girl Go. We Return To The Cornucopia And Rest, Satisfied About Our Kill. By Now It's Almost Dark Outside And We Know Were Not Even Close To Finishing The Games, But We Sleep Anyways While Sophie Guards The Supplies.

Dexter Volts POV

Im Freezing, Even With My Sleeping Bag. I Know I Need To Get I Out Of The Tundra Before I Die Of The Cold. Just As I Start To Gather My Stuff, I Hear A Beeping Noise... A Sponsor Gift! Yes, In Instead If The Usually Container It's A Large Bag With A Strip Of Paper Attached To It. It's A Note From My Mentor:

"Your Doing Great So Far! You Got Your Bag! I'm So Proud Of You! I Knew You Could Do It! 'Ok This Is What I want You To Do: Make Some Traps And Tazers, Stay There If You Don't See Mutts. In About 1-2 Days Get Out Of There And Go To The Edge Of The Forest. I Sent You Some Things So You Don't Have To Worry. Try To Get A Kill. Befriend Them Then Turn Back On Them. You Can Win This! Make Your Fire Small But Warm. Make Sure No One Notices You. When You Need To Get Water Make Sure To Go To The Bottom Side Of The Cornocoupia. And Get Some Water And Return To The Edge of The Forest.You Can Win This! I Know You Can Win It! Good Luck Dexter!"

It's A Really Long Note, But Full Of Advice I Stuff It In My Pocket. I Open The Bag And It's Full Of Supplies. A Pack Of Dried Fruit, A Flashlight, 2 Canteens Of Water, And Some Matches... Matches, Yes! I Been Wanting Some Matches Because I'm Not Good At Making Fires. I Cather A Couple Of Small Sticks And And Make A Small Fire, Where Nobody Can Notice. After ImAt Least A Little Warm, I Throw A Handful Of Snow On The Fire To Put It Out. I Do As My Mentor Tells Me To And Walk To The Forest, Once I'm There I'm Gonna Make A Trap With My Wire. I Think Of My Mentors Words In My Head. "You Can Win This."

Cynthia Crowe POV

Right Now I'm On The Beach. I'm Doing Pretty Well. I've Been Drinking The Water From The Beach And I've Been Eating A Lot Of Bananas From The Palm Trees On The Beach. The Only Problem Is I Don't Have Any Weapons! Hopefully I Run Into Any Nearby Tributes Because I Cant Defend Myself. Im Walking On The Beach And I Can Tell I'm On The Edge Because I Can See The Tundra Up Ahead. I Also See Ayaan Sleeping On A Bare Patch Of Grass On The Edge Of The Beach, I Can See He Has No Food Or Weapons. I Would Ally With Him But He Already Told Me He Doesn't Want To Ally With Anyone. To Avoid Confrontation, I Walk Back To The Beach, While I'm Walking The Anthem Begins To Play. The Boy From 10, The Girl From 6, And The Girl From 12. Not Bad, But I Know The Games Is Only About Half-Way Over.

Day 2 Stats

1. The Careers Are Back At The Cornucopia From There Kill Sleeping, And Fully Supplied And All Have Weapons.

2. North And Foxibelle Are Still In The Shed In The Forest. They Now Have 3 Bags Including Heathers, And They Have A Knife.

3. Dexter Is Walking Towards The Forest. He Has A Lot Of Supplies, And Is Making A Trap With His Wire.

4. Emma Is In The Forest By The Tundra. She Has 1 Pack Of Dried Fruit.

5. Evie Is Sleeping In A Tree In The Forest. She Has A Bag, A Rope, And A Knife.

6. Cynthia Is Sleeping On The Beach. She Is Well-Fed And Hydrated, But Has No Weapons.

7. Ayaan Is Sleeping By The Tipundra And Beach And Has No Supplies Or Weapons, And Is Very Cold!

Day 3 - Payback Is Key...

Sophie Livingston POV

Ok... I'm Really Angry. This Is The Second Day In A Row That The Other Careers Left Me Behind To Guard The Cornucopia While They Go Hunt For Tributes. I'm Sick Of Being Left Behind! I'm Starting To Regret Ever Joining Them. Plus The Fact That Enjoy Killing People Makes Me Sick. I Sit And Wait For Them For About An 1 Hour. I Get Too Tired, I Fall Asleep.

Foxibelle Hunter POV

Me And North Are Still Hiding Out In The Shed, Mainly Because Half Of The Day Is Over And We Haven't Heard One Cannon Yet, We Haven't Heard A Sound... Something's Not Right. It's Still Daylight And Pretty The Careers Are Still Out Hunting For Just Like They Do Everyday. Im Very Confused By This, And Im Kinda Upset, Because The More Tributes Dead... The Better Chance Me Or North Are Gonna Win. That's Another Thing I'm Worried About, Because I Know Only One Person Can Win. I Quickly Take The Thought Out Of My Head Because The More I Think About The More Nightmares Im Gonna Have.

Emma McEsure POV

Im Walking To The Cornucopia, Ready To Avenge Flo's Death. I Know The Careers Are Out Hunting For Tributes Right Now, And They Always Leave 1 Tribute To Guard The Cornucopia. I Wonder Who It Is, Whoever It Is I Would Hate To Be Them. I Walked All The Way To The Edge Of The Forest, I Check For Careers, It's Clear. I Look At The Cornucopia And I See A Girl Sleeping. Idiot! Who Sleeps While Their Guarding The Cornucopia. Although I'm Not Complaining That Just Makes My Job Much Easier. I Quickly Run To The Cornucopia And Grab A Knife That's On Top Of A Big Box. A Slowly Walk Towards The Girl, It's The Girl From District 3. Her Eyes Open Up Really Fast She Try's To Move, But It's To Late... The Knife Is Already In Her Heart. She Stands Looks At The Knife Piercing Her Skin, Then Falls Lifelessly To The Ground. BOOM! Darn It! I Forgot About The Cannon. The Careers Are Probably Running Towards The Cornucopia. I Quickly Grab A Bag And A Small Mace From The Cornucopia And Run, Unnoticed. Mission Completed, I Think.

Hunt Jones POV

All The Careers Are Running To The Cornucopia To Check On Sophie. We're Pretty Sure The Cannon Was Either For Her Or Some Other Tribute Because We Didn't Get Any Kills Today. I Reach The Cornucopia First, And I See Sophie Body On The Ground With A Knife Jammed In Her Heart. "She's Dead" I Shout. Nicholas See's The Body For Himself. "I'm Pretty Sure I Know Who Did This" He Says. I Know To, The Ally Of The Girl We Killed Yesterday... The Girl From Seven. "We Have To Go Find Her And Kill Her!" Everyone Shakes Their Head At Me. "We Will Deal With Her Tomorrow" Nicholas Says. It's Getting Dark Out, We All Go To Sleep. Except Tomorrow Were Gonna Have 2 Careers Guarding The Cornucopia.

Cynthia Crowe POV

It's Dark Out And There Was Only 1 Kill Today. While Most Tributes Are Out Killing Each Other For Fun, I've Been Relaxing On The Beach. By The Looks Of It, I'm The Only Tribute On The Beach Now. This Morning I Saw Ayaan Leave The Tundra And Head For The Forest. Probably Because He's Been Sleeping in The Snow And Hasn't Eaten Or Drink Anything In Two Days, Although I Did See Him Carrying A Sleeping Bag... Probably A Sponsor Gift. He Is Most Likely Gonna Die From Starvation Or Dehydration. I Wish I Would Get A Sponsor Gift!!! All Of A Sudden I Hear A Weird Beeping Sound Behind Me. It's A Sponsor Gift. Well About Time, I Think. Its A Grey Pouch, I Open It And It Contains A Knife And A Dagger. Two Weapons! "Thank You" I Say, Even Though No One Can Hear Me.

Dexter Volts POV

I Woke Up This Morning To The Sound Of A Another Sponsor Gift. Another Big Backpack Full Of Supplies. A Flashlight, A Pair Of Socks, A Knife, A Pack Of Beef Strips, A Bandage, And A Pain Killer Now I Have Three Big Bags Of Supplies. This Is Note That Came With It:

"I Know You Can Win. You Just Got To Use All Of These Things That You Have To Your Advantage. I Know You Can Do It. If You See Mutts Run Away Unless You Built Your Electric Trap You Can Trap The Bear. Heat Up The Fire (But Make Sure No One Notices Your Fire) And Have A Good Bear Meal. That Was Kind Of Funny To Say. But I Know You Can Win! Just Keep Those Words Into Your Mouth. In A Time Of Danger Use Your Knife And Tazer (I'll Send You A Wire Tommorrow) To Your Advantage. Good Luck Dexter! Win This!"

I Stuff The Note In My Pocket With The Other One Just In Case I Need It. I've Been Up Since Yesterday Night Working On My Wire Trap And Im Almost Finished With It. But I Decide I Really Need At Least A Little Bit Of Sleep Just In Case, Just As I Lay Down The Anthem Begins To Play. No! It Shows The Face Of My District Partner, Sophie. It Looks Like It's Up To Me To Win It So I Can Return To My Home. I Rest My Eyes And Fall Asleep.

Evie Rae POV

Only 1 Person Died Today. So Far I Think There's Still 14 Tributes Left. Almost Half Of The Tributes Are Dead Including My District Partner. I've Been In This Tree Almost The Whole Games. Luckily A Had Food And Water In The Pack I Got At The Cornucopia. The Reason I Decided To Stay In The Tree Is So I Can Let All The Other Tributes Slice And Hack At Each Other Until There's Only 2 Tributes Left. Im Almost Asleep When I Hear Something Moving Under My Tree. I Look Below And I See Tribute Who Looks Like He's About To Pass Out, I Can See His Ribs Showing And I Know He's About To Die From Hunger. I Can't Make Out Which Tribute It Is, I Decide To Put Him Out Of His Misery. I Sit On My Branch And Get My Knife Out My Bag. Right Now He's Trying To Stand And He Keeps Wobbling Back And Forth. I Throw My Knife From My Branch And It Goes Straight Into His Skull. He Falls To The Ground Instantly, BOOM! I Jump Down And Get My Knife. I Look At His Face Very Closely But It's Hard To See In The Darkness. I Think It's The Boy From 11. I Climb Back In My Tree As The Hovercraft Comes Over My Tree And Lifts The Tributes Body Up Into The Air And Flys Away. I Can't Fall Asleep That Night, Because I Keep Having The Same Image In My Head With The Boy With A Knife Jammed In His Head. I Regret What I Did.

Day 3 Stats

1. The Careers Are Sleeping At The Cornucopia, Getting Ready To Hunt Tributes Tomorrow. They Have Supplies And Weapons.

2. North And Foxibelle Are Still In The Shed In The Forest. They Are Well Supplied And Only Have A Knife For A Weapon.

3. Dexter Is In The Forest. He Has A Lot Of Supplies And Is Now Awake And Has Finished His Wire Trap.

4. Evie Is Sleeping In A Tree In The Forest. She Has Supplies, A Rope, And A Knife.

5. Cynthia Is Sleeping On The Beach. She Is Well-Fed And Hydrated And Has A Knife And Dagger For A Weaapon.

6. Emma Is In The Forest. She Now Has A Bag With Water And A Pack Of Dried Fruits, And A Mace.

Day 4 - Plans Gone Wrong.

Karen Mariharu POV

Nicholas Has Left Me And Star In Charge Of Guarding The Cornucopia. He Seems Pretty Stressed And Nervous About The Whole Sophie Situation. I On The Other Hand Am Pretty Calm. But He Put Star With Me Today, Just In Case It Happens Again. Which I Don't Know Why, Because I Don't Need Her Help If Am Gonna Be Attacked By Someone. There Hasn't Been A Cannon Yet Today, Which Means They Haven't Found Anyone Yet, Of Course They Haven't Without The Help Of Me. Star Took The Bow And Arrows That I Wanted At The Cornucopia, So I'm Stuck With Some Stupid Spears That I've Have No Idea How To Throw. But Overall I Think Were Ready For Any "Surprise Attack."

Emma McEsure POV

It's Time To Initiate Part 2 Of My Plan. I Killed One Career Yesterday, And I'm Extra Ready To Kill Another One. Now I'm Fully Equipped With A Mace. I Look At The Cornucopia And I See 2 Careers! Of Course, I Should've Known That They Would Leave Two Careers This Time Just To Be Safe. That Puts A Big Dent In My Plan, But I'm Still Ready. I Look And See The Girls From 1 And 4. I Throw My Mace And It Hits The Girl From 4 Right In The Head, BOOM! The Girl From 1 Turns My Direction And Sees Me. It's Down To Me And Her And I Know That I Have To Kill Her Fast Before The Other Careers Get Here. She Shoots An Arrow And I Barely Dodge It. I Don't Know What To Do Now, Because I Have No Weapons And My Mace Is To Far Away To Get. She Quickly Loads Another Arrow And Shoots, I Duck Just In Time. Then I Remember! I Have A Knife That Was In My Bag In Took. I Dodge Another Arrow And She Runs Closer Towards Me. I Pull Out My Knife And Throw As Hard As I Can Even Though I Have No Skills At Throwing Knives, But I Manage To Throw Right In Her Stomach. But She Keeps Running Towards. I Move Out The Way Just As She Try's To Grab Me, And She Falls To The Ground. She Trys To Get Back Up, I Walk Towards Her, Take My Knife Out Her Stomach And Stab Her Over And Over Again. All Of My Anger Comes Out And I Yell "This Is For Flo!!!." BOOM! I Know She's Dead, But I Can't Stop, Until I Her The Careers. I Get Up And Look At The Bloody Body. I Grab My Bag And Run Farther Into The Forest, Away From The Careers.

Bentley Odair POV

Karen And Star Are Both Dead! "How Did This Happen?" I Ask Very Loudly. The Games Is Almost Over, We Can't Afford To Lose Any More Careers, Were Down To 5 Left. It's Just Me, Cholo, Ivy Hunt, And Nicholas. "It's The Girl From 7!" Nicholas Says To Me. We Are All Fuming With Anger. "That's It, Let's Find Her!" Everyone Agrees, Including Me. "Now Your Talking" Im Very Confident To Find The Killer Of Star And Avenge Her Death, And I'm Sure Nicholas Feels The Same Way. We All Take Off In The Forest, Anxious To Find To Find The Girl Who Did All This.

North Blaze POV

Me And Foxibelle Are Still In The Shed In The Forest, And Were Really Starting To Worry That Someones Gonna See Us. We Heard 2 Cannons Today Already And We Don't Want To Make It 4. We Snack On Some Bread And Some Beef Strips We Found In Heathers Old Bag. Altogether We Still Have 3 Bags And A Knife. We Finish Our Food And Get A Drink Of Water. I'm Really Worried About Foxibelle, Half Of The Tributes Are Dead And I Don't Want It To Come To Just Us. But If By Some Miracle That Does Happen, I Would Definitely Kill Myself So Foxibelle Can Win And Go Home. "North" I Hear Foxibelle Whisper To Me And She Points To The Front Door. I Peek My Face Out The Door And I See The Careers! Why Are They This Deep In The Woods. There To Far To See Me But There Headed Straight For Us. We Can't Escape Through The Door Or They Will See Us. I Look Around The Shed And See A Small Window On The Opposite Wall From The Door. I Quickly Gather The Bags And Punch The Glass With My Fist And It Breaks Easily. My Hands Are Covered In Blood But I Don't Care, I Take Foxibelles Hand And Lift Hear So She Can Climb Through The Window And I Follow Her. We Run Farther Into The Forest Away To The Forest And Away From The Careers.

Dexter Volts POV

I Woke Up To The Sound Of 2 Cannons And Another Sponsor Gift Arrives. All Of These Sponsor Gifts Must Be Costing A Fortune! This Time It's A Much Smaller Bag. I Rip The Note Off The Bag And Read It:

"Good Job! You Finished Your Electrical Trap! I'm Sending You A Coil Of Wire. Make A Tazer Or Stun Gun This Time. When You Stun Them Stab Them With The Knife You Have. I Have No More Money But, It's Okay. The Other Capitol People (My Friends) Might Sponsor You If They Can. I'm Also Sending You Some Medical Supplies Just Incase If You Get Hurt Or Anything. Use Your Trap And Tazer Or Stun Gun, And Knife To Your Advantage. If You Get A Kill Remember To Get Their Things. Remember To Be Sleuthy And Stay Hidden. Good Luck Dexter! You Can Do This."

Another Long Statement From My Mentor. The Bag Contained Another Coil Of Wire, A Bottle Of Painkillers, And 1 Bandage. Now That I Finished My First Trap It's Time To Put My Plan Into Action. I Have To Do It Now, Because It's Starting To Get Dark Out. I Set My Wire Trap Under A Nearby Tree And And Climb Up It And Wait For My Victim... I'm Almost Asleep When I Hear The Sound Of My Trap Snap Shut! I Caught Someone, I Look Down And There's Nothing There! I Quickly Jump Down From The Tree And Look At My Trap. I'm So Confused! How Did Someone Escape My Trap? I Think About What Could've Gone Wrong, When I Suddenly Feel Pain In My Stomach. I Look Down And See A Sword In My Stomach. I Know That I'm A Goner. The Last Thing I Hear Is, "Great Kill Hunt!" And Then The World Around Me Goes Black. I Know It Was A Plan Gone Wrong. BOOM!

Cynthia Crowe POV

Right After I Hear A Cannon The Anthem Begins To Play. I Lay On The Beach And Watch. The First Face I See Is Ayaan. No! I Knew He Wouldn't Last Another Minute Without Any Food. His Cannon Must Of Been The One That Went Off Last Night. I See 2 Careers, The Girls From 1 And 4, And The Boy From 3. I Know That Now That Ayaan Is Dead. District 11 Is Praying That I Win And Come Home Victorious, I Hope Their Right. We're Down To The Final 10 Tributes. I Rest My Head And Fall Asleep, Getting Ready For Whatever Is Gonna Happen Tomorrow.

Day 4 Stats

1. The Careers Are In The Forest Hunting For Tributes, Especially Emma. They Have Supplies And Weapons.

2. Foxibelle And North Are In The Forest Hiding From The Careers. They Have Supplies And A Knife.

3. Emma Is In The Forest Hiding From The Careers. She Has Supplies And A Knife.

4. Evie Is Still In The Forest. She Has Supplies And A Knife.

5. Cynthia Is On The Beach. She Is Well Fed And Hydrated And Has A Knife And A Dagger.

Day 5 - A Feast! With A Surprise!

Evie Rae POV

Ssss... I Open My From A Deep Sleep And See A Snake Hanging From A Branch Right Above Me. But This Isn't Any Average Snake, It Has A Long Silver Body That Looks Like Metal And Fangs As Long As My Finger. I Move Very Slowly And It Hisses Again, It Moves Closer. I Quickly Jump Down From The Tree But It Follows Me. I Start Running But Then I Hear A Beeping Noise By The Tree, It's A Sponsor Gift. I Can't Leave It There Or Someone Else Will Get It. I Run Back To The Tree And See A Small Bag. A Look Up And I Don't See The Snake In The Tree Anymore, Thank God. I Open The Bag And It Has A Pack Of Beef Strips And A Canteen Of Water. I Sit And Relax While I Eat A Beef Strip. Sssss, I Look Over And See The Snake Again. I Grab My Bag And Run, But As Soon As I Get Up The Snake Bites Me In My Leg. I Keep Running Though, And After A Couple Of Seconds I Lose Feeling In My Leg, I Yelp In Pain As I Fall To The Ground. I Wish My Death Was A Lot Quicker, I Can Feel My Blood Boiling As The Venom Rushes To My Head And I Die Instantly.

North Blaze POV

BOOM! Me And Foxibelle Both Wake Up. My Body Is Sore From Laying On The Hard Ground. I Think The Careers Gave Up Looking For Us And Left. All Of A Sudden We Hear A Loud Tapping Sound, And We Hear The Voice Of The Head Game-maker:

"Congratulations Final 10 Tributes! It Is Time For Our Annual Feast That Will Be Held At The Cornucopia. And If I Was You, I Would Attend."

We Hear A Evil Sounding Laugh, Then Nothing. "What Do You Think He Means?" Foxibelle Asks. "He's Probably Just Trying To Scare Us, Plus We Don't Need Anything And Were Not Taking The Chance." I Tell Her. We Both Lay Back Down. After A Couple Of Minutes, I Start Sweating Buckets. I Stand And Look In The Distance And See Flowing Red Lava, And It's Coming Straight For Us. "Run!!!" I Grab The Bags And Run Behind Foxibelle. We Run Towards The Cornucopia, But It Seems Like It's Taking Forever And Can Feel My Legs Aching. I Slow Down...

Foxibelle Hunter POV

My Lungs Are Burning From The Heat, But I Keep Running. I Turn Around And I See North Has Stopped Running. "North, The Lava Is Gonna Catch Up To Us!" I Yell To Him. "Keep Running, You To Have Win This... Only One Of Us Can Win And It's Gonna Be You!" He Shouts Back. But I Won't Except It, I Run To Him And Take His Hand. "If Your Gonna Die, Then So Am I." I Say As Tears Flow Down My Face. He Gives A Slight Smile At Me, And We See The Lava Up Ahead. We Give Each A Long Hug And Kiss. "I Love You North." I Say, And He Says It Back. We Stand Hand In Hand As We Are Submerged In Lava. BOOM!BOOM!

Cynthia Crowe POV

I'm Laying On The Beach When The Announcement Comes On And They Tell About The Feast. I Hear 2 Cannons And Decide Not To Go, Because Ive Finding A Lot Of Food And Water On The Beach And I Have A Knife And Dagger. I Start Walking Along The Seaside When I Suddenly Feel The Water Heat Up. I Look Back And The Beach Is Covered In Lava. Of Course! Figures They Would Have Some Sort Of Devious Plan To Get All The Tributes To Go To The Feast To Kill Each Other. I Run As Fast As I Can, I Look Back And See The Sand Covered In Lava And It Runs Into The Water And Makes It Look Like A Giant Pool Of Blood. I Make It To The Cornucopia Just In Time To See The Girl From 7 Hitting Away At The Boy From 2 With A Mace, BOOM! I Decide To Hide Behind A Nearby Bush And Wait For It To End. I Look Over And See That The Tundra Isn't Covered In Lava, Im Gonna Run There Once I Get My Bag, Since The Beach And Forest Are Now A Red Explosion Of Lava.

Emma McEsure POV

I Pick Up My Mace From The Boy From 2's Bruised And Bloody Body. It's Only Me And The Careers At The Feast Right Now. I Already Got My Pack From The Feast And It Contained A Brand New Shiny Mace, Although It's Not So Shiny, Now It's Covered In Blood. I Going One On One With The Careers, It's Time To End This Battle Right Here. A Raise My Mace Just As The Girl From 2 Throws A Knife, And It Barely Touches My Face. The Boy From 7 Runs Towards Me And I Kick Him In The Gut But I End Up Hurting My Foot! I Realize He Has Body Armor On That He Must Have Gotten From His Pack. I Dodge A Trident From The Boy From 4 And Hit Him With My Mace, He Falls To The Floor But I Can Tell He's Still Alive, Barely. I Block The Sword From The Boy From 1 With My Mace But He's Too Strong I Fall To The Floor. I Use All Of My Strength To Keep The Long Blade From Entering My Throat. I Quickly Push Him Off Of Me And Hit Him In The Leg With My Mace And He Falls To The Ground Yelling In Pain. I Get Up And Start To Run But The Boy From 7 Stops Me, He Pushes Me Down He Raises His Sword But I Move Out Of The Way. I Start Running Towards The Tundra, The The Boy From 4 Gets Back Up And Runs Towards. By Now He's A Bloody Mess, I Stop And Throw My Mace And It Hits Him In The Face Again And He Falls To The Ground Again. BOOM! Now He's Dead I Think As I Keep Running, I Look Back And See All The Other Careers Helping The Boy From 1 With His Leg. I Reach The Tundra And Lay Down, A Happy Grin Comes Across My Face. I Survived The Feast... I Can Win This.

Hunt Jones POV

We Help Bentley Get Try To Get Up, But His Leg Is In A Lot Of Pain. We Decide To Let The Girl From 7 Run Away, We Will Take Care Of Her Tomorrow, Because We Can't Risk Losing Any More Careers, Now Were Down To Three... Just Me, Ivy, And Bentley. We Let Bentley Lay Down And Rest His Leg, While Me And Ivy Sit And Wait For Any Other Tributes That Decide To Come. We Heard Three Cannons Before The Feast So That Means There Should Be Another Tribute Somewhere Out There That Hasn't Come To The Feast. Me And The Other Careers Already Got Our Packs. I Got Body Armor, Bentley Got A Sword, And Ivy Got Another Set Of Throwing Knives. I Took Nicholas's Trident Just In Case I Needed It. We're About To Take The Last Pack Still On The Table Until...

Cynthia Crowe POV

I Look Over The Bush And See There's Only 3 Careers Left And The Girl From Has Left. 1 Of The Careers Are Asleep And The Other 2 Are Wide Awake. All I Have To Do Is Outsmart Them, I Take Out My Dagger Just In Case I Need It. The Careers Are In Front Of The Cornucopia So I Quickly Run Behind It. Once I'm There I Think About What Do Next. I Need To Get Them Right HerenSo I Can Run, Get My Pack, And Run To The Forest. I Pick Up A Rock Nearby And Throw Them By The Careers. I Hear Them Get Up And Walk To The Left Side Of The Cornucopia, So I Quickly Run To The Right. I Grab My Bag And Take Off Towards The Tundra, I Made It There Alive. I Walk In The Snowy Weather And I Already Start Shivering. I'm Really Sad Because I Don't Have A Sleeping Bag To Keep Me Warm, But I Know It's Only One Night. While Walking I Notice The Girl From 7 Sleeping On The Snow. I Know She Would Be A Easy Kill While Shes Sleeping But I Decide To Wait Till The Final Day To Do That. I Find A Spot On The Ground And Open My Pack, It's A Map Of The Arena. Thats Kinda Pointless To Have At This Point Because I Pretty Much Got The Whole Arena Memorized, But I Keep It Anyway. I Hear The Sound Of A Sponsor Gift And See I Huge Red Backpack In Front Of Me. I Open It And It Had A Thing Of Body Armor, Now This Is Something That Will Come In Handy. I Put The Armor On So It's Ready For Tomorrow, Now I'm Weapon Proof. I Lay Down And Relax And I Think To My Self Im Almost Home... Im Almost Home.

Ivy Ross POV

"What Was That?" I Ask Hunt. "Im Not Sure." We Look Around But Don't See Anything. We Go Back To The Front Of The Cornucopia And Notice The Last Bag Is Gone! "Damn It!" I Hear Hunt Say. "It's Ok... We Will Get HerTomorrow." I Say As I Lay Down Just As The Anthem Begins To Play. I See The Faces Of The Girl From 9, The Couple From 8, Cholo, And Nicholas. "5 To Go." I Relax And Get Some Rest For Tomorrow, Because I Know It's Gonna Be The Worst Day Yet. But I Know That I Have To Win And Go Home... For District 2.

Day 5 Stats

1. The 3 Remaining Careers Are Resting By The Cornucopia And Getting Ready For The Final Day.

2. Emma Is In The Sleeping In The Tundra. She Has Supplies And A Mace.

3. Cynthia Is Sleeping In The Tundra. She Has Supplies And Body Armor.

Day 6 - Go Hard Or Die Trying.

Emma McEsure POV

I Wake Up Very Early, Hopefully Earlier Than The Careers. If They Are Asleep That Will Give Me A Huge Advantage. I Grab My Mace And Walk Towards The Cornucopia, When I Get There I See They Are Asleep, Yes! I Walk Over To The Edge Of The Cornucopia And Look Down At My First Victim, The Boy From 1. He Is Holding His Leg, So I Can Tell He's Still In A Lot Of Pain. I Raise My Mace And Swing With All Of My Force And It Hits Him In Chest And I Can Literally Hear His Spine Into A Hundred Pieces. He Eyes Instantly Open And Close Back And I Know He's Dead, BOOM! The Careers Quickly Wake Up And Stand And Hunt Jumps At Me While The Girl Runs Towards A Bag, Probably To Get Her Throwing Knives. Hunt Tackles Me To The Ground And We Roll Around While I Try To Get Him Off Of Me. I Try To Move But He's To Strong. I Finally Get My Hand Free And I Hit Him In The Face And He Budges Just Enough To Let Me Roll Him Over. I Raise My Mace And I'm About To Hit Him Win I Feel Something Hit My Back And I Spit Blood All Over Hunts Face. I Look Behind Me And See A Throwing Knife In My Back And I Fall Face First To The Ground. I Notice A Camera That's On The Side Of The Cornucopia And It's Aiming Right At Me. I Blow One Last Kiss To My Family And Then I See Nothing. BOOM!

Cynthia Crowe POV

I Look Through The Bush And Look At The Cornucopia. I See The Girl From 2 Throw A Knife In The Back Of The Girl From 7 And Her Cannon Sounds. I See The Girl From 2 Help The Other Career Up From The Ground. So There's Only 2 Careers And Me. I Pull Out My Dagger And Run Towards The Girl. She Turns Around And Sees Me And Throws A Knife And It Soars Past My Face. I Run And Tackle Her To The Ground. I Raise My Dagger And I'm About To Kill Her When Hunt Shoves Me Off Of Her. My Side Feels Broken And I Stand Up, Just As I Do Hunt Shoves His Sword Into My Stomach And I Fall To The Floor And Hit My Head Hard On The Ground. I Know It's The End For Me, And I Feel A Tear Run Down My Face. I Was So Close... Yet So Far.

Hunt Jones POV

BOOM! I Pull My Sword Out Of The Girls Stomach And Look Ivy. "Looks Like It's Just Me And You Now." I Say Very Confidently And She Looks At Me With A Evil Smile On Her Face. I Raise My Sword And Swing It t Her But She Quickly Moves Out Of The Way. She Throws A Knife And It Almost Go Into My Neck But I Raise My Sword At The Last Moment And It Bounces Off Of It And Hits The Ground, That Was Close. I Walk Closer And Push Her To Ground. I Stand Over Her And Raise My Sword, I'm About To Win The Games...

Ivy Ross POV

I Try To Get Throw A Knife But He's Standing On My Arms. I Can't Move, I Struggle But He Pushes On My Arms Even Harder, "Oww!" I Yell. He Starts To Lower The Sword But A Quickly Raise My Leg And Kick Him In The Stomach And He Flys Backwards. I Stand And Throw Another Knife And It Lands In The Ground A Centimeter Away From His Face. I Start To Grab Another... But I Don't Have Anymore!!! I Start To Panic And I Run To The Cornucopia And Grab The Closest Weapons I Could Find, A Sword Even Though Ive Never Used One Before. I Raise My Sword Just As He Raises His And Our Swords Clash Together. Now It's A Battle Of Strength, We Use All Of Of Strength To See Who Can The Upper-Hand, But Of Course I'm Not As Strong As Him. He Easily Pushes Me Backwards And The Sword Goes Flying Behind Me. I Run To Grab And Just As I Do I Turn And Come Face To Face With The Blade And Blood Starts Flowing Out My Neck. I Was So Close... The Last Thing I See Is Hunt Stand Next To Me And He Blows Me A Kiss. I Don't Know If It's Fake Or Real, Then He Closes My Eyelids. BOOM!

Hunt Jones POV

Oh My God... I Won! Yes, I Think About Going Back Home And Seeing My Family Again. I Know They Can't Wait To Finally See Me After This Week Of Hell. I Throw My Sword Down Just As The Hovercraft Flys Above Me And Lifts Me In The Air And I Enter The Large Aircraft, And It Flys Away. I'm Going Home I Think... I'm Going Home And A Smile Comes To My Face For The First Time Since The Start Of The Games.

Congratulations To Hunt Jones!!! - Winner Of My First Hunger Games:)

Thank You For Reading My Games:)

And If You Like These You Can Join My Second Hunger Games!!_(Quarter_Quell)


HKTLovesGlimmer 18:14, July 6, 2012 (UTC)

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