Hello It's HKT Here:)

Ok So, I'm Almost Done With My First Games And It's A Big Success So Far:) So I Thought I Would Make Another One And This One Is Gonna Be A Quarter Quell!

In This Games There Is Gonna Be Chariot Rides, Interviews, Reapings, Training Scores And Of Course The Games!

Rules (Please Read)!

1. No Mean Comments Please!

2. No Getting Mad, It's The Hunger Games, 27 People Are Gonna Die!

3. Please Put The Submissions On This Page. I Do Not Wanna Go To Anyone's Profile!

4. If You Make A Tribute You Have To Sponsor It, You Might Have More Than One Tributes To Sponsor.

5. Reservations Last Two Days!


Tribute Templates








Bloodbath Strategy:


Anything Else Is Optional...

Mentor Templates





Games Won:

What To Teach The Tributes:

Stylists Templates





Male Chariot:

Female Chariot:

Escorts Templates





District Reaping (Ecorts POV):

The Twist

Since It's A Quell, The Twist Is That District 13 And The Capitol Will Also Be Offering Up 1 Male And Female To Complete In The Games!!!


For Every Tribute You Have You Will Be In Charge Of That Tributes Sponsoring Money. All You Have To Do Is Tell Me What You Want To Give And I Will Make Sure They Get It.

Sponsoring Items


Pack Of Dried Fruit: $50

Pack Of Crackers: $75

Pack Of Beef Strips: $100

Container Of Rice: $150

Container Of Rice And Meat: $250

Pot Of Soup: $200

Whole Chicken: $350

Mini Food Pack (Gives Tribute Food For 3 Days): $500

Large Food Pack (Gives Tribute Food For The Whole Games!): $900

Canteen Of Water: $100

2 Canteens Of Water: $150


1 Bandage: $25

Pack Of 20 Bandages: $150

1 Pain Killer Drug: $50

Bottle Of 20 Pain Killers: $250

Burn Medicine: $400

Sleep Syrup: $200

1 MagiHeal (Heals Anything): $200

5 MagiHeal (Heals Anything): $900


Axe: $250

Blowgun With 20 Darts: $300

Bow With 20 Arrows: $500

Coil Of Wire: $50

Dagger: $100

Knife: $50

Mace: $450

Net: $75

20 Rocks: $50

Slingshot: $150

Spear: $200

Sword: $500

10 Throwing Axes: $350

20 Throwing Knives: $350

Trident: $550

Whip: $200

Tomakawks: $300


Sleeping Bag: $150

Blanket: $200

Bottle Of 10 Idione (Water Purifier): $100

Empty Canteen: $50

Pack Of Matches: $50

Night Vision Goggles: $200

A Pair Of Socks: $50

Flashlight: $50

Map Of Arena: $250

Body Armor: $600

Explosive Arrows: $250

Poison: $200

Sponsoring Money-

Each Tribute Will Get $1,000!

Additional Money-

1. Highest Training Score - $300

2. Crowd Favorite Chariot Ride - $300

Jack Hunt - $1,000

Rebecca Stewart - $700

Jako Monkor - $225

Nikki Blue - $1,000

Dexter Bolts - $1,000

Brenda Williams - $1,000

Jake Seas - $1,000

Amanda Bay - $1,100

Joshua Zane - $400

Mikayla Parker - $1,000

Taven Smith - $1,000

Senner Leif - $1,000

Lou Trace - $1,000

Pulchra Ego - $1,000

Gerrit Forbes - $1,000

Lynna Khonze - $1,000

Cliff Whelan - $1,000

Dawn Oakly - $300

Jacob Prince - $1,000

Carly Jones - $500

Thomas Willows - $1,300

Mondi Bakerman - $700

Nick Lovizio - $100

Sofie Hanes - $550

Haru Sakura - $1,000

Louise Derren - $1,000

Joe Croon - $900

Tanna Meyers - $1,000


1 M - Jack Hunt (Katniss should have died)

1 F - Rebecca Stewart (Los95361)

2 M - Jako Monkor (Whatever It Takes)(Maybell Rocks!!)

2 F - Nikki Blue (Los95361)

3 M - Dexter Bolts (Zakel)

3 F - Brenda Williams (Whatrbooks)

4 M - Jake Seas (Jake Olmos)

4 F - Amanda Bay (Los95361)

5 M - Joshua Zane (Katniss Jane Mellark)

5 F - Mikayla Parker (Whatrbooks)

6 M - Taven Smith (Whatrbooks)

6 F - Senner Leif (Thena.airice14)

7 M - Lou Trace (Whatrbooks)

7 F - Pulchra Ego (VarinEgo)

8 M - Gerrit Forbes (Nate777)

8 F - Lynna Khonze (Nate777)

9 M - Cliff Whelan (Whatrbooks)

9 F - Dawn Oakly (Whatrbooks)

10 M - Jacob Prince (Whatrbooks)

10 F - Carly Jones (Eleni12)

11 M - Thomas Willows (Whatrbooks)

11 F - Mondi Bakerman (Whatever It Takes)(Maybell Rocks!!)

12 M - Nick Lovizio (Whatever It Takes)(Maybell Rocks!!)

12 F - Sofie Hanes (Los95361)

13 M - Haru Sakura (Zakel)

13 F - Louise Derren (Thena.airice14)

C M - Joe Croon (Whatever It Takes)(Maybell Rocks!!)

C F - Tanna Meyers (Los95631)


District 1 - Mako Islo (Whatever It Takes)(Maybell Rocks!!)

District 2 - Alice Mathews (Los95361)

District 3 - Nicole Harbour (Whatrbooks)

District 4 - Gary Shallows (Whatrbooks)

District 5 - James Broker (HKTLovesGlimmer)

District 6 - Sue Transer (Nate777)

District 7 - Adler Louis (Whatrbooks)

District 8 - Marine Heir (Thena.airice14)

District 9 - Artimis Hunt (Dedejacob)

District 10 - Clint Marshall (HKTLovesGlimmer)

District 11 - Mahima Matz (Thena.airice14)

District 12 - Drew Minchester (Whatever It Takes)(Maybell Rocks!!)

District 13 - Brock Tesser (Nate777)

Capitol - Michael Gray (District3 luv)


District 1 - Cedar Larkspur (HKTLovesGlimmer)

District 2 - Natalia Mason (Los95361)

District 3 - Jason Tyler (HKTLovesGlimmer)

District 4 - Seally Minie (Katniss Jane Mellark)

District 5 - Ruby Iulius (Thena.airice14)

District 6 - Melissa Roads (HKTLovesGlimmer)

District 7 - Emerald Silver (Varin Ego)

District 8 - Titus Aldjoy (HKTLovesGlimmer)

District 9 - Blue Rosebud (Nate777)

District 10 - Roofus Horseman (HKTLovesGlimmer)

District 11 - Serina Starus (Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay)

District 12 - Aurelia Cantalupa (Thena.airice14)

District 13 - Lavender Stewart (Asfbn)

Capitol - Tracey Sparks (Whatrbooks)


Arena for the 100th Hunger Games

My 2nd Hunger Games Arena!!!

The Arena Is Divided Into 5 Parts:

1. The Cornucopia Is The Middle Of Everything And Is Surrounded By A Thin Island Thats On The Edge Of Every Other Part, But The Tributes Have To Swim Across A Small River To Get To Cornucopia.

2. The River Surrounding The Cornucopia Connects To A Beach With A Large Beach In The Middle Of It.

3. In The Top Left Corner Is A Rain Forest With Lots Of Rain And Lots Of Trees Everywhere.

4. In The Top Right Corner Is A Regular Forest That Is Very Dry And Is Covered In Thick Trees.

5. The Bottom Part Next To The Beach Is A Very Tall And Large Mountain Range That Is Covered In Snow And Makes It Very Hard To Get Around And Through It.

6. Every Part Of The Arena Contains Some Food Source And Every Part Also Contains Lot Of Mutts.

Chariot Rides

District 1 -

Male Chariot: His Chariot Outfit Is A Blue And White Tuxedo With Silk Blue Dress Pants, Fancy, Shiny Black Shoes And A King Crown. He Is Also Wearing A Silver Chain With His District Symbol Hanging From It.

Female Chariot: She Is Wearing A Light Blue And White Silk Dress With A Fluffy Jewel Ecrusted Skirt. She Is Wearing A Blue Leather Belt With A Pink Flower Around Her Dress, Blue And White Flip-Flops And A Blue Ribbon In Her Hair.

District 2 -

Male Chariot: He is wearing a white catsuit with a Peacemaker helmet on which has District 2's emblem on it.He will be carrying a weapon and the gun will fire glitter and confetti at the crowd

FemaleChariot: Same thing execpt her catsuit will be a low v-neck and she will have short shorts on.Exposing her legs.She will have gun and knife holsters on her legs and she hasa soldier vest on her torso.Her gun will fire glitter and confetti at the crowd.

District 3 -

Female Chariot: She Is Wearing A Long Silver Silk Dress That Wraps Around Her Legs. The Straps Of Her Dress Are Covering In Silver Metal Jewels. The Dress Is Designed To Look Like A Circuit Board To Represent Electronics. She Is Wearing Grey High Heels And Is Wearing A Grey Top Hat Thats Covered In Tiny Metal Jewels. Her Hair Is Curly Instead Of Straight, And Is Spray-Painted Silver.

Male Chariot: He Is Wearing A Grey Silk Suit With A Black Undershirt His Left Shoulder Is Covered In The Tiny Metal Jewels. He Is Wearing Matching Silk Dress Pants And Shiny Black Shoes. He Suit Is Also Designed To Look Like A Circuit Board To Represent Electronics. His Hair Is Spiked Up And He Is Wearing A Very Bright Gold Necktie U der His Suit Jacket. His Hair Is Also Spray-Painted Silver.

District 4 -

Male Chariot: A blue tuxedo with a fish net vest. Fish swim all over the tux.

Female Chariot: A blue flowing dress (multiple shades) with a netted hem, fish will be swimming over the top party of the dress.

District 5 -

Male Chariot: He will wear a black jacket which when he moves sparks fly from it. Matt black trousers and a silver shirt. His belt is made of wore cords. His shoes have plasma patterns on.

Female Chariot: A soft pink dress shaped like a tetrahedron (square based pyramid) with rounded edges. The dress is lined with wires and they begin to heat up and glow, giving off a soft amber light. She has wires plaited into her hair and the same pattern shoes as the male.

District 6 -

Male Chariot: The Male Is Wearing A Tradional Black And White Silk Suit. The Suit Has Pattern That Looks Like A Railroad Track. He Has Black Shoes And Is Wearing A Seat Belt Strap Across His Chest.

Female Chariot: She Is Wearing A Long Black And Grey Dress And It Also Has A Railroad Track Print And She Is Wearing Grey High-Heels And Is Also Is Wearing A Seat Belt Strap Across Her Chest.

District 7 -

Boy Chariot: The boy will be wearing a woodsman outfit. He will have a green and blue plaid yellow shirt, which is loosely tucked into blue skinny jeans. He will carry an axe, and be cutting down trees, not paying attention to the girl.

Girl Costume: The girl will be wearing a light mellow emerald dress, and silver high-heels (Emerald Sylver's two favorite colors...). She will be in the tree.

District 8 -

Male Chariot: He Will Will Be Matching Blue And Red Clown Costumes To Represent The Colorful Textiles, And His District Token.

Female Chariot: She Will Be Wearing A Long Blue Dress That Cuts Along Her Leg With Pink Pants Uder It, Blue Slippers And A Blue Hairband.

District 9 -

Female Chariot: He is wearing a short dress made entirely out of dried wheat. It has many swirls and elaborate patterns. She also has a tiara made of wheat with a huge wheat shaped diamond that glows.

Male Chariot: He matches Dawn Oakly with her costume. But instead of a dress he has a suit made entirely out of wheat. He also has a top hat that has the same wheat diamond Oakly has on her tiara.

District 10 -

Male Chariot: The Male Is Wearing A Classic Country Outfit With A Black And Gold Button Up Shirt, Black Levi Jeans, Gold Boots Covered In Black Glitter, A Gold Cowboy Hat, And Using Rope As A Belt And Has A Long Rope Strapped Around His Chest.

Female Chariot: The Female Is Wearing A Golden Knee Length Poofy Dress With A Black Pattern On It. She Also Has Gold Boots Covered In Black Glitter, And A Gold Cowgirl Hat. But Her Dress Is Made Completely Out Of A Long Fabric That Looks Exactly Like Rope.

District 11 -

Male Chariot: He is wearing a pure white tux with glowing vines going up his arms, the color changes from dark green to light green, the pants are white with the same vines going up his legs. The shirt underneath is silky and shiny. His shoes are white also. His hair is spiked up.

Female Chariot: She is wearing a flowy white sleeveless dress that goes to her kness in the front but trails behind the chariot in the back, it has the same vines going from the bottom all the way up, but they are embroidered with little flowers that change from pale pink, to ligh lavander, to sunset orange, to crimson red, to a pale yellow. They are also sparkley. At the top of the dress is jewels in the same colors as the flowers. Her shoes are high heels that in the heel is all jewels and in the front is jewels also. Her hair is done in an elabrate updo with real flowers that are the same color as the fake flowers and crystals embeded in it.

District 12 -

Male Chariot: The male tributes is wearing a fitted black jumpsuit. On it there is a pattern showing coals. The pattern is done in such a way that the coals look 3D. When the lighting is right, in between the coals shines a glint from a diamond. They wear leather boots and a headband with little LED lights round it.

Female Chariot: The female tributes is wearing a fitted black jumpsuit. On it there is a pattern showing coals. The pattern is done in such a way that the coals look 3D. When the lighting is right, in between the coals shines a glint from a diamond. They wear leather boots and a headband with little LED lights round it.

District 13 -

Female Chariot: Louise is wearing a completely white dress, save for a large blue atom on the front of the dress. Her hair is french braided to the side. 

Male Chariot: Haru is in an all white suit, with a large atom in the middle. His hair is left in its natural state.

Capital -

Male Chariot: The boy will wear, a light blue jacket and trousers. The shoes are made of silver. His jacket has a Black & white diagonal stripe, the stripe looks like its flowing. He wears a light blue tie that has the same pattern & affect as the jacket.

Female Chariot: She wears a long light blue dress, with frilly pink material at the end of the dress, she also wears glass high-heels. She has a light blue ribbon in her hair. Just above the frills at the end of the dress, is the same black & white stripe, and also gives the affect that its flowing, she wears a ribbon made from the same material.

Crowd Favorites:

1. District 11!!!!!

2. District 5!!!!

3. District 1!!!

4. District 3!!

5. District 9!

6. District 12

7. District 6

8. District 10

9. District 7

10. District 2

11. Capital

12. District 4

13. District 13

14. District 8

Congratulations To The District 11 Tributes Mondi Bakerman And Thomas Willow For Having The Crowd Favorite Chariot Ride!!! Both Tributes Recieve $300 Extra Sponsoring Money!

Thank You Everyone That Submitted Stylists:)

Private Training Sessions

Jack Hunt - Not Good With Most Weapons But Ok With Throwing Knives.

Score - 6

Odds - 15-1

Rebecca Stewart - Teared The Dummie To Shreads With A Sword.

Score - 9

Odds - 8-1

Jako Monkor - Good With A Sword And Hand-To-Hand Combat.

Score - 9

Odds - 9-1

Nikki Blue - Awesome With A Sword And Trainers Loved Her Attitude.

Score - 10

Odds - 5-1

Dexter Bolts - Can Make Almost Anything With Wire.

Score - 8

Odds - 12-1

Brenda Williams - Good With A Sickle But Gets Scared Easily.

Score - 7

Odds - 14-1

Jake Seas - Amazing With A Trident And Axe And Of Course, A Excellent Swimmer.

Score - 11

Odds - 3-1

Amanda Bay - Great With A Mace And Excellent With Every Other Weapon.

Score - 12

Odds - 2-1

Joshua Zane - Really Strong And Good With A Labrys.

Score - 7

Odds - 12-1

Mikayla Parker - Suprisingly A Great Swimmer. 

Score - 5

Odds - 18-1

Taven Smith - Hit Every Target With Spears And Very Strong.

Score - 9

Odds - 8-1

Senner Leif - Great At Making Traps But Not Intelligent With Weapons.

Score - 4

Odds - 21-1

Lou Trace - Murdered The Dummie With A Sword.

Score - 8

Odds - 11-1

Pulchra Ego - Fantastic With Bow & Arrows And Throwing Knives And Very Great At Swimming.

Score - 11

Odds - 3-1

Gerrit Forbes - Knows A Lot About Plants, Survival Wont Be A Problem... But Everything Else Will.

Score - 2

Odds - 30-1

Lynna Khonze - Got 10 Out Of 10 Bulleyes With Throwing Knives And Has A Lot Of Survival Skills.

Score - 11

Odds - 3-1

Cliff Whelan - Hit Half Of The Targets With Spears But Is The Strongest Tribute.

Score - 10

Odds - 8-1

Dawn Oakly - Tried To Use Throwing Knoves But Didnt Succeed.

Score - 4

Odds - 22-1

Jacob Prince - Sliced The Dummie With An Axe And Hit Every Target With Throwing Axes.

Score - 10

Odds - 7-1

Carly Jones - Hit Every Target With Bow & Arrows And Is Great At Hand-To-Hand Combat.

Score - 11

Odds - 4-1

Thomas Willows - Not Strong, No Survival Skills, But He Is Very Good With A Slingshot.

Score - 5

Odds - 21-1

Mondi Bakerman - Failed At Most Weapons But The Best Swimmer Out Of Everyone, Even District 4!

Score - 6

Odds - 19-1

Nick Lovizio - Good With Bow & Arrows, Okay With Throwing Knives And Is Very Aggressive.

Score - 7

Odds - 11-1

Sofie Hanes - Best Tribute With Bow & Arrows And Knows A Lot About Plants.

Score - 10

Odds - 4-1

Haru Sakura - Not Very Good Survival Skills But Greatest Sniper Ever!

Score - 7

Odds - 16-1

Louise Derren - Amazing At Making Mines And Has A Lot Of Survival Skills.

Score - 8

Odds - 10-1

Joe Croon - Excellent With Nunchunks And Is Fast As A Ninja.

Score - 9

Odds - 8-1

Tanna Meyers - Very Intelligent With A Mace.

Score - 8

Odds - 9-1

Congratulations To Amanda Bay(4) For Getting The Highest Training Score With A 12. She Recieves $300 Extra Sponsoring Money!


Careers - Jack Hunt(1), Rebecca Stewart(1), Nikki Blue(2), Jake Seas(4), Amanda Bay(4), Tanna Meyers(C),

Alliance #1 - Cliff Whelan(9), Dawn Oakly(9)

Alliance #2 - Gerrit Forbes(8), Lynna Khonze(8)

Alliance #3 - Jako Monkor(2), Mondi Bakerman(11), Nick Lovizio(12), Joe Croon(C)

Death Chart

28. Taven Smith - Blown To Pieces By Mine.

27.  Louise Derren - Eaten By Shark Mutt.

26. Lou Trace - Eaten By Shark Mutt.

25. Mikayla Parker - Throwing Knife In The Back By Nikki.

24. Jacob Prince - Stabbed With Trident By Jake.

23. Jack Hunt - Spear To The Stomach By Cliff.

22. Senner Leif - Mace To The Head By Amanda.

21. Haru Sakura - Sword In The Stomach By Rebecca.

20. Brenda Williams - Broken Spine With Macs By Tanna.

19. Thomas Willows - Slit Neck With Sword By Rebecca.

18. Lynna Khonze - Throwing Knife In The Back By Nikki.

17. Gerrit Forbes - Trident In The Stomach By Jake.

16. Joe Croon - Arrow Through His Skull By Sophie.

15. Dexter Bolts - Mace To The Back By Tanna.

14. Pulchra Ego - Throat Slit With Knife By Nikki.

13. Cliff Whelan - Sword In The Stomach By Rebecca.

12. Mondi Bakerman - Attacked By Bat Mutts.

11. Tanna Meyers - Slashed With Sword By Rebecca.

10. Jake Seas - Knife In The Head By Nikki.

9. Nikki Blue - Stabbed Continously By Amanda.

8. Jako Mankor - Smashed By Collapsing Mountain.

7. Dawn Oakly - Crushed Head With Mace By Amanda.

6. Carly Jones Stabbed With Sword By Rebecca.

5. Rebecca Stewart - Axe To The Head By Joshua.

4. Nick Lovizio - Tomahawk To The Heart By Amanda.

3. Amanda Bay - Explosive Arrow To The Heart By Sophie.

2. Joshua Zane - Killed From Bomb By Sophie.

Victor - SOPHIE HANES!!!

The Games

Day 1 - The Countdown

Brenda Williams POV

I Give My Stylist One Last Hug And HisnWarmth Comforts Me, Even Though I Know Im About To Fight To Death. We Say Our Last Goodbyes And A  Tear Flows Down My Cheek And Hits The Floor With A Loud Yet Silent Thump. The Clocks Starts Counting Down The 60 Seconds And I  Immediantly Start Crying Buckets. My Stylist Wipes Some Of The Tears Off My Face And I Step In The Tube. And It Quickly Rises And I Start To Panick. But I Know I Have To Stay Calm If Im Gonna Win. The Pod Rises And The First Thing I See Is The Sun As It Blinds My Eyes... My Eyes Get Blurry But I Can Still See Ahead. I See The Cornucopia On A Large Island In The Middle Of Everything Then I See It. The Whole Cornipucopia Is Surrounded By A Thick River That Looks To Be At  Least 40 ft. Deep. Now I Know I Cant Go For The Bloodbath... If I Do I Know I Would Dround, Because I Have No Idea How To Swim. Just My Luck. Im Gonna Try To Run As Far From The Water As I Can.


Jako Monkor POV

The River Looks Extremely Deep And Im Not The Best Swimmer Here  But Im Still Gonna Go For It. I Have To... I Know If I Wont Then I Wont Have  Weapons Or Supplies And I Know Im Gonna Need Them. Especially Since Im Not Part Of The Careers And I Know There Gonna Go Out Of Their  Way To Kill Me, But I Have A Better Alliance. A Alliance That Will Trust Each Other And Doesnt Enjoy Killing People For Fun. My Allies! I Look  Around To Try To Find Them, I See Nick And He's About 6 Pods To My Right. I Dont See Joe So He Must Be On The Other Side. Mondi Is On The Pod Right Next To Me, Mondi... I Know She's Gonna Survive The Bloodbath Because Shes Like The Best Swimmer Here. But Im Very Worried, Because Out Of All My Allies... Im The Worst Swimmer.


Dawn Oakly POV

I Start To Calm Down When I See Cliff 3 Pods Away And He Gives  Me A Thumbs Up. Well At Least He Thinks I Can Survive This, But Me... Im Not Very Confident Right Now. I Am A Lot Better At Swimming Than Most Of The Tributes But Just The Thought Of Killing 23 Other People Just For The Capital's Entertainment Sends Chills Up Your  Spine. "Im Gonna Die Today." I Whisper To Myself.


Sophie Hanes POV

Im Not Very Scared About The Swimming Part. Even Though Im From A Poor District Im Actually Pretty Good At Swimming. Every Morning I Would Go Through The Fenced Woods In District 12 And Swim In The  Old Lake Far In The Woods. I Can See The Cornucopia But I Cant See Whats Around It. Im Trying To Find A Bow And Arrows But I Cant Find Any, And Thats Pretty Much My Only Hope Of Winning. I Hope Thats Theres Gonna Be More Than 1 Bow Because There Are A Lot People This Year That Are Pretty Good With A Bow. Me, The Girl From 10, And My District Partner Nick, But We Already Agreed That He Would Go For Throwing Knoves And Let Me Get The Bow If Theres Only 1. Just Then I Hear An Announcement.


Nick Lovizio POV

I Hear The Head Gamemaker Voice Boom Over The Arena.

 "Welcome Tributes! Now, Some Of You Are Probaly Really Scared  Of The Swimming To The Cornucopia Idea. Well Were Gonna Make  It Worse!"  "Most Of You Probaly Figured Out The Water Is Extremely Deep. Well Deep Water Is The Perfect Habitat For Sh- Water Animals... Im Not  Gonna Tell What Kind Of Animals Because You Will Figure That Out When The Games Start."  "Good Luck! And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor..."


Rebecca Stewart POV

Me And The Other Careers Were Pretty Confindent About Swimming Cause Were All Pretty Fast. But Now Im Starting To Get Nervous! First Reason Being The Career Alliance Isnt Very Great This Year. Were Already Low One Tribute Because The Boy 2 Decided Not To Join, Which I Think Was A Pretty Stupid Idead Because Now Were All Going After Him. Even Nikki, Though We Do Have Tanna As A Replacement And She Good With A Mace. Then Theres Jack... I Wouldnt Really Call Him A Career He Isnt Very Strong And He Misses Most Of The  Targets With Throwing Knives. But We Decided To Keep Him Just In Case. The Second Problem Is Im Starting To Get Very Nervous About This "Mystery Animals" In The Water. I Hear A Slight Scream From The Girl Beside Me And See Shes Looking At The Water. I  Look Where Shes Looking At And See Large Triangular Fins Sticking Out Of The Water. Sharks... My Biggest Fear! Not Just One Shark Theres Like 5 Of Them. Im Doomed!


Thomas Willows POV

Now Im Starting To Change My Mind About The Cornucopia. I Really Dont Want To Swim With Sharks So I Figured I Would Just Run To One  Of The Forest And Away From The Torture.

"By The Way Everyone Has To Particapte In The Bloodbath! If You Run Away I Will Blow You To Pieces. Good Luck!"

What The F*ck! Its Like They Can Read Your Every Thought! I Hate This Place! I Hate The Capital And The Gamemakers! I Hate The  Hunger Games!


Gerrit Forbes POV

BOOM! I Instanly Jump In My Spot. I Look And See Everybody Still Standing On There Pods Frozen. I Look The Other Way And See The Bloody Reamins Of The Boy From 6. Oh Yeah! I Forgot About The Mines... You Step Off The Plate Early Or You Faint And Fall Or Even Drop Something As Small As A Marble And Your Blown To Bits. I Dont No What To Do About The Sharks, Theres Only Five Of Them So At Least Five Tributes Are Gonna  Die While Swimming. I Might Have A Chance. Lynna Is Right Next To Me And I Whisper Good Luck To Her And She Says It Back. I Look Around One More Time Then The Gong Rings.


Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Carly Jones POV

The Gong Sounds And I Run Towards The Water With All My Speed. I  Look Back And I See Tributes Already Punching And Kicking Each Other Before They Reach The Water. Theres About 3 Tributes Ahead Of Me So I Slow Down To Let Some Others Past Me. What Idiots! Im Just Using Them As Shark Bait! While The Sharks Are Chewing Away At Them I Will Already Be At The Cornucopia. I Reach The Water And  Its Freezing. I Look And See A Shark Biting Away At The Girl From 13. Theres Another Skark Chewing On The Boney Remains Of The Boy 7 The Other 3 Skarks Are Chasing Down A Couple Of Other Tributes And I Start Running Out Of Energy. I Finally Make It To The Cornucopia And See Of Couple Tributes Fighting Each Other I Decide To Forget The Bow And Arrows And Just Grab A Nearby Bag And Run.

Nikki Blue POV 

I Take My Bloody Knife Out Of The Girl From 5, My First Kill! And I  Immediantly Start Looking For Jako. I Know Hes My District Partner But He Refused To Join The Careers And By Doing That You Might  As Well Put A Big Target On Your Back And Yell Come And Kill Me. I Look Around And Dont See Him... Hes Not In The Water Either! How Did He Already Get Away! Darn It, I Know The Careers Are Gonna  Be Mad At Me But I Forget About It. We Will Find Him Later. I Throw Another Knife And Start Chasing Down Tributes.

Sophie Hanes POV 

I Look Back And See A Shark Chasing Me And I Scream. I Swim As Fast As I Can Towards The Shore And Im Close But The Shark Speeds Up. I Make One Last Jump To Shore Just As The Shark Jumps  Towards My Foot And I Barely Dodge The Attack. I Stand And Look  For A Bow And Arrows. When I Finally Spot It I Runs Towards And Just As I Do The Boy From 1 Trys To Throw A Knife At Me But It Lands Feet Away. I Quickly Run And Grab The Bow And Shoot A Arrow And It Barely Misses But He Still Falls. I Quickly Run Before  He Gets Up. The Other Careers Are To Busy Killing They Didnt Even Notice Anything. I See The Boy Get Up And Start Chasing Another Tribute. I Look Back And See The Boy From 4 Continously Stabbing The Boy From 10 With His Trident. Horrifying I Think As I Keep Running Towards The Forest, Not Wanting To Look Back Again. 

Cliff Whelan POV

As Soo As The Gong Rang I Ran Straight For Dawn. We Were The Last Ones In The Water, But At Least The Sharks Arent Chasing Us.... They Already Got There Meat. My Amrs Are Aching By The Time We Reach Shore. I Run Straight Towrds The Spears And I Also Grab A Bag. I Look Around And Cant Find Dawn... Where Did She Go? "Dawn!" I Yell Out Loud And Wait For A Second. "Cliff!" I Hear Dawn's Helpless Scream And I Run Towards The Sound Of Her Voice And When I See Her I Also See The Boy From One Standing Over Her With A Knife. I Easily Throw  A Spear And It Goes Straight In His Stomach And He Falls Sideways. I Run To Dawn And Give Her A Quick Hug. "Are You Ok?" She Shakes Her Head Yes. Were About To Leave When She Quickly Pushes Me To The Ground Just As A See A Mace Barely Fly Above Our Heads And It Hits The Back Of A Girls Head And Shes Dead. I Look And See The Girl From 4, But Satified With Her Kill So She Moves On To Another  Tribute. We Quickly Grab Our Bags And Run Away From The Terror.

Gerrit Forbes POV

When The Gong Rings I Look Around For Lynna But I Dont See Her. Shes Probaly On The Other Side Of The Cornucopia So I Decide Not To Wait And Just Get Her Once Im There. As Soon As I Touch The  Water My Body Temperature Instantly Lowers. For Some Reason Most Of The Sharks Are Gone Excpet For The Ones That Managed To Get A Tribute And Still Knawing On The Remains. Once I Get To The Cornucopia I Grab A Bag And Then See Lynna Running Towards Me And She Managed To Get A Bag And Some Throwing Knives. I  Run Towards, Grab Her Arm, And Run Without Any Trouble.

Mondi Bakerman POV

When The Gong Sounds I See Jako Take Off To The Water And I Follow Him. Of Course I Swam Past Him And Was One Of The First In The Water The Sharks Started To Chase Me But There Not Fast Enough To Catch Me So They Started Chasing Another Tribute. I Pull Jako Out Of The Water And Takes Off To The Cornucopia Grabs A Bag And A Sword And Run Towards The Forest. Why Would He Abandon All Of His Allies? I Look Next To Me And See Nick Finally Get To Shore. He Looks At Me And Asks "Where Is He Going?" And I Shrug. Our Plans Were To Go To The Mountains Since No Other Tributes Are Going There. The Other Tributes Start To Get Shore And I Grab A Bag And Nick Grabs Some Throwing Knives. We See Joe Finally Get To Shore On The Other Side Of The Cornucopia And He Grabs A Bag And Some Nunchunks. We Run To Him And All Three Of Us Run Towards The Mountains Forgetting About Jako. 

Rebbecca Stewart POV

I Shove My Sword And Into The Boy From 13's Stomach And He Falls. My First Kill Of The Game! I See Tanna Smash The Girl From 3's  Spine With A Mace When She Trys To Grab A Bag. I Look Around... "Is That Everyone?" Nikki Asks. Just Then I See A Boy Try To Run Out The Cornucopia With A Handful Of Things And I Slash His Neck. "Now It Is" I Say Very Happily Becasue We Managed To Get A Lot Of Kills. One Of The Dead Tributes Turned Out To Be Jack, Which Im Not Very Suprised About. I Didnt See How He Died But He Has A Big Hole In His Stomach. We A Little Short On Careers Now But All Of The Remaining One Are Very Strong. Its Just Me, Nikki, Amanda, Tanna, And Jake. 4 Girls And 1 Boy, Thats An Odd Thing To Happen I Think As We Set Up Camp And Rest While Nikki Takes The First Shift Garding The Cornucopia.

Day 1 - As The Sun Goes Down

Jako Mankor POV

BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! BOOM! The Bloodbath Is Finally Over And My Legs Start To Feel  Jello From Running So I Slow Down. I Know  Shouldnt Have Abanded My Allies Cause Now Im All Alone. But I Knew I Couldnt Stay There Any Longer Or The Careers Would  Defenitly Come After Me... My Allies Are Roaming Probaly  Roaming In The Mountains Right Now. Well, At Least I Managed To Get A Bag And A Sword. My Bag! I Totaly Forgot About My  Bag. I Stop And Lean Against A Tree And Look Whats In It.  It Has A Medium Sized Knife, A Pack Of Dried Fruit, Some Beef Strips, And A Canteen Of Water. I Open The Fruit And Shove A Handful In My Mouth. The Bitterness Tingles On My Tongue. I Decide To Climb A Tree And Rest I Dont Even Want To See  The Anthem Because I Already Know My District Partbner Is Still Alive. I Close My Eyes And Sleep.

Dexter Volts POV

I Climb A Tree And Relax For The First Time This Games. I Couldnt Find Any Wire At The Cornucopia So Hooefully Theres Some In The Small Pack. 3 Bags Of Dried Fruit, Pack Of Crackers, Canteen Of Water, Knife, Flashlight, Bandage, And Some Rope. I Might Be Able To Make Some Rope Traps But I Would Prefer Wire. Its Gonna Have To Work Since I Dont Have Any. I Could Have Gotten A Bigger Bag But The  Swimming Set Me Back. I No How To Swim... Im Just Not Very Fast. I Was One Of The Last Ones To Reach Shore. By The Time I Got There The Careers Were Already Going Crazy, So I Just Grabbed The Closest Bag To Me An Ran. I Know I Could Have Done Better But I Panicked. My Eyes Start To Burn And I Splash Some Water In My Face. I Eat A Cracker And Then Rest.

Pulchra Ego POV

I Stop And Sit Against A Large Tree And Look Through My Bag. 2 Canteens Of Water, A Pack Of Crackers, A Small Knife, And A  Large Sleeping Bag, Plus The Throwing Knives I Somehow Managed To Get At The Cornucopia. I Decide To Just Sleep Under The Tree And I Pull The Sleeping Bag Over Me And Try To Calm Down. Just As I  Start To Close My Eyes The Anthem Begins And I See The Faces Of The Boy From 1, The Girl From 3, The Girl From 5, Both From 6, The Boy From 7, The Boy From 10, The Boy From 11, And Both From 13. 10 Trivutes Dead In Total... Not Bad For One Day. But I Know  The Games Have Just Started...

Day 1 Stats.

1. The Careers Are Sleeping On The Island With All The Supplies And They All Have Weapons And Food. Needs: Nothing.

2. Cliff And Dawn Are Resting In The Forest. They Have Plenty Of Supplies, Food, And Water. Cliff Has Spears. Needs: Dawn Has No Wepons.

3. Gerrit And Lynna Are Sleeping In The Rainforest. They Plenty Of Supplies, Food, And Water. Lynna Has Throwing Knives. Needs: Gerrit Has No Weapons.

4. Nick, Joe, And Mondi Are Walking The Mountains. They All Have Supplies, Food, And Water. Nick Has Throwing Knives, Joe Has Nunchucks, And Mondi Has A Knife. Needs: Possibly A Better Weapon For Mondi.

5. Jako Is Resting In The Forest. He Has Plenty Of Food And Water And Has A Sword For A Weapon. Needs: Supplies. e.c.(Sleeping Bag, Flashlight...)

6. Dexter Is Sleeping In A Tree In The Forest. He Has Food, Water, And Supplies. He Has A Knife. Needs: Wire Or A Better Weapon.

7. Joshua Is In The The Rainforest. He Plans On Going To The Beach Since Nobody's There. He Has Food, Water, And Supplies. He Has A Axe For A Weapon. Needs: Nothing

8. Pulchra Is Sleeping Under A Tree In The Forest. She Has Food, Water, And Supplies. She Has A Small Knife. Needs: A Better Weapon.

9. Carly Is The Forest, She Plans On Walking To The Beach. She Has A Lot Of Food, Water, And Supplies. Needs: A Weapon.

10. Sophie Is The Forest Walking Towards The Mountains Since Theres Not A Lot Of Tributes There. She Plenty Of Food, Water, And Supplies. She Has A Bow & Some Arrows. Needs: Nothing.

Day 2 - Lost Friends.

Mondi Bakerman POV

"Can We Stop And Rest!" I Ask My Allies Because We Have Been  Walking The Mountains Since Yesterday And Im Starving. "Sure" Nick Tells Me And Then Sits Down. "Lets Go Through Our Packs." Yes! Finally I Think And Quickly Unzip My Small Bag And The First Thing I See Is Some Dried Fruit. I Rip The Bag Open And Shove Half Of It In My Mouth And Save The Rest. I Look Through The Rest Of My And See A Canteen Of Water, A Small Knife, And A Flashlight. Not Much But Altogether We Have My Supplies, Joe Has Nunchunks, Knife, Sleeping Bag, 2 Canteens  Of Water, Pack Of Crackers, Night Glasses, And A Rope. Nick Has  Throwing Knives, Dagger, Sleeping Bag, Canteen Of Water, 2 Dried Fruits, And A Container Of Meat And Rice. We Have A Lot Of Supplies But I Wish I Had A Better Weapon. I Stick The Knife In My Belt, Its Gonna Have To Work For Now. I Take A Drink Of Water Just As A Sponsoring Gift Lands In Front Of Us. "I Wonder Who Its For" Nick Says And I Walk To It And See A Sword On The Ground. "I Call It!" I Say Out Loud And Pretend To Stab Joe. Then We All Relax And Eat And Laugh And Have Fun. Having Fun In A Place We Should Never Have Fun In.

Gerrit Forbes POV

"Lynna Wake Up" I Whisper In Her Ear. Then I Her It Again, Footsteps And People Talking... The Careers And There Getting Closer. I Shake Lynna And She Finally Wakes Up. "What!" She Shouts And I Cover Her Mouth. Then She Hears The Noises To And She Gets Up Grab Her Bags. She Runs Farther Into The Rainforest And I Follow Her. But Its To Late I See A Knife Fly By My Head And Stick Itself In Lynna's Back And She Falls. BOOM! "Lynna!" I Yell And Sit Next To Her. "Keep Running" She Whispers And I Can Tell Thats Shes Struggling To Talk And I  See A Little Blood Pour Out Of Her Mouth. "You Can Win... I Believe In You" She Whispers And Shes Just About To Die When I See The  Careers Running Towards Me And Get Up And Take Lynna's Bag And Throwing Knives Even Though I Have Never Used Them Before. "Run" I Hear Lynna Say And Then Her Eyes Close. I Take Off Running Just As I See The Careers And I Can Her Them Yelling "Get Him" And That Just Makes Me Run Faster. I Start To Lose Them But Then My Legs Start Aching And I Know They Wont Give Up. I See A Large  Tree About Three Times The Width Of Me And Hide Behind It. I Hear The Careers Get To The Tree And They Keep Running And I Run In  The Other Direction And Then I Start Walking. I Cant Believe I Survived A Career Attack Then I Remember Lynna Who Didnt Survive And  I Wish It Was Me That Took The Knife In The Back. After All She Was The Only One Willing To Ally With Me. She Took Care Of... She Helped Me Survive. Im Just About To Stop And Rest When I See Three Long Spikes Enter My Back And Go Through My Stomach. And I Fall To The Ground. I Failed, I Failed To Survive. I Whisper To Myself, "Sorry Lynna" Then Everything Goes Black. BOOM!

Amanda Bay POV

Jake Takes His Trident Out Of The Boys Body And I Say "Thats Two!" And By Now Everyones Excited Becasue Not Getting Any Kills Has Not Been A Problem. Were All Pumped And We Dont Wanna Quit Looking For Tributes. We Roam The Rainforest For A While And We Dont Find Anyone. We All Agreed Tomorrow We Will Search The Other Forest. We All Walk And Get Ready For Another Big Day Tomorrow. So Far The Careers Are Doing An Awesome Job, Even If Theres Not That Many. I Consider It Just Getting Rud Of Some Dead Weight. Once We Get Back To The  Cornucopia We Eat And Relax. I Think To Myself. I Might Actually Have A Chance Of Winning. I Might Have A Chance.

Jako Monkor POV

My Legs Are Burning Extremely Bad And I Stop To Eat A Beef Strip  And Keep Gulping Water. I Have Been Walking Through The Forest Since Yesterday Night Trying To Find The Mountains. Im Completely Lost In The Forest. Honestly, Im Not Even Sure If Im Getting Closer Or Farther. I Take A Drink And See A Large Black Bag Fall In Front Of Me... A Sponsoring Gift. A Run To The Bag And Open It And Its Full Of Supplies. Sleeping Bag, 1 Bandage, Flashlight, Night Vision Goggles, And Last A Map Of The Arena. Yes! I Think And Look At The Map And It Turns Out I Was Going The Right Way. I Grab My Bags And My Sword And Run Forward. After About 10 Minutes I See Large Grey Points In The Sky, The Mountains. Yes, Im Almost There. Im Almost To My Allies... Im Almost To Safety.

Joshua Zane POV

So Far I Have Only Heard 2 Cannons Today. Not Bad But I Would Expect A Lot Better. I Hope There Will Be More By The End Of The Day. Im On My Way To The Island Since I Didnt See Any Tributes Go There.  I Know The Rainforest Isnt Safe Because Thats Where Most Of The Tributes Ran To. I Take A Apple Out Of My Bag That I Somehow Managed To Find In The Rainforest Since My Pack Didnt Have Any Food. I Eat While Walking And Then I Remember That The Fruit Could Be Poisonous. I Wait A Minute And Nothing Happens, Oh Well. I Keep Walking For A Few Minutes And See The Sparkling Blue Water Ahead. I Made It To Beach, I Look And Dont See The Sharks Anymore. So They Must Have Only Been Out For The Bloodbath. I Step In The  Water And I Can Tell It Got Even More Cold. I Swim For About 5 Minutes When I Reach Shore. "Safety" I Whisper And Lay On The Soft Sand. "Safety At Last."

Mondi Bakerman POV

"Haha" I Laugh Out Loud, Louder Then I Should Be Because You  Never Know If A Tribute Can Hear You Or Not. But I Cant Help It, All Of Our Laughing And Joking Around. "I Think We Should  Start Walking Again" Nick Says And I Reply With A Sigh "Fine." We Gather Our Bags And Start Walking Again Then We See A Bush Wobbling Back And Forth. "Umm I Think A Bush Is Supposed To Do That" I Say Very Quietly And Nick And Joe Walk Towards It With Their Weapons When Suddenly A Tribute Jumps Out Of The Bush. "Agghhhh!!!" I All Three Of Scream And See Jako Standing In Front O Of Us. "Jako!" I Run And Give Him A Hug And He Hugs Me Back. "How Did You Find Us?" And He Shows Us The Map.  "Yah, Now We Have The Full Alliance"! And We All Keep Walking. We Eventually Stop And Rest Again And Drink Some Water And We Talk And Laugh Again... But This Time As A Full Alliance.

Sophie Hanes POV

I Made It To The Mountains And Keep Walking Looking For Somewhere To Sleep. After A Couple Of Minutes Of Walking I Notice Someone Laughing And It Sounds Like A Girl. Then  I Hear A Boy Laugh And I Run Towards The Sounds. Then  I Notice 4 Tributes On The Ground Shouting And Not Paying Any Attention To There Surroundings. I Load My Arrow And Try To Get Good Aim. I Know If I Miss Then There Gonna Notice Me. I Spend A Couple Seconds Getting A Good Shout And I Shoot The Arrow And It Goes Straight Through The Head Of The Biggest Guy. BOOM! Then I Take Off Running In The Other Direction Unnoticed. I Keep Running Until I Find A Gigantic Rock As Tall Of Me On The Ground And Decide To Sleep Under It. I Take Out My Sleeping Bag And Get Warm, And I Think...  My First Kill. 

Nick Lovizio POV

"Ahh" I Scream When I See A Arrow Go Straight Through Joe's Head. I Dont See Anyone, "Run!" I Shout And Gather My Bags And Run As Fast As I Can And The Others Run Behind Me. I Keep Running Farther And Farther Until Im Pretty Sure Were  Miles Away From The Shooting While The Others Catch Up To Me. "Were Back Down To 3". I Say Sadly And Lay On The Ground And Rest. I Cant Wait For The Games To Be Over... I Think Just As A Shiny Silver Bow And A Quiver Of Arrows  Land In Front Of Me. I Grab The Bow And Put The Quiver Over My Shoulder. I Look At The Arrow And It Reminds Me  Of The Point Of The Arrow That I Saw Come Out Of The Side  Of Joe's Head And It Almost Peirced My Cheek. I Close  My Eyes And Try To Forget About It. After All There Are  Still Three Of Us. 

Carly Jones POV

I Keep Walking In The Forest Until I Notice The Water Up Ahead. Yes! And I Start Running... I Finally Reached The Beach. Im About To Run Through The Water Until I Notice A Boy Already Sitting On The Beach. Darn It! I No I Cant Go Now Or He Will See Me. I Start Walking Back To The Forest And Lay Under A Tree And I Have To Sleep OnThe Cold Hard Ground Again. Im So Mad But I Calm Down When The Anthem Begins To Play And I See The Faces Of Both Tributes From 8 And The Male From The Capital. Only Three Death's Today. That Makes 13 Dead And Were Now About Halfway Through The Games. I Eat A Cracker And Close My Eyes.

Day 2 Stats.

1. The Careers Are Resting By The Cornucopia And Are Very Excited About There Kills. They All Have Food, Water, Supplies, And Weapons. Needs: Nothing.

2. Cliff And Dawn Are Resting In The Forest. They Have Plenty Of Supplies, Food, And Water. Cliff Has Spears. Needs: Dawn Has No Wepons

3. Nick, Jako, And Mondi Are Walking The Mountains Looking For A Hideout. They Are Very Sad About Joe's Death. They All Have Supplies, Food, And Water. Nick Has Throwing Knives And A Bow And Arrows. Jako Has A Sword, And Mondi Has A Sword. Needs: Nothing.

4. Dexter Is Sleeping In A Tree In The Forest. He Has Food, Water, And Supplies. He Has A Knife. Needs: Wire Or A Better Weapon.

5. Joshua Is On The Beach. He Has Food, Water, And Supplies. He Has A Axe For A Weapon.Needs: Nothing.

6. Pulchra Is Sleeping Under A Tree In The Forest. She Has Food, Water, And Supplies. She Has A Small Knife. Needs: A Better Weapon.

7. Carly Is Sleeping Under A Tree In The Rainforest And She Is Very Mad About Someone Already Being On The Beach. She Has A Lot Of Food, Water, And Supplies. Needs: A Weapon.

8. Sophie Is Sleeping In The Mountains. She Plenty Of Food, Water, And Supplies. She Has A Bow & Some Arrows. Needs: Nothing.

Day 3 - Monsters In The Dark

Dexter Bolts POV

I Jump From The Tree And I Can Feel My Back Pop. Two Days Of Sleeping In A Tree Is Not Very Comfortable. I Eat Some Dried Fruit And Take Out My Rope. Since There Wasnt Any Wire In My Bag My Mentor Doesnt Even Care, Im Gonna Have To Make A Rope Trap. I Find A Perfect Tree To Do It Under And Attach The Rope To The Tree Trunk High Above Me. I Takes Me An Hour To Finish But When Im Finally Done I Climb The Tree And Wait For My First Victim. I Rest And Wait In Silence And Seems Like Its Taking  Forever. But Then I Finally Hear A Loud Scream And I Jump Down From The Tree.

Pulchra Ego POV

"Agghhh!" I Scream As Im Lifting Into The Air And I Already Fill The Blood Rushing To My Head And I Start To Get Dizzy. Just Then I See The Boy From 3 Jump From The Tree. Of Course! The Boy From 3... The "Trap Professional". I Should Have Known It Would Be Him To Trap Someone With A Rope. "Get Me Down From Here!" I Shout And Try To Get The Rope Off My Leg But Its Useless. "Please Dont Kill Me!" I Yell And He Doesnt Say Anything.... In Stead He Pulls Out A Knife. I Try To Pull Mine Out But All Of A Sudden, He Quickly Falls Forward. BOOM! I See A Mace Stuck In His Back And The Careers Standing Above Him. "Thank God, Now Can You Get Me Down!"  But Instead They Just Shake Their Heads And The Girl From 2 Walks Towards Me With A Knife In Her Hand. "No! Please Dont!" I Scream But It Too Late. I Already See Blood Pooring Out Of My Throat And Im Dead. BOOM!

Cliff Whelan POV

So Far I Have Heard Two Cannons Today So The Careers Must Be Very Determined. "We Should Keep Moving" I Tell Dawn And We Gather Our Bags. I Heard Screaming Right Before The Cannons So The Careers Must Be Close. I Start Walking And Dawn Follows. We Walk And  Everything Is Silent Until I See Dawn Run Ahead And She Pulls Me Along With Her. I Look Back And Dont See Anyhting... "What Is It"? I Ask Her And She Shhh's Me. "I Heard The Careers, There Close" She Whispers And We Keep Running. But I Know The Careers Saw Us Because I Can Hear Them Yelling Excitingly Behind Us. I Know Tha We Cant Outrun 5 Of Them And I Have To Protect Dawn. I Stop Running And Yell To Dawn, "Run!". She Starts Deny But Yell Again "Run!" And Give Her  A Slight Shove And I See A Tear Flow Out Of Her Eye But She Keeps Running. The Careers Catch Up To Me And I Hear The Boy From 4 Say "I Will Take Care Of Him" And The Rest Of Them Run Towards Dawn. I Quickly Throw One Of My Spears And It Misses. He Runs Me And  Raises His Trident But I Block It With A Spear. I Use All My Strength But I Know Hes Just As Strong As Me. The Trident Comes Closer And Closer To My Face Then All Of A Sudden A Feel A Sharp Pain In My Stomach. Theres A Sword Lodged In My Gut AndI Fall To The Ground. I Hear The Boy From 4 Say "That Was My Kill!" Then I Hear My Cannon. I Am Dead. BOOM!

Tanna Meyers POV 

"Where Is She"! I Yell. I Look Around Around But Cant Find Her. "We Lost Her" Nikki Reply's. "What Now?" I Ask And They Both Walk Back To The Others And I Follow. When We Get There We See The Bloody  Body Of The Boy. "Did You Get Her"? Rebecca Asks And We All Shake Our Heads. "Nice! Its Funny How 2 Of Us Can Kill A Tribute But You 3 Cant!" She Keeps Yelling Until She Walks Back To The  Cornucopia. Its Starting To Get Dark Out And We Managed To Get 3 Kills Today. All Of Us Are Happy With The Amount Of Kills We Got Except Rebecca Who Thinks, "We Couldve Had 4". I Mean The Games Are Just About Half-Way Over... Im Pretty Sure We Can Get Her  A Different Day. I Just Forget About It And Rest. Ready For Whatever Is Gonna Happen Tomorrow.

Mondi Bakerman POV

"How About There"? I Ask And Point Towards The Small Cave. We All Agree To Hideout In There Since We Cant Hide Out In The Open Or All Of Us Will End Up Getting Arrows Through The Head. Theres Just Enough Room For All 3 Of Us Plus Our Bags And Weapons. "Wait Shouldnt We Check For Bears Or Something" Nick Asks. "Aahhh"! I Scream As Loud As I Can. "I Guess Its Safe" I Say And  He Gives Me A Slight Grin. "Its Getting Dark Outside... We Should  Probaly Get Some Sleep". I Say And We All Relax And They Immediantly  Fall Asleep. I Hear Nick Snoring And Thats Just Enough To Keep Me Awake. Eventually I Cover My Ears And Fall Asleep. Im Not Alseep Long When I Hear Them Both Screaming. All Of A Sudden Im Swarmed By Hundreds Of Small Flying Animals... Bats. They Are Like A Hundred Of Them Attacking Us And We All Try To Run Out Of The Cave. I Feel One Bite My Leg And I Fall Instantly. I Yell And Shout For Help But They Are Already Gone... Im All Alone Being Attacked. I Feel One Bite My Back And I Try To Run Again But Just Trip And Fall And Another One Bites My Arm And I Feel Them Sucking My Blood. I Try To Shoo Them Away But Its No Use Theres Too Many Of Them. I Feel One Bite My Neck And Then I Feel Nothing... BOOM!

Joshua Zane POV 

I Relax And Eat Another Apple. Being On Beach Is So Relaxing, Even Though Im In A Fight To The Death. The Only Problem Is Im Filthy. I Decide To Bath In The Water Before It Gets To Dark. I Take My Shirt Off And Jump In The Water And Feel Instant  Relief. I Dunk My Head Under Water And Float On My Back.  After Days Of Being Covered In Mud, Grime, And Who Knows What Else, It Feels Like You Have Already Won. I Swim Around Until I Notice Someone Sleeping Under A Tree On The Edge Of The Rainforest And Beach. I Put My Shirt On Swim To Her.  I Get To See Her Up Close, The Girl From 10. Carly I Think Is Her Name. She Looks Beautiful When She's Sleeping, Then She Starts Shivering. She Doesnt Have A Sleeping Or Anything To Give Warmth. I Pull The Sleeping Bag Out Of My Pack When She Wakes Up. All Pf A Sudden She Pulls Out A Knife And Raises It, "Wait!" I Yell Desperately. "I Was Just Gonna Give  You A Sleeping Bag... You Look Cold." And She Takes It And Says Thank You. "Allies"? I Ask And She Shakes Her Head Yes. The Rest Of Night We Relax On The Beach And Talk About Our Lives Back Home. For Once In The Games... Im Happy.

P.S. - I Know His POV Is Kinda Cheesy But I Dont Care:) ^^^

Dawn Oakly POV

I Feel So Alone... I Wish I New Who's Cannon That Was. Cliffs's Or A Careers. Its Really Lonely Being In A Tree Without The Person Who Risked Their Life For You. I Remember The Whole Event, Me Running While Cliff Protests Me. Then I Climbed This Tree And Stayed There Till The Careers Left, And I Dont Want To Leave Because I Actually Feel Safe. Then The Anthem Plays And All I Can Think Is Please Dont Be Cliff. I See The The Boy From 3, The Girl From 7, The Girl From 11, Then Cliff. Tears Instantly Start Pouring Out Of My Eyes. I Feel So Sad,  Because If It Wasnt For Him... I Would Be Dead And He Would Be Looking At My Face In The Sky. I Know I Have To Stay  Strong If Im Gonna Win. If Im Gonna Win For Cliff, But I Cant Help It. That Night I Cried Myself To Sleep.

Day 3 Stats.

1. The Careers Are Back At The Cornucopia Sleeping. They Are Pretty Statisfied With Their Kills. They All Have Food, Water, Supplies, And Weapons. Needs: Nothing.

2. Jako And Nick Are Recovering From The Bat Attack And Are Sad About Mondi's Death. They Both Have Food, Water, And Supplies. Nick Has Throwing Knives And A Bow And Arrows And Jako Has A Sword. Needs: Nothing.

3. Jacob And Carly Have Formed An Alliance And Are On The Beach. They Both Have Food, Water, And Supplies. Joshua Has A Axe And Carly Has A Knife. Needs: Better Weapon For Carly.

4. Dawn Is Sleeping In A Tree In The Forest And Is Sad About Cliff's Death. She Has Plenty Pf Food, Water, And Supplies And Has A Knife For A Weapon. Needs: A Better Weapon Maybe.

5. Sophie Is Sleeping In The Mountains. She Has Plenty Of Food, Water, And Supplies. She HasA Bow And Arrows For Weapon. Needs: Nothing.

Day 4 - Blood And Betrayal.

Carly Jones POV

I Wake Up To The Warmth Of The Sleeping Bag, Something I Havent Felt In 3 Days. Then I See Jacob Who Is Sleeping On The Sand And Is Still Asleep. He Is Kind For Giving Me Warmth While He Sleeps On The Cold Sand. I Eat A Snack And Think About Yesterday Night. How I Almost Killed, Him Wanting To Ally With Me, Us Laughing Together And Talking About Our Lives Before The Games... The Only Part Of The Games Where I Was Happy. I Look Over And Think He Looks Kinda Cute  When Hes Sleeping. Then He Wakes Up And We Share The  Last Apple And Crackers. Then We Both Decide To Go Swimming And He Looks Even Cuter With His Shirt Off. We Swim And Laugh And Enjoy Ourselves And I Wish This Moment Never Ends. But It Gets Even Better When He Leans In For A Kiss And I Feel His Lips Warming Mine And Even Though Im In The Hunger Games This Was The Best Day Of My Life.

P.S. - I Know This Is Still Cheesy^^^ But Again I Dont Care:)

P.S. Again - Kiersten You Asked If They Were Gonna Go Anywhere, Theres Your Answer! Lol:)

Rebecca Stewart POV

"Ok Os Everyone Ready To Kill Some Tributes"! And Everyone Gets Excited. I Grab My Sword And We Are Just About To Leave The Cornucopia When All Of A Sudden The Ground  Starts To Shake And 4 Walls Come Out Of The Ground And We Are Surrounded By The Walls. "Were Trapped"! I Hear Amanda Yell Then I Hear The Head Gamemakers Voice.

 "Hello Careers! Other Tributes Pay No Attention To This Message And Keep Killing Each Other. Anyways, It Has Come To My  Attention That There Are Just As Many Careers As There Are Other Tributes So I Think We Should Fix That."  "All Of You Are Trapped Inside Four Walls So That Way You Cant Escape. All You Have To Kill Each Other And The Remaining Two Careers Will Be Released."  "Good Luck! And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor."

I See Tanna Run Beside Me To Get Her Mace And I Quickly Slash Her With My Sword And She Falls. BOOM! "Lets Do This". I Say Very Confidently And Everyone Goes For There Weapons.

Amanda Bay POV

I Quickly Grab My Mace And Put My Vest Full Of Throwing Knives  On And Run To Jake. We Decide To Team Up So Maybe We Can Be The Two To Survive. Jake Runs Towards Nikki So I Run Towards Rebecca. She Raises Her And I Quickly Aim My Mace For Stomach Just As She Jumps Back. She Lowers Her Sword And I Block It With My Mace. I Quickly Grab The Sword And Throw It Behind Me. Im  Just About To Hit Her With My Mace When, BOOM! I Look Over And  See Jake On The Ground With A Knife In His Head. I Then Forget  About Rebecca And Run Towards Nikki. "You Bi***!" And I Hit Her With My Mace And She Falls To The Ground. A Grab The Biggest Knife I Can Find And Stab Her Over And Over Again Until My Hand Is Covered In Blood. BOOM! I Stand And Seen The Walls Lower. Then I Look At Rebecca "Looks Like Its Down To Us". She Nodds And I Can Tell She Cant Believe What Just Happened.  Instead Of Hunting Tributes We Are Both Tired So We Just  Decide To Rest.

Nick Lovizio POV

"Come On, We Have To Keep Moving". I Say Amd Jako Doesnt Get Any Faster. Though I Dont Blame Him, Were Both Pretty Sad About Mondi's Death. Those Stupid Bats Bit Me In My Arm. And Jako Has Bites All Over His Stomach. But We Still Didnt Get It As Bad As Mondi. I Keep Thinking Its My Fault, I Mean I Did Run Away From The Cave Without Even Trying To Help. Though It Was Just Overwhelming Being Attcked By Bats, Your First Thought Is To Run. I Try To Lose The Thought Be I Cant Until Hear I Hear The Gamemakers Evil Voice. 

 "Hello Tributes! This Message Is For Nick, Jako, And Sophie. So If Your Not Them Dont Pay Attention To This."  "Anyways I Noticed That You Three Tributes Have Been Hiding Out In The Mountains And That Just Doesnt Seem Fair To The Other Tributes If They Cant Find You.   "So In A Couple Of Minutes These Mountains Are Gonna Collapse, So Of I Was You Would Run."  "Good Luck! And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!"

I Give Jako A Worried Look And We Both Take Off Running As  Fast As We Can Away From The Minutes. The Only Problem Is We Dont Know Which Way Is To The Forest. "Your Map" I Yell To Him And He Takes It Out And Points North. "That Way" He Yells Back And Start Running Again. I Know What Were Both Thinking Right Know... "Im Gonna Die Today".  

Sophie Hanes POV

I Hear The Announcement About The Mountain And Start Running. Although Im Not Very Worried Cause Im Not Far From The Forest. I Keep Running As Fast As I Can Just In Case I Dont Make It. Then I Think About The Other Tributes That Were In The Minutes Because They Were Running Really Far. I Start To Breath Heavy And Then I Realize That I Was Farther Than I Thought. I See A Couple Of Pebbles Falling Down The Side Of The Mountains Then Boulders Start To Fall. I Can See The Trees Up Ahead And Im Almost There. I Look Back And See A Boulder Heading Towards Me And I Quickly Dodge It. I Couple Of Boulders Later And I Reach  The Forest. But I Keep Running Cause I Know That Rocks Are Gonna Fly When It Collapses.

Jako Mankor POV

Me And Nick Keep Running And Nick Gets Ahead Win I Start To Slow Down. I Can My Legs Burning And My Heart Keeps Shouting To Stop Running But I Know If I Do I Am Gonna Die. By Now Nick Is Feet Ahead Of Me And I Dont Know How He Runs So Fast And So Long. By Now I Can See And Feel The Mountain Crumbling Piece By Piece. I See Tree's Up Ahead And I Know Nick Has Already Made It To The Forest. I Can Hear Nick Yelling At Me "Jako! Hurry!" But I Cant Go Any Faster Then I Am Right Now. "Nick! Where Are You"? I Yell And  Try To Run Faster. But I Can Feel The Rocks Falling And Hitting My Legs And Back. I Can See The Forest Now And I See Nick. But Its Too Late, I Feel A Boulder Hit My Back And I Can Hear My Spine Break Into Pieces And I Fall. "Jako!"  Nick Yells But Its No Use. The Crumbling Remains Of The  Mountain Pile On Top Of Me And Everything Goes Black. BOOM!

Dawn Oakly POV

I Wake Up And My Eyes Burn Really Bad And There Extremely Dry From All The Crying. I Know I Need To Stay Strong For Cliff. The Only Problem Is I Dont Have A Weapon To Protect Myself. I Have Plenty Of Foos And Water, But I Wish I Had  Some Throwing Knives. Just Then I Hear A Beeping Sound And See A Large Bag And I Grab It Just Before It Hits The Ground. I Quickly Open It Hoping Theres Some Knives In It. But Theres Something Completely Different, A Blowgun. I  Have Never Even Used A Blowgun Before! Bit It Cant Be That Hard I Think As I Load It With A Dart And Shoot It And The  Dart Sticks Itself Into The Tree. I Let OutA Big Smile Just As The Anthem Begins To Play. Suprisingly I See 3 Careers First! The Girl From 2, The Boy From 4, And The Girl From The Capital. Now There Is Only 3 Careers Left. Then The Face Of The Boy From 2 And The Sky Goes Dark. Then I Try Hard To Sleep Because I Know Tomorrow Is The Feast.

Day 4 Stats.

1. The Remaining Careers (Rebecca And Amanda) Are Sleeping By The Cornucopia. They Have Food, Water, Supplies, And Weapons. Needs: Nothing.

2. Joshua And Carly Are Sleeping On The Beach. They Both Have Food, Water, And Supplies. Joshua Has An Axe And Carly Has A Knife. Needs: A Better Weapon For Carly.

3. Dawn Is Sleeping In The Tree In The Forest. She Has Food, Water, And Supplies. She Has A Blowgun For A Weapon. Needs: Nothing.

4. Nick Is Sleeping In The Forest. All Of His Allies Are Dead Now. He Has Food, Water, Supplies, And Throwing Knives And Bow & Arrows. Needs: Nothing.

5. Sophie Is Sleeping In The Forest. She Has Food, Water, Supplies, And Has A Bow And Arrows For A Weapon. Needs: Nothing.

Day 5 - The Deadliest Feast.

Carly Jones POV

I Wake Up To The Sound Of The Gamemakers Voice.

 "Congratulations, Remaining 7 Tributes! Today Will Be The Annaul Feast At The Cornucopia And Every Tribute Will Have Something Waiting For You. By The Way If You Dont Come... You Will Die."  "Good Luck And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!"

Me And Joshua Quickly Gather Our Stuff And Run Towards The Cornucopia. I Like The Sound Of That, "Remaining 7 Tributes". I Just Might Have A Chance At Winning And Going Home.

Dawn Oakly POV

I Look Towards The Cornucopia And Dont See Anyone. Im The First One There. I See That The Careers Bags Are Gone So They Must Have Left To Find Nearby Tributes. I Quickly Run Towards The Cornucopia. I Make It To The Table And Start To Open My Bag. I Dont Get To See Whats In It When I See One Of The Careers Jump Out Of Cornucopia And I Dont Even Get A Chance To Shoot My Blow Gun When She Quickly Smashes My Temple With  Her Mace And I Fall To The Floor. I See The Girl Take My Pack And Open It And It Had A Pair Of Nightvision Glasses... Something Thing That I Didnt Really Need. I See Her Run And I All I Can Think Is,  "Im Sorry Cliff." Then My Mind Goes Blank. BOOM!

Joshua Zane POV

Me And Carly Get To The Cornucopia And See The Girl From 4  Run To The Other Opposite Side Of The Forest. We Dont See The Other Career So She Must Already Be Hunting Tributes.  "Stay Here, Im Gonna Get The Bags. I Will Be Back." I Say And She Starts To Deny It But I Quickly Shh Her And Run To The Table. I Grab The Bags With The District 5 And 10 Marks On Them And Run Back To Carly. Im Almost To Her When I See The Girl From 1 Jump Out From A Bush And Stab Her With A Sword, BOOM! "Carly!!!" I Scream And Throw My Axe Without  Thinking And It Lands In Her Head. I Run Next To Carly Just As  Her Eyes Start To Close. "No! Dont Die Carly!" And Tears Start Pouring From My Face Like Rain Drops. "Stay With Me, Dont Leave!" I Tell And She Whispers One More Thing, "Win For Me." BOOM! I Sit Next To Her Until The Hovercraft Comes And Picks Up Her Body. I Dont Know What To Do, Im Feeling Lots Of Different Things Now. Sad, Mad, Regret, And Yet Happy I Survived. I Walk Over To The Dead Careers Body And Take My Axe. "You Deserve That" I Whisper To Myself And Run Into The Forest. 

Sophie Hanes POV

I Run To The EdgeOf The Forest And See The Table. Just Then I See Nick Run Out Of The Forest Grab His Bag And Run Back. By Now Everyone Has Either Got Their Bags Or Is Dead. I Run And Grab My Bag And Run Back Into The Forest. I Find A Large Tree And Climb It. I Start Taking Deep Breathes And Relax. I Open My Bag And It Contains Arrows. Not Just Any Arrows... Explosive Arrows. Arrows That Will Blow Up In Your Face When In Human Contact. I Also Find A Small Bottle Of Poison To Make Poison  Arrows. These Will Definetly Come In Handy Tomorrow, The Final Day... The Day Where The Victor Will Be Announced. I Eat A Snack And Gulp Water And Then Rest, Rest For The Biggest Day Yet.

Nick Lovizio POV

I Stop Running And Lean Against A Tree And Open My Bag. It Is A Huge Container That Is Bigger Than My Head. I Open The Container And See A Whole Chicken That I Can Tell Came From The Capital By The Smell And The Many Days Of Eating Chicken. This Would Cost Like 3 Deers Back In District 12...  Which I Never Managed To Do But Tonight I Get To Eat Like A King. I Shove The Chicken In Mouth, Handful After Handful. Its Still Warm And Delicous. I Keep Eating While The Anthem Begins To Play. Three Faces, The Girl From 9, The Girl  From 10, And The And The Girl From 1. Theres Still Four Of Us Left. Four Of Us Fighting To Survive. I Stick The Rest Of The Chicken In My Bag And Immediantly Fall Alseep.

Amanda Bay POV

I See The Face Of Rebecca And I Know Im The Only Careers Left. I Did Manage To Get Mine, Rebecca's, And The Girl From 9's Packs. I Open Mine First And It Feels Like Christmas. I Got 1 MagiHeal, That Is Defenitly Gonna Come In Handy. I Open Rebecca's And Find A Couple Of Tomahawks, Ive Never Used Any But Figure But Assume That It Cant Be That Hard. Then I Open The Last Pack And It Contains Nightvision Goggles,  Kinda Pointless At This Point Of The Games But I Put Them On Any Ways. Then I Rest Because I Know That District 4 Is Counting On Me To Win... Counting On Me To Survive.

Day 5 Stats.

1. Amanda Is Resting And Getting Ready For The Final Day. She Has Food, Water, Supplies, And Weapons. She Got Night Vision Goggles, Tomahawks, And 1 MagiHeal At The Feast. Needs: Nothing.

2. Joshua Is Sleeping In The Forest. He Has Food, Water, Supplies, And Weapons. He Got A Set Of Body Armor And Carly's Bow & Arrows At The Feast. Needs: Nothing.

3. Nick Is Sleeping In The Forest. He Has Food, Water, Supplies, And Weapons. He Got A Whole Chicken At The Feast. Needs:Nothing.

4. Sophie Is Resting And Getting Ready For The Final Day. She Has Food, Water, Supplies And Weapons. She Got Explosive Arrows And Poison At The Feast. Needs: Nothing.

'Read: Congratulations To The Final 4 Tributes! Amanda, Joshua, Nick, And Sophie. Good Luck To The Tributes, And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

Day 6 - A Fighting Chance.

Nick Lovizio POV

I Wake Up And Find A Sponsoring Gift Right Next To My Face And I Quickly Open It. It Has Another Pack Of Throwing Knives Even  Though I Have Enough. I Eat Something Before I Start Killing When I Hear The Gamemakers Voice And I Think "Does He Ever Shutup"!

 "Hello Remaining 4 Tributes... Today Is The Final Day Of The Games And Soon We Will Have A Victor. But First, There Is A Tiny Little Bomb In Every Tributes Tracker. I Bomb With Enough Power To Blow You To Bits".  "On The Side Of The Cornucopia There Is A Button On The Side. When You Press This Button It Will Activate The Bombs And Kill The Other Tributes At Once."   "So Good Luck... And Nick No... I Never Shut Up." 

I Hear Him Laugh And Then Nothing... What A Freak. But I Forget About That And Run To The Cornucopia Because This Button Is The Key To Going Home.

Joshua Zane POV

I Quickly Shove The Meat And Rice I Got From A Sponsor In My Mouth And Quickly Run To The Cornucopia And  I Make It To Edge Of The Forest And Hide Behind A Bush And Watch The Action Going On At The Cornucopia. I See The Girl From 4 And The Boy From 12 Both Emerge From The Forest And Run To The Cornucopia. They Both Look Desperate For  The Button And I See The Girl Throw A Tomahawk And It Lands In The Boys Eye. He Yells In Pain And Pulls It Out And His Eye Is Completely Missing But He Keeps Running. The Girl Throws Another Tomahawk And It Lands In The Boys Heart And He  Finally Falls Lifelesly To The Ground. BOOM! I Know I Cant  Let The Girl Press The Button So I Raise My Axe And Im About To Throw It When...

Amanda Bay POV

Im Just Killed The Boy From 12 When He Tried To Press The Button. I Dont Know Where The Other Tributes Are But Im Feet Away From The Button And I Reach Out To Press It But Then I Feel A Sharp Pain Coming From My Back And In My Heart And I See A Arrow Lodge Itself In My Chest. But Im So Determined Im Not Gonna Give Up And I Can Feel The Pain Getting Worse And Worse. By Now Im Inches Away From The Button When All Of A Sudden I Hear The Arrow Start To Beep Then Im Blown To Bits, At First I Thought Someone Else Got The Button But When I Dont See Anyone I Know... Its An Explosive Arrow, BOOM!

Sophie Hanes POV

I Quickly Run To The Cornucopia To Press The Button. Its Down To Me And One More Tribute But I Dont See Him Anywhere. I Run And Think Im Only Feet Away From Survival... I Can Win This... I Have A Fighting Chance.

Joshua Zane POV

I See The Remaining Tribute Run To The Cornucopia And I Take Off Behind Her But Im Fast So I Easily Pass Her. Im Inches Away From The Button, Inches Away From Victory. Im Almost There When I See The Girl Shoot A Arrow And It Sticks Itself In My Leg And I Instantly Fall. The Rushes Feel Funny, I Feel My Blood Boiling, It Feels Like My Blood Is  Fighting For Survival. I Cant Feel That Leg But I Still Have The Other One And I Keep Running And By Now Shes Ahead Of Me But I Know I Can Catch Up. She Aims Another Arrow And It Lands In My Gut. I Pull It Out And Keep Running Running To Win. It Feels Like Its Taking Forever To Get  To The Cornucopia. She Shoots Another Arrow And This One Finds A Spot In My Last Leg And I Cant Handle The Pain, I Fall Again. Fall For The Last Time Because She  Presses The Button And I Have Time To Yell "Nooooo"! Then Im Just A Bloody Stain On The Ground, BOOM!

Sophie Hanes POV

Oh My God, I Won! I Cant Help But Jumping Up And Down And Yelling In Victory. I Hear The Gamemakers Voice And This Time Im Happy To Hear It.

"Congratulations Sophie Hanes! Our Newest Victor!"

I See The Hovercraft Fly Above Me And Lift Me In The Air. I Get To See My Family Again... I Get To Finally Go Home.

The Victor Of My Second Games Is... Sophie Hanes! Congratulations To Los95361!!!

Thank You To Everyone Who Submitted Tributes And Sorry If Your Tribute Died.

R.I.P. Dead Tributes:)

Thank You For Reading:)

--HKTLovesGlimmer (talk) 03:12, July 18, 2012 (UTC)

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