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    I am Leaving - No Joke

    August 17, 2012 by Haalyle

    I've been blocked mutiple times because of the Obligator and the IP address for this laptop.

    I shall be leaving for the rest of the year, or maybe I might come back in December.

    I'll be here for the last few weeks of August, to see whether my games became more popular, if they're not, I shall leave and come back later.

    I have a lot of things to do and being blocked doesn't help, it annoyed me a little bit.

    I also may put my information might be put back up, but it depends if i come back.

    See you some time Haalyle (talk)

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  • Haalyle

    Okay, so my previous games was not very fabulous, so I'm going to remake them.

    In the year, 2012, there will be the 128th Games. This will include the whole world, not just North America. The age limit had been increased, people aged 12 - 29 is now the limit. The Capitol has taken over the world, will you stop it, or help them?

    Twice as many tributes will be given from each district. Two males and two females.

    This will include interviews and training scores.

    District South America

    District North America

    District England

    District Australia

    District Germany

    District France

    District Japan

    District China

    District New Zealand

    District Italy

    District Spain

    District Scotland

    1. Do not swear, spam or insult any fellow users, that's a usual rule
    2. A maxinum of 6 tribut…

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  • Haalyle

    Rue Fan Club

    April 22, 2012 by Haalyle

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  • Haalyle

    This is the 101st Hunger Games.

    It's been over a century since Katniss and Peeta got killed in the 74th Hunger Games, with Cato winning in the end, and the Capitol have continued to run the Hunger Games for entertainment. Now you've been reaped. They found District 13, and they have been punished more than the other districts. No sponsers are allowed, they must fight with rare skill.

    Reapings and chariot rides. As well as training scores and then finally the games!

    1. No spamming

    2. No swearing or insulting other users.

    3. Up to four tributes each user.

    4. Have fun!

    The Districts
    Districts Usernames Character Names
    1 Male User:Italicos Jeramy Al
    1 Female User:TheEmoticon24 Kez Hunter
    2 Male User:KEWLBEN Drew Adams
    2 Female User:Rainbow_Shifter Mati…

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  • Haalyle

    Could you continue the story after the Mockingjay? I'm going to try and make one, but I don't know. There are people going on about making a fourth book, what about a prequal?

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