This is the 101st Hunger Games.

It's been over a century since Katniss and Peeta got killed in the 74th Hunger Games, with Cato winning in the end, and the Capitol have continued to run the Hunger Games for entertainment. Now you've been reaped. They found District 13, and they have been punished more than the other districts. No sponsers are allowed, they must fight with rare skill.

This Will Include:

Reapings and chariot rides. As well as training scores and then finally the games!

The Rules

1. No spamming

2. No swearing or insulting other users.

3. Up to four tributes each user.

4. Have fun!

The Districts

The Districts
Districts Usernames Character Names
1 Male User:Italicos Jeramy Al
1 Female User:TheEmoticon24 Kez Hunter
2 Male User:KEWLBEN Drew Adams
2 Female User:Rainbow_Shifter Matilda Fog
3 Male
3 Female User:KEWLBEN Lilanna "Lila" Maganachi
4 Male User:Aerialchinook Tusami Wave
4 Female User:Aerialchinook Aqua Tide
5 Male User:Catnipkatniss No Name Given
5 Female User:Justafox No Name Given
6 Male User:KEWLBEN Benjamin Woodrew
6 Female User:Catnipkatniss No Name Given
7 Male User:Thena.airice14 Jaser Leif
7 Female User:Thena.airice14 Senner Leif
8 Male
8 Female User:Justafox No Name Given
9 Male
9 Female User:Galina54 Natalia Ravenoshkowitz
10 Male User:FHT Tristan James
10 Female
11 Male User:Catnipkatniss No Name Given
11 Female User:Rue_district11 Lauren Hill
12 Male User:Catnipkatniss No Name Given
12 Female User:Lilyxoxo Savannah Rose Hadamik
13 Male
13 Female

Spots Avaliable

There are currently 6 spots remaining, be quick to pinch one!

Okay, so once I get them all filled up then I'll tell everyone the setting and start it off with the training scores.

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