Rue was cute and young for her age, not the sort who should have to go into the Games. Her personality was bright and happy, nothing to be mistaken for a young girl of her age.

I think Rue should get some credit, she was only 12 years old and at least she survived throguhout most of the Games.

So, are you cute, happy and nice enough to be in the Rue Fan Club?

Members of Rue's Fan Club

At least tell me a few things, and how you like Rue, I'll see if you are worthly enough.

Just kidding, all I need is if you are a fan of Rue. I am more of a fan of Rue than any of the other characters.

Once you have joined, your username will be showen below:


Rue district11

The Whole Point Of This

I will try my best below to write how Rue survived and how she felt when she was dying. Her thoughts and her actions.

If you are part of this club, then you'll enjoy it more.

DON'T Comment If You Don't Want to be in the Club

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