• Hammers

    The 31st Hunger Games

    November 11, 2012 by Hammers

    Hey everyone! I'm Hammers, and I'm sort of new here. These are my first games that I'm hosting and I hope you have fun reading them. Thanks!

    Tributes don't need to be unstoppable, so try make your's realistic. Just give me as much information as possible so I can understand how your tribute works, thanks. Numbers beside the tributes are their training scores.

    District Male Female
    1 Gunner Pierce (8) Ally Dellera (9)
    2 Malek Rath (10) Metallix Gleam (10)
    3 Waverly Wire (6) Ruby Hyrglass (8)
    4 Douglas Wave (8) Eaux Obruo (8)
    5 Ireland Rossita (7) Fauna Wood (6)
    6 North Horizon (5) Twyning Jurella (8)
    7 Talon Shields (7) Leticia Moon (8)
    8 Velour Coudre (8) Korayla Madson (5)
    9 Basil James (6) Taylor Bran (4)
    10 Tennessee Monroe (9) Cyra Anderson (7)
    11 T…

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