Hey everyone! I'm Hammers, and I'm sort of new here. These are my first games that I'm hosting and I hope you have fun reading them. Thanks!


Tributes don't need to be unstoppable, so try make your's realistic. Just give me as much information as possible so I can understand how your tribute works, thanks. Numbers beside the tributes are their training scores.

District Male Female
1 Gunner Pierce (8) Ally Dellera (9)
2 Malek Rath (10) Metallix Gleam (10)
3 Waverly Wire (6) Ruby Hyrglass (8)
4 Douglas Wave (8) Eaux Obruo (8)
5 Ireland Rossita (7) Fauna Wood (6)
6 North Horizon (5) Twyning Jurella (8)
7 Talon Shields (7) Leticia Moon (8)
8 Velour Coudre (8) Korayla Madson (5)
9 Basil James (6) Taylor Bran (4)
10 Tennessee Monroe (9) Cyra Anderson (7)
11 Thor Hammer (7) Bella Rose (6)
12 Seamus Chrone (7) Treeden Smith (6)

Death Chart

Ranking Who? How? Killed by?
24th Leticia Moon (D7) Dart in neck Metallix Gleam (D2)
23rd Bella Rose (D11) Knife in temple Malek Rath (D2)
22nd Seamus Chrone (D12) Sword in stomach Bella Rose (D11)
21st Taylor Bran (D9) Arrow in head Tennessee Monroe (D10)
20th Korayla Madson (D8) Axe in chest Gunner Pierce (D1)
19th Fauna Wood (D5) Arrow in neck Eaux Obruo (D4)
18th Gunner Pierce (D1) Arrow in brain Eaux Obruo (D4)
17th Waverly Wire (D3) Spear in chest Velour Coudre (D8)
16th Ireland Rossita (D5) Decapitated Cyra Anderson (D10)
15th Basil James (D9) Sword in neck Cyra Anderson (D10)
14th Cyra Anderson (D10) Knife in chest Twyning Jurella (D6)
13th Ruby Hyrglass (D3) Axe in chest Eaux Obruo (D4)
12th Ally Dellera (D1) Axe in head Talon Shields (D7)
11th Douglas Wave (D4) Sword in heart North Horizon (D5)
10th Malek Rath (D2) Knife in stomach Twyning Jurella (D6)
9th Tennessee Monroe (D10) Decapitated Metallix Gleam (D2)
8th Velour Coudre (D8) Spear in neck Eaux Obruo (D4)
7th Eaux Obruo (D4) Throat slit Metallix Gleam (D2)
6th Metallix Gleam (D2) Knife in heart North Horizon (D5)
VICTOR North Horizon (D5)
VICTOR Twyning Jurella (D6)
VICTOR Talon Shields (D7)
VICTOR Thor Hammer (D11)
VICTOR Treeden Smith (D12)

The Games

Twyning Jurella

I'm in the arena. It's quite gorgeous, actually. But what lurks inside of the green glistening forest is a horrible mystery. I remember to focus on the booty ahead of me. Metallic objects are scattered evenly around the golden cornucopia, a glimmering knife catches my attention. I take quickly take a look at the other tributes, I'm standing between Cyra Anderson of District 10 and Eaux Obruo of District 4. Great, a career will be right on my tail. I take one last look at the majestic arena, then hear the gong that will set me free. Or will it?

Seamus Chrone

I rush towards the cornucopia and watch as Metallix Gleam of District 2 fires a dart into Leticia Moon's neck. She grabs a backpack and runs for the forest. As I hurdle over Leticia's body, a sharp object enters my stomach. Bella Rose stands ahead of me, laughing at my failure. her laughing is put to a stop when a knife thrown by Malek Rath enters her temple. Great, at least she goes down with me

Velour Coudre

Taylor Bran has just fallen to the ground infront of me, arrow in her head. Then a second or two after, Korayla and Fauna. Eaux loads another arrow and fires at me with powerful force. I dive to my left, only for the arrow to slide into Gunner Pierce's brain. I lunge for a spear close by me, then throw it at Waverly Wire's chest. I sprint towards him and retrieve it from his chest. His ally, Ireland Rossita, has been decapitated by Cyra Anderson, who then kills Basil a second later. Cyra is then killed by Twyning's knife. I grab a backpack and run for my life.

Douglas Wave

Us careers have set up camp inside the cornucopia, a popular career camp in most games. The girl from 2, Metallix, has refused to join us, which is fair enough, she can survive on her own, that's for sure. Night falls and we watch the fallen, Gunner is the only one up there who brings us anger. We will find his killer.

Day 2

Treeden Smith

I have allied with Twyning Jurella, Thor Hammer, Talon Shields, North Horizon, and Ruby Hyrglass. Today, we will take out the careers, and we are on our way there now. I'm not really sure I'm prepared to kill them, but whatever get's me home quicker will do. But what happens next is so quick. An axe comes out of nowhere, and buries itself in Ruby's chest. "Bring it!" Shouts Eaux from District 4, who readies another axe.

Eaux Obruo

Okay, yesteday, I killed Gunner. On accident, though. And if Ally finds out, I'm dead meat. But I have other problems on my hands. Some stupid alliance is trying to take us down, but they won't get the chance. The boy from 7 charges towards us and hacks away at Ally. BOOM! Then the boy from 5 delivers a sword to Douglas's neck. BOOM! Twyning throws a knife at Malek's stomach. They rush back into the forest. I'll get them, that's for sure.

Tennessee Monroe

I spot Metallix from District 2 by the lake, filling up her canteen. Maybe I should ally with her. Nah, too risky. I rush over to her with my axe and before I can drop it down on her she flips around and slices my head off. Great, what a fun way to be killed.

Day 3

Metallix Gleam

Claudius Templesmith has announced a feast, and I'm on my way towards the cornucopia.

Velour Coudre grabs his bag, only to have a spear thrown into his neck. BOOM!

Eaux Obruo grabs her bag and runs, I tackle her to the ground and slice her neck open.

An alliance consisting of Twyning, Treeden, Talon, Thor and North burst out and one of them stabs me in the heart.

Thor Hammer

I bring a knife to my neck and start cutting, along with everyone else. "WAIT, DROP THE WEAPONS!" Yells a voice. It's Claudius. "I GIVE YOU THESE YEARS VICTORS!!"


Congratulations AxedFox, The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo and EvilhariboMadness!

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