aka Hannah

  • I live in District 2 or 4 (it depends)
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • HappyHannah1234

    I'm board, and even though my first games were a fail (no one joined :( ) these might have hope! (I doubt it)

    When President Paylor died in the year when the 110th Hunger Games were to be held, vice president, Harmony, was named president. President Harmony was a distant relative of President Snow and like him, her and the Capitol were harsh and cruel to the districts. The districts were fed up with being treated like garbage so they rebeled a year after President Harmony stared holding office, the third rebelion started. Even with only few districts on thier side (1, 2, and, 4) the Capitol victored agian, and the games started agian. Every sence then there have been games every year agian. New presidents were chosen will the same beilves a…

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  • HappyHannah1234

    Welcome everyone to the 100th Hunger Games the 4th Quarter Quell. President Paylor decided to bring back the games once more for their 100th anniersery. This years twist is... ," To prove to the Districts that the Capitol still victors, even with the smallest army, the Districts will offer up 26 tributes (including District 13) and the Capitol will offer up 12 tributes" There are going to be more twists along the way so be prepared for that! These are my first games so I REALLY hope they'll do well. There will be POV's for each person. Also, I didn't really find it nessacarry to have escorts or mentors so they won't be included. So with out further a do, HAPPY HUNGER GAMES! And may the odds be ever in your favor!!

    1. If you want to submit a trib…

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  • HappyHannah1234
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