I'm board, and even though my first games were a fail (no one joined :( ) these might have hope! (I doubt it)


When President Paylor died in the year when the 110th Hunger Games were to be held, vice president, Harmony, was named president. President Harmony was a distant relative of President Snow and like him, her and the Capitol were harsh and cruel to the districts. The districts were fed up with being treated like garbage so they rebeled a year after President Harmony stared holding office, the third rebelion started. Even with only few districts on thier side (1, 2, and, 4) the Capitol victored agian, and the games started agian. Every sence then there have been games every year agian. New presidents were chosen will the same beilves as Harmony, but finally right before the 225th games were to start, a new president, President Fiona, took over and declared these would be the last and final games. This quell twist this year is: There will be 5 times the amount of tributes and each will have a loved one taken to the Capitol. If that tribute dies, their loved one will die as well...


  1. There will be 10 tributes from each District (Including the Capitol) 5 males and 5 females
  2. You can have up to 3 tributes from each District
  3. I'm not taking reservations from anyone.
  4. All tributes must have a loved one
  5. Don't get mad if your tribute dies!
  6. No cussing in the comments
  7. You sponsor yourself and each tribute get $500 dollars for their sponsor


Tribute Templet


District (list at least two)






Apperence: (Picture or Luani)



Allies: (Please try and be specific)

Loved One




Relation: (Example: Sibling, other family member, boyfriend, girlfiend, ect...)




District Name Age Gender Weapon Loved One's Name Age Relation
D11 Female Edith Presko 15 Female Axes, Bow and Arrow Issac Presko 16 Brother

SPONSUR ITEMS (you sponsor yourself) Awl- $100

Axe- $150

Battleaxe- $200

Blanket- $50

Blowgun- $100

Bow- $200

Burn Cream- $200

Canteen- $75

Camofladge Paint- $150

Coil of Wire- $75

Dagger- $75

Darts(12) - $50

Dried Fruit- $25

Dried Meat- $50

Instant Heal (Heals any wounds imediatly)- $400

Knive- $100

Land Mines- $225

Matches(12)- $50

Mace- $125

Neosporein(Prevents infection to open wounds)- $125

Net Trap- $100

Night Vision Glasses- $125

Painkillers (Heals headaches and infections)- $225

Poison Darts(12)- $150

Quiver of Arrows(12)- $50

Rocks (12 for slingshot)- $25

Rope(1 yard)- $25

Sleeping Bag- $75

Slingshot- $50

Soup-$ 75

Spear- $125

Spile- $50

Sword- $300

Throwing Knives (5)- $200

Trident- $375

Water- $ 100

Whip- $75

Wooden Club- $75



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