Hello! I'm very excited to be hosting my very first Hunger Games!

Submit your ideas for tributes in the comments below! Also, a couple of more rules when it comes to submitting tributes.

1: You may submit up to 5 tributes!

2: Try not to make the name too corny or stupid sounding okay? For example, a bad/ugly sounding name would be Ernie Sasalot or Silver Metal or Zapp Zigzag. Those names are ugly. A nice sounding name would be, for example, Shimmer Twindlehouse or Millie Snowe.

3. Note: I am not trying to be a stickler or be difficult, but please,'DO NOT USE NAMES YOU HAVE ALREADY GIVEN TO OTHER PEOPLE! Come up with new, fresh ideas! I want this to be as original as possible, so NO DUPLICATE NAMES OR NAMES THAT HAVE BEEN USED IN OTHER GAMES. Thank you for your cooperation!

4: Give a name, age, district, and a short description on what they are like (personality, strengths/weaknesses).

5. Have fun with it! Really! I know I may come off as a stickler, but I really want this to be one of the most fun reads you guys will have on here. I want to make this a super fun Hunger Games, so think up some great tributes okay?






District 1 (Luxury):

Male: Sean Dansin, 18 (Killed by Sabrina/knife to the heart)

Female: Willow Hastel, 16 (Killed by Kara/curved sword to the neck)

District 2 (Masonry):

Male: Derek Trike, 16 (Killed by Wren/sword to the chest)

Female: Jade Avedon, 17 (Killed by Jason/cut off her arm, then she died of blood loss)

District 3 (Technology):

Male: Clark Kening, 18 (Killed by Ayleta/mace to the face)

Female: Tiffany Gomez, 13 (Killed by Derek/machete to the back)

District 4 (Fishing):

Male: Wren Combe, 16 (Killed by Ayleta/mace to the chest)

Female: Shiloh Riverside, 17 (Killed by wolf mutts)

District 5 (Power):

Male: Kole Roch, 17 (Killed by Zara/head smashed against rock wall)

Female: Kara Iovenko, 16 (Killed by Wren/fists to the face)

District 6 (Transportation):

Male: Tyler Harvard, 17 (Killed by Willow/arrow to the chest)

Female: Margo Roth, 15 (Killed by Wren/beheaded)

District 7 (Lumber):

Male: Harris Yates, 18 (Killed by Sabrina/choked to death)

Female: Zara Hiland, 17 (Killed by wolf mutts)

District 8 (Textiles):

Male: Iuv Yuan, 15 (Killed by Sean/sword to the throat)

Female: Ayleta Hier, 16 (WINNER!)

District 9 (Grain):

Male: Miller Reese, 14 (Killed by Miya/torture, then knife to the throat)

Female: Miya Rye, 14 (Killed by Roxi/arrow through the eye)

District 10 (Livestock):

Male: Oliver Rhodes, 15 (Killed by Shiloh/knife to the back)

Female: Lilliana "Lila" Maganachi, 15 (Killed by Shiloh/knife to the abdomen)

District 11 (Agriculture):

Male: Charl Ayaan, 17 (Killed by fire)

Female: Roxi Candelgaves, 15 (Killed by Willow/knife to the head)

District 12 (Mining/Coal):

Male: Jason Takara, 13 (Killed by Sabrina/knife to the back)

Female: Sabrina Wong, 17 (Killed by Wren/knife to the upper chest)


District 1 Reapings: Willow Hastel, 16-

As me and the other children in my District wait for the reapings, I look around. Craning my

neck to get a good view, I take one last look at the place I grew up. Luscious greenery,

relatively nice houses and tall mountains are scattered all about. I’ve delayed volunteering

because I knew I wasn’t strong enough to win. Or, maybe it’s because I didn’t want to leave.

But this year, this year is mine. I’m ready. I need to bring pride to my family, my District, and

more importantly, myself. Living in District One, I’ve prepared my whole life for these stupid

games. I wouldn’t want my life, my childhood, to go to waste. Even if I’m not strong enough,

and even if I still die in that arena, at least I can die knowing I didn’t throw away my existence

for nothing. I’m torn away from my thoughts as I finally see our district guide striding up

onto the platform. She is a tall, skinny, pasty-white lady with long, wavy pink hair. Her outfit is

even more ridiculous; tall, electric blue heels with a poofy and multi-colored dress. Even

coming from the the richest district in Panem, the people of the Capitol still confuse me.

“Hello, my name is Luvi Cane! Welcome to the reapings for the 54th Hunger Games, and

may the odds be ever in your favor!” “As per tradition, I will pick one young woman first!”

She makes me so sick. How can she be so happy and nonchalant about sending children to

brutally kill each other?

I hear another girl next to me mutter “Get on with it, bitch.” Knowing she is going to

volunteer, my arms shoot up excitedly and I jump up and down to get her attention. When the

guide notices me, and before she even has a chance to call a name, I sprint onto the stage.

The look on the girls face next to me is priceless.

“Oh my.... Okay dear, come on over here” Luvi mutters.

I stroll up to her and stop right by her side, exuding confidence. I glance back to the girl,

and she is glaring daggers at me. I chuckle to myself.

“Hello dear! What is your name?”

I motion an X over my throat to signal my muteness. I take a scrap of paper out of my dress

pocket and hand it to her.

“Well everyone, give a big round of applause for our District 1 female tribute volunteer, Willow Hastel!”

As my long, blond hair flows in the wind, I stare out into the crowd, smiling. I know I can win

this. I won’t let my family down. I hear our guide call out a boy’s name.

“Sean Dansin! Please come to the stage!” she says excitedly.

That’s unusual. Usually we always have volunteers. Hmph. What a bunch of pussi** those

boys are. I see the other kid slowly coming onto the stage. He’s short for his age, and his

big, dull grey eyes irritate me to no end. Our district produced this pathetic excuse for a


‘I’ll win easier than I thought’ I say to myself. But I can’t get rid of the little itch at the back of

my head that this kid is bad new. Very bad news.

District 2 Reapings: Jade Avedon, 17-

“Me, I volunteer!” I shout out before our district guide has a chance to call a girl’s name. I

make my way to the stage, grinning contentedly. I come from a family of Hunger Games

winners. Both of my sisters, my brother and both of my parents have won. I know I can do

this, and I’m ready! My district guide, a man with slicked back blue hair, walks over to grab a

boy’s name out of the bowl. As with me, before he gets a chance to call out the name he has

chosen, a boy calls out from the crowd.

“I volunteer to take the place of the pathetic loser you picked!”

I hear our district guide grumble in annoyance at constantly being interrupted. The boy

coming up to the stage is the typical male from District 2. Tall, burly, spiky black hair and

piercing, stupidly-confident eyes.

“What’s your name, young man?” our district guide asks.

“My name is Derek Trike, loser. Hey Jade,” he glances over to me, “ready to kill some


My eyes narrow. I already don’t like him.Then again, I really don’t like anyone. I grumble in

agreement just to get him to shut up. Come on, Hunger Games, start already!

District 3 Reapings: Clark Kening, 18-

“Well, come on, shake hands!”

The guides words sound loud in my ears. Still in a daze the I was chosen, I slowly look up.

Tiffany Gomez, my fellow District 3 tribute and I, shakily grasp each others hands. I know

she won’t come out of this alive. She’s small, weak, cocky and, quite frankly, ugly in

appearance. I may get angry at the drop of a pin, but at least I have my looks going for me.

And, not to boast or anything, but I have my strength going for me as well.

As soon as we are being escorted to the Justice Building, I mutter under my breath towards

the small girl next to me.

“Hey, Tiffany,” I breath with a little grin on my face, “good luck surviving.” I chuckle.

She looks at me disgustedly, and all I can do is laugh. This is going to be easy.

District 4 Reapings: Wren Combe, 16-

I take one last, deep breath of the salty ocean air that I’m so accustomed to. Even though I’m

a Career, and I know I’m going to volunteer, you can’t blame me for being nervous. I mean,

I’m putting my life on the line to impress my family. If I don’t win, I die.

“Me. I want to go. I volunteer!” As I trod onto the stage, I hear the girls cheer and woo over

me. Lucky me, I’m hot. One of my best assets is my looks. Forget the strength and the pure

rage and adrenaline I get when I make a kill. My looks can win me this game. They’ll get me

sponsors if I need them, which I won’t, and they’ll get me throngs of female allies. I look at

the crowd again, taking in the faces of girls wishing they were up here with me. I spot a tall,

red-haired girl who doesn’t seem to be impressed.

“Well, as long as I don’t get stuck with her, I’ll be good” I say under my breath. But then, I

hear her call out her name.

“I volunteer!”

Crap. I look at her, Shiloh I think her name is, and she looks back at me. Then she smirks. As

we are being led off, she whispers into my ear “Too bad you don’t have any of your fangirls

to die for you, huh?” She pulls away giggling. Damn her.

District 5 Reapings: Kara Iovenko, 16-

“And our District 5 female tribute for the 55th Hunger Games is . . . Kara Iovenko!

Congratulations young lady, please come onto the stage.”

I can’t believe it. I turn back to the crowd, taking in the solemn faces of my family and the

friends I grew up with. I turn back to the stage, and slowly walk up. I’m not an emotional

person, and I never have been. But I’d be telling a fuc**** lie if I said I didn’t start tearing up

a bit.

“Hey, it’ll be okay” the boy mutters to me. He puts a soft hand on my shoulder and rubs in a

circular motion.

“Thanks, Kole...” I whisper. I know I’m strong enough physically to win this. But . . . maybe

I’m not mentally strong enough. I don’t know. I always thought I was but. . . But, I just don’t


District 6 Reapings: Margo Roth, 15-

As I’m led away from my crying family, I take a look over to the boy next to me. Toyle? Tyne?

Tyke? I can’t remember his name. I was too busy thinking about my imminent death; too busy

thinking about how the Capitol can do this, especially to children. My life is over. . . Literally.

District 7 Reapings: Harris Yates, 18-

The scent of pine and freshly chopped wood lingers on my clothing. The birds chirp softly,

and the wind rustles the leaves of the tall trees that are ever so abundant in my home. Even

though I was poor growing up, District 7 is still my home. I turn my attention back to the

stage, where our guide has just called out the name of them female tribute. Zara Hiland, a tall

and tan girl with brown hair runs onto the stage. She looks so calm; so confident in herself. I

wish I had that same fire, but. . . Well. I don’t have to think of that. I mean, this is my last year

to be picked. I made it through seven of these already, what are the chances I’ll be called

now? The guide, a short and plump old woman with blood red hair and, quite frankly, way too

much makeup, makes her way over to the other tub. I clench my eyes shut, and whisper “Not

me, not me, not me, please, not me. . .”

“Harris Yates! Come onto the stage deary, you are our male tribute!”

No. It can’t be. This can’t be happening. My heart sinks, and I feel sick to my stomach. I lose

what miniscule amount of food I had in my stomach. I hear the disgusted cries of the guide,

but I don’t care. I feel another one of the possible male tributes rub my back gently, in an

attempt to comfort me. But I don’t care.

District 8 Reapings: Iuv Yuan, 15-

I can’t believe I was reaped. I just can’t. And to make things worse, my friend was reaped.

My best friend, the person I grew up with, shared all of my struggles with, shared all of my

triumphs with. She was the person who comforted me after my parents died in a factory fire.

She was the person who held my hand when I went to visit my parents graves. She was

there for me when I broke my legs after I fell out of the apple tree on my parents property.

She was the person who offered me a home when my siblings, who had been chosen to care

for me after my parents die, kicked me out when I came out as gay to them.

And now, she’s the person who’s here with me on the train, on the way to the Capitol, on the

way to die in an arena with 22 other miserable kids. I love Ayleta, I love her as a sister. As a

best friend. And now, whatever it takes, I’m going to be there for her. I’m going to protect

her. I’m going to die to save her. And, God forbid she dies before I do, I’ll murder whoever it

was that killed her. I’ll do anything for her.

District 9 Reapings: Miya Rye, 14-

That bastard. I hate that fuc**** bastard so godd** much. I’m going to kill him, now that I can

do it, eh, legally. My eyes narrow as I look over to the boy in front of me.

“Hey, Miller” I say, grinning lopsidedly.

“Yes Miya?”

I make a slicing motion over my neck, snickering as I do so. This vicious personality I’m

holding right now, it’s, it’s so unlike me. But I can’t help it. That boy I hate so much is here on

this train with me. And now I can kill him. Legally.

District 10 Reapings: Lilliana “Lila” Maganachi, 15-

“Congratulations to Lila Maganachi and Oliver Rhodes, our District 10 tributes for the 55th

Hunger games!”

Oliver and I look to each other. Our faces are both etched with a primal kind of fear. The

fearing of dying alone. Alone in the woods; cold, hungry, desperate. I swear, in the short time

since our reapings, we already look like we’ve aged ten years. Stressful. So, so, so damn

stressful. And we haven’t even left District 10 yet. We know we can’t win alone, and even

though I’m not really the type to jump into anything too quickly, I know we stand a better

chance to win if we play the games together.

‘Alliance?’ I mouth to him. I am satisfied with the response. ‘Ready or not, here we go’ I


District 11 Reapings: Charl Ayaan, 17-

I let my nostrils fill with the succulent aroma of freshly baked goods. Grabbing a crescent

roll, I sit myself at the back of the train, away from everyone. Away from Corrie Boyle, our

annoyingly happy district guide. Away from Belle, our smug and tired looking mentor. Away

from Roxi, the sickeningly pretty girl tribute from our district. I sink my teeth into the flaky

roll, letting the soft, buttery taste fill my mouth. I know gorging on fattening Capitol food right

before a battle royale to the death isn’t the smartest idea, but what the hell. I mine as well

indulge myself, I’m going to die anyway. I glance out at the landscape passing fastly by. Why, I

think. Why us, me and Roxi? Why anybody? I huff loudly.

“Hey, is everything okay” Roxi says as she sits next to me.

“Yeah, I guess. I mean, you and me are going to die. But, I really don’t feel scared. I just. . .

Maybe the reason is, i’ve been waiting my entire life for this to happen. And now that it finally

did, it didn’t really shock me that much. I think I knew and accepted this was going to happen

before it did, you know?”

“Yeah. . .” Roxi says, breathing softly. “Yeah, I know.”

District 12 Reapings: Jason Takara, 13-

I see my cousin, Sabrina, shout loudly. Tears are streaming down her face. Her long, black

hair slaps against her back as she runs onto the stage and grabs me in a tight embrace.

“I, I couldn’t let you go alone” she says between softening sobs.

“Thank you, Sabrina” I say between my own tears. But I don’t mean it. Inside my head, I’m

feeling guilty. What have I done? I’ve. . . I’ve just cause both of our deaths.

‘Fu** you Captiol,” my mind screams.

‘Fu** you.’

Training Scores:

District 1:

M: Sean Dansin, 9/12

F: Willow Hastel, 12/12

District 2:

M: Derek Trike, 11/12

F: Jade Avedon, 9/12

District 3:

M: Clark Kening, 7/12

F: Tiffany Gomez, 3/12

District 4:

M: Wren Combe, 11/12

F: Shiloh Riverside, 10/12

District 5:

M: Kole Roch, 8/12

F: Kara Iovenko, 8/12

District 6:

M: Tyler Harvard, 5/12

F: Margo Roth, 5/12

District 7:

M: Harris Yates, 6/12

F: Zara Hiland, 9/12

District 8:

M: Iuv Yuan, 4/12

F: Ayleta Hier, 3/12

District 9:

M: Miller Reese, 6/12

F: Miya Rye, 7/12

District 10:

M: Oliver Rhodes, 2/12

F: Lilliana "Lila" Maganachi, 6/12

District 11:

M: Charl Ayaan, 9/12

F: Roxi Candelgaves, 5/12

District 12:

M: Jason Takara, 4/12

F: Sabrina Wong, 7/12

55th Hunger Games:

DAY 1:

Miya Rye, D9, 14-

As the tubes emerge from underground, the harsh sunlight blinds my eyes. Once I regain my vision, I glance around to see where the other tributes are. I see my district partner, Miller, standing a few pedestals away from me. On either side of me, I have both tributes from District 5. Kole, the male, on my left, and Kara, the girl, on my right. I know I can't win this alone, so my only hope at survival is to ally with the careers. They probably wont let me in though. . . No one I know of from District 9 has ever been in the career pack. Being a vegetarian, maybe I can convince them to let me in with my knowledge of edible plant life. . .

Jason Takara, D12, 13-

I look around at the arena. It's not what I was suspecting. Tall, gorgeous trees are everywhere. I hear the sound of running water not far off, and the call of wildlife rings in my ears. It's a rainforest arena! I can also make out a swampy area in the far right corner of the arena. It's not exactly like the forest back home at District 12, but I think I can manage. Suddenly, I'm torn from my thoughts as the gong signaling the games sounds. I glance around frantically, wondering what to do. I know there's going to be a bloodbath at the Cornucopia, and I wouldn't stand a chance there. I call over, "Hey Sabrina! SABRINA! Grab supplies, a bag or two! Meet me high up in the trees south from here! I'll leave my token at the base of the tree!" She nods in response, so I jump off of my platform and sprint towards the jungle. As I'm fleeing, I see others adopting my strategy of grab and run. Straining my eyes, I can make out both tributes from 11 dissapear into the foliage. I also see both District 5 tributes, and the girl tribute from 7, Zara, vanish behind a stand of trees.

Kara Iovenko, D5, 16-

As soon as the gong sounds, I push over the District 9 girl and grab ahold of Kole. When he finally realizes I want to ally with him, we sprint towards the jungle, grabbing two bags from the outer rim on our way. Glancing back at the large Cornucopia, I see a bunch of tributes foolishly sprinting towards it. What fuc**** morons. Do they want to die? Just as I'm about to turn away and focus on our escape, I see the District 2 boy powerfully slice his machete through the back of the District 3 girl. As she falls lifelessly to the ground, I see both tributes from 6 go running aimlessly towards the packs strewn about. Not wanting to see their imminent deaths, I turn away.

Shiloh Riverside, D4, 17-

Me and my district partner Wren know we are part of the career pack. It's almost comforting knowing you're not going to die anytime soon. As I sprint towards the Cornucopia in hopes of killing off some tributes, I see Willow shoot an arrow through the chest of the District 6 boy as he tries to run towards the jungle with a pack. His district partner just stands there stunned, his blood covering her face. She looks up horrified, and bolts in the other direction. Hopefully Willow will be able to catch her. Suddenly, I feel a large object slam into my back. Turning around, I see the Lila, the District 10 girl, holding a large rock. I clamber to my feet, doting a wicked grin on my face. Does this little weakling think she can kill me? I sprint towards her with a dagger I found near the Cornucopia, and she screams bloody muder as my weapon sinks deep into her abdomen. Just to vent my anger, I repeatedly stab her face and chest until she is barely recognizable. I spit into her bloodied, mangled face. Teach her to fuc**** attack me. As soon as I'm done with her, her district partner furiously charges at me, his soft features etched with anger and sorrow. I laugh internally at these weaklings who think the stand a chance against us careers. I easily dodge his attack, and as soon as he regains his composure, I slam my fist into his face. Knocked out cold on the ground, I stab him in the back with my knife. 'This is going well' I think to myself.

Sabrina Wong, D12, 17-

I may be from District 12, and I may be one one of the shorter ones here, but I'm ferocious. I know it's safer to run into the jungle immediately with Jason, but we won't survive like that. I weave under swords flying through the air and dodge attacks. As soon as I reach the Cornucopia, I grab two big blue bags a start sprinting towards the jungle. Someone grabs my ankles, and I drop the bags and my face slams into the ground. Damn, a broken nose. Turning over, I notice it's the boy from District 7. He lunges at me, and I roll to avoid his fist. I turn over, and jump onto his chest. After wrestling for a while, I manage to wrap my hands around his neck. Squeezing with all of my might, it doesn't take long until he breathes for the last time. Getting up, I scan around to make sure no one is following me. When I'm reassured of my safety, I grab my bags and clutch my nose to stop the stream of blood, and I run in the direction I saw Jason go. Hopefully, I'll be able to find him

Sean Dansin, D1, 18-

The bloodbath is over, and me and the other careers have gathered our supplies, moved dead bodies into a neat pile at the edge of the Cornucopia, and started preparing for the night. I finally hear the six cannons sound, signaling the end of the bloodbath. As the day drags on, I contemplate my life. Why would the Capitol do this to us? And, moreover, why are they so excited to see kids brutally murder eachother? I snap out of my trance as the Capitol Anthem sounds. I must have been thinking longer than I realized. I glance up towards the night sky, watching the faces flash across the stars. I see the District 6 girl's, Margo, face appear. "Hey Willow, did you catch her?" I shout over in her direction. She swings her head side to side, and points in Wren's direction.

"Nah, I got to her before she could!" Wren calls over. "I sliced the back of her legs with my sword, and as soon as she fell, I beheaded her!"

Gruesome. I sigh as I close my eyes and lean back against the Cornucopia. "Only 17 left" I mumble as I drift off into my first nights sleep in the arena.


The careers (Sean, Willow, Derek, Jade, Wren & Shiloh) have set up camp at the Cornucopia. As per usual, they have plently of supplies including: weapons, food, water, medical supplies, as well as other assorted items.

Sabrina found Jason hiding high up in the branches and foliage of a large tree. The two packs Sabrina obtained contained: two loaves of bread, five throwing knives, a small axe, bandages, two canteens full of water, a long rope and flashlight. Sabrina is feeling woozy from the blood lost through her broken nose. Jason has wrapped Sabrina's nose in some of the bandages from the packs in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Iuv and Ayleta are hiding in a stand of trees deep in the jungle. Neither of them were injured in the bloodbath, but neither of them obtained any supplies. However, they do hear a stream nearby.

Kole and Kara from District 5 met up with Zara from District 7 and Roxi from District 11. They are all allied. They are camping in a small cave that has a pool of water in the back. In the packs they obtained, they have collected: fives loaves of bread, 5 empty canteens, a bag of jerky, burn medicine, some rope, some bandages, some throwing knives, two small axes, and a sword. None of them are injured.

Clark is hiding by himself near a small stream. He has no injuries or supplies.

Miller is hiding by himself in the trunk of a tree. He has no injuries. The small pack he grabbed contained only an empty canteen and a pack of dried fruit.

Charl is hiding by himself near edge of the arena in a small ditch. He managed to grab a spear, a full canteen of water and two loaves of bread. However, running from the Cornucopia, he tripped and sprained his ankle.

Miya is hiding in the bushes near the edge of the Cornucopia. She is debating when the best time to ask the careers to let her join is. She has no supplies or injuries.

DAY 1 DEATHS: (At this point, all tributes from District 6 and District 10 are dead)

Tiffany Gomez, 13, District 3 (24th)

Tyler Harvard, 17, District 6 (23rd)

Lila Maganachi, 15, District 10 (22nd)

Oliver Rhodes, 15, District 10 (21st)

Harris Yates, 18, District 7 (20th)

Margo Roth, 15, District 6 (19th)

DAY 2:

Charl Ayaan, D11, 17-

I awaken from my long sleep, still alone in the ditch. Rubbing my eyes slowly, I somehow feel different. In my sleep hazed state I can't place what's off, but it feels bad. Then I hear it; that terrible sound. And I realize what's happening. I hear sizzles and crackles, then the sound of a tree trunk snapping and tumbling to the ground. Then I feel it. The warm blasts of air that slowly get hotter and hotter as they close in on me. I'm in a forest fire. And damn it if I didn't sprain my fuc**** ankle I'd get the hell out of here. But, I can't. So, I lay down, and close my eyes for the last time. I accept my fate. Before I go, I shout out "Screw the Capitol" as loud as my lungs will let me. Then I feel the burns starting.

Jade Avedon, D2, 17-

The sounds of blood curdling screams jolt me from my sleep. It sounds like someone is being killed; and not in a quick or painless way. Then, BOOM, I hear a cannon. So, another one has bit the dust. "Guys, wake the fuc* up, it's time to go tribute hunting!" I yell over to my still sleeping teammates. I'm ready to kill these wimps and win this thing, and I want to get it done as fast as possible.

Roxi Candelgaves, D11, 15-

Allying with Kole, Kara and Zara has worked out splendidly for me. Me and Kara are out hunting for fresh food while Kole and Zara are back guarding our supplies in the cave. I hear twigs cracking close by, so I grab Kara and tug her into a bunch of bright red bushes. I know she's afraid, so I clasp my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. We peek through the bushes to see the careers, and for some reason, Miya, who I guess has joined them. Both District 4 tributes are absent though, probably guarding the Cornucopia.

"You know, Jade," Sean whispers, "this is actually fun. Hunting for tributes you know. And it's really great when we find tributes to kill. Kind of like we did right now."

My heart sinks, and I want to scream. I know they saw us, and I know me and Kara are going to die. But, as soon as I'm about to jump out of the bushes and fight back, I hear a loud peep and a "RUN AYLETA!"

I mentally sigh, relieved. I hear leaves rustling on the ground as Ayleta sprints for her life, and I hear the gurgle of blood as Iuv falls to the ground with a gash in his neck. BOOM, I hear his cannon. For some reason, I don't care. And I don't feel sorry for him. As long as my allies and I live, I don't care.

Kara Iovenko, D5, 16-

As soon as Roxi and I return to the cave from our hunt, I know something is wrong. It's too quiet. Way too quiet. Roxi and I slowly go into the cave, and the smell of blood is strong. Shit. Shit. SHIT. I start bawling. In the corner of the cave, Kole's body sits in a crumpled pile. His face is...... gone. His skull looks like it's sunk in. Scribbled on the wall with his blood, I can make out the words "Fuc* you losers." Then I notice all of our supplies are gone. Along with Zara.



The careers are doing as swimmingly as ever. They have made a fresh kill, and Miya has joined their ranks.

Sabrina's nose is better thanks to a sponsor gift. Her and Jason are doing just fine in their tree, and they posses all of the supplies they need.

Ayleta is cowering under a bush, crying her eyes out. She has a small gash on her leg, and still has no supplies.

Roxi and Kara have returned from their hunt to find Kole dead. They also realize that Zara killed him and stole all of their supplies.

Clark is still hiding near a stream. He has managed to find a knife, and has also managed to catch some fish.

Miller is still in his tree trunk, but now has run out of dried fruit. He is very hungry.


Charl Ayaan, 17, District 11 (18th)

Iuv Yuan, 15, District 8 (17th)

Kole Roch, 17, District 5 (16th)

DAY 3:

Ayleta Hier, D8, 16-

Iuv is dead. Gone, forever. He died for me, so I can't let him down. After hours of cowering in the bushes and drying out my tear ducts, I let out a shaky breath. I slowly rise out of the bushes, in hopes to find food, supplies and a halway decent shelter. And, just my luck, I hear the beep of a sponsor gift. Landing right at my feet, I bend over and pick up the small silver container. I pop it open, and a neatly folded envelope inside reads "The Capitol is sorry for your loss."

Underneath the letter is a picture of Iuv, which I tuck into my pocket. I squeal with joy as I also fish out two loaves of District 8's signature bread, and a small mace.

I hear a low grumble behind me. Turning around, I am met with the psychotic, grinning face of Clark. "Oh, foozles. . ." I mutter. Clark charges at me with his knife, swinging wildly. The blade knicks my face, but I swing my mace into Clark's elbow. The sharp spines dig into Clark's muscle, and as I twist the mace, his arm becomes useless. Clark picks up his dagger with his other arm, and sends it flying towards my face. I duck just as the blade whizzes over my face, and as soon as I'm back upright, I blindly swing my mace towards Clark's direction.


I hear the cannon, and I crack open my eyes. My mace is embedded in Clark's face. I'm going to be sick. After the sickness passes, I tug my mace out of Clark's face. It make's a squelching sound as I remove it, the halfway coagulated blood hanging from the mace in thick strands. I'm going to be sick again.

Derek Trike, D2, 16-

Me and the Careers, minus Miya, who is back guarding the Cornucopia, have gone out tribute hunting. We decided to try to track down the cousins from 12; no ones seen them since the start of the games. I take the lead, and slice through the thick vines of the jungle arena we're in with my machete.


I swing my head towards the screams of pure pain and agony. My eyes widen as Jade, with her left arm, is grasping at the. . . at the place where her right arm used to be. I see her turning paler by the second, and she stumbles and falls face first into the ground. I hear a thud behind the group, and see Sabrina and Jason standing there. 'Shit', I think. This is not supposed to happen; we aren't the ones that are supposed to be ambushed and killed. Damnit.

Sabrina Wong, D12, 17-

"Good shot, Jason" I say. I glance towards the group of careers, and the looks of shock they had on their faces are gone. Replaced by pure rage and anger. "Now, run" I all but whisper as I turn around and hightail it in the other direction.

I hear a thud and a "Wait, Sabrina!" from Jason. Spinning my head I see Jason laying on the floor of the forest. "I, I tripped on the root. My ankles broken, help me before the careers catch us."

Damn, we don't have time for this. I sprint back towards him, but I hear screams close by. Sean reaches me first, and swings his sword at me belly. I bend backwards, my flexibility coming in handy, and I easily dodge his swing. I grasp one of my knives from my belt, and I swing it at Sean.

"Where's the rest of the crew, bastard" I mutter through my clenched teeth as we continue to swing at eachother.

"Back with Jade, you bitch. Your little cousi. . ."

Sean never get's the chance to finish. My knife sinks into his heart, and blood gurgles from his mouth. He raises his face towards me, and mouths the words "Die, you fuc**** bitch."


"Sab, please help," Jason whimpers, tears forming at the edge of his eyes, "my ankle hurts so badly."

I walk over to him, but I don't have time to help him. I hear another cannon, and then the shouts of the careers as they abandon Jade's body and advance towards us. I can't take Jason with me, he's too heavy. And, I can't leave him here for the careers, how knows what they will do to him for killing Jade. As I kneel down, I embrace him. "I'm so sorry" I mutter.

He turns a quizzical face to me. Then, his eyes widen in shock. BOOM. I watch the light fade from his eyes, and I gently set him down.

Getting up, I mutter "Sorry" one last time, then take off into the jungle.

Miller Reese, D9, 14-

I'm so dazed and confused from the lack of food, that I don't even really know where I'm going. I see a shiny object in the distance, and I stumble towards it. Reaching said shiny object, I realize it's the outer shell of the Cornucopia.

"Whoops, how did I end up here?" I giggle out. Then everything goes black.

DAY 3 TRIBUTE STATISTICS: (At this point, all tributes from District 3 are dead)

Willow, Derek, Wren and Shiloh are making their way back to the Cornucopia after losing Jade and Sean in the jungle.

Sabrina has found shelter in a small cave. She still has supplies from her two bags, but she is very upset over losing Jason.

Ayleta collected her mace, as well as Clark's knife and some fish he was carrying. She has now found shelter in a large tree. She has in her possesion; a mace, a knife, two loaves of bread and two cooked fish.

Roxi and Kara are still searching for Zara. They are hungry, weak and scared.

Miller, in his lack-of-food fugal state, has managed to wander into the career's camp. He fainted near the mouth of the Cornucopia.

Miya didn't notice Miller's arrival, however, as she was sleeping in a tent outside of the Cornucopia.


Clark Kening, 18, District 3 (15th)

Sean Dansin, 18, District 1 (14th)

Jade Avedon, 17, District 2 (13th)

Jason Takara, 13, District 12 (12th)

DAY 4:

Miller Reese, D9, 14-

I awaken to the sleeping figures of the careers. My eyes widen in fear, and I try to move, but I can't. I look down, and I see ropes. My arms are tied behind my back, my legs are bound together, and I am tied to a tree near the mouth of the cornucopia with large ropes wound around my chest.

"Having trouble moving, are we know?" I hear a quiet female voice say. "You know, the only reason I joined these goddam careers was to hunt you down and kill you for what your family did to mine."

"M-M-Miya? Is that you?" I hiss out through clenched teeth. "Look, I'm sorry for what my family did. We were stupid and we were wrong. But, you don't have to kill me. You know I didn't mean what I said that day."

But my plea falls on deaf ears. I yelp in pain as she digs her knife into my thigh. "I don't fuc**** care, bitch," Miya says against my ears. "I'm going to kill you."

This. . .this torture goes on for what seems like ever. She digs her knife into both of my thighs, arms, then finally my chest. After I'm bloodied and tired, I just ask her to finish it. With a large grin on her face, and her eyes flashing with content, she whispers back "Gladly."

Then, she holds her knife to my throat, and I know it's over.


Kara Iovenko, D5, 16-

"Wake up Kara, get up you dummy!" My eyes slowly flutter open, and I grumble with tiredness.

"What is it, Roxi?" I ask, speech slurred with sleep.

"Ooh I'm so excited! When you were sleeping, we recieved two sponsor gifts! One for me, and one for you. Both contained a letter that said 'To help you combat Zara'. My container had a canteen of water, two loaves of bread and a bow and some arrows! Your's has the same things, except you got a curved sword! We can finally go kill Zara and avenge Kole!"

This catches my attention almost instantaneously. My eyes shimmer with excitement, and I'm no longer in a sleep-fogged state.

I murmur through my grinning lips, "Let's go kill a bitch."

Zara Hiland, D7, 17-

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap." I'm having trouble forming my words between my labored breaths. I should have never betrayed my alliance. What the hell was the thinking. I twist my neck, and I see Roxi closing in on me. I wonder where the hell Kara went, but it doesn't take me long to figure out. I twist my neck in the other direction, just in time to see Kara's fist connect with my face. I tumble to the ground, my head smashing against a rock, and I black out.

I awaken to the feeling of tight ropes around my body.

"Aww, look who's awake! It's the bitch who killed Kole," Kara snickers out.

"Look, it was a stupid mistake! I should have never killed Kole. Just. . . just take all of my supplies! Do whatever you want, just don't kill me." I start crying. "P-please. . ."

"Not gonna work," Roxi comments. "Kara and I are going to make your death one for the Capitol to remember. And furthermore, I don,t kn-".

"Roxi, be quiet," Kara quips, "do you hear that?"

Growling. "RUN," Kara practically screams. "Grab the bags, leave the bitch, and RUN!"

A turn my neck to see them sprinting off into the woods. I swing my head around to the sound of more growling. In front of me is the most vicious looking creature I have ever seen. Snarling, foam filled mouth. Sharp and dangerous canines. Fiery, angry eyes. It's a wolf mutt.

"Damn," I say. For the last time.

Wren Combe, D4, 16-

I hear a cannon sound in the distance, signaling the death of another tribute. But, I can't think about the now. BOOM, I hear another cannon sound. Without stopping, I look back at the rest of my fleeing teammates. Then, I see my district partners mangled body held in the jaws of the wolf mutt.

Crap. As soon as I'm deeper in the woods, I branch off from the remaining careers. I can't risk staying with them, plus the wolf mutts will chase them and not me.

I hope I can survive this.

DAY 4 TRIBUTE STATISTICS: (At this point, all tributes from District 7 are dead)

Willow, Derek and Miya are running through the woods, trying to escape the wolf mutts. After the death of Shiloh, Wren has abandoned them.

Sabrina is lounging in the branches of a tree. She has plenty of supplies, and is aware of the wolf mutts.

Ayleta is also hiding from the rest of the tributes and the wolf mutts in a tree. She has plenty of supplies after being graced with another sponsor gift. It contained extra food and water.

Roxi and Kara are hiding from the wolf mutts in a cave. After killing Zara, they regained many of their supplies.


Miller Reese, 14, District 9 (11th)

Zara Hiland, 17, District 7 (10th)

Shiloh Riverside, 17, District 4 (9th)

Congradulations to the Final 8!

They are: Willow, Derek, Wren, Miya, Sabrina, Ayleta, Roxi and Kara.


DAY 5:

Sabrina Wong, D12, 17-

I can't believe it. I can't believe that I'm still alive on day 5. Abandoning my broken knife, I know brandish an axe. My pack feels heavy against my back, and I can taste the salty sweat trickle into my mouth. I wish they could make this goddamn arena cooler. Over the tall grass I'm wading through, I can see someone's head bobbing up and down. Short, black hair. Lightly tanned skin. It's Ayleta. 'Time for a kill,' I snicker.

I very quietly sneak through the grasses, wandering up behing her. I think she's cooking something; I hear the sizzles and cracks of a fire, and I hear her softly whistling to herself. Killing her from behind with my axe would be too easy, so I decide to punce on her.

Running as fast as possible in the thick grasses, I tackle her from behing. Stumbling and rolling forward, we wrestle for control.

"Wait, wait Sabrina! Stop! I don't want to hurt you! W-we can have a final 2 alliance. You and me. P-please. . ."

I can tell she is serious. She's whimpering and sniffling, not even putting up a fight. I huff out a loud breath. I don't want to ally with someone right now, it's too close to the end. But, I know I stand a better chance to survive with an ally.

"Ugh. Fine," I say, breathing out quitely. She jumps forward and embraces me in a powerful hug. We tumble backwards into the muddy water. And damnit, if I wasn't having fun for once in this arean.

And damnit if I didn't giggle.

Miya Rye, D9, 14-

I'm freaking out. I'm all alone with no allies and no supplies. During the attack of the wolf mutts, I got separated from everyone in the forest. I'm going crazy. I'm hungry, tired, weak. I hear constantly hear giggling; constantly see faces of the dead trbutes. Constantly see the face of Miller. Maybe. . .maybe I shouldn't have tortured and killed him. Maybe I should have accepted his apology.

But then, I feel something, and I know it's not an allusion. A sharp pain in my arm. Looking down, there's an arrow there. Then another sharp pain. Another arrow.

But, I'm not running. I just sit here.

Roxi Candelgaves, D11, 15-

"Hey, Kara. Why is she just sitting there? I ponder, as I continue to fire arrows at Miya's form.

"Don't know, Roxi," Kara snorts, "just finish her off so we can go back to hiding."

I grab an arrow, my last one, out of my quiver. Pulling back the string on my compact bow, I let the arrow fly towards Miya. She turns, and smiles. The arrow goes right through her eye-socket, and she collapses on the ground.


"Weird," I mutter in Kara's direction, "just plain weird. Let's get out of here."

DAY 5 TRIBUTE STATISTICS: (At this point, all tributes from District 9 are dead)

Willow and Derek escaped the wolf mutts with only minor injuries. They have met back up with eachother at the Cornucopia.

Wren is doing fine on his own. He is taking shelter in a stand of trees.

Sabrina has allied and met up with Ayleta in the seldom used marsh section of the arena. They have plenty of supplies, and neither are injured.

Roxi and Kara are making their way back to their camp. After a fresh tribute kill, they are enthusiastic about things to come.


Miya Rye, 14, District 9 (8th)

Congradulations to the Final 7!

They are: Willow, Derek, Wren, Sabrina, Ayleta, Roxi and Kara


DAY 6:

Ayleta Hier, D8, 16-

I wake up in the early morning of day 6. Lazily rolling my head to my right, I see Sabrina breathing softly, still asleep. I stretch my tired and worn body, feeling my bones and joints crack and pop back into place. I let out one last, big yawn. I roll up into a sitting position, as slowly raise myself up. I glance around our camp, located deep in the marsh section of the arena. Taking in my surroundings, I see stalks of light green grass stretch up into the skies. I smell the familiar dank scent of muddy water. I hear the vicious and bloodthirsty growls of some marsh animal.

Wait. Growls. Twisting my neck in the direction of the sound as fast I can, I see a pair of shimmering, yellow eyes. They seem to reflect the light, and they glisten in the early morning sun.

I slowly back up, and I grab my pack and my mace. Nudging Sabrina quickly in the side, I whisper "Get the fuc* up Sabrina, we have company." She doesn't move. I look down with fear in my eyes, I literally kick her.

She grumbles angrily, mumbling "What the hell is it Ay. . .I'm sleeping."

"Wolf mutt," I hiss. She turns her head towards me with an angry smirk. Then she hears the growling. Eyes widening, limbs quickly getting warmed up, she scrambles to her feet and grabs her sword just as soon as the wolf jumps out of the reeds. It tackles me and sinks it's canines deep into my shoulder. I yelp in pain and swing wildly at it's head, making contact multiple times. Sabrina lifts her arms above her head, and brings her sword down with all of her might.

I hear a thud, but I collapse on the ground in pain. The last thing I hear before I lose consciousness is Sabrina mumblingm with fear riddling her voice, "No no no. . .hang on Ayleta, I'll. . .I'll get some medicine. Don't die, please." I feel her stroking my head softly, then, nothing.

Willow Hastel, D1, 16-

I survived those goddamn wolf mutts. Miya was killed, and Wren abandoned us. How fuc**** dare him, leaving me alone with Derek. Wheezing heavily and losing breath quickly, I look back at me. I stop, and with lighting quickness, I pull an arrow out of it's quiver and launch it from my bow. It wizzes right past Derek's face, and lands in the truck of a moss covered fallen tree.

"I'm sorry I have to kill you Willow, but I can't risk there being two careers left when the feast happens! I hope you understand!" What a pansy. Still running, I grab another arrow out of it's quiver to launch at Derek, but I never get the chance. Momentarily sheathing his sword, he grabs a throwing knife off of his belt. Throwing it with precision, it sinks deep into my calf muscle. I yelp in pain, and tumble into the ground. I hear a snap, and I feel my broken bow crunching under me. I flip over onto my side, and slowly scoot up to sit against another tree trunk.

"Look," Derek say's, looming over me with a grin on his face, "I really don't want to do this, but I have to. It's for my own good, you see?" I narrow my eyes, spit on his feet, and flip him off. He glances to his feet with a grin still adorning his face. "Well, well, that's not very nice is it?

He unsheaths his sword, and I squeeze my eyes shut. I wait for the death blow, but it never occurs. I hear the rustle of leaves, the snap of twigs, the swing of a sword, the thud of a body slumping to the ground, and, finally, a cannon. I open my eyes slowly, seeing Wren reaching his hand out towards me. Grasping it shakily, he heaves me up from the ground. I lose it. I start crying and hiccuping. Because I can't speak, I arch my head back, point towards him and grunt.

Tears start filling his eyes, and he murmurs, "I know, it's me! I'm sorry I abandoned you guys, I. . .I thought it was the right move, But, abandoning your allies in a situation like this is evil, pathetic and cruel. I saw you running from Derek, so, you know, I thought I'd help." He leans back with a grin on his face, but I pull him back into a hug.

Kara Iovenko, D5, 16-

As dinner's cooking and Roxi's taking a little cat-nap, I glance up towards the heavens. I hear the anthem play, and I see Derek's face flash across the night sky. I grin giddily, whispering "Yes, only six left," to myself. Then, I hear I voice I've never heard before.

"Hello tributes!" a booming male voice calls out, "Because there are only six of you left, there will be a feast tomorrow! Every single one of you needs something, so if you want, come on over and see what you get! That is all, have a good night tributes!"

I grin, for the second time today.

DAY 6 TRIBUTE STATISTICTS: (At this point, all tributes from District 2 are dead)

Wren saved Willow from Derek. They have re-allied, and made their way back to the jungle surrounding the arena.

Sabrina is tending to Ayleta's wounds. She hopes that she will recieve a sponsor gift for Ayleta, or the bag at the feast tomorrow for her will contain medicine.

Kara and Roxi are still at their cave. They are debating what to do about the feast tomorrow.


Derek Trike, 16, District 2 (7th)

Congradulations to the Final 6!

They are: Willow, Wren, Sabrina, Ayleta, Roxi and Kara


DAY 7:

Sabrina Wong, D12, 17-

From my hiding spot in the bushes, I scan the cornucopia. Six silver bags with the numbers 1, 4, 5, 8, 11 and 12 on their fronts sit neatly in a row on top of a large silver platform. Ayleta is back at our camp resting and tending to her wounds. I don't know why I'm risking my life for this girl. I think it's because we both lost someone in this arena. I lost my cousin, Jason, and she lost Iuv, her best friend.

I let out an exasperated sigh. Maybe if we had met outside of this arena, we could have been great friends. Even though we're friends now, I know it obviously can't last forever. So, I guess that's why I'm here, getting her medicine. It's so we can be friends for as long as possible.

I know the other tributes are hiding around the cornucopia, waiting for the right time to run and grab their bags. I see rustling from across the other side of the field. The girls from 5 and 11 emerge from the foliage, and begin to sprint towards their bags. Kara is brandishing her curved sword, and Roxi now has a dagger, replacing the bow. Just as they grab their bags and start to flee back towards the jungle, Willow and Wren jump out of the shadows in the Cornucopia. Willow chases down Roxi, and tackles her to the ground. I hear screaming and scuffling from Roxi, as she struggles under the weight of Willow. She wildly flails her dagger at Willow's face, and I see a speck of crimson glint in the harsh sun. Her efforts are in vain, however. I hear the BOOM of a cannon as Willow stands up, knife sticking haphazardly out of Roxi's skull.

I close my eyes and wait for this second bloobath to end. BOOM. A thump against the ground, and another cannon.

"YOU BITCH! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR KILLING ROXI," I hear Kara scream in frustration. I crack my eyes open, and see her red-faced and teary eyed. She wipes her eyes with the sleeve of her jacket, and begins to run from the Cornucopia with her and Roxi's bags. But, she doesn't get far. Wren tackles her to the ground, tears clinging to the edges of his eyes as well. I hear pained screaming and the crack of facial bones from Kara, and the yells of anger and rage bellowing from Wren. I fully open my eyes now, and I see Wren kneeling on Kara's chest, continuously smashing his fists into her face. He swings and swings, blood dripping from his own wounds caused by Kara. He just. . .he doesn't stop. Even when Kara's cannon sounds, he just doesn't stop.

I get tired of waiting, and satisfied with his preoccupation, I sprint towards the silver bags. I run right by him, but he doesn't seem to notice me. I grab my and Ayleta's packs and run back towards the swamp, running right by Wren again. He still doesn't seem to notice me, and he's still on top of an unrecognizable Kara.

Wren Combe, D4, 16-

I can't stop hitting this girl's face. My mind tells me to stop; it's over, Kara's dead, WIllow's dead, and hitting this girl won't bring her back.

I hear one of the other tributes run past me, but I still can't stop. I just keep on beating this girls face in. My knuckles are aching, my arms are burning, my knees are tingling. But, I just can't stop.

DAY 7 TRIBUTE STATISTICS: (At this point, all tributes from District's 1, 5 and 11 are dead)

Wren is very broken over the death of Willow. Kara's body has been taken away, and now he is sitting near the Cornucopia, crying into his hands.

Sabrina is making her way back to Ayleta, who is still resting at camp.


Roxi Candelgaves, 15, District 11 (6th)

Willow Hastel, 16, District 1 (5th)

Kara Iovenko, 16, District 5 (4th)

Congradulations to the Final 3!

They are: Wren, Sabrina and Ayleta




Wren Combe, D4, 16-

I jolt awake from my troubled sleep. My face feels swollen from crying, and my knuckles ache. I glance down; my knuckles are swollen and caked with dries blood. I feel disgusted with myself. I mean, I wanted to avenge Willlow's death, but what I did to that girl. . .It wasn't a part of me I'm proud of.

I let out a heavy, tired sigh. I'm over killing. I don't want to do it anymore, and the more I think about it, I begin to realize that I never wanted to in the first place. My mind starts to wail, and I know that I never should have volunteered, and know I don't know why anyone would ever want to. But, it can't change the fact that I'm here right now, and there are still those two girls left to kill. I rest against the side of the Cornucopia for only a few more minuets before I heave myself off the ground, I grab a canteen of water and a loaf of bread incase I need either. I unclip my sword from my belt, and as I make my way towards the marsh, I utter a mental sorry to everyone who's been killed in these goddamn games.

Sabrina Wong, D12, 17-

I wake up early to take care of Ayleta again. Going through the usual routine of taking the shoulder bandages off, cleaning her wounds, and then replacing the bandages, I don't notice her.

"Sabrina," I glance up at her, "thank you so much for being my friend these last few days. I know you didn't have to, but you allied with me and cared for me when I was injured. You and Iuv are the most important people in my life. . .just thank you so much." Tears start filling her eyes, and she leans forward and wraps her arms around my shoulders. I sit there stunned, my eyes wide and teary. My head slowly leans down as tears drip from my eyes, and I slowly wrap my arms around her body as well.

"Y. . your welcome. But, thank you for being here for me as well. I was in a really bad place after having to kill Jason, and then I allied with you. No, no, I didn't just ally with you. I became friends with you. And I swear, if we met outside of these games, I'd be friends with you in a second," my words barely get out of my mouth as I start to cry more. I hear her hum in agreement, and my lips form into a grin.

"How sweet," a deep, masculine voice says.

I instantly stop crying, pull myself and Ayleta up, and grab my sword. "Wren, where are you?"

He steps out of the reeds, holding his sword is one hand and adopting a frown on his face. "I'm really sorry I have to kill you. I really don't want to, but I also wan't to go home." He starts stepping forward, then adopts a jog as he closes in on us.

"Get out here Ayleta," I whisper.

"No, I ca-'"

"Ayleta, leave, now." She sinks back into the reeds with tears streaming down her face. I look back towards Wren, and I run at him as well. The clang of metal hitting metal rings through the arena. I swing my sword at his face, but he blocks it. Jabbing in my direction, I duck under his blade and roll behing him. Knicking his back with my sword, he swings his blade towards my chest in an arc motion. I jump out of the way just in time. As soon as I regain my composure, I look back towards Wren. Then, I feel a jolt of sharp pain hit my upper chest.

My sword drops to the gound as my hand feel towards the source of the pain. Feeling cool metal in my hands, my head sinks down to stare at my chest. Jutting out of my chest is a throwing knife, the sleek balck metal glinting in the sun. I stare back towards Wren, and collapse face up on the ground.

Standing over me with his sword, he whispers softly, "Look, I'm really sorry I have to do this. I'll make it quick, okay?"

I'm struggling to say something, and the only thing that comes out of my mouth is labored attempts at getting a breath. But then, I hear screams. I moves my eyes toward the source, and above me, I see Wren turn his face in the direction as well. He turns it just in time to see Ayltea swing her mace into his chest.

Crying, she swings with all of her might, right into the same spot. I see her twist the mace, pulling out a large chunk of his chest.

BOOM. I hear his cannon sound, she drops the mace to the ground. It makes a disturbing, sloppy wet noise as the blood bounces off the weapon. Kneeling down towards me, she grasps my limp body in her arms.

Choking out her words, she manages to say, "I'm so sorry I didn't get him in time. I. . .I was just so scared. I'm such a terrible person, such a terrible friend. I. . .I let you die. I'm so sorry. I-"

Cutting her off, I mumble "No, no. Ayleta, it's not, " I let out a pained breath, "it's not your fault. You're the winner, and I'm glad I helped you to win. If it wasn't me, I'm glad it was you." She looks down at me, and she's sobbing. I grab my token, a small hairbrush of mine when I was little, out of my pocket. I take her hands into mine, and slowly push the brush into hers. "To remember our friendship, okay?"

Ayleta Hier, D8, 16-

I sit with Sabrina, holding her in my arms. We're talking about our lives, but then I hear her go quiet, and feel her breaths getting softer. I clench my eyes tight, as tears start trickling down my cheeks again.

BOOM. I hear her cannon, and I start bawling. I look at her one last time, hug her in one last, tight embrace, and whisper, "Thank you so much for everything," one last time, as I'm lifted into the hovercraft.

"Thank you, Sabrina."


Wren Combe, 16, District 5 (3rd)

Sabrina Wong, 17, District 12 (2nd)

55th Hunger Games Winner:


Thanks everyone, for liking my first Hunger Games! Honestly, it is such an honor for people to enjoy my writing, and thank you for everyone who participated! Love you guys (creepy, I know).

:D -District3Tribute

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