Hello! I'm very excited to be hosting my second (wow, already?) Hunger Games!

Submit your ideas for tributes and stylists in the comments below! Also, a couple of more rules when it comes to submitting tributes.

1: You may submit up to 3 tributes!

2: Try not to make the name too corny or stupid sounding okay? For example, a bad/ugly sounding name would be Ernie Sasalot or Silver Metal or Zapp Zigzag. Those names are ugly. A nice sounding name would be, for example, Shimmer Twindlehouse or Millie Snowe.

3. Note: I am not trying to be a stickler or be difficult, but please,'DO NOT USE NAMES YOU HAVE ALREADY GIVEN TO OTHER PEOPLE! Come up with new, fresh ideas! I want this to be as original as possible, so NO DUPLICATE NAMES OR NAMES THAT HAVE BEEN USED IN OTHER GAMES. Thank you for your cooperation! Also, write them in the comments please!

4: FOR THE TRIBUTES: Give a name, age, district, gender, and a short description on what they are like (personality, strengths/weaknesses), as well as what they look like and their weapon of choice.

5. FOR THE STYLISTS: Give a name, age, district, gender, and the CHARIOT AND INTERVIEW DESIGN FOR THE MALE AND FEMALE of the district. You may not design for specifically your tributes, i.e. you may design for your tribute John in 7, but you also have to design for Mary in 7. YOU MAY NOT design for your tribute John in 7 and your tribute Susie in 3. You have to design for one district only.






District: Name: Appearance: Weapon:
District 1 (Luxury) Male: Bree Coolin, 16 5'10 (Golden hair, golden eyes, skinny) Axe
District 1 (Luxury) Female: Eve Ridge, 16 5'4 (Wavy, light brown hair; brown eyes) Bow/Sword
District 2 (Masonry) Male: John Trike, 15 5'7 (Blond hair, green eyes) Bow/Throwing Knives
District 2 (Masonry) Female: Saffra Gallaway, 16 5'6 (Long, dark brown hair, blue eyes, porcelain skin) Bow/Throwing Knives
District 3 (Technology) Male: Mortimer Folo, 16 5'7 (Brown hair, blue eyes) Spear/Technology
District 3 (Technology) Female: Natalie Gray, 16 5'6 (Skinny, long black hair, black eyes) Knife/Dagger/Technology
District 4 (Fishing) Male: Waverly Mare, 17 6'0 (Tan, short auburn hair, blue-green eyes) Blades/Axes
District 4 (Fishing) Female: Sharlet Free, 12 4'6 (Shaggy, shoulder-lenght brown hair, lime green eyes) Blades/Spear
District 5 (Power) Male: Hudson Griffin, 18 6'1 (Shaggy golden hair, dark brown eyes) Spear
District 5 (Power) Female: Morgana Reed, 17 5'9 (Tan skin, long brown hair, teal eyes) Blades/Throwing Knives
District 6 (Transportation) Male: Ryan Hanwell, 18 6'0 (Brown hair, dark blue eyes, big build, cocky looking) Spear
District 6 (Transportation) Female: Vixen "Vix" Corres, 14 5'7 (Wavy red hair, light green eyes) Bow
District 7 (Lumber) Male: Rory Slank, 15 5'11 (Dark hair, blue eyes) Throwing Axe
District 7 (Lumber) Female: Rahela Truse, 18 5'10 (Long black hair, pale skin, dark blue eyes) Blades/Axes
District 8 (Textiles) Male: Brian Poll, 14 6'1 (Light brown hair, grey eyes) Blades
District 8 (Textiles) Female: Pearl Longhart, 16 5'8 (Pale skin, thin, long light brown hair, green eyes) Throwing Knives
District 9 (Grain) Male: Christian Lorne, 16 5'11 (Blond hair, muscular) Blades/Spear/Axe
District 9 (Grain) Female: Aurora Wilde, 12 5'0 (Pale, long dark hair, teal eyes) Blowgun
District 10 (Livestock) Male: Damian Culler, 14 5'5 (Short brown hair, golden eyes) Blades
District 10 (Livestock) Female: Riker Franko, 17 5'9 (Medium build, dark silver hair, dark green eyes, small nose) Bow/Dagger
District 11 (Agriculture) Male: Harrison Rune, 14 6'2 (Swooping brown hair, ashen skin, dull brown eyes) Spear
District 11 (Agriculture) Female: Skylar Banerz, 17 5'8 (Brown hair, bright silver eyes, big smile, sexy) Knives/Daggers
District 12 (Mining/Coal) Male: Hamo Crash, 17 6'4 (Dark skin, black hair, muscular) Blades
District 12 (Mining/Coal) Female: Katara Wong, 18 5'10 (Short black hair, brown eyes) Sword

Death Chart:

Place: Name: District: How they were killed: By who:
24th Harrison Rune, 14 11 Blade to the stomach Waverly
23rd Brian Poll, 14 8 Axe to the face Bree
22nd Skylar Banerz, 17 11 Severed leg/blood loss Rahela
21st Saffra Gallaway, 16 2 Smashed Skull Hamo
20th Hamo Crash, 17 12 Arrow in the back of the head Riker
19th Vix Corres, 14 6 Speared in the chest Ryan
18th Mortimer Folo, 16 3 Slit throat Natalie
17th Damian Culler, 14 10 Blade to the chest, then blade to the back Eve
16th Ryan Hanwell, 18 6 Blade to the face Eve
15th Eve Ridge, 16 1 Blown to pieces by grenade Natalie
14th John Trike, 15 2 Cut wrists Aurora
13th Morgana Reed, 17 5 Arrow in the eye Riker
12th Christian Lorne, 16 9 Stabbed Bree
11th Rory Slank, 15 7 Speared in the neck Hudson
10th Hudson Griffin, 18 5 Earthquake -----------
9th Pearl Longhart, 16 8 Earthquake -----------
8th Katara Wong, 18 12 Earthquake -----------
7th Rahela Truse, 18 7 Earthquake -----------
6th Riker Franko, 17 10 Axe to the stomach Bree
5th Bree Coolin, 16 1 Knife to the eye Riker
4th Aurora Wilde, 12 9 Multiple wounds/blood loss Bree
1st (Winner) Natalie Gray, 16 3 ---------------------------------- -----------
1st (Winner) Waverly Mare, 17 4 ---------------------------------- -----------
1st (Winner) Sharlet Free, 12 4 ---------------------------------- -----------


District: Stylist: Chariot Outfit: Interview Outfit:
(M)District 1 (Bree) Ariella Troy, 35 (F) Sparkling silver tuxedo and a silver crown. Representative of a king. White suit, silver crown.
(F)District 1 (Eve) Ariella Troy, 35 (F) Sparkling gold dress and a golden crown. Representative of a queen. Skin-tight, knee-length white dress, golden crown.
(M)District 2 (John) Don Midger, 30 (M) Peacekeeper helmets with D2 labels on each side. They have on armor made of fake swords and knives. Staying with the peacekeeper theme, he's wearing a solid white suit. With D2 labels on the sleeves. He also has solid black stripes around the sleeves and and at the bottom of the blazer and and at the top of the pants.
(F)District 2 (Saffra) Don Midger, 30 (M) Peacekeeper helmets with D2 labels on each side. They have on armor made of fake swords and knives. A white dress. solid back stripes at sleeves and bottom of dress.
(M)District 3 (Mortimer) Claud Higgens, 42 (M) A suit made of wires in a pattern according to wire color (red, blue, green then white) Navy suit with silver lining.
(F)District 3 (Natalie) Claud Higgens, 42 (M) A dress made of wires in a pattern according to wire color (red, blue, green then white) Fluffy, short, ice-blue dress curved inward at the bottom Hair down.
(M)District 4 (Waverly) Jess Nereid, 34 (F) Green fish-scaled tuxedo. Slicked back hair. Dark blue tuxedo and tie. Hair slicked back.
(F)District 4 (Sharlet) Jess Nereid, 34 (F) Sleeveless, sleek, sea-green dress with gemstones on the rim. Fish scale platform shoes. Fish-tail braided hair. Dark blue ballgown with ruffles representing the ocean. Hair done in a bun.
(M)District 5 (Hudson) Angie Reeves, 23 (F) A dark green tuxedo with flashing light bulbs on it, representing light from the power A black tuxedo and a tie with a circuit board design on it.
(F)District 5 (Morgana) Angie Reeves, 23 (F) A dark green dress, down to knees, with light bulbs on it, representing light from the power.

An ankle length black dress with circuit board design belt and rings.

(M)District 6 (Ryan) Dimonty Shine, 34 (F) Hair slick back, black shirt and trousers, luminous yellow tie and a headlamp on his head. Chariot styled to look like train interior. A biker look, slick back hair. Sunglasses and a leather jacket.
(F)District 6 (Vix) Dimonty Shine, 34, (F) A sleek black dress that falls to the ankle, wearing a belt around her middle with a headlight in the centre, luminous yellow accents and shoes, car keys for earings. Chariot styled to look like train interior. A girly yellow dress, with matching flats and an alice band.
(M)District 7 (Rory) Lacey Whinlight, 28 (F) A shirt made of shiny wood coated in shelack after being sandpapered finely and shiney pants made of leaves. Tuxedo and white pants.
(F)District 7 (Rahela) Lacey Whinlight, 28 (F) A leaf dress. Same dress as chariot.
(M)District 8 (Brian) Patch Tremor, 38 (M) Suit made of patchwork fabrics of all colours, made a way that if looking from a distance, the colours make up the males face. He is wearing a suit again, only its all different patterns and designs all over, giving it an abstract look.
(F)District 8 (Pearl) Patch Tremor, 38 (M) The same, only a dress Dress made out of diiferent fabrics (wool, velvet, cloth, silk etc.) and light blue flats.
(M)District 9 (Christian) Maizi Anderson,19 (F) Christian will wear a toga with oats sprinkled in his hair and have sandals on his feet and will be holding a basket of wheat under his arm Tuxedo and black pants.
(F)District 9 (Aurora) Maizi Anderson, 19 (F) Ponytail with a hair-tie made out of barley and a white dress they may find in the Greek era with a headdress made of different grains. Golden blouse and a light brown skirt.
(M)District 10 (Damian) Owen Collens, 40 (M) Same things but in a suit with a black tie. A white suit with a cow-print tie.
(F)District 10 (Riker) Owen Collens, 40 (M) A grass print dress. The grass is all different colors, light green, dark green and even yellow-y to represent hay and dead grass. Her hair is curled neatly. A puffy white dress with black sploches all around it (representing a cow). Her hair is done up in two little bun things to look like little cow horns.
(M)District 11 (Harrison) Cassius Suiden, 37 (M) Hawaiian Theme, brown leggings, grass skirt, matching bracelets and anklets, no shoes or shirt, teeth necklace, headdress made of grass and fruit Brown suit with white accents, to symbolize coconut, bright green tie
(F)District 11 (Skylar) Cassius Suiden, 37 (M) Similar to male, but with coconut bra and necklace made of fruit pits and seeds Brown dress with white and green accents
(M)District 12 (Hamo) Zes Lukazs, 25 (M) Fitted jumpsuit with pattern of coals on it. The coals appear to be 3D to the crowd. There are diamonds in between some of the coals. Black suit with a red tie. The tie will have little diamontés on and the black suit has a matte texture, to represent coal.
(F)District 12 (Katara) Zes Lukazs, 25 (M) Fitted jumpsuit with pattern of coals on it. The coals appear to be 3D to the crowd. There are diamonds in between some of the coals. Black dress which is about knee height at the front and ankle length at the back. The top is a Halterneck and there is a small gap at the top in the shape of a teardrop.
District: (Best to worst chariot designs) Place:
District 12 1st
District 8 2nd
District 9 3rd
District 3 4th
District 1 5th
District 4 6th
District 6 7th
District 5 8th
District 2 9th
District 7 10th
District 10 11th
District 11 12th


District 1 Reapings: Bree Coolin, 16-

"Well, District 1 children, welcome to the reapings for the 56th Hunger Games," the guide's voice rings in an excruciatingly annyoing manner, "and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

I sigh as I slowly put my arms behind my head. After seeing both tributes from my District die last year, I'm hesitant about volunteering. District 1 always has volunteers, but as I glance around at the fellow males in my District, they all seem weak. Most have their heads hung in shame or fear, and I hear the sniffling of a runny nose from some.

"Well, since their appears to be no male volunteers this year, I'll pull one out of-"

"Don't bother lady," I shout, "I volunteer." Making my way up the stairs towards the guide, I hear mutters.

"I heard he's really violent," a male from the crowd whispers to another man. "Yeah, the rest of the tributes should watch out for him," another comments.

A grin slowly makes it's way across my face, and my golden eyes glint with confidence and determination. These comments are lighting a fire inside me; they make me want to do well in the arena. They make me want to prove myself as the strong, capable person I am, they motivate me to kill.

"Do we have any female volunteers this year?" The guides eyes scan the crowd of young girls. They all seem hesitant; fidgeting with nervousness and fear. "None?" the guide's voice bellows out again. "Well, how unusual. Okay, I suppose I'll just have to reap one of you!" The guide giggles happily as she thrusts her arm into the deep jar filled to the brim with little papers. My stomach burns with anticipation as I wait for the name to be called. "Okay. . ." the guide says slowly, "our lucky tribute this year is. . . Eve Ridge! Come to the stage please, honey!"

'Damnit,' Eve mutters under her breath, 'damnit.'

I grin mockingly as I shake her hand, studying her features. Her bown eyes are exuding worry as her brown hair flutters softly in the breeze. I snicker quitely, noting that she might not last long in the games.

District 2 Reapings: John Trike, 15-

Sitting next to Saffra on the train, I feel calm. Calmer than I should, actually. I take some water and pour it into a tall glass filled with ice. Some water splatters onto my pants, and I grunt angrily.

"You know John, volunteering to avenge Derek's death was very brave of you" Saffra cooes as she scoots closer to me. She extends her arm out, placing her fingers on my chest. She rubs in a gentle circular motion, arching her back forward to enhance the appearance of her breasts. "I really think it was so, so sexy of you, John" she says, panting into my ear.

"Get off of me, bitch" I growl as I push her away. "Do you want to be the first tribute I kill in the arena," I question her. Her eyes meet my glaring ones, and she grins sadistically.

She lifts herself off of the chairs, and as she begins to turn to me, she purposely lets her skirt lift slighty to show her undergarments. She twirls towards me, and leans towards my face again. "Maybe, cutie. Or maybe I'll be the one to gut you and wear your skin as a suit." She leans back up slowly, and she giggles openly as she meets my horrified face. Again showing off her undergarments, she wags her hips side-to-side as she strolls out of the room.

"Psychotic bitch," I mutter softly.

"I heard that, skin-suit boy," Saffra calls back.

My eyes slowly squint in frustration. "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to volunteer" I mutter again, trying to be quieter this time.

"Maybe not," Saffra calls back.

District 3 Reapings: Natalie Gray, 16-

"This isn't happening, no, this can't actually be happening," I shakily mumble. Sinking to the ground, I bring my knees up to my chest, curling my arms around them. Tears stream down my face as I tilt my head downwards to reast on my knees. Through my long black hair covering my eyes, I can barely see the peacekeepers walking towards me.

"Please, deary, don't be afraid," the guide calls out softly, "please come onto the stage."

"Yeah, you stupid fuc**** pus**, get up here" Mortimer, the male tribute, calls out.

You know, usually I'm a sweet girl. But when someone gets on my bad side, I snap. Getting up quickly and no longer crying, I start making my way towards the stage. Pushing the guards out of the way with strength I didn't even know I possessed, I stalk towards him angrily. Getting up closely to his face, grasping his collar tightly, I mutter through clenched teeth, "What did you say, you little bitch?"

"No-nothing. I didn't s-say anything. Ple-please let me go," he says to me, quivering with fear. Dropping him, I face towards the crowd, crossing my arms over my chest. The guide looks at me stunned, and Mortimer glances timidly at me. A soft smile flashes onto my face, and my eyes crinkle as I grin. No longer upset at my reaping, I let a purr of contentedness escape from my pursed lips.

Glaring back towards Mortimer, my smile remains on my lips as I say, "Have fun, Mortimer." He whimpers in response, and my smile remains on my face as we're led away.

District 4 Reapings: Sharlet Free, 12-

Standing on my tiptoes to see above the crowd of girls, I watch as the male tribute from District 4 makes his way towards the stage. His taught muscles slide under his skin smoothly as he walks up next to the guide. He grins cutely, and squints his eyes as he extends his hand towards the guides. "Hey, I'm Waverly," he says sweetly, "nice to meet you. . . Justin, I think you said." The young guide, appearing to be no more than nineteen or twenty years of age, extends his hand slowly and nervously. Upon seeing the drool slowly drip out of the guides mouth as Waverly takes his hand, I hum quietly to myself.

"Psh, typical Capitol boys," I whisper under my breath.

"Hey Justin," Waverly says slowly after a minuet or so, smile never leaving his face and hand never leaving Justin's, "I think you need to reap a girl tribute now."

"Don't bother lover boy, I volunteer," I shout out. When I reach the stage, the guides hand is gripping Waverly's tightly. I extend my hand towards his, but he ignores me. Still facing Waverly, I grunt in annoyance at the guide. Still seeming to not notice my existence, I grab Waverly by the arm and tug his other hand out of Justin's.

As we're being escorted towards the Justice Building, Waverly leans in towards me and whispers softly in my ear, "What did you mean by 'lover boy?'" I grunt in annoyance, and roll my eyes.

'Typical District 4 boys,' I think to myself.

District 5 Reapings: Hudson Griffin, 18-

Wagging my finger in Morgana's direction, I smile cheekily. "Being mean isn't going to get you anywhere, you know? In fact, it will be detrimental for your odds of winning." I sit down next to her, streching out my back against the soft velvet covering the train seats. "You know, " I begin again, chuckling softly at Morgana's annoyed facial features, "you remind me of my sister. Always so cold and rude. I thi-"

"Shut the fuc* up," she spits angrily, "and leave me alone. Do you think I don't know that the Capitol doesn't like rudeness? Luckily for me, I'm a master at changing emotions. I can put on a facade of charmingness just as easily as I could snap your neck right now."

"Ah," I mockingly gasp, "I'm quivering in my boots!"

Morgana huffs again and glares at me for a couple of seconds before sliding her eyes closed and leaning her head against the glass window. I copy her motions, deciding to let the conversation go for now. 'No sense in not having a little fun before I die,' I think as my mind wanders to other things and I slowly fall asleep.

District 6 Reapings: Vixen Corres, 14-

"Would a. . . Ryan Hanwell make his way to the stage, please!"

I watch as a tall, muscular boy makes his way onto the stage. I see him shake hands with the guide before I close my eyes. My mind bubbles with anger at the Capitol. Seriously, what self-respecting, decent human being wnats to watch children brutally killing one another? My thoughts revert back to my life. Memories begin to flood my mind. The first time my father taught me how to slaughter a chicken, and how disgusted I was at it. I remember hurling my lunch into the bushes beside my house. The I remember later that day, when my mother tuahgt me how to make a delicious stew, and how much I enjoyed cooking with her. I remember her long, bright red hair and the messy ponytail it was always tied in, and her facial features begin to resurface in my head. Her small, soft nose; her mouth always in a slight grin, her green eyes, just like mine, alway sparkling with happiness. I remember playing with my little brother in the small front yard we were lucky enough to have.

But, then I remember heat. I remember coming home from my after class job in a small factory and seeing my house engulfed in flames; hearing the shrieks of my family trapped in the burning abode.

I scream out loudly, just as I had that very day. Tearing my eyes open and back into reality, I am met with the shocked faces of the guide and Ryan.

"Hey," he says, "are you okay?"

I grumble in assurance, and I finally come to an acceptance of my fate as a tribute. But, in the back of my mind, I know I'm doing this for my family.

District 7 Reapings: Rory Slank, 15-

The rich soil of District 7 crunches under my feet as I make my way onto the stage, and the harsh, yellow sunlight continues to blind my eyes. I never thought this would happen to me; being torn away from my family and my home. I stop dead in my tracks when I hear the screams of my sister from the crowd. Twisting around to see her being held back by peacekeepers, I start sprinting in her direction. Before I manage to reach her, I feel strong arms wrapping around my own.

"Casi!" I shriek in anger, struggling to regain my freedom, "Casi! I love you so, so much. Look after mom and dad for me, please!"

I can barely make out her muffled response before I'm dragged away from crowd. My eyes ache from crying, and my throat burns in agony. "Pathetic. . ." I hear my fellow district partner mumble, "just pathetic."

And, I'm inclinde to agree.

District 8 Reapings: Pearl Longhart, 16-

I pinch the bridge of my nose in frustration, and I can already feel and headache pounding in the back crevices of my mind.

"Brian, please shut up," I try to say calmly, "do you have any idea how annoying you are being?"

I hear him laugh loudly again, before he calls out in a baby voice, "Oh my, is somewhat getting a little cranky? Does someone need nappy time."

I'm inclined to kill him right hear and now, but the District 8 mentor, Aaron, comes to the rescue and quells my angry thoughts.

"Brian, if you don'd be quiet right fuc**** now, I am going to make sure on my life than you have no way in hell of winning these goddamn games, understand you little piece of sh**?"

Finally thinking Brian will understand, I let my hands fold into one another in my lap, and I let out a relieved sigh. Then, I hear him laughing again. I slam my hands on the table infront of me, scream loudly, grab my mentor and guides hands, and I stalk into the next car with them, locking the door behind me on the way. I knew the games were frightening, but I hadn't imagined they would be this. . . annoying.

District 9 Reapings: Aurora Wilde, 12-

As I'm walking briskly towards the Justice Building with Christian, the other District 9 tribute, in tow, I reach around to grab my silky black hair. Running my fingers through it, I take the full mass of it, and I proceed to tie it into a long braid down my back. I know it's superficial, but after my parents passed, this hair that's stayed with me for as long as I can remember is my only reminder of the place I grew up.

Swinging the heavy braid over my shoulder, I twist my neck to get a good view at Christian. His pale face is angled upwards, the sunlight illuminating his striking features. As his ocean blue eyes can the skyline, I can't help but notice a stoic and mysterious air about him.

"Lorne," I say suddenly, "hey, Lorne."

His face slowly sinks away from the sky and his eyes meet mine, the stoic air about him stronger than ever.

"I was. . . I was just wondering if you waned to ally. I know we'll do better in a pair, and the games have basically started. . ." I don't really want to ally with anyone, but I have to commit to a 'sweet little girl' persona if I want to gain sponsors and do well in the games.

His stare stays locked on me for a good thirty or forty seconds, before he begins to hum. His expressionless eyes remain plastered to his face, before he calmy states, "Well, maybe. Let me think some more."

My eyes droop a little, and I swing my head back forwards. I decide to let the conversation go for now, but something about Christian piques my interest.

"Okay," I whisper softly. "Let me know when you decide." I hear him hum in acknowledgement, and I let out a deep sigh of weariness.

District 10 Reapings: Damian Culler, 14-

My body is trembling in agony and hate as I stand next to my district guide. I know my life is over, but the life of this little twelve year old girl walking up onto the stage doesn't have to be. Tears swell at the edge of my eyes, and I let out an angered sniffle.

"Someone," I yell out angrily, causing the little girl to stop suddenly and look up at me, "someone better volunteer for her, right now." Tears still fill my eyes, and a hushed silence makes its way across the crowd of young girls. After no one volunteeres, I hang my head in shame for my District, my tears staining the dry earth below me.

My ears perk like a hound's at the sound of a girl's mumble. "I-I-I can't let her go," someone says, "I'll volunteer."

My head swings up, and the crowd erupts in applause. The twelve year old runs into the arms of a much older girl, and mumbles a muffled 'thank you' into her blouse. Out of respect for the girl, I now know what my mission is in the games. It's not for me to win, no, I know I don't have any chance at that; it's to keep this girl alive. This nice, brave, wonderful girl.

District 11 Reapings: Skylar Banerz, 17-

"Give a big congratulations to this years District 11 tributes, Skylar Banerz and Harrison Rune!"

The crowd, unsurprisingly, remains dead quiet. The guide; an average height, pasty-faced woman with dizzyingly pink hair gives a small murmur of dissaproval before taking my and Harrison's hands. I let myself be dragged away, the only thought festering at tha back of my mind is killing the career tributes to avenge the death of the only person in my life who's ever befriended me.

"I'm doing this for you, Roxi," I whisper softly. "Just for you."

District 12 Reapings: Katara Wong, 18-

"I volunteer!"

My voice cracks ever so slightly despite my older age, and my arm falls slowly to my side. I could have avoided this hell; this year was my last, and I wasn't even reaped. But, the thought doesn't stay long. I know why I did this; my offering had a purpose. Sabrina came so close last year, she almost won. But she let the District 8 girl win. I let out a breath of clarity, as I slowly make my way towards the stage. Voulnteering; it wasn't to get away from a depressed home life, no, it was for vengence. It was for Sabrina and Jason, the sister and cousin I lost in the last games; it's for them

"We have another volunteer this year?"

"Yeah, I heard she's was planning on volunteering to avenge her sisters death."

"No, no I heard it was her cousin."

"I think it's both. I knew Sabrina, she was the sister. That Jason kid, I think he was a relative to."

"Well, whatever they were, that girl's crazy. She's going to be killed out there, what was she thinking?"

All the whispers and murmurs I'm hearing are loud and judgemental. But, I pay no mind to them. My thoughts are devoted to one and only one thing; to win these games for the loved ones that it took from me. The loved ones that the Capitol took from me.


District 1 Interviews:

Bree Coolin, 16-

Caesar: "Well, everyone, welcome to the iterviews for the 56th Hunger Games! Give a big round of applause for our first tributee interviewer, Bree Coolin of District 1!"

Bree: "Thank you very much for the introduction, Caesar."

Caesar: "You're very welcome Bree. So, being from a career district, you have a big advantage over the others. Tell me about your plan for the games!"

Bree: "Sure thing. Well, I had this plan to run into the bloodbath, guns blazing."

Caesar: "I'm afraid you don't get guns," Caesar says with a cheeky grin. The crowd applauses.

Bree: "Haha, well that's true. But, my plan is to basically kill until I'm the victor!"

Caesar: "So, the typical career strategy then?"

Bree: "Yes!"

Caesar: "Well, thank you for the lovely interview. Crowd, give a last round of applause for District 1's Bree Coolin!"

Bree: "Thank you, Caesar!"

Eve Ridge, 16-

Caesar: "Let's give a warm welcome to District 1's female tribute, Eve!"

Eve: "T-thank you. It's very n-nice to m-meet you."

Caesar: "Likewise! And might I say you are looking quite adorable in that skin-tight white dress! It's just beautiful."

Eve: "Well, t-thank you."

Caesar: "Oh, do I hear a tinge of nervousness in your voice? That's quite unusual for someone from a career district."

Eve: "Y-yes, I don't do well with c-crowds. B-but I can still k-kil a tribute without a-a problem."

Caesar: "Ah, I see. So your adopting the career style as well?"

Eve: "Y-yeah, that w-was the plan."

Caesar: "Well, that's very swell. Lets all give a big thanks to Eve, the District 1 female tribute!"

Eve: "T-thank you, Caesar."

District 2 Interviews:

John Trike, 15-

Caesar: "And here's the male Distruct 2 tribute, Johnathan Trike!"

John: "Well hello Caesar! And, you can call me John."

Caesar: "Haha, well okay. So, John, I hear you volunteered for a specific reason. What was that reason?"

John: "Well, Caesar, I did it to avenge the death of my brother."

Caesar: "Derek?"

John: "Yes, he was killed last year in the games. I wanted to come in and win it for him!"

Caesar: "Well, that is very brave of you. But, that's all the time we have, so give a farewell to John, everybody!"

John: "It was nice talking to you!"

Saffra Gallaway, 16-

Caesar: "Let's welcome Saffra Gallaway, the District 2 female tribute!"

Saffra: "Well, hello sexy."

Caesar: "Well, thank you for the compliment! You are also looking wonderful in your outfit!"

Saffra: Unbuttoning most of her top, Saffra puts a finger in her cherry-red lips and leans foward. Protuding her chest to enhance her breasts, she traces little circles on the stomach of Caesar with her free hand. "You really think so, cutie?"

Caesar: Getting. . . uncomfortable, Caesars mumbles "Well, Saffra, aren't you. . . vivacious. . . Unfortunately, this is all the time we have."

Saffra: "Aww, really?"

Caesar: "Yes, so everybody," Caesars says, ushering Saffra off of himself, "give a big round of applause for Saffra Gallaway!"

Saffra: Walking as seductively as possible, Saffra starts to exit the stage. "Well, thank you, cutie!"

District 3 Interviews:

Mortimer Folo, 16-

Caesar: "So, Mortimer, how are you feeling about the games?"

Mortimer: "I feel fine. How do you feel?"

Caesar: "Well, I think it's going to be very int-"

Mortimer: "Whatever."

Caesar: Narrowing his eyes in anger, Caesar mumbles "Well, Mortimer, someone tells me you dislike Natalie, your fellow tribute. Why don't you tell me why you dislike her so much?"

Mortimer: "She threatened me. I told her she was a pus**, then she became angry. It's not my fault she's over-sensitive."

Caesar: "Yes, well, thank you to Mortimer Folo, the District 3 male tribute!"

Natalie Gray, 16-

Caesar: "Give a round of applause for Natalie Gray, our next interviewee!"

Natalie: "Hello, Caesar!"

Caesar: "Hello! So, Natalie, you look stunning tonight!"

Natalie: "Well, thank you for the compliment! You look nice tonight to!"

Caesar: "Thanks! So, Mortimer tells me that you threatened him. Is that true?"

Natalie: "Well yes," Natalie says, grumbling under her breath, "but I did it for a reason."

Caesar: "Care to tell you side of the story?"

Natalie: "Well, he called me a pus** and a bitch for being upset that I was reaped."

Caesar: "Well, rest assured Natalie, that I and most of the Capitol are on your side! However, this is all the time we have, so thank you for the wonderful interview!"

Natalie: "Your welcome!"

District 4 Interviews:

Waverly Mare, 17-

Caesar: "Now we have the District 4 tributes. Give a big welcome to Waverly Mare!"

Waverly: "Hey!"

Casear: "Hello Waverly! So, I have to say you are looking quite dapper tonight!"

Waverly: "Thank you!"

Caesar: "So, I have to ask, becuase you appear to be quiet attractive. Is there a special girl at home?"

Waverly: "Well, not really."

Caesar: "What about a special boy?"

Waverly: Blushing profusely, he mumbles, "M-maybe," under his breath.

Caesar: "Well, thats very interesting, a shocking upset we have here! But, unfortunately, that is all of the time we have left. Thank you for the interesting interview, Waverly."

Waverly: Still blushing, unusual to his closed personality, he mumbles and walks off of the stage.

Sharlet Free, 12-

Caesar: "Let's welcome Sharlet Free of District 4!"

Sharlet: "Hello Caesar, and just so you know, I saw that about Waverly the minuet I laid eyes on him!"

Caesar: "Haha, well I had an inkling as well! So, for some reason, the name Free rings a bell."

Sharlet: "Yes, my brother was the winner of a previous Hunger Games! Luckily for me, he gave me some special training!"

Caesar: "Lucky is right! So, are you going to adopt the typical career strategy as well, despite your very young age?"

Sharlet: "No, I'm actually not allying with the careers! They were furious, but they agreed to let Morgana from 5 and Ryan from 6 to join, so I suppose it's not really a big deal."

Caesar: "Wow, two shocking upsets in one night! Well, thank you for the great interview, but this is all the time we have!"

Sharlet: "No problem."

District 5 Interviews:

Hudson Griffin, 18-

Caesar: "District 5's own Hudson Griffin everybody! Here he is!"

Hudson: "Nice to meet you, Caesar!"

Caesar: "So, how do you feel about being reaped?"

Hudson: "Well, naturally I was upset. But, I think I'll manage."

Caesar: "How so?"

Hudson: "Well, as you can see," Hudson comments, while sporting a charming grin and flexing his arms, "I'm physically strong. Along with my plant identification skill, I could do okay!"

Caesar: "Haha, undoubtedly! Well, this was a nice interview!"

Hudson: "I agree, and thanks again."

Morgana Reed, 17-

Caesar: "Morgana Reed everybody!"

Morgana: "Greeting Caesar! That's a lovely haircut you have!"

Caesar: "I love your sikly locks as well! So, tell me about joining the careers."

Morgana: "Well, I think they were impressed with my determination and strength. And, how can you resist this face?"

The crowd laughs.

Caesar: "It's true, it's hard to! So, your going to participate in the bloobath?"

Morgana: "It's my duty as a career!"

The crowd laughs again.

Caesar: "Well, good luck to you Morgana, and happy Hunger Games!"

Morgana: "Yes, happy Hunger Games!"

District 6 Interviews:

Ryan Hanwell, 18-

Caesar: "Now we have District 6's male, Ryan Hanwell!"

Ryan: "It's nice to be here, Caesar!"

Caesar: "Really?"

The crowd laughs.

Ryan: "Haha, well maybe not. But, it's a lot better now that I'm with the careers!"

Caesar: "Yes, so you think you'll do well with them?"

Ryan: "Yeah, we all mesh really well."

Caesar: "Good to hear! Thank's for your time."

Ryan: "No problem!"

Vixen "Vix" Corres, 14-

Caesar: "Vixen Corres, please come to the stage!"

Vix: "Hello. Please, Caesar, and everybody else, call me Vix. I've never liked the name Vixen."

Caesar: "Okay, will do Vixe-I mean Vix! So, tell me about your red hair, will that be a detriment in the arena?"

Vix: "How would it be a detriment?"

Caesar: "Well, it is pretty noticeable. Maybe it would attract tributes towards you."

Vix: "Well, good. Let them come, I'll just slaughter them anyways."

Caesar: "What a vicious tribute you are! Well, that's all of the time we have for the interview, Vix. Thank's a lot!"

Vix: "Yeah, your welcome, I suppose."

District 7 Interviews:

Rory Slank, 15-

Caesar: "Let us start the District 7 interviews by welcoming Rory Slank!"

Rory: "Hey."

Caesar: "You seem upset, is something wrong Rory?"

Rory: "Other than the fact that I'm going to die and that I will never get to see my little sister Casi again, everything is just peachy."

Caesar: "I'm sorry to hear that. . . That should motivate you to work quite hard to win."

Rory: "Believe me, it does. I'm determined to win to see her again."

Caesar: "Well, that's nice to hear. Thank's a ton for the interview."

Rory: "Mhm."

Rahela Truse, 18-

Caesar: "And now, appearing in a lovely leaf dress, here's Rahela Truse!"

Rahela: "This dress is terrbile, Caesar."

Caesar: "I think it's quiet nice! So, how do you feel about Rory's reaction to being here?"

Rahela: "I think he's weak and pathetic."

Caesar: "How so?"

Rahela: "He cried like a baby! That already signifies that he should die."

Caesar: "Aren't you being a tad harsh?"

Rahela: "No."

Caesar: "Well, okay then. Thank's for the nice interview, Rahela!"

Rahela: "It wasn't a nice interview."

District 8 Interviews:

Brian Poll, 14-

Caesar: "Here we have Brian Poll, the District 8 male!"

Brian: "What's up, Caesar?"

Caesar" "Haha, nothing much Brian! So, what do you like about the Capitol?"

Brian: "Honestly? I love having my own room! People in my home district are poor, so I share a room with three siblings."

Caesar: "Oh, well, what are your siblings names?"

Brian: "Siblings? I don't have any of those."

Caesar: "Excuse me? I thought you said you shared a room with three siblings?"

Brian: "No old man, you must have misheard me!"

Caesar: Sighing in anger, Caesar huffs out "Well, thank you for the interview."

Brian: "No problem!"

Pearl Longhart, 16-

Caesar: "Let's hope Pearl is less annoying than Brian! Here she is everybody, Pearl Longhart!"

Pearl: "Hey, Ceaser, how's it going?"

Ceaser: "It's going great so far, how about you?"

Pearl: "Everything is going swimmingly for now!"

Crowd laughs.

Caesar: "Well, I must say that the dress you are wearing is quite stunning! It's such an eclectic group of frabrics, do you know exactly what it's made of?"

Pearl: "Well, thank you! And yes, my designer told me all about it. He said it contained wool, velvet, cotton, silk, charmeuse and gazar. It's supposed to, obviously, represent our District of textiles!"

Caesar: "Interesting! Well, this was a nice interview, thanks!"

Pearl: "Yep! See you at the victors interview!"

District 9 Interviews:

Christian Lorne, 16-

Caesar: "Everybody clap for Christian of District 9!"

Christian: "Hey."

Caesar: "So, do you like it here in the Capitol?"

Christian: "Yeah, I guess."

Caesar: "Are you a quiet person? You don't seem to be talking much."

Christian: "I'm pretty quiet."

Ceaser: "Well, that's okay! Thank's for a nice, calm interview!"

Christian: "Sure."

Aurora Wilde, 12-

Caesar: "Here's twelve year old Aurora Wilde!"

Aurora: Tears streaming down her cheeks, she walks fraily over to her seat and collapses in it.

Caesar: "Wha't wrong, Aurora?"

Aurora: "I-I-I," she tries to say between hiccups, "I'm so scared."

Caesar: "Well," Caesar starts with a hint of melancholy in his voice, "I'm sure sponsors are lining up to help a sweet little girl stand a better chance!"

Aurora: "R-really?"

Caesar: "Yes, I'm sure of it! Would you like me to escort you off stage?"

Aurora: "N-no thank you, I can be a big girl," Aurora states. As she nears the exits, her tears stop and a toothy grin takes the place of her once quivering lips.

District 10 Interviews:

Damian Culler, 14-

Caesar: "Come on out Damian Culler, representing District 10!"

Damian: "Hey Caesar! How are you tonight!"

Caesar: "Great, and you?"

Damian: "I'm doing pretty good given the circumstances!"

Caesar: "Yes, yes. So, how do you feel about the Capitol so far?"

Damian: "Well, it's obviously a step up from District 10, but my home still holds a place in my heart."

Caesar: "Of course. Oh no, it looks like we're out of time. Thank you Damian; audience, give him some love!"

Damian: "Thank you everyone!"

Riker Franko, 17-

Caesar: "Riker Franko, everybody!"

Riker: "Hey yourself, Caesar!"

Caesar: "So, I hear you volunteered. Tell me about that!"

Riker: "Well, my father and borhter were killed by the Capitol, so I volunteered to get revenge."

Caesar: "Juicy information! Is that the only reason why you volunteered?"

Riker: "No, I also did it becuase I couldn't let the little girl that had been reaped go and die. I mean, she wouldn't stand a chance."

Caesar: "Well, I'm sorry to say that it looks like this interview is over."

Riker: "Ah well, thanks for a nice time!"

District 11 Interviews:

Harrison Rune, 14-

Caesar: "Harrison Rune of District 11 is here tonight, give him some respect!"

Harrison: "Haha, thanks!"

Caesar: "So, Harrison, I can't help but notice your height. You're quite tall; how tall exactly are you?"

Harrison: "I am six foot one inch!"

Caesar: "And you are how old?"

Harrison: "Fourteen! And, I haven't even hit my growth spurt."

Ceasar: "Yes, well, let's hope you get to experience that. And, it looks like this interview is over!"

Skylar Banerz, 17-

Caesar: "Here with us for District 11's second interview is the sexy Skylar Banerz!"

Skylar: "Well, thanks a ton for the comment! You are quite appealing tonight as well."

Caesar: "Haha! So, I have to ask, how do you feel about your District getting the worst Chariot design grade?"

Skylar: "I wasn't actually surprised! Honestly, Cassius is a nice guy, but the design was a little iffy. I was sad to hear that he was executed! I just learned that the worst designs designers are executed every year."

Caesar: "You didn't know that?"

Skylar: "Nope; no clue!"

Caesar: "Well now you do!"

Skylar: "I suppose so," she says as the crowd chuckles.

Caesar: "And thats it on time! I hope to talk to you later, Skylar!"

Skylar: "Likewise."

District 12 Interviews:

Caesar: "Hamo Crash everybody!"

Hamo: "What's up, man?"

Caesar: "Nothing much! So, tell me about your districts first place finish in the chariot rides?"

Hamo: "Well, I don't know much about fashion-"

Caesar: "I figured!"

The crowd bursts out laughing.

Hamo: "Haha, but really, the designs were great. I wasn't shocked at all!"

Caesar: "Okay, and that's all the time we have for this interview! Good luck, Hamo."

Hamo: "Thanks!"

Katara Wong, 17-

Caesar: "And our last interviewee for the 56th Hunger Games, Katara Wong!"

Katara: "Hey," Katara says in a depressed tone.

Caesar: "So, the name Wong sounds familiar. Why is that?"

Katara: "Well my sister, Sabrina, and my cousin, Jason, died in last years games. I volunteered for them."

Caesar: 'Ahh, Sabrina, the one who gave her life for her ally Ayleta in the final 2?"

Katara: "That's her."

Caesar: "Well, thank you for a lovely finale interview!"

Katara: "My pleasure."

Training Scores:

District: Gender: Tribute: Training Score:
1 M Bree Coolin, 16 11/12
1 F Eve Ridge, 16 10/12
2 M John Trike, 15 9/12
2 F Saffra Gallaway, 16 9/12
3 M Mortimer Folo, 16 4/12
3 F Natalie Gray, 16 6/12
4 M Waverly Mare, 17 11/12
4 F Sharlet Free, 12 8/12
5 M Hudson Griffin, 18 8/12
5 F Morgana Reed, 17 8/12
6 M Ryan Hanwell, 18 7/12
6 F Vixen "Vix" Corres, 14 5/12
7 M Rory Slank, 15 6/12
7 F Rahela Truse, 18 7/12
8 M Brian Poll, 14 2/12
8 F Pearl Longhart, 16 4/12
9 M Christian Lorne, 16 7/12
9 F Aurora Wilde, 12 3/12
10 M Damian Culler, 14 3/12
10 F Riker Franko, 17 6/12
11 M Harrison Rune, 14 6/12
11 F Skylar Banerz, 17 7/12
12 M Hamo Crash, 17 9/12
12 F Katara Wong, 18 8/12

Odds of Winning:


Gender: Tribute: Odds of Winning:


M Bree Coolin, 16 5-1
1 F Eve Ridge, 16 5-1
2 M John Trike, 15 6-1
2 F Saffra Gallaway, 16 8-1
3 M Mortimer Folo, 16 22-1
3 F Natalie Gray, 16 12-1
4 M Waverly Mare, 17 4-1
4 F Sharlet Free, 12 7-1
5 M Hudson Griffin, 18 10-1
5 F Morgana Reed, 17 10-1
6 M Ryan Hanwell, 18 14-1
6 F Vixen "Vix" Corres, 14 14-1
7 M Rory Slank, 15 12-1
7 F Rahela Truse, 18 8-1
8 M Brian Poll, 14 24-1
8 F Pearl Longhart, 16 9-1
9 M Christian Lorne, 16 6-1
9 F Aurora Wilde, 12 15-1
10 M Damian Culler, 14 15-1
10 F Riker Franko, 17 8-1
11 M Harrison Rune, 14 10-1
11 F Skylar Banerz, 17 8-1
12 M Hamo Crash, 17 6-1
12 F Katara Wong, 18 7-1


Day 1: (I Already Have Blood on My Clothes- Bree Coolin)

Natalie Gray, D3, 16-

Stepping into the tube, I hear the whirs and various sounds of machinery at work. I close my eyes and sigh, the familiar sounds reminding me of back home. Upon hearing the click of the machines stopping, the gasps of other tributes cause me to slowly open my eyes.

My eyes go wide, and I gasp in shock along with everyone else. The arena is like nothing I have ever seen in my entire life. There's no vegetation in sight; in fact, the only colours I can make out are grays and blacks. There are dilapidated buildings, bigger than ones in the Capitol, everywhere. The roads are sidewalks are crumbled and decaying. It's a destroyed city arena; vaguely modeled after the Capitol, I note. I glance up at the sky; no sunlight, no fluffy white clouds or familiar blue colouring. Again, gray and black as far as the eye can see. Thunder is rumbling and rain is drizzling, and it almost appears as if the sun hasn't shone here in quite sometime.

Sighing in mild relief, I look down at my shoes. 'Fighting isn't exactly my strong suit," I mentally note, "but I stand much better chance in a city that is sure to have some great hiding spots and electronics that I can tinker with than, let's say, a forest or a desert.'

But, then the gong sounds.

Sharlet Free, D4, 12-

The girl from 3 raises her head, and glances over to me. Shuddering at the sight of her pure black eyes boring into me, I turn away and hop off the platform. I know I'm not going to side with the careers, but I need to get supplies or else I don't stand a chance. Running without looking down, I hold out my hand.

As soon as I feel the course fabric of a pack graze under my hand, I clamp it closed and take ahold of the pack. Stopping only momentarily to unclip the machete on the side, I take off again towards a cluster of very tall buildings. Pain shoots through my back, and I can feel warm liquid trickling down and dampening the fabric of my shirt. Turning around, I am met with the full force of a boy slamming his body into mine.

"Sorry, girl, but you have to die," says the boy, in heavy, straggling breaths.

You know, I never thought this is how it would go. I never thought me, of all people, and especially from a career district, would be the first to die. But, I suppose that's how it's going to happen.

Or, maybe not. Waverly crashes his axe into the boys arm, and he gives a scream of agony as it disconnects with his shoulder and falls heavily onto ground. The boy, who've I've now identified as Harrison from 11, turns around in shock. I grab my pack and scoot away from the fight, not wanting to get injured further. I can see the pity in Waverly's eyes as he plunges is sword into the boys abdomen, only pulling out after the boy coughs up clumps of blood and his head falls limply to the side.

"Here," he says quickly, grabbing my and letting me ride piggy back, "you're not that big, so lets team up, okay? I really don't want to join the careers, and I need to talk to you about something that you realized about me."

Instantly knowing what he's talking about, I whisper a quiet "Okay, thanks for saving me by the way," before we take off to find shelter in the city.

Bree Coolin, D1, 16-

My axe sinks into the face of the boy from 8.

"Shit," I grumble, "I already have blood on my clothes." Huffing in annoyance, I straighten up and grab my axe from the boys face. Narrowing my eyes, I scan the dull landscape in front of the Cornucopia for tributes to kill. I hear the screams of two girls fighting over a pack. I cross my hands and a smirk grows on my lips. I watch the two girls; the tall, pale one from 7 and the silver haired one from 11 as they claw at eachothers faces.

"I h-have to d-do this for Roxi," one gasps out in heavy breaths as she swings her dagger at the face of the other.

"And," the other grunts, swinging her blade wildly, "I don't care."

I watch them wrestle for a couple of seconds before one gives the loudest shriek I have ever heard in my life. The one from 7 gets up slowly, wipes the blood off of her blade and, with a grin, takes both packs and makes her way into the city. From my spot in the Cornucopia, I can clearly see the other girl lying motionless on the ground, breath labored and troubled. She dies before I get to her body; her leg is completely separated from her hip, and a huge pool of blood stains her pants crimson red. I stare in awe for a few seconds before I continue on my way.

Aurora Wilde, D9, 12-

Someone grabs my hair, and my neck snaps back and my pack thuds as it hits the ground. Going with my instincts, I take the knife in my hand and jab it backwards, sinking into the boys thigh.

"You little girl," he roars, "I already smashed in that slutty careers skull with my fists, do you think you really stand a chance?"

I recognize his voice as Hamo, that tall kid from 11. He doesn't sound anything like I remember him; he was sweet and charming. But, I guess the threat of death can change anyone into a killer. I continue with one hand to push my knife into his flesh, and with the other I struggles against his large arms to keep them from snapping my neck.

Suddenly, he goes limp, his blood splattering onto my face. His body crashes to the ground, and I stumble to my kneew as well, trying to regain my breath.

"Hey little girl," another female yells, "I killed him, want to ally?"

A shake my head in agreement, too choked up to speak. She makes her way over to me, and heaves me up by the hand. "I'm Riker, nice to meet you!" she says cheerily. She thrusts my dropped pack into my hands, and I look up at her in amusement.

"Let's go, slowpoke!" she yells.

Thinking she's way to happy for her own good, I follow slowly behind her.

Pearl Longhart, D8, 16-

I run with Katara's hand in mine and Hudson's loosley gripping the strap of my pack.

"Hey guys," I mumble as their heads rotate to look at mine, "look over a the D3 kids." I motion my head towards two figures, one on top of the other, as they roll around on the ground.

"Let's forget about them," I grumble as we pass pass another dead body, a girl with fire-red hair and a blood covered spear jutting from her chest, "one of them will kill the other." Nodding in agreement, we duck into a decrepit building just as we hear the cannons signaling the end of the bloodbath.

"Seven cannons," Hudson says as he unloads his pack and lets it slip to the ground, "I only saw six dead."

"That means one of the kids from 3 must have died," Katara mumbles back as she runs her hands through her short hair, straightening it.

"I guess we'll know tonight, won't we?" I interject. "No sense mulling over it now, we need to see what we've got in our packs."

"Plus, we need to come up with a plan as to what we're gonna do in this damned arena," Hudson quips back.

Katara and I grunt in agreement.

"Yeah, yeah Hudson. Let's just get some rest for now, alright? We're all tired, we ran a long way," Katara says, yawning slightly.

"Yeah," I whisper as I close my eyes. "We should rest."

John Trike, D2, 15-

"I can't believe we already lost a career!" I shout as the last face, the boy from District 3, flashes across the sky.

"Calm down, John, she was an annyoing slut anyways," Morgana huffs back.

Everyone grunts in agreement, and I lay my back against the metal of the Cornucopia. 'Maybe it was better that we lose her,' my mind grumbles.

Maybe it was. . . Or maybe our group is weaker than we think.


The Career Alliance (Bree, Eve, John, Ryan & Morgana) are resting at the Cornucopia in the middle of the arena. They have many supplies, but some are wondering how the other tributes manage to kill one of their own this early in the games.

Natalie made her way south of the Cornucopia. She is camping on the tenth story of a large builing she found. The room she is hiding in is a dull one with large glass windows facing the north, giving a view of the arena. There is food scattered and water scattered about the building. She obtained a pack from the Cornucopia which contained a dagger, three loaves of bread, some dried fish, two full water canteens, some rope, some cut medicine, some bandages and some plyers.

Waverly is tending to the wounds on Sharlet's back. They are camping far away from the Cornucopia in what appears to be a small, dilapidated, two story residential building. Waverly grabbed an axe from the Cornucopia, but no pack. Sharlet grabbed a pack which contained a machete, five loaves of bread, two packs of dried fruit, two water canteens and some bandages.

Rory is by himself, camping near the edge of a small, murky, man-made lake. He obtained a small pack from the Cornucopa which had tow small throwing axes, an unfilled water canteen and one bread loaf.

Damian is severly injured from a gash across his chest caused by Eve. He collapsed on the third floor of a building near the center of the arena. He has no supplies or allies.

Rahela is camping on the first floor of a large, multi-floor building close to the arena. She has some cuts and bruises from the fight with Skylar. She obtained two packs from the arena, and in her possesion she has; a sword, two filled water canteents, one unfilled canteen, some uncooked meat, some dried fuit, two lengths of rope, bandages, some burn medicine and a small dagger.

Hudson, Pearl and Katara are camping in the lobby of a small building. They are allied. All three obtained packs from the Cornucopia. Hudson is armed with a spear, and his pack contained a pack of bandages, two empty canteens and some arrows. Pearl grabbed a jacket fillled with twently throwing knives from the Cornucopia. Her pack contained six loaves of bread and three packs of dried fruit. Katara grabbed a small machete and a pack filled with three full water canteens and some bandages.

Aurora managed to convince her district partner Christian to join her alliance with Riker. Only Aurora managed to grab a pack, but luckily it contained food, water and some bandages. All of them, however, di manage to grab some weapons. Riker is armed with a bow and twenty arrows, Aurora has a small knife and Christian grabbed an axe. Riker and Christian are uninjured, by Aurora's neck is very bruised from her fray with Hamo.

Day 1 Deaths: (Both tributes from District 11 are now deceased)

Harrison Rune, District 11, 14

Brian Poll, District 8, 14

Skylar Bannerz, District 11, 17

Saffra Gallaway, District 2, 16

Hamo Crash, District 12, 17

Vixen "Vix" Corres, District 6, 14

Mortimer Folo, District 3, 16


Day 2: (Well, Hello Natalie- Eve Ridge)

Natalie Gray, D3, 16-

I walk down a dusty and deserted road in the center of the arena. Gusts of wind sweep billows of dust and trash across the landscape as I kick small pebbles out of my way, hearing the echoes travel across the city.

"You know," I mutter to no-one but myself, "this is always what I imagined a post-apocalyptic world to look like." I walk for maybe another mile or so, the sun now high in the horizon, and as unforgiving as it always was. I veer off the the right of the road, letting myself sink to the ground infront of a large pillar, shaded by tattered overhangs of fabric. Sensing nothing other than thirst, I unclip my water canteen and I let the perpetually cool liquid slide down my throat.

As soon as I let out a gasp signaling my refreshment, I notice something. Something very, very wrong. Tears start to form at the edges of my eyes, and my hand shoots up to my nose, clamping it tightly shut.

"What in the hell is that horrid smell," I whisper again to myself, clambering quickly to my feet. My gaze turns to the building I'm resting against. It looks like any other three story building in this arena, but I notice that a putrid smell is emanating from its depths. I know it's a very stupid move to wander into a desolate building with rancid fumes coming out of it, but something propels me to do so. I take out the dagger that I grabbed from the Cornucopia, and in the other pocket, my hand fumbles around with the grenade that I recieved last night in a sponsor gift. I had to re-activate it, but granted I'm from the technology district, it wasn't too much of a challenge. I let out a slow breath, hands fumbling with the only two weapons I have.

The fleshy palm of my hand presses against the door as it slowly creaks open, the sound traveling for miles. My boots scuff against the rubble on the ground as I slowly make my way towards the source of the odor. I pad up one flight of stairs, then another before I finally settle infront of a door on the third floor. Slowly grabbing the handle, I swing the door open to reveal a dusty and unlighted room. And also, the fastly decaying body of the District 10 boy. Wondering why the hell they haven't picked up his corpse yet, I slowly make my way towards his body.

"Well, hello Natalie," a muffled voice says. I whip my head around to see two of the careers brandishing their weapons and gas masks adorning their faces.

Eve Ridge, D1, 16-

Ryan and I emerge from the shadows of the room, me brandishing my sword, the very one I used to injure then finish off the silly District 10 boy, and Ryan, his spear.

"What is going on," Natalie's quivering voice calls out. Her knife glints in the soft sunlight filtering through the boarded up windows.

"Well, we followed the boys blood trail to here, and we figured we'd finish him off," Ryan states, chuckling.

"Yeah, and we also figured some dimwit would smell his rotting flesh, and come to figure out what it was," I say.

"And, it looks like that dimwit was you." Ryan gives one last chuckled before he throws his spear. Glass and wood shatter, sending shards and splinters in every direction. "Damnit, I missed," Ryan growls, lunging at the girl. His head crashes into the wall as the girl quickly twirls out of the way. I stand in the corner to stunned to move, watching awkwardly as the girl pushes her knife into Ryans palm. The smell of iron floods my nose as begin to rush forward, my sword feeling heavier than usual in my hands. I shut my eyes tightly and I bring my sword down with might. Feeling my sword cut into the flesh and bone of somebody, and hearing the boom of their cannon, I open my eyes. But, only to see my sword covered in the blood of Ryan.

Natalie pulls back on Ryans body, letting in slump against the groud. My sword clambers to the cracked floor, and I look up in defeat.

"No," Natalie says, inching her way towards the gap in the window, fumbling lightly with something in her pocket, "it looks like the dimwits were you."

The girl lets something fly out of her hand, and as it quickly rolls in my direction, she leaps out of the window. Slowly tilting my head downwards to the object now resting against my boots, I mutter one word.


Bree Coolin, D1, 16-

Me and two other careers sight in a tight circle surrounding our fire. "Look," I say quietly, my voice cracking with worry, "I'm telling you, those two cannons and that explosion earlier. . . those were Ryan and Eve's cannons, I just know it. Why else wouldn't they be back yet?"

"Chill out, man," Morgana says, rolling her shoulders, "there's no way it could have been them, I m-"

"Shut up, Morgana," I say, ignoring the growl of annoyance ushered from Morgana's lips, "the anthem is starting."

A hushed silence falls over the three of us as the faces we didn't want to see flash across the night.

"Damn. . ." Morgana whispers as John slowly shakes his head. "Damn. . ."


The remaining careers (Bree, John and Morgana) are still at the Cornucopia, and are doing fine with food and supplies. However, doubt is starting to fester in their minds as they are wondering how their alliance is dying off so quickly.

Natalie is unconscious from her three story fall. However, it appears that she isn't lying in the road; rather, her body is being carried away by two strange forms. . .

Waverly is still tending to Sharlet's back, however it appears that it is doing better.

Rory and Rahela have staunchly agreed to become allies, and are now wandering around the city for a better hiding area.

The alliances of Hudson, Pearl, and Katara & Aurora, Christian and Riker are doing fine, and are staying put in their hiding spots.

Day 2 Deaths: (Both tributes from District 6 are now deceased)

Damian, District 10, 14

Ryan Hanwell, District 6, 18

Eve Ridge, District 1, 16

Day 3: (Yeah, You Were Too Focused on Not Dying- Aurora Wilde)

Waverly Mare, D4, 17-

"I still don't understand why you decided to save that District 3 girl," Sharlet calls over the crackle of our midday fire as she itches at the bandages covering her back, "I mean, we could have just killed her then and there. She was unconscious, so it would have been painless."

"I didn't feel right about it," I mumble back, my face still covered in worry as I glance over at the sleeping form of Natalie, "Plus, we could use another member in our alliance. This is the first games that I've heard of where there are no solo tributes; everyone here is in an alliance. We needed Natalie to not be a weak alliance, and she needed us to have one at all." I brush off the skeptical glance Sharlet throws my way, and I continue on with "Anyways, let's not talk about her right now, she's fine. I still want to know how you knew about. . . about me an all."

"About you being gay," she sighs as she throws a tired look my way, "we're really going to talk about this again, Waverly?"

"Yes! Obviously it was evident after the interview with Caesar, but how'd you know at our reapings? And you know," I rub the back of my neck sheepishly, "I'm really worried about what will happen if I get home. Will my dad hate me? I mean, I've never told anyone except the guys I've dated."

"Obviously", Sharlet says sarcastically. After giving her a dejected and hurt facade, she huffs and crosses her arms. "Look," she says, scooting closer towards my withered form, "if you, or I, or hell, both of us make it out of here, everything is going to be fine, alright? If your dad hates you or something, you're welcome to stay with me, okay?" Rubbing her eyes softly, she groans and looks back up at me. "I know the Hunger Games is a shitty fuc**** time to make a friend or come out to the world, but I'm not going to abandon or betray you in here, and I certainly wouldn't outside of here."

"Plus," she whispers softly as she lays her small head on my shoulders, "that Justin escort kid you like so much. . . he'd be lucky to have you."

Suddenly, loud rustles ring out behind us. Grabbing my axe, I jump to my feet and twirl around, ready to kill any intruders. Only, I'm not met with a hostile face; no, I'm met with the face of Natalie.

"You're gay?" She cocks her head slightly to the side, staring at me and Sharlet with intruige in her eyes.

"You're awake," Sharlet mumbles back.

Riker Franko, D10, 17-

"So," a muffled female voice rings out in the muggy nighttime air, "we finally found you. Do you know how much of a stupid idea it is to light a fire at night?"

I scramble quickly to my feet, fumbling in the dark for my bow. Crouching behind an upturned cement slab, I quietly remove an arrow from my quiver, and I have it ready to fire.

"Shit, they put out the fucking fire," the female voice calls out again, "Bree, find and kill Christian. John, you get Aurora. I'll get the silver-haired bitc*."

I step out from behind my hiding spot, letting an arrow fly in the direction of her voice. After a muffled groan of pain sounds, our campground turns into pure pandamonium. I hear the screams of anger from Morgana, the scuffles of shouts and pain coming from the other four as they spar with one an other, desperatley trying to not die. And I just sit behind my cement slab, shaking like a baby.

"Peekaboo, I see you," the voice calls again. The crack of cement startles me more than being found by Morgana, and I whip my arm around, letting an arrow fly into the darkness. The glint of the moonlight hitting the shiny metal surface of the knife hints me to it's presence, and I tild my neck just as it whizzes by. I don't have time to regain my composure as a force slams into my body. My bow clambers out of my reach and sight, and I can feel as the wind is literally knocked out of my lungs.

"I'm going to kill you," Morgana says windedly, trying desperatley to stab my face. Struggling to evade her blows, I worm my hands under my back.

I whimper as I try to hold her off with my one free hand, her knife getting dangerously close to my neck.

"Stay still," she grunts again, "and let me kill you."

"N-no," I huff out, swinging my arm out from behind me back. Clamping my eyes and mouth shut to shelter my face from the impending spray of blood, I swing my arm out from behind my back.

BOOM. A cannon sounds, and the girl above me goes limp. I huff softly and push her form off me, her right eye gushing blood over my clothes and the dust covered ground. I barely get to me feet before I feel small arms wrap around my chest.

"Get up, Riker, we have to go," Aurora calls out frantically, "now, before Bree finds us."

Gawking slightly at her disgruntled form, I whisper softly, "John?"

"Killed him," she calmy states, tugging further on my arm, "now let's go."

"Christian, we can't leave with-"

"He's done Riker," Aurora interjects my statement, tears now streaming down her face, "his cannon sounded minuets ago, along with John's."

"But, I didn't hear them. . ."

"Yeah, you were too focused on not dying," Aurora screams at me, angered, "now let's go before Bree finds us. NOW!"

I let her tug on my arm, and I look back at our camp. The place were my friend and two enemies died; the place where I was lucky enough not to die in. . .

Rahlea Truse, D7, 18-

"Damn," I scream as I leap over rubble, swinging my head back to look back at the three members of the alliance chasing me through the deserted streets, "damn, they ambushed us. FUC*, how did he manage to kill Rory?"

I don't have time to think anymore, however, as I fall.

And then, I don't remember anything.


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TOP 10: Bree(D1), Natalie (D3), Waverly (D4), Sharlet (D4), Hudson (D5), Rahela (D7), Pearl (D8), Aurora (D9), Riker (D10) and Katara (D12).

Waverly and Sharlet are doing just fine at their camp, and are surprised at the quick awakening of Natalie.

Riker and Aurora are running through the streets at night after the careers ambushed them at their camp. They are both devestated at the loss of Christian and their supplies. The duo now only has a dagger, one canteen of full water, a loaf of bread and 16 arrows betweem them.

Bree, the lone remaining career, is chasing Riker and Aurora through the streets.

Rahela is also fleeing from the trio of Katara, Hudson and Pearl after they ambushed her and Rory. They managed to kill Rory, and now Rahlea is unconscious somewhere after falling. . . into something.

Katara, Hudson and Pearl are now camping in a new building after losing track of Rahela.

Day 3 Deaths: (Both tributes from District 2 are now deceased)

John Trike, District 2, 15

Morgana Reed, District 5, 17

Christian Lorne, District 9, 16

Rory Slank, District 7, 14

Day 4: (Damnit, I Lost Riker- Aurora Wilde)

Natalie Gray, D3, 16-

I stretch my undersued muscles, shifting slightly in my sleeping bag. Bringing my tatterd hand up to my silky black hair, I slowly pull it through my locks before settling it on my chin.

"So, Waverly," I begin, "when did you know you were gay?"

"Ohh," he says, sighning, "a long, long time ago. When I was maybe eight or nine. I just never told anyone. I didn't want my dad thinking I was weak or prissy, you know?"

"Yeah, I guess. . ." I hum softly, before stating, "but you know, I'm okay with it. I'm sure everybody will respect you just as much as they did before."

"We-" he tries to protest.

"No. I wasn't done," he shoots me an angry look, but I ignore him. "Really, it's okay. And, if you get out of here, ask that escort boy out for me, okay?" Waverly's face becomes beet red, and I can hear the supressed chuckles of Sharlet.

"And, this is for both of you," I whisper. Sharlet stops giggling and Waverly turns his attention towards me. "Thanks for saving me. We're in an alliance now, and I'll never betray either of you." I shuffle closer towards Waverly, and I wrap my arms around him.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. You're welcome, by the way," Waverly consoles me as my grip tightens around his torso. I feel the smaller arms of Sharlet try to wrap around both of us, and we sit in a familial embrace for hours.

But, only until a massive tremor startles us.

Rahela Truse, D7, 18-

Groaning as my eyes flutter open, a tilt my head side to side to crack the unmoved bones in my neck.

"Where the fuc* am I," I grumble to myself as I bring my hand infront of my eyes to sheild them from bright beams of light. The last thing I remember is running from that fuc**** trio of bastards that killed Rory. Then. . . then I remember falling. Tilting my head upwards, I see a large, circular hole with bright sunlight streaming through. I hear the subtle sound of water trickling over objects, and my attention turns towards my surroundings.

Suddenly, it dawns on me. I fell through a hole. . .

Into the sewers of the arena.

Suddenly, I'm knocked to my feet as the ground begins to shake as if the Gods are angry. The pavement under my body begins to crack. Tremors split open the earth as easily as one would rip open an orange. I scramble to my feet and begin high tailing it in the other direction. I skip over open cracks in the ground as a crevice begins to swallow this side of the arena.

The wall opposite of me collapses and is swallowed up by the fissure. I can see now clearly see the size of the hole. It's maybe a mile or so long; I see whole buildings tumbling into the darkness. I see the figures of people tumbling down with the buildings, before barely hearing three cannons sound off over the rumbling sounds. I continue to sprint in the other direction, trying to outrun the cracks chasing me.

Seeing metal bars in the distance, and I lunge for them. I wrap my hands around them just as the soil and concrete below my body falls into the gulley. The metal is supported by a chunk of remaining earth; I know I can't hoist myself up. I know my time is coming soon; either the earth holding the bars will collapse, or I'll lose my grip.

"Shit," I mutter as tears begin to roll down my reddened cheeks, "goddamit I'm going to die."

I feel my hands slipping; the cool metal dissapearing from underneath my skin. But, I'm calm now. I stop crying, stop blubbering. I don't want to die, but if I have to, I'll die with dignity dammnit.

"I'm sorry, mom, dad. I'm sorry I couldn't make it back," I yell with calmness in my voice.

"I'm so, so sorry."


Aurora Wilde, D9, 12-

"RIKER," I scream over the sounds of the tremors, "RIKER, KEEP HOLD OF MY HAND, OKAY?"

I barely hear her reply, but I feel her hands underneath mine, so I know we're still connected. I can barely make out the streets and the buldings through the thick clouds of dust billowing over the arena. Trying to keep my balance and holding onto Riker's hand, I bring the fabric of my shirt over my mouth to keep from inhaling the smoke and dust.

Making out the frame of a door infront of me, I drag Riker behind me. Pushing with all of my might, the glass door groggily pushes open. I tumble to the ground, heaving to ctach my breath. But, something doesn't feel right.

I slowly turn my head behind me, and I notice a distinc lack of something.

"Damnit," I mumble. "I lost Riker."

Riker Franko, D10, 17-

After losing grip of Aurora's hand, I wandered around the city for what felt like hours. I couldn't really see or hear anything; in fact, I'm amazed I didn't walk off a cliff or impale myself accidentally. Finally my hands met with the cold and rugged stone of a large building, and I made my way inside.

After an hour or so of exhausting climbing, I managed to reach the 100th or so, I lost track, floor of this damn building. Huddling around the fire I built with discarded wooden items I found in the building, I rub my hands and feet together in a vain attempt to get warm. Usually I wouldn't be stupid enough to build a fire at night, but I picked a room with no windows; even if I had, no one would be able to see the fire in the dust-strom caused by the earthquake.

Hearing the athem playing, I make my way into a larger room next to mine. Through the dust, I can barely make out the faces of the boy from 5 and the girls from 7, 8 and 12. My breathing becomes lighter, and I'm relieved that Aurora is not among the recently departed.

But, a loud, booming voice interupts my thoughts.


'Great,' I think, 'maybe I can find Aurora there again."


I stare at the plumes of dust and smoke swirling outside the window for a few more moments before I cat-like yawn escapes my throat. I make my way back into my disheveled room before settling into my sleeping bag. My thoughts drift to the upcoming feast, but they don't last long, as soon sleep takes over my exasperated body.


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TOP 6: Bree(D1), Natalie(D3), Waverly(D4), Sharlet(D4), Aurora(D9), and Riker(D10).

Waverly, Sharlet and Natalie are waiting out the earthquake together, huddling in a tight bundle in their building. They all have plenty of supplies.

Aurora has managed to make her way inside of a building, but in the process, she lost track of Riker. Aurora has a knife, a loaf of bread and one canteen of water.

Riker, after wandering aimlessly through the city for hours, finally managed to set up camo on the 100th floor of a skyscraper. Riker only has some arrows, some bread and a canteen of water.

Bree made his way back to the Cornucopia, and is huddling in it for safety. Bree has plenty of supplies.

Day 4 Deaths: (Both tributes from Districts 5, 7, 8 and 12 are now deceased)

Hudson Griffin, District 5, 18

Pearl Longhart, District 8, 16

Katara Wong, District 12, 18

Rahela Truse, District 7, 18

Day 5: (Whew. . . Final 6- Sharlet Free)

Bree Coolin, D1, 16-

Sitting in the shadows of the Corncuopia waiting for the feast to begin, I can't help but wonder what went wrong. Never before has the final 6 contained only one of the careers. How? How can I be the only one of us left? We're supposed to be the strongest, the deadliest in the games, the ones to be feared; not the weakest and dumbest.

"Fuc**** dumbasses. . ." I mutter as I shake my head. I'm all alone; all by myself. No one in is arena likes me or wants to be my ally. No, everyone here wants me dead; they all hate my guts.

And I'm alone. Now, don't get me wrong, I know I'm a powerhouse, but what if the other five team up to take me out? I can't possibly take all five of them.

Suddenly, the clank of machines catches my attention. A glistening, sliver-clad table rises out of the dusty concrete. Sitting atop the table are six small duffelbags with the letters 1, 3, 4, 4, 9 and 10 stitched into their surfaces.

"Damn those District 4 kids," I hiss through my teeth, "if it weren't for them we wouldn't have to have accepted those two faulty replacements. We could have been dominant." I have to grip my thigh and pinch it sharply to keep myself from roaring in anger. I don't have to supress it for long, however, because like a deer my ears perk up at the sound of pebbles skidding on the ground. I sink further back into the shadows to shield myself better.

Aurora Wilde, D9, 12-

I sit in a small pit filled with gravel just outside of the Corncopia. A large slab of concrete shields my body from anyone who might be near the Cornucopia. Shifting slightly, I peer my head around the block of concrete, straining to see inside the Cornucopia. Seeing no one in the vicinity, I take two or three deep breaths, and I pull my dull knife out of my pocket. I crawl up into a sitting position, then using the muscles in my legs, I jut myself into a standing position. I slowly walk towards the edge of the slab, then when I'm ready, I break into a full out sprint towards my bag.

Just as I reach the table, and just as my hand grasps the canvas bag, Bree steps sprints out of the Cornucopia.

"Shi*. . ." I groan. Spinning around, my legs carry me as fast as they can away from the table. My shoe hits a rock, and I tumble onto and skid along the ground.

Groaning in pain, I limp back up, holding my skinned left arm limply to my chest. I don't get far before Bree butts the back of his axe against my back. Cumpling to the ground weakly, he spins me around.

"You killed my alliance you little bitch," he hisses as I half-heartedly try to swing my knife at him with my severly damaged right arm.

My eyes glisten with sorrow and anger, as I bitterly spit back, "Yeah, well maybe if the careers weren't a bunch of as****, everybody wouldn't want you guys dead. Just a little food for thought," I grumble as I turn my head towards the sky.

Bree grunts in anger as he hold his axe to my chest. I try not to groan in pain as the serated blade sinks into my tired flesh, and my blood soaks my clothes in a warm bath of crimson colour and iron scent.

"Aurora! Aurora, hold on, I'm coming!" My head perks up quickly as Bree swings his head in the direction of the sound. Sprinting towards us, with a now empty bag hanging over her shoulder and a shiny new hunting knife held tightly in her hand, is Riker.

"I'll get you, you bastard," she screams as her full weight slams into Bree, "how dare you hurt my friend." Sreaming wildly, she swings and stabs her knife towards Bree. Bree pushes her off with two hands, and she lands with a thump on the ground, sending puffs of dust into the air.

Bree leans in close to me and snickers, "I'll be back once I'm done with her." He grips the handle of his axe and rips it out of my chest.

I lay my head on the uncomfortable ground and close my eyes. I'm tired of this game, I really just want it to be done and over. In my brief twelve years of existence, I've gone through many things others can't even imagine. Growing up in one of the poorest Districts in Panem, I've been without nothing my entire life. And now that I'm here, I have even less. "So, so tired," I whisper softly to myself. "I'm just so tired."

I don't flinch at the screams or scuffles of the battle raging just a few feet from my bloody figure. I don't flinch at the screams of Riker as her guts spill over the concrete, and I don't flinch at the sounds of Bree as Riker's dying form manages to finally, with the last ounce of her strength, push her knife deep into Bree's eye socket. And, again, I don't flinch when I hear two cannons signaling the death of the person who was trying to save me and the person who wanted nothing more than to end my life. Once more, I don't flinch when I feel myself fading from the earth; when I feel my body dying and giving up on itself.

But, I do smile slightly and thank Riker in my last thought for getting rid of Bree.

But, I don't flinch when I feel the last of my being drain into blackness.

I don't flinch.

Sharlet Free, D4, 12-


The blistering sound of a cannon jolts me from sleep. I groggily drag myself out of my sleeping bag and crawl towards the still snoring bodies of Waverly and Natalie.

"Guys," I grunt sleepily, "guys wake up. Today's the feast," I yawn before continuing. "Guys come on, we need to get to the feast."

"Five more minuets, then we'll go, alright," Waverly responds with a sleep-filled accent. I hear Nat grumble in agreement with him, so I lazily heave myself up onto my feet.

Rubbing my eyes slightly, I whisper to myself, "Whew. . . Final 6."


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FINAL 3: Natalie (D3), Waverly (D4), and Sharlet (D4)!

Waverly, Sharlet and Natalie are just waking from their slumber, and are completely unaware of the going-ons at the Cornucopia

Day 5 Deaths: (Both tributes from Districts 1, 9 and 10 are now deceased)

Riker Franko, District 10, 17

Bree Coolin, District 1, 16

Aurora Wilde, District 9, 12

Day 6- (I Think We're a Little too Late for the Cornucopia Bloodbath- Natalie Gray)

Natalie Gray, D3, 16-

"Sharlet," I moan tiredly, "why did you think it would be a good idea to camp miles away from the Cornucopia."

I see a large upturned rock and I sprint up onto it. The golden yellow and purple colours of the sunset give the sky a warm appearance.

"Okay, guys," I whistle out, "I can see the Cornucopia from here. We should make it there in just a little while."

The rest of the hike is spent in agonizing silence. Thoughts swirl like an angry storm through my brain. What if I have to kill Waverly and Sharlet? I mean, not all of us can win. But. . . but their all my family. I couldn't bear to be the one to end their lives. Maybe. . . just maybe we can make it through this together. My feet hit familiar ground and my surroundings begin to look like places I've seen clearly before. Only yards infront of me I can clearly see the metal Cornucopia's surface glinting in the fading sunlight.

Along with the corpses of the other three tributes.

"Sharlet, Waverly," I mutter quietly, "I think we're a little too late for the Cornucopia bloodbath." My companions quizzical looks are soon quelled as I point a shaky finger to the bodies. My eyes droop in sadness and my knees give out from underneath me. I hear Sharlet begin to quiver and cry in despair, and as I look up slowly, Waverly just stands with a bitter cold and queasy facade.

"We-we're the final three," Sharlet hiccups out slowly, "but, I d-don't want to k-kill you two." Sharlet wraps her arms around her legs and buries her face in her knees, soaking her leggings slightly. My life flashes infront of my eyes. I know that I want to make it out of here alive, but I don't know if I can betray the people who saved me to do it. I mull many an idea over in my mind, but I just don't know what to do. . .

Waverly Mare, D4, 17-

Sharlet is still bawling her eyes out, now curled up my the edge of the Cornucopia. Natalie is still crumbled in a heap where she collapses, a stone-cold and vacant look upon her face. It's getting dark soon, so we need to do something. And I can count that neither Natalie or Sharlet is going to be killing anyone tonight.

And neither will I.

"Hey, both of you," I mumble with eagerness. My comment goes unheard, so with more fervor I shout, "GUYS, LISTEN TO ME."

Like a glass pane, the vacant look on Natalie's face shatters, and with droopy eyes she glances up at me. Sharlet pulls herself together just enough to rub the liquid from her eyes and turn her attention towards me.

"You know, we don't all have to die." Their blank stares are enough to enrage me, but I calmly sigh and say again, "Remember years and years ago in the 35th games? Do you remember who the victors were and how they did it?"

"I-I think," Sharlet grumbles, "the victors. . . They were two girls. Gretchen Ablework from, um, District 7, right?"

"Correct," I say, nodding my head, "and the other girl?"

"Keiko Watts from District 3," Natalie interjects, "they won because Gretchen threatened they would both commit suicide if they both didn't win, right?"

Sharlet's and Natalie's eyes suddenly glisten with excitement and understanding, and the grin already adorning my face grows even wider.

"So, we could pull a Gretchen," Sharlet whispers, "and we could all get out of here."

"But," Natalie adds, "they did it with nightlock." Pushing herself to her feet and motioning to the landscape surrounding us, "And I doubt there's any nightlock to be found around here."

"True, but we do have weapons that we could all commit suicide with." Nodding in agreement, I continue with the plan. "Now, follow me, let's all get back to back and hold our weapons up to our necks. If the hovercraft doesn't come, just follow my lead, alright?"

Both nod there heads with excitement, so I tell them to hold their blades up to their necks. Holding my axe up to my neck, I wait. But, nothing comes.

"Waverly," Nat whispers, "I don't think their going to gi-"

"Start cutting your neck," I hiss back.

"Excuse me," says a shocked Sharlet, "but, we'll actually kill ourselves that way."

"No, as soon as they see blood, they'll collect us." Slowly, I start to graze my neck with my axe, watching as Natalie and Sharlet start to move their arms back and forth, slicing their throats as well.

I feel warm liquid trickle down my skin, and I smell fresh iron.


My axe drops to the concrete with a clang, and I swivle around my body to embrace the two girls that became my friend and saviors in this arena.

"W-we did it you guys," Natalies chokes out.

"Y-yeah, we survived," Sharlet sniffles back. "And, Waverly, you better fuc**** tell your dad your gay and ask out that Justin kid, or I ac-actually will k-kill you."

I grin slightly, still clinging tight to Natalie and Sharlet. "I will."

"I love you guys, and I'm glad we won together," I whisper. I hear their humms of agreement as I feel the wind rustle around us signaling the presence of the hovercraft.

And for once, I really am happy.





You guys all made great tributes, and I couldn't decide who should win, so you all did!

I really want to thank everyone who contributed and made this a super fun games! I hope you liked the ending and didn't think it was too short or cheesy! Please, if you can, tell me how you liked this games in the comments below, and tell me if your gonna check out my new games. I'm super curious, and I always strive to provide the best for my readers.

If you have any suggestions of anything I should for or change for my next games, please don't hesitate to let me know! And please, again, tell me how you liked these games.


See you in my next games,


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