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    The Season Games

    August 14, 2014 by HaraiGoshi345

    Hello guys, since my 401st games got cancelled. I decided to make a new sequel of games. Now these will be more focused on the games and include gore and horror rather than emotion this time. But there will still be a bit of it. You can enter tributes that have previously been in my 400th games as this is not a sequel to it. Also, I am just keeping districts 1-12 with 4 tributes from each because for me adding in the Capitol etc brings my brain to a meltdown. There will be also Reapings and depth. Then the oods and scores then straight to the games.

    • 3 tributes per user, (this will change during a while)
    • There are 48 tributes
    • No complaining about how I write plz..

    Reservations aren't allowed I'm afraid due to confusion

    Do not expect good present…

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  • HaraiGoshi345

    Hey everyone, you may have noticed this already but, my profile is stuck. What I mean by that is my edit count is not changing despite me still making edits and it is really frustrating, it claims I in fact have not made a contributes since the 24th May while as you guys know I have been making contributions because you have seen me do so.

    This is not just it though, anything on my profile I cannot change anymore, only the introduction to my profile I can change. I cannot edit my profile pic, the I am, I live etc will not pop for me.

    It has been suggested I should contact the wikia staff which I cannot seem to find but I want to know what else I could do from you guys as this is beginning to frustrate me know.

    Thank you.

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  • HaraiGoshi345

    Hey guys, I said there wn't be any killing. So here it is, my new games! The athletics games! Now in these games you enter yourselves in this... So no made up tributes please.

    Be honest about your skills

    Don't be embarrassed about telling me your strengths and weaknesses

    Please don't get angry about who wins or how I type etc...

    If you claim you are perfect at all these events and you know so please do try make it fair (what I mean is even it out fairly instead of 10/10 ing everything.)

    If you are too embarrassed about telling me some of your skills I will randomise them

    I can't accept links to other wiki's due to stupid ads

    Remember you enter yourselves and compulsary is in bold


    Surname: (If you really don't want to tell enter a similar one …

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  • HaraiGoshi345

    Hey guys, recently I have been on Minecraft an have been working on building the cornucopia from the 74th hunger games. It kind of looks boring from the outsides but I will do something to fix that. Also I made an error on the pedestals, because I only did like 23, and some of them are out of position. So I will definately fix that.

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  • HaraiGoshi345

    Hey everyone, I don't know if anyone else has done this for their games but... I'm going to do an award ceremony.... Now, there will be 6 tributes in each box, now you can only vote for one of these tributes in each title, so for example if you owned Burgundy Anrocloth (the victor) and he was your tribute it would not unfortunately count... You have to vote for someone nominated in that category that isn't your tribute. The winners of each vote in each category will be mentioned in my profile when it is finished, also bare these in mind too:

    Only vote for one tribute in each category (not voting your own)

    You can vote in every category only once

    When you write down your comment giving all the votes please try put them in the order that I have…

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