Uggghh... I'm sorry! But I'm cancelling the 401st annual hunger games.... :((((( 


Been dealing with a load of crap and misery recently

I got online leagues and events

I'm going into my new year of school soon and need to get prepared

World Cup

But.... IT'S NOT ALL BAD! :D I will.... Be replacing the games, with something new..... You just need to guess what it is... Something unique. Something that will be like the hunger games, (survival) but not the actual hunger games proper itself it will be based on something else. (Date beginning unknown)

You basically still enter tributes you have been entering in the previous games... BUT!

Here's some clues:

All tributes have the same weapon (It is heavy.)

Districts are not relevant, all the children of 12-18 throughout Panem are placed in a huge bowl, and the names are pulled out from there

Not all tributes die, alot get eliminated, very few die

The mentors (You guys) will have more of a role, then egging them on. You will be asking them when, what and how to do something almost constantly as it progresses.

Fitness, strength, and education play a massive role

Have you guys guessed yet.....  

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