Hello guys, this is my first Hunger Games, and I hope you all enjoy it. Now I'm going to try keep this a simple hunger games with only a few small twists. There could be a few tributes going into relationships like Katniss and Peeta did... Sooo there will be a bit of drama. WARNING: This will be a very emotional hunger games, so there could be users crying over the death of their tribute, but more important: everyone's a winner! :)

TWIST ONE: The Capitol and District 13 will be forced to participate in these games.

Please follow these rules: 1. Three tributes per user allowed.

2. Please don't get mad if your tributes die.

3. Tributes' death order will be based on how intelligent and strong they are and depending on who they fight.

What you need:

Tribute name






Secondary weapon

Real life picture (No lunaii needed)




Capitol Male

Name: Lyssander Ghan

Age: 12

Height: Unkown 

Personality: Quiet, calm, relaxed 

Weapon: Warhammer

Secondary Weapon: Sword

Strengths: Activity, combat

Weaknesses: Manical, strange sometimes 

Capitol Female

Name: Lily Sinclair

Age: 13

Height: 4'5

Personality: Shy, kind, funny

Weapon: Throwing Knives

Secondary Weapon: Bow and Arrow or Bare Hands

Strengths: Strong, smart, climbing

Weaknesses: Shy, swimming, very small

D1 Male

Name: Jack Green
Shirtless Teen Boys R Hot boypost com16

Age: 17

Height: 6'1

Personality: Handsome, loveable, show off

Weapon: Trident

Secondary Weapon: Sword or Spear

Strengths: Running, swimming, combat

Weaknesses: Unintelligent, bad at tactics

D1 Female

Name: Victoria Jasmine 

Age: 18 

Height: 5'9 

Personality: Evil, selfcentered, dark 

Weapon: Her teeth

Secondary Weapon: Hand to hand combat 

Strengths: Running, sharp teeth

Weaknesses: Swimming, climbing 

D2 Male

Name: Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya

Age: 17

Height: Unknown

Personality: Tense, awkward, playful

Weapon: Sword

Secondary Weapon: Throwing Knives or Trident

Strengths: Fast, strong, swimming

Weaknesses: Climbing, stealth

D2 Female

Name: Elvira Raven
180px-Alvira Raven

Age: 14

Height: Unknown

Personality: Ignorant, annoying, violent

Weapon: Spear

Secondary Weapon: Bow and Arrow or Axe

Strengths: Manipuation, strong, good runner

Weaknesses: Can be untrustworthy and mean to alliance members, clumsy

D3 Male

Name: Darius Noxian

Age: 18

Height: 6'4

Personality: Determined, cocky, strong

Weapon: Axe

Secondary Weapon: Brute Strength

Strengths: Strong, great leader, brutal

Weaknesses: Not smart, anger issues

D3 Female

Name: Shira Teresa                                                              
180px-Shira Teresa

Age: 15

Height: Unknown

Personality: Good at keeping secrets, nice and caring

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Secondary Weapon: Throwing Knives or Mace

Strengths: Manipulative, strong, high pain tolerance

Weaknesses: Combat, unintelligent, clumsy

D4 Male

Name: Matthew Haper

Age: 13

Height: 5'1

Personality: Kind, smart, sneaky, foolish

Weapon: Throwing Knives

Secondary Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Strengths: Sneaky, accurate aiming, fast

Weaknesses: Loud, too curious

D4 Female

Name: Mill Haper

Age: 13

Height: 4'10

Personality: Shy, sneaky, kind

Weapon: Throwing Knives

Secondary Weapon: Crossbow

Strengths: Sneaky, fast, good hunter

Weaknesses: Scared easily, too curious

D5 Male

Name: Xiophacis Zadnronaksige
Xiophacis Zadronaksige

Age: 17

Height: 6'4

Personality: Shy at first then loud, protective and knowledgeable

Weapon: Hand Axe

Secondary Weapon: Sword, Bow and Arrow

Strengths: Strong, smart, quick

Weaknesses: Heights, spiders, appetite

D5 Female

Name: Clara Crescent 
250px-Clara Crescent

Age: 16

Height: 5'7

Personality: Nice, knowledgeable, annoying

Weapon: Kama

Secondary Weapon: Throwing Axe 

Strengths: Stealthy, Quiet

Weaknesses: Climbing trees, strength

D6 Male

Name: Brendan Jack
Brendan jack

Age: 14

Height: Unknown

Personality: Caring, hardworking, kind

Weapon: Kukri

Secondary Weapon: Tool

Strengths: Deadly with favourite weapon, good knowledge

Weaknesses: Overcares, can be taken advantage of

D6 Female

Name: Bernice Amias
250px-Bernice Amias

Age: 13

Height: 4'11

Personality: Intelligent, kind, loving

Weapon: Throwing Knives

Secondary Weapon: Combat Knives

Strengths: Stealth, climbing, creating traps

Weaknesses: Strength, meelee combat,

D7 Male

Name: Jayson Huff

Jayson Huff

Age: 17

Height: 6'7

Personality: Enjoys nature, wild

Weapon: Axe

Secondary weapon: Hatchet

Strengths: Strong, can handle weapons well

Weaknesses: Slow, unintelligent, antisocial

D7 Female

Name: Clair Gravenstein                                                                                

Age: 18

Height: 5'4

Personality: Wants people to like her, helpful, shy, arrogant

Weapon: Throwing Axes

Secondary Weapon: None

Strengths: Good with her favourite weapons, helps everyone in alliance

Weaknesses: Taken advantage of, can get a bit too arrogant

D8 Male

Name: Burgundy Anthrocloth

Age: 16

Height: 6'0

Personality: Mean, spiteful, caring to his district

Weapon: Sword

Secondary Weapon: Bare Hands

Strengths: Strong, deadly with weapons, courage

Weaknesses: No friends, climbing, hiding

D8 Female

Name: Amaya Selene
180px-Amaya Selene

Age: 17

Height: Unknown (Assumed tall because she has long legs)

Personality: Shy, unfriendly, violent, never know what she could do

Weapon: Spear

Secondary Weapon: Mace or Bow and Arrow

Strengths: Strong, weaponry, good runner

Weaknesses: Unintelligent, slow with decision making

D9 Male

Name: Steel Elegy
Steel l

Age: 16

Height: 5'10

Personality: Hardworking, casual 

Weapon: Sickle

Secondary Weapon: Sword

Strengths: Fast, smart, camoflauge

Weaknesses: Throwing weapons, strength

D9 Female

Name: Dedenne Reunee 
288px-Beautiful norwegian blogger 640 27

Age: 16

Height: Unknown

Personality: Wild, quiet, naturous 

Weapon: Katana

Secondary Weapon: Knife

Strengths: Making an alliance, hunting

Weaknesses: Running, swimming

D10 Male

Name: Eli Winersin
Eli Winersin

Age: 14

Height: 5'2

Personality: Funny, grim, serious with what he's doing

Weapon: Axe

Secondary Weapon: Sword or Fists

Strengths: Deadly with favourite weapons, combat, swimming

Weaknesses: Annoying, misjudgement with weaponry

D10 Female

Name: Eliza Herader
Eliza Herader

Age: 14

Height: 5'1

Personality: Doesn't brag, very social, chatty

Weapon: Axe

Secondary Weapon: Bow and arrow or Knife

Strengths: Fast, climbing and breath holding

Weaknesses: Frightened of centipedes, cold climates, bad hunter

D11 Male

Name: Brilliant Ilustre

Age: 18

Height: 5'8 

Personality: Shy, closed, angry

Weapon: Sword

Secondary Weapon: Throwing Axe 

Strengths: Swimming, camouflage, painting

Weaknesses: Fishing, hunting, combat 

D11 Female

Name: Rachael Gram                                                                                           (Picture could not be added)

Age: 12

Height: Unknown

Personality: Shy, kind, funny

Weapon: Knife, Axe

Secondary Weapon: Bare Hands 

Strengths: Running, climbing, strong

Weaknesses: Swimming, moving in water

D12 Male

Name: Joshua Soulventure 

Age: 17

Height: 5'8

Personality; Happy, active, troublemaker 

Weapon: Colada sword

Secondary Weapon: Throwing knives 

Strengths: Running, camoflauge, combat

Weaknesses: Fishing, cold 

D12 Female

Name: Kate Eve
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Age: 17

Height: 5'4

Personality: Sexy, protective, friendly

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Secondary Weapon: Axe or Poison

Strengths: Running, climbing, combat

Weaknesses: Swimming, water combat

D13 Male

Name: Jaximus Shaden 

Age: 16 

Height: 5'10 

Personality: Protective, quiet, snappy 

Weapon: Axe

Secondary Weapon: Katana or studded gloves

Strengths: Smart, hand to hand, fast

Weaknesses: Overprotective, swimming, climbing

D13 Female

Name: Shyvana Feuer

Age: 18

Height: Unknown

Personality: A warrior, deadly, loner

Weapon: Axes

Secondary Weapon: Hand to hand combat

Strengths: Forceful, lethal, fearless

Weaknesses: Alone, weak against big allies, can't dodge thrown weapons

Tributes' arena wear

This year the tributes will be wearing a hoodie which will be made of two different colours, one on the outside, one on the inside, they will have trousers and boots the same colour as their outside colour of their hoodie. Here's what colour each district will have:

Ca: Candyfloss Hot Pink   
  • Capitol arena wear
  • D1 arena wear
  • D2 arena wear
  • D3 arena wear
  • D4 arena wear
  • D5 arena wear
  • D6 arena wear
  • D7 arena wear
  • D8 arena wear
  • D9 arena wear
  • D10 arena wear
  • D11 arena wear
  • D12 arena wear
  • D13 arena wear

D1: Arctic White Hot Pink

D2: Fire Red Jet Black

D3: Heather Grey New French Navy

D4: Royal Blue Arctic White

D5: Sapphire Blue Orange Crush

D6: Jet Black Purple

D7: Hot Chocolate Milkshake

D8: Purple Sun Yellow

D9: Kelly Green Sun Yellow

D10: Sun Yellow Fire Red

D11: Lime Green Magneta Magic

D12: Charcoal Jet Black

D13: New French Navy Fire Red


Lily Sinclair (C)

When it was revealed the Capitol would particpate for the first time, I was in horror. If I was reaped, I would lose all the people close to me. And would have to kill anyone in the same position as me. 

As soon as I enter my section, I see..... Nothing. All the other Capitol citizens tower above me like I was their pocket doll or something. I can't imagine what all the tributes will look like in the arena, I will be an instant target I will be a laughing stock, I will be a..........

Lily Sinclair.....

Oh... No. Guess I must not have been paying attention, maybe this was my punishment. I want to curl up into a ball and hide so no one will see the state of me now. Tears stream into a pool across my face once I begin walking, as I look behind me before I enter the stage, I see the citizens in shock, some bawling having to see someone like me take the bullet of an old grandpa's fury. I knew it, my Capitol had betrayed me.

Lyssander Ghan (C) 

Lyssander Ghan......

I feel like my entire brain smashed against my skull. I can already feel the sword which will be impaled into my head soon, suddenly, I suffer a massive shock. I slam to the ground and release a gigantic scream.

It wasn't long until the peacekeepers grabbed me off the floor and dragged me to the stage themselves, I tried to break free to show I had some power to all the districts and that I could easily make it to the stage myself. Flashbacks then occur to me as to when I had beaten my Mother to death, my mental problems, all the regret piles onto me to make me feel utterly at unease. Eventually I am released from the peacekeepers and stationed to the right of the sobbing Lily Sinclair, who doesn't even look to be 4'. "This alliance will go down well." I privately think to myself.

"What do you think Lyssander?" Says our escort Lexia Burnunska (I actually think she's kinda fit.)

I just stand there panting and puffing, eventually after the reapings end I am forced to shake Lily's hot and sticky hand; my hand was freezing. I was still squirming shaking and panting and also panicing if I wouldn't change from there. 

Jack Green (1)

As we all file up for the reaping, you'd think many would be nervous, but for me and my citizens it's a good opportunity for one brave heart to fight in what they dreamed for, it's not usual for our district to be shocked and nervous as our tributes normally feel good about themselves.

"Let's select from the faabuolouuuus females!" Says our homosexual escort Price Tag.

This is my time to focus, should I volunteer and leave my babe in 12 behind, or volunteer and show everyone what a handsome man I am, I could be known as the prince charming of the pool of victors. 

"Victoria Jasmine!"

A tall looking female steps forward with dark locks and a dark personality strikes forward, with teeth and nails as sharp as a blade.

Our escort asks what she can do... She places her hand on our escort's stomach and slides her hand across, Price our escort tries to keep his pain tolerance high. 

"Wow.... Very imressive." He mentions.

"Now, lets select from the maaarvvveelllous males!" He announces.

I cannot help myself but to say, "I volunteer!" 

Meanwhile, across the other side of the station, I heard another voice echo "I volunteer." Suddenly, the person who echoed out instantly launches himself on me and begins to drag me down! Fortunately, I slap his cheek and he falls and lies motionless for a second. Until the peacekeepers drag the lunatic away, eventually they come back for me and lead me to my place on the stage. The whole district seems to be in shock, possibly thinking what a hot and handsome man we have to represent our district; Kate, my babe from 12 would be proud. 

"Now, what is your name and what can you do?" 

Instantly, I whip my reaping shirt off and show off my abs, meanwhile, the other answer was already written on there, with the name "Jack" in large bold letters tattooed across my chest.

Eventually we are lead into a private hall, fortunately, no one spotted me with my B-Phone, (gifted by the Capitol), I secretly pull it out and give Kate a call, she seems nervous for her reaping until I say.....

"I volunteered for the hunger games."

However, she bursts out into tears, begging me not to go, now I shed a few tears, but eventually I calm down and think who I am, I get back to Kate and say:

"Kate, no matter how well I do, if I ever see you again, I love you, you mean everything to you, you will always see me even if I don't make it, I will always hold your hand, and if you volunteer, we can be together throughout what could be the final moments of our lives."

Kate sheds the last few tears and states:

"I am volunteering, I won't let you go, you mean..... The world to me."

Elvira Raven (2)

I giggle at all those who feel scared or nervous, as they're wimps, do they really think crying is going to get them anywhere? As I file up and they prick the blood off my hand, I lick off the scar, most people will think that is disgusting, however I use it to make people frightened of me, and when I'm not centre of attention. So, if I'm not centre of attention I make myself centre of attention to show off my personality.

The two girls next to me standing are shedding up tears, so I yank the both of them together and mouth: "Get over it, I'm going to volunteer." That's right.... I had planned to volunteer for the last two years, unfortunately I was just a fraction too slow and lost out. Huh but guess what, both females from the last two years both died out swiftly in the bloodbath. I mean.... Come on 2! They were both horrifying to our district.

Our escort then pauses after rambling on about unnecessary speeches and then says...

Now, time to rea....

In the loudest voice possible voice, I bellow: "I volunteer!" Echoes shudder across the district, possibly even the Capitol heard me. I instantly walk myself up, no need for the peacekeepers to drag me up, they're too dumb for me to worry about.

Elvira Raven isn't it? Says our escort Molner Willington.

"How do you know my name?" I growl quietly.

Everyone knows you Elvira.

Really? I didn't know that was true? Well I hope everyone knows I will come out as a killer in the games. I think to myself.

Akumai "Tenshin​" Kubaya (2)

It is just moments before Molner begins to reap from the boys, and I am still deciding whever I should volunteer or not, or should I wait another year, it's beginning to get me stressed until I think.... "I'll just wait another year as then I will come back bigger, and stronger, and willing to crush anyone who stands in my path."

Suddenly Molner instantly just whips a slip and it looks like the longest slip I have ever seen, but then I remember, oh no......

"Akumai Tenshin Kubaya."

No! I didn't get the chance to improve, "Think ahead!" Says my voice inside of me, so I do. Once I do that, I can already feel my muscles boltening up, I feel ten times faster, stronger, better and powerful. I cannot do this. I will do this.

"So Akumai...."

"Tenshin." I say to her. My strategy is not to say much because I don't want the tributes to know what I'm like, apart from one thing.... COMEDY!

"Hey, wanna hear a joke?" I say to the crowd.

The crowd cheers while the escort claps. 

"What's the difference, between that cactus next to me, and your house?

The whole crowd stays silent.

"Well that cactus, has pricks on the outside, and your house... Has got pricks in it!"

Everyone jeers out laughing, I think I made myself a bit too specific now, but good to have a joker! No one laughs more than Elvira, who shakes my hand and says, "Nice one Tenshin!" She then bursts out laughing again, (manically!) Well... I guess the tributes will find it hard to kill me... But I won't be frightened to slaughter anyone else though. Me and Elvira jerk our way off the stage like we'd been taken over by mental clowns.

After all that.... I feel excited! 

Shira Teresa (3)

I should not represent District 3 in the hunger games, I am the thickest citizen hear with technology, I need to be in a District like 7 or 12 where there is alot of open space rather than skyscrapers and headquarters. However, this does not mean I could lose in the games, although, I just pray I get an easy, calm district partner who cares for me, a calm mentor also. Meanwhile speaking of our prep team.......

"Yello everyone! Dows deveryone ooing zuday!" (That's Wack Abalingson, smokes over 3 boxes of cigarettes a today and I believe 36 pints of alcohol a day! Ugghhhh..!)" He migrated from District 6 at a young age. 

Suddenly, he collapses, I don't see any slight movement, then all I see next is the peacekeepers drag him off the stage, he must've had a hangover or something. The majority of the candidates laugh as they see it as the person who chooses their death. But I hope he recovers soon. Instantly our District 3 chairman Michael Rosen jumps off his chair and screeches out:

"Well I guess I take over from here then eh?"

I can hear booing and jeering from behind. Anyways suddenly he just jumps in, forgets about all the gobbeldy goop that begun the hunger games 400 years ago and digs straight into the female's bowl, the males are still jerking away while the females stand in shock. He digs right in and opens the slip carefully, I try to resist crying the moment he says:

"Shira Teresa"

Oh no, now I realise why I have been reaped, I was standing in block 13! What an idiot I am, meanwhile I look back to see how the other people were reacting as I walk up slowly, nope I guess, still no noise, not even in the boys' area this time. Suddenly, as I was looking back I slip on a puddle of mud and collapse and graze my hands. Well.... That made everything 100 TIMES WORSE! I instantly rush up to the stage, first choosing to stand in an awkward place, now humiliating myself in front of the people I'm supposed to IMPRESS! What an idiot I am. I can't help myself but to cry, but yet again everyone else felt my issues. 

"Darius Noxan"

I see a gigantic looking boy march up, waving at his people with a giant smerk on his face, looks as dumb as me, we'll see how cocky he is when he fries himself when he falls over the pedestal at the beginning of the games. 

The audience seem to like him alot, this means I guess I'm the one they forget about eh?

"I'm very prepared for these games, I respect who I respect, I kill who I kill, don't forget that.. Ok?"

Darius is clearly a showoff, in my opinion. But of course everyone loves Darius and they all cheer for him.

When we walk off, I give him a slight dirty look, but no, of course his back is still turned to the crowd! 

Mill Haper (4)

As me and Matthew walk towards the registration room, I begin crying out loud, I don't want to die, and I don't know what to do. Matthew squeezes me tight, he knows I don't want to die..... But worse.... What if he was reaped, I would have to survive on my own, Matthew means everything, I don't want to lose him and I don't want to die out either. I start panting, panicing, bawling. Suddenly, two looking 15 year olds come over and slap my cheeks. Two large red marks emmerge. I end up collapsing to the ground in pain and misery. Matthew grabs one of the 15 year olds by the neck and says:

"Pick on someone your own size, like me! For example.... Now behave like you're from 4!"

Matthew carries me over to registration, I hold his hand for as long as possible until we are filed into groups. Within seconds, Matthew is forced to leave me... That is it, I am on my own, my sweet little puppy only died a few days ago, now it might be me or Matthew too.

"Well well well.... District 4, the athletic bunch!" Our escort Sasha Mumbarah always compliments the tributes even if they are tough, she is so comforting, and she always cares for the tributes too. 

"Now let's reap a fewhale, I mean female, I guess that is a common mistake made in your district eh?"

Some snigger, while I stay there numb, nearby is a 16 year old girl who must know I'm nervous as she comforts me in her arms which made me feel relaxed but still shaking.

"Mmmmmm ill Haper!"

I hear that echo all over my body, I freeze, don't know where to move, I take my first step, everyone stares, it's a long walk to the stage and before I even make it there.... I see Matthew, I guess he must have volunteered and I didn't notice, suddenly he helps me up and snuggles me, suddenly our escort joins in, I feel warm but nervous. After the hug she then makes me feel uncomfortable suddenly by asking how I feel.

Within seconds I begin crying again and I decide.... To tell the truth.

"I feel.... Horrified, only a few days ago my tiny puppy Shelly had to be put down as she suffered serious illnesses, then the following day I lose my special blanket I had since I was a baby, and now this..."

The entire district reduces to tears, while Matthew states:

"I also.... Feel for my family, losing cute Shelly, I remember every day when she would scratch in my face to wake me up, I will miss everyone who I have met in my life."

Even Matthew sheds a tear and I thought he wasn't very emotional, eventually we head backstage, me and Matthew have a private snuggle. It will possibly be the last one we will ever have.

"Matthew, thank you." I whisper.

Clara Crescent (5)

I feel nervous, once again this stage of your life, like being given a death certificate. But yet again, you cannot feel for yourself, as everyone feels that way for the past 400 years. As I line in, everything looks the same, worries everywhere, one day. Someone will get revenge on the Capitol for this.... They will.

As I line up, our escort Janesine Pilgrim slowly takes us through the leading up to the hunger games itself, many people think it's deliberately to make you nervous, in fact, it makes you collapse in fear but I think it's a bit of knowledge to understand what idiots the Capitol are. Everyone needs to know this information though.

Suddenly, the escort instantly just digs from the female reaping ball, everyone crosses their body in any possible place to find any hope of luck until.....

"Clara Crescent"

Oh no! Why out of everyone here must it be me! I pause for a second, I try to think of a way to squirm things out, but nothing occurs, so I slowly make my way up, praying someone would volunteer. Not a sound can be heard. Before I know it, I'm launching myself on the stage in misery. I better cheer up now, if I carry on like this I will never make a good impression.

"What can you do?" Says Janesine

Well... The only talent I have is mental maths.... So I say, "What's 22556 x 98457?"

The whole crowd stays silent, possibly trying to figure it out.. Until my twist.

"Maths!" I yell! The whole crowd unexpectedly make some giggles.

Now for the males.

Xiophacis Zadneronaksige (5)

All the tension now is feeling like a disease, your brain starts to feel sorry for all the idiotic things you have done in your life, in fact. Now I feel starving! 

"Umm.... Is it..?"


I can just about guaruntee that was me, I already begin walking up the stage.

"Oooh I think we have a volunteer says our escort."

"Umm... No I'm the X..... (CLONK!)

(Xiophacis faints in shock of being reaped, the peacekeepers have to drag the heavy feller into the train, so he doesn't get chance to show the audience what he is like, so he will be a suprising competitor.)

Brendan Jack (6)

I don't feel good today, not that I feel nervous for myself, I just feel sick for what Megan will have to go through this year. I can't take my eyes off her, this leads me to bumping into a lampost on the way there, I lose sight of Megan because of it, so I charge my way to the stage. Luckily, I notice her, three rows back. I give her a warm smile, however she doesn't seem nervous or worried by the looks of things. Meanwhile, the escort strolls her way onto the stage: "Huh, what kind of clothing is that?!" I say silently, I don't know what her name is as I can tell she is new.

Already the reaping for the females has begun, I can see a tear spreading from Megan now, I hope everything is ok.

"Bernice Armias" Echoes the escort.

I see.... Megan... No wait.... A girl who looks like Megan, gotta feel sorry for her, keeping her emotions under her cheek. I'd never thought I would say this but: "Whoever is next, protect her." I whisper. I don't get a response obviously.

"(In a quiet voice) I am 13.. I will really miss my family, friends and everyone who has loved me."

She then falls to her knees and splashes out all the tears that were affecting her.

"Brendan Jack"

Oh no, now it's my job to protect her, I can't break a promise now! Wait.... My mind. Is going crazy, I can see myself.... KILLING SOMEONE!

Immediately I vomit all over the walk to the stage, I feel in pain already, but the spiteful peacekeepers still force me up to the stage, I'm half dead already!

The escort could tell I was in no mood for questions, as she let me bypass through, understanding I need to recover myself, unlike those lousy peacekeepers. Eventually Bernice joins me, and I wasn't long till we were discussing things.

Clair Gravenstein (7)

I really feel for all those, innocent fallen people who died because of this brutal events, a tear rolls down my cheek even thinking about all the dead souls, I remember one year, a 12 year old girl was brutally stripped and humiliated by the careers, then killed painfully, then the camera zoomed in on the naked rotting corpse. After that the careers mashed out her beautiful blue eyes and scraped them on her. Absolute disgust, it just makes you want to vomit thinking about it.

As we wait... And wait... And wait.... For the escort to turn up, is this some kind of joke? Always District 7! I shake my head in negativity and fear.

"Sorry for being late I apologise." Our escort Mack Evans seems really sweet, you can never get angry at him, ummm I guess I'm the only one that thinks this.

"Ummm... Do you select a female then a male? Or vise versa?" Awww... He seems really nervous and he doesn't seem to have a perfect memory either. I just want a hug with him.

"Clair Gravenstein, (Almost silently.)"

I reduce to tears as soon as he calls my name, I don't want to go up, everyone is now looking me, I will be an easy target! 

The peacekeepers yank me over as I still bawl my eyes over, my feet feel solid, I can't move, but the peackeepers still drag me up there, then I see Mack pick me up, I wrap my arms around his waist, I don't want to let go, but I have to when he begins to reap from the boys.

"Jayson Huff"

Brilliant. I think, I see a 6'7 gorilla march his way up, the peacekeepers don't go near him, he stands upright and proper, I can understand that, cause he can monitor everyone below him. 

"If I make one wrong move, he will crush me" I think. So I want nothing to do with him, I'm almost lost for breath aswell of how many tears I've created.

I am sentenced away first, I am offered comfort by Mack to help stop crying, but I can't. This... Is... The end of my life. 

TWIST #2 During the games, when there are four tributes left, a tunnel will spawn in the arena at the furthest point away from all the tributes, whoever gets there first will be told by the gamemakers they won! BUT it's a deep lie, the long tunnel ends nowhere, so whoever enters will be trapped in the tunnel and will die in there while the other three continue to battle it out.

Burgundy Anrocloth (8)

If I ever get reaped, nothing will stop me then. The entire community will have to watch out for me then. As I think about all the things I could do if I was the victor. Is leads me to only one conclusion. "I'm going to volunteer!"

Suddenly as we were lining up, two armed men with guns lunged onto the stage, they begin aiming for the crowd, I ran instantly, while others weren't so lucky. I charge back home as soon as possible, I lock myself in my hut until the massacre had finished. We were all told that it was safe to exit our homes sometime later. But serious damage had been to the district.

Both armed men were executed by the Capitol, while 27 reaping candidates, our escort and among 43 other citizens were also brutally murdered. Around 107 injured aswell.


As we file up for our second attempt at the reaping, I know I will volunteer. However I feel terrible for everyone else. Tears are spreading like a disease, no reason to celebrate a possible victor. Blood stains remain everywhere. Some children even have eyes, ribs or limbs missing, I see one girl who seemed to have her arm shot off while having a patch attended to her right this minute. It's always District 8. Why must it be us?

"Amanya Selene"

Looks like our chairman has been forced to do the reapings, and I wasn't listening.. Surprise surprise. But the female tribute walking up slowly as heck seems fearing, hidden and very ugly I have to admit. Ooh I wouldn't want to mess with her.

"What are your talents?" Says our chairman.

Not a sound is heard but the dastardly wind that surrounds all the ruins from earlier. "I guess she's in a mental state." Until..

"RAWR" She jumps out like a cat, that shocked me, I guess she was doing that to make me fearful. Meanwhile our escort... I mean chairman already walks over to the boys' bowl and before he even gets halfway there,


I wave to the people of my district, and they wave back. I then am entered up the stage. Our chairman asks my name. I say...

"Mr. Anrocloth." "That's all you need to know." As I smile wickedly. Amanya just stares at me like she thinks I'm a chimpanzee or something whilst the crowd goes oooohh... The chairman just laughs.

Dedenne Reunee (9)

Only recently, someone close to me was murdered. My Mother, I honestly don't know what could happen with all the bad luck that has happened previously. I meet up with Ulric, I give him a warm hug. It could be the last one we ever have. We are then filed into our reaping sections as our escort comes in with her traditional, "fabulous entrance."

"Well what a beaauuuuttiful day!" God our escort Maria Falken can be unbelievably irritating.

"Now, as a little twist, the BOYS are scheduled to go first this year." Great, I think to myself, that will just build up the tension even more!

Steel Elegy she announces.

I try keep my giggles in as I snigger at what kind of a name Steel is, but I can understand why when he sprints up the stage casually. Without a care in the world. He looks bulky, seems to be the son of a farmer by the looks of things.

And now.. The girls.

This could be it for me I think.

Dedenne Reunee

And yep my life is... OVER! I stomp my way out until I feel something drag me, it was Ulric, he pushed me away, defended me and said!

"You can't go! I won't let you, now let's leave together!"

I was about to leg it too until I see a bullet shoot instantly into Ulric's heart. After that.. I begin mourning. Everyone just stares like I'm a complete moron. I see Ulric is barely breathing now. I give him CPR, but then the peacekeepers drag him half unconscious, almost dead, then they drag me as we separate across the stage walk, I lost my Mother, my true love, I don't know what to do! I scream for help! There is nothing I can do.

Are you alright dear?

In disgust I reply back: "No I am appauled!" I slam the microphone down and run off, then I forget Steel was watching, he'll think I'm a complete moron now!

I cry and pray Ulric is alright, I have been separated. By now I'm crying so heavily and no one cares.

TWIST #3: To make up the odds, YOU guys must vote who you think will win the hunger games, this determines the odds, if the tribute doesn't receive a vote they will receive random odds, but probably no higher than 10-1. Unless that tribute has a special skill. YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN TRIBUTE. Neither the other tribute for your district.

Eli Winersin (10)

Me and Eliza are chatting away while we walk up to the stage. Suddenly Eliza interrupts and says:

"Eli, there's something I want to say but I am greatly worried something will go wrong." (I can have a mild guess about what she is on about.)

"In fact, I have something to say also." I point out.

"Will you go first?" I say.

"We will say it together." She replies.

"I volunteer as tribute." We both say quietly.

"Really?" "We could do this.... Together?"

"Yes... Together." Says Eliza.

We shake each others hand in agreement. We then wait for our escort, I keep looking back and forth at Eliza to see if she wasn't trick-trolling me. She winks at me, to go when I'm ready.

Hello, and welcome to the 400th annual hunger games everyone. Our escort Samuel Oaks is proper British. He sounds and talks like it too.

Well then citizens of District 10, let us select our female tribute for the 400th annual hunger games.

I see Eliza already take a step forward, we begin to do the same, eventually we meet up in the middle and by that time Samuel has already selected a slip, so we both instantly shout:


Ooh. How interesting, lets meet the two friends.

"My name is Eli Winersin, and she is Eliza Herder, we hope to represent and make District 10 proud, we can do this."

The whole crowd cheers in enjoyment... See. I knew they loved me! Some even are allowed access up the stage and we got mobbed with hugs!

By the time we were sent away we felt so positive with ourselves, "Yes Eliza, we can do this together."

Brilliant Ilustre (11)

If I was a tribute in the hunger games, I would try find the nearest possible escapee in the district. Unforunately, if I was reaped for the hunger games, I'm not gonna let them take me away. Even if I do fail, it would show he other tributes power.

"Yup, here we are again for another hunger games! Isn't that exciting! God sake, Jenny Xanders, shut up will you! We aren't excited.

"As usual... We shall have the ladies up first!"

She slowly walks up like she's trying to annoy the skin out of us, it's not even my reaping, and I'm already feeling my death has come! A slip is carefully dragged out, then the long walk back to the microphone and then the long awaiting for the opening, then....

"Rachael Gram"

Wait... I remember that girl from years ago, when I had a chat with her in the park, I wonder if she recognises me now, she doesn't seem nervous at all, but you can barely see what she looks like now. As her brown locks almost cover her face.

"Yeah, I guess I'm excited" She mentions.

I guess she is good at hiding her emotions.

"Boys' turn!" She announces out

She digs deep in and she instantly picks a slip.


I make an instant dash, I manage to bypass the first peacekeeper, but the second trips me up, however he is too slow for me, but the third one grabs my ankle and slams me to the ground, they chain me up, and carry me to the stage myself. This is it. No escape. I can see Rachael has a crooked look on her face, I'm guessing she recognised me from previously. As soon as I am carried to the stage. I hear the peacekeepers say:

" I wouldn't deal with this one, he seems pretty lethal."

Great, now they have a bad impression on me. This is like deathrow.

Kate Eve (12)

I am frightened to do it, what will people think about me. I must go with Jack, it's my only way to stay with him. I promised I would remain with him for ever... And ever. All I need to say is... "I volunteer." Why am I getting so stressed? Jack would want me to do it.

"Time for the reaping again eh guys? Gone quick hasn't it?" Our escort Edmund Shags is obsessed with timing!

"Time to reap a female."

This is it. It's my big time, I need to get the correct time to do this. As he strolls over to the bowl, just before he digs in...


I am led up to the stage and am asked stacks of questions:

"Why did you volunteer?" Yeah I was kind of expecting that one.

"Well.. A long story, my love Jack Green from District 1. Volunteered. I did not want to let him go, he means the world to me, I would not be able to live my life without him. We win together or die together."

The District 12 crowd makes a huge awww all together. I feel so proud I did it now, but terrified of what could happen.

"Let the male reaping begin!"

"Joshua Soulventure"

I wasn't really paying much attention to that. But the District 12 male seems to have slight red hair, he seems to be tough and excited.

"Ooh I'm really excited I can't wait!"

Oh, that's good to hear, people are excited to kill. But I'm more focused on protecting Jack and myself, it will be a long next couple of weeks.

Shyvana Feuer (13)

This is it again, another reaping, another walk through the dastardly ruins that speak of District 13 hundreds of year ago, unwilling to be repaired. I hide my sword up my sleeve. To prevent anyone from thinking I was a warrior, I line up silently.

In District 13. We have no escort, so it is common for a parent from the district itself to select the tributes. And then the tributes are instantly sent toward the train ride.

Suddenly, I realise my biggest dream, I want to dominate. This means.....


Everyone stares at me, then they break out into laughter, I am getting pushed around as they mock me. This is horrible, I never wished I had done this. One person pulls me so hard my golden sword, clocks from my sleeve. Everyone stares it at. As expected someone grabs it, I won't be seeing that again. For once in my lifetime I feel like I want to gash out with tears, but I can't. I constantly keep my back to the crowd, as they shout abuse to me. As I make it up out the stage, I peer through a hole to see the male tribute I will encounter:

"Jaximus Shaden"

A boy emerges out with a massive scar on his face, seems very upright and proper. Until.... He gets up the stage and thanks everyone for getting him to this stage. Well. He will definitely be a favourite. While I will be hated.


Item costs


Axe: £150

Bat: £75

Baton: £75

Scythe: £125

Kukri: £100

Dagger: £100

Slingshot: £125

Slingshot Rocks (25): £25

Poison: £150

Throwing Knives (20): £150

Katana: £100

Blade: £100

Machete: £175

Sword: £175

Spear (5): £125

Bow and arrow: £175

Arrows (12): £75

Throwing Axe: £150

Trident: £150

Mace: £125

Snares (3): £125

Blowgun: £175

Needle: £75

Whip: £100

Cane: £75

Sickle: £150

Crossbow: £175

Studded Gloves: £100

Kama: £100

Warhammer: £100


Bread: £50

Fruit: £25

Seeds: £25

Dried Meat: £100

Soup: £100

Water: £200

Vegetable: £50

Other items:

Sleeping Bag: £75

Water Canteen: £100

Container: £50

Bandage: £75

Cream: £100

Gloves: £25

Rope: £25

Torch: £75

Blanket: £75

Fishing rod: £125

Darts (10): £25

Planks (10): £100

Instant heal: £300

Plasters (12): £75

Paint: £125

Tribute Preview

400th hunger games03:06

400th hunger games


Tribute District Odds Training Score Sponsor Money Status Current Supplies
Lily Sinclair


24-1 7 - Dead -
Lyssander Ghan C 18-1 7 - Dead -
Victoria Jasmine 1 8-1 9 - Dead -
Jack Green 1 5-1 10 - Dead -
Elvira Raven 2 4-1 10 - Dead -
Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya 2 3-1 10 - Dead -
Shira Teresa 3 29-1 2 - Dead -
Darius Noxan 3 10-1 8 - Dead -
Mill Haper 4 26-1 7 - Dead -
Matthew Haper 4 16-1 9 - Dead -
Clara Crescent 5 11-1 5 - Dead -
Xiophacis Zadronaksige 5 17-1 7 - Dead -
Bernice Amias 6 32-1 3 - Dead -
Brendan Jack 6 16-1 6 - Dead -
Clair Gravenstein 7 28-1 5 - Dead
Jayson Huff 7 5-1 8 - Dead -
Amaya Selene 8 7-1 9 - Dead -
Burgundy Anrocloth 8 4-1 9 £100000000000000000 Alive VICTOR
Dedenne Reunee 9 23-1 3 - Dead -
Steel Elegy 9 20-1 2 - Dead -
Eliza Herder 10 8-1 6 - Dead -
Eli Winersin 10 7-1 7 - Dead -
Rachael Gram 11 30-1 1 - Dead -
Brilliant Illustre 11 14-1 8 - Dead -
Kate Eve 12 10-1 7 - Dead -
Joshua Soulventure 12 17-1 6 - Dead -
Shyvana Feuer 13 8-1 9 - Dead -
Jaximus Shaden 13 12-1 9 - Dead -

If you get a score of 0-4, you get £200, 5-8, you get £250, Anything above 8 you get £300

A kill equals in an extra £100

Surviving a day equals in earning £50  

The journey to the hovercraft

Burgundy Anrocloth (8) 11am

I had to admit, my nerves were bulging inside me. You feel like you regret it now. Although high odds, got a similar score I was expecting. But... If anyone gets to the item I want I will crush them.

I am then forced to leave my mentor, I give him one last look so I don't forget, because in my previous years I have a habit of forgetting memories. The walk was only around 50m. But that walk... Feels like a long walk, probably even for the peacekeepers. I can't imagine what the run to the cornucopia must feel like!

My mentor thinks I will clash with Tenshin from 2 over our favourite weapons, I would really like to kill someone like that. It would make my district really pleased. Yet again... I don't want to be killed by someone like that, so I will try and avoid him for the beginning then maybe try take him by surprise. Cos he's a littl slum.

Shyvana Feuer (13) 11am

I am feeling a lot more confident with myself now, knowing a lot of people are supporting me now. Although I don't think any of the tributes like me. As I walk upon the empty ground to the hovercraft, it reminds me of all that time I wasted alone instead of being out there, showing people what I could really do.

The only way I can do that is to win these games, and if I die out quick, people will recognise me as nothing. Although, I believe some tributes may be afraid of me, others may not.

Dedenne Reunee (9) 11am

I have been thinking over the past weeks all the time about Ulric, is he alright, is he dead? It pumps my heart up and stresses me out. It has pretty much distracted me from these games, because of my low ability to impress.

My mentor clutches me hard and I clutch him even harder. He whispers: "Despite all the losses in your life, you are a beautiful girl, why would anyone want to kill you? You are so lovely and enjoyable to be around, so don't panic being an easy target."

Those beautiful words splash out on me at the last seconds, that will be enough I think to myself. There are people who will be by my side like Brendan (6), Darius (3), Steel (9) but I think he finds me unstable at the way I acted at the reaping. This is not something any of our tributes deserve to go through.

Inside the hovercraft

Matthew Haper (4) 1pm

As I take my place in my seat, I secretly reach out and grab Mill's hand, so no one will notice me as a weak target. I lay back and concentrate on how the bloodbath will unfold.

Xiophacis Zadronaksige (5) 1pm

My mentor's words made me feel uneasy, saying I shouldn't run to the bloodbath but the preview states running away is a massive risk. I'm lost in panic.

Bernice Amias (6) 1pm

Worst odds out of the 28. This presumably means I am expected to place 28th. I spend the next minute or so controlling my heart rate until I see Clara, Shira and Clair in a chain smile, I try to smile back, but my lips keep smudging downward, making tears find it easier to crawl across my eyelashes.

Victoria Jasmine (1) 1pm

We have agreed that Akumai will be the leader of our alliance. That in my opinion is disappointing because I really wanted to show Panem who I really was. However next thing I notice is the peacekeepers implanting a tracker in my arm, the same goes to the next, and next. Well.... It can be a bit shocking when it inserts in, but it's required for the gamemakers to track down us tributes. I quickly pick out anything that was blunting my teeth. I'm ready to eat some flesh! Mmmm....

Kate Eve (12) 2pm

I blow Jack a kiss as we are separated into pathways to our launch room, I meet my stylist there. That will presumably be the last person I will meet in person. She has already grabbed the hoodie off the wall, and presented it to me. (Black), could have bet all my sponsor money on that colour, huh? Every year District 12's tributes outfits are always in black representing coal mining. I then get myself into my wanted mood and wait until the announcement is made when we enter our tubes.

Darius Noxan (3) 2pm

I feel generally strong and powerful knowing I have an alliance to take care of, but it will be annoying if they don't listen to what I tell them.

Shira Teresa (3) 2pm

As soon as I exit the hovercraft, I start shredding out all the emotions that had been bothering me for the past weeks, everything has gone wrong! My odds, my score, my sponsors... Everything!

My stylist then opens the door to see me crying, she then helps me collect myself until it is time to launch. We are then told to wait till the gamemakers decide to begin the games. It feels like an eternity.

Cornucopia Bloodbath 2pm

The tributes begin to rise above the deserty rocky territory, a few sweats breaking out already, the countdown is instantly signalled. Some tributes look around them to see who they can take out and who could be a threat. Others stare closely at the item they want to grab, others look for their alliance. 50, others already have their back's turned to the cornucopia knowing it's going to be a bloody one. 40, nothing much changes from there except a few winks are made to allies. 30, a couple of tributes are beginning to stare at the pedestals, trusting it to let them off the mark quickly, 20, quite a few tributes are still making up their mind by looking forward and behind. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... THE 400th HUNGER GAMES BEGINS! Clara, Shira and Joshua all head for the empty land, while Clara and Shira meet together as Joshua tries to find a comfortable base for his alliance. Meanwhile, the race for supplies is on, no supplies until 50 metres in, Jack Green and Steel Elegy seem to be the fastest runners as they have pulled out a gap, Steel blocks off Jack by running into his path, frustrating him while Lyssander is not far behind them too. At the 100m mark Burgundy lunges for a sleeping bag and some rope while Jaximus reaches it at the same time as him, Burgundy then shoves the pillow in his face, grabs the rope and whacks him with the rope multiple times, other tributes see this and make a parting. Brendan Jack picks up two knives and attempts to flee but notices Shyvana has picked up a lightweight sword nearby and lifts it up ready to slash at Brendan, in panic Brendan closes his eyes and throws one of his knives at Shyvana, luckily, it inserts into Shyvana's stomach. Brendan then takes both weapons and leaves the cornucopia. Around the 150m mark, the District 10 tributes gather together both a backpack and and an airbag, but Eli is smacked in the chest with a bat by Darius Noxan and slides to the ground, Darius then attempts to hit him a second time but Eli blocks it with his backpack, and kicks Darius' knee. Allowing him to flee and catch up with Eliza, Matthew then sees Mill stranded in fear, he then orders her to hide in a section of crates while he guards them. Meanwhile Steel has almost made it to the cornucopia but he tries to jump over the crate but trips over and his head collides into a machete, causing him to bleed out, Jack Green grabs this machete, is about to finish him off but doesn't as he is aware he may be affected by Steel's bleeding. Behind this, Elvira Raven grabs a spear at an angle, sees Bernice stop in her tracks, and chucks it at her, knowing she was an easy target, the spear simply darts through her hip, falling onto her side and dying. Dedenne sees one and an only katana, she yanks it off the ground and sees Brendan run off into the forest with blood on his blade, indicating she knew he had killed someone. She attempts to catch up with him, but she is shoved to the ground heavily, she turns round to see Brilliant lifting up an axe, but then Brilliant is impaled in the head by a throwing knife chucked by Darius. He then orders Dedenne to leave and he follows Dedenne out aswell. Jaximus and Clair have a tussle over a bag of wheat, Clair manages to push Jaximus to the ground but Jaxmius grabs her foot, making her fall to the ground whilst Jaximus steals the wheat sack. Akumai notices two tridents at the temple hut in the cornucopia, he chucks them at two targets, however he overshoots and they both fly over the targets' heads. Amaya picks up the trident that had been thrown and makes it to the cornucopia, she then tries to do the same thing but the other tributes are too quick for her. Rachael decides not to go any further and hides behind a crate, Victoria sees this and so she runs to Rachael, she begins scratching her face making severe eye bleeding from both eyes, she does it for around 20 seconds until biting Rachael's throat out and violently snapping her neck, killing her. Lyssander obtains a backpack but Xiophacis head buts Lyssander, making him fall to the ground, Xiophacis steals the backpack containing water supplies but he turns round and he sees Akumai who slashes him across the chest with a sickle leaving him with a large gash open in his chest. Clair decides not to battle anymore and then leaves the bloodbath. Elvira and Amaya eventually meet up on the runaway from the cornucopia. As Akumai slashes Xiophacis, Jayson is blocked by Akumai who then points out his sickle at Jayson who is carrying a sack of flour and a rucksack with a canteen attached to it. Akumai stabs the sickle into Jayson's thigh but this does not affect him much. Jayson then ploughs the sack of flour into Akumai's face causing him to tumble over the crates. Jayson then leaves from the western direction. Kate then suddenly obtains a pack of throwing knives and chucks one, it flies into Darius' shoulder, making him fall onto his hands and knees but gets back going again. Kate tries it again while Matthew also joins in trying to shoot Darius with one of two bow and arrow's in the cornucopia. As Matthew chases after Darius, Burgundy grabs the rug that was protecting Mill from the tributes, he pulls out the crates and stabs her in the back with his sword as soon as he notices her in there. Burgundy and Jaximus were the last ones to flee the cornucopia. The careers set out the cornucopia, take any supplies from the dead and arrange how they are going to set their base.

"Well, 7 tributes have been killed in the bloodbath, but I tell you, the action might not be over yet as everyone will be scrambling for safety in that long, long route to useful territory."

After The Bloodbath:

Joshua Soulventure (12) 3pm

I am panting with so much sweat now, I was the first one out of no mans' land, I was lucky to find a straw built base with torches, I absolutely dug out all my endurance in that jog across the outskirts, I bet some tributes will just sit in the outskirts and base there because I bet they're too lazy to even walk the entire distance! Although, I hope Brilliant and Rachael will be here quickly, I am beginning to feel thirsty already!

Brendan Jack (6) 4pm

I feel exhausted, proud and panicy at the same time, I can't believe I was able to kill someone like Shyvana, although, I'm guessing luck was on my side for once in my life! Me and Dedenne slack over into the forest as we both collapse, she got I believe a katana, I have a knife and a short sword I took from Shyvana, we were both annoyed with each other in a way, because we seemed to rely on each other to get backpacks and comfort items but we both only grabbed weapons: "Steel and Darius are our last hopes." I say to Dedenne. Dedenne then replies back, ummmm.... I hate to say this but.....

"Steel is dead."

I freeze in shock, "What happened?" I say.

"Quite an embarrassing death..." She says keeping her emotions under her cheek.

I then see a shadow charging towards, we leap up, point out our weapons until the shadow reveals itself to be Darius.

"You saved me." Said Dedenne who offers her arm out to give Darius a hug.

"Yeah yeah." Darius responds, quickly jumping in and out of her arms.

I then notice a small cut in Darius' left shoulder, I also notice a backpack on the floor aswell! Yes! We got some supplies!

"Is there anything you got for that to heal?" I say.

"Let's take a look." Darius responds. "Oh and by the way Brendan, Dedenne knows this, but I killed the boy from 11 by impaling a knive into his head!" He adds.

"And I killed Shyvana!" I add also.

Darius looks at me in a funny way, I guess that was someone he wanted to kill, but then he looks through the pack for anything that can be used to heal.

In the pack there were gloves, several slices of fruit, a towel and a plaster which looks quite large and could prevent a wound from bleeding. Darius sticks it on, however, the major problem was water, we needed some quick, as the humidity was drawing in like curtains. 

Matthew Haper (4) 6pm

As we salvage for leftovers from other tributes, I decide not to search any more, my feet have become rocks, the ground was so difficult to move in, by this time, the corpses scattered around are starting to rot and disinergrate, I can't wait till the hovercraft comes. Meanwhile, the rest of the careers are seeing to Lyssander who was heavily winded by the boy from 5 toward the end of the bloodbath which is what Tenshin reports. Then, I forget one thing: "My sister!"

I rush to the crates far from the cornucopia entrance, I check one pile, nothing there, then... Nearby... It's Mill, her spine torn out, rotted and almost bled to bones!


My screams are possibly heard all over the arena, this gathers the remaining careers' attention, they rush to find me, then they look down at me. They all try to comfort me and tell me it's ok but Tenshin says:

"There is only one winner, we need to move on."

I can understand where he was coming from, but I'm not leaving yet, I kneel beside Mill's burning flesh, I pull out her spine from her rotting body, her eyes have squelched out already, I take it with me, as rememberance. I manage to hold in tears and my mind says:

"She was from home, that should've been me, not her."

Tenshin then orders us to go inside and prepare for the portraits to show. 

On the gamemakers' chart, the bloodbath deaths:

Deaths Placing Time Killed By
Shyvana Feuer 28th 19" Brendan Jack (Knife)
Steel Elegy 27th 38" Crates (Machete)
Bernice Amias 26th 44" Elvira Raven (Spear)
Brilliant Ilustre 25th 1:07 Darius Noxan (Throwing Knive)
Rachael Gram 24th 1:24 Victoria Jasmine (Snapped neck)
Xiophacis Zadronakisge  23rd 1:51 Akumai Kubaya (Sickle)
Mill Haper 22nd 3:29 Burgundy Anrocloth (Sword)

The Bloodbath Cannons


Elvira Raven (2) 8pm

Me and Amaya sit in this unknown jungle with my set of spears, her trident and mine and her backpacks which pretty much contained the same things; forks and some heal cream, we then hear the first cannon go off.

"Huh, one wimp down!" Amaya says.

I hear all of them and think "YOLO!" until all 7 cannons go off.

We then think to ourselves: "We're gonna go for them lousy careers next!"

Jayson Huff (7) 9pm

Uhh... The bloodbath did not go well for me, I was too slow, got an unseen backpack and sack of flour which is pretty much unuseful to me cause I made my way out of no man's land and into the jungle area right at the far back, I sit down in my tomb which was kindly enlightened by the gamemakers, I take a look in my rucsac and notice, "Yes, an axe!" Oh thank God! Without that I would have been screwed, I also find some gloves, and medicine right in the pocket of it. Then suddenly, the arena goes dark: it's portrait time.

  • Mill Haper: District 4
  • Xiophacis Zadronakisge: District 5
  • Bernice Amias: District 6
  • Steel Elegy: District 9
  • Rachael Gram: District 11
  • Brilliant Ilustre: District 11
  • Shyvana Feuer: District 13

Night 1:

Eliza Herder (10) 11pm

I was about to drift away to sleep until I noticed a large bruise on Eli's chest. He replies, "I was hit heavily with a bat by the boy from 3." It hurts when I breathe. But not too much to worry." I couldn't be bothered to help instantly, so we agreed we would sort something out for the morning as it was too risky as we were stranded by no man's land still needing to complete our journey. He didn't seem too fussed, either.

Day 1: Items, supplies, allies chart

Tribute District Supplies Sponsor Money With allies Location
Lily Sinclair C Everything left in cornucopia £300 Lyssander, Jack, Victoria, Tenshin, Matthew, Kate Cornucopia
Lyssander Ghan C Everything left in cornucopia £300 Lily, Jack, Victoria, Tenshin, Matthew, Kate Cornucopia
Victoria Jasmine 1 Everything left in cornucopia £450 Lily, Lyssander, Jack, Tenshin, Matthew, Kate Cornucopia
Jack Green  1 Everything left in cornucopia  £350 Lily, Lyssander, Victoria, Tenshin, Matthew, Kate  Cornucopia
Elvira Raven 2 Spear set (5), forks, heal cream £450 Amaya Jungle
Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya 2 Everything left in cornucopia £450 Lily, Lyssander, Victoria, Jack, Matthew, Kate Cornucopia
Shira Teresa 3 Nothing £250 Clara Not picked up by gamemakers
Darius Noxan 3 Bat, Throwing Knives (3), gloves, fruit slices (12), towel £400 Brendan, Dedenne No man's land 
Matthew Haper 4 Everything left in cornucopia  £350 Lily, Lyssander, Victoria, Jack, Tenshin, Kate Cornucopia 
Clara Crescent 5 Nothing  £300 Shira Not picked up by gamemakers
Brendan Jack 6 Knife, short sword £400 Darius, Dedenne No man's land
Clair Gravenstein 7 Strands of wheat £300 Unknown Not picked up by gamemakers
Jayson Huff 7 Axe, gloves, medicine bottle, sack of flour £300 None Tomb (In jungle)
Amaya Selene 8 Trident, forks, heal cream £350 Elvira Jungle
Burgundy Anrocloth 8 Sword, rug, rope, sleeping bag with pillow £450 None Not picked up by gamemakers
Dedenne Reunee 9 Katana £250 Darius, Brendan No man's land 
Eliza Herder 10 Backpack (Unknown contents), airbag £300 Eli No man's land
Eli Winersin 10 Backpack (Unknown contents), airbag £300 Eliza No man's land
Kate Eve 12 Everything in cornucopia £300 Lily, Lyssander, Victoria, Jack, Tenshin, Matthew Cornucopia
Joshua Soulventure 12 Nothing £300 None Straw hut (Forest)
Jaximus Shaden 13 Sack of wheat, lead £350 None Not picked up by gamemakers

Day 2 (Morning)

Clair Gravenstein (7) 8am

I can't find Clara or Shira anywhere, I had to sleep in no man's land last night due to getting out the bloodbath late. I then look down at the grass until I notice a Black and Purple hoodied tribute in front of me....

"HEY! Leave now, before we kill you, literally KILL YOU!" That was the boy from 3, Darius, the other two guard me to be sure I run away, I try sprint as fast as I can, the anti-careers I believe they are, I don't think they are chasing me, so I'm safe for now, just.

Joshua Soulventure (12) 8am

I can't believe what happened last night, both my allies died out, not perfect at all. I am stuck. My sponsor better send me some supplies sooner or later, I peep out the window of my hut to see if anything was hunting me down. Nope I guess, nothing to be seen. THEN! From the corner of my eye, I notice one thing, a slight pool of WATER!

I leap off my backside and sprint towards the water which seemed muddy and infected, but it was give it a shot; or die of thirst. 

I take my first sip, eveything seems fine. Ahhh I feel fresher than ever! I keep taking several sips, but not many as I want to reserve some for the next few days.

Following on, I feel a gigantic shock, my heart pumps my blood oddly, it repeats it several times, making my movements slow and unusual. I collapse to the ground, I can barely think, see or even get back up. I knew it was the water, there was obviously something wrong with that water due to them saying water will be a big threat also in the parade. My body continues to splash my blood around in the most awkward manner until all the liquid and saliva starts spilling out in my mouth. BOOM!

Lily Sinclair (C) 10am

At first I felt quite secure being with the careers, however now I feel terrified against them all. If I make one wrong move or say anything they don't like they will just kill me off instantly. Honestly, everything has gone wrong for me, they wouldn't even allow me any of the valuables from the cornucopia

"You know, we need to get moving!" Says Tenshin

"What do you mean by moving?" Says Jack

"What he means babe, we need to begin killing all these other tributes so we can get out of the arena ASAP."

"Well, we have plenty of supplies, we may aswell just take it easy, we have tons of supplies stacked up, let's just let them battle it out."

I jump in and say:

"Well... Umm, if that happens, all the tributes will gain sponsor money, and then become more powerful than us."

The entire pack just stares at me. Tenshin laughs, Matthew states:

"That's good thinking Lily, we do need to get moving, start the killstreaks."

"Err... I don't feel like getting a poor placing... So I'm going to stay and guard the cornucopia if you guys are gonna go hunting for the tribs." Jack adds on.

"I will stay with my man... And guard too!" Kate says holding onto Jack's arm.

Tenshin replies: "Oh come on guys... Remember what I said abou-."

"Well I guess we do need some of us guarding, there could be theives anywhere." Says Lyssander.

"Fine.... Lyssander and Lily I suggest you take the western section that heads across into the jungle section while Matt, Vicky and I will take the eastern area that covers both the desert and forest." "I want all of us back here with one kill at LEAST!" "Or you're out the alliance!" Tenshin yells.

"Wait... What." I respond.

"Heh, I was just foolin around, you don't get kicked out if you don't kill, but it would be good to return with some blood in your weapons!" He sniggers afterwards.

Vicky, Tenshin and Matthew have already set off, Lyssander taps me and tells me it's time to run off, he is carrying a loaf of bread, a warhammer (the only one in the bloodbath) while he has a bandage wrapped around his forehead from the injury he suffered in the bloodbath. While all I was gifted was a container and two pocket knives! Unfair. 

I swiftly notice something around the beginning of no man's land. I believe the boy from 13. He's sleeping, I want to tell Lyssander so I could have some help killing him, but he doesn't notice and just continuously sprints away across no man's land. God! These careers are so annoying, missed out on another kill! 

Jaximus Shaden (13) 11am

I see, the sun in the middle of the arena... I feel dosey, it takes a minute or so to realise that......


Right behind the careers' base too! How did they not notice me, I take a slight peep between the sand cross to no man's land. I can see just Kate and Jack I believe. And... They're snogging their lips off... Ugh... This is the hunger games not a nightclub. God!

I presume the rest of the careers have gone hunting, that means... This is my chance! I swiftly swirm in the sand, and surge into an army crawl directly behind a crate, it must've taken somewhat minutes to get to anything due to the way they have positioned out the supplies, I reach for the nearest crate, I see a nice sleeping bag, that will have to do for now, meanwhile, Kate and Jack are still having time with each other, I bet they couldn't care less if I took supplies from them or not.

As I return back to my base, I notice certain items, a katana, water in a container, and bread. I guess my sponsors acted quickly, I felt pleased now, maybe if I had a range weapon I could kill off one or two of the careers. Then, as I set out the sleeping bag across the sand/grass, a water canteen drops out the bottom, "Yes, a bonus!" I think. I try not to spill one drop as I transfer the water to the canteen, there were a few dribbles, but not many. I take a sip of the water and a bite of the bread, I think to myself: "If I set up a tactic, I could win this but it would have to go all to plan."

Day 2 (Afternoon)

Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya (2) 1pm

"Almost there!" "Don't die out now!"

"We're here!" "You two can stop panting now!"

Jesus... Victoria and Matthew are panting like heck, I decided to let them recover fully and have a break before we start the trek.

"Right, we need to plan where we are going to track. Where is the most likely place the tributes will go?"

"Umm... I think the forest, because although the temperatures are still extreme everywhere, conditions in forests are naturally cooler than let's say jungles and the cornucopia." Says Matthew.

"Yep, you're right."

Victoria then mentions: "Shall I monitor no man's land, cause they'll probably be tributes down there still recovering from the previous day."

"Ok then, you can go if you want." I respond.

Victoria sharpens out her teeth and walks off. Then me and Matthew decide to ascend toward the forest centre.

Clair Gravenstein (7) 2pm

I have searched pretty much all of no man's land, I can't find Shira or Clara anywhere, I'm beginning to think they are trying to hide from me. It's making me so upset, I want to go home.... I hate this. I sit down... Hopeless.

Suddenly I feel something JUMP on me and scratch me, it was Victoria the career, she then pulls me onto my back but I resist and we both roll over, her backpack contents spill out beside us, then she grabs my throat and begins strangling me, my blood flow stops, I try to wiggle out but every bone in my body but don't have the energy to. So I reach behind me to see if there was anything I could use, I spot a knife, within seconds I grab it and tear it across Victoria's collarbone and spine. Within lightning reactions she tumbles off me, her airway seems to have been prevented, blood drips from her mouth and neck, her brain seemed to burst as I crawl in horror due to the bloody scene. 

Eventually her windpipe cannot take it any more, she slumps to the ground. I then at this point feel it's okay to approach her, I then slip on her blood, grazing my hand. I wipe my hand on my face which was where she scratched me, then I hear a BOOM! She is gone for good. I collect all the dropped items from her backpack and gather them together again. There was a piece of rope, a chicken leg, the knife itself. I then grab her water canteen which unfortunately was empty. I then surge out of no man's land because the other careers possibly spotted me and will be wanting to track me down. 

Burgundy Anrocloth (8) 2pm

Just recently I managed to dig out a tunnel hole in this hill section I found. It feels comfortable for now, I scan through my weapon to see if there was any blunts or kinks in it until I notice something jog past.

One career wearing a red hoodie (that's that retarded Tenshin guy who my mentor told me to avoid), and the other wearing a blue hoodie, (then that's the guy who's sister weakened him by breaking down at the reaping... Huh.) Although my mentor Salmon keeps telling me to avoid Tenshin so I don't squirm or make a ruffle as they go by again... Hmmmm maybe my base isn't that secure. I guess I'll be making adjustments in the meantime.

Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya (2) 2pm

"Was it really a good idea to choose this sector?" I say to Matthew.

"Better than no man's land." He responds, did you not know Victoria just died in that sector.

I freeze in anger. "For Christ's sake!!!!"

"Err well, you were the one who said she could go there." Matthew responds.

"To kill!" I say in retalliation.

"Lyssander and Lily better get back before nightfall, our alliance is dying!"

"Shouldn't we get back to camp soon?" Matthew says.

"Fine...." I say.

On the way back I notice a trail of blood, right I know where Victoria died now, but I just need to know who killed her. It can't be a guy I believe, couldn't be Dedenne or Eliza as they are allying with guys. Can't be Clara or Shira as they ran away from the bloodbath. Elvira liked me too much at the reaping to kill my ally, so that means Amaya won't either.... So that means it has got to be... 


"Right, next target, Clair." I yell.

"How do you know?" Matthew responds.

"All the evidence points towards her." I say. 

"Oh." Says Matthew.

Eventually we make it to camp around 2 hours later, everything looks fantastic Kate and Jack seemed to have done their job, at least someone knows what the hunger games is. 

Eli Winersin (10) 6pm

I wake up after a 5 hour nap, I notice a gleaming pot with the words written: Instant heal. Meaning it was obviously for the bruise caused at the cornucopia bloodbath which refused to heal on me. I drink it, it makes me want to shoot up and dance, meanwhile Eliza seems to have a little jealousy as she knew she wanted instant heal as well although she hasn't suffered any serious injuries. I then realise I still haven't opened my backpack, neither has Eliza. So we both do that now. I dig in, but all it contains is around 20 blummin throwing knives! I was quite annoyed, as I don't have much skill with them. On the other hand Eliza got a snare! That was even worse! Considering we are in no mans' land and there are nothing we can tie it to and nowhere we can hide.

Suddenly, I see two pink hoodie coloured tributes. It must be those from the Capitol, they're careers also. They seem quite vulnerable, I tap Eliza, silently point, she leaps off the ground, indicating she wants their supplies and runs towards them with the net, I grab my entire bag and run with that! It was on,y now till I realised we weren't far off from the jungle section! The scramble then leads between the jungle, and the forest, we overtook them, they lost us. We come from the bush behind at an angle, Eliza yanks the female tributes' leg and pulls her to the ground preventing her from escaping.

"YELP!" She squeaks.

The boy kicks Eliza to the ground and slams her thigh with the war hammer, Eliza struggles to get back up, from behind the bush, I throw one of these useless knives at him, and nearly hit Eliza myself. Lyssander I believe he is called surges up a tree while Lily runs off into no mans' land.

Before I go attacking at him I have to say "Sorry." To Eliza, by that time he is already up the tree, I chuck it at the tribute, he ducks the first one, I throw three in a row, this time he has to fall down around 5 metres to defend, as it goes straight into his arm, he falls onto his side and he spectacularly collides heavily with the ground. Shaking the arena.

I felt really upset I had to do this, so me and Eliza pull out the the knife I chucked at him, and she says:

"You were a good tribute, you do not deserve this, we love you, we do not deserve to do this either."

His skull continuously bleeds and he says his last words:

"T...Thank you, I just want to say something, when I was younger I murdered my mother, you guys gave me what I deserved, at least I get to join her."

Me and Eliza hold both his hands till he blacks out. When he does, Eliza begins sobbing, she says:

"Why did we have to kill a perfect person like that." "He didn't deserve it, I cannot do this anymore." "He was at the beginning of his life and we ended that. I can't imagine what I would've felt like if I killed the little girl as well."

We get back to our camp, we decide not to communicate with each other as we both feel terrible for what we just did.

Lily Sinclair (C) 6pm

BOOM I knew that was Lyssander who just died. I feel frightened of how, my alliance would react to his death. I don't want to go back, nor do I want to survive on my own. I end up venturing back in the jungle where we first began our journey, around the entrance things seem unusual until I feel something heavy grab me round the neck and shove me to the ground! It was the 2 and 8 females. After that the 8 female then laughs at me, she then impales her trident deeply into my calf, cutting it open, my creams of pain are heard all over the sector.. 

"Well well well, what do we have here?" Says the girl from 2, you're coming with us!

She physcially grabs me upside down and I try to fall down, but she has an iron grip, meanwhile the girl from 8 continuouisly beats me by hacking at my head with her fists chanting: "Throw her!" "Throw her!" EVENTUALLY, she threw me, I smacked my head against the concrete, it wasn't far, but I hit my head heavily. 

"Please, something, even a stick!" I yell back.

"What did you say?" Says the girl from 2 viciously.

I begin sobbing, they start laughing, I reach behind if there was anything I could use, they noticed this and they shoved me onto the ground they then begin stealing everything I had with me.

"What do you wanna do Amaya?" Yells Elvira.

"Well, she's useless, just make sure she doesn't go anywhere and she'll die out anyways!" She bellows.

"Then we kill her?" Responds the girl from 2.

"Huh... I guess." She's useless.

With the knives they took they each slice at my knee caps, cutting them open, I cannot move, and I'm so annoyed for 3 reasons:

1. I lost my alliance.

2. My head and legs were killing me!

3. And finally, I was still in the games.

But I won't be very soon. 

Clara Crescent (5) 7pm

Ugghh... Finally. I have something to defend myself with. For ages me and Shira have been hiding from all the other tributes, I don't know how many close calls we have had. I just recently received a Kama while Shira just received a Sickle. Then we hear a noise pop up, we sprint for safety, I see the shadow appear above the sun, hang on IT'S CLAIR!

Me and Shira run up and we hug, it's been ages, she is carrying quite a lot of supplies, but her face is heavily scratched, I'm guessing she was attacked by the 1 girl. However, I feel sacked to death due to having no water, I need some soon, I don't know if I will last one more night if I don't retrieve water soon.


When the arena goes to 10pm tonight, each tribute will be given a phone, the person talking to them will be their mentor, now you guys as mentors can contact your tributes and tell them what to do, during this process, everyone freezes till the longest of the call has finished, no one can kill each other at this moment in time, all the mentors have 3 hours from 3pm-6pm to tell your tribute what to do, if the mentor does not comment what they want to say to their tributes. They will be stood there waiting for everyone else to finish their calls from their mentors.

Dedenne Reunee (9) 8pm

Just recently Darius ventured off into the woods and chopped off a bunch of trees to make us a little hut, it wasn't entirely stable, but it would have to do, we at least have a decent supply of water, Brendan was kind enough to lend me one of two of his knives so I had a secondary weapon. Then all of a sudden I heard something; it was an announcement, suddenly as I look behind me I notice 3 mysterious phones, one for me, one for Darius, and one for Brendan. 

The arena hosts then announce:

"Attention tributes, there will be a twist, we had a previous twist, but that was cancelled! So the new one... Well, you may all be wondering why a phone has been placed to you nearby just recently, well, you will be able to talk to your mentor just this once, and they will give you advice. However, if your mentor does not record the call in time, there will be nobody on the line... At 10pm all the phones will ring, no one can kill one another until all the calls are finished. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour." Right.... This is a last attempt for me to improve, I need, to remember those last words.

Jack Green (1) 8pm

Okay, can't wait for this call.... The could surge me on to help me win. However, I will be greatly annoyed if the phone is not answered by my mentor, I will be most annoyed.

Eliza Herder (10) 8pm 

Ahh... Finally some water. Eli recently recovered from the shock he had when killing Lyssander earlier, although it seems he was dehydrating quickly, he needed something fast, I gave him the first sips as he seemed like he could've gone if Salmon hadn't sent it in time, me on the other hand. It could be anytime I died out due to not having any water. We both lay down and talk about the twist.

Amaya Selene (8) 10pm

This is it. Everyone is gathered in a forcefield, we pick up our phones that lied next to us, "Yes, someone is on the line!" It's Bee. The words of advice state:

"You and Elvira are doing great as an alliance. I suggest that you do the same as Elvira like I said up there, and make sure you have everything you need. Elvira is smart, listen to her. But don't let her get you in stupid situations, and make sure you have a say in plans, also. Other than that, hunt down more tributes. Maybe even the careers if they're split up."

Thank you for the advice, but stop being concerned I know what I'm doing, I'm great with tactics. I then look at Lily on the floor nearby us, phone in hand. I decide.... After this, it is time for her to go. 

Jayson Huff (7) 10pm

The line opens: "Well.. I'm gonna last a bit longer now."

"Jayson, you made it out, and you got an axe! Use it to defend yourself if anybody comes. I have sent you some water and dried meat, don't eat or drink anything in the area as it may be dangerous. Keep the medicine, gloves and flour in case you need it later. There's not many people in the forest, so if you stay where you are you will be fine. If anybody comes, attack them only if they're alone or weaker than you. If they can be taken by suprise, you may also attack stronger tributes. Just stay calm overall, and don't get in any fight. Good luck."

Right.... But the problem is... I am the tallest tribute in these games, I don't think anyone would come near me if they knew where I am! But in case, I got my axe at the ready. 

Matthew Haper (4) 10pm

I wait..... And the phone just signals off.. Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic! This was my one chance to recover from the bad start I got to the games and my mentor can't be bothered to send me advice! I give up..... I, I swear to God my death will occur soon after that. 

Burgundy Anrocloth (8) 11pm

Well.. Day 2, didn't really see anyone apart from the 2 and 4 males, I may aswell wait till a few more tributes die and then begin to kill people, this shelter seems quite cool, since I first found it, I heard 3 cannons go off today, I presume they were quite shocking deaths. But anyways, it's portrait time:

The fallen (Day 2)

Lyssander Ghan: Capitol

Victoria Jasmine: District 1

Joshua Soulventure: District 12 

Wow, 2 careers, what were they doing out there today? And the 12 boy, I can kinda guess why he died out quickly, I also need to watch out for that Matthew Haper, I don't know if he knows, but I was the one who killed his sister, so he could find out and track me down any moment in time. 

Day 3 (Morning)

Jaximus Shaden (13) 7am

I honestly would wonder what the anti-careers would do if I asked to rejoin them again, I firstly met an alliance with Darius but then left before the games because I was feared of betrayal. But now... I am really thinking I need an alliance, because I'm nearby the careers, I need to be on the move.

I go for a little wander around no man's land, and BANG! There they are, Darius approaches me armed thinking I must be up to something but I presume he doesn't expect me to kill him, he casually says with some suspicion:

"What do you want?" 

I say... "Remember me guys? Jaximus from 13, invited me previously but left, would Iit be ok if I reunite with you guys?"

"Are you kidding me!?" Darius states. You left meaning you didn't want to be with us, now we are expected to forgive, I'm afraid alliances don't work like that."

Brendan, the 6 male pops in and says:

"Wait.... How do you know what he is going to do? He seemed fine with us in training, he knows what he is doing, he is powerful, sneaky and a cool person, you never know. He could show us something that will save our lives!"

"Also, the careers are based around 2546m down from us, I easily grabbed this water canteen and sleeping bag, without any notice and have been feeling confident since!" I add on.

The three of them stare in confusion.

"Well, we do have very little food and water and if we don't take action in the meantime we will die out quickly, so I think it's worth a shot." Brendan applies.

"Well..... Where's the camp?" Darius answers.

Brendan Jack (6) 8am

Well... Darius should listen to me more often, Jaximus is a genius! He set up his own base right outside the desert cornucopia and wasn't even spotted!

"Well Jaximus, you proved me wrong." Says Darius, "You're now co-leader!"

Hang on did we even have a co-leader? Anyways I glance in the distance beside his old base to see the careers gently sleeping around the base. This is our chance...

Jaximus army crawls in, Darius quickly sprints toward the supplies then finds cover, while me and Dedenne wait till the both have reached comfort.... When they do, we lunge for it, I grab from the outskirts while the other 3 members try go further in, I manage to grab a slice of ham and a hammer, (possibly to beat a tribute to death), however all the other crates seem to far away. I squirm gently across to the second crate, praying the careers did not notice by a slight ruffle. 

Darius Noxan (3) 8am

I attempt to dash for the largest crate in sight, there is throwing knives and finally another axe, as my previous one was shattered from the bloodbath, this one is gleaming new, I stand up to examine it and then.....

Matthew Haper (4) 8am

"Err..... What is everyone doing?" I notice the anti-careers stealing our supplies! Jaximus is in front of me, collecting medicine into a nearby backpack, I kick him heavily in the ribs and he slides to the ground, with lightning reactions he leaps back up, two of the alliance members seem to have been alarmed which were the boy from 6 and the girl from 9, they make a dash for it, meanwhile Darius is still collecting supplies, I shout, the rest of the careers are awoken, as Jaximus grabs his katana and canteen and swings his katana at me, it scrapes my ankle slightly, I feel slight pain, but not enough to stop me from grabbing my bow and arrow back from the cornucopia and taking a few shots, by this time, Tenshin has already grabbed his tridents and it overheads Brendan, casually, he picks it up off the ground and begins jogging again venturing into the distance, Tenshin looks even more annoyed now because he lost one of two of his tridents and he lost the person who took it. Jack runs after Dedenne but loses her shortly whilst Darius has dropped most of his gatherings but gets away, I take two arrows, one is blocked by a sitting crate which Jaximus dives under, as Tenshin takes a sitting sword no one attended to previously and chases Darius, meanwhile, Brendan and Dedenne probably made it to the outskirts with Tenshin's trident. I then take several shots at Darius, which one inserts into his calf, nearby, Tenshin notices this while Darius attempts to get back up onto his feet but I simply place one of my arrows into his buttox, now unable to get back up, Jaximus knows this and I attempt to go after him and the others, so does Kate

"This way Matt!" Yells Kate. I take a quick glimpse behind to see Tenshin finishing off Darius by striking him in the back with the sword he recently picked up, while Jack held him hostage by the clothing. I notice Brendan and Dedenne have presumably made it to no man's land, Jaximus was almost there, we had to push it to catch him. BOOM! That was Darius gone, now the others, I take a glance and halt, they seem to be nowhere, I take a shot from my bow, no reactions.

"Great! We lost 'em! Yelled Kate.

"Let's get back to camp." I say, "Oh and by the way, where's Lily?"

"Dunno, besides do you care if she has gone, cos I don't." Kate says.

"I don't give a toss either." I grunt.

We see the machete in Darius' corpse, we then salvage what he has in his pack.

"Err... The reason why there is nothing is because Jaximus took it to help assist Darius in getting away." I say.

"Right! First we get Clair, then... We're gonna for them stupid anti-careers!" Tenshin snarles.

"Yeah!" Jack nods with an evil grin locked onto his face.

Dedenne Reunee (9) 9am

I collapse in tears as soon as we return to base, first my boyfriend, now my alliance. What is happening to me? I stare at Jaximus and mouth to him:

"Will you help us re-build?"

He nods, it cheers me up by the minimum slightest you could receive. I give him a warm hug, he comforts and me and tells me if I don't survive, whoever you want to survive will survive.

"Brendan? Wanna join?" I sniffel to him.

He jumps into the hug, by this time we all decide we will work together as a team, and we know Darius would have been proud that we survived that.

Amaya Selene (8) 9am

"Hehe... I've got the perfect plan..." I whisper to Elvira.

"What!?" She grunts... I presume she is angry because I woke her up.

"Shhhh.... I say... We could... Bury her alive!" I snigger while Elvira chuckles, trying also hold in her laughter. We stare at Lily sleeping, she would die out anyway soon. But we decide to have some fun.

"How are we going to do it though?" She whispers while mantaining to prevent the giggles.

I begin to set out my plan: "You see this spear, it has a slight bend at the end where it points, this means it's secondary purpose is to dig up grass or mud." "You understand?"

"Umm.. yeah... I didn't know you were that smart?"

Elvira begins digging the hole while I stay guard to insure she doesn't awaken and suddenly escape, she seems to struggle, so I volunteer to switch roles with her, eventually we continue this cycle until we were satisfied with the length and width.

It must have taken at least half an hour, but it was worth a kill like this, we roll her tiny worthless body into the hole, which we then begin caving in as quickly as possible, it appears she has woken up, so we begin filling quicker and quicker, she begins squealing and crying, eventually the ground becomes solid.... She is sealed.

"AHHHH!""UERGHH!" Multiple noises were heard from her, she was attempting to break out, while me and Elvira taunted her with laughter and we began spitting on top of the grass, which soaked onto her, suddenly a massive "EEUUUUGGHH!" Occured. BOOM! We collapse to the ground in laughter, probably the most hilarious kill anyone could make in the arena!

Shira Teresa (3) 11am 

Ever since that water was delivered to me, I have been able to move quicker in all activities. Meanwhile, on the ground I see Clara recovering from her near death experience during night 2, however luckily minutes before it was presumed she would black out the water was delivered. We carefully measured out the amounts so everyone would get an equal amount which is a reason I prefer participating with smaller alliances.

Suddenly I notice a brush against me, turned out it was the wind, meanwhile I appear to notice the two careers hovering over us!

It was the boys from 1 and 2, they then yell out:

"No, no no." "We just want Clair." They snigger afterward.

I didn't want to move or say a word, within seconds the 2 male begins choking Clair up while the 1 boy strokes Clair with his machete causing multipe cuts and bruises. Clair begins to gash out with tears while the boys torment and say threatening words. Clara rushes off while I, unwilling to move because of the heat and frozen in fear, shiver in panic as I watch them taunt and tear poor Clair.

Clair begins to kick and scream, possibly heard all over the arena. the careers realise she is making too much noise, so they decide to kill her off soon, not willing to turn away. I couldn't find Clara, I guess she had vanished completely. Meanwhile I start tearing out, and Clair mouths the words: "Help me."

They drag their machete across her forehead and then she falls to the ground, unable to retreat upward. My blood feels cold for once due to the shock, my heart was pounding, I don't understand why they weren't doing this to me. But any moment they could pounce on me, my knee caps feel like they want to evacuate while I then concentrate back to see them brutally stab her with their swords as they slice her neck, chest and stomach open, blood splattered directly in my face, as I watch in horror. The flesh burning from the sun, as the 1 male gives the last strike. They evacuate. And all that is left is me, Clara ran away while Clair is dead almost, I cry in fear, my ally is about to die, I hold her hand. I decide to express how much our friendship and alliance meant by speaking out my emotion:

Why did you go so quickly,

Now my heart won't think about anything but you,

The love I felt was torn so sick,

Why did death take you,

I am so sorry death forced you to go from me,

None of us promised our next breath,

I loved you, but I'm not in love with you,

I wish we could both make it,


That was it for me now, they were basically my last words for me, I trace my fingers through her rotten blood, I wouldn't talk to anyone else because I am now a "LONER." 

Day 3 (Afternnon)

Jayson Huff (7) 1pm

I notice I minor disturbance going on around a gap in the tomb, I decide to go and investigate the issue, it seems like some water, I am a tiny somewhat suspicious, so I lurk out the cave and walk toward where I believe was a drain almost sucked beneath the stones, as I grab a handful I take a sniff and:


I instantly drop the water and go on to see if I can see some other tributes I could easily kill off, I decided I will be out there for 2-3 hours. I am sure most of the tributes won't try and attack me if they come across me as I am the tallest and heaviest tribute in the games. So I will use that as an advantage to try and crush anyone under 6 feet to get my sponsors impressed. 

But first I need to wash my hand, so unfortunately I am forced to use up somwehat 20% of my water insuring I don't receive infecton from the water. I was annoyed about that certainly.

Jaximus Shaden (13) 1pm 

Hmmm.. I wonder all the things I am going to have to do now with being the leader of the anti-career pack. I guess I suggest not going back until 1 or 2 more of the careers die, as we just suffered a major loss. 

"Do you want water or bread or something?" I ask to Brendan and Dedenne as the both of them seem to be carrying around no survival supplies and just wandering with their weapons.

"I would like some bread please." Brendan asks in a kind voice. I lend him a couple of slices and crunches it like a pack of wolves would.

"Umm... Can I have some water?" Dedenne asks.

"Sure." I reply, I let her take a few sips.

By this time, the tempertaures were rising so heavily that my entire haircut was completely wet from heat and exhaustion. Any of us could collapse at any minute, or faint.

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye I notice I suggest the boys from 1 and 2, lurking away toward the cornucopia sniggering and acting like a bunch of kids.

"How pathetic..." I whisper.

"Huh?" Brendan says in suprise.

"Err.. Nothing." I respond back. I don't want anyone being injured.

The three of us seem to sit and scrape breadcrumbs from the loaf I retreived. Soon that will be gone, we don't seem to be communicating much. I guess they are not very social.

"Anyone... Have a story?" I ask.

"No...." Brendan syas before I even finish my sentence.

"Umm... Yeah, and I think it's best you guys know." Dedenne adds on.

"Go ahead." I smile at her.

"Well, only Steel Elegy knew this but... My father was constantly going crazy during my lifetime. He would torment my Mother and threaten to kill her. Luckily I had some nice friends and the most beautiful boyfriend you could ever imagine."

I begin to have a soft spot for Dedenne... "And.." I say.

"Then, the reaping came along. As soon as my name was shouted, that boyfriend of mine, named Ulric.... Grabbed me and told me we are leaving and that I was not going to be placed into the games, then as he dragged me from the reaping square, a bullet entered his head as he attempted me to get to safety. I then began doing all I could to save him... Soon after we were then parted, because of that I kicked off majorly and began screaming and shouting at everyone, meanwhile Steel was lost about me. Even when we allied, he presumably thought I was crazy." She finishes by softly saying: "Awful."

Wow.... I never realised that would happen, then Brendan happens to jump in and mention this:

"Well... A very similar thing happened to me, one of my close relatives was shot in the head at in front of me when I was a very young age, I was haunted by it." "And I'm not going to say any more about that." Brendan adds on.

"Look guys, we all have our ups and downs, the reaping was probably our biggest down, but if we win this, it will be our biggest up, so push to get what we want." I mention.

The two of them begin to smile and gain the determination. I knew I could do it. 

Amaya Selene (8) 2pm

Me and Elvira decide to have a little wander around to see if there was anything we could collect and retreive, on the journey, Elvira laughs and says:

"Huh, I can't get over that kill I made!"

"Err, didn't I make the kill?" I respond.

"Ahem.... I dug literally for tons more time!"

"I delievered the last covering!"

"I KILLED HER!" We both yell out at each other.

I decide this is going to end so I shove Elvira to the ground, she seems quite shocked and decides to stop mucking about thankfully. I decide to forgive her by helping her up off the ground.

"Hey!" "Look!" I shout.

We notice a somewhat crooked tomb, could possibly collapse within a few days, however it was totally worth to avoid the extreme heat which has almost entirely burnt my blonde bangs to black! Elvira on the other hand... No burns and scalds. I guess she is used to the extreme weather. Me being from the coldest district definately set me at a disadvantage.

Finally we enter the tomb. I guess a tribute from this morning may have died here or something, as we rummage through the backpack we find some tipped flour and a can of medicine. I open it and treat my scalds. We place our stuff down and Elvira continues to rummage through the backpack and also finds a hidden piece of rope at the bottom. 

Sometime later, I notice a shadow emerging from the distance, I try to warn Elvira, but she continues to examine the backpack for leftovers. As she seemed incredibly hungry.

Eventually I feel something tangle around my neck, the pain feels impossible to bare, and a gigantic foot leans out and smacks Elvira in the chest, knocking her full force to the pavement.

"Well, well, well." "Look what we have here!" Says the unknown tribute. 

He snatches the rope underneath Elvira and slams me into Elvira aswell. This is when I realise it was Jayson Huff, the male from 7. We had broken into his territory, I wanted to apologise, but I think an apology wouldn't do as Elvira spitefully and meanfully continued to shout abuse and threatening language to Jayson making him angered even more, he picks us both up off the floor, as he does he rams us to the tomb wall, we both kick and scream at him while we are unable to reach of what was previously ours. He instantly grabs the rope and ties it across our chest's, making it almost impossible to breath! He ties it against his heavy rucsac, although it doesn't look to difficult to escape..... We both feel entirely exhausted and shattered to even move a muscle, but somehow Elvira still has the ability to pile on insults.





Eventually Jayson turns his back from the meat he was chomping on and replies:

"Now, my dear. You better change your attitude or you will come off worse."

I then witness Jayson literally take both of our backpacks and shove them to the end of the tomb, I would never be able to see them again. This was it for me, I could die out any second. I doubt he will let me go. It is the hunger games of course, I regret every single moment of my life, now I guess I am getting what I deserve. Elvira on the other hand sees Jayson throwing away one or two of her spears, then I guess that was enough for her..


Screams echo all over the arena, Jayson seems angered majorly by this, so he grabs the pocket knive which was previously Elvira's and voilently scrapes it across her throat, she begins to suffocate, that would be her gone soon. I guess she is unable to speak, soon.... It will be my turn.

Sometime later Jayson ventures to go find something, I try with all my might to escape, however I was unable to budge a fraction while Elvira constantly continues to make coughs and groans.

"Erguh." "Mwenh." She is not long, till death. Even if I do escape, I will have to go without her. My thoughts turn on her, how she lead me into these bad situations, how she led me up to being killed. Suddenly, I notice a tar strolling downwards onto my lap, knowing that was the first one in years that came out, I have been a voilent and vicious girl, I want to apologise, but now it is too late.

Elvira begins seriously choking now, while I begin to let out my last words since that beast has disappeared:


Eliza Herder (10) 4pm

Ehhhh... It's about time, I just recently received an axe from my sponsor, I guess it's going to be used for shelter or something. I tap Eli and tell him we are going to go find some trees nearby..

"Where could they be?" I say to him.

"Well, the only tree I came across was the tree the Capitol boy climbed up when we battled with him in the cross section into the forest, where I believe the 8 male is stationed nearby. If we want to go there, we need to be secretive and quiet."

"Okay." I whisper. Now was our chance, we gently jog across no man's land, of course, everyone was still recovering from the hard run to the cornucopia, we then instantly ducked, as we somewhat noticed something unusual lurking in the background, it was the girl from 5. Who seemed to be running away from someone or something.

"What was that?" I mention, as I looked at Eli I then swiftly notice, the tribute had disappeared!

"No time!" Eli whispers.

"Let's get going then!" Eli mouths also.

I already notice the tree and I also notice one of the knives Eli chucked was still lodged into the tree.

"Where do you want to start?" Eli points out?

"Actually, I have a plan, we chop the tree, fully. Then we rush back to base as soon as we see it falling, we shall wait ten minutes. And then after those ten minutes we should come back and if anything has been moved we will know someone is around." I point out.

"Hmmm.... Very intelligent idea." Eli adds.

With all my brute force, I take a knock, unfortunately, I only just make a slight dent. So I say to Eli he should do it as he is physcially large and powerful and should give it a go.

Within 1 swing he appeared to make a dent at least 3 times more deadly and stronger than what I did. Meanwhile I keep a constant watch over any disturbances that shreek in the far far distance... Of no mans' land.

Several swings and the tree is down, as soon as we hear the tree collide with the solidified grass we make a sudden dash for escape, as I peer behind me, Eli can be easily spotted attempting to carry one heavy log with him as we jolt away. Affecting his speed, however, best salvage somthing if someone else was there. 

Eventually I was on my knees by the time we reached our spot. I literally yanked my water and splurted every single last drop into my mouth, I notice Eli around 40 metres behind, still attempting those last steps. He chucks the log to our base, which nearly lands onto me. Indicating he is absolutely shattered as he grabs his canteen and slurps every several drops, although he won't feel as thirsty as me because he was given the instant heal. Which includes healing thirst I guess.... But for me, no matter how much water I drink, I still feel thirsty.

Kate Eve (12) 6pm

Me and Jack sit down and discuss the games so far, it seemed a long time since we were able to spend a little time with each other previously.

"You know, why did you volunteer in the first place?" I say to Jack.

"Well, you see, when you feel like you want a challenge, you go for it. I mean, even if I die right now, I have made up alot of ground and will be proud to look down at how far I've come, because right now I guaruntee...." "There will be a little kid from my district watching me."  "And they will say right now: I want to be like him." "And a few years ago, that little kid was me."

I pull Jack in for a hug, he then mentions:

"I have a little something to say for you aswell." He announces. Meanwhile the other two careers head off toward the outskirts of the cornucopia to let us have some free time.

"Go on." I say while I continue to hug him tight.

You're the one I can't live without,

This fact is true, I have no doubt,

I love the way you smile at me,

I love the way together we're free,

You may be strange and slightly loony but all.....

You're beautiful.

I sit there in amazement, that was a beautiful poem, I begin to shed a tear on how lovely and heart warming it was, I didn't realise I meant so much to him. I will love him, even if he then becomes nothing to me. 

Eli Winserin (10) 6pm

Finally I manage to grab over the last block of wood and place it down, entirely exhausted. I can barely move anymore, then suddenly I am unable to stand. I drop to the floor and everything looks orange. I feel entirely dizzy, I try to pick myself up, but I feel too weak to do so. The next thing I notice is Eliza rushing from her position coming to see me. Within seconds she presumably knows what is the problem with me as she grabs the remains of my water and splashed it all over my forehead I guess to cool me down. I feel like I could die out within any minute of this time. 

"Eli wake up!" Eliza seems greatly concerned. I feel  numb everywhere, all the pain I just felt seconds ago suddenly just stopped, Eliza feels my forehead and is constantly shaking me to get back up. However standing on foot now seems impossible!

"Eli, it will be ok, just wait, just wait!" 

I see Eliza rushing off into the distance presumably trying to find something for me. She needs to be quick, I know I'm going to die. But the question is when will I die, it feels like an eternity, I can no longer hold my breath, blood is struggling to circulate making my body numb while my skin continues to burn, I feel like I'm in a fire ball. 






Eliza Herder (10) 7pm

"Oh, Eli!" "I found..."


I knew it, I wasn't quick enough. He laid as still as a statue, orange blood by the looks of things seemed to be dripping over his mouth. I fell so upset, I killed Eli, it was all my fault. I shed a tear, but there was no one that could comfort me now. I start getting angry with myself and begin slamming those logs to the ground while breaking out even more sets of tears. That was it for me!

Elvira Raven (2) 9pm

I can't do anything to stop this, my useless sponsors didn't send me anything to heal, anyway I doubt I could get anything now. I wish I wasn't such a stupid girl, I wish I wasn't a horrible person, I just wished I had taken the good opportunities in my life as due to all the people I have hurt over my years of life, my scar across my neck deepens leading to more bacteria damaging my airway, I will be gone soon, I want to say my last words, but I can't because of the cut across my throat. Meanwhile on the other side Amaya continues to roll tears down on her. It was me who led her to this, I can't deal with this anymore. I wish I could just forgive everyone I taunted over my lifetime, she was my only true friend. But I had to drag her into this because I am a STUPID PRICK!

Jayson continues to smile at the two of us suffering, he must notice I am struggling for breath, so he grabs the spear which was previously mine and says:

"Now, now, do you want to be put out of your misery?"

I want to say yes to apologise, but I can't even lift my head up now, my death was coming on from minute by minute, to second by second.

"Well say goodbye to your enemies." He chuckles. 

He points the spear toward me and rams it into my skull. BOOM! 

Amaya Selene (8) 9pm

Elvira is dead. I just about know these will be my final moments, Jayson is standing there with an evil grin twidddling his axe in his hand. I'm just about to close my eyes in fear when......

Suddenly the hovercraft crashes through the tomb coming to collect Elvira's corpse sending Jayson slipping onto his hands and knees, meanwhile I notice pieces of stone and rock crash down with one hitting my head majorly, which I can feel has left a gigantic bruise mark. Then all of a sudden. I notice a sharp slice of rock simply carve through the rope, splitting it in half. I feel like I can actually do this again! I instantly make a dash, swiftly, but barely have any energy, I grab no supplies whatsoever because it's better to be safe than sorry. Jayson all of a sudden notices, grabs his axe and chases after me, I had at least a 10 metre gap, however I was unbelievably exhausted, while my feet felt numb and sore as I look behind, the gap seems to have increased, he can't catch up with me now!

Jayson Huff (7) 9pm

Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic! Lost her! In anger I storm over to my tomb which has been half wrecked due to the hovercraft collecting the 2 girls' body. That completely destroyed I believe half my supplies: the spear set, the flour sack and the trident. Luckily, I was able to hide the water so that didn't get ruined.

Ooooh... What is this!? I notice a bag of goodies land outside what is now a quarry by the looks of things rather than the previous tomb. It seems it was for Amaya, I guess they had tracked her location and planned to set it out there and didn't realise she had moved quick enough.

Very rightly, it was for Amaya, although I can't read the awful handwriting wrapped onto the gift! It looks to be a set of darts (I don't know what they are for), what looks to be water, and a slingshot. Nice! I always wanted to use a slingshot, however I don't think they were set in the cornucopia. 

Well, considering my tongue is about to drop off, I best gulp that entire dark blue looking water instantly!

Within seconds the water had gulped down my throat, it felt so refreshing until... It reached my heart! My blood vessels were snapping, I couldn't get any circulation, it felt like I was strangling...

I'm panting, I am panting! BOOM!

Brendan Jack (6) 11pm

Well.... Since this morning, I haven't heard a peep out of anyone, although I heard every single cannon blast off. I think there must have been at least 5. 

"What do you think about everything today?" Jaximus says.

"It's good!" Dedenne replies. 

"Although we are running low extremely on water!" I mention.

"Okay..." "Is our sponsors aware?" "Because now I am longer in a position where I can sneak supplies from!" Jaximus chuckles.

"Hopefully." As I shrug my shoulders.

We then notice the arena mash dark and then we get prepared for that time of the day again:

The fallen (Day 3)

Lily Sinclair: Capitol

Elvira Raven: District 2

Darius Noxan: District 3

Clair Gravenstein: District 7

Jayson Huff: District 7

Eli Winersin: District 10

I really wasn't expecting that! That just relesed alot of weight and sweat off my forehead. I was dreading figuring out how I would come around to kill Elvira, Jayson, Eli or even Darius when we are forced to go 1v1. I peer over to my right to notice Dedenne had already drifted off to sleep. Kindly, I comfort her with Jaximus' sleeping bag, after that I whisper to Jaximus:

"You wouldn't mind would you?" He smiles.

I never really had any friends apart from my sister until I joined the anti-careers. But these aren't meant to be my friends. This is the hunger games.

Day 4 (Morning)

Burgundy Anrocloth (8) 7am

Now... I believe, the only two alliances remaining are the careers and anti-careers. I honestly think if I put my all into this, I can easily win....

Suddenly I notice some dried meat packaged up beside me has landed, I take a peep inside, I notice I note on the packages, it says: "Find Amaya, she needs an ally." Hmmm... Well considering she acted like she was going to eat my flesh during the trin ride, I am not so sure about that, but after all, she is from my district!

For the first time since I found this shelter I decide to leave it and venture off somewhere else, how bouts the jungle? Because I believe the only people there were was Jayson, but I saw his portrait earlier so I presume the jungle is an empty sector currently. I casually walk across where the solid grass merges from dark green, to light green. In the distance, I notice quite a big disturbance across my right, it appears to be a tribute, I yank my weapon from out my rope and ready to kill, although I notice the tribute is wearing the same colours as me! It must be Amaya! I run in happiness to her, but she notices me and tries to get away from me, so I shout "HI!" As I speak, she stumbles back and collapses from behind after colliding from a tree. "Oooh." I make out and hurry to her.

Amaya Selene (8) 8am

"So...." "Good job on finding me!" I say to Burgundy.

"Yeah." He sniggers.

"Ummm... Which tributes are still alive?" I change the subject immediately because I don't want to get too close to him either.

"Well, the boy from 1 is still alive?" He mentions.

"Jack?" "Right?" I say.

"Yep, and the boy from 2." He responds back.

"Huh, that Tenshin twat." He chuckles aswell, I let out a giggle in the meantime also.

"Then I believe the girl from 3, then the boy from 4.... Then the girl from.." 

"5." He finishes the sentence off for me.

"Then the boy of 6, girl of 9, girl of 10, girl from 12.." I mention, "And who was the last one?" I quickly add on.

"Jaximus." He politely responds.

"And us!" I say back in memory.

"Isn't it just Dedenne and Brendan in the anti-career alliance now?" I mention.

"Urr.. I guess so." He says. "Have you seen or killed anyone?" He seems curious about me seeing if I am the correct type I believe.

"Well, I am a truthful person, I killed the capitol girl." I say worriedly how he would react to it.

"Huh... She was a right pussy!" "I haven't killed anyone since the bloodbath, I believe it was the girl from 4 I killed." 

"Good kill!" I say back as a compliment. He didn't react how I thought.

"Then.... I saw the boys of 2 and 4, on day 2. And on day 3 I witnessed the boy from 10 die." He says.

"What happened to him?" I add on.

"I don't exactly know, maybe uncomfort due to humidity, he just collapsed while his district partner tried to cool him down." He explains.

"I guess the sunlight is turning deadly, good thing we have shade!" I say.

"Do you need anything?" He says.

"Water without a doubt, I lost my supplies so please could I have a few droplets?" I add.

"Sure!" "But not all of it." He says with a bit of concern.

I quickly snatch it out of his hands and gulp every droplet that flowed toward my mouth. Meanwhile, Burgundy stared at me if I was like a wild human!

You know what, I should never have gone with that swine Elvira in the first place, should have allied with someone who actually cared about me!

Clara Crescent (5) 10am

I wake up, lying in the middle of no mans' land, I don't feel good at all...... The humidity is sacking me to shreads, I can't find anyone, so I can't sneak water. You know what.... I'm just gonna go back to sleep..........

Day 4 (Afternoon)

Kate Eve (12) 12pm

We have almost seemingly have drank up almost all our water in these past few hours! In this arena wear, the gamemakers don't know the meaning of sunlight! My eyeballs have just about burned out nd my flesh feels like fire, it's unbearable! 

However, I am worried Jack is departing with me, because he didn't stick to my side for the whole games as he promised, and seemingly doesn't generally talk to me and is continuously chatting with the other 2 remaining members of the careers. I smile at him gently but he keeps his head down and tries to ignore me I presume. That made my heart slump, he may have possibly rejected me! At that moment in time I feel like I just wanted to grab one of my throwing knives and ram it straight through me, I consider doing that until.....

SUDDENLY there was a massive explosion in the cornucopia, things rattled everywhere...... I notice Matthew and Tenshin have already disappeared from the scene and are shouting our names! I can't move, I don't know where to turn! 

I turn solid an notice Jack searching for an escape route, trapped aswell! I begin screaming, I was so frightened, stuck in the cornucopia, I was dying.... I was about to die..

Instantly a gigantic piece of the stoney, sandy wall slid out and was about to land on top of me, but instantly I feel a gigantic shove from behind, Jack has pushed me out of the way... I can't believe that, I see an exit line has been created! I was able to flee, then I turn to see where Jack was, and then I notice him lodged underneath the stone wall, suffocating quickly, I then.... Find myself going back to im avoiding all the shards and stones.

I grab his hand dangling out and with ll my might try to pull him from underneath the wall, but no... No... NO! I CAN'T DO IT!

Jack clears his throat in agony and says:

"Leave me...Run."

Tears began developing in my eyes so I said: "No...." "I won't." Jack shouts at me over all the collapsing rubble: "Just run....." "Save yourself!"

I begin crying properly and to make him understand I say: "No, I won't let you go!"

Jack says back: "Why?????" "Just run!" As his forehead bleeds in suffocation.

I can't deal with this anymore.... "Because I......"

"I love you." Jack finishes. I continue to cry while the walls crash over my feet: "I waited for those 3 words since I knew you!"

Jack smiles at me while my tears flood the destroyed floor, he says: "Now I'm ready to die, I held your hand, I know you love me, just let me go and save yourself please."

I refuse to jolt, with tears washing out my eyeballs, I say: "No...." "I will never let you go."

Jack pushes me to save me again from rubble falling, seperating the both of us, that would be the last I would see of him, I hear him scream "Run!" in between the flames that have just begun to enlighten in the cornucopia. 

I skim through the escape route, but my leg gets trapped causing me to fall on my arm and I feel it snap. As I am unable to stand in exhaustion, I stare at the cornucopia burning to shreads. BOOM! Jack has just gone, I cry my eyeballs out in pain as I am beginning to predict I could die out soon. My snapped arm was causing so much pain it was unbearable, I was regretting every moment: I knew Jack, didn't tell him how I properly felt.

Suddenly I can feel my pulse beginning to come to halt, I manage to squeal out: "I love you with every fibre of my cold black heart!" BOOM!

Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya (2) 1pm

I peek over the wall to see if the cornucopia to see the extent of the damage done to our base. It was greatly frustrating for us, Me and Matt knew both the couple crew just died. But neither of us cared. It was kind of a relief for me. I notice the cornucopia is stickering the last few inches of flames before completely turning to rubble, I examine the entire cornucopia, I notice in the distance a corpse, I lean and whisper to Matthew:

"Is that Kate's corpse?" He shruggs.

Oh crap! I just remembered something, the supplies! They were all burned to nothing but cripples of rubble! I ask Matthew if he has any water, he says:

"I salvaged just a can of water, but I'm not thirsty though."

"Well neither am I." I reply. "Secure it." I add on in advice.

Well I was comfortable with what I currently had, but then I remember we had no food, and I think the last time I had something to eat was about 2 days ago.... This has pretty much offset me from the amount of kills I could have got. I was hoping there would be spaghetti, while me and Matthew decide to set out our base around the outskirts of the cornucopia. We are a minority now, so we need to watch others' backs.

Clara Crescent (5) 2pm

I wake up, could barely open my eyes, I stare around, my eyes barely see nothing but a BOTTLE OF WATER! Urrghh, I have to crawl over to get to it, it feels like so much effort. I grab it with care knowing every drop I spill will be less somewhat hours I remain alive. I begin slurping up the drips that wander into my mouth which feels awful as I grinded my teeth for the entire night last night. Ugghh I still feel in agony, but at least now I feel refreshed and less stressed!

Eliza Herder (10) 3pm

Since ever my friend died, I have felt strange, I have been suffering from I believe chest presurre and exhaustion. I honestly don't know what I am going to do now.... I believe these could be my last few days, hours and even minutes... I think that until I see a bottle of water land beside me. This better be a large one!

I drink it, it feels so amazing as I wasted my last dripples of water the other day trying to cure Eli. But it didn't work..... Gutted. Suddenly, I blink, I do it again and I'm drifting away to sleep......

Shira Teresa (3) 3pm

Honestly, I am so terrified, knowing my death is about to come closer.... And closer... And closer. As the more go, the further I am to be put in the deathmatch! Nerves don't tell how petrified I actually am. I just wish, one touch of a slip would not kill.

I find myself venturing over to the forest section, because I believe it is cooler than no mans' land, where I have been stuck these entire games! I take a look at my skin, it's red as a raspberry! Now I know why the itchiness has been causing so many problems recently. Then I feel an itch over my sweating forehead, I give it a nice decent scratch to get the blood flowing..... BUT!

I look at my hand.... Only to notice several strands of hair in my hand! "Ohh my god!" I freak out, I notice my hair is THINNING AWAY! 

It must be the sunburn, I freak out and begin running because I believe someone saw me, immediately I trip over something heavy in the way that I presumably didn't know about! The sickle seemed to have got caught in it because it refused to fall down with me as I keep my hand grasped toward it, it pulls me back from avoiding a hefty fall! 

During the fall, I feel like my arm has just dislocated, I let out a minor shriek and attempt to put it back in place by shaking it around. Fortunately it simply pops back into it's normal position. I take my head off the ground and clear away all the mud that had splattered into my face by the floor, I then look to my left to see that I had ACCIDENTALLY killed the girl from 10! I had tripped over her while I was sleeping, how did I not know that! I feel glad and distraught. Distraught because I really feel for her to be suffering and surviving on her own and for to come round and accidentally kill her. And glad because a kill would mean more sponsor money and that at this time in the games is crucial. How did she not scream? She must've died instantly or something.... I smeer all the blood and flesh left on the sickle on her corpse, God it stinks! I then run off into the deeper section of the forest! I dust off any hair's that were sitting on my clothing and sit down. It will be me next. 

Jaximus Shaden (13) 7pm

BOOM! "Okay guys, this is it." I say. 

"One more down.." "Somewhat more to come." I say to Dedenne and Brendan.

"I suggest w-...

"Attention tributes, we.... as generous hosts! Are going to treat you! The cornucopia has been destroyed, so nothing is left but rubble, until tomorrow morning! At 6am! There will be several stacks of water bottles waiting for you at the cornucopia, awake early and possibly get all what you need! However, miss out... And get nothing at all!"

This was a one time shot! I think to myself as I stare at the burns and marks over these previous days the sun has created, however, if you thought I was unlucky.... Look at Brendan, his entire left eye seems to have almost crumbed off. God I won't look decent if I do end up winning!

"Well, what do you want to do?" I announce. "Do you want to go grab supplies?" "Or don't risk it and have all three of us back."

"I.... Think we should go." Brendan mentions.

"I.... Don't think we should go." Dedenne says.

"Ummm... Guys, you may gain a little hate on me for this, but I will allow you both to choose what you want to do for tomorrow morning." 

"Okay, but please do aid me if I need some help." Says Brendan.

"Don't worry." I say. "I guaruntee if someone comes to attack, I will rush there and join you to battle them off?"

"So you will go and back me up?" He says in concern.

"Yep, I'll watch your back!" I say to ease him down.

"Well, what about me?" Dedenne says. "If I don't go and someone is making their way there I could easily be brutally killed..." She says in fear.

"Well, if you want, you can come along but not actually running into the cornucopia, just watch from the outskirts and warn any of us if we are led into trouble we don't realise."

"Okay." She seems a little relaxed but nervous about my speech.

"So, Brendan is the quickest so he will go first, then I will follow him in around a couple ten-fifty metres behind, while you Dedenne should hide behind any dune piles if you can find one, and think of a signal that is not obvious."

"What if you are right at the brim of the cornucopia and I can't get to you." She continues to bring up worries.

"Then, my friend, you would have to go in if we were in serious trouble I'm afraid." I say.

Dedenne seems greatly nervous about this.... She looks at me in a strange way, I don't know if she trusts me anymore or not... But I trust her... In fcat I will be honest, I love her to bits, I love Brendan also but in more of a mate way. It would be awful if we had our alliances broken at this stage in the competition. 

"Can I have some water please.." She says sweetly.

Before I even can get my water out my pack Brendan gives his almost empty can to Dedenne and tells her: "Drink whatever you want." As I suggested, she slurps the whole thing. But Brendan doesn't care, because he has another bottle by his side. 

Burgundy Anrocloth (8) 7pm

Yes! I'm loving this announcement! A chance to get some more kills! To lick some more blood! And more importantly, win those games I volunteered for! I instantly make up my plan and share it with Amaya:

"Right, we arrive later, because there would probably be some wounded tributes if we go there late, then we can finish them off and and get some sponsors!"

Amaya shows nothing but a slight twitch of the mouth. I guess she has somewhat likings of my plan, but mostly disagrees with the fact of going in late, possibly because she wants to get the full stack rather than just one or two. In fact to be honest, I am actually only going in to kill! I let out a snigger. It confuses Amaya. Well, I guess people do find me weird... But oh, I just forgot! I have no friends!

Clara Crescent (5) 7pm

I am without a doubt... NOT going to the cornucopia to get water, do those buffoons actually know they have sponsors, they would have sent some water by now. It's basically.. What? Die with water or live for a few more days without water! People these days.....

Shira Teresa (3) 8pm

Hmmm... I've been debaiting on whether I should even step foot near that place or hide and watch them all die. But I am feeling awful with my health at the moment, so I guess I'm going to have to get there super quick tomorrow morning. My brain will constantly awaken me at night panicing about the trauma I could experience there. I need to get up bright and early to avoid everyone because I feel awful, but yet again... I guess everyone feels exactly the same as me!

Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya (2) 9pm

"Ok, Matt, we may be able to hide in the sand and wait till some people get there, then take them out by suprise?" "How about that?"

He seems uncomfortable with what I planned, probably because it reminds him of how his sister died, besides... He chose to join the careers, so he will I am afraid have to go with what I say.

"Well, the sand is almost solid, so why don't we maybe cover ourselves with something other than sand?"

"Hmm... Got anything green?" I say.

"You have the supplies man, so no I am afraid..." He says taking a deep sip into his water bottle.

"Right, maybe hiding is not the best idea." I mention while Matthew seems to blow out a signal of relief as I plot my hunt.

However, as I do that. The arena darkenes, we know it know. It's portrait time:

The fallen (Day 4)

Jack Green: District 1

Eliza Herder: District 10

Kate Eve: District 12 

I honestly have to say.... Despite our base being destroyed, I feel good. I don't have to worry about someone pulling a machete up my ass, slicing me up and beheading me. And I don't have to watch Jack and Kate have sex inside the cornucopia.

Day 5 (Morning) THE TREAT

Jaximus Shaden (13) 5am

I wake up.... I take a good stare around everything, making sure nothing will distract me, I quickly awaken Dedenne and Brendan. The two of them are up like a light. Slowly and steadily. We go in the formation we planned, I can't wait to get some fresh and clean water... That is, IF i can retreive any. We get ready by warming up, yeah do those casual; stretches to insure we don't feel dodgy or get an injury or even fall on that heavy pavement. I tell the two of my troops to shake their feet around because I know from the bloodbath if you fall or even run, the impact will shudder you. That's why I got barely any supplies at first because like 10 seconds into the games, I was shoved onto the ground heavily by the 8 male, Burgundy and had a minor head bleed. But, I'm over it now.

Eventually we make it to the outskirts of the cornucopia, in fact! My brain has sunk so much over this period in the heat I can barely think! I stare at the burn in my palm. God get me out of here quick and let the supplies generate in the arena.

Matthew Haper (4) 6am

We notice the supplies suddenly slowly... Drop toward the cornucopia ruins. Jees, there must be like 15 bottles in there. Although I doubt anyone would actually have the strength to carry the entire box with them because the heat has almost entirely sacked out our energy to do that. 

Tenshin nods at me and quickly takes a decent sip out of my canteen to make sure he felt awake and ready for this... I ask to him:

"Do we go yet?"

"No!" "I'm not going yet!" "Wait for some to die."

Shira Teresa (3) 6am

I hang around the cornucopia for a few seconds, I realise they have dropped! The race was on! I cannot let anhting stop me now, I will do just about anything to finally get a clean, refreshing lair of water awaiting to dripple into my mouth. It looks like I'm the first one charging, although I will need to watch my back. Unfortunately I am not an athlete so I am forced to walk the mid few metres. God this will be a long journey.

Burgundy Anrocloth (8) 6am

I wake up, I notice that it is daylight! Wait....


I grab Amaya up and tell her what is going on, she gently gets up and just immediately runs off forgetting all her weapons and leaving them back at base. However I grab my greatsword and surge behind her. Until.... I can't see her...

"Amaya!" I yell..

No response. Now I couldn't have time for her. I had to kill off another tribute there or my chances of winning would be severely slim.

Brendan Jack (6)

"Go Brendan go!" Shouts Jaximus.

I make my dash to the cornucopia. I gave my weapons to Jaximus so he would secure them for me. I take a look back, he's ready to run behind me as there is around a 50m gap between us two. Several times getting there I take occasional looks backward to know where he is, although I can't examine fully because of all the sand I'm kicking up on my way there. As I continue to look back and forth, I notice the gleaming box still has just about all the canteens it could possibly fill, I either grab loads and risk being killed due to being slow, or just grab one or two fr my alliance to share. I take another glance backward, and disaster! Jaximus has misjudged my location! He has accidentally jolted to the left possibly thinking I was there, but no!

He must've accidentally followed another tribute, although I don't know if he is or not because I can't see that other tribute if that was what he was trying to do.

Suddenly as I am looking back I feel an almighty push, it knocks me fully to the ground! I look up, it's Shira from 3, she has dropped her bottle. I don't think I want to go any further, so I quickly by suprise steal her's. Although it doesn't go to plan as she tries to headlock me, but I escape, she grabs my leg, but I escape however I am struggling to stand, I crawl away with the canteen for the first few metres, but I am too slacky!

She has readied her sickle! She has slashed both my legs open, I cannot move as she leaves and takes the canteen I stole of her, the next thing I see is blood gushing out my knee caps and Jaximus rushing over to me. I am going to die. BOOM!

Dedenne Reunee (9) 6am

Brendan has just died as a tear rolls down my cheek because of it. My chances of winning are slipping, I am going to have to get the supplies now! With all my energy I rush over to the box unsighted. 

About halfway there Jaximus notices me, I can hear through my left ear the voice scream:

"Dedenne!" "No!"

It had to be done, risks had to be taken. Eventually I'm there. No one has stepped foot out yet. I can tell that, I quickly dip in and grab two canteens. I throw one over to Jaximus. Quite rightly he follows me out. But in a different direction. I am close to escaping. Please don't have anything go wrong now.

Matthew Haper (4) 6am

I see Dedenne with two canteens in her hand, I ready my bow, I shoot an arrow, unfortunately it slightly misses her. In anger Tenshin notices me and slaps the bow out my hand.

"Not yet!" "He snarls!"

Well sometimes he is an idiot, he knows I am smarter than him. But he must go with his own path. I'm starting to get sick of him.

Amaya Selene (8) 6am

I lost Burgundy, but no time to worry about that! I was almost there! I see the box, still several canteens there.. Shining! This was nearly it of the long journey. I am almost there. I am.....

Yikes! Something has slammed me on the sand! Oh no, it's Akumai from 2. There is no escape, he has got me hostaged on the ground. There is nothing I can do, I may have been lucky once, but this time.... No escape for me! I can see him yanking out his silver sharp sword which will soon be inside of me, I close my eyes, I want to cry, but I won't have time...... But, behind the sword..... From the corner of my eye I see, Burgundy has just arrived behind Akumai, Burgundy then lifts his greatsword, swings Akumai off me and in suprise he stares at Burgundy. Following then he slices his throat and chest and shoves him off me, his blood smeers all into my face! I cannot believe that!

At first I want to run, feared he could possibly do the same to me, but I see him grab two bottles and throws one for me. We notice an empty cornucopia so we decide to snigger at Akumai's corpse.

"Couldn't wait for that moment." He smerks.

Meanwhile in the distance I see Matthew from 4 in anger, shaking his head and walking off in disgust. He knew it was just about all over for him. And it was getting rosier for me.

Jaximus Shaden (13) 8am

Brendan just died... Luckily, I had his supplies so we techinically lost no supplies. Although I am still figuring out who killed him anways.

"Dedenne, do you have any idea who killed Brendan because I feel like I need to know."

"It was either Shira or Clara I believe." She responds.

Hmmm... That's interesting, because I would have thought both of them would not have attended because neither of them attended the cornucopia bloodbath. But then I think of the ultimate question that would decide because I know what weapons they like to use. Not sure about Shira but I know Clara can only use a kama and claimed she refused to use another weapon in the games if it wasn't a kama to her ally in the training center. And I overheard that! 

I take a deep sudden breath, and ask Dedenne: "What weapon did they kill him with?" I wait nervously in those milliseconds fir the response.

"Sickle." She says quickly.

"Right, it's Shira." I say as I go collect my stuff ready to find her. Dedenne seems confused as to what I'm doing, so she randomly does the same... But before we set foot I ask:

"How did you know that was a sickle?"

"Remember when we watched Steel play about with the sickle in the training center?" She says, I nod, signalling her to continue speaking.

"Well remember the marks he left on the dummies?" "It was the same slash mark Brendan had on his legs."

"Ahh.... Clever." I grin at her. She grins back. However that almighty grin shrivels when we hear a large bang!

It shocks my entire heart, making the circulation pump rapidly, I peer over to Dedenne and whisper:

"Who was that?"

She says: "I don't know, but we have to go after it, we have supplies, they probably haven't let's look."

I make a sprint to my left, until Dedenne grabs my arm and shows me what the noise was, that was it! I knew who that was! It was Shira, trying to do her best to hide! Although she hasn't noticed me yet, I think she was hunting us! Because she knew we had lots of weaponry. I begin to chase after her, she is running as she now notices it's me due to my big foot stomping habit. I am gaining several metres on her already, meanwhile I see Dedenne flash across, knocking Shira flat on her back!

I take her by the neck as Dedenne takes her by the knees, she tries yanking my feet but she is unbelievably weak, I steal the canteen from her hand saying; "That was Brendan's!" I begin to snigger, she seems so hopeless. Why don't I play around with her then kill her?

She begins crying, tears streaming down her cheek, one even splashes onto me. I felt angered by that... So I slap her in the forehead and yell: "Stop crying you nubshud!" Although she continues to flood tears like a baby, I tell you. If she carries on like this her somewhat death will be much slower and painful.

Shira begins to choke, while Dedenne lets go of her and readies her katana, this will be her first kill. I feel glad for her. She's like my sister now. She asks: "Where do you want me to hit first?" I reply: 

"Wherever she hit Brendan." Of course, I still remember Brendan too. It's unfortunate I didn't get to know Darius and Steel well enough. 

Meanwhile Dedenne makes several ploughs into her knees, she can't even scream as her face is swollen and the tears on her cheek seem to be stinging over her bones. I hope she feels all the agony possible because I am loving this. 

"Jaximus, can you finish her off please... You deserve to." Wow. I wasn't expecting that from Dedenne, I want to tell her to do it, but anyways no time to argue, I grab the kama and knife and let go of her neck, as she oozes and coughs as her blood spills everywhere. I easily smeer the knife into her eye, in suprise. The eyeball simply mashes out from the socket, leaving a massive hole in her eye. She is almost dead while I see Dedenne covering her eyes in disgust. She seemed disturbed by the scene.

Finally I want to get some sponsors in the last few moments of the games by displaying some of my artwork, I take the katana and smeer my initials through her chest and stomach.. Leaving JS in big red blood. It looks amazing! Until Shira's body simply melts and within seconds, all that is left is flesh and bones. It burned like heck. I needed to be on the move. I quickly gather my items from the rotten scene, take her water canteen andtell Dedenne she could open her eyes now as we were going back to base. Although at some point the alliance will unfortunately have to end. 

Clara Crescent (5) 8am

BOOM! That was the third cannon today! And it was only early in the morning! I have to admit I could do this if I keep hiding, however I unfortunately will have to hide for a long long while possibly. But however I have never actually set out to a base, so if I was to hide it would have to be soon. Luckily, I had just located the forest sector, where I know the temperatures are slightly cooler than lets say the cornucopia. I put down my two kama's and take another sip of water. I am running out fast again and forgetting to ration it.

Amaya Selene (8) 11am

My body.... Officially hates me. I can barely walk, talk or even move my body in any typical way because it's so frustrating. Them blonde bangs on my hair... Have turned to black, meanwhile Burgundy's hair is almost completely blonde! I don't know how that happened! Although the last thing I picture before falling asleep was the tree making a sudden crash nearby. Zzzzzzz

Matthew Haper (4) 12pm

I honestly don't know what my plan is for the rest of the games now? Should I sit back and watch everyone else do the killing, or should I have an attempt at getting a few more sponsors... Hmmm, that's a tough question as I rummage through the backpack which was previously Tenshin's. Although, luckily he carried a load of valuable goodies and weapons I could use. Unfortunately, water is the real problem!

I stare at my almost now crimson skin. I won't be suprised if it will be a survival of avoiding skin cancer soon.

Finally I come to a decision to be lazy and relax in my hiding spot for now. And when a couple more cannons go off I will begin fighting again. Of course depending on which folks die.

Dedenne Reunee (9) 1pm

I, for the first time in ages. Leave no mans' land because the heat is unbearable, I can't do this with Jaximus anymore. I'm afraid the alliance has got to come to blows. I take my only bottle of water and my katana. I hope he doesn't notice me because if he catches me going away... He could kill me. I honestly am terrified in this point of time. I begin sprinting away from no mans' land. I know anything other but grass is around 1000m away, so I need to build stamina. Unfortunately, I can't do it, I feel awful. I collapse to the ground, my bottle drops to my side but I can't reach it back. I decide to lay here. 

However the next thing I witness is something wrap around my neck and tug me away heavily, I don't know what it was... But it felt awful, I shriek: "AHHHHHHH!" My echoes are heard all over the place. As the pain heaves heavier, and the somewhat tribute/mutt or even gamemaker yanks me into the jungle section. I can't deal with this anymore! I gasp, I pant, I pray something will twist right for me.

Jaximus Shaden (13) 1pm

"DEDENNE!" I yell with all my energy, I know she went away because she knew she didn't want to be forced to kill me at the end. I follow her tracks as her footsteps are squelched in the grass as it parts down making it simple to track her footsteps. I hear another scream then cry! I know exactly where that is! And exactly who it was! Within minutes I am up into the jungle and between the entrance of the jungle, the pair from 8 and of course, Dedenne.

I raise my katana so Burgundy would chase me and let go of Dedenne. But instead Amaya suddenly wakes up, I charge toward her. Raising my katana high in the air. It cleaves her ankle which gushes out. But she trips me and I land on top of her, while Burgundy continues to strangle Dedenne. I need to defeat Amaya first before I deal with Burgundy! I pull Amaya back so she falls on her rump. I take my katana back and swing. But I can't see anything! 

Suddenly I feel a sharp CRACK going in my back and I slump to the ground. The next thing I know is Amaya pulling her trident out of my back. That is what it was. With the corner of my eye I see the bacteria flowing into the wound making the process of death slower and much more painful. I know I am about to die at some point due to infection but I want one last chance to say Dedenne! 

She stares at me as the rope pulls back, luckily for her the rope slips, which means it was pulling her back on the chest now, with a sudden *cough* she manages to yell out: "What do I do?" Then afterward the rope slips back around her neck.

I can't do anything now, meanwhile Amaya smiles at me crawling closer and closer to her as Burgundy continues to strangle and choke Dedenne. All I can do is reach out for her and grab her hand. I do so, a tear rolls down her cheek while the blood manages to reach my forehead mixing blood with my tears. 

Eventually, they let go, and walk off gathering their stuff presumably leaving us to both die out together. Us, still holding hands together wish to say our last words. But by that time the throbbing pain has blocked the blood vessels in Dedenne's neck, making her unable to talk, although that wasn't going to stop me from shouting: 

"Rest in peace, with me."

"My love for you is bigger than what you could even hold."

"Any man would just be lucky to stand next to you."

"Here, though, it has to end."

My head slumps. BOOM!

Dedenne Reunee (9) 1pm

As the blood sticks to my skin, I notice Jaximus is gone. Even if I don't die now I will keep in his hand until I am ready to go, why didn't I express my emotion to Jaximus... I had all that time and never bothered. Though I will see him again. In a new, happy world. BOOM! 

Matthew Haper (4) 1pm

BOOM! BOOM! Oh Christ that went quicker than I expected. Oh well, best stick to my promise. But as I soon as I strap on my backpack I suddenly drop it to the floor again. I forgot one crucial thing. Who just died? There were 6 of us before... Now two have died. 

The tributes left were: Me, Clara from 5, Both from 8, Dedenne from 9 and Jaximus from 13. Well it certainly wasn't me, and it probably wasn't Clara either because two cannons went off at the same time so it was obviously two alliance partners which was good for me because I didn't want to be on 2v1. Although there is one other duo alliance so I need to take out them and I hopefully will be on my road to victory! I grab my bow and arrow, I also take that somewhat bone I took from Mill's body for good luck. *Sniffel* I really miss Mill, why did she have to get reaped, then we could have made friends again and lived happily forever. 

I quickly whip those tears of my eyes and put my hunger games head on. I'm almost there, don't let tears get the better of me.

Clara Crescent (5) 3pm

As I make my way further into the woods, I realise how safe it could be down there. I basically could just hide out and watch everyone die out in front of me. But the problem is finding a place to hide! 

Burgundy Anrocloth (8) 6pm

Me and Amaya sit down in the jungle. We discuss what we miss and hope to come back to if we become a victor, or even victors if the gamemakers are kind.

"What would you like to come back to?" I say to Amaya.

"Ooooh, a nice, cold shower to cool off all those burns on my hot and sore body, followed on by a huge buffet with my favourite food!" "Chicken." She says quietly.

"Then, I would love to give my mentor a huge hug for helping me win!" "I love her because she got me this far!" She seems desperate, meaning not so good news for me.

The next thing I notice is Amaya packing up her belongings, (just a can of water and a trident she salvaged from the tomb she was previously trapped in I heard) and gives me a giant hug. Unexpectedly, I tuck my arms around her too.

"Hey, do you know anyone called Leena from back home?" I question her before she says her next sentence.

"Yes, why?" She says confused of why I'm going on about her.

"Well, apparently..." "She claims she fancies me." I say in a happy voice.

She sniggers in a playful voice; "No she didn't!"

I snigger back in the same way; "Ooh yes she did." I let out a few chuckles after

"Umm, what are you doing?" I say in a concerned voice.

"It can't be us.... At the end." She mumbles disappointedly.

"No, Amaya please...." "Amaya!" I yell but it's no use.

I slump down, feeling pretty sorry for myself, maybe it was my actions that caused her to leave me. I then sadly drip a few drops from my water bottle and pour it on my head.

"Nevermind, I can win easily." I think to myself. 

Clara Crescent (5) 8pm

As I try not to take a look at the sun to look up to heaven, that is where I could be soon. My death will outcome quickly, because the gamemakers will do everything they can to make the final 3 deaths as bloody and fantastic as possible, why must I be the brunt of it?

I take as many sips as possible to be fully prepared for the 1v1 match if I make it there. God I'm so nervous about it. Just one touch of a slip decides... Kill or be killed.

Amaya Selene (8) 10pm

I'm beginning to worry if Burgundy is beginning to have second thoughts about me leaving him and is chasing me down! I am so frightened! I don't know what to do, I barely have the energy to even WALK at a fast pace, my ankles could snap at any second in time, Oh God I don't know what to do.

I begin crying, I just wish my mentor would come to comfort me and tell me it's okay to be upset. But no one cares about my death if it does happen. I just want to go back! Why have I been such a jerk? I've had so many good opportunities in my life, and have wasted them through torture, anger and fear. What a cold heart bitch I can be. I mean... Killing my own sister, I was like 12-15 or something then? Who does that? The fear thinking about it makes me even more frightened because I don't think I will be allowed to live a peaceful new generation in heaven due to that sin. Nobody accepts me, tortured by Jayson, I allied a lesbian prick who nearly got me killed, I also buried that little girl. She was at the beginning of her life and I ended that. I'm pretty sure if I win, I will learn everything about her. Then someone who actually cares for me and wants to help me through my past fears.... I go off and leave him. Why must I be like this?

After sobbing, sprawling, tearing and sniffeling, I decide, it's time to go. I look at the trident, I look at my body. What should I do? Should I end it now? 

Matthew Haper (4) 10pm

I still sit around the cornucopia ruins, anything could attack me now. My heart beats faster than it's ever been. I can't imagine how terrible it must have been for poor Mill. And that was just day 1! Although I need to step up my game, or I won't do this.

"Attention tributes, now, there has been a change around the arena. From now onward, heat and the other tributes will not be the only thing trying to kill you from now on!"

Oh no! I feel terrified, I was about to dose to sleep. But now I can't I rub my eyes praying this entire journey was a long nightmare... But it wasn't, honestly, I need to be on the move. My water supplies have almost shrunk! It was only a matter of time before I run out!

As I pack my stuff ready to get on the move the music signals, it's portrait time;

The fallen (Day 5)

Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya: District 2

Shira Teresa: District 3

Brendan Jack: District 6

Dedenne Reunee: District 9

Jaximus Shaden: District 13

Day 6 (Morning)

Amaya Selene (8) 8am

I awaken... And as soon as I awaken bang in the middle of no mans' land. Something doesn't feel correct as I lift my head from the solidified grass. And, I hear a gargle, not exactly sure where it's coming from. But it certainly is a threat. Although I try to ignore it, and continue to hunt by walking at a calm.... and relaxed pace.

Running! Ok running, the gargling noise repeatedly grows faster and even more powerful. If only heat wasn't a factor in these games, I'll be feeling... What? 99% better or something. I take a sharp look behind to notice that this somewhat condition is definately not a mutt! It's something that's trying to kill me off because the gamemakers want me to die because they think I will be a hated victor! How cruel of them! Due to this, I begin...

Sprinting! With all my might! I don't know where to go, this will end me. But not yet as I continue to run and dash, eventually literally almost carrying myself by bending forward. I take a glimpse behind noticing the sounds of repeated gargles while I look forward, oh jees I've almost reached the cornucopia ruins! I look in the distance, once I do that.... I

YELP! All I see is a sword by the looks of things rammed into my stomach, holding me up. I look up to see who it is, it's Matthew from 4. With a pure look of rage on his face. I begin to feel the blood stop through my veins, as I still look at him in fear, not yet knowing it was all over.

As presumed I slump to the ground, he steals my water and runs off, as the pain oozes in and the blood trickling over my stomach just slightly, I want to lift my head up, but I can't because of the pain and I have no energy left. Throughout the moments of the gouging irrittance. My mind sees... Unusual things....

I am on my pedestal, staring at the cornucopia,

I meet up with Elvira, she seems joyful,

I see the faces of the dead on day 1, they will haunt me when I descend,

I find a little girl, believe to the name of Lily,

We bury her up, an awful sight,

I am shoved from behind, tied up and held,

The tomb caves in and I escape,

I meet someone who actually cared for me, 

He offers me food and water,

We sit and laugh, I sleep on his calf,

The boy from 2, with his gleaming sword staring at me,

He is cleaved, the next thing I see is the boy from 8,

I then see, the anti-careers,

They hold hands and die painfully,

I walk away from my friend, go out alone,

I get chased and feared,

I sit.... With a gash in my stomach.

Tears cool down my burns but sting with might, I want to rub them to prevent any more pain, but I just don't have the energy. Why did I leave Burgundy? He was right, I was wrong. I honestly wish.... I was given a second chance. BOOM!

Clara Crescent (5) 10am

As I just heard the past cannon somewhat hours go, my plan is to literally salvage my supplies because I'm pretty sure the next one of us that dies will die of natural causes, as the arena is ridiculously large, and I'm the... Wait.... I heard something gargle.....

Then growl, with lightning reactions I pull out my kama and cross it against my chest, I slowly and uncomfortably lunge across the forest wondering where the growls came from, it continues to gargle and growl however, and I can feel it from the corner of my eye, come closer..... And closer......

The force of it thrashes against my body, as I trip to the ground, it reels me in and it drags me from my supplies as I shriek, trying to hold on, trying not to slip away and trying not to, DIE!

I begin to panic and pant, the only thing I can do now is resist for a while and maybe it will stop, as it pulls me back, I yank my kama and spank it in the solid grass, that was the only thing holding me from the clutches of the somewhat mutt, I heave with all my might, but one hand slips off whilst the other clings on like a child holding onto an ice-cream cone.

The gargles unleash into my ears, knowing it wants me, I still continue to panic, and panic as my other hand begins to slip off my kama....

Five fingers, four.... ugggh, three! Two, only two now.... I can't do this anymore!!! ARRRGGHHHH! BOOM!

The DEATHMATCH: Matthew Haper (4) vs Burgundy Anrocloth (8)

Burgundy Anrocloth (8): Now, I can do this.... One more kill to add under my belt. He must not know I killed his sister, but I'll let him know that when I'm ready to finish him off. We have selected our one and only weapon we are going to use for the fight. I of course, went with my greatsword as it gleams in the sun. Now I'm just waiting patiently to teleport to the deathmatch.... God I can't wait to get out of there! 

Eventually, a tunnel spawns behind me. I slowly and gently walk in figuring my plan, I have not seen him since day 2. I hope he will die of skin cancer right away so I can show off my beautiful looks at the victory tour. Ooohh it feels so good.... and painful aswell! As my burns get engulfed by the somewhat cooling death arena. It's like a globe made of glass and solid concrete on the bottom! I still can't get over how cool it is!

I take my stand on the purple mark symbolising my district colour, Matthew takes his place on the blue mark symbolising his district colour, me: sword in hand. Him: bow and arrows in hand. He will have to run away from me to kill me, as I give a scratch to my scars. As expected, he does the same, presumably itching aswell.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 "I killed your sister!" I mouth to him, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!

As expected he dashes away from me pulling out one bow, as I expected also I rush toward him, he will have to keep a good distance from me if he wants to win. 

I charge toward him, the blade impales his hip, he studders back and jumps away from me. Quickly inserting an arrow into his bow as I circle myself clockwise trying to make me lose sight of him. Then... I remember something: "He killed Amaya!"

Within seconds he shoots at my calf, ok, maybe more than I expected. I am now basically limping, and unable to catch him, but thankfully I go to give another slash, it collides into his opposite hip, I snigger as he falls to the ground.... Until, I see a second arrow in my calf he secretly and quickly fired at me...

Now we are both on the ground.... I can still do this though! If I could get to him before he fires the next arrow I can win, I feel like I am putting more effort than ever into this! Yes, I am close enough! The blade is long enough! It goes thorugh his throat! Is he done, is he done!


"OH MY FLIPPING GOD!" "I DID THIS!" "I DID THIS!" Screw that "I tried to save Amaya!" I actually did this. 

In excitement, I whip those two arrows out my legs, only the slightest of blood oozes out, but I cannot feel it due to my excitement!

"Congratulations Burgundy Anrocloth of District 8, you are the victor of the 400th annual Hunger Games!" 

I see the hovercraft entering the room, god it feels so cool in here! They assist me in. Of course I am still struggling, but when I enter!

"JESUS CHRIST!" A banquet! Of what!? Chicken, pork, pizza, onions, etc.... I cannot wait! 

Victor Interview

"So Burgundy Anrocloth of District 8, how are you feeling at this exact moment?"

"I feel fantastic, to know you survived something like that. I tell you, it taught me friendships, it taught me how to be kind, of course I had to sacrifice a few things... Amaya obviously, my precious greatsword (crowd sniggers) and that hoodie from my arena wear. Why can't I keep it as a rememberance?"

"And... You seem a little hot and sweaty... Would you like a little treatment?"

"Ooh yes please!"

(In suprise, a massive bucket of water collapses all over Burgundy! Soaking him entirely! But he didn't care, cause he hadn't touched some in ages.... Then some random music begins playing)

"Cause I'm happy!"

"Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!"

"Because I'm happy!"

"Clap along if ya feel like happiness is the truth!"


Placing Time Who killed? How did they die?
Shyvana Feuer 28


19 seconds

Brendan Jack Knife thrown in stomach when about to kill her killer with sword
Steel Elegy 27


38 seconds

- Slipped and collided with sitting machete
Bernice Amias 26


44 seconds

Elvira Raven Spear thrown from her left into her hip falling onto her side
Brilliant Ilustre 25


1 minute and 7 seconds 

Darius Noxan About to chop Dedenne, impaled in head by throwing knive by her ally
Rachael Gram  24


1 minute and 24 seconds

Victoria Jasmine Hid behind crate, killer found her, eyes scratched, throat bitten out and neck broken
Xiophacis Zadnronaksige 23


1 minute and 51 seconds

Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya Slashed with sickle after injuring the killers' ally while trying to flee
Mill Haper 22


3 minutes and 29 seconds

Burgundy Anrocloth Hid under crate, found by killer who grabbed a sword nearby and stabbed her back
Joshua Soulventure 21 Morning 2 - Drank infected water, lost blood, liquid and saliva
Victoria Jasmine 20 Afternoon 2 Clair Gravenstein Strangled killer, killer finds knife nearby, grabs it and scrapes it across her collarbone making her bleed
Lyssander Ghan 19 Afternoon 2 Eli Winersin Ran up a tree, couldn't dodge a set of knives, fell from the tree causing skull to bleed
Darius Noxan 18 Morning 3 Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya While escaping from careers, ally shot him in calf, finished off with sword struck to back
Lily Sinclair 17 Morning 3 Elvira Raven/ Amaya Selene Buried alive and suffocated to death
Clair Gravenstein 16 Morning 3 Jack Green Approached from behind, choked, then beaten, eventually finished by stabbing
Eli Winersin 15 Afternoon 3  - Received sunburn, blood circulation stopped, lost ability to stand, and energise
Elvira Raven 14 Night 3 Jayson Huff Tied to rope, throat cut then began suffocating, finished later by spear into skull
Jayson Huff 13 Night 3 - Drank poison sent by another sponsor, blood stopped, blood vessels snapped
Jack Green 12 Afternoon 4 - Cornucopia exploded, couldn't escape, fell under wall, suffocated, couldn't escape
Kate Eve 11 Afternoon 4 - Foot trapped in burning cornucopia, arm snapped, dehydrated also
Eliza Herder 10

Afternoon 4

Shira Teresa Tripped over tribute when sleeping, impaled sickle in back, rotted to death
Brendan Jack 9

Morning 5 

The Treat

Shira Teresa Stole canteen, tried to crawl away but got legs amputated when doing so
Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya 8

Morning 5

The Treat

Burgundy Anrocloth About to stab killers' ally, approched from behind, slashed in throat and chest

Shira Teresa

7 Morning 5 Jaximus Shaden Choked, knees cut, eyeball cut out and finished with katana smeered in chest and stomach
Jaximus Shaden 6 Afternoon 5 Amaya Selene Trident shoved in back, bled out, died of infection
Dedenne Reunee 5 Afternoon 5 Burgundy Anrocloth Strangled with rope, blood, stuck in neck, unable to pump round body
Amaya Selene 4 Morning 6 Matthew Haper Ran away from mutt, got cleaved in stomach with sword, bled to death
Clara Crescent 3 Morning 6 Muttation Pulled into mutt's clutches, tried to resist but fell out the arena
Matthew Haper 2 The Deathmatch Burgundy Anrocloth Sworded twice in hip, then blade shoved in throat
Burgundy Anrocloth VICTOR! - - -

How much water do the tributes need?

Tribute District How and when will they need water
Jack Green 1
Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya 2
Shira Teresa 3
Matthew Haper 4
Clara Crescent 5
Brendan Jack  6
Amaya Selene  8
Burgundy Anrocloth 8

Got drenched at the victor interview

Not thirsty

Dedenne Reunee 9
Eliza Herder 10
Kate Eve 12
Jaximus Shaden 13


400th hunger games rememberance03:36

400th hunger games rememberance

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