Hey everyone, I don't know if anyone else has done this for their games but... I'm going to do an award ceremony.... Now, there will be 6 tributes in each box, now you can only vote for one of these tributes in each title, so for example if you owned Burgundy Anrocloth (the victor) and he was your tribute it would not unfortunately count... You have to vote for someone nominated in that category that isn't your tribute. The winners of each vote in each category will be mentioned in my profile when it is finished, also bare these in mind too:

Only vote for one tribute in each category (not voting your own)

You can vote in every category only once

When you write down your comment giving all the votes please try put them in the order that I have put the categories in: For example first I have done (Funniest moment) first, that would preferably the first vote in your comment.

Funniest moment

Jayson Huff (Death by stupidly eating poison) 1

Steel Elegy (Death by stupidly tripping over crate) 1

Shira Teresa (Kill on Eliza Herader by accidentally catching her sickle into her)

Burgundy Anrocloth (Talking about the girl that fancies him) 2

Matthew Haper (Reaction to realising the antis were stealing his stuff) 1

Akumai 'Tenshin' Kubaya (Talking about the benefits of Jack and Kate's deaths)

Best Kill

Darius Noxan (Knive to the head of Brilliant) 1

Jaximus Shaden (Artwork on Shira) 2

Burgundy Anrocloth (Deathmatch kill on Matthew) 2

Brendan Jack (Throwing knife into Shyvana's stomach)

Clair Gravenstein (Stabbing Victoria's neck when she had her hostage)

Eli Winersin (Throwing a knife at Lyssander when he was up a tree)

Most emotional moment

Dedenne Reunee and Jaximus Shaden deaths (Dying in each others' hands)

Jack Green and Kate Eve deaths (Seperated by burning cornucopia, both killed by it) 2

Mill Haper death (Bled seriously to death and Matthew's reaction to when he found her) 1

Lily Sinclair torturing (Beaten, and killed)

Shira Teresa death (Crying throughout with blood and gore) 2

Clair Gravenstein death (Shira begged the careers to stop)

Suprise tribute

Dedenne Reunee 5th 23-1 1

Shira Teresa 7th 29-1

Matthew Haper 2nd 16-1 4

Clara Crescent 3rd 11-1

Brendan Jack 9th 16-1

Jaximus Shaden 6th 12-1

The tribute you expected to live longer

Darius Noxan 1

Shyvana Feuer 2

Xiophacis Zadnronaksige

Victoria Jasmine

Eli Winersin 1

Joshua Soulventure

Worst death to have

Mill Haper (Rotted) 2

Eli Winersin (Cancer)

Shira Teresa (Serious pain) 1

Jack Green (Suffocated)

Elvira Raven (Skull smashed open) 1

Rachael Gram (Bled just about everywhere) 1

Favourite moment (This doesn't involve tributes I know)

Bloodbath 1

Deathmatch 1

The treat (Feast)


The preview 1

Odds and scores 2

Hope you vote quickly. :)

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