Well, well. We're back! With another Hunger Games! Now congratulations to Burgundy Anrocloth of District 8 who won the 400th annual Hunger Games. So let's see who will win this time. I probably will do alot more information on the games itself rather than make videos this time aswell.


2 per user please (This may change)

I need at least a lunaii or RL, both would be fantastic!

Tribs that were entered in the last games can be used again, but your chances of winning will be generally low

Please don't get mad (I had to deal with alot of stuff last games so please don't do it)

Crying is allowed (Still going to be emotional)

The tributes' death order will this time have more of a biase on activity whilst in my last games it didn't effect

No reservations, I am sorry

Please make the RL's look the age of the tribute 

Tribute template:






Two weapons: 

Lunaii and or RL:

Fear: (Just to add intrest)

Alliance: (As last time that was a pain to sort out)





District Tribute Age Personality Weapon(s) Strengths Height Weaknesses Alliance
0 F
0 M Cecil Galaxy 14 Quiet, unknown, isn't loud Sickle, handmade weapons Camoflauge, hiding, favourite weapons 5'10 Climbing, swimming, hunting Loner
1 F
1 M
2 F Calypso Rune 15 Emotionless, cruel, angry Warhammer, mace, flail Weapons, stealth, hand to hand 5'7

Clumsy, swimming, telling people's feelings

2 M Uzi Kistrel 15 Hides his real feelings which are: distraught, vengeful, saddened Machete, throwing knives, trident Intelligent, strong, fast Has faults, clumsy, bad with weapons he isn't used to Careers
3 F Acacia Paragon 13 Charming, unhappy, wants to destroy Javeline,  Combat, hard to catch out, hard to spot 5'3 Weak with weapons, nature, gets caught up Loner
3 M
4 F
4 M
5 F Bree Riverbuck 18 Unreliable, hidden, backstabber Blowgun, dagger Hiding, survival, hunting, swimming 5'9 Fishing, throwing knives, making friends Loner
5 M Textil Archeus 15 Cult, split Throwing knives, hammers, anything blunt Strong, speed, agility Endurance, hates to kill, reflexes Any small alliance
6 F Osanna Hex 18 Cruel, menacing, selfish, untrustworthy Throwing axes, knives Experienced, aim, smart, cunning Coward, unfit, can't sneak around Anyone
6 M
7 F
7 M
8 F
8 M
9 F
9 M
10 F
10 M
11 F Lissa Pontcharian 18 Funny, jokey, helpful Sword, sickle, knife  Sword combat, throwing knives, swimming 5'7 Fishing, camoflauge, making a fire with matches Loner
11 M
12 F Celicia Fen 15 Cautious, fragile, caring Bow and arrow, knife Survival, intelligent, stealthy 5'3 Weak, weaponry, not wanting to kill or be violent Loner
12 M
13 F
13 M
14 F
14 M



Anti Careers:

(If you want me to create another alliance let me know)


The arena will be a MINECRAFT world! But the only thing is you don't have the items you have when you play minecraft, you still get real and different weapons such as a sword, scythe, knife, machete etc... And backpacks will appear too. So you can't have crafting tables, chests and diamonds etc... XD And you can't go mining. The only thing similar to the game is that the mutts are basically the mobs in the game.

There is the cornucopia which is basically a plain, grass field. This is called the plains biome. Which is the centre, the cornucopia is just a metal square with the better supplies inside. Takes around 300m to reach it.

You then come across six sectors split into random sizes. 

The desert biome: This biome is full of sand and sandstorms can occur whenever. If the tribute is lucky there is a desert temple to find, which contains lots of supplies and goodies to find, however, step on the land mine, all hell will go loose. Mainly spider mutts spawn. These mutts only attack at night, unless the tributes attack them!

The jungle biome: The jungle biome is constantly raining and is uncomfortable to survive in because of so many trees and a lack of flat land, mutts can come anywhere, wild cats can be found anywhere as well as leapords. These do not attack. Any mutt can spawn but a sparse number. They can spawn and attack at any time. A jungle temple can be found in one place, this only has one set of supplies inside, there are no traps or deadly substances in the temple. 

The mushroom biome: This biome is packed with brown mud and poisonous mushrooms, the tributes don't know that! The only mutt around is the skeletons, with bows and arrows to attack the tributes, however if the skeleton is killed, the tribute wins it's bow and arrow. The skeletons only come out at night, as all the spawned and not killed skeletons burn to death in the day. 

The swamp biome: This is full of squelchy mud and again hard to survive in, the mutts are slimes and spiders only which spiders spawn anywhere and these ones attack at any time. And slimes spawn near the outskirts of the sector. Slimes cannot kill the tributes, only eat their supplies. There is a witch hut somewhere in the biome, however if the witch finds the tribute in her hut she will throw poison at them. But these witches are easily killed and the poison doesn't kill easily. 

The extreme hills biome: This biome is full of extreme hills and again, uncomfortable to stay in but good for space as it is the biggest of them all. The mutts are creepers only, which explode if approached, the only way to kill them is to hit them, then quickly run and wait for them to blow up... Then you're fine. It is easy to lose balance and fall though. 

The ice biome: This biome is hard to run in, and extremely slippy, covered with ice so you need good balance. It is also very cold, the mutts are endermen who if looked in the eye, instantly kill. They move blocks around and are very tall. But hard to find and only appear in the day, an ice house can be found in this biome, with somewhat valuable goodies. But stay in there too long and it will collapse. 


Order in temperature:

1. Desert biome

2. Jungle biome

3. Swamp biome

4. Mushroom biome

5. Extreme hills biome

6. Ice biome

Order in size:

1. Extreme hills biome

2. Jungle biome

3. Desert biome

4. Swamp biome

5. Ice biome

6. Mushroom biome

Lunaii Gallery

RL Gallery

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