Hello guys, since my 401st games got cancelled. I decided to make a new sequel of games. Now these will be more focused on the games and include gore and horror rather than emotion this time. But there will still be a bit of it. You can enter tributes that have previously been in my 400th games as this is not a sequel to it. Also, I am just keeping districts 1-12 with 4 tributes from each because for me adding in the Capitol etc brings my brain to a meltdown. There will be also Reapings and depth. Then the oods and scores then straight to the games.

Rules and things you will need to know:

  • 3 tributes per user, (this will change during a while)
  • There are 48 tributes
  • No complaining about how I write plz..

Reservations aren't allowed I'm afraid due to confusion

Do not expect good presentation because I am writing this in source mode for the majority of it


The arena will be the cornucopia, a sand run that reaches the average person's calf up halfway, then the arena is split into 12 sectors, those being the months of the year:

January: The coldest of them all, snow is often in big clumps with very few patches of green grass to be seen. Trees with no leaves are common too. Mountains could also be found. 3rd in size

February: The average cold, snow can melt away alot, meaning patches of snow are found. Stones are common around this area and can do enough damage to kill a tribute if repeated damage occurs. 12th in size

March: Temperature can vary from hot to cold. Tiny flowers are scattered around this area and raindrops can happen from time to time. Stacks of hay are also found. 5th in size

April: This area can rain just about all the time, meaning spots of mud and slippery grass is common, effecting combat. The temperatures can still be average though. While a patch of blue sky is not to be seen. However a couple easter eggs are hidden around. 10th in size

May: Red roses are the only flowers that can be found in this area. The temperature is usually warm. And it's easy to find cups of water or picnic crumbs in this area but are not always good for you. 2nd in size

June: This area is usually warm to gentle hot. It only rains once every 2 days for a tiny period of time. Instead of grass, the only ground substance is smooth stone. 11th in size

July: This area is the hottest and genuinely uncomfortable, trees are placed in random areas whilst the sun beams down on the sector turning the smooth stone pavement to a shiny golden type. 1st in size

August: This area is a teeny less heated than July, although the golden pavement still remains. Somewhere within the sector, there are huts with a certain supply or two to keep a certain soul cool and refreshed. 7th in size

September: This area is full of leaves scattered everywhere making it difficult to trek and explore. However it could lead to some comfort at night. The weather is slightly similar to march and rain could be quite a mystery of when or where it could happen. One hidden undiscovered mountain lays somewhere aswell. 8th in size

October: This area is dark at all times, several lights and torches from the area are collectible to support whoever steps foot in the arena. Rain is quite common and the temperature can go anywhere from being cold to freezing. But it is much more common to be mildly cold. 4th in size

November: In this area secret explosives can be found lingering at the back near the trees somehow. Leaves are often found in patches as are broken branches from the wind which can be genuinely strong at times. The temperature can be very cold at times due to the strong winds. 9th in size

December: Snow is packed up to ankle level, making it severely cold and the second coldest from January. Little seperates the temperature comparison to January. Hidden around the sector presents can be found, in either little wooden houses or stranded or dug into the snow. 6th in size


Name: District: Age: Height: Weapon(s) Strengths: Weaknesses: Personality: Fears:
Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux 1M 17 5'12 Dagger, spear Strong, climbing Swimming, plant identification Homosexual, agressive, sensitive sometimes Being bullied
Sebastian Glaze 1M 17 6'3 Axe, throwing axe, battleaxe Strength, weapons, swimming Survival, hiding, stealth Positive, fun, but serious His training being undone
Anais Morrisa 1F 16 5'9 Warhammer, flail, spiked whip Manipulation, weapons, stealthy Swimming, clumsy, stubborn Cute and fun on the outside, a jerk and mean on the inside Someone getting her back
Alexandrite Bohamia 1F 14 5'3 Bow and arrow, sword, knife Strong, fast, agility Climbing, can be tricked easily Nice girl, wouldn't kill Death
Rift Stonefield 2M 18 6'2 Sword, spear, machete, kukri Strength, combat, aim,  Survival, climbing, intelligence Confident, likeable, social Losing
Mitchel Salmon 2M 17 6'3 Trident, net, sword Stroing, combat, fishing Arrogant, no feelings, heartless Heartless monster, evil, cold killer Going to jail
Carmine Morrisa 2F 16 5'9 Warhammer, mace, flail Manipulation, weapons, accuracy Swimming, speed, clumsy Rude, sarcastic, loner Someone being cruel to her
Audrey Lancaster 2F 14 5'6 Axe, knives Speed, reflexes, weapons Vengeful, cunning, swimming Brave, smart, cunning Not making allies/ being too arrogant
Tim Longworthy 3M 15 5'6 Darts Intelligent, hiding, darts Slow, dislikes killing, strength Quiet, funny, kind Beheading
Eric Carlson 3M 14 4'11 Brains, wire, spear Super smart, fast, hiding Swimming, hand to hand, strength Geeky, fun, calm Big animals with sharp teeth
Petra Mines 3F 17 5'9 Knives, traps, electronics Running, plant identifiction, cruelty Swimming, scared of thunder Cruel, cunning, hatrid Thunder
Natalie Tecknus 3F 13 5'4 Throwing knives, tomahawks, bow and arrow Holding breath, fast, stealth Weight, weak, combat Shy, playful, good listener Being trapped
Christopher Kosmos 4M 16 5'10 Spear, nets, knives Strong, fishing, tracking Plant identification, stamina, island survival skills Reserved, enjoys to kill, sexually appealing Death
Harvey Free 4M 14 6'1 Projectiles, knives Stealth, strong, projectiles Slight depression, loses control when angered Quiet, fun loving, patient Torture
Sirenia 'Si' Aquarius 4F 17 5'7 Trident, crescent sword, crossbow, Strong, weaponry, stealthy Unintelligent, survival, running Creative, not social, determined Death
Sharlet Free 4F 13 5'2 Bow and arrow Cuteness, speed, animal riding Dislikes to lose, hunting Kind, polite, arrogant Death
Korrey Arlington 5M 17 6'0 Sword, dagger Strong, fighting, leadership Cocky, running, climbing Charmer, cocky, brat like Seeing Bellatrix die
Welson Dare 5M 14 5'5 Shocker, dagger Good with electricity, smart Nature, regular weapons Independent, loves technology, intelligent Being poisoned
Bellatrix Shade 5F 15 5'7 Throwing star, katana, sickle Manipulative, stealthy, sneaky Plant identification, climbing Nice, sassy, manipulative Seeing Korrey die
Lucinda Irongate 5F 13 4'12 Traps, spear, ninja stars Running, swimming, smart Making friends, clumsy, sneak attacks Shy, sweet, sensitive Losing her best friend
Zulfikar Zambrano 6M 14 5'5 Wrench, hammer Strong, fast, mechanical knowledge Young, can't swim, bad climber Ordinary, likeable, trustful Finding his father dead
Eli Winersin 6M 14 5'5 Axe, sword, spear, fists Strong, swimming, meelee combat Annoying, arrogant, stupid Joker, serious, grim Snakes
Lana Khloros 6F 16 5'5 Hatchet Smart, stealth, fast learner Weak, swimming, hunting Smart, awareness, mistrustful Being betrayed
Millie Lakeside 6F 12 4'9 Dagger, knives Fast, stealth, senses Jumpy, frightened easily, pain tolerance Dependant, timid, can tolerate stupidity Death
Jonah Dare 7M 14 5'3 Dagger, knife Average placed, agility Climbing, isn't alert Laidback, lazy, letting others do work Doing work
Thesil Jacobs 7M 18 6'5 Axe, throwing star Strong, endurance, climbing Slow, clumsy Ruthless, pushes people away Drowning
Eva Fenrir 7F 14 5'1 Curved Swords, shurikens Healing, aim, stamina Strength, sympathetic, can take advantage of Caring, gentle, protective Losing people she loves
Sunny Coleman 7F 13 5'3 Blowgun, sword, axe Climbing trees, fast Swimming, merciful, gets distracted Happy, cheerful, full of regret Being betrayed by allies
Favian Thread 8M 15 5'11 Double swords, curved swords, spear Hearing abilities, smart, social skills Blind, clumsy, bad runner Shy and quiet, polite, smart Cannons in the games
Diamond Reaperson 8M 17 6'3 Spear, scythe, sickle Agility, reflexes, strength Too caring, kindness, climbing Nice, caring, friendly Apiphobia
Luna Sunkin 8F 15 5'2 Spear, throwing knives Accuracy, throwing, aim Strength, hand to hand, fighting Happy, go lucky, clumsy Death
Kim Carett 8F 15 5'7 Knife, sword Fast, good jumper Brain damage, not strong Confusing, loves to think, antisocial Blacking out
Jamie Flip 9M 15 5'8 Knives, blades Withstanding pain, stealth, running Swimming, thinking ahead, clumsy Stuck with feminin personality, sociable but awkward, loves to chat Letting everybody down
Lance Heggley 9M 12 5'0 Mace, knives Standing heat, plants, nature Bad with cold, weak, combat Silly, chill, upbeat Heights
Miyako Sada 9F 17 5'6 Bow and arrow, dagger, spear Stealthy, intelligent, good leader Stubborn, weaponry, weak Quick-thinking, nice, considerate Death
Ava Zachard 9F 18 5'7 Poisoned darts, claws Sensuality, swimming, hand to hand Fishing, throwing knives Rude, manipulative, social Mutts
Cody Bruski 10M 17 5'8 Bow and arrow, sword Plant ID, survival, archery Weak, swimming, tree climbing Goofy, charming, selfish Poison
Axel Cooke 10M 14 5'5 Trident, net, knife Quick, swimming, hand to hand Strength, size, unintelligent Outgoing, polite, not shy Claustophobia
Rosette Lilith 10F 15 5'4 Traps, strength Staying strong, getting revenge, climbing Romance, deep water, falling Strong-willed, friendly, bubbly Drowning
Ellie Evertz 10F 15 6'4 Throwing axe, intelligence Animals, very fast, close combat Clumsy, strength, swimming Sweet, kind, selfless Small confined areas
Tobias Drew 11M 15 5'11 Sickle, wire Toughness, weapons, strength Cocky, arrogant, tricky ally Chilled, cocky, gangster like Seeing people he knows die
Deus Morrelo 11M 15 5'8 Bow, throwing knives, wire Intelligence, bravery, strong legs Overall strength, manipulated easily, speed Awkward, smart, passionate Death
Reyla Williams 11F 13 5'2 Sickle Hiding, climbing, running Strength, small, endurance Friendly, devious, weird Heights
Taronja Diada 11F 17 5'4 Poison, Sickle Ability to go without food/ water, survival Strength, combat, paranoid Frightened by everyone, scared by others, lonely People she doesn't know
Cypress Glade 12M 14 5'10 Bow and arrow, curved sword, dagger Running, nature, intelligence Weapons, emotional, gullible Depressed, sad, funny People finding out what he's really like
Luxray Meganium 12M 18 6'5 Ninja stars Speed, strength, accuracy Swimming, climbing, agility Serious, charming, hilarious Being forced things he doesn't want to do
Kitty Mew 12F 12 4'9 Claws, scythe, throwing knives Manipulation, speed, ripping things apart Swimming, water, keeping track of time Sweet, seductive, cute Turning into a full on cat
Ivy Walen 12F 17 5'6 Throwing Knives Aim, climbing, quick Brain damage, weak, not smart Sassy, spunky, impulsive Electrocution

Tribute Gallery

The Escorts

The escorts in depth

Note: In these games the escorts are similar to the mentors

District 1: Maia Yenat

Personality: She is desperate to select the best possible tributes there can be, if a young weak looking tribute is reaped, she will seem genuinely frustrated with them but if the best of the best volunteered or were reaped, she would be jumping for joy and glory. She is a very excited toward the hunger games and wants her tributes to push to the limit. However she can take things a little too far with her bossiness. But can be patient and handy for help which makes her a good listener.

Age: 29

District 2: Mathias Welmar

Personality: Mathias acts like a typical gangster. But one of those who have been prisoned. Drugs, sex and alcohol are all that matter to him making him a nasty piece of work who if willing to give help will give it in the most spiteful manner due to his anger and fierce temper. He is the kind of escort some of the stronger tributes will be willing to beat up. However due to his anger and way of teaching it can get the tributes to learn quite well despite not being liked by the tributes possibly.

Age: 43

District 3: Fuller Archanigo

Personality: Fuller is a very generous person who respects anyone who he meets. He has no enemies and will respect anyone regardless of what they have done to him. He is very quiet compared to the other escorts which will mean he won't repeatedly be cheering them on and shouting them: "Well done!" Or, "Speed up!" He is well liked by the Capitol meaning he will attract his tributes sponsors easier due to his charm.

Age: 38

District 4: Nancy Tamor

Personality: Nancy is arguably one of the escorts that most of the citizens hate. This is because she is extremely loud over her microphone and people find her accent annoying which unfortunately can lead to occasional booing mainly from those who are too old or too young to be reaped. Meanwhile, those being reaped could possibly break down due to the pressure she puts on her citizens without realising. She is pretty well liked by the Capitol though as she fits in well with the other citizens which means she is very common to sponsors.

Age: 23

District 5: Ellie Samchas

Personality: Ellie is extremely strict with her tributes because she fears embarrassment constantly. She can get stressed easily if her tributes are typically messing around during the parades and interviews and in extreme cases. Can receive panic attacks, but only when stressed. Due to the cause of this, her hair has been grey since the age of 15 but she dyed it so it didn't make much difference. Ellie is also very touchy and picky about her tributes must doing this or must having it like that. She is one of those people who tends to get away with things and get things her away such as costumes and how the tributes act because she is also quite manipulative. She is also very obsessed with her appearance.

Age: 21

District 6: Brock Kendron

Personality: Brock may seem one of those who is pushing for glory, but he really is like anyone's daily best friend. He is very understanding and knows what to do in a given uncomfortable situation. He is also known to be a joker and the tributes usually ending up coming out with funny things to say to the crowds which can attract sponsors easily giving tributes high odds. Brock also loves to travel making him very talkative and hyper during the train ride which will make his tributes seem excited for what would be coming up before the games so he tries to make things positive in any possible way.

Age: 40

District 7: Vencis Colton

Personality: Vencis is a transgender, due to this most tributes try to stay away from him and is often hated on by the Capitol and the districts. He doesn't have the opportunity to give sponsors as of the hatrid he gets which means the tributes are in danger of being booed at the parades and interviews. However if careless if he is a transgender or not, he is a kind escort who just wants to be liked and achieve a good result. Despite not being listened to very often. He can give some good training advice to those who want to listen to him while those who deny him he shall leave to do their own thing as he has now learned that people who don't like him don't deserve help.

Age: 25

District 8: Geena Katana

Personality: Geena is extremely overprotective, she will hug and squeeze her tributes like teddy bears as she believes they are her highest importances of her life. She clearly cares for them and if there is a problem she will be straight over there to help them out. Although when the time the games come and she sees her tributes dying in the games she will get very very emotional whereas she will be in shock if one of her tributes commits a kill. Geena can also get hated by her tributes, especially the older ones as they class themselves as men and women rather than kids and get fed up of her generosity. But she would never hate them back which means she can be taken advantage of.

Age: 19

District 9: Ottavio Herman

Personality: Ottavio is a disgusting and unpleasant person to be around. The only reason several people like him is because he has a nice living and can give money to those who are his friends. He is extremely cocky, not mentioning the tributes' good points and bragging about his past and how much success he thinks he is in. As a tradition for every reaping he strips down to his underwear in order to impress people. He can be a real idiot and is possibly in danger of execution by the peacekeepers.

Age: 26

District 10: Rajid Noxian

Personality: Rajid seems frightening, due to his taste in looks. When actually he is very gentle for someone to take up that appearance. He will sacrifice as much time as he can to prepare these tributes properly to face the Capitol. He is very smart and knows how to solve any situation. However can get a little too keen to enjoy the hunger games which means seeing his tributes die in the games. Rajid also is unlucky in getting sponsors because his black like colour choices seem to shade him away from the other escorts and Capitol citizens.

Age: 20

District 11: Savanna Etchell

Personality: Savanna is obsessed with her appearance and won't want anything to do with the shaggy, dirty looking tributes and can't stand it if you don't look good which can be an advantage at the parade because she knows how to style her tributes. It also can get her tributes sponsors easily for dressing and looking fine. However is very picky and can tend to favour some and leave some to dust depending on their previous lives. She can also be very manipulative and persuade the tributes to put on a good appearance by handing them over personal things that are valuable.

Age: 31

District 12: Jesse Albamo

Personality: Jesse is a calm and welcoming person who wouldn't want to wish for anything. He feels like his life is good enough so he doesn't ask or need any help and would rather spending time helping those other less fortunate people. This does give the tributes less sponsors because of his attitude towards them, and can lead to the tributes taking advantage of him. He also can get a bit confused and end up teaching them how to behave the incorrect way by having too much focus on welcoming them and making them feel at home. None the less he would be an escort that the poorer districts would favour.

Age: 22


District 1 Reaping - Anais Morrisa's POV

I wake up to the sight of the birds twittering out my front window after recently just moving into my first house since I seperated from my sister. Besides, I have been able to survive on my own well. I just feel more comfortable that way. As I stare at my warhammer layed beside my sleeping bag rolled up against the crooked wooden floor. It just reminded me of my old home, yet again this district is beautiful. Well... Not where I live because of this smashed window and half broken flooring and one tiny plug of electricity I can salvage..

I need to desperately get ready for my big day, considering this is possibly the most important day of my life, I take my hair curlers and work through every strand. People on the streets always question me about my hairstyle and how I get it like that. Well, they were lucky not to get a warhammer in their mouth. Occasionally now and then my plugs go off considering the circuit isn't strong. It can be genuinely annoying I guess.

As I am finished curling my hair, I rub my hands all over my purple hair to cool off all that heat, need to look good for this. I am going to remember myself as the bad girl, the one who volunteers before anyone else, the one who beats up anyone there who thinks they are better than Anais. Little kids don't win. How many times does our district need to know that. However.. I wish Carmine was there to do it with me now there are 2 spots per gender to be reaped....

I open my smashed door and the crooked number saying: "14" which just drops off, well. It was a piece of crap anyways, My new house is quite far away from my district square. Luckily, I am able to build up some stamina due to all that training done over the last 16 years... So this should be a doddle!

As I arrive, I push past all these little girls knocking them all down in a row. "Teehee!" I giggle. I am like the bowling ball and they are the bowling pins. Little do I know I had pushed my entire way to the front of the line and before you know it they scream "next!" at me. Jesus Christ lady calm your titties.

After getting my finger pricked I stroll my way down, bumping into all these little girls nervously wandering to their places. I stand proud and still in my position. As we wait... And wait... And wait for this fucking escort to arrive! Just get this crap over please...

"Hello!" "Hello!" "Citizens of Panem.. Oh.... Not quite, what I was expecting. Nevertheless, lets choose both our female and male tributes for this year's season games!"

This is my chance, I clear my throat, I ready my fists and before she can even walk halfway to the female's bowl..


"Oh marvellous." She seems excited for me. Well she should, little does she know what a hard time I am going to give her...

"What's your name" She asks. I shrug and she just refuses to ask again. Hehe.

She tries to grab my hand to help me up but I slap it away, none of that nonsense... This is the hunger games! "Now, lets reap another female." She says carefully, holding her wounded hand. She walks quicker this time and quickly pulls out a slip, no one hesitates in breaking the silence to volunteer... Pussies...

"Alexandrite Bohamia!"

A girl.. Very similar to me in appearance steps out afraid, her shadow growing huge every step as she looks face down on the floor, could there be a few tears? I will sort her out. Oh come on, she hasn't even made it to the stage and I am looking like I am stood a bus stop when I could be enjoying Capitol stew! Meanwhile, she finally makes it thank god, and positions Alexandrite in a stance facing the crowd.

"Now, lets reap our lucky male tributes!" She announces, "Oh one thing!" Oh what is it now.... "I forgot to tell you my name is Maia Yenat, just to let you know!" Arrggh I can't take her anymore!

"I VOLUNTEER!" Shouts some shirtless dude in the crowd. With a face of anger. I think he was quicker than me and I don't think he will go down without a fight. However seems to be a bit of competition. Man... I feel the regret oozing in now, like you just wanna turn back but I can't now. I must keep my form together

"My name is Zaphire Beux, but it must be Zaph." As he snarles. Okay, he seems quite similar to me, maybe I might have an alliance member or two rather than the afraid Alexandrite with her head drooping down to avoid eye contact.

"I VOLUNTEER!" A mysterious but manly voice bellows, sending echoes around the square. As I get to zoom a picture if him, he casually waves his district friends as he walks up but they look straight down in fear even though they have no chance of being reaped now. As he gets closer and closer to the stage.. I begin to think he's rather..... Handsome.

"My name is Sebastian Glaze." he announces and all of a sudden cheers shriek out of nowhere. I didn't expect that. Now Maia is jumping up with joy and excitement about us I get to seize up my opponents, despite them being from home. As we are dismissed, I want a word with the good looking Sebastian, wink at him and whisper: "Nice job.."

District 2 Reaping - Mitchel Salmon's POV

It's 4 a freaking m. Pretty much everyone I used to be involved with in my life is pretty much dead or away. They had to transport me to District fucking 2 because they couldn't stand me in four anymore. Which for me is a fuck up because I am gonna miss fishing, luckily I snuck a very valuable trident from there to kill anymore ugly girls who wish to date me as my mind thinks back to the humor I drowned myself in when I karate chopped that girls back!

I decide to get my Ps3 out I stole from the fat ass twat Alaine Davis when I killed him. I decide to stick GTA 5 in the system and have some time killing fake virtual gang members for once. Ever since I stole the playstation, I have been banned from PSN twice because I had platinum hacked multiple games and threatened a dude with a knife online. So I am on my 3rd account.

I decide to play as Michael because obviously I am way more luxurious than Trevor or Franklin and hang on a minute.. There's some prick fucking Amanda! Holy shit it's some tennis coach, and he jumped out the window. But I can't be arsed with that crap, instead I go to Jimmy's room and see him constantly killing people on some unknown game I think. I then decide to let Michael throw the chair and smash his flat screen! And all of a sudden we end up going on a bike ride... Which we do, then I decide to grab this huge Lamborghini and start smashing drivers left right and centre. How many points do you get for knocking a grandma over? 88. Because I just knocked two fat ladies over!

Suddenly I hear sirens! SHIT! It's the cops... I better speed up.. Wait no.... It's the real cops! WHAT THE FUCK ARE THE COPS DOING AT MY HOUSE!

There seems to be three of them but this doesn't seem to be a problem... First one has a gun. I duck behind my gaming chair as the first shot is fired, grab the trident beside the chair and throw it at his chest. He's done. The second cop is unarmed but I grab his shirt and toss him on the PC hood, busting his brain cells. Suddenly I see the last one escape, I instantly take a seat in the cop car even though I can't drive and he gets trapped under the hood. Trampled. Then I remember something.... SHIT! It's the reapings! I am gonna be late! Fuck, fuck, fuck, I run three red lights in a row until... BOOM! My tyre has gone. Shit. What is worse I see another bunch of cops heading my way until... The district square appears magically.

Yes, I am here. Close call. Another bunch of victims to add to my tally. It seems like everyone wants to stare at me but are too feared to speak to me. Even if they do I will decipate them all!

People are still looking at me even though I am normally in line in my district place, a bunch of guys staring at me in a group until...

"Right you lot... My name is Mathias Welmar and everyone is silent!" "I don't want to hear anyone breath!" The whole area behind me hold their breath while I have a little trick up my sleeve. I put my hand into my armpit and push it in so it sounds like some hasn't taken a shit..

"Who the heck was that!" Haha, I angered him! His face is already somewhat red he can't be bothered to speak as he walks toward the reaping bowl.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Shout about 6 girls. Man this is going to be fun. Reminding me of when those 6 retarded girls fought over me!

The smallest girl got kicked away first and limped away as Mathias' hot head grew larger every moment. Meanwhile three of them run away back to their sections, that leaves two left. Some red haired chick and a black haired girl. Before the black haired girl could grip the other, her neck was broken meaning the next girl would have to be reaped. God that was just hilarious!

"Name!" Mathias orders. Man I have to say she is one fiiiinne sexy babe... "Carmine Morrisa!" She snarls proudly as Mathias angrily walks over to the bowl again and pulls out a name quickly as I start to drift off.

"Audrey Lancaster!" Fucktard, I was about to drift off then..

Some afraid but fierce looking girl walks up to the stage, slowly...

"Oh for christ's sake!" "Get a move on!" Mathias yells. Causing her to cry. Hehe.

Mathias drags her on, as her tears suddenly stop and she puts on a brave face. Man... It's hard to keep track of things when that sexy Carmine is nabbing all the attention from my eyes.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Some dark haired guy seems to be determined to get up there before anyone else as Mathias hasn't even pointed a foot toward the bowl yet. He takes a place on the stage and makes his speech:

"I have volunteered to win, I will not let you guys down!" Cheers appear from every direction. Yawn... I think I am gonna go to sleep...

"Mitchel Salmon!"

WHAT DA FUQ? I was reaped?!? Oh whatever I could win this anyways, I put on my cunning face which seems to suprise Mathias as I smile in everyone's direction. But little do they know about my dark side as I rub my hands together...

"Well Mitchel, what do you think?" Mathias says, looking up at me.

I grab him by the spike of his hair and say: "I think this is bulls***!"

He walks away and declares the reaping over.. Now to catch up with that Carmine....

District 3 Reaping - Natalie Tecknus' POV

The only thing that could be heard when I awaken is the clattering of the rain dripping down on my windows as I slowly and gently arise. Then I remember, oh crapppp the reaping day. Looks like I am gonna have to travel in this pouring rain because my Mother and Father are at work early yet again, but now I have learned my way around this town.

I hang my cloak in my wardrobe thinking.. "There's no way I can disguise myself." I just pray that them peacekeepers wannabes who attacked me a short while ago don't notice me. If they do I fear I could have a stress breakdown. Even if someone I know recognises me out in public I start to panic and get nervous, because it is just who I am.

As I walk to my mirror, I take my comb and work out all the tangles so it is gentle and smooth. Then I remember. Balls, it is raining, that was a waste of time so instead of wasting all that time I take a beanie and wear it on my head so I won't get entirely soaked. I look stupid, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

I walk downstairs to come to the sight of my empty, messy house from last night. Meanwhile the only noise to be heard is that of my wooden floor creaking every time I take a step. I won't be surprised when it collapses!

I decide to a spoonful of rice or two because I don't tend to eat much in the morning. Even though they say you should eat your breakfast like a king. Within seconds afterward I am leaving my house, fastening my jumper and stumbling out into this drenching environment.

As I walk into the more industrial areas of the district, I glimpse all the advanced looking skyscrapers that tower over me. It's a shame I don't live around this area because I would be having the time of my life in this area. Finally reaching it to the district square where my death could possibly be decided. I try to make myself as still as a statue so those boys who stole from me won't notice. My heart begins to pound when I reach the registration area. As they prick my finger it inserts a minor shock through my body. The pain is only for a second. But I gaze around to notice quite a few other citizens are eyeing at me stupidly. Oh how embarrassing was that.

Things only get worse when I notice two boys glancing at me with a fierce look pointing directly at me. No, they can't be those who attacked me! Jesus, I am beginning to panic, my breath goes in an unusual cycle, stress and sweat builds up even though the humidity is cold due to the droplets of rain pouring down on us. I try to stare at the floor, not making eye contact... Suddenly the moments of silence break.........

"Hello everyone, it's time to select our tributes for this year's season games." Man, this year I think we have totally lucked out with our escort, he seems calmer than the previous lot. Although the only dislike of him. Can find is his flashing red hair, it's just too shiny and perfect for me unfortunately.

"My name is Fuller Archanigo and I know you all hate it, but it's time to select for the females." As he slowly and quietly steps out toward the reaping bowl. He digs his hand in whilst randomly some girl happens to just run out into the center, she is fairly tall. And Fuller happens to notice this and stare blankly at her face.

"I VOLUNTEER!" The girl shouts who in fact has a very sweet hairstyle. To prevent herself from being drenched of water she quickly runs up and takes her allocated place.

"My name is Petra, and I volunteer for my sister!" Se squeals. Aww, she is such an innocent girl, wanting to sacrifice herself for her sister. However the next spot was still open and there is chance I could end up in it.

He digs deep and I close my eyes, only to hear the dripping of rain twiddling down on my face.

"Natalie Tecknus!"

Oh no! Oh no no no no no! I don't want to do this, what should I do? Walk in front of everyone and make a fool of myself or let the peacekeepers drag me down. Everyone is staring at me and before I could make my decision they have picked me up off the ground and am definitely screwed for these games. I just pray a volunteer would emerge however no one dares step out of line. As they settle me down on my feet I feel in utter shock, my thoughts unable to find words to answer questions from the escort.

"Now, time for the boys I am afraid." Man, this guy must really hate his job.

This time he walks a little faster, although all my attention is distracted on a middle finger pointing directly toward me, I know who it, but I can't locate the words in my brain to express who it is.. Err.. Err.

"Tim Longworthy!"

The name call gives my body a complete shudder, even though it was a gentle speech. My eyes now appear to droop in any direction, now they are focused on the boy frightened to take steps and when he does, he takes a look behind to hope someone would volunteer for him. And it seems right now I am the only one who knows how it feels to be in this position. Eventually he makes his way, no volunteers surprisingly. He too has his legs shaking and randomly stares up into the sky, his glasses stained up with water, which was probably the reason he took so long to make it to the stage.

"Eric Carlson!"

Yet again the echoes in this rain frighten my body, as I look toward a tiny 14 year old boy with blonde hair look down while making his way to the stage as the rain splashes on him in every direction, fortunately I am underneath a roof now but I am starting to feel a sneeze coming.. "A..a choo!"

Ugghh.. The next thing I notice is a bunch of kids laughing at me, I look down in fear to notice a massive chain of snot dangling down across down to my waist. I feel like tearing up now, I mean even my fellow partners have let out a giggle or two. How can I take this anymore? I feel like a laughing stock, how will I deal with this in the arena?

Luckily we are dismissed away, and I feel ashamed and humiliated. Forget these stupid ass games. I may aswell suicide.

District 4 Reaping - Harvey Free's POV

I awaken in anxiety of what the result could be at the end of today. Reaped for the hunger games. This would be worse than my beautiful Mercedes leaving me. As I turn my head to the side, I stare through the dim darkness of what was a drawing of her I did a while back ago. My tears hold back through my strained eyes from gazing through the dimness. As I concentrate on my drawing my left eye glances to my crooked clock hanging on one nail showing it is in fact only 3am. God almighty my nerves woke me up that early! I should Just forget the reaping, focus on lovely ideas when I get back to sleep........

I wake up to the fish splashing down in my miniature pond outdoors. This time it's morning for good, however my nerves have still not disappeared. Even if I do get reaped for the games, it's not all over for me. Most 14-15 year olds my age are not even close to 6 feet. Which means I obviously have a couple advantages compared to the other tributes my age, so this means all my hope is not lost.

I take my drawing of Mercedes, scrunch it in my pocket for good luck, hopefully. Although all the luck I have gained over the past years of my life has come very sparse. As I brush down my hair I use my deodorant to remove the horrifying smell of my armpit, those escorts must get greatly pissed if one of the tributes does not look satisfying, which means I best get clean.

I leave my house whilst my parents yet haven't woken up. I guess they're not coming again. Last year they didn't. Well, it's district 4's on fault for setting the reaping schedule well early during dead morning rise for most average people.

My hand shakes as I struggle to close the door due to my shivering actions. The walk downward toward the district square is only really one mile, can't complain really however to be fair I should have brought a scarf or something as the temperatures seemingly have dropped quite a couple of degrees since I left my house.

I reach the district square and silently file myself in life hoping not to drift any recognition to others. Getting your finger pricked when your nervous can be an outright pain, but now is not the time to have a panic attack. As the prick inserts, the pain is only for a split second, and luckily a split second. I couldn't withstand that for at least 3 or more seconds. I am then assigned to my standing position where the escort arrives...

"Hello, hello District 4! Welcome to the reaping of the season games!" Her voice echoes throughout my body shivering my legs. Making me feel as uncomfortable as ever.

"First, as usual. We shall select from the females!" Boos and jeers direct from the outer sections of those who are in danger of being reaped, after a while of silence, one woman yanks herself out of her position and yells: "Get the fuck off stage you blue bastard!" Little after she was shot dead whilst someone shrieked. "I volunteer!" Both soundings of the gun and the girl who volunteered made my breathing patterns go unusual. Holding into my drawing of Mercedes praying it will bring me luck, I notice a few eyes gazing at me in random directions. Well, that set my nerves to the limit. I couldn't even open my eyes. I was so nervous, my legs shook and my teeth felt like they were going to collapse altogether.

The girl who yelled eventually reaches the gigantic step walk to the stage, I was looking down so I can't note her appearance but all she says is... She's called Anya. Ok...

Things will become even more tense when Nancy will announce the next tribute. "Lets pick again." As most people around me have their ears covered, I have mine covered, my head down and my body crossed in every motion.

"Sharlet Free!"

Wait.. Who was that... I couldn't hear I had covered my ears, I don't see any sight of who the reaped child was, but she doesn't seem to be appearing to me although I can see the peacekeepers' helmets and them leading her to the stage, as she is let go. I finally recognise who it is, no... That can't be... Sharlet? Sharlet Free?

I feel.. Heartbroken, this time round I cannot control my emotion, yet again I am too in shock for tears or any sort of thing to run down my eyes. My hands have gone clear pale, just get this over with.

"Now!" "Time to select our lucky male tribute!" The shrieks of her voice rapidly collide with my ear canal.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Bellows a boy a few rows back behind me. Luckily, that excreted some of the fear knowing I need just one more volunteer and I am safe for another year... Just one...

"Harvey Free!"

No! Why me, and why Sharlet, my legs were too numb to even walk, until the peacekeepers drag me outward from the block... Mercedes didn't bother to help me, my parents didn't bother to appear. Meanwhile I am forced to walk this dastardly fearful slack toward the stage behind the prancing volunteering male. Him as well as the volunteering girl are probably hungry for killing and murder, while I just want to survive.

Eventually I reach the stage, I stare into Sharlet's eyes and whisper: "Sorry." She seems torn apart as well as sad like me. Although she couldn't hold back enough to keep her emotions inside.

The floor creaks every moment I take a slight step as the other male tribute answers his name as Christopher Kosmos! The four of us stand facing the district, however I attempt to keep my head down and hope no one would notice me. Till we were dismissed where I jolt up to Sharlet and attempt to calm her. I say "sorry" and so on.. But it doesn't seem to work as I have my arm around her while she has her arm around my waist. This is effin torture.

District 5 Reaping - Lucinda Irongate's POV

"Lucinda!" "Wake up!" I open my eyes, to my drug abusive mother yelling at me to wake up, it's early morning, so I am struggling to wake up but am in panic because she yells even closer into my ear.

I slowly arise from my bed while her screams echo into my ears. All of a sudden then she slaps the back of my head, and I tell her to go away and call her a gorilla for slapping me. This time she gets even more angry and attempts to run after me. Luckily I slammed the door tight and because she's drunk she struggles to re-open it. You may wonder why I am not crying or tearing up is because I have suffered this torture daily year after year... It just gets boring and pathetic. Yet, I still haven't had the confidence to tell anyone about it.

I hear my Mother yelling attempting to open the door whilst I try run away from her as soon as possible when she gets the door unlocked. Without hesitation I whip my clothes and scramble out the door, panting of exhaustion. Then I just remember, I have locked myself out the house, I didn't bother to get changed, brush my hair or get food. What a stupid move I have done. However luckily there is one place I can hide, but I need to get to it fast as people will start to notice my clothes.

Within seconds I am fully dressed yet my hair looks appauling. I fear if I was reaped I would be called a scumbag. However it will probably be what I could look like in the arena if I am reaped, but hopefully I won't. Let's think positive. I am only 13, alot of people I know are much older and have a much higher chance of being reaped.

Taking the sprint through my stinking alleyway, I hear the echoes of my Mother chasing after me in fury. I panic, she could do anything to me right now, although all of a sudden I glance toward a familiar voice nearby in the distance.

"Matilda!" I grin with glee, run up to the end of the alleyway and hug her. I was so glad to see her again. My emotions can't describe how relieved I am to see her.

"Been a long time Lucy!" Matilda squeals as I snuggle her tight. "Want to walk together?" "To the reaping?" She nods.

"Of course!" Honestly, I am panting with excitement and fear right now. I clutch her hand tight as we discuss our chances of being reaped. Although the conversation sets me off the back foot slightly and begins to make me genuinely frightened.

"Don't worry Lucy, it will be all over within time." Matilda ruffles my head which calms me down just a little. "One in a thousand, nothing like that will happen to such a sweet girl like you!" She adds.

My heart beats with comfort, with a tear gently strolling down my cheek, I reply: "We'll that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me." As I sink into her arms.

Still locked into her arms, we arrive. As sorry as I feel for myself I just want to go up and hug all the little boys and girls now eligible to be reaped. Yet again I don't want to embarrass myself. Suddenly I feel a force push me, and it turns out to Matilda taking hand of a lost 12 year old girl, shorter than both of us, who appears to be crying of fear and anxiety, Matilda comforts the girl by putting her arm around her and smiling gently as she looks back at her mother who is tear stained like her who obviously knows she can't look back to her now.

As we file for finger pricking I close my eyes and let the shock take over my body, it's only for a second, but luckily I am used to it as I have suffered many beatings in the past. And so does Matilda, however the little girl beside us didn't react in the same way..

She squeals in pain, and Matilda gently puts her arms around her and kisses her on the forehead, and whispers goodbye. As she is forced to leave us, I give her a quick snuggle before departing to my station at the 13 year old girls area. Meanwhile up on the stage I can hear several arguments happening behind the doors....

"Ehhh.." She sighs before she introduces herself. "I am Ellie Samchas and I will be your escort for these games!" "Now, just a word of note, I expect perfect behaviour!" "No mucking about!" Her squeaking cracking voice sends shivers into my brain. Forcing my legs to shake.

"First up, females, quiet please!" Most of the district is quiet whilst others giggle and snigger. Yet Ellie ignores them and digs deep down into the bowl. I clinch my fists together...

"Bellatrix Slade!" The name calling booms and rattles against my ears, a confident looking girl happily skips her way on stage like walking up to an ice-cream truck.

"What do you think?" Ellie mentions.

"Ooh, this is splendid! Although you could do with a new dress!" She adds on cheekily swishing her hair.

"Oh be quiet!" She yells as Bellatrix giggles. And quickly skips over with her to the female's bowl again as her bracelets clatter against each one. I look down in fear, sweat dripping from my head as Ellie clears her throat!

"Lucinda Irongate!"

"No!" I hear someone scream, it was Matilda, she buries me into her arms, but within seconds the peacekeepers barge me out and drag me across by my hair, me, embarrassed and frightened hold my tears in, with my pale face as I glance up to see Bellatrix gasping in laughter. Eventually I am let go to walk up these creaky, damaged staires.

"Lucinda, stand properly!" "What a disgrace you look!" Ellie yells as others laugh, I tear up, I stare at Matilda, tears flowing from every direction covering up her face. I don't want to look, but I am forced to when Ellie walks over to the boys' pot.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I notice Bellatrix jumping in shock, he sprints to the stage in fury and grasps hold of Bellatrix, refusing to give his name as Ellie just ignores him.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Booms another dramatic voice, he nods to the peacekeepers and normally makes his way up onto the stage. I continue to wipe my tears after the short period of crying I just suffered.

"Who are you then!" Ellie grunts.

"Welson Dare, and what's wrong with you?" He adds.

"Don't question me!" Ellie seems fuming with his choice in language.

"Well considering you've insulted me, yelled your head off and been a total dick to your tributes, I have the feeling you want to abuse us!" Welson says.

Korrey and Bellatrix giggle, whilst Ellie seems outraged with him.

"The reaping... Is over!" She mutters. Honestly, this is more painful than being beaten by my parents... Before the door closes a last tear drops from Matilda's cheek and the doors slam. My life is over...

District 6 Reaping - Zulfikar Zambrano's POV

"Zulfikar... Psst.." Huh. Who was that? Oh, it's just Dad, although I am struggling to understand why he was woken me up at this time. The reaping is ages away.

"Zulfikar, come downstairs quickly." He says in a gentle voice. Whatever it is, I am somewhat not looking forward to discovering.

"What is it?" I whisper, not fully yet woken up. We enter the garage through the conservatory. Only to notice that..l

"The car!" "It's been nicked!" I shriek.

Within seconds I whip on some socks and a fresh shirt. I had no time to change my trousers, in panic and shock me and my Father hurry out the door and sprint up the road, although it was only 3am or something we need to figure out where our car had been stolen. Yet I seemed more angered than my Father because I contributed massively to the engineering works of that. If people think they are going to destroy my creations when I am older. They can bloody well kiss goodbye to life!

"Zulfikar, look!" My Dad says. We gaze down the alleyway to witness our brand new built Ford abandoned down the alleyway with a punctured tyre, smashed window and dented boot. I cross eyes with my Father, and we both read each others' minds. "Our fucking load is missing!"

Eventually we limp round town for an hour attempting to search through every single skip, yet all we find is a bunch of abandoned litter and burning tyres.

"I bet some teenage moron tipped it all in the canal!" He bellows.

"Don't look at me." I ask concerned.

"Very funny." He mutters.

Of course, our load (bricks) would obviously not be there as my remind my Dad. So we revert to the backup plan....

Looking at our almost destroyed vehicle which he had dragged around town and seemed to be on it's last legs. A sudden conclusion came to mind.

"Dad.... Do you remember anyone at our front door yesterday at 4pm." I mutter yawning.

"Umm.. No." He looks confused.

"Well, there were two men at our front door asking if they could note down details and were willing to know about our home run garage."

"Wait, wait... Yes I remember everything now!" I seem startled. Wanting to know more.

"Those men were from my old school when I was a child, just like you, they were always jealous of my success, and they cause this crap." "Sorry to act angry in front of you son, but when we get home, we are calling the blummin cops!" I can understand why he is so annoyed.

We turn on the half dead engine as I feel like I want to slump onto the airbag but this smashed window in front of me is letting all the cold in so it's becoming quite difficult to settle comfortably. The last thing I picture is the screeching noise of the flat tyre rubbing against the concrete of the pathway...

"Zulfikar..." Oh, it's Dad again, once yet again, absolutely exhausted of my journey last night, wait for the dreaded words of...

"Time to get ready for the reaping." He nods concerned.

Only just noticing he left me sleeping in the shitshack AKA our car now, that reminds me...

"Did you call the cops after I fell asleep?"

"It's all sorted." He says with a gigantic smile on his face. "You also might wanna change your clothes." He adds. I look down to see oil stains and the smell of putrid tyre smoke branded on my clothes. Slacking tired, I stomp to my house and whip on some new clothes. After that I walk into the bathroom where I quickly get brushing my teeth and washing my face.

I am beginning to develop a few pimples recently, so I guess if I get reaped I will have to put on a decent looking appearance to cheer up the Capitol.

I nod to my Dad to tell him I am ready to leave as we make an agreement to walk to the reaping square, despite it being a long distance, we have a decent amount of time to take a relxed walk. We better not risk taking that car out again.

Eventually we arrive, I wave goodbye to my Father and begin lining up for finger pricking, it's kind of saddening yet annoying to see all the nervous 12 year olds all biting their nails while all the gigantic 18 year olds ready to do the basic torture again. Last year, I nearly shit myself when the boy's name was read out. When the escort happened to take a sudden pause at the Z. Now I know a Z is not a common beginning letter of a name which was why I freaked out dramatically over it, however the name happened to be read as Zidane, not Zulfikar, that was bloody close.

The finger pricking line shortens second after second, and before I know it I am in front, I take a deep breath and allow them to prick my finger. I shake off the slight pain which appears to work. Luckily my skin has hardened up after all these days of hammering nails and screws. It's also given me muscle too.

Finding my required position, I shift in a little to make myself look less obvious, although I keep looking back at my Father to see if he notices me, I notice him but unfortunately, he doesn't which is a bit of a shame....

"Hello citizens if District 6 and my name is Brock Kendron." "As you all know it is the time for selecting 4 tributes for the season games, and I know how all of you get nervous from time to time so lets just get on with the reaping." He smiles up afterwards.

It's a bit unusual how escorts are acting this year, as my nerves begin to kick in. He doesn't even hesitate to stir the pot holding the girls' names as my heart begins pounding faster by every second.

"Lana Khloros!"

A nerdy looking girl appears slowly out of the line, her mouth open in a massive O shape in utter shock as I begin to sweat second by second. She makes eye contact seemingly with every person in the district as she looks around praying for volunteers.

"How are you?" Brock asks.

"Well, one in about five thousand selected to be reaped. I am outraged."

"It's ok.... Things will calm down." Brock says in a relaxing voice. Although my nerves were kicking in and force my hand against my heart to prevent the pounds from becoming too violent for my ribs. Please get this over with!

"Millie Lakeside!"

A very very small and frightened girl immediately walks out, fear written all over her face, wiping her left eye whilst I wipe my chest. I don't like how all these people are stepping slowly as it is really stressing me out!

"Are you okay?" Brock questions with a worried look on his face.

The only response is a sound of wailing tears, her face hidden by her tiny hands whilst Brock attempts to comfort her in the kindest way possible. Unfortunately for her he has to move on, luckily her tears stop by just a few deep breaths.

My eyes widen every step closer he gets to the reaping bowl, examining the slips insuring the ones that look larger aren't in a dangerous position to be in because my name has alot of letters obviously. It takes him less than half a second to whip a name and unwravel it. I take a gigantic gasp as he clears his throat.

"Zulfikar Zambrano!"

No! My minds says. No! I take a look at my Father, he is already on his knees and his hands cover his entire face, all in the name of shame, which I feel too, my legs feel unsteady as many stare at my I strange walk to the stage. Lana and Millie glance at me with their eyes open wide. Meanwhile each stare gives out a violent cream underneath me as I take steps up it.

"Zulfikar, I know this is unfortunate but how do you feel." Brock asks me.

I can't speak or make eye contact as I am frozen with fear as I concentrate on my Father, still head down and on his knees shaking his head.

"Ok, we will talk later if that's ok?" Brock asks.

I slowly nod, ready to recover myself as I somewhat gaze at Brock taking a jog to the bowl beside me, quickly whipping a slip sticking out, he lets out a brief sigh as he opens up the slip and announces the name.

"Eli Winersin!"

"FUCK!" Goes a massive voice which echoes through the entire square, the vibration almost trips me up off my own feet! Whereas an extremely angry 14 year old mumbles as he storms his way onto the stage, setting my teeth on edge as he stomps on each and every single stair.

"So Eli, how do you feel?" Brock asks him.

"Piss off and don't look at me like that!" He yells and kicks the chairman. All of a sudden the peacekeepes get to him and drag him off the stage. Just as I shake hands with Lana and Millie. I hear noises of screaming. I wonder if he is getting beaten backstage.

As we are lead backstage we meet Eli with a somewhat mark on his neck. I guess he won't be misbehaving again...

District 7 Reaping - Eva Fenrir's POV

"Eva..." A cute gentle voice awakens me from my left. It was Hope, she whispers: "Can we leave yet?" I respond not yet fully awake: "Soon sweetheart, we will go." As tonight we were lucky enough to locate a homeless shelter for the night where we tend to stay in the public bathroom. I know it stinks down there but Hope dislikes the faces of all those who stay there with us as she finds them creepy, so she prefers to be alone in the bathroom.

Clutching my pillow. I notice Hope drops to sleep again, I lift my head up off the pillow and give her a deep kiss on her scalp then rub my fingers through her hair. I pray she does not get reaped. My biggest fear at the moment.

Now this time, I hear shuffling coming from the main hallway alerting morning has come, I guess this means it is not long till the reaping occurs. My heart lets out a few pants of if the peacekeepers will notice who I am, the girl who shot the mayor. I guess I will have to keep quiet. As I think this, Hope wakes up and ask her if she wants to leave.

"Can you give me a couple of seconds to get prepared." She asks. And I allow her as I tie up my hair in a braid. I help Hope tie her's in a ponytail. I give her a few seconds to brush her teeth and we set off. Trying not to trample on any of the elderly as we make our way out.

We needed to find something to eat, and fast. Of course we only have a tiny bit of money but people randomly stop us in the streets just about all the time, call us poor girls and unusually lend us money. I mean it's sweet but I don't deserve it, I killed. If anyone recognises me now my heart will be torn to shreads.

However Hope was lucky to find a dollar or so on the floor nearby as we jogged from possible threats. I knew there was a shop nearby, so I allow Hope to enter in on her own as I am too frightened to do anything such as entering public places anymore because yet again if anyone realises I shot the mayor.... I'm history.

Within a minute or two she comes out the store with a couple of brownies. We knows we love sharing them because they make us happy which is exactly the mood we need to be in for the reaping.

"Do you know the route?" Hope questions me, I take hold of my hand and respond: "Don't worry, we will be there in no time." I smile warmly afterward and ruffle her curly hair. As we begin walking I look directly downward to avoid eye contact with anyone who could possibly notice that I was the one responsible for killing the mayor... It's just torture for me to go through.

Fortunately, we get there just in time aswell. Throughout that entire journey I attempted to insure that I was looking as unsuspicious as possible. But now lots of people can recognise me, so I just need to be absolutely silent as I line up for finger pricking.

The buzzer goes off and I flinch for just a fraction, and pressure the tiny wound so it will heal quicker. I now wait for Hope to get her's done. She squeals for a split second, luckily I am nearby her and pressure her wound and give her a kiss on the cheek, as it could possibly be the last time we could see each other.

"Umm, hello District 7." Shouts a fairly afraid voice from the escort. "My name is Vencis Colton and am your escort for this year." He or she says nervously. I haven't fully figured out what their gender is.

Although I do when I hear the echoes of, "tranny!" and "gay fag!" Being yelled from behind me. The words make me want to tear up, what a poor feller, just wants to entertain people and gets treated like this...

Without even speaking to the citizens. Vencis skips to the bowl as the crowd giggles, meanwhile I keep crossing eyes with the people nearby me. I seriously pray they do not notify me as the girl who shot the mayor.

"The tributes are Jane Carter and Hope Fenrir!"

Oh no.... Hope has been reaped! I feel like tearing up, I am gonna have to do it... I VOLUNTEER! However the similar words blast from my right aswell, it seems another girl volunteered, we cross eyes for a bit, then immediately dart over to the two young girls. The other girl who volunteered runs over to the girl who has been reaped and hugs her while I grasp hold of Hope and quickly let her go as a tear rolls down my cheek.

The other volunteering girl follows me up the stage as about thousands of pairs of eyes gazing toward me. But my death is very soon so I don't genuinely care. I only really care about my own fate and Hope at the moment!

"What are your names?" Vencis asks.

"Ummm.. Sunny Coleman.." The other girls asks while it takes a certain while for my voice tone to settle but when it does I gulp out: "Eva Fenrir!"

Suddenly a mysterious voice yelling: "Hurry up ya gay cunt!" bellows around the stage. It takes the peacekeepes less than a second to shoot that kid dead. Man this place is such a horrible environment.

"The male tributes are Thesil Jacobs and Jonah Dare!"

Boos yet again follow, as my eyes gaze in shock at a ginormous boy angrily trodding his way up, meanwhile another boy, less bulky and looking frightened makes his walk terribly slowly.

The Thesil boy walks up to the staircase before Jonah I think gets halfway, he snarles at Vencis and mouths at him: "Don't talk to me."

Jonah finally makes it to the stage, wiping his eyes attempting to stay strong, Vencis asks how he is feeling, however only the sounds of his slight snivelling could be heard.

More engulfing boos follow as we are lead backstage as Sunny attempts to hug the two boys but Thesil pushes her off. While I attempt to take a peek out of the door to look for Hope but no sign of her.

Bye sweet sister.

District 8 Reaping - Diamond Reaperson's POV

It's reaping day, and I am up early, only to clattering noises of rain making contact against the ceiling. It frightens me rain for some apparent reason.

As I open my curtains it's difficult so see through all the splashing but sadly, it seems all the poor families nearby down my street are preparing themselves off for the reaping. It's terrible to see people like that who don't deserve to be living in those conditions while I appear to have a perfect life, yet again it can't always be perfect because quite a few times a gang has tried to break into my house and steal valuables. But I wouldn't be too saddened to see it go anyway.

Unexpectedly I hear a ping from my iPhone. I wonder who that could be.... I slide the screen and it happened to be a voice message, I click on it and it says:

"Diamond, it's Steve, your boss, I want to tell you that you will receive less wages from now on because we need to focus more on fairly payment toward our less fortunate workers, I hope you agree with this decision and I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow... That is.. If you don't get reaped."

That message puts a smile on my face, finally someone else in my life who is now beginning to concentrate on striding to an equal community. Meanwhile on the other hand my parents are repeatedly nagging at me about all this... "Stop sharing!" And "No need to work!" Trash. They also repeatedly comment about my name because obviously I was born in District 1 so I receive one of those high luxury names which irritates the hell out of me. Unfortunately that's life and I guess I am able to deal with it.

I have got quite a lot of time to spare, I go heat up some pancakes and turn on the flatscreen. Murders, murders murders... Why can't people trust treat each other like they want to be treated? Just like Jesus. All I can find is repeated morning breakfast news about the reapings so I decide to switch my xbox on. Every time I play on it it makes me joyful and relaxed while it also makes me feel for all those who don't have one.

I don't have any of those war or sexual abusive like games such as call of duty or GTA. What I really love are driving games because it entertains me and games that involve shooting or theft sicken me.

Hmmm... Should I go for Need for speed most wanted or Forza 4. I can't decide. Wait.. Ooh the pancakes are done. However before I get the chance to get to my seat.... I see a little child watching me a few feet from my door, I think he wants some food, I am not sure. But despite it chucking it down I am going to go help him because somewhat years ago that little kid was just like me....

I pop my hat on and open my door, he surges immediately to me and I offer him half of my first pancake. He seems delighted with joy. I wave to him on his way back and screams: "Mummy I got food!" Little does he know I am happier than him.

I munch the remainders and go back upstairs to change into some clothes, I only choose a dull pair, only because it will be difficult to recognise me in these as alot of people in the district select very ellabrate clothing to wear for the reaping. Me on the other hand, meh, it's just not my taste.

I go into the bathroom and stare in the mirror to insure myself I look ok for the reaping. Once I am done with that I happen to notice my Mother and Father have gone out because their car is not there. Possibly at the square already expecting me to do all the work. However the trip is not too much of a distance so I don't understand why I am complaining.

I safely lock the door as the rain appears to have come to a sudden halt. Furthermore the pavement has still left literally a lot of puddles on the pathway which will be a challenge for me to prevent getting my shoes wrecked.

Finally I arrive, luckily I didn't pick blasting clothes with colour otherwise thousands of eyes would be locked in my direction. Well, the only thing really that is eye catchy is my hat, but I am certainly not taking that off!

The line for the finger pricking can get a little stressing with everyone's body temperatures rising creating lots of body heat flowing everywhere. Fortunately it's raining so that won't be happening this time around. As I reach the line I notice that the prick seems to be slightly pointier than the previous years. Ready for the somewhat pain I look toward the district square and the let the shock run through. I suck my finger to relieve the pain.

As I stand awkwardly with my hat drooping into my face. Suddenly the escort comes hopping in like it was a toddler's sports day race at kindergarten or something. A few people snigger at her short stature and ridiculously lengthy orange hair, however I think it suits her fairly well.

"My name is Geena Katana and I am more than excited to be this year's district eiiiiight escort!" She squeals. That didn't do my nerves genuinely any sudden favours. Meanwhile I notice a few groans from my section at Geena flapping her arms in excitement. My heart begins to pound even though this isn't going to be my bowl.

She carefully selects the paper as the rain falls in every direction as I adjust my hat. I shiver in fear as the name is called out:

"Luna Sunkin!"

A girl, who has a very similar hair colour to Geena, nervously looks down in anxiety as the peacekeepers watch her carefully. Within seconds of making it up there, Geena grabs her off the stage and huddles her in her arms. How embarrassed must she feel. I honestly feel sorry for her. Yet again it's good to have comfort after something terrible happens to you.

Geena lets her go to select another tribute, my nerves repeatedly come and go as they seem to be uncontrollable. It's greatly frustrating that there is nothing I can do to hold them back.

"Kim Carret!"

Who's that? I wonder, I can't exactly see her face from the clothing she is wearing, however I can tell she hasn't seemingly had a break in life, meanwhile Geena seems thrilled ready to greet her. Instantly, Kim's arms wrestle against Geena's. Geena seems saddened from that, I know the Kim girl mustn't be in the mood for hugging but to push someone away who could really help you upsets me.

"Now for the boys!" She squeals with joy as my nerves begin to return, my hands are turning red and I scrunch my feet up. She slowly examines the slips and selects one rammed at the bottom. I let out several gasps before she announces the name.

"Favian Thread!"

Some boy, seemingly I think to recognise him, oh no. He was at the specialists school when I volunteered to help out there for a day. I feel extremely saddened for him. I mean, bad enough being reaped, but reaped when you're blind?

His legs waddle everywhere as he doesn't know where to walk, suddenly he bumps into one peacekeepers foot and he falls onto his hands and knees. Poor poor kid. I honestly want to go up to him and help him but I will get shot by some selfish peacekeeper.

Favian gets back up onto his feet and he is surprised to be engulfed by Geena who supports him up the stairs. I can feel his heartbeat from this distance let alone mine as he takes a place beside the girls who emotionlessly stare toward the ceiling of the district square.

He stares down like he is afraid, I can tell he is probably crying. I can't have sympathy for him as my attention is distracted to Geena peeping her hand through the bowl one final time... Please don't be me.. Or another blind person.

"Diamond Reaperson!"

Please no! I don't honestly know how I will go through this, I am gonna have to kill 47 other people to survive! Including blind poor Favian and little Luna! I gently walk praying someone just like me would volunteer. But no one dares stutter even. I take my journey up the creaking stairs just when I know what's coming.

Geena hugs me extremely tight as I struggle to get my breaths through. She eventually lets me go as I revive my breathing patterns. Full of stress, she dismisses us and I walk immediately over to Favian and whisper: "Are you ok."

"Yes." He nods.

District 9 Reaping - Ava Zachard's POV

Today is the day... All the training and effort I have worked for over the years has finally come into place. Recently I just started living seperate ly from my parents because I now feel I am capable to make my own decisions in my life. Swishing my hair as I run a barrelled brush throughout it. I stare at my reflex in the mirror, applying an eye catching blotch of red lipstick. People will really find my Capitol wannabe appearance quite enjoyable to look at.

Suddenly I hear a mysterious knock at the door, I wonder who that could be.... Better not be another boy or two asking me on a date again... Yet again it's funny rejecting or eventually rejecting every single one of them. Hmm, which colour cloak should I wear. Blue or black? I know, I'll go with a blue cloak. The entire cloak reaches your knees while I have my leggings to keep the lower part of my body looking attractive.

"Fag!" I hear someone scream at my door, well, I best see what they want...

I peek open my door to see two boys having a fight with each other.

"No, she's mine!" The boy with the red shirt yells as the other boy smashes his forehead against my wall, while he himself has a bleeding nose. I was probably waiting for around a minute or half a minute at minimum. I groan and all of a sudden..

"Ava!" "I can't believe you answered!" The boy shouts while the other lies on the ground, presumably dead.

Me, putting on my seductive face, smiling at him, I say: "We'll don't you look beautiful, why don't you come in!" I giggle, ready to unleash my evil plan.

I wrap both my arms around him and lead him to my room. I then fall onto my knees, grab hold of his arm and say:

"Ooh, darling, I need a strong boy like you to pull out my bed and go search for two condoms I lost down there a while ago!" "So I can finally do it!" I smirk and hold in my giggles... Just.

Instantly he is attempting to move the bed but despite the amount of force he brings in, the studs remain solidified to the ground.

"Babe, it won't move." He pants.

"Keep trying please." I say scratching my face.

With somewhat strength he manages to finally twitch the bed slightly, but when he suddenly lets go to wipe his forehead of sweat... I immediately pounce.

I grab hold of his head with my claws and cover his mouth, instantly he is squirming attempting to break free, but he can't budge an inch. I laugh almightily loud. I pull his head back further and further meaning he is now uncapable of moving anywhere. His feet are locked in my feet, and within seconds I hear a sudden snap. That presumably must have been his neck.

I put my claws to where his pulse is, indicating he is dead. I in laughter throw his body in my closet, which I won't be re opening for a while, because of course, I'm going to volunteer!

It's the first time I've ever tried something like that. Rather risky yet enjoyable. If I do survive I may attempt that a second time but in a more grotesque manner.

Leaving my house. I notice the other boys' body. Well, the neighbours will have to do something about that. And the lucky thing is I can be prisoned for it because I will be in the games! How much of a lucky escape!

My new home is not genuinely far from the district square, so a casual "on foot" journey will keep the citizens' eyes on me.

Arriving at the square, I keep my eyes peeled for any locked in eye stares darting toward me. Without doubt, a few occur. Yet I don't have time to deal with any more of that crap, I need to get in line quick! I groan, watching all the younger tributes panic and shriek in fear. I think I'm determined to just yell, "I volunteer" instantly right now as it will stop the majority of this whining and complaining.

Within seconds I am registered and skip my way across. Pushing my way throughout the crowd, I see several boys staring in my direction, I flick my finger at them to attempt to distract them.

"YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH HEELLLOOOOO!" Booms an almighty voice crashing through the doors. I can't believe the sight, our escort is stripped right down in his underwear. How disgusting, firstly it isn't rather hot out here and secondly he does not look a bit attractive, so how could anyone find that impressive. And I thought I was a show off..

"My name is Ottavio Herman and I am your District 9 escort!" He loudly yells throughout the microphone. I can't deal with this guy, man he will probably be my first kill to be honest.. No wait, the boy in my closet. Oh I forgot.

Ottavio randomly strolls across in his underwear causing a few giggles. With his skinny legs, he strips over in those bright yellow boxers and in a weird manner, whips a slip and waddles back to the microphone. Now is my time to strike...

"I VOLUNTEER!" I bellow, checking behind to notice if any other jealous girls were planning to do so also. With pleasure, I whip my cloak hood down and walk my way up onto the stage.

"Yeah! A volunteer!" He screams right in my ear, slightly angering me but I manage to keep my cool this time around. Although I move away from him slightly as it seems his chest was likely to come into contact with my boobs sometime soon..

"What is your name?" He shouts. Scratching his purple hair.

"I am Ava Zachard." I say proudly, but seriously? Just about everyone knew that. Lets just get this over with as I can't stand Ottavio's actions.

"And weeee haveeee!" "Miiiyako Sada!"

Weirdly, no one steps out, but now I notice several eyes darting at one particular girl. Within seconds of those stares, the peacekeepers rush over to the girl in striped clothes and yank her out of the crowd. She squeals to reel free and has her hand out for another unknown girl but she can't reach. She gasps nervously as she is finally released on the stage.

Then... Out of the corner of my eye. I see a man and a woman gazing at me, somewhat angry, after a few eye glances and rubs. I finally release they were my parents! However, they don't seem rather happy, but to be honest I am not severely concerned because I probably won't see them for a decent amount of time, although I am just shocked to even notice them.

"Now for the booooys!!!" Man.. What does this guy drink? His attitude is disgusting.

In his usual fashion, whip out a name and carefully slide it open. He does, but with an almighty step.

Now a certain thought creeps into my mind, maybe I could manipulate one of the boys that gets reaped and turn on them in the games. Boy that would get me a few winks from the spectators!

"Lance Heggley!" Ottavio booms.

Ok, I just need to hope this guy is a similar age to me. But all I see is a little 12 year old boy! Damn! I was hoping for someone attractive AND my age, yet again I can be second time lucky. Lets just hope. And to my suprise, I expect... Well everyone expects most 12 year olds to be weeping or show signs of severe nerves. But this Lance guy seems fairly chill. But I think he is presumably keeping his nerves in. For now..

Despite that, he only lets out a chuckle. Now Ottavio moves on to the next guy. I pray this will be one who will find me seductive and that I could turn on easily and... "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" I giggle at the sky.

I stare down to awkwardly stare at the district looking at me, confused and puzzled. Gee, that was a fleck of embarrassment.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Shouts a feminine voice.. Hmm, that's unusual. They did it before Ottavio could pick a slip weirdly.

I take a few glances at this unfortunately unattractive boy. After a few looks I realise, is he/she feminine? I mean.. They look like a feminine slightly in some parts of the body. I guess he may have had some sort of surgery through his previous years, but sometimes my thoughts are incorrect.

"How do ya feel?" Ottavio says doing a typical show off twirl. Freaking out the citizens and me slightly.

"Don't look at me." Jamie responds. And slightly shuffles toward the doors. To be honest... I was hoping for a more attractive male to volunteer. So I could turn on him and get tons of sponsors! But... There are plenty more.. Out there in the arena.

As the doors open to leave the district square. I flick my cloak on and manically smirk. Giving several glances at the peacekeepers. Unfortunately... Ottavio follows from behind. Man, it will be difficult to deal with him.

District 10 Reaping - Axel Cooke's POV

I take my trident out my shed and stare at the gleaming gold that coats it. Grinning, I toss the trident at my inflatable dummy and it tears through the head of it. Ripping it apart, no need to practice that much anymore, I have pretty much mastered that. Stabbing the trident into a worn out pillow.

As everyone knows, today is the reaping day, but I don't have any plans to volunteer, yet again I am not dramatically nervous, just a little shaky and a teeny tiny bit worried. I see my parents staring at me throughout the window upstairs, I guess they are fairly angry at me stabbing my trident into that pillow, but there is worse than that. I giggle at the time I accidentally shoved my trident into the TV. And broke the pixels. God I was literally running for my life.

I walk up to my room again, where I put on my usual black shirt, I mean.... I continue to think, maybe when I'm 18 I might volunteer if I am lucky to survive the next few reapings. However if I was still in District 4, I would have definitely volunteered. But oh well..

I would have honestly preferred staying in District 4. Yet incomes where fairly low in my area and the schools weren't actually very nice places. Kids were too tall and tanned and would basically make life difficult for me. So I guess District 10 did make a few tiny improvements. But I without doubt prefer the District 4 environment and the glory days with going fishing with my Father.

In school I have become fairly popular, so it would be common for me to have some friends around now... But as we know it's reaping day, my parents are already downstairs and hand me my breakfast without a word. I guess they are relatively nervous.

After breakfast, not quite sure what they gave me actually. I revert back to my room for some final checks in my appearance, I comb down a slight kink in my hair. My mind says, "Perfect!" Before sliding down the bannister downstairs.

I don't really want to walk with my parents to the district square so I leave them at their own pace and they will find their way in eventually..

As I open my door, I feel a crunch under my foot, surprised, I stare at the ground to notice a completely random letter lying face down on my doorstep. Hmm, what is this? I hope it's not one of those retarded like girls who wants to make out with me as usual. Turning it over, I sigh in boredom. The message says, "Yo faggot." On the front cover, great, what "faggot" wants to send me hate now.

The entire message says, "Yo motherfecker, you must think it's so damn as funny to twiddle your shitting trident back and forth all day, are you having the fucking giggles m8? Cause I'll bash your fuckin head in sware down. 1v1 me later m8 you fag!" Oh really...

After reading the entire letter, I giggle at how someone could come up with such retarded notes like that. Although.. Examining the state of the letter. With mud marks and cigar ashes smudged onto it. I begin to get the thought of who exactly did this, but I best not speak about it now. It may ruin the reaping for me unless I come across the person I "believe" it could be.. Though I guarantee they will do anything they can to escape going.

Sliding the letter into my pocket and leaping off the doorstep I wave to my parents as they begin to get ready. Walking down my road unfortunately... I have to walk across this fairly creepy alleyway where all the gangsters are usually about. I halt, and decide to take the long route outward to avoid any contact or trouble with anything.

Finally arriving to the reaping square, I notice I am actually quite late. I guess, the longer way around had to force me into sacrificing some time.. Unfortunately.

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