• Harperjackson9

    Hi, let's start the 73rd Games, shall we?

    Just comment with the character you want to be. I have large profiles on a few, if you want them.

    Some of the Games will take place here.

    All I will tell you now is that it has one of the biggest Arenas ever, that half the tributes die in a day, that I control it and that Harper wins. BTW, I already picked Harper. You can't have her! :)

    An indent means that they're taken, just comment on this post or at the link above with who you want. First come, first served. I have some images, too!


    District 1 Male: Tinsel King
    District 1 Female: Sparkle Harrod
    District 2 Male: Denton Crack
    District 2 Female: Taylor Smith
    District 3 Male: Marlo Runner
    District 3 Female: Jade Masters
    District 4 Male: Steven Fisher…
    Read more >

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