Hi, let's start the 73rd Games, shall we?

Just comment with the character you want to be. I have large profiles on a few, if you want them.

Some of the Games will take place here.

All I will tell you now is that it has one of the biggest Arenas ever, that half the tributes die in a day, that I control it and that Harper wins. BTW, I already picked Harper. You can't have her! :)

An indent means that they're taken, just comment on this post or at the link above with who you want. First come, first served. I have some images, too!


District 1 Male: Tinsel King
District 1 Female: Sparkle Harrod
District 2 Male: Denton Crack
District 2 Female: Taylor Smith
District 3 Male: Marlo Runner
District 3 Female: Jade Masters
District 4 Male: Steven Fisher - has glasses
District 4 Female: Eve Gilligan
District 5 Male: Zoltan Spark
District 5 Female: Addison Former
District 6 Male: Ferris Johnstone
District 6 Female: Olivia Track
District 7 Male: Jay Chuck
District 7 Female: Chloe Ewan
District 8 Male: Cisco Long
District 8 Female: Rebecca Plaid - kinda chubby
District 9 Male: Alf Barrett
District 9 Female: Harper Jackson
District 10 Male: George Butcher
District 10 Female: Lucy Shearer
District 11 Male: Nash Palmer
District 11 Female: Zoe Armitage
District 12 Female: Poppy Glover
District 12 Male: Crocus Bracken
  • Sparkle Harrod, District 1
  • Tinsel King, District 1
  • Denton Crack, District 2
  • Taylor Smith, District 2
  • Jade Masters, District 3
  • Marlo Runner, District 3
  • Eve Gilligan, District 4
  • Steven Fisher, District 4
  • Addison Former, District 5
  • Zoltan Spark, District 5
  • Ferris Johnstone, District 6
  • Olivia Track, District 6
  • Chloe Ewan, District 7
  • Jay Chuck, District 7
  • Cisco Long, District 8
  • Rebecca Plaid, District 8
  • Alf Barrett, District 9
  • Harper Jackson, District 9
  • Lucy Shearer, District 10
  • George Butcher, District 10
  • Nash Palmer, District 11
  • Zoe Armitage, District 11
  • Crocus Bracken, District 12
  • Poppy Glover, District 12


District 1 - Nero Owner (male), very fashionable and confident in front of a crowd.

District 2 - Shine Grisham (female), more powerful than most Capitol citizens.

District 3 - Rumour Kite (female), great at her job but would rather not do it.

District 4 - Lacey Reaner (female), posh and heavily made-up and openly gives opinions.

District 5 - Prince Eagle (male), wears far too much jewellery and gold for everyone's liking.

District 6 - Richie Abbos (male), fancies himself as a designer, much to the actual designers' dismay.

District 7 - Frazer Jenkins (male), openly shows distaste for weak and small tributes.

District 8 - Drassle Tailing (male), tall and friendly but not much use when it comes to it.

District 9 - Tessy Feather (female), does it like her job and always genuinely there for the tributes.

District 10 - Yalla Roper (female), not all that bothered and likes to make small-talk.

District 11 - Hugo Fist (male), cheesy and has had surgery to give him a permanent smile.

District 12 - Effie Trinket (female), you should know, right? Yes, I had to use her, it's the 73rd Hunger Games!

So, I've done enough inventing; you guys can submit escorts and stuff. The Reapings will be up soon, so tell us how your's went if you have a tribute.

The Reaping


Day 1

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