This is my first hunger games so I hope it does well!

These games cane also be refered to as "The first annual Hunter games"

There will be 2 winners!

Once the games start you can pleadge to your (Or other) tribute once per day. There will be no interviews/Reapings but there will be training, Games and the winners section.

Tribute name:




Aperance: (Please add an avatar if you have one)



Name of mentor:

Name District Age Sex Mentor Training Score Gift Count
Dymento Lights D1 18


Pikachu 10 5
Dymentia Lights D1 15 Female Dymento Lights 9 6
Troy Ventura D2 17 Male Kitteh 9 3
Maya Stark D2 16 Female Naomi 8 6
Dexter Volts D3 14 Male Kitteh 6 3
Kate Reese D3 17 Female Rocky Sealine 11 6
Riley Winston D4 14 Male Ashlynn Prekins 6 5
Suzume Winston D4 16 Female Serenity Sharparrow 10 5
Ezekiel Andrews D5 16 Male Kitteh 6 3
Rain Abernathy D5 18 Female Ashley Kennedy 10 6
Threll Neary D6 12 Male None 4 3
Regina Rahilly


15 Female Kitteh 8 3

Death Chart

Place Name, District and Gender Day Killed By How
12th Threll Neary, D6 Male Day 1 Maya Stark Knifes to Shoulder/Head
11th Troy Ventura, D2 Male Day 1 Kate Reese Axe to the back of head
10th Ezekiel Andrews, D5 Male Day 1 Dymentia Lights ???


Regina Rahilly, D6 Female Day 1 Dymento Lights Neck slit
8th Dymento Lights Day 2 Rain Abernathy Stabbed in chest/ Burned to death.



Each Tribute begins with three gifts. Every day they survive, they gain a gift. Every kill, they gain a gift. Whenever a tribute is killed one gift goes to their district partner/former ally if they are still alive. Every day the cost of a gift goes up 1. Ex: 1 packet crackers on day 3 will cost 3 gifts

Food Price Medicine Price Weapons Price Shelter/Objects Price
Packet of crackers 1 Band Aids 1 SlingShot 1 Matches 1
Bread 1 Bandages 1 Darts 1 Hand Held Torch 1
Water 1 Basic First Aid Kit 2 Throwing Knifes 2 Sleeping Bag 2
Fruit 2 Sleep Syrup 2 Long Knive 2 Tent 3
Meat(Raw) 3 Burn Cream 3 Trident 3 Shield (Wooden) 3
Meat(Cooked) 4 Anti Infector 4 Bow And Arrows 4 Shield (Metal) 4
1 Small Portion of Stew 4 Painkillers 5 Mines 5 Night Vision Goggles 5
Box of mixed food 5 Advanced First Aid Kit 6 Katana 6 Arena Map 6
Full meal 7 Heal-Fast 7 6-Round Hand Gun 8 Heat Sensor 8

The Games

Day 1 (Morning)

The tributes come up out of their Places and look at the enviroment. To the north is a large mountain covered in snow. To the east, south and west are hundreds of trees. The cornucopia is surounded by objects and grass. 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1... And the games start. Dymento and Dymentia Lights head straight towards the cornucopia followed by Troy Ventura and Maya Stark. They dont seem to be killing each other though. This is bad news for the other tributes. Threll Neary moves towards the cornucopia, but just as he grabs a small sack of apples he feels a piercing pain in his right shoulder "Ahhh!" he says in pain as he pulls out a throwing knife. When he looks up he see`s Maya Stark. Before he can react Maya throws a second knife which hits him in his head. BOOM! Maya grabs Thrells stuff and runs back to the cornucopia. Riley Winstone avoids the cornucopia completly. Suzume Winstone calls out to him but he dosn`t look back. Suzume grabs a backpack, a bottle of water, and a few knifes, then runs towards the mountains trying to follow the path of Riley.

Dexter Volts Runs towards the cornucopia aiming to get his hands on the nearest weapons he can find but Troy Ventura, armed with a sword, tackles him to the ground. There is a massive fist fight between Dexter and Troy in which both tributes take damage but ultimatly dexter is over powered by the muscular boy from D2. "That was fun. Its been a long time since district 3 actually had any fighters. What a shame." Troy said in a sneery voice, and with that Troy slowly pushed the sharp sword into Dexters stomach. Dexter didnt scream. Because he knew if he did the other careers would see. See the axe smash into the back of troys skull. Troy dosnt even have time to scream before he is gone. BOOM. Dexter looks up and sees Kate Reese, the older girl from his district. "Come on! We have to go now! Can you stand?" Kate asks Dexter. Dexter tries to stand but falls down again. Kate grabs Dexter up again and says "I´ll help you hop if you can, but I´m not leaving you here" Dexter mumbled in agrement. The two walk/hop towards the east.

Rain Abernathy is in an intense fight with Ezekiel Andrews and Regina Rahilly. Rain has a sharp katana while Ezkiel and Regina only have short knifes and a backpack. The fight lasts for a few minuites and it looks like Rain is doomed to die at the hands of the two tributes. Rain is backed up against the cornucopia when she notices that Ezikiel has stopped. He falls to the ground twitching and saying uncomprehensive words when Regina starts to run but is stopped in her tracks. Dymento Lights Jumps out from the cornucopia and pushes her to the ground. Dymento has her tightly pinned to the ground. "Sorry, Princess. But then again... I´m not." and with that he slits her neck. She isn´t dead yet but she will be. BOOM! BOOM! The Canon sounds twice. Ezekiel has stopped twitching, Stopped Breathing. Dymentia Lights comes out from behind the cornucopia. "I´m Dymentia. We were thinking of letting you die but by the way you fought, I would say your worthy of becoming a career. Plus we lost D4 and Troy. What do you say?" "As if I have a choice" Rain mutters to herself "Yeah I would like to join you. Who else do we have?" Rain asked."There´s Me, Dymento Lights, my brother, Maya Stark and now... you."


Deaths: Threll Neary, Ezekiel Andrews, Regina Rahilly and Troy Ventura

Careers: Both D1, Maya Stark and Rain Abernathy. High on supplies. Camped at the cornucopia. Rain Abernathy has multiple cuts and wounds.

D3: The D3 tributes are both alies. They are heading towards the east. Dexter has been stabbed in the stomach and is losing blood. They Currantly have an axe and a backpack with food and water.

D4: Both Tributes are heading towards the Mountains. Riley has nothing. Suzume has a backpack, a bottle of water and a few knifes. She is trying to follow Riley.

Day 1 (Night Time)

Suzume has to stop. she has been running for hours not resting. Even if she keeps running it is highly unlikly that she will find him anyway. The sun has just set and the moon is slowly emerging from over the hill. She sits on a nearby rock to catch her breath. she takes a sip of her water. With a sigh she starts examining her stuff. She opens the backpack and inside is an empty water flask, a loaf of bread and some matches. She wonders how the other tributes and Riley are doing in terms of supplies. She knows the careers will almost certainly have a large amount of supplies, district 3, 5 and 6 could be dead by now so no point in wondering. She didnt hear how many cannon shots fired or really anything so far, but she knows she must be far away from the others. Even though she has been running for hours the mountain still looks far away. There are few trees near her. She runs her hand through her black pearl necklace and thinks of home. Of the waves crashing against her feet. Of the salty smell of the vast ocean the only place she felt free. She thinks of Riley and wonders where he is now. She didnt see him take anything and he dosnt know much about plants or how to find food in the wild. Oh how she wanted him to be here right now.

Dexter cant go far before colapsing. "Come on! We can still see the cornucopia from here!" Kate Reese says in a rushed voice. Dexter didn´t hear her. He had already passed out. "No! Come on, you cant do this, not now" Kate says starting to panic. Kate checks his pulse. "Still alive, just knocked out." Kate starts to wonder if she should leave him here. No she can´t leave him here. If he is still alive then he still has a chance. Kate pulls him up and starts to drag/carry him away from the cornucopia towards an unknown location. 1 hour passes before Kate stops. She props Dexter against a tree and gives him a small sip of her water, before taking a sip herself. As the moon crosses the sky, Kate looks around. Her plan was that her and dexter would sleep in trees but considering Dexters condition he probably would not make it up there. She has a look around but the only place usefull for hiding other than the trees are some big bushes and a small cave-like hole in the side of a elevation of earth. The bushes would conceal her at night time but in the morning she would stick out like a broken bone. The small cave would be alright but there is no light and could only hold 1 person, and even then there would be no space to move. Kate decides Dexter can go inside the small cave because he wouldnt notice the difference anyway, and she would stay in the bush so that if somebody finds them she can defend herself with her axe. Just as Kate starts to move Dexter and small parachute floats down from the sky. Inside is a basic first aid kit. Kate does what she can to help dexter with it. "Thanks" she says aloud.

The Careers have lit a camp fire and are siting around it. "So what happened to Ezekiel? The twitching, how did you do that?" says Rain Abernathy. "With these little killers" Dymentia says as she pulls out some small blow darts "They`re Minosion nano darts, once the dart enters the body it injects the victim with a virus that heads straight for the brain and Kills the brain cells. Targeting the critical ones first so they cant do anything to stop the rest. All of this happens in a second." "Wow. You seem to know quite alot about those things. How?" Maya Stark said. "I taught her" Dymento Lights said "I taught her almost everything she knows". The supplies are all inside the cornucopia, guarded by Maya stark. "So... What are we going to do tommorow?" Rain asked? "Hunt" Dymento said "That boy Dexter was wounded by Troy before Troy was... well you know. We will leave somebody here to guard our stash. Hey whatever happened to District 4? I didnt see them during the the bloodbath." The careers then sit in silence before having a large meal of meat, fruit and water. The Anthom plays and the faces of all the tributes faces light up in the sky. First is Troy Ventura. When his face shows up Maya swallows hard. Then Ezekiel, Threll and Regina. 4 down 8 to go.


Careers: High supplies. Fine

D3 tributes: Hiding. Dexter passed out but has been atended to for now. Recived Basic first aid kit

Suzume Winston: Fine, has supplies

Riley Winston: Unknown

Day 2

When Kate wakes the sun has just started creeping up over the mountain. She yawns and slowly gets up. She has a quick look around just in case of others. Nothing. Dexter is cramped in an uncomfortable position in the small cave. He still has not woken up. Kate goes over to him to check him over. "Pulse is low but stable but still not awake" kate mutters to herself. She sighs as she feeds him drops of water and a cracker. Kate checks the supplies. She is going to need to find herself a source of food and water very soon. Suddenly the leaves rustle, and Kate is on her feet, axe in hand. Nothing is visible at first but Kate doesn´t let her guard down. Then it emerges. A bronze coloured creature, about Kates size, each arm ending in one sharp claw. A "kitot" is a geneticly engenired life form made by the capitol. They´re original function was hunting. Humans. They have (Red for males, Purple for females) bug like eyes that have a 360º view. They can sense prey from great distances and once their prey has been chosen the only ways to stop it are A: Kill it. B: If it recives orders from the capitol to stop. The kitot lunges forwards swiping its claws at Kate. Its attack is deflected by the axe but Kate is pushed backwards from the force of the kitot. She quickly stands up just as the kitot smashes the place she had just been. She takes the advantage and attacks the kitot at full force with her axe. Kate smashes the axe into the kitots head and makes a huge dent. The kitot just swipes back and knocks her over. The kitot pins her down by her shoulders, the claws digging into her shoulder blades. The kitot sends out a ear-piercing shriek. Kate struggles not to do the same. Blood seeps from Kates shoulders making the kitot lose its hold on the left shoulder. Kate punches the kitot in its face, to which it slashes her face. "Damn it!!!!" Kate screams just holding in tears. The kitot has cut her cheak and blood is seaping from the wound. The kitot screeches again. WHAM. The kitots head flies off its shoulders. Above Kate stands Rain abernathy. "Run" Rain says quietly. Kate moves fast, grabing the pack, axe and Dexter. Heading towards the north she moves fast, even with dexter on her shoulder. In a few mins they are both gone. Dymento and Dymentia Lights appear come running towards Rain. "What happened? Oh my god what is that thing?!" Dymentia says. "A kitot. I found That D3 girl, Kate Reese, who set that thing on me. I killed it but she escaped." Rain says."Humph. Looks like a giant bug. Hey Was the D3 boy with her? I think his name was Derby or something." Dymento says. "Na, he was nowere near her when I got there." Rain replies. "They went that way" Rain says pointing to the south. The group head of away from the burning sun. Away from Kate.

As suzume wakes she takes in her surroundings, reminding herself where she is. The suns tells her it is around lunch time, and she is hungry. She rips off a chunk of bread and a small portion of water to go with. Not the best meal in the world but alot better than starving. Suzume has no real plan, apart from finding Riley, so she decides the best course of action right now would be to look for a source of water. Another good reason to head towards the mountains. At around 10 she continues her journey towards the mountain...


Careers: Very well in terms of supplies.

D3: Dexter passed out. Kate wounds to shoulders, slit left cheak. Multiple bruises to torso.

D4: Riley unknown. Suzume loaf of bread, water bottle and matches.

Day 2 (Night Time)

The flames of the fire flicker as a gust of wind blows by. The careers are feasting on water, meat and bread. "Y`know if we dont start finding the others soon, we are gonna be in trouble." says Dymento. "I doubt it. The only source of water is the lake to the south. We could set up a trap or an ambush maybe. Besides I dont think any of the others went south anyway." Dymentia says. Rain Abernathy sits on a rock away from the campfire, sharpening her katana. "Whats up with her?" Maya stark askes "Not sure. She seems pretty occupied so I say leave her be. For now." Dymento replies. An hour passes in silence. The smell quickly forms. "Guys, over there. Smoke. Me, Dymentia and Rain will check it out. Maya you stay here." Dymento says in a rushed voice. The three tributes head towards the faint glow.

"Urh." Mumbles dexter. "You know, the aim of this game is to stay alive." Kate says "I`m glad you´re ok" she says quietly. "Wh... what..." Dexter says attempting to sit up. "Dont. You lost alot of blood. You need to rest. Your not very good at timing are you?" Kate says. "Thanks. For... everything... I would have died if you... you didnt..." Dexter says slowly "Its was my plesure. We are both leaving this arena together. No matter what it takes" And with that she kisses him on his check. Dexter smiles before falling asleep again. Kate scouts the area and finds a tree that has fallen over and lies Dexter down there. There are lots of bushes around them so they wont be found easily. Kate cuddles up next to Dexter and drifts of into a dream. And a memory of home.

The careers have been running towards the smoke for what seems like 10 mins. When they reach the campsite a scorching fire is spreading slowly from tree to tree. "Was this the gamemakers?" Dymento says allowed. "Maybe. But there must have been a reason why they started it. Maybe another tribute was here." Then it dawns on them it wasnt made by the gamemakers. More like other tributes. This was a trap. "We should go back, Dymento!" Dymentia says in a panicked voice. The flames grow around them with more speed now. The careers are almost completly surrounded by the flames. The heat is almost unbearable. The careers head for a path not yet consumed by flames. "Actually... no." says Rain. In one swift movement Rain draws her katana and rushes toward Dymento. Dymento draws his sword just in time for it to hold back her attack. Dymentia is struck with fear and attempts to flee but the flames have covered the way out of the ring of fire. "We should have known something was up! Was this your doing? The fire?" Dymento shouts "No, I just saw my chance and took it. I would rather one of the others had a chance at life than you murderers!" Rain shouts back. The 3 tributes battle it out but as the flames grow and the ashes fall, blurring their visions. Dymento`s sword is no match for Rains katana. Rain kicked Dymentias scythe into the flames near the begining of the fight. Rain slashes Dymentos arm, leaving a deep cut running along it. He drops his sword in pain. Rain stabs him in his chest and Dymento falls to the ground. He fumbles around for something. A red ruby, which shimers in the flames. BOOM. Dymentia is in histerics, screaming her brothers name. Rain grabs Dymentos backpack, glances at Dymentia for a second and throws some water on an area where the flames were not so high, and runs through her escape route. Dymentia is paralyzed. she cant will her legs to move, but if she dosnt the escape route will close and she will be doomed. "I love you" She says, tears running down her eyes. She grabs her backpack but the flames have returned to where they were. Dymentia hesitates but then runs straight through the infernal blaze.

"I will always love you"


Deaths: Dymentio Lights

Careers: High on food. Only 2 Careers left, Maya Stark and Dymentia Lights.

D3: hiding next to a fallen tree. Water and some crackers.

D4: Both unknown

Rain Abernathy: Small burns. Dymentos backpack. Katana. Water and dried fruit.

Day 3

The fire had dimmed down to just a few burning remains of trees. You never would have guessed it was the place of treason, heartbreak and the murder of an 18 year old boy. Maya Stark waited. And waited. She had been frozen in place at the sound of her "friends" screams. She wanted to go help but for one of the first times in her life she felt something new. She felt scared. She never had any brothers or sisters, or family of any kind. She lived by herself and only ever talked to a few special friends back home. This was the reason she had wanted to be in the hunger games in the first place. Back home nobody knew her and it would make no difference if she died, but if she won the games everyone would know her name. Everyone would care and look out for her.

At around dawn she finally moved at the sight of a figure moving from out of where the fire had been. She couldn't make out who it was so she drew her weapon and slowly walked towards them. What she saw was horrific. The figures face was burned badly on the right side and was drenched in blood. It was Dymentia Lights. Maya ran over and started to ask what had happened but Dymentia lashed out with her fists. Maya grabbed her, restrained her and took her back to the camp. This wasn't the Dymentia she had been talking with only a few hours ago. This was just a husk of the funny, energetic girl that Maya had once knew. Once she had managed to get Dymentia to stop attacking she sat her down and started washing the blood of her. Maya asked what happened but this only cause Dymentia to start crying so Maya hugged her and told her it was gonna be alright. Maya vowed that she would try and win the games with Dymentia and maybe just maybe they could find the Dymentia she once knew. 

Results: Same as Day 2 (Night time)    

Riley POV (Day 1)

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... The games begin. During the 60 seconds Riley had been assessing the arena. Woods were most likely filled with creatures. Mountains however provided a source of water and would make a good hiding place with its various caves and tunnels. The only issue was food.And most likely the gamemakers had set up something sinister there aswell. Riley turns and sprints towards the mountains. He has almost gotten out of the bloodbath when he hears his sister. He doesn't turn back because its too dangerous to stop here so Riley continues running knowing that she will follow. Its evening now. Riley has to be certain he is not being followed by anyone other than his sister for this to work. He has checked behind him to see how she is doing and as far as he can see nobody else is behind them. Riley stops and sits down on the rock hard surface. Its not confortable but it feels amazing after running for so long. He sees his sister is still very far away but in no danger. She has various items with her and appears to be stopping aswell. 15 mins pass and Riley has got his stength back. He stands up and stretches. WHAM. Something hits his head hard, and he tumbles over. The last thing he remembers before blacking out is being dragged somewhere. Away from Suzume.

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