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The indirect sequel to The Revival Games is here.

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These games will contain scenes of horror, gore, sexual activity and themes deemed "taboo" in public. If this bothers you then I would advise you not to join. You have been warned

A new addition to the game is that now tributes from District 13 can join too.

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"Pledges" and Sponsors

As seen in The Revival Games, there will be pledges. Each tribute will start off with one pledge and once per day you may pledge a tribute you want to help out by saying "I pledge _______" Even if you don't have a tribute in the game you may pledge whichever tribute you like.

Pledges can be used to buy items from the chart below.

Food Price Survival Price Weapons Price Medicine Price
Small meal (Size of an egg or chicken wing) 4 Socks/ Gloves 2 Slingshot 3 Asperin (For colds or headaches) 3
Medium meal (Large tin of food and a drink) 5 Matches 2 Crossbow 7 Burn ointment 5
Large meal (3 course meal, enough to share 7 Flashlight 4 Spear 5 Anti-bacteria (To stop infection) 8
Energy shot (Makes user more alert) 6 Night-vision goggles 8 Katana 10 Helianitis (Give a boost of energy for 24 hours) 10
Water 2 Body armour 13 Throwing Knives (10) 4 Lithitis ( A drop of this disinfects water)


Crackers 2 Tent 8 6-round Handgun 16 Painkillers 6
Loaf of bread 4 Sleeping bag 6 Darts (Poison) 4 Bandages 3
Raw meat 3 Arena map 4 Darts (Non-poison) 3 Advanced First-aid kit 8
Cooked Meat 5 Shield 8 Mine/s 3(Per mine) Heal-Fast



Careers Haven The Farmers The Scavengers The Magnets Rouges
Mitchell Salmon Hazel Maize Markey Primal-Omega Connor Smitherson Gianni Carter Nichole Hiscotch
Sebastion Glaze Alexandrite Bohamia Angeline Fiore Jakub Kunnson Ruby Hyrglass Ewa Thyren
Lorelai Brooks Clementine Everett Willow Windrunner Felicity Caspian
Maxxis Power Tommy Harns
Violet Dionaea
Zavier Nemesis
Cynthia Sparkla
Ruby Hyrglass
  • Tributes with a name in bold are the leader/s of the Alliance. Alliances without any tributes in bold are Alliances where all members have an equal say and no one in particular is the leader.
  • Tributes with a name in italics are only temporarily part of that Alliance, plan to leave or are part of another Alliance at the same time.


District Name Sex Age User Training Score Pledges Currant Weapons
D1 Sebastian Glaze Male 17 YourFavoriteSalmon 9 1 Unknown
D1 Cynthia Sparkla Female 13 YourFavoriteSalmon 7 3 None
D2 Markey Primal-Omega Male 18 EvilhariboMadness 9 1 Unknown
D2 Nichole Hiscotch Female 16 Biel1458 9 3 Longsword
D3 Asa Muttan Male 15 ------------------------- 5 1 N/A
D3 Ruby Hyrglass Female 15 EvilhariboMadness 8 4 None/ Unknown
D4 Mitchel Salmon Male 17 YourFavoriteSalmon 10 1 Unknown
D4 Lorelai Brooks Female 17 Nigihayami 6 1 Unknown
D5 Maxxis Power Male 18 Tehblakdeath 5 2 Spear
D5 Angeline Fiora Female 17 Biel1456 12 1 Unknown
D6 Zavier Nemesis Male 14 Yoonie 7 1 Unknown
D6 Violet Dionaea Female 15 PumPumPumpkin 6 3 Hunting Knife
D7 Jonah Dare Male 14 Marinalacrosse 4 1 N/A
D7 Willow Windrunner Female 16 Ichillyfry 8 1 Unknown
D8 Gianni Carter Male 16 Nigihayami 6 2 None/ Unknown
D8 Felicity Caspian Female 17 Biel1458 3 2 Knife
D9 Connor Smitherson Male 14 HaraiGoshi345 7 1 None
D9 Hazel Maize Female 14 YourFavoriteSalmon 9 1 Unknown
D10 Salami Kingston Male 16 Tehblakdeath 8 1 N/A
D10 Ewa Thyren Female 16 Yoonie 6 2 Longsword
D11 Joey Lasrado Male 15 ------------------------- 2 1 N/A
D11 Clementine Everett Female 12 Ichillyfry 5 1 None
D12 Jakub Kunnson Male 14 HaraiGoshi345 4 1 None
D12 Alexandrite Bohamia Female 14 Marinalacrosse 7 2 Unknown
D13 Tommy Harns Male 14 HaraiGoshi345 6 1 None
D13 Artemis Moonsilver Female 13 Marinalacrosse 6 4 N/A

Day 1 - Out in the Cold

POV - Gianni Carter

The sound soothed him. The soft tick tick tick of the mechanism pulling his podium up from the smooth, polished floor of the preparation room calmed him as he closed his eyes and took deep breaths. He opened his eyes and looked up to see a small light floating in the dark void. It's unstable form slowly expanded until he had to shield his eyes from the light. His podium stopped. The fresh, crisp air on his bare cheeks felt pleasant, it reminded him of the days he had spent fishing in the cold winter nights back in his district. His eyes focused and he couldn't help but smile when he saw his surroundings. Freshly laid snow covered the earth, spreading across the plains to the mountains. There were hundreds of icy trees surrounding the cornucopia, he knew how much he would need to rely on them later on in the games. He felt the wind nip at his soft skin, a light snowfall sprinkling the cold substance over his hair.

When he snapped out of his admiration for the arena he noticed the large clock being projected
into the pale sky.

20 seconds.

He looked around, keeping his cool, and noticed that the girl he had planned to ally with was almost
completely opposite him. He knew it would be fine, she was a smart girl and she'd figure out
a way for them to meet later on in the day.

5 Seconds.

He looked over at one of the adjacent podiums, one of the Careers stood upon it. They exchanged
a glance and Gianni winked at him.


He was going to make his district proud. His legs began to pump and push against the frosty ground,
with each step a unique sound followed, a sound that only footsteps on snow can make. He made a
dive for a forest green backpack, ducking down to get it. A swift kick to the back made sure that he
stayed down. The sharp pain Gianni felt go up his spine was something hard to describe, but he felt
that it was not unalike dislocating a shoulder. By the time he started to get some feeling back into
his arms the boy was already on top of him. He was a funny looking boy, had he met him in any other
place he could have easily been mistaken for a member of the Capitol. CRACK a fist made everything
go a little blurry, Gianni groaned before another fist collided against his chin. He thanked the gods
that the impact had not broken his jaw, that would have been a real pain. He came back to reality
and tried to throw a punch of his own at the boy. Asa wasn't all that smart and the fist hit him square
on the nose. With blood flowing down from his nostril he wrapped both his hands around Gianni's throat.
Gianni almost laughed, he remembered joking to Ruby about something.

"If I'm going to die, I want you to be the one to kill me, Ruby. At least then I'll get to stare at something
beautiful as the life leaves my body."

A small spurt of blood covered his face and he drew in a sharp breath, oxygen returning to his brain.
The boy fell off him and desperately clawed at the wound on his chest, as if somehow that would make
it better. A hand appeared only inches away from his face. He looked up and made a little choking
sound and saw a girl, strawberry blond hair. She was from one of the outlining districts, however you
certainly couldn't tell. Her name was Felicity. He took her hand in his and she helped him up. She nodded
towards the frosty trees and Gianni simply went along with her, moving his legs as fast as he could.

"So why did you do it? I mean, I know how handsome I am and that it would be foolish to give up someone
like me, but still-" Gianni said, his head throbbing slightly. Felicity gave him a look that he couldn't
quite comprehend. A mix between a smile and a glare. He simply smiled in his ever so charming way.
"I wasn't even going to visit the cornucopia, I was just gonna head for the woods. But look at me, do I look
like someone who would do well by herself? I'm one of those tributes that everyone automatically assumes
will die. I mean, it's pretty certain that I won't win this, but I wanted to make sure I could piss a few people
off before I'm sent away from this earth" She said, the glare vanishing and a grin taking it's place. Gianni
returned the grin and the two tributes remained in silence.

"I need to find Ruby." The boy said simply.
Felicity gave him an odd look "What'd ya want with a girl like her? I'm sure she's nice and all, but I don't know
if it would be smart to look for her. Once we're settled in then maybe we can go hunt her down, but for now-"
"We're going and looking for Ruby." Gianni cut her off "I don't break promises, that's not who I am."
Gianni said sternly. Felicity rolled her eyes and agreed in a grumpy tone of voice. The two tributes walked
together through the snowfall, Felicity putting her arm around Gianni's, though she stated that it was
just for warmth. Gianni simply smiled and let the girl do as she wished.

At the back of his mind, he knew that he owed nothing to Ruby. However, he knew he wouldn't be able to
live with himself if he saw her angelic face up there in the sky with all the dead tonight.

POV - Nichole Hiscotch

Not moments after the gong had sounded, Nichole was already on her way towards the cornucopia.
Unlike most of the others she had observed, Nichole didn't have a partner for the games. Nor
did she intend to gain one. Running through the frost bitten plains she felt as confident as ever.
Looking around her, she noticed that a severe number of tributes had gone straight for the woods,
or were leaving the cornucopia with the few things they had found. She brushed it off when she
realized it was mostly the small children that were leaving, a few older tributes following after

A ray of sunlight emerged from behind the puffy clouds, the faint light hitting the fresh snow and
giving Nichole a slight feeling of relief against the cold. On the ground in front of her, just outside
the cornucopia, was a shiny object which was reflecting the sunlight off it. She did a forward roll
into the snow, her body getting a big dose of snow over her body, and grabbed it. A smile spread
across her face. The shiny object was a longsword, a rare item even for the bloodbath. The frantic
crunching of footsteps on snow behind her brought her back to the world. She swung around, swinging
her sword with her, and hit the boy in his calve, causing him to tumble down to the soft ground.
She looked at the boy, he had the same colour hair as her but that was it. He looked like one of the
most plain boys she had ever seen. She gave him a dirty look as she ran the sword lightly up from
his waist to his chest. His eyes looked up at her blankly, meeting her gaze. In one swift movement
she lifted the sword and plunged it into his heart.

Nichole's victory was short lived however, a loud battle cry came from in front of her and she had
only been moments away from death. A huge boy lumbered towards her, swinging a sword blindly.
She jumped back and drew her own sword from the corpse of the first boy, standing her ground.
Even in a standing position the boy was enormous, a whole foot taller than her. She danced back
and forth, avoiding his attacks and it became apparent that this boy had never wielded a sword
in his life. She blocked his attacks as easily a knight would taunt a peasant or a peacekeeper would
end the life of a common man. She danced around him, slowly wearing him down, placing small cuts
over his unprotected body, every snip bringing him closer to his demise. It was a blow to his lower
back that finally brought the giant down to the ground. He reached desperately for his sword, but Nichole
kicked it out of his reach. She sighed and winced slightly as she heard the faint CRUNCH of her sword
breaching his skull and ending his life.

She took a took a deep breath and looked around her. The Careers were off chasing down tributes who
had stupidly not left the cornucopia earlier. She looked at all of their faces and all of them looked the same.
They liked to think that they were all different, but she saw them all for what they are. Every single tribute
in the arena was a slave. She started to make her way towards the silent forest, but a loud and smooth
voice stopped her in her tracks. She turned back to see Mitchel Salmon, the pretty boy from the fishing
district. "Nichole! As nice as it is to see your sexy ass as you run, why don't you come back over here and join us? You seemed to take on those two shit faced tributes nicely, we could use you. Maybe we could get to know each other as well..." He said in a sweet tone, his smile never fading. In return she gave him a large grin and sighed "Mitchel, as tempting as that sounds, I'd rather torture you in a fight rather than in bed. And you said it yourself, you love watching my ass as I run." And with that Nichole sped off towards the trees, laughing to herself as she thought about the stupid look on his face. It annoyed her to think that the boy would eventually get some stupid bimbo in his pants, but that wasn't her problem.

Once she was far enough away from the bloodbath to feel safe, she took a breather. In the back of her mind
she registered that she had killed two children. They had probably been scared half to death. But if she was
going to win the games then she couldn't afford to think like that. A small voice, almost a whisper alerted her
that she was not alone. In a flash she took cover behind some shrubbery. She peered up from behind her cover, relatively sure she wouldn't be spotted, and saw three of the stranger tributes. Markey Primal-Omega, the boy with the strange name and an even stranger personality, Angeline Fiore, a girl with red flaming hair and a blood thirsty gaze, and Willow Windrunner, the tom-boy who only spoke in a hushed tone.

Markey was talking with Angeline as Willow simply gazed into the distance "I think the children should be avoided, no point in going after them. I think we should strike somewhere small... I saw that girl from district 3 come this way, the one eyed girl. But I doubt we'll find her anytime soon. And we need to make a point, show them that we're not going to mess around. You know what I'm talking about Angie?" Angeline simply nodded and smiled "The Careers seems like a very nice place to start. How about that sweet looking boy? I could just imagine the look on his face... Or maybe we should start somewhere small? I didn't see Lorelai die, she looks nice and juicy." Nichole couldn't hear the rest, the three tributes walked out of earshot. She slowly emerged from her hiding place and watched as the small figures walked off.

It would appear that the Careers would be the least of her problems.

POV - Cynthia Sparkla

She could hear the footsteps behind her. Her heart was racing faster than she was running, she
was certain that she was going to die. In the back of her mind she recognized the screams from
various other tributes, but she desperately tried to block them out. She had passed through the
treeline a while back and was now far away from the cornucopia and all the screams and blood.
Why was someone chasing her? Maybe they weren't actually chasing her. Maybe they were just
desperately trying to escape, like herself. She ducked behind a tree and held her breath. The figure
that had been behind her sprinted past her and the footsteps that had scared her slowly went away.
She took a moment to catch her breath and reflect upon what had happened.

Cynthia thought back to when the gong sounded, how scared she had been. Not being the best of
runners, she had been caught up by three other tributes. As they had all ran together, they silently
decided that they would form an alliance. Artemis Moonsilver, Connor Smitherson and Jakub Kunnson.
All three were more or less her age and she had instantly taken a liking to them. However it hadn't
lasted long. They had been set upon by one of the Careers, a white skinned boy with dark hair. His
spear had dug it's way through Artemis' torso. Before Cynthia had even known what was going on,
Connor and Jakub were running away from them, away from Cynthia. Artemis had coughed and retched
as she cried, staring at the metallic object that had sentenced her to death. Cynthia had seen the pale boy
throw another spear and she had been forced to leave Artemis there, clutching at her gaping wound.
After that Cynthia only remembered running. The only thing she could think of was that she needed to

Cynthia snapped back into the moment, a soft rasping came from a few meters in front of her. Slowly
she got up and took another shuddery breath, slowly approaching the sound. She stood on her tip toes
and could just about see the scene. A boy, no older than her, was laying against a tree. Two older
tributes were crouched down next to him, one male and one female. The older male tribute soothed
the younger boy as the purple haired girl held his hand in a comforting manner. Cynthia could clearly
see that the boy was not going to make it, the snow around his body was stained a deep crimson.
The boy looked half unconscious, his eyes drooping. The boy started breathing harder, Cynthia couldn't
work out why until she realized that the boy was pointing at her.

Before she could move both the older tributes had turned to look at her, hands on weapons. Cynthia tried to say something, but it simply came out as a strange sounding stutter. The boy put his weapon away and moved closer to the girl, they were face to face. Cynthia noticed that the boy had acid green eyes, were they under different circumstances she may have even considered him cute. The teenager looked back at his partner and nodded. The girl leaned over the small boy and pulled out her knife. The teenage boy pulled Cynthia close to him, making sure she wouldn't see. The only thing she heard was a slit and a small gurgle.

"And when he got hit, well... We had to stop." The boy explained "I'm Zavier by the way. And this pretty
lady here is Violet. And the boy we had with us was Jonah dare." The boy said in a soft tone of voice.
Cynthia looked up and gave a very weak smile to them both and introduced herself. "Why did you...
Do that. To the boy, I mean." Cynthia asked in an almost silent tone. Violet looked down at the girl,
into her soft eyes. "Because it wouldn't have been fair to leave him there. He was dying, but it was not
going to be a quick death. It's better that end his misery quickly and without pain rather than leave him
to die slowly and alone." Violet said in a hushed voice. They stayed in silence for a very long time.
The voice that broke the silence, however, was not one of their own.

The three tributes took cover "Does this shit ever end?" Zavier whispered in an annoyed tone. As they
listened, it turned out that it was not just one or two voices. It was a large group of them, so many they
couldn't count. A lot of them being young children's voices. "Zavier, these aren't Careers. A big group of
guys is just what we need." "They're what you think we need. We're doing just fine on out own." Zavier
responded in harsh tone. Cynthia slowly started to stand up, just enough so that she could see the group.
It was certainly large, it had six visible people, half of which were children about her age. Zavier spoke up
"Fine, we'll spend the night with them. But if we see anything we don't like then we're moving on. Alone."
Violet nodded, smiled and gave the boy a hug. On the count of three the tributes stood up and slowly
approached the group. One of the children let out a cry and two older tributes, both female, told them
to put down any weapons they had and to approach them slowly. They did as they were told and once they
had been checked, the girl with the strange eyes smiled at them and stuck out her hand. "I'm Hazel Maize,
this here is Alexandrite. Welcome to Haven."

Cynthia sat with the other younger tributes, Clementine and Tommy. Despite how scared they had both been
initially, both the other tributes had taken a liking to Cynthia once she had introduced herself. She sat on a log with them both, watching as Zavier and Violet were "interviewed" by Hazel and Alexandrite. "This is nice, right?" an older girl said, sitting down on the log next to Cynthia and Clementine. "Kids why don't you go off and play for a bit, I'm just going to have a chat with the city mouse here." Both the other kids complied and ran off, smiling. "It's funny... After all the bloodshed, I feel safer than I ever did back in my district. I'm Ruby, Ruby Hyrglass." She said in a lighthearted tone. She introduced herself as well and made small talk with the older girl.

"You seem like an okay kid. How about those two up there, they seem cool to you?" Ruby asked, nodding towards Zavier and Violet. Cynthia told her story of how she had come across the duo and the dying kid. Ruby's expression turned grim, she looked like she wanted to say something, but didn't "You sound like you've been through a lot. And I'm not gonna lie to you, you're going to go through even worse... I'm a newbie here too, I hadn't even heard of Haven before I came here. I was supposed to join up with another tribute, I saw him make it out of the bloodbath, but I couldn't get to him. I'm torn between either leaving and looking for him myself or staying and hoping he finds me. If I do leave, you're welcome to come with me. You don't have to, but I'd like the company. Those other munchkins you were making friends with seem to want to stay so they'd most likely be staying here. I'm just saying that when this place falls, and it will fall, you come and find me, alright? I'm sure Gianni would love to have you around. Anyway, I've got chores to do. See you around, Pumpkin." And with that, Ruby was off.

The sun was starting to descend into the cold mountains and Zavier, Violet and Cynthia huddled up. Zavier had his arm around Violet while she rested her head on his shoulder and cuddled close to him. The little girl sat and thought about what Ruby had said. For most of her life she had always been told what to do, she had always wished she had a choice or a say in the matter. Now that she had a choice, she found herself wishing that someone else would do it for her. She agreed that eventually Haven would fall, but did she want to stick around to see it? Would she be safer with Violet and Zavier or should she leave with Ruby to find her friend? She knew that this would keep her up all night. But eventually the time would come when she would have to make the choice about who she trusted. And whatever she chose, it would have dire effects.

POV - Ewa Thyren

The bark felt rough under her bare hands, but she didn't mind. Ewa slowly pulled herself up the icy tree, grasping at the few branches left on the baron plant. She brushed her hair with a free hand as she emerged through the top of the tree. She took a deep breath, the fresh air filling her lungs. She could see for miles, the whole of the frozen lands were hers to view. To the north the mountains were ever looming, staring over the tributes like the gods that some believed in. She herself had never seen a reason to believe in such gods, however she had never gone out of her way to disprove them to others. She may have no had the best social life, but she certainly wasn't one to go against the beliefs of others. She looked back to the south and saw the cornucopia. The blood was there, the bodies were there, and of course the Careers were there. She put on a smug face when she saw only four still standing. Had some been killed in the fight? Maybe
they had chosen to run off. She had noticed an abnormally large group of tributes, however it was mainly filled with children so she had seen no reason to bother with it. She had decided her destiny lay north, to the mountains. Despite being from a small farm back in her district she could withstand excruciating weather conditions. The mountains looked colder than the heart of president Snow, so she had deemed it a perfect place to hide until the weaker tributes had been weeded out.

Low chattering voices called her attention away from the silent mountains. She slowly lowered herself down from the tree and perched down on a thick branch. Two young boys were chatting amongst themselves in a loud fashion. She smirked and jumped down from the tree once they had passed, silent as shadow. Her hands wrapped around the sword she had acquired at the bloodbath, she had found it at the dead body of a giant boy with brown hair and blue eyes, the one that had been made fun of for his name. She couldn't quite remember it now, but it didn't matter. His sword was now hers. She silently pulled it from the makeshift sheath she had made out bark and ran it along the snowy ground. She was mere meters away from them when she made her move. She started to whistle a tune that she had heard back when she was younger, it instantly caught both the younger tributes attention. She recognized them as being the rather plain tributes she had thought would have died off by now, Jakub Kunnson and Connor Smitherson. They spun around and put their arms up in defense "Woah, woah, don't kill us, we'll leave I swear!" Connor stuttered. "Connor, maybe she can help us!" Jakub said in a loud voice. Connor gave Jakub a dirty look "Shut up, I know what I'm doing" He turned back to Ewa "We didn't mean to come into your territory or whatever, we'll go!"

Ewa was having a hard time not bursting into laughter at the sight of the two younger tributes shitting themselves over her, she couldn't help but let a small smile appear on her face. She slowly started to move towards the duo, one step every few seconds. She could almost smell how scared they were. Suddenly she raised the sword to them both "Are you scared of a little girl? Two strong 'men' scared of me? Well this is certainly something new." She said, a full smile appearing on her face. While her mouth smiled, her eyes did not. She decided she would have a bit of fun with this, see how far she could take it. She wasn't interested in allies, but these children could be used in other ways. They would almost certainly die within a few days so she decided using them to her advantage "Listen here and listen close. I'm heading for the mountains. I want you two to be my little servants. This won't be an alliance, I will control you. You'll gather food, weapons and information for me. You'll do this for as long as I wish. Once I think you've done a good enough job I will free you. However, if you fail to do your duty or try to run away, I will hunt you down and I will murder the both of you." She kept the false smile on her face for the whole speech. Both the young boys nodded quickly and nervously, silently agreeing to the terms. Ewa patted them on the head and smirked at them. She gave them instructions on what food was good, what berries were edible, where she would be staying. As they began to depart she also gave them a final command; Tell all other tributes you encounter that the mountains belong to Ewa Thyren, and that anyone who wishes to question her status as ruler of the north should come to the mountains and face her. She would be waiting.

It had been hours since she had encountered her two new servants and already she was feeling confidant.
The mountains were still a day's journey away and she realized that she would have to make camp in the
woods for the night. The sun was still high in the sky so she did not need to be thinking of it just yet. She had been traveling for hours and yet the mountains seemed as far away as they had done when she first set off. The silence of the woods was deafening, not a chirp or whistle to be heard. She started softly humming to herself, certain that if anyone was nearby she would know about it. She tried not to shiver against the cold, as if it would prove something. She tried to keep herself distracted with thoughts of a warm coat she would make out of the skin of an animal she would encounter, or that would be brought to her by her servants. Her servants. She smiled at the thought, it had been so long since anyone had actually cared what she thought. Even if it was only due to a death threat, she was happy that she had people she could count on. As she continued to hum her little song, she became increasingly aware of the almost silent sounds around her. Too stealthy to be an animal, but not silent enough to avoid her sharp senses. She continued to hum, acting as if she hadn't heard anything. Her hands ran across the hilt of her sword as she reached the end of her hum. Her song ended.

The stalker made a grunt as they swung something as Ewa. Ewa had a fast reaction time and avoided the
object swiftly, drawing her own sword. The fiery haired girl across from her wielded her own sword, in a much more graceful manner than anyone else had back in the Capitol. She made a half smile when she realized that it was Nichole Hiscotch. After a moment Nichole returned the smile "Look who we have here, the second best sword fighter in all of Panem!". Ewa chuckled as their swords collided and they tested each other "Well second best is fine with me, it's still better than you sweetheart!" She taunted back, her voice gruff, but not unkind. Their swords clinked and clashed, both the tributes blocking and counter attacking as if it were child's play. Nichole was the one to make the first proper attack, slightly knocking Ewa off guard. The battle started. Both tributes shouted and grunted as they tried to outflank each other, predicting each others moves and hitting back, harder every time. The fight went on for what felt like hours, but both girl came out of it with multiple scratches and wounds, nothing serious enough to stop them from wielding a sword. A low sweep from Nichole knocked Ewa off her feet, and abruptly ended the battle.

Ewa stared up at the sky, the soft snow numbing her wounds. The red haired girl towered over her and extended a hand "You fought well, almost got rid of me. I'm sure I could kill you easily now, but would that be fun?" Ewa gripped Nichole's hand and pulled herself up, brushing the snow off her body. Ewa smiled sternly at the girl and placed a hand on her shoulder "I'm heading towards the mountains. Come and visit me some time, I'll get lonely. I can almost certainly promise you that I won't have a trap planned for you" she chuckled "Whether we see each other as friend or foe the next time, it's sure to be something to remember." Both the girls put away their swords. Ewa said her farewell and continued north for the mountains. She looked back at the girl who had bested her as she walked away. She couldn't wait until they met again.

Day 1 - Meat

POV -  Gianni Carter

Gianni smiled as he watched the moon rise into the sky. Felicity was telling him about all the
stories her caretakers had taught her about the moon. At the moment she was telling him about
how the moon was the wife to the sun and how when the sun went to sleep the moon would
wake up and keep all the creatures on earth safe until the sun stirred from it's slumber. He
didn't believe in the stroy, but couldn't deny that he found the moral of it to be heartwarming.
Felicity was huddled up close to him, he didn't mind of course. It was freezing and any warmth
was welcome.

He hadn't stopped smiling since the moon had risen. He had watched anxiously as the faces of the dead floated above him, the Panem anthem putting them to rest, each one blinking out of existence as the next face took their place. He had genuinely been expecting to see Ruby up there, but he found himself hating the thought. He had given Feli a big hug once the night had once again become silent and he was certain that his friend was okay. She had simply hugged him back, smiling almost as much as he was. They now both looked up at the stars, Felicity's head upon his lap as her body lay upon the snow. He felt a faint headache coming on, not surprising due to all the stress he had been through all this time. He chuckled
as he tried to think of how he even had time to get a headache. They had found a nice and open area of land. All the surrounding plant life would make a stealthy approach damn near impossible, so they feared little from the other tributes. They had been so caught up in the view of the moon and stars that they barely even processed the sound of feet shuffling upon leafs.

Gianni was up in a flash, Felicity following shortly after with her knife in hand. The moon made
two small figures visible, both of them hunched over and creeping along the treeline of the opening.
Felicity was the first to make a move, diving in after them. Gianni followed behind her and by the
time he had reached them, she had one of the tributes pinned down on the ground and another
backed up against a tree. She let out a sigh as she realized the tributes were just children. She
put the knife away and helped the one on the ground to his feet. Gianni recognized them as Jakub
and Connor.

After the two boys were a bit less frightened, they all sat down in the snow and talked. They exchanged information and found out little bits of trivia about each other. Jakub was from a poor family in his district, but had a love for animals. Connor had also pipped up and told the both of them that Jakub was homosexual, to which Connor received a slap on the back of the head from Jakub. Connor was a troubled child, not by fault though, as he was autistic. He didn't let this stop him as when he was a bit younger he had started training in martial arts and had become very experienced in the ways of fighting. Gianni gave them some bread and a bottle of water, a pat on the back and sent them on their way. As they were leaving the kids mentioned something about the north having a ruler, but they paid little attention to it. They most likely wouldn't be heading north so it meant nothing to them.

As Felicity went to lay back down on the ground, Gianni stopped and closed his eyes. In the distance
he could hear a faint crying. He silently gestured for her to come over, and she did. They both wandered
silently in the direction of the crying, the thick trees eliminating most light in the woods "Is that one
of the boys?" Feli asked. "No, that's a girl... I've got a knack for these kinds of things." A few meters
ahead of them, a girl was slumped over on the ground. She was facing the opposite direction, however
she had visibly red hair and a thin article of clothing on both her upper and lower body. Gianni reached
out a hand and placed it on her shoulder. The girl turned around and through the dim light he could
see that the girl was Angeline Fiora. She was whimpering and stayed quiet, staring at them both with
large green eyes. "Hey... Angeline, right? We've got somewhere warm we can take you, we've got food
and water... And probably some extra clothing we can use to get you out of this cold." He extended a
hand and gave her a sweet smile. Angeline took his hand and gave him an equally sweet smile back
"Thank you so much... Some food and water is just what we need." She gave his hand a sharp tug,
pulling him down to the floor. His vision was hazy and he felt as if he was paralyzed. From his position
on the ground he witnessed two other figures emerge from the woods. Felicity had her knife drawn, but
was quickly overthrown. A sharp knock to the back of the head pushed her out of his sight. Angeline
looked down at him, that same sweet smile on her face. And everything went black.

He took a deep breath. A soft crackle of a nearby fire was a welcome sound, he felt the warmth run
down his body and relax him. He recognized the faint smell of meat, most likely being cooked on the
fire he was near. His whole body was numb, he could move but he had no feeling in his arms or legs.
He opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. He rubbed his face with his hand and sighed. "Ah, you're
awake." A low and dull voice said, spooking Gianni. He looked up from his place on the ground and saw
three tributes sitting around a fireplace, eating at their meal. He moaned softly, tried to sit up, but
failed. A man rushed over to him "Easy there partner, don't want you passing out again." He said, in
a tone that sounded kind but was anything but kind. By the fire he saw Angeline and another girl.
The other girl looked at him with an expression he could compare with sympathy. Angeline however
was giving him quite the opposite look. Dark acid green eyes stared at him, into the deepest parts of
his body.

Gianni looked up at the man again "Where's Felicity?" He muttered, his voice cracking slightly. The man just smiled softly "This is nothing personal, friend. I don't think anyone here wants to be here, not really. I mean, even if our lives weren't the best, they were better than this. I just want you to know that before I go any further. You won't be dying for a while yet, just take that for what it's worth. We need you." Gianni gave him a dirty look "What could you possibly want from me? If you wanted food, water, shelter, anything, we would have given it to you. I get that you couldn't take that risk, but what could you possibly want from me? The only things I care about are my friends, and both of them are gone. What more could possibly be taken from me, what else could I possibly lose?" The man, whom Gianni now recognized as Markey Primal-Omega, kept smiling at him "I think a lot of people seem to miss something that me, Angeline and Willow think is rather obvious. The three problems in the games are other tributes, food, and the gamemakers. Now obviously there isn't much we can do about that last one, but we've figured out a way to eliminate our first two problems in one go." A cold sweat ran down Giann's head and he looked down at his body. He was missing something. He looked up at the fire. He realized what it was. What was left of his right leg was being suspended by a stick above the fire. The smell of tender flesh cooking filled him. Markey sighed,

"Remember, it's nothing personal. But a man's got to eat."

Death Chart

Place Name District Day Killed by/ Cause of Death
26th Asa Muttan 3 1 Felicity Caspian

Joey "Template" Lasrado

11 1 Nichole Hiscotch
24th Salami Kingston 10 1 Nichole Hiscotch
23rd Artemis Moonsilver 13 1 Maxxis Power
22nd Jonah Dare 7 1 ((Unknown killer/Blood loss))

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