The indirect sequel is up! Join it if you want, at The Hollow Games Update: You may not pledge for tributes anymore. It's happening. It's really happening. I'm back, baby.

Yes, in celebration of my return to the wiki I have decided to host a game, this is for anyone to enter, as long as long as you fill in these aspects of your tribute/s:

NOTE: These games will contain swearing (Not a lot, just when I feel it would be apropriate) and possible gore, if you don't wish for these things then please do not enter your tribute.

I shall be getting straight to the games, as I'm just itching to show you all the horrible things your tributes will go through.

Tribute Aplication

Tribute name:




Apperance: (Please add an avatar if you have one)



Any other things you deem important:

You can enter up to two tributes.

'Pledge's and Sponsers

The process of Sponsers and pledges is simple: Each day you can choose 1-3 tributes to pledge for, the more pledges a tribute has, the more things their mentors can buy for them.

Example: 1 pledge - Loaf of bread    2 pledges - Tin of rice Etc.

Each tribute shall be given 1 pledge each as a gesture of good faith, as I believe everyone deserves a chance to win.

Once all tributes are entered, you may begin to pledge for tributes.

You can pledge for 3 tributes per day, including your own, and when you wish to use those pledges just write a comment and I will send it to them. If you have a special thing you want to send then contact me.

Food Price Survival Price Weapons Price Medicine Price
Small meal (Size of an egg or chicken wing) 4 Socks/ Gloves 2 Slingshot 3 Asperin (For colds or headaches) 3
Medium meal (Large tin of food and a drink) 5 Matches 2 Crossbow 7 Burn ointment 5
Large meal (3 course meal, enough to share 7 Flashlight 4 Spear 5 Anti-bacteria (To stop infection) 8
Energy shot (Makes user more alert) 6 Night-vision goggles 8 Katana 10 Helianitis (Give a boost of energy for 24 hours) 10
Water 2 Body armour 13 Throwing Knives (10) 4 Lithitis ( A drop of this disinfects water)


Crackers 2 Tent 8 6-round Handgun 16 Painkillers 6
Loaf of bread 4 Sleeping bag 6 Darts (Poison) 4 Bandages 3
Raw meat 3 Arena map 4 Darts (Non-poison) 3 Advanced First-aid kit 8
Cooked Meat 5 Shield 8 Mine/s 3(Per mine) Heal-Fast 6


District Name Sex Age Mentor Pledges
D1 Thamos Embers Male 14 Erlend 1
D1 Diamond Celestia Female 17 Vinny 5
D2 Troy Mason Male 18 Salmon 5
D2 Veronica Mordekaiser Female 18 Erlend 10
D3 Charlie Lancaster Male 15 Daria 3
D3 Sofia Bulgar Female 16 Yoonie 17
D4 Kalmah XXIV Male 17 Raymon 1
D4 Nami Njord Female 16 Raymon 5
D5 Neon Winters Male 14 PikachuTattoo 12
D5 Eevee Darkbloom Female 17 Nommy 10
D6 Zulfikar Zambrano Male 14 NIby 8
D6 Cornelia Maizano Female 13 Amina 20
D7 Jayson Huff Male 17 NIby 1
D7 Whitney Grey Female 12 Bee 21
D8 Textil Archus Male 15 Blake 10
D8 Greir Erwin Female 16 Becca 7
D9 Grao Fieldwerie Male 14 Lucca 10
D9 Kayla Danielle Female 16 Lucca 1
D10 Eli Winersin Male 14 Salmon 7
D10 Carolyn Pontills Female 13 Marina 10
D11 Eddie Silva Male 15 Victor 2
D11 Kiara Seasplatt Female 18 Marina 9
D12 Logan Heremiah Male 17 Vinny 9
D12 Quinn Aites Female 13 Bee


Death Chart

Place Name Day Killed by/ Cause of Death
24th Kalmah XXIV 1 Whitney Grey
23rd Jayson Huff 1 Troy Mason
22nd Kayla Danielle 1 Eevee Darkbloom
21st Thamos Embers 1 Kiara Seasplatt
20th Eddie Silva 1 Kiara Seasplatt
19th Quinn Aites 2 Logan Heremiah
18th Zulfikar Zambrano 2 Veronica Mordekaiser
17th Neon Winters 2 Veronica Mordekaiser
16th Nami Njord 2 Kiara Seasplatt
15th Charlie Lancaster 2

Troy Mason/ Veronica Mordekaiser

14th Logan Heremiah 3 Poison trap at the Cornucopia
13th Diamond Celestia 3 Veronica Mordekaiser
12th Eevee Darkbloom 4 Grao Fieldwerie
11th Eli Winersin 4 Whitney Grey
10th Whitney Grey 4 Sofia Bulgar
9th Greir Erwin 4 Sofia Bulgar
8th  ((Unknown Death, Textil Archeus )) 4 (( Unknown Killer ))
7th Grao Fieldwerie 4 Kiara Seasplatt
6th Carolyn Pontills 4 Wolf creature/ Blood loss
5th Cornelia Maizano 5 Veronica Mordekaiser/ Torture
4th Veronica Mordekaiser 5 Kiara Seasplatt/ Torture
3rd Sofia Bulgar 5 Kiara Seasplatt
2nd Troy Mason 5 Drowned
Victor! Kiara Seasplatt 5 Out there, somewhere, being a badass

The Games

I shall be doing these in a POV style, focusing on a particular tribute or group of tributes. For each day I will do various different tributes. I will try to not do the same tribute POV 2 days in a row unless I feel it is important to the story.

Day 1 - Bloodbath

POV - Quinn Aites

60 seconds

All the tributes are standing on their platforms. Some of them look for ways to kill
the people the have come to know over the past few days. Others look for the easiest
way to avoid a fight. And some look at the others, either in fear or in sadness. Knowing
that within a few days, they would all be dead.

45 seconds

The cornucopia was on an island of sorts, 4 rusty steel bridges were the only way across
the deep canyon. The cornucopia itself held many riches, for only the strongest of tributes
to claim. There were of course various less important items scattered around the edges
of the cornucopia, to give some of the less privileged tributes a chance. The wooded
area around the cornucopia would provide efficient cover for a few tributes.

30 seconds

Quinn looked around. Both the girls she knew were on the opposite side of the circle
around the cornucopia. This problem could lead to be fatal for any one of them as they
are strongest in a group. She thought about this. Would it be wise to find them later
in the games?

15 seconds

No, if she loses them now, it's all over for her. She isn't anything special, she could put
up a fight if she wanted to but her against the Careers? Not likely. She was gonna have
to make a run for it.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Everything went silent. She could feel her legs lift and she felt her body start moving forward.
She looked at the other tributes, they hadn't noticed her and she could still get out without
them noticing. A small dark green backpack catches her eye. She swoops down to grab it.
Before she could escape with her forest coloured treasure, a mind-numbing hit to the back
of her head keeps her from getting up again. Dazed and momentarily disabled, she falls onto
her back before a leather boot burrows its way into her stomach. She gags, and hurls up the
little amount of food she had in her. Crack. A punch to the side of her head makes sure she
isn't going anywhere. Through the blood and the stars that seems to be flying around, she makes
out a dark haired boy, larger than her by far. She recognizes him as Kalmah, the quiet boy.
She had noted how she thought he was nice, unlike the other brutes.

Never had she been more wrong.

The boy pulled out a knife and smiled sweetly, the way a mother does when assuring her child
that there really are no monsters in their closet. "It'll all be over soon, princess." He plunged
a knife into her side and pulls. All the colour from her face leaves, exiting through the gaping
rip in her skin. He pulls out the knife and wipes it on the grass. He marvels over the wound.
He's so content that he doesn't notice the blade until it's too late. Quinn squints against the
bright sunlight and the blood and sees a sight that makes her smile for the first time since she
was back home. Her friends Whitney and Greir. Kalmah lies on the ground, choking as the red
substance seeps out of gash on his neck. The pair lift her up and put her arms around her. Whitney
looks back over her shoulder at the writhing Kalmah and sighs. She walks over to him and closed
her eyes. She plunges the sword into his head, killing him. Quinn looked back at her friend. It must
be a hallucination, Whitney would never hurt anyone, right? Quinn passes out, the two girls put her
arms around her and carried her away from the bloodshed.

POV - Sofia Bulgar

She was in a completely different world when the bell sounded. She snapped back into reality,
finding that she was one of the last tributes still on her podium. She immediately started in a
sprint towards the cornucopia. She didn't have any plans to survive the games, she had
decided long ago that she wanted to make sure that this year was different and that one
of the people who truly deserved a chance at life would win. She grabbed a few things
around the cornucopia, not even bothering to try to get across the bridge. A few feet away from
her, she spotted someone that made her blood run cold. Veronica, a tribute from district 2,
who was known for being especially heartless. She was on kneeling down but she couldn't
make out what she was doing. Picking up a weapon? When she heard the screams she
knew what she was doing. Underneath her she could make out the small golden haired
girl from district 6. She considered fleeing but knew that no one else would save her.

No one was coming.

Perhaps because the little girl was weak and would be a burden, because they didn't want
to have to fight off Veronica or maybe it was simply because they didn't want to have to
kill the girl themselves. Sofia was so tired of people only thinking of themselves, it was
all she had ever known, she knew how selfish people really are. She dropped the items she
had picked up except for a small hatchet and sprinted over to the couple. One swing was
all it took to get Veronica's attention. She spun around, feeling a sharp pain in upper arm,
blindly attacking her stalker. It was because of this rage that Sofia didn't die right there.
Veronica was equipped with a small carving knife, not the most threatening weapon but
would be just as deadly if it hit in the right place. Sofia made several attempts to throw
Veronica off her but she just kept coming. An arrow came whizzing past Veronica's arm,
startling her, as she spun around an arrow found it's way into her lower right leg, causing
her to scream out in pain. The crossbow wielding tribute, Kiara Seaspatt, grinned as she
rushed off the bridge and rushed off into the battle at the cornucopia. Sofia, in the heat of
the moment took a blind swing at a still dazed Veronica. The cold-hearted girl swore in pain
as she put her hands to the side of her head. Where her ear had been cut off. Sofia, scared
for her life, ran off. "Come back here, you goddamn bitch! You won't know what hit you!"
Veronica's calls became more distant and quieter with every passing second. She looked
back to see that the little girl was long gone.

On the treeline, she stopped and observed the cornucopia. It appeared as if there was
a two sided battle going on. She had watched previous Hunger Games in history class
but never had she seen such a big alliance between non Career tributes. Maybe she was
mistaken. She limped off into the woods, not as much as a fly to keep her company. She
hoped the little girl was alright.

Whatever happens, she would find out about it when the faces of the dead fill the sky tonight.

POV - Eli Winersin

He'd used to run a lot back in his district. He used to go out for jogs with his friends after
school. He was much faster than them but it never bothered him, he just liked having
people around him. He would have never imagined that it would be the only thing keeping
him alive. He was sprinting across the orange coloured bridge, a few friends by his side.
Never had running been more terrifying. Back in the capitol, the less favoured tributes had
made a pact. They decided that the easiest way to win the games was to eliminate the
Careers before they got the chance to make base at the cornucopia. Some tributes refused,
out of fear mostly but those that did had kept their word. Along side him was Jayson Huff,
Charlie Lancaster, Neon Winters, Carolyn Pontills and Zulfikar Zambrano. Even he was
surprised how many people had joined him. He wasn't the oldest, the smartest or the strongest
but he was a leader and most people knew that about him.

They reached the island and
immediately started scavenging all the goods the could find, the Careers busy with the
tributes still outside of the cornucopia. His main fear had been that Veronica would catch
up to them but last he had seen, she was tormenting some younger tribute. He had considered
helping but knew that even if he had tried, he couldn't have helped. Or at least that's what
he told himself. He looked over at Jayson and smiled, that dumb look that he always had
on his face brought Eli hope. His reaction time is a lot faster than most other people his
age but no one could have been fast enough to stop what happened next. Carolyn let out
a scream and ran off from the group. Eli tried to call out to her but as far as he was concerned,
she was probably the safest of them all at the moment. The Careers had arrived. Troy, Diamond
and Nami, weapons in hand. For the briefest moment, no one moved. They all sized each other
up, seeing who would be easiest to kill, who was the biggest threat and who would scream
the most. Nami made the first move, moving for Zulfikar, the boy closest to her. Eli was
too far away to do anything, and even if he could get there in time, how would he fend off Nami?
Zulfikar backed off slowly as Nami rushed at him.

He probably would have died right there if it weren't for Jayson. The young man from District 7 shoulder tackled Nami to the ground, the two of them toppling over onto the grass. He hesitated for a moment, not being a violent person and especially not being one to hit a girl, he remembered that out here they were all the same. Boys and girls were no different. All they are is meat. The playthings of higher men. He hit her.
Again. And Again. He never threw the fourth punch though. All the tributes had gone into an
all out war against each other. Troy kicked his skull, enough force to cause some damage.
He fell off Nami and attempted to reach over him to find something, anything that could help him.
He had dropped his axe in the heat of the moment, before he had tackled Nami. Troy had picked
it up. One swift blow to the skull was all it took to end the years of training and history that
Jayson Huff had once been. Eli, damaged and hurt over the loss of his friends called the others
back, the remaining tributes retreating with him over the bridge. Once again, the only thing
keeping Eli and his friends alive was how fast they could run.

Troy was looking over the boy he had killed. "Stupid asshole, took us on without even the
smallest of weapons..." In the front pocket of Jayson's shirt he pulled out a small, metal
medallion. "Hmpf. I guess this'll have to do." He pocketed it and walked off to join the others.

POV - Grao Fieldwerie

Grao knew who his friends were. He could tell when someone was being genuinely honest
about their feelings. He knew when he was being lied to. It was for this reason that he
had made the choice to stay close to the girl in his district. He hadn't known her back
home, they didn't have the same interests, same hobbies, why would he? Only here, in
the place destined to end his life, would he meet someone that truly made him feel like
living. Kayla was a talkative girl, to say the least. She could talk for hours and never run
out of things to say. She was a person that you couldn't help liking, but she was a person
that could quiet easily go from your best friend, to hated enemy, in a matter of seconds.

They ran together.

Kayla however was an arrogant person. Grao saw her run off to the side,
targeting a blonde haired girl who was crouched over. Kayla prepared to fight but was
caught off guard by the large axes she was wielding. Kayla, non the less, went in for the
kill. Grao was strong but all he could do was run, with no weapons he had to use his fists
to help her. He got a glimpse of the girl, Eevee Darkbloom, a likable girl, mainly by boys.
Her charms wouldn't help out here though, Kayla was unperturbed by this and kept up her
onslaught on the girl. She did very little real damage, only getting one good blow in before
Eevee ending Kayla's life. The tears flowed down Grao's face as he yelled in anger and
swung wildly at the girl, anger blinding him to the danger he was in. Eevee reacted out
of instinct and swung the axe at the boys head, taking out his eye. The gaping hole where
his ocean blue eye had been was a mess now, very little remained. Grao fell to the ground,
shock taking over his body. Eevee almost burst into tears before regaining her composure.
She turned around and sprinted towards the cornucopia. Through his remaining eye he
thought he saw the girl crying but he couldn't be sure. He didn't care. He crawled over to
the body of Kayla and closed her eyes. He slowly got up and walked off in a drunken line
towards the trees. All the pain seemed unreal. Like a dream.

He wondered for what felt like a lifetime. He sat down against a tree and sighed, letting a few stray tears leave his head and roll down his cheeks. He felt where his eye should be. He cried.


Deaths - Jayson Huff, Kalmah XXIV and Kayla Danielle. Multiple unknown deaths.

Quinn Aites, Whitney Grey and Greir Erwin - Quinn is losing blood, in serious need of medical attention.

Careers - Veronica Mordekaiser, Diamond Celestia, Nami Njord and Troy Mason. At the moment Veronica and Thamos's status are unknown. The remaining three Careers have made camp on the cornucopia island.

Alliance - Eli Winersin, Charlie Lancaster, Neon Winters, Zulfikar Zambrano and Carolyn Pontills. Make note that at the moment, Carolyn's status is unknown.

Grao Fieldweire - Far into the woods, against a tree. After suffering a major injury, he shall need serious medical care. Without support from another tribute or sponsers he will most likely perish.

Other tributes - Just because the remaining tributes have not been listed as alive, does not mean they are dead. It is possible that they perished in the bloodbath but most simply escaped into the wild. However, having said this, there were certainly more casualties to the bloodbath than have been shown.

Coming Soon - Survivors of the bloodbath.

Day 1 - Picking up the Pieces

POV - Logan Heremiah

The sun was making it's descent into the abyss, the sky aflame with colour. Logan calculated
it had been approximately 4 hours since he had escaped the bloodbath. He had gotten out of
there the second the countdown was up. He was starting to wish he had spent more time at
the survival workshop back at the training center. Speed and strength would only get him so
far in the games. His throat was sore and dry, desperate for the cleansing sensation of liquid.
He stopped and shut his eyes. He could just about make out a soft sobbing. He quietly followed
the noise until he reached the source. A small girl, no older than 13, was sitting quietly on a log.
"Hey there..." He said, simply, as he slowly put his hand forward. She promptly lifted her head
from her hands and stumbled backwards over the log, falling onto her backside. She had a large
cut alongside her right cheek, a shallow trail of blood seeping from it. "S-Stay away..." She
stuttered as she attempted to retrieve any dignity she was still holding onto.

"I'm unarmed." he said, a sympathetic tone in his voice.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?"

"You don't. But if I were going to kill you, wouldn't I have already done it by now?"

She wiped the tears from her eyes, and stared at him, the way that only an innocent
child can stare at someone. The pair walked together, not saying a word. They stayed
like this for what felt like hours. During their brief time together, Logan observed the girl.
She didn't seem to want to harm him. She certainly wasn't a killer. But more than anything,
she wasn't meant to be here. This girl wasn't made to survive in the wild. She was made to
help people. She was kind. Kindness was what gets you killed. The duo came across a small
cave. Actually, hole in the ground was a more accurate description. But for them, at least for
now, it was home.

Logan gathered moss from surrounding rocks and trees to make a cover for the hole entrance,
hiding it pretty well. Cornelia merely sat on the hard rocky floor of their "cave", watching the
older boy. He didn't mind, he hadn't held her silence against her, the poor girl must be in shock.
Once the cave was, for the most part, sealed he climbed back inside and lay down.

He was awoken by a small tugging feeling coming from his side. It was raining lightly outside,
reminding him of his childhood days spent playing in the makeshift park of his district on misty days. He looked to his side and saw Cornelia, blood still smeared over her face and tears rolling down her soft cheeks. She buried her head into Logan's chest and sobbed quietly, just as she had done when they had
first met.

"Don't let them get me."

The first words she had spoken since their first encounter, had been the most chilling.

"I won't. I promise." Logan closed his eyes, letting the rain sooth him to sleep as Cornelia
thought of her home. All the people that would see her, but that she would never see back.

POV - Kiara Seasplatt

The sound of rain and muddy footsteps were her only company. The artificial moon had risen
into the sky and illuminated the arena. Kiara grinned as she ran with her bounty of food, her
crossbow slung across her chest. She thought back to those very first few moments of the
games, how scared she had felt. She remembered the way her heart pounded when she
was attacked by Thamos, a Career boy. She wasn't one to kill innocent people but the Careers
were anything but that. They were allies of The Capitol, therefor they were her enemies.
She grinned as she remembered the look on his face as her arrow pierced his torso. The look
being sealed when the second arrow had found it's way into his neck, the expression of horror
never leaving his face.

If it wasn't for that damn girl, Veronica, she may have made off with more than just food. Despite having lost an ear and being shot with her arrow, the barbarian had just about mauled her. The thought of Veronica quickly wiped the smile off her face. To make things worse, after she narrowly escaped from the Career's hands, she had encountered another boy, Eddie Silva, from D11. She had tried to avoid him but he attacked her, scared half to death. She had no choice but to end his life. One swift arrow to the head was all it took. She took refuge up in the trees, so thick that in the darkness it would be near impossible to find her. Just to be safe, she kept her crossbow beside her.

She stared up at the stars and watched as the faces of the dead drifted through the night sky, lost to the void. She saw Thamos's face. She smiled.

POV - Charlie Lancaster

"It didn't work goddamn it, it didn't work!" Eli had been shouting angrily ever since they had
barely escaped from the cornucopia. "We could have... We could have done something had we
worked together! And now... Jayson's gone because of it. Because of us." He stayed ahead
of the group, marching onwards to nowhere. Charlie spoke up "Non of this is on us, you saw
the look in those Careers eyes, how many more of us would we have lost had we tried to fight-"
"Fewer than we're going to lose! We had them by surprise, there were only three of them.
Come sunrise, they'll be hunting us down, one by one." Neon walked faster to catch up to
Eli, putting an arm on his shoulder. Eli stopped and he looked at the ground. "We need to
stay positive... You're either angry that we lost Jayson and didn't get the cornucopia or
relieved that Jayson was such a good friend that he bought us time, and we didn't lose anyone
else. I know which one I want to follow." Eli rubbed his eyelids and sighed, a vague smile
showing on his face. He nodded, silently agreeing "We'll be alright." The group walked
as the rain hit their heads, making small talk and the occasional joke.

A large, wooden cabin was what they eventually ran into. It was uncommon for the arena to have structures other than the cornucopia, but not impossible. It was a large cabin at that, probably big enough
to fit 10 people in if they were smart about it. Luckily they didn't need that much space.
Charlie walked up to the door "You guys cover me if things go south..." He said in a hushed tone,
the others nodding. WHAM. Everything went a strange colour before it all went black.

"Hey there sleepyhead..." Said a soft female voice, soothing him. He rubbed his nose and
immediately regretted it, hurting like nothing he had ever felt before "I wouldn't do that if I were
you... I think it's broken, and I'm sorry. But then again, I could have murdered you right then
and there." He opened his heavy eyes and saw it was a redheaded girl, Sofia. Zulfikar knocked
on the door to the room and smiled when he saw he was awake. From out behind him popped
out Carolyn who rushed over and hugged him "I'm sorry I ran away, I was just scared... I'm
stronger now, I'll be able to help you out more, I promise..." Zulfikar came and sat down on
the bed "Sofia had found Carolyn, half passed out before they got here. She took her in and
took refuge here, they thought we were going to hurt them so Sofia hit you... I would suggest
getting some rest tonight, your nose is going to hurt like a bitch in the morning..." Carolyn
gave him a dirty look "No swearing!" Zulfikar chuckled and ruffled her hair "Whatever kid."

They all sat in silence, Carolyn and Eli eating what little food the group had gathered from the
cornucopia. "You know what we need?" Charlie said as he stood up from the table, getting the
attention of everyone "A name. The Careers have their boring sounding name, why don't the
others get some title too? Any suggestions?" Everyone pondered over this for a moment before
Sofia spoke up "How about... The Allied Forces...? It was the name of a group of countries from
long ago, some war against a dictatorship... I think that's roughly it, although at school most
people didn't really care for history so I don't know..." Charlie smiled "That sounds perfect.
Cheesy, but perfect. For the rest of the evening the allies chatted and eventually went to bed.
Eli stayed up until he was sure everyone else was asleep. He took out a candle from a backpack
he had found back in the afternoon and lit it with a match. "Miss you Jayson..." He placed the
candle on the nightstand and fell asleep.

POV - Diamond Celestia

The low glow of the fire cheered Diamond up. When she had been training back in the center
of District 1, she had never imagined that the games would be quite like this. She had imagined
them to be a fun event, something that brought people together. Diamond wasn't the smartest girl.
She sat alone, keeping a look out for the others. They had left about two hours ago and hadn't seen
them since then. She thought they might have gone to look for the other remaining Careers but she
hadn't really been listening. She felt the fire warm her heart.

From the distance she heard shouting. She stood up as she saw Troy and Nami, Troy being slumped over
with something large on his back, while Nami ran ahead of him. As the pair ran closer to the make-shift
fire Diamond could see that it was not something on Troy's back, it was someone. That someone shouted
and pushed at Troy, causing the figure to fall off of him. The figure fought back but eventually slumped onto
the ground, apparently passing out. Troy rushed over and lay down the figure. It was Veronica. While Troy
went and got some medical supplies from the interior of the cornucopia, Nami washed a water-soaked cloth
over Veronica's face, cleaning most of the dried up blood away.

The three Careers sat around the fire, no one saying a word as Veronica lay on a mattress, still passed out.
A cough and a splutter from her made all three adolescents jump, before Troy quickly rushed to her side.
He put a hand to her forehead, she tried to push him away but was too weak. "S-Stupid bitch..." She muttered
out. "How bad does it look? My head is hurting up a storm..." Nami weakly handed her a mirror. Veronica just
stared at it for what felt like an eternity. Veronica was anything but beautiful now. Beside the not so obvious
puncture in her leg, she had lost the whole of her left ear, a large scar also running across her forehead and
eyebrow. "It's fine." Veronica stated, surprising the other Careers who had been expecting to have to restrain
her. "It's fine. I know who did this. I know who to blame. And I know who is going to regret ever being born.
It's fine. At dawn we're going to go after her, that little slut from District 3, Sofia Bulgar." The Careers simply
stared at her, wondering what she planned to do. Troy nodded. Then Nami. Diamond just sat there.

"Where's Thamos?" She asked quietly. No one answered.

She didn't want to hurt anyone, not really. She just wanted to be part of the games for fun. That's all they were to her.



Deaths - Thamos Embers and Victor Silva.

Careers - Veronica Mordekaiser, Troy Mason, Nami Njord and Diamond Celestia. At the Cornucopia, well stocked on supplies. Vernoica is still recovering from the Bloodbath. Thamos is dead.

Allied Forces - Eli Winersin, Charlie Lancaster, Carolyn Pontills, Neon Winters, Sofia Bulgar and Zulfikar Zambrano. They have made their home in a pre-made Cabin they encountered on their travels. Eli is deeply perturbed by the death of Jayson. Charlie's nose is broken but aside from that he will recover.

Other Group/s - Quinn, Whitney and Greir. Their location and statuses are currently unknown.

- Logan and Cornelia. Hiding in a cave-like location. They have no supplies or weapons.

Rougues - Kiara Seasplatt, Textil Archeus, Grao Fieldwerie, Eevee Darkbloom.

Kiara is doing well in terms of supplies and has a good weapon.

Textil is unknown but is presumed to be alive due to no tributes recalling what happened to him.

Grao was last seen against a tree, crying. He is currently unknown.

Eevee was last seen during the bloodbath, having killed Kayla. She was not seen again however is presumed to be alive, for the same reason as Textil.

Day 2 - Sunshine, Rabbits and Paranoia

POV - Eevee Darkbloom

She shivered as she breathed in the early morning air. For a place destined to be the final resting
place of 23 children, it sure was beautiful. Eevee admired the birds flying through the trees, unaware
of the horrors going on around them. She liked to think that they were natural, but in reality she knew
they were most likely creatures made by the capitol. Probably cameras. Flashbacks of the previous
day rushed through her head, the girl trying to take her by surprise, the axe lodging itself into the
girl's skull. The way her friend had cried over her death. She closed her eyes and breathed in again.
She had escaped the bloodbath not having to hurt anyone else. Apparently the men watching over
her had faith in her, as in the early hours of the day she had heard the faint bleeping of a package
from the Capitol. When she had seen what it was she smiled. A meteor hammer, not exactly the
stealthiest weapon but it could mean the difference between her living and dying. She was quickly
brought back to the present by the rustling of leaves ahead of her. Whether it was an animal or
another tribute, she would need to be on guard. She had ditched the axes as soon as she had received
her weapon from the Capitol. She grabbed it with both hands and approached the sound. Ahead of her
she saw a boy, around 13 years old, gathering berries from a nearby bush. She wasn't a heartless
murderer like most of the other people here and he wasn't a direct threat, he looked as if he hadn't
eaten a full meal in all of his life. She observed the boy while he picked the berries. She couldn't
quite recall his name but she knew he was from District 8. Thomas? Tim? She couldn't figure it out.
The boy seemed so peaceful. After observing him for a full ten minutes she came to the conclusion
that he was unarmed. She made her move. Cautiously she approached the bush. She came within less
than a meter of him before he had even noticed her. Had her intent been to kill, she could have done
so quite easily. He spun around, his piercing eyes glaring into hers. They stared at each other for
what felt like an eternity. The boy stretched out his arm cautiously and showed her the berries
"You hungry?"
Eevee smiled.

The two ate and discussed their lives back home, Textil talking about some cult of his and Eevee not
really mentioning much aside from the things she'd learned in school. They walked together for some
time, finding out that despite being from different districts that they had a lot in common.

"No, really - That's crazy!" Eevee said, grinning.

"I'm serious! It went all the way across the hall and hit the guy right between the legs! I don't think he'll
be having to worry about his kids entering in the Hunger Games anymore!"

Eevee felt bad but couldn't stop herself laughing "I've known you for about 4 hours and I already know
you're gonna be a tough guy to get rid of" She joked "Anyway, you should see if you can put those
throwing skills to use once we get you a good weapon, if you hit Troy in his babymaker I'm sure it
would certainly make the fight a lot easier!"

The two were taking turns bathing in a small stream they'd encountered, Eevee going first while Textil watched the treeline for anything living. The two had decided that considering the odds of living were against them, it didn't matter all that much if they saw each other bare, as if they died it wouldn't exactly matter. And it gave the hormonally crazed teenagers something to stare at back in the Capitol. After Textil had his turn, the pair dried off in the sun and made their way east. As they were chatting about how they'd escaped the bloodbath, Textil hushed Eevee. She tried to protest but was hushed again. Textil slowly crawled through the brush and saw the large, Cabin like, structure. From the inside, people were clearly visible.

"Eevee - Look! People! Come on, we've got to go introduce ourselves!" He started to head towards the building but Eevee grabbed his hand.

"Textil... I know you don't have a reason to really care about what I say but... This is bad luck. We go in there, we won't come out. Big groups are asking for trouble. We don't even know them!"

Textil thought about this "You're right... I don't have a reason to care about what you think... Why should I listen to you?" He said in a gruff voice.

Eevee took a deep breath and sighed. It was now or never. Might as well use her feminine charm to work. She leaned over and pressed her lips up against hers. For ten seconds, Textil was in heaven. When they pulled out of the kiss Textil nodded. Not another word was said as they walked away, leaving the cabin and it's inhabitants unaware of their presence.

POV - Whitney Grey

The pleasant smell of wet grass made Whitney smile as she rubbed her eyes and lifted herself
up off the dirt. "Ah, I thought you'd be awake by now." Called Greir from the entrance of the cave

"Morning..." Whitney called back, sleepily.

"How's she doing?" She nodded over to a sleeping Quinn, in the corner of the cave.

"Worse, her fever's gone through the roof. Or rather, the muddy top of the cave..." Greir let out a faint
laugh and looked at her, sympathy in her eyes.

"Y'know, you didn't need to stay up all night, we would have been fine, the entrance is barely visible
and we'd hear someone coming in."

"Well I never could sleep well, always was an insomniac and I always will be. Even more so if I end up
winning these games."

Whitney opened her mouth to respond but a cry from Quinn shut her up and the duo rushed over to her
side. Quinn vaguely opened her eyes and lifted her head "I hope you two weren't digging my gave
already, were you?" Whitney laughed and hugged her tightly. The moment between the girls was short-lived
however, as a quiet bleeping noise sounded from outside the cave, getting louder with every passing second.
Whitney grabbed her sword from her backpack, slowly emerging from the cave as the other two girls hid.
From up in a nearby tree, a rectangular plastic case was dangling from some rope and a parachute.
She pulled it down off the tree and her emotionless face was replaced with a wide grin. Inside this box was a gift, one that might make the difference between life and death.

A rustling sound coming from the leaves ahead of her snapped Whitney back into the moment. She always was a daydreamer. A small rabbit was sniffing at some odd vegetation. She observed it for a small while, slowly approaching the small creature. One swift slice was all it took to earn the three girls a meal tonight. She picked up her reward and smiled. "This will go nicely with it..." She muttered to herself as she let her mind wander back to the morning.

Whitney presented the large box with the red cross on it to her friends, a smug look on her face. They ripped through their small bounty, disregarding the plastic box, despite all the useful things it could help them with. Inside were some top-notch Capitol painkillers, bandages, disinfectant, a thread and needle and some small, nasty looking tools. Whitney hoped they would never need to use them. Quinn lay back and took a deep breath, her fever getting worse with every passing moment. She got as comfortable as she could, the large gash on her lower stomach stinging like a broken bone. The bleeding had mostly stopped but the open wound was still a large problem and needed to be sealed up. She took two painkillers and had a little water before they started. Initially Greir was the one who was going to sew her up but she was practically in shock from mere thought of this task, eventually Whitney just grabbed the tools off the girl and got to work. Instead Greir put her skills to better use, keeping Quinn calm and distracting her as Whitney did the deed. She hadn't enjoyed it but it needed to be done.  Whitney twenty whole minutes sewing up that wound, and kept her gut for the whole time.

Her heart leapt to her mouth as she tripped and fell over, bashing her skull on a tree as she fell. She let out a loud yell, only to be silenced by a figure standing above her "Keep quiet and you don't get your head smashed in to the earth." The figure said in a gruff voice. He picked her up roughly and bonded her hands with some rope. "Now little bunny, lead me home." As they walked, Quinn tried to stay calm and make light of the situation. She couldn't get to her sword as he'd taken it when he'd tripped her. It was evident that if she didn't bring the man back to the cave, she would be killed. Her friends were smart, even with Quinn injured and Greir being a little childish, they could help her get the binds of and escape, maybe even killing the other tribute if they had to. "Y'know, I know we're supposed to be nothing more than animals here but since when was 'Hello' a bad way to introduce yourself? Honestly..." The male remained silent. "What's your name, stranger? It would be awful if I died not knowing my killer's name" She asked, teasing him slightly. "Logan. Logan Heremiah." He responded quietly, the name could barely be used to describe him anymore, he was just a shell of the boy he used to be. The two tributes said nothing for the rest of the journey. When
Whitney stopped, Logan didn't say a word. Whitney felt the wind blowing through her hair as she raised her voice "Greir, come out please... We have a little problem." She said in a sheepish voice. The girl slowly emerged and fear shot through her face seeing the blood running down Whitney's face. Logan pushed Whitney forward and onto her knees. "All your supplies. And I mean all of them. If you've got any tricks up your sleeves then I suggest you remove them from there and find a better place to hide them." He motioned the sword at Greir who grunted and slowly pulled out the knife she had concealed in her sleeve. From inside the cave Quinn cried out in pain, getting the attention of Logan. "We've got a girl wounded. Well we've got two now, thanks for that mate." Greir said, answering Logan's unspoken question. Logan grabbed Greir and bonded her wrists as well, then pushing them both in front of him, entering the cave.

Inside the cave, Quinn was getting worse, her fever through the roof. They had given her a few painkillers but Quinn had told them to save the rest for later, as they would be needed. Whitney glanced over at the girl, who had gone back into her almost comatose-like state. Logan gathered up all the supplies and the little food they had gathered. As a gesture of good faith, a term used very loosely here, he left them their bottle of water and one single hunting knife. Logan quickly found the medical box, which Greir had not had time to hide properly due to her not expecting this kind of attack. "You can't take that, Quinn'll die without it! It would be that same as killing her yourself. And you don't seem like a killer to me. You're a survivor, like the rest of us. You got a family back home, a girlfriend? You want to see them again. I get it. But so does she... Doesn't she deserve a chance of seeing her family again?" Whitney pleaded. Logan glared at the girls for what felt like an eternity. He opened his mouth to respond but all that came out was a loud scream of pain as a not so asleep Quinn bit his hand as hard as she could, taking his little and ring fingers off. Logan spun around and slammed the butt of the sword into her skull multiple times till she let go. He stood absolutely still, his eyes burning Quinn's deformed head. He raised the sword and plunged it into her chest, causing her to convulse briefly before becoming still. BOOM. The cannon boomed all throughout the arena, the birds taking flight and the artificial crows circling the cave, sensing the death of the child. Greir and Whitney merely sat in the corner of the cave, their binds still on, crying silently. As Logan headed for the exit to the cave he turned to them "I guess you won't be needing that medical kit after all." And with that he left the cave, leaving Greir and Whitney to stare at their once breathing friend.

POV - Cornelia Maizano

Her small, delicate hands were covered in the dark substance, staining her skin. She had wished she
had a basket. Cornelia listened to the birds as she picked the small, crimson coloured berries from the bush.
Logan had been gone for quite some time, she'd tried to ignore it but once that cannon had fired, she couldn't keep herself from thinking terrible thoughts. To ease herself she popped a berry in her mouth and closed her eyes, enjoying the taste, as it might be one of her last meals. The older boy she was with seemed to want to help, but he scared her to bits. But then again, all the tributes did. He'd told her to stay in their little hut but after an hour, she had gotten bored and decided to do something useful. She'd studied the different species of wildlife back home and was someone who knew their plants. Once she had picked as many berries as she could carry, she took a large leaf from a nearby plant and made it into a make-shift bag, placing the berries into it. As she walked back to the cave she noted how the animals in the arena, such as the rabbits, were much larger than they had been back at home. The girl pondered whether these animals had been pets at one point, or if they were just fodder for the stronger force to use at will. Just like the tributes were for the Capitol.

A large smashing sound and chunks of wood flying across the secluded area made her jump, ducking into a hiding position. She looked out from behind the tree she was hiding behind to see Troy Mason, a Career smashing a tree with his mace. With every hit the tree took, Cornelia shivered, imagining the thought of it being used on a person. He chuckled to himself as he removed the bark from the tree and put it in his backpack. Frightened half to death, Cornelia started to slowly make her way around the Career boy, making sure to keep her sounds to a minimum. She held her breath as she came to an opening in the trees that lead to the only path she knew that would lead her back to the cave. It was, however, completely in the open
and unless she timed it right, Troy would see her. She waited for a few minutes as the man went around his business, whatever it was, just to make sure he wasn't going to just simply leave. She saw her opening and took it. The few seconds that it took her to reach the other side of the opening had been, arguably, the most stressful and terrifying moments of her life. Upon arriving, her arm was caught in a branch of nettles that were sprouting from a nearby bush. She let out a yelp of pain before gritting her teeth against the pain as the thorns dug into her arm. Troy was now gone, whether it was because she couldn't see him or he
had genuinely moved was anyone's guess. She took a deep breath that was quickly winded out of her by a low blow to her stomach. Troy didn't make a move to stop the girl, nor did she try to. He knelt down and sighed "You're no fun... I may not have the best reputation, being from District 2, but I really can't stand seeing little children like you suffer. However, I'm most likely the only one here who thinks that. So, if you don't mind, I'm going to finish you off now. I really don't want to do this but, hey, you would thank me. I'm pretty sure you would. It won't hurt a bit, sweetie." He reached over and grabbed his mace, a grim look upon his face. As he lifted the mace into the air with ease, his blood ran cold.

The sword pushed lightly against his back, not breaking the skin but enough to frighten him. Troy dropped the Mace and turned around to face Logan, the weapon he had stolen from the girls in his hand. "I'm going
to give you ten seconds. You're going to drop the mace, lay it on the ground and walk away. Or I kill you. It's as simple as that." Logan announced in a low tone of voice. Troy was no idiot. He knew that if he didn't do exactly as he said, he would have his lungs pierced by the silver blade. He dropped the mace and put his hands behind his head, his sense of pride burning as it urged him to hurt the other tribute. Troy ignored it and kept his cool. Logan just stared at him. Right up until he had disappeared from his sight. Cornelia let a few tears run down her cheeks as she lay on the cool grass, looking up at Logan. He remained silent. The boy picked up Cornelia and placed her on his back, the girl holding on tightly. The tributes remained in silence, all the way back to the cave. Just as they had done on their first meeting.

As the sun went down and the birds stopped chirping, Logan cleaned up Cornelia's face from her encounter with Veronica on the first day. "Where did you get this from? We must have some pretty good sponsers..." Cornelia asked him. Logan remained silent, a sad look crossing over his face. As the pair looked up in the sky at those that had fallen. When Quinn's face appeared on the dark crisp air, Logan could do nothing but look away in guilt.

Note: The epilouge of Cornelia's POV is happening during the ending of Day 2, however the next few POV's will be in Day 2, so you will find out who shall be joining Quinn in the night sky very soon.


Deaths - Quinn Aites.

Allied Forces - Eli Winersin, Charlie Lancaster, Carolyn Pontills, Neon Winters, Sofia Bulgar and Zulfikar Zambrano. While they have yet to be seen, they are all presumed to be alive due to the cannon having only fired due to Quinn's death.

Careers - Veronica Mordekaiser, Troy Mason, Nami Njord and Diamond Celestia. At the Cornucopia, well stocked on supplies. After a close encounter with Logan, it is very safe to say that Troy is rather ticked off, to say the least.

Other Group/s - Logan and Cornelia - Held up in a small hut like cave, with a medical kit, berries and possibly other food and equipment. Logan is hiding something from Cornelia.

- Eevee and Textil - Last seen in the early morning of the games, chatting, bathing, and generally having a laugh, despite the terrible situation. Eevee has shown a romantic/ sexual interest in Textil, however whether this is real or just an act to keep him close has yet to be determined. In any case, the two tributes are being greatly favoured by the tributes and have high hopes for the games.

- Whitney and Greir. They have had most of their supplies taken from them by a certain tribute, with one small weapon and a small ammount of supplies combined with the mourning of their lost friend, it is unknown how well their performance will be if they ever need to fight.

Rougues - Kiara Seasplatt - While her status is unknown, she is alive and out there, somewhere. Probably kicking some ass. Maybe.

- Grao Fieldwerie - Last seen during Day 1, he was in such a terrible state that the fact that he has survived is astounding. His status, location, and other information about him is unknown. Has officially earned himself the nickname "Patchy The Pirate."

Coming Soon - Monsters.

Day 2 - Monsters

POV - Neon Winters

The loud hammering of tools hitting wood echoed throughout the very bare looking Cabin. Neon couldn't help but think that a little more decoration wouldn't have hurt. He brought his hammer back down upon the wooden boards as he nailed them to the windows. All his allies knew he was weak in close combat and couldn't identify plants to save his life, which quite ironically, might end his life. Instead he had been assigned to do some work on the fort and to make it more secure, so that any hostile lifeforms, human or otherwise, wouldn't be able to make it through. Or at the very least make a load of noise while doing so. He looked through the small gaps within the boards and watched the sun illuminate the sky with it's orange glow as it descended from the heavens. He sighed, hoping that this wasn't the last sunset he would see in his short time on earth.

During dinner, all the allies made quiet conversation around the candle lit table of berries, meat and herbs that they had all gathered while they were all out foraging. For the first time in the game, they all seemed hopeful. The wind outside grew louder and could be compared to the soft wailing of the parents of the tributes, fearing that they would never see their children again. They had just about given up on re-lighting the candles because they were just blown out by the wind. Neon jumped, along with his friends when a loud, bloodcurdling scream of a boy came from outside the cabin, his screams being barely audible over the raging wind. Neon lept off his wooden seat and rushed to the door, along with Sofia, Charlie and Eli. Zulfikar didn't leave with them as he wasn't the best fighter and someone needed to make sure Carolyn stayed safe. They watched through the small gaps in the boards of the windows.

Neon listened hard against the wailing of the wind, trying to locate the source of the crying. He dashed of to his east and around the cabin, the crying of the young boy getting louder. He turned a corner of the cabin and spotted the source of the noise. Except it wasn't human. It turned around to look at them and Neon was frozen to the spot. The creature had brown, leathery skin, no visible hair on it's body, a long head with a large gaping mouth, teeth visible. It stood on it's hind legs The only thing Neon could compare it to was a
hairless werewolf. It cried again, the almost human voice ringing out through the storm. This thing couldn't be a natural being, nothing could copy a human's voice as perfectly as something from the Capitol. Were these the screams of real people? What could cause such agonized screams? They had no time to ponder on this as the creature yelped again and from the darkness of the woods around the cabin emerged more of the creatures, around half a dozen of them. The tributes were armed with make-shift weapons made out of the natural resources but even with them, they were no match for the creatures large numbers. The first creature made the first move, slowly walking, then bursting into a sprint towards them. Someone threw their spear, hitting the creature's chest. This hit would have killed most living creature but it merely slowed the thing down, causing it to trip and fall. It quickly got up onto it's hind legs and pulled out the spear, throwing it aside. By this time, the pack of other mutts had started to advance on the scene, slowly moving towards the
fight. "We have to go, we'll be safe in the cabin!" Shouted Charlie. Whether Eli and Sofia hadn't heard him because of the wind, or simply ignored him, they ran towards the creature, weapons in hand. Eli grabbed the spear that the creature had thrown away and pierced it again, in it's leg. Sofia took her handmade axe, made from wood they had collected and metal she had removed from the structure of the cabin, and smashed it into the creatures upper arm, taking it off. It wailed in pain, a very human wail. This seemed to provoke something in the others as they all put on some speed and would be at the scene within moments. Neon and Charlie couldn't wait any longer, they made a break for it, running back to the cabin's entrance.

"We need to go, once they get that door secured, there's no way for us to get back in! The back entrance is blocked off by those things!" Sofia responded but the wind and the howling f the creatures blocked out any attempt at communication she made. Eli ran away from the creatures, meters away from them, followed by Sofia. Carolyn watched Eli and Sofia run as Neon, Charlie and Zulfikar got things ready to block the door. Carolyn saw Eli shout something to Sofia, who was a slower runner and was behind him. She heard his screams as the things reached Sofia and the closest one knocked her to the ground. Carolyn turned away from the window, not wanting to see her friend suffer. Eli burst through the door, his face red. They started to move things to block the door, tables, wardrobes, chairs. As they added the third item to the door, a large bang almost cracked the door in two. Everyone ran from the door, retreating into Charlie's bedroom. "W-Where's Sofia?" Charlie asked Eli. "She... Fuck. She fell, I didn't have time to help her. She was a slow runner... Those creatures were just so fast, there's no way she could have gotten away... Not after I saw the blood." They all sat in silence as Carolyn cried. The bumping on the door kept on for a few minutes until a loud SNAP was heard.

They had gotten in.

POV - Veronica Mordekaiser

The blood-curdling screaming drew louder with every step they took. Veronica looked over at her fellow Careers, Troy, Nami and Diamond. Troy was strong, yet intelligent and could still be of use to her. Nami was blinded by her pride. And Diamond thought of this as a joke, a fun game that she could shrug off. If she wasn't dead by the morning, she'd probably have to kill the girl before she did something stupid. The Maniacal Menace had been infuriated that they had not had any luck while searching for that girl, Sofia. She wasn't used to not getting what she wanted, so this frustrated her immensely. They had been planning up a trap to get a few tributes lives taken from them when they had heard the faint shrieking. The group that had encountered them at the cornucopia on the first day had contained quite a few young tributes so they had decided to put an end to their little party. They had set up small poison filled spikes around the cornucopia, anyone who stepped on them would become violently ill and would most likely die. Only the Careers knew how to get in and out without getting hurt. While it was not her style, Veronica had brought a pistol with
her. She wasn't particularly good with ranged weapons but it was more for intimidation purposes. The others had brought the normal type of weapons you would see in the games. When the horrific sound was within meters of them, they slowed down and hid behind some bushes, probably the only thing keeping them out of sight. They nodded at each other and sprinted forwards. Everything hit them so fast, they didn't know what surprised them more, the demonic beings or the giant cabin. Her natural instincts kicked in, causing her to draw her pistol and fire into the skull of the creature closest to her with a loud BANG. It fell to the ground, dead. It's pack members slowly lost interest in the door and turned to face the Careers.

Before the beings had even began to process the threat facing them, the Careers had started their attack. The battle was certainly something the Capitol citizens would remember for a very long while, sharp teeth and claws ripping at flesh, spears and arrows flying through the air, the soft whimpering of the remaining creature as his allies fled and a final loud BANG putting an end to the sorrowful creature's life. Veronica wiped the blood off her face, inspecting herself and only finding a large claw mark on her shoulder. They all looked towards the bashed in wooden door, still for the most part in one piece. The group walked up to it and with a loud SNAP Troy broke down the door.

They had gotten in.

The Careers cautiously entered the cabin, admiring it. It looked like a place most people would love to call home. A faint crying could be heard from the farthest room on the left. Troy prepared to break it down but Veronica stopped him. Instead she simply walked up to it and knocked three times. Nami made a soft growling sound as she jokingly pretended to be one of the wolves, making Diamond chuckle. "You have till the count of three to open the door. If you don't, Troy here will break in there and scramble your brains for our breakfast. I was getting rather tired of eating beans in the morning." She called. One second. Two seconds Thr- The door slowly came open, creaking loudly as it did. Veronica smiled as she counted all her soon to be victims. Eli, Charlie, Zulfikar, Neon and... She smiled as she saw Carolyn. This smile was quickly taken off her face as she realized that Sofia was not among them. The vicious girl grabbed Carolyn by her golden hair and pulled her into the main room, ignoring her cries of pain. Charlie tried to stop
Veronica but was stopped by Troy's fist smashing into his face, knocking out a few teeth. Troy beat him senseless as Veronica pushed the little girl down onto her knees. "Round them up! One of them will talk..." Once all the Allies were down on their knees at the hands of the Careers did they truly know fear.

Veronica glared at them all, hatred in her eyes. "I don't want anything to do with you bunch
of pussies, if you didn't have what I wanted I probably would have let those creatures eat you all alive. Letting them sink their teeth into your-" She reached down and brushed her fingers over Neon's face and lips, teasing him "-soft and delicate flesh. Letting their animal desires be fulfilled. I could have let them be happy and content. But no! I murdered them, ripped their throats out, scooped out their eyes and took their very souls. Now for this small act of kindness I ask only one thing... That you tell me where Sofia is." No one
said a word. Seconds passed. Then a minute. The ruthless killer took a deep breath and sighed. Without saying a word she reached over to Zulfikar and pulled him across the room, picking him up so that he was standing. She put the gun to his head. She pulled the trigger. The bang from the gun hurt her ears but she brushed it off as she pushed his lifeless body to the floor, spitting on him. "I'll ask again... Where's Sofia?" Carolyn was a wreck at this point, all she wanted to do was go home and cuddle up with her parents. She knew she was going to die here "Sofia's d-dead! The wolves got her..!" Neon called, taking deep breaths and trying to keep his nerve. Veronica looked at him in hatred "You liar! The only blood spilled out there was the wolves, Sofia wasn't out there! You think it's smart to lie to me, boy?" She punched him, kicked him onto his back and BLAM. Neon was dead. His body twitched as his nerves went haywire. He became still. "Liars...
I hate them more than all of you hate me. I can do this all da-" She was cut short as Nami started to scream and cry in pain, an arrow sticking out of her stomach. WHIZZ Another arrow flew just inches past Veronica and hit Nami in the skull. She collapsed and hit the floor next to Eli. Veronica looked to where the arrow came from and she saw Kiara Seasplatt and some other fuck-face, a boy with one eye. Veronica was thrown
to the floor as Charlie tackled her to the ground, winding her. "Go, now!" He called the the remaining tributes. Eli and Carolyn made a run for it but Carolyn was taken down by Diamond, pinning her to the floor. Charlie pressed down on Veronica's throat. As everything started to go dark, Charlie let out a cry of pain and coughed up some blood onto her. He stopped putting pressure on her and tears started to flow down his face as Troy's sword pierced his body. He fell off the girl and onto his side, Troy kicking him onto the floor. Veronica looked around and Eli was no-where to be seen. A stinging sensation flowed through her as feeling came back to her body, just in time for a knife to lodge itself inside her shoulder. She saw Grao smile, probably because his missing eye hadn't had any effect on his skills. She saw Kiara and Grao flee off into the night. Veronica couldn't wait to wipe the smug looks off their faces.

The cabin, once the safe haven for the Allies had become the final resting place for many of them. Charlie lay on the ground, looking over at Carolyn who had been tied up to a wooden pillar until the Careers had decided what they wanted to do with her. The boy crawled over to her, slowly. He propped himself up against the girl and sighed, muttering "You'll be okay... I'll stay with you." as he tried to keep his breathing steady. She placed her hand in his and squeezed it, a smile forming on her face despite the blood and the tears. Charlie smiled back at her and looked over at Neon and Zulfikar, their bodies disregarded like trash. He didn't bother trying to hide his tears. The three remaining Careers came back into the room and Veronica chuckled when she saw the two sitting there "Well you certainly took Troy's beating like a man, didn't you? It's a shame you didn't join us, we could really have used you..." Charlie lifted his head and spoke in a gruff but sad voice "I'd rather be dead than end up like you... Alone." She grunted and didn't really pay attention
to his comment. "You're sitting in a pool of your own blood, surrounded by sharks. And I'm very sorry to tell you this but... This is where your tale ends." She raised the gun to his chest and pulled the trigger, one final time. Charlie let out his final breath and his grip on Carolyn's hand became loose. Charlie was dead. Carolyn just sat there, not having enough water in her to cry anymore. The sadistic teenager turned to the small girl and said "Hey sweetie pie, we're just gonna take you back to our little camp, we've invited your friend Sofia for you, isn't that nice of us?" Taunting the girl. Troy picked her up and they left the cabin. Just as they were about to leave the bloodshed behind, a small bleeping caught Veronica's attention. A small pod floated down, a card reading "Charlie Lancaster" on it. Inside was a small spear and some body armour. She chuckled as she put it on and smiled "Hey Troy, does this make my breasts look big?" She called to him, laughing. He simply grunted back at her, not because he didn't like her breasts, but simply because he was, for lack of better words, scared. He was scared of her. Veronica looked back at Charlie's stone cold body "Thanks, mate." She said under her breath as they walked off, their hostage looking back at the bodies of the creatures. In a brief moment of hope, she noticed that Sofia's body really wasn't there.

She hoped Sofia wouldn't take too long to rescue her.


Deaths - Zulfikar Zambrano, Neon Winters, Nami Njord and Charlie Lancaster.

Allied Forces - Zulfikar is Dead. Neon is Dead. Charlie is Dead. Sofia and Eli are gone. Carolyn... Lives on.

Careers - While trying to find out the location of Sofia, Nami was shot in the stomach and then the head by Kiara. The remaining three Careers are returning to the Cornucopia with Carolyn as a hostage.

Other Group/s - Logan and Cornelia - Both were fine last time they were seen and we can only presume that they are still alive.

- Kiara Seasplatt and Grao Fieldweire - At some point we have yet to learn about, the two made an alliance and for unknown reasons they attacked the Careers at the cabin. This group remains in mystery and hopefully we will gather more insight soon. The previous statement about Kiara kicking ass is just as true as it was in the previous day in the games.

- Eevee and Textil - They have yet to be seen since their romantic encounter. Not much can be said based on the little information we have. Multiple news stories have shown that Capitol teenagers are wildely writing "Fanfiction" about the couple. Their reaction to this is unknown.

- Whitney and Greir - These two were last seen mourning their friend, Quinn. They're most likely still sitting in that cave with their dead friend, sobbing.

Coming Soon - Adoption

Day 3 - Adoption

POV - Cornelia Maizano

Cornelia cuddled up to Logan's chest as she cried her heart out "Please don't leave me, I don't want to be alone..." She muffled into his clothing. The previous night Logan had noticed the Careers absence from the cornucopia and had decided to take his chance to get some supplies. After gathering a moderate amount of food and survival gear, he had made his way home. By the time he reached the cave he was cold and weak, coughing up all sorts of nasty things. The medicine that he had taken from Quinn had helped, but it could only do so much. The painkillers were the thing he was really thankful for. He had found a small dart, a very durable item, managing to penetrate his shoe and prick his skin. He felt the poison being pumped through his veins and he coughed again, causing Cornelia to cry even more. He lay against the cold muddy wall, it soothed his back "Hey... You're gonna be fine. You just need to find someone, okay? You take the supplies and-" He coughed violently "-you make sure they take good care of you." His breathing was shallow and his pulse was fading. "Please don't go... Y-You promised me that you wouldn't let them get to me, you promised! You promised..." He smiled faintly and gave her a reassuring look. "I know... That's what I'm doing. These supplies will keep you safe, as long as you do exactly what I've told you... Avoid the Careers. There are smaller groups, people that will look after you." He closed his eyes and his smile faded. Cornelia looked up at him, her face smudged with tears. With his last breath he gave her the last thing he could "Remember... Not everyone is a killer..." He sighed. Logan stopped breathing. It took a moment but the cannon marked his fate with a loud BOOM. Cornelia sat there in his arms, not knowing what to do next. She didn't want to die.

The bag was heavy for her but she didn't care. In it was enough food to keep her feed for a week, not that she would need that much food anyway. She carried the sword Logan had left her awkwardly, dragging it along with her. She kept it more so that she had something of his rather than for protection. She had been heading north, towards the more elevated part of the arena as that's what she'd been told to do. She sat on a tree stump, sipping at her water bottle despite not being thirsty. A low whimpering pulled her out of her daze. She squinted against the early morning sun to something slowly making it's way down the hill. A large, brown creature with leathery skin. And one arm. It left a small trail of blood behind it as it limped, looking half dead. Cornelia observed the creature for a while. She must have made a noise because it snapped its attention to her and started to growl. This thing was maimed and weak from blood loss but that didn't stop it from being terrifying. Cornelia drew her sword and started to back away, shivering. The creature started off slowly but gradually became faster. It pounced on the little girl, knocking her down. Had it been at full strength it would have killer her. It clawed at her with it's one arm and as it attempted to bite her throat, she raised the sword, causing the creature to impale it's skull on the sharp weapon. It became limp and the girl pushed it off her. She checked herself over and found multiple places in which she was bleeding. She picked up her bag and kept moving.

Her travels didn't last for long, after around twenty minutes she was severely light-headed and couldn't keep going. Stumbling and falling against a tree, she hit the ground hard, her bag falling onto her. She felt the world spin and everything became light. She felt as if she were flying. In the back of her mind she thought she heard voices. She came out of her hallucination to find that she was genuinly not on the ground anymore. She looked up and she found herself in the arms of a boy, he looked to be a few years older than her. He was with a girl with strange hair. The boy noticed that she had woken up and smiled at her "Hey, it's alright... You hurt badly? We saw the scratches and... We ain't ever seen someone so zoned out before." Cornelia looked at the pair and the only question she could force herself to ask was "W-Who are you both?" The pair smiled at the girl and the boy carrying her poked her belly "I'm Textil... And this is Eevee." She girl gave a small wave

"We're okay for now, Tex. We can give the girl a break..."

"The girl? In case you haven't noticed, I'm carrying a heavy child and a large pack of supplies! I'M the one who needs a break!"

"You're a big sissy... But you're my big sissy" She kissed his cheek and he lay the girl down on some soft dirt, checking her over.

"Well you're quite lucky... When we found you, two other tributes were looking you over, we weren't sure whether they were going to help you or not but they seemed to just take some supplies... I thin the girl wanted to help you but honestly the boy, he was missing his eye... Scared the shit out of me, that's for sure."

Eevee looked away as he said this, feeling ashamed to know it was because of her that he had lost the eye. He remembered fighting Kayla and Grao like it had happened moments ago. Cornelia noticed the girl was being quiet but didn't say anything. "We've been... Well for lack of better words, hiding. These whole games we've not seen much happen. Although we got way too close to the Careers last night, but of course Textil just HAD to see what was happening. I think we both regret it." Eevee said grimly.

Textil looked over at her and saw how upset she was so he reached over and slipped his hand in hers and squeezed it. The two tributes held hands for the rest of their chat, Cornelia offering up whatever food she had with her to them both. Cornelia smiled and was happy to know that Logan would have been proud of her for being able to do something right for a change.

POV - Greir Erwin

She shivered as her hair stood on end and then relaxed as the soft sun beams hit her skin. She concentrated
on the nice feeling. The ray of warmth died as a cloud passed by the sun, causing Greir to shiver. Without the
tingling feeling of the sun she had nothing left to think of except the ever looming realization that she would
be dead soon. She looked over at Whitney. Her expression was hard to read and the last thing they needed
right now was to go into shock. They couldn't afford that luxury. Greir reached over and handed her the half
of an apple that had come with a small meal sent to them by their sponsors. Whitney ignored her and brushed
her off. The girls sat in silence.

The cabin was large, to say the least. Were the door not busted down, it might have even been a place they
could have stayed. Even then, the amount of blood that had stained walls was enough to discourage them from staying for too long. Whitney had a grim look on her face, fiddling with her flail as she looked around the cabin. Three bodies were neatly placed on the beds, almost looking like they were asleep. A fourth body of a female was left on the floor but had clearly been moved to a more dignified position. The screams coming from the cabin had been heard all throughout the arena, even over the mighty storm that had been brewing. "Who do you think did this? I mean, it certainly wasn't the gamemakers. They aren't decent enough human beings to have this much respect for the children they've been murdering." Greir asked Whitney quietly. The other girl didn't say anything and pressed her finger to Greirs lips.

She pushed her head down against the floor and closed her eyes. She stayed down there for a long while but when she finally stood up again she had an even grimmer look on her face. Slowly she walked past the victims and placed her hands against the walls, being as quiet as she could. Greir just stood where she was and watched what was unfolding. As Whitney reached the door she slowly creaked it open. WHAM The door smashed into her face and knocked her to the ground. A figure emerged from it quickly and made a run for it. Greir acted out of instinct and tackled the figure to the ground, the two of them crashing into a long wooden table. Before the boy could make a break for it, Whitney rushed over, her face covered in blood, and brought her foot down on his crotch causing him to gag and twitch. The enraged girl brought out her flail and narrowly missed smashing the boys face in. She brought the flail up again but was stopped by Greir who grabbed the thing and pushed it away. "There's been enough death for today, Whitney... You should learn to think before you act." She snapped at her. She got off the boy and he laid there, writhing in pain. Greir helped him up and sat him down on a chair, Whitney just glaring at them from afar.

"What's your name pal?" Greir asked once they were both seated and the boy's pain had become less severe.

"Non of your damn business, I don't have anything you would want and I certainly won't tell you anything I know. So you might as well kill me." He answered back

"Tell us anything? What in the heavens could we want from you? If I had wanted you dead I would have let my friend over there, being grumpy in the corner, kill you. Although after what she did to your manlyhood I'm sure you wish you were dead." She teased.

The boy scowled at her but eventually spoke up "Eli. My name's Eli. Not much good it'll do me now... I'm a shadow of who I used to be. The real me wouldn't have failed to take over the cornucopia. The real me wouldn't have left his friends here to die at the hands of some sadistic fucks. The real me wouldn't be sitting here getting his ass handed to him by a couple of girls-" He was cut off by a slap to the face by Whitney who had stopped sulking in the corner.

Whitney spoke up "You speak all this noble shit but you're nothing more than a scared little boy. You want to act all tough? Fine. Just remember, your life doesn't mean shit to us. Give us one reason why we shouldn't kill you. One reason why you're any better than those sitting on their asses back in the Capitol eating 4 meals a day and not caring about all this."

"Because I came back." Eli responded quietly "I came back to give my friends the burial that they deserve. Zulfikar took care of little Carolyn and made sure I was healed up and rested. Neon made sure I didn't lose my cool, he made sure that I was the leader I could be. He was there for me when I needed it. Charlie is the only reason I'm alive right now... When everything went to hell, he took his chance. He pounced on the leader of them and gave us time to escape. It was like that was the last thing he could do for us... He was always saying how we were more important than him. I guess he really did believe that. When he distracted them, I grabbed Carolyn's hand and I ran. I don't know what happened, I kept telling her to run. Everything went so damn fast that by the time I had escaped... She was gone. I stayed around to see what happened. I saw Veronica put the bullet in Charlie's head. I saw them take Carolyn. I'm not stupid, she want's me to go there. I was trying to find Sofia, a girl who had joined us, in the smallest hope that she wasn't dead... I thought she would have come back here. I guess not..."

The two girls sat in silence and absorbed the story. Greir looked over at Whitney and nodded. "Whatever..." She muttered as she walked through the broken down door of the cabin. The trio left in silence, Eli tagging along with them. What they were going to do now was a mystery. Where they would go, even more so. Eli thought back to what Veronica had said. How she had mentioned that she hadn't seen Sofia's body alongside the wolves. Eli had a new objective in mind. He didn't intend to get out of the arena alive. The search for Sofia was on.

POV - Grao Fieldwerie

Some animals are beautiful creatures. There are dogs, cats, rabbits goldfish... The norm for pets.
But they are nothing compared to some of the creatures you would find out in nature. Or at least,
the Capitolized version of nature. Grao sat on a log stump and observed a large bird, scavenging
for food. He raised his small knife and threw it. The creature could have had lightning senses and
not been able to avoid the flying object. As it hit the creature, the metal carved into the side of it,
causing the colourful bird to cry out in panic. It slowly started to stumble away in a less than graceful
manor. Grao got up and slowly followed the blood trail. After a few good minutes he found the thing
passed out on the ground. Leaning over, he brought another of his knifes to the beings neck and cut.
It twitched for a moment but quickly became still. He grabbed it and slung it over his shoulder, a grin
planted on his face. They hadn't really needed the food but, why let it go so some other tribute could
eat it instead?

A low THUNK caught his attention. In the distance he saw Kiara aiming her crossbow
at something, another THUNK following shortly after. "Target practice, eh?" He called out to her.
She merely grunted at him and fired at her makeshift target again. He was slightly irritated by her
silence so he tried again "I caught us some good grub... I think it's called a peacock? Not really sure
but it sure looks like one." She didn't avert he eyes from the target and shot again. She lowered the
crossbow and pulled out the arrows from the tree, admittedly with some difficulty. Kiara sat down
and looked up at him "We need to talk."

"About what...? Is my peacock not good enough for you?" Grao said, the grin still on his face.

She glared at him "No. We need to talk about last night... And what we're going to do next."

"I'm listening... Just make it quick, I'm itching to get going..."

"Last night we attacked the Careers. Got them while they felt like they were in charge. There's only
three of them left, and one of them is just doing what she's told. She's not a killer. We need to use
this to our advantage. We need to pick them off, one by one. Keep them scared. Troy's the smartest,
despite seemingly having brawn over brains... He would smell the trap a mile away. Diamond is our
best bet but it would be pointless to kill her as she's not a real threat. Veronica... She's an arrogant
fool. I think we should go for her next."

Grao sat and listened patiently. When she was done he nodded "Sounds like you're onto something...
Y'know, maybe heading to that old cabin last night wasn't such a bad idea after all."

Kiara smiled and stood up. As she walked away she leaned over and whispered in his ear "And by the
way... That's one of the smallest peacocks I've seen in a long time." She winked and strutted off.

Grao hid behind the brush surrounding the Cornucopia, observing the three remaining Careers.
Diamond was sitting on the side of one of the rusty bridges, dangling her feet over the edge. Veronica was
bitching about something to Troy and he was taking it. Kiara was somewhere on the other side of the
Cornucopia edge. She had a very important part in the trap. When the screaming started, he knew Kiara
was at work. On their way back from the cabin the other night they had stumbled across a few werewolf
like creatures, cowering back in their home. The creatures had been frightened half to death and were in
no shape to fight. Kiara had taken a liking to them and after feeding them some meat they had, they became
pretty docile. They had heard how alike a human's their cries were. Kiara's job was to go back to the nest
and rile them up, get them shouting. Despite having fallen for the same trick the previous night the Careers
immediately started preparing to kill whoever it was. Troy looked hesitant but a slap from Veronica shut him
up. Grao watched as Veronica and Troy rushed off towards the treeline while Diamond stayed at the
Cornucopia. Now it was time to strike.

Once the two stronger tributes were out of sight Grao sprinted steadily towards the Cornucopia bridge closest to him. Diamond hadn't even noticed him until he was half way across. She awkwardly tried to pick up one of the larger guns and fired it, missing completely. Grao brought her down with a kick to the stomach and then another kick so that she would stay down. He started to trash the supplies, throwing most of them down into the seemingly bottomless pit surrounding the structure. The gunfire must have seemed more important than the yelling as Veronica and Troy came rushing back towards him, both of them covered in blood. He made a break for it. Once he was safely secluded he took a break to catch his breath. Looking back at the ruins of the cornucopia his grin quickly faded when he saw what was happening.

Veronica had Diamond pinned down on the bridge, edging over the side of it. She kept hitting her. He could hear them both shouting and Troy briefly trying to calm her down before getting a gun pulled on
him. Veronica pushed Diamond off the bridge, holding onto her wrists. He could see Diamond saying something before Veronica let one hand go. A grin crossed her face and she let Diamond fall into the abyss. Grao lowered his head. On the walk back to their camp he thought to himself. He still hadn't heard a cannon fire. Diamond was still alive down there.

Back at the camp, the sun was setting. Kiara was telling Grao of how Veronica and Troy had killed most of the remaining wolf cubs when the cannon boomed. Grao couldn't bear to think about how much suffering Diamond had gone through before her death in the pit. But it wasn't out of shame or fear. He couldn't bear to think about it because whenever he did. He enjoyed being the cause of her pain and suffering.

A small smile crept across his face.

POV - Troy Mason

"Fuck... God fucking damn it!" Yelled Veronica. Troy held his new mace in hand, a pistol tucked
away safely in his holster. The girl from district two was destroying any supplies they had left,
in her blind fury she didn't care about the consequences. The small girl they had taken as hostage
sat huddled in the corner of the cornucopia, bruises covering her whole body. Veronica had said
that they needed to prove that they would kill Carolyn and said that hurting her would provoke
the others to act quickly. Troy had taken no part in it and had merely sat with Diamond trying to
block out the screams coming from the little girl.

A cold sensation brought him back to the present as he looked down to see a bottle of water she had thrown had wet his trousers. He furrowed his brow and looked over at the raging girl. Troy didn't feel safe anymore. He knew it was over for them. Veronica would snap, if she hadn't already. He would have left already were it not for Carolyn. He wasn't a softy, in any sense. But he wasn't a big fan of little children being hurt. Were his killer instincts a little more toned down he probably would have made a good father. But watching the
raging murderer made him realize one thing. He couldn't stay.

Troy sat beside Veronica as they both thought. Troy looked at her and shivered when he wondered
what she could possibly have in store for them now. Carolyn hadn't moved since the early morning,
not even needing to be restrained. Such an obedient child must have either come from some very
posh heritage or have some extraordinary parents. Despite her fury, the menace had conked out and
had to lie down after around an hour of trashing the place. "I'm done. We need to move, we've waited
and played it your way too long. There's not many of them left, and anyone with the balls to come and
strike us is dead. We leave tonight." Veronica said quietly. Troy tried to read her face but her expression
remained as blank as those of her victims.

Being a smart guy, he had presumed that the girl must have had a traumatic experience in the past that had hardened her. Despite it not being important he had been curious. But the more he got to know her, the more he realized that it wasn't something that someone had done to her but rather what she did to other people. She enjoyed other people's suffering. This wasn't exactly abnormal for someone who wanted to be in The Hunger Games but the lack of any compassion or sympathy was strange. Even the most crazed killers in his district had all shown signs of remorse for their crimes. Only the truly insane could murder with a smile. Troy looked over at Carolyn "What about her?" He asked. Veronica's expression faltered for a moment
but returned back to her normal blank stare. "Because, Veronica, there's only twelve of us left... I know you want revenge and I'm sure you will get it. But maybe if we just end Carolyn's life now it'll give Sofia a reason to come after you. Revenge. She knows that that on the very slim chance that they managed to kill us both and save Carolyn, she'd just have to be killed anyway. But if we kill the little girl... Sofia won't have anything else to fight for. She'll come straight to us." Troy tried to hide his intention of sparring the girl anymore pain under a more sinister excuse, hoping this could convince the girl to end her quickly. Once Carolyn was dead, he could leave with a clean conscious. Veronica never expressed her opinion to this as something had distracted her. Three figures walking across the field and heading to the bridge. Eli, Greir and Whitney. "Well this should be interesting."

From what Troy could see the trio had stopped at the bridge entrance. He picked up Carolyn and after
failing to make her walk, he carried her in his arms. Both the Career's were armed with weapons, but
felt awfully naked. Veronica held her pistol at her side. Both parties stood at each end. After a long
silence, Eli's group made the first move forward. Both groups slowly moved forward until they were
within a meter of each other.

"Hey there sailors, you lost?" Veronica called out, innocently. Eli merely
looked at her. The expression of hate on his face seemed to make Veronica smile. Eli spoke up "I'm
going to give you one chance. You're going to listen." He paused for a brief moment in which she nodded
playfully. "You're going to hand over your weapons, food and anything else left of value. You're going to
give us the girl too. If you agree to this deal we'll let you keep one thing. Your life. Try anything and
you won't live to see the moon rise again." Eli stated in a matter of fact tone. Troy tried to read his expression.Such a bold statement from someone who knew full well what Veronica would do to them. Was he bluffing?

Veronica simply smiled "Well that would be all fine and dandy except that we could kill you all and keep
our things and our lives. So you're not going to have any luck here, boy." She fiddled with her gun, always
making sure to keep it ready in case she needed to act fast. During the whole conversation Whitney and
Greir had not said a word. Eli simply tutted, raised his arm and made a gesture with his index and middle
finger. A KA-POW was heard and Veronica let out a loud roar of pain. She tumbled over onto her knees as
she held her stomach in pain, the gaping hole rushing with blood. Troy was too shocked to make any
move, also knowing he was protected as long as he held Carolyn. The trio pulled out weapons and silently
made sure Troy didn't make any rash moves. He dropped his mace, once again parting with it. He thought
it was coincidental how both times he'd lost it, it had been because of someone trying to protect a little
girl. Fate was all too cruel.

When Eli seemed sure they were okay, he made another strange gesture and from out in the woods came another person. He tried to suppress a smirk when he saw that it was the one girl Veronica hated most. Sofia Bulgar. The girl had a more than visible mark across her face, he presumed it was from the wolf attack the previous day. Sofia dropped off the rifle that she seemed to be sporting. This amazed him as even the Careers who had been given the best of the gifts had not received such a clean a precise weapon. If he survived this then he'd make sure to ask where she got it from. Veronica remained on her knees as Sofia crouched down. Veronica made a swing at her but it used the remainder of her strength and she decided it was best not to do it again. Sofia grabbed Veronica's head so that she was looking right down her eyes.

"Little piggy, little piggy. You should have let me in."


Deaths - Logan Heremiah and Diamond Celestia

Allied Forces - Eli Winersin', Sofia Bulgar, Whitney Grey, Greir Erwin and Carolyn Pontills. Some time after Eli's encounter with Whitney and Greir at the cabin, they encountered an original member of the Allied Forces, Sofia. How they came to find each other and how she came across her powerful rifle are a mystery to us. They manned a rescue mission for the third original member of the group, that has so far gone smoothly.

Careers - Veronica Mordekaiser and Troy Mason. After Veronica murdered Diamond Celestia, tension appeared between the two remaining Careers. Troy planned to kill Carolyn out of mercy and sneak off but that plan was put to a halt due to an intervention from the Allied Forces. Veronica has once again been wounded. Things are looking grim for the both of them.

Other Group/s - Eevee Darkbloom, Textil Archeus and Cornelia Maizano. After the death of Logan, Cornelia set out with the supplies he had gathered in the hopes of finding another group. After a nasty encounter with a wolf she was found by the two young lovers who "adopted" her into their group. Cornelia took an immediate liking to the both of them. Things can't stay this way forever thought.

- Kiara Seasplatt and Grao Fieldwerie. Both tributes seem to be well off however Grao is becoming increasingly unstable. Whether Kiara has noticed this and what her opinion on it is yet to be revealed. They both indirectly caused Diamond's death.

Day 4 - Here We Remain

POV - Cornelia Maizano

"We are not doing that! There are cameras..." Eevee said, blushing. Textil had a smirk on his face
"You didn't seem to mind much last night though...". "What did he ask?" Cornelia questioned Eevee, curiously. She glanced over at him and scowled. "Well Cornelia... He asked me something about babies. Don't you worry your sweet little head about it..." Eevee said vaguely. Cornelia gave her a confused look and pouted. She knew she wouldn't be getting her answer anytime soon.

Despite the large amount of food Cornelia had brought with her, the group still needed some supplies.
They eventually settled on scavenging the old cabin, considering the previous group to occupy it had
been removed quite abruptly and certainly left behind some goodies. While Textil had protested, he
knew that once Eevee was set on something, it was going to happen. There weren't many tributes
left and they knew that the Careers wouldn't be staying in one place for long so they needed to get
as much as they could to hunker down and wait out the others. Despite her being so young, Cornelia
knew that eventually she would either be abandoned by her group or die. And considering how much
they seemed to adore her, she was betting on the latter.

Textil drew his gun and advanced on the cabin as the two girls stayed behind, hiding in the brush.
"Doesn't that armour make him look handsome? Like a professional. We had this little squad of law
enforcers back in my district that look exactly like him... Not Peacekeepers, they were a separate
faction. They let most things slide, the only things they didn't tolerate were violence, sexual abuse
and murder. So naturally they hated the peacekeepers with a burning passion... I'll tell you about them
when we get back to camp." Eevee told her, filling in for the silence.

Cornelia kept her look of thought on her face, not really paying much attention. "You're too young to have babies." She blurted out suddenly "Only the really old ladies from my district have children, you're way too pretty to be that old!" Cornelia said, a genuinely innocent face. Eevee blushed and opened her mouth to answer when a "Come on over, slow pokes!" interrupted her. Cornelia cursed Textil under her breath but went along. Textil noticed the grumpy look she was pulling "Whats got your knickers in a knot? Stung by a tracker jacker?" He joked, ruffling her hair. Cornelia attempted to maintain her grumpy composure but Textil's large grin forced her to let out a little giggle. She lightly punched his arm and went on into the cabin.

The first thing she noticed was the smell. Or rather, how awful it was. She couldn't quite place her finger
on it but the closest thing she could compare it too was cow meat left out in the sun too long. She covered
her nose with a cloth she had in her backpack. The girl just assumed it was from the mold seeping in through the walls. She went up the wooden staircase leading to the second floor and looked around. She walked slowly along the hall and eventually picked the room she wanted to go into. It was a large bedroom with a double bed. A small flurry of movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. After a few seconds she saw the thing move again. A small animal quickly scurried under the bed. Placing her backpack onto the bed she crouched down to see under the bed. She chuckled as she saw a little mouse chewing on something. She watched the creature for a while before it finished and crawled back into its hole. As she started to get up, she felt goosebumps run down her arms and her blood run cold. "Not a fucking peep." A female voice said, in a hushed tone. She felt something lightly pushing against her back and she was ordered to stand up. Slowly she complied. She turned around to see it was in fact a crossbow that had been jabbing her back. And the owner of it was Kiara Seasplatt.

Slow thudding of footsteps caused Kiara to look around. "I was never here. If you don't say anything, I won't hurt you. If you want things to go smoothly for whatever amount of time you have left on this earth, I suggest you shut the fuck up and leave this cabin. Now." She quickly clambered into a wardrobe beside the bed. Cornelia wondered how she managed to fit in there. A light knocking on the door startled her. "Cornelia, you in here sweetheart?" Eevee stuck her head around the door and smiled when she saw the little girl.

Cornelia tried to keep her cool, grabbing her backpack and simply putting on a fake smile "W-Where's Textil?" She asked quietly. "He's downstairs fiddling with some gizmo he found in the attic. I was always terrible at technological stuff... Cornelia, are you feeling alright? You look like you've seen a ghost. Actually a more accurate description would be that you look like a ghost. We've got some of your medicine if you're not feeling too hot?" She asked in a soft voice. "No I'm alright... This house just gives me the creeps." Eevee furrowed her brow "I'm sorry to hear that... Me and Textil decided it would be better if we stayed here for the night, just to be out of the cold. You can sleep with us if you're really set on not wanting to be here. But it's not a discussion, we're sta-" WHAM Eevee was thrown to the ground by the boy behind her, Grao.

Kiara burst out of the wardrobe and pounced over both Eevee and Cornelia. She started making her way out the door, calling for Grao to follow her. She stood in horror as she watched him advance on Eevee. Eevee lay on the ground, a small stream of blood coming the side of her head. She cried as she saw the large baseball bat Grao was holding. She called out for Textil and heard his cries but it was too late Grao grabbed the baseball bat and whammed it into her skull, fatally injuring her. He swung it into her chest twice before he noticed Textil seconds away, gun at the ready. He ditched the baseball bat and leaped out the window frame, a large thud and a cry of pain following shortly after.

Textil dropped the gun and held Eevee in his arms, weeping. "Eevee? Oh god, sweetie... Can you hear me? Oh god Eevee..." He muffled as he buried his head into her arms. Through all the blood she let out her final words "You were right... Cornelia. I guess I really was too young to have kids..." She said in a raspy tone before letting out a small chuckle. BOOM. Cornelia stood and quietly wept as Textil sobbed uncontrollably over Eevee's deformed body.
  • D2 - Veronica Mordekaiser
  • D2 - Troy Mason
  • D3 - Sofia Bulgar
  • D6 - Cornelia Maizano
  • D7 - Whitney Grey
  • D8 - Greir Erwin
  • D8 - Textil Archeus
  • D9 - Grao Fieldwerie
  • D10 - Carolyn Victorie Pontills
  • D10 - Eli Winersin
  • D11 - Kiara Seasplatt

It started to rain.

Coming Soon - The Big Bad Wolf

POV - Greir Erwin

"It's not right! If we do this we're no better than them-" Greir blurted out. Veronica was on her knees, on the edge of passing out. Beside her, also on his knees, was Troy. He was smart and knew that even with Carolyn as hostage he wasn't actually protected, he assumed it would be a relief if Carolyn was killed so they wouldn't have to do it themselves.

"We can't let them go. We would be giving them a quick and clean death which is more of a luxury than they deserve."

Eli said in a soft but firm tone. Sofia was still crouched down, looking straight at Veronica. "Eli's right. We can't let them go. If only one of us gets to go home, we should make sure that it's one
of us."

Whitney made a pouty face, the sort of face a child makes when they're forced to eat
vegetables "There is not one bone in my body that doesn't hate the both of them... But surely
they deserve a chance-" Eli cut her off before she could continue "Did Veronica give Neon a chance?
How about Zulfikar or Charlie? I know you didn't know them but they were good people. Better
than this little cunt." He said, kicking her in the stomach. She retched as she fell over sideways
and curled into a fetal position, holding her stomach.

Troy remained silent as he knew anything he said would just be made to work against him. Sofia stood up and took a deep breath. "We're at a tie... Eli and I want one thing, Greir and Whitney want another." They all remained silent. "What about me?" A small voice called out quietly from behind them. They turned around to see Carolyn looking down at her feet "I'm part of the group so I should get a vote too..." She said quietly.
Greir crouched down beside her "What's your opinion then?"

Carolyn took a deep breath "They're bad people. They deserve to die. However, it shouldn't be us who kill them. Look at them..." They all looked back at the pair on their knees. Veronica bloody and moaning softly while Troy looked down at the ground, a stern look on his face. "They don't deserve a chance but we're better than them. The girl will die in her condition and there are still other tributes out there who would do the
job for us." She said quietly but with conviction. "That's my vote." The group absorbed this view on
it. "Well that settles it. We're letting them go."

Greir sat quietly, her knees up against her chin. Beside her Whitney had a scowl on her face as she
normally did. The group sat in silence as the stars filled the sky and the moon illuminated the field.
"I wonder if those stars are real?" Greir said to Whitney. "I mean, the Capitol made the arena, but
do you think the stars are made by them too? I can't really see a reason why they would do it, but
it just seems like something to think about..." Whitney remained quiet. Eli, Sofia and Carolyn had
gone to raid the cornucopia for any remaining supplies and left the two of them alone.

Whitney threw aside the piece of wood she'd been carving and looked around. Once she was sure no one was listening she spoke up "We need to talk. Quickly, while they're not here." Greir budged up closer
to her on the log they were both sitting on. Whitney was silent before taking a deep breath "You're
not going to like what I'm about to tell you, but it's the truth. There people are dangerous. We need
to do something about it." Greir shivered as she heard these words "W-Well lets just leave then..."
Greir said quietly. Whitney shook her head "We can't. If we left and they found us again, they wouldn't
hesitate to kill us. I mean, for god's sake they intended on murdering two other kids! Yeah, they may
have killed but it was only because they wanted to survive as much as the rest of us! I don't know
exactly what happened before we arrived to the group but all I know is that Sofia and Eli are just
as evil as anyone else here. We can't leave. You know what we need to do..." Greir could feel tears
welling up in her eyes

"What about Carolyn? Did she do us any wrong?" She said, a lump in her throat. "It would be a mercy to the girl, it's either this or we leave her to starve... I'm sorry Greir." Greir let a few tears roll down her eyes. "You're judging them for wanting to kill those other tributes while they were defenseless, but now you intend to do the same. What makes you any better than these supposed murderers who you think are so evil, huh?" Whitney was slightly taken back by this. Instead of replying she simply took her hand in her own. Greir's eyes widened but she did not pull back. Instead she simply moved closer to Whitney. Within a moment Whitney had pressed her lips up against Greir's. They stayed like this for six seconds before slowly pulling away from each other. "I didn't know y-you were..." Greir trailed off. "I'm not." Replied Whitney "But I'd never kissed anyone before. And you're the only person I have left. If we're gonna die within a few days, I'd like to have someone with me..." She said quietly. Greir simply nodded, leaned forward and kissed her again. With this kiss she silently agreed to Whitney's plan. They stayed like this until the three members they were plotting against had returned. While the group had dinner, Greir and Whitney held hands.

It was Whitney's turn to watch the camp. Eli, Sofia and Carolyn were all asleep. Greir lay on the grass,
staring at the sky. She thought of the stars. A light nudge from Whitney told her that it was time.
As the girl got up, she looked over at the sleeping forms of their three allies. They all looked so innocent.
Whitney grabbed her hunting knife and nodded grimly. She knelt down, as smooth as a fox beside Eli. In
one swift movement she placed her hand over his mouth, instantly waking him. Before he could even realize
what was happening the knife was already in his throat. His grunts were muffled by her hand. She watched
as the light left his eyes. The canon boomed and Carolyn screamed.

Greir panicked and simply stood there as Whitney looked back at her urgently. Sofia was up in a flash, weapon at the ready. Carolyn crawled back against a tree and simply watched the fight. It was a long and hard fight, both sides fought like true warriors. However, one slight error from one of the girls would be fatal. This error was made by Whitney. A slice into her leg brought her tumbling down. Sofia threw aside the knife and got on top of the girl. She savagely beat Whitney with nothing but her fists. By the end Sofia was far from the beautiful girl she had been a few hours before She turned her head as much as she could and looked over at Greir who was timidly backed up against a tree "Greir, kill her! Just fucking do it!" He shouted out, barely getting out the words. Before Whitney could say another word Sofia picked up the knife again and plunged it into her throat. She left it there, Whitney looking down at it as she coughed up blood and tried desperately to breath. The blood rose like a pool in her mouth and she stopped breathing. Her gurgles stopped and the canon fired once again. Sofia removed the knife, got up and slowly walked over to Greir, blood covering her face. "I-I... I didn't... I wasn't going to-" She stuttered. Sofia stared at her. In a swift movement the knife was buried into her chest and her eyes widened as she fell to the soft grass.

Once again Greir was looking up at the stars. Except this time, she knew she would never see them

POV - Cornelia Maizano

WARNING: This POV contains disturbing imagery and ideas. I do not agree with the acts that happen, however, it would make me a bad writer if I was afraid to go over these topics. These are real problems in the world. Now please sit back and enjoy.

Cornelia and Textil sat quietly around the campfire. The young girl looked over at the boy, his
eyes sunken in with bags under them, crimson stains covered his skin. She sighed as she poked
the creature they had been trying to cook. They had lost most of their supplies when they were
attacked by Grao and Kiara who had grabbed whatever they could while they left the cabin.
Neither Textil nor Cornelia had tried to stop them, Textil too overcome with grief and Cornelia
still in shock. The only things they had left were Textil's armour, a few matches and some water.
There weren't many tributes left and most of them weren't the hunting type so they figured they
would be safe with just a small fire. Cornelia budged up to Textil, trying to be as discreet as she
could. The girl missed Eevee and was devastated over her death, however she couldn't help
but wish that they hadn't been together, she was wary of the boy now. He'd lost someone
that he knew for a fact he could never keep. He should have been more prepared. She knew
this was a selfish way to think but she comforted herself by telling herself that it was a "big
girl" way of thinking about the situation.

She looked over at him with sad puppy dog eyes "I miss Logan..." she stated, thinking back to the boy she had originally been allies with. For the first time in hours he looked up at her and into her eyes "I'm sure you do." He said, a hint of sympathy hidden in his voice. He got up and sighed "This rabbit isn't cooking... Stay here, I'll find us something to help with the fire." He stated in a plain tone, almost unnaturally normal.
Cornelia nodded as she poked the little creature with a stick.

Ten minutes had passed when she heard the voices. At first, she wasn't even sure they were
real. They sounded familiar but she couldn't place her finger on them. She listened hard and
cold filled her veins when she heard Textil's voice along with them. She got up and slowly went
towards where the voices were coming from. Through the brush she could see Textil being ganged
up against by two figures. It took her a moment but she realized that they were Veronica and Troy,
one of whom she'd been unlucky enough to encounter before. Veronica was limping but was just
as menacing as she'd seemed in the training center back in the Capitol. "Where's that little lovesick
puppy of yours, huh?" Veronica said in a taunting tone of voice. Textil merely glared at her "It's just
me, I'm by myself..." He said weakly. Troy called bullshit on it, saying that there was no way he was
by herself. He'd been keeping track of all the tributes and who they were with, there were still a few
tributes he couldn't quite track down. "As far as I know, just about everyone is in a group. We still
have no idea where Kiara, Cornelia, Grao and Eevee are, it's more than likely one of them is with you!
So where are they hiding?" He said. The dark haired girl closed in on him and slowly ran her knife across
the skin of his arm. She pushed down lightly, just hard enough to break through the skin and Textil
bit his lip to keep his cries down.

Cornelia looked around for something she could use and pulled out a throwing knife a sponsor had sent her. She wasn't the best with these things but at such a close range, stationary targets would be a piece of cake. She threw it and it slashed Troy's forehead, not causing too much damage but certainly getting both of their attention. "Cornelia, run!" He shouted. In one swift movement he drew his gun that had been concealed on him and fired. Cornelia ran as fast as she could, hearing several gunshots. As she continued to run, scared for her life, she heard another shot and a scream from Textil. Once she arrived at the riverbed she finally stopped. The canon boomed. Her heart stopped and all she could hope for was that Textil was okay and that it was either Troy or Veronica that had been the cause for the canon. She took a sigh of relief.

This relief was short-lived however as she was thrown to the ground by a shove. She hit the back of her head hard, drawing blood. She looked up, her vision hazy, to see Grao. The black and green haired boy stared down at her with his one remaining eye and smirked "What /have/ we got here then? It would appear the little princess made it out of the cabin... Where's your prince? I bet he's still back with the corpse I made of that slut earlier on." Cornelia looked from side to side, as difficult as it is to do so when one is pinned to the ground, and saw no one else other than Grao. He grinned in a sadistic way, very unlike the boy he used to be. "We're gonna get you sorted out, okay sweetie? Don't worry, when this is over I'll give you a nice and clean death to thank you." Cornelia was rather confused by everything he was saying, she wasn't entirely sure what he meant. He leaned over and kissed her cheek. As Cornelia lay on the cold muddy ground, she felt Grao's hand latch itself onto the inside of her leg. She felt it slowly move up her body as she struggled against him, kicking and squirming. He slapped her "I can keep this up all day so the quicker you accept it, the quicker it's over." Tears welled in her eyes and redness spread all over one of her cheeks. She tried to stay still and thought of home but when he started trying to pull her shirt off she couldn't help but scream. He slapped her again "You cunt, what did I-" WHIZZ He barely had time to scream before the canon boomed. Cornelia stared up at his body, an arrow now sticking out of where his remaining eye used to be. She felt the weight lift off her as Grao's lifeless body was pushed aside.

She looked up to see a girl, one whom she recognized. Kiara knelt down and pulled the arrow from his eye socket "Fucker." She stated simply before moving over to Cornelia and helping her up, pulling her into a sitting position. She didn't say anything, she only gave her a sad look. Cornelia simply stared at her through the haze of tears. Before she could stop herself she leaped forward into Kiara's arms and wept uncontrollably. The older girl was slightly taken aback by this but hugged her back. She looked over the little girl's shoulder to see the corpse of Grao.

Killing him was the only thing she didn't regret.

POV - Sofia Bulgar

Hunger. That was the only thing Sofia felt. Not pain, not sadness, not grief. Just hunger. She looked
down at little Carolyn by her side and gave her a small smile. Carolyn simply stared off into the distance,
a blank look concealing her emotions. They'd been to shocked to fall back asleep after the incident with
Whitney and Greir. A sad look crossed her face as she thought back to the beginning of the games.
This was exactly how they'd both started off, hungry and cold and alone, with only each other for

It was still night time, probably around 2am as the moon appeared to be beginning it's descent into the
hills. She had found it odd that there had been no sight of the hovercraft showing the dead tributes
for over 24 hours now. She had come to the conclusion that something big must have been happening
somewhere else and that they wanted to let that finish before showing the results of the day. What could
it be?

She felt a small tug on her arm. Sofia had been so out of it that it took her a moment to remember where
she was. Carolyn's blank expression showed a tint of fear as she nodded in the direction that they had
been going. Under the faint light of the moon, not much was visible so it took her a moment to process
what she was looking at. Her eyes widened when she realized that it was a body.

Sofia told Carolyn to stay hidden, gave her a weapon and found a spot for the little girl to hide encase
things went south. Sofia took out her own weapon and approached the body slowly. The hovercraft
would have normally come and taken the body within an hour of the death of it's owner so she presumed
that either he was fresh or part of a trap. It was a boy, that much she could make out. She had to squint
to see the pale skin, made even lighter by the moonlight. The boy had soft yellow eyes, looking up
into the sky. She recognized the boy as Textil Archeus, a boy from district 7. She almost chuckled,
she had completely forgotten about him. She stopped herself when she remembered how unbelievably
inappropriate it would be to laugh over the corpse of a child. She closed his eye lids and moved him
into a move dignified pose. A shiver went down her spine when she saw the small holes in his torso,
undoubtedly caused by a projectile. There was no gun to be found, meaning that whoever had killed
him now had access to one of the deadliest weapons in the arena.

A scream from behind her caught her attention. She spun around, weapon at the ready. She didn't even
see Carolyn anymore, all she saw was a large leathery creature with claws, hunched over and yelping.
Sofia was shocked for a moment, unable to move. She slowly found her feet and started to run towards
the towering mutant. She was taken aback when she saw the creature wasn't attacking. Or at least it
wasn't hitting it's target. it stumbled from side to side, waving it's claws in no particular direction, probably
just trying to hit something. She finally saw Carolyn, bloody knife in hand. The little girl was doing the same
as the creature, blindly waving her knife in its general direction. She got lucky, one slash across the neck
and it was down. By the time Sofia had got there the creature was dead. She saw that it already has a large
gash on it's chest. She dropped her weapon and gave Carolyn a hug, smiling. Carolyn hugged back, but gave a large yelp as she did. Sofia furrowed her brow. The smaller girl's face went blank again as she fell and would have hit the floor were it not for Sofia. She checked a gash in her shirt and what she saw broke her heart. A large gash covered Carolyn's little body from lower chest to belly. She shook her head in denial and picked up the girls body in her arms. She knew the sponsors weren't going to send expensive medical supplies to a little girl who in their eyes was just a side character in their TV show. She would have to find something herself. At the back of her mind she knew it was pointless and even if she had the best medicine she wouldn't be able to do much for the girl, but she told herself that she owed it to the little girl to at least try.

They'd been walking for another hour before Carolyn spoke. Sofia was sweaty and tired from carrying the girl, but she said nothing about it. "I'm so tired... Can we please rest for a bit?" The smaller tribute said in a soft, almost hollow tone. Sofia had tears in her eyes but nodded her consent and lay her down on the soft grass. She looked at the little girl, so innocent and sweet. It was all she could do to not burst into tears at the thought of what was going to happen next. Instead, she started to sing.

Shh... Listen don't you hear
I'm crying, but they are silent tears
I'm crying on the inside so you can't see
all the pain running though me
I cry for you, I cry for me
I cry for the times I can't
so if you listen close and listen hard,
you may hear my silent tears.

Carolyn's eyes were closed "Please make the pain stop..." The tiny girl said, barely audible.
Her breathing turned shallow. Then her breathing stopped.


The canon blasted and Sofia's silent tears came flowing down her face.


Deaths - Eevee Darkbloom, Eli Winersin, Whitney Grey, Greir Erwin, Textil Archeus, Grao Fieldwerie and Carolyn Pontills. Note: Most deaths in a single day.

Sofia Bulgar - The soul survivor of The Allied Forces, alone with no food or medical supplies.

Careers - Veronica Mordekaiser and Troy Mason. After being attacked, they were allowed to live. This proved to be a bad choice as it led to the death of Textil Archeus along with other indirect deaths. After an encounter with Textil their situation is unknown, but both are presumed to be alive.

Kiara Seasplatt and Cornelia Maizano - After being removed from Textil, Cornelia was attacked and almost raped by Grao. However, Kiara came in and saved the day, like the badass she is. The spectators of the games seem to be torn between loving this day because of Grao's death and hating it because of Textil's death.

Coming Soon - Once Upon a Time

Day 5 - Salty Seas

POV - Kiara Seasplatt

"Say that again? You've had HOW many people taking care of you?" Kiara blurted out, her eyes
wide. Cornelia looked down at the soft blue grass as she felt the soft rays of sun hit her bare skin
and give her goosebumps "Well I was with this boy, Logan. He protected me and kept me safe.
But he couldn't keep himself protected, he tried to get some food from the cornucopia and..."
She stopped for a moment "Then there was Eevee and Textil-" Kiara let out a loud laugh when
she heard this "That's just too good...". Cornelia gave her a dirty look and coughed "Eevee and
Textil, who took care of me for a little while, I liked them. Your buddy made sure that we weren't
happy for too long when he drove his baseball bat into Eevee's chest." Cornelia stated, her blank
gaze directly hitting Kiara, who didn't look away. By then Kiara's smile had faded and she had
returned to her normal gloomy state. She wasn't depressed due to the games, she was just a
rather gloomy person.

The two walked along the natural path to the riverbed. The river itself was almost completly
dried out now, but it was much cooler and they could always find game there. The one problem
that the black haired girl had never encountered that every other tribute had was hunger. She
had gotten a weeks worth of supplies in the beginning of the game. This combined with hunting
made for three meals a day. Even with an extra mouth to feed she knew it was more likely that
she would be killed by another tribute rather than hunger. Kiara wasn't a trustworthy person.
She knew that within a day or two that Cornelia was dead and that there was nothing she could
do about it. But that didn't mean that Kiara had to be a heartless person, she couldn't bring
herself to force away the little girl, knowing full well that she had enough supplies for all the
tributes left in the game combined. She had decided she might as well make the girl's last day
a little less gruesome. They had both feasted like kings the previous night, it was one of the rare
times that both girls could say that they didn't want anymore.

Kiara watched the treeline as Cornelia washed her hair in the remaining puddles left over from
the once great river. The older girl had no need to wash her hair, if she was going to be fighting
for her life clean hair was the least of her concerns. But she wasn't going to deny the last wishes
of a dead girl. She looked at her. She heard the whizzing. Even if she could have reacted in time
there was no way that she could have gotten there in time. The spear landed a few meters away
from the young girl. Kiara knew there was no way to get to her in time and not be seen. Instead
she simply jumped down behind a bush and tried to signal for Cornelia to run. Cornelia was still.
After a few moments of the spear being thrown two figures popped up from behind the rocky cliff
that overlooked the river. The figures started to laugh. Kiara recognized them and felt a burning
hatred go through her body.

Troy and a very bloody Veronica slid down the rocks like it was butter and talked amongst themselves as they surrounded the younger girl who had now fallen to her knees, tears flowing down her face silently. Kiara was breathing heavily. She could leave. She could just take off and go and she would never have to think about Cornelia again. But some shred of honor kept her there, watching for any possible escape route. Slung around Veronica's waist was a gun, she noted. The two Careers nodded and the girl pulled out her gun and put the barrel against the back of Cornelia's head "Whoever's out there, show yourself! We don't have all day!" Veronica shouted to the woods. Kiara was still. The black haired Career made a pouty face, not unlike Kiara "Whichever fuck face is out there, I know you saw what I did at the cabin! Is it you Sofia? No, I know you. Sofia would have come out by now, it must be Kiara. Fucking cunt..."

The menice kicked Cornelia in the back and grabbed one of her arms, drawing out a knife. Kiara snapped
out of her daze and reached around for her crossbow. Veronica brought the knife down on Cornelia's little
finger, the dagger ripping the skin, then flesh, then bone. A few moments and a lot of screaming later, Cornelia only had nine fingers. Veronica let go of the girl's arm and studied the severed finger in her hands, smiling. Troy looked at her, Kiara detected a hint of disgust. Veronica had the crossbow aimed at the other girl's head. It was a tough shot. At this point Veronica was carving away another of Cornelia's fingers, the little girl gagging and retching from the pain. Eight fingers remained.

Kiara cursed silently as she couldn't get a clear shot of Veronica. She could feel salty seas behind her eyes, threatening to make her cry. It was all Veronica could do to silently promise the family of the little girl that she would make Veronica suffer. Then she realized it. As Veronica was preparing herself to cut another, slightly bigger limb off the girl Kiara rose her voice "Hey! Don't you fucking dare." Kiara called out. Veronica simply
smiled and dug the knife into the girl's arm, causing Cornelia to vomit in pain. Kiara had never felt
more hatred for a single person. "I'm two seconds away from sending an arrow through both of your
skulls. Troy!" She called, still hidden behind the bushes and trees. "Troy, I know this isn't what you want.
I'm gonna give you a chance. If you give me Veronica, I'll let you live." She sent an arrow through the older
girl's shoulder, causing her to drop the gun. Troy swiftly swept down, grabbed it and pointed it at
Veronica, a stony expression on his face.

Troy has now confiscated everything off his fellow Career and was pushing her at gunpoint towards the trees. Kiara told Troy that he had done enough and that he could leave. Troy nodded and was gone.
Kiara came out of the woods, crossbow in arm. Kiara tied up the other girl to a tree with a few supplies
she was carrying with her and ran over to Cornelia who was now lying in one of the puddles.
The water was tinted red and Kiara could see that Cornelia was in bad shape. During the last few
minutes the little girl had lost two fingers, suffered damage to her spinal cord and had most veins
in her arm severed. The older girl attempted to take her out of the puddle but Cornelia brushed her off
"I-It's nice and cold here..." She said, her face as pale as the walls of her school. Kiara let herself go.
The tears flowed "I s-should have t-tried to save you... I'm so sorry Cornelia." Kiara muttered, very
unlike herself. Cornelia simply gave her a weak smile "Throughout the whole g-game I've needed people
to take care of me. Logan, Eevee, Textil... All of them died for me. I don't think I could have lived with
myself knowing that I had gotten you killed aswell..." She said in a faint and raspy voice. "But hey...
We did have an amazing dinner together. And I did get my hair washed, eh?" Cornelia's smile faded.
Kiara took her hand in her own. She held it as Cornelia muttered unintelligible things. She held her
hand right up until her breathing stopped and the canon fired. Kiara got up and left without a word.

THUD. THUD. THUD. Kiara's fists were bleeding now. But not as much as Veronica's face. They were
both back at camp, Kiara had been beating on Veronica for hours now. Except she intended on the
other girl to live for a very long time before her suffering was over. She wouldn't give the murderer
that kind of peace. Kiara huffed and puffed and finally sat down, looking over Veronica. The things
she had done to the other girl had made her want to vomit, but then she thought of all the people she
had hurt. Sometimes she could hear the voices of the dead telling her to do it. She heard Cornelia telling
her to keep going. She heard all the voices of the people Veronica had hurt, Zulfikar Zambrano, Neon
Winters, Charlie Lancaster... Even Diamond Celestia, Veronica's fellow tribute was screaming in agony,
begging for Veronica to suffer. Kiara looked down at the other tribute's body. She had stripped
Veronica down to her bra and panties, not wanting to leave an inch of her body unharmed. Clothes just
got in the way. She looked down at Veronica's hands and saw the places where four of her fingers
should have been, two were missing from both hands. Veronica then looked at her own hands. She
would not cry, not when it would give the other tribute so much pleasure. She covered her ears,
wishing for the voices to stop.

Veronica said something and the voices all went away. Kiara looked up at the other girl, eyes wide. "I said... They won't go away. The voices, I mean. They're always going to follow you, no matter what you do to me." Kiara was silent and simply looked her body over. Veronica gave her a sly smile, showing a few missing teeth "I know I have a sexy body, even when I'm covered in blood. I'm not a lesbian, but I could help you out. If you promise to let me go, I could give you as much pleasure as you want... You could touch me however you liked" She said, starting to crawl forward but being stopped by her restraints. Kiara simply spat at the other girl, not saying anything else. Veronica was on the edge of passing out, but before she did she stated

"Cut off as many fingers as you want, it won't change... It won't change anything. Me and you?
We're more alike than you think. In fact I think you realize it, but you just haven't come to terms
with it. You will one day..."

And she drifted off.

POV - Troy Mason

He was panting hard now, the water rushing past his ankles. It had been merely half an hour ago
that the water had arrived, seeping up from the moist earth. Within moments Troy had realized
that this couldn't possibly be natural and had silently cursed the gamemakers. He was a smart
lad, he knew that the safest place to be was high up. There were hills which would have been
decent cover from the water, but considering the water was coming up from the earth he had
decided it would be smarter to got for something more solid. He zoomed across the ever rising
swamp that was oozing out of the land. The cornucopia came into view, completely surrounded
by water, the waves lapping against the metallic sides. With one good leap he grabbed onto an
edge on the side of it and pulled himself up. The smell of salt was so strong it made him feel sick.
He lay back down on the roof of the structure and sighed as he felt the hot sun warm his body and
wet legs. He closed his eyes, the light from the blazing fire millions of miles away making the
darkness brighter. The light dimmed and he opened his eyes to see a girl with hair almost as fiery
as the sun itself. The girl pressed a long rifle up against his forehead. Troy sighed.

The restraints were tight, but Troy didn't mind. It wasn't the first time in the games he'd been bound
by Sofia. "Where on earth have all your little friends gone? If I recall correctly it was just two days
ago that you had a big group of buddies." Troy said with a strange charm, knowing full well that her
friends were no longer alive "There was, erm let me see... One guy with a strange haircut. He wanted
to kill me and Veronica, didn't like him much. Then there was those two beauties, Greir and Whitney
was it? I remember how hard they fought to let us go. It was stupid of them. Noble, but stupid. Then
of course there was the little dove... Carley? No, no... Carolyn. Now she was special. Even though
I had no intentions of hurting her, she had no way of knowing that. Even then she fought for me
to be freed." Sofia was simply switching her from him to the water. Then back to him. Then back to
the water.

Troy coughed softly "And then there was you. You voted to kill us, me and Veronica-" "Where is Veronica, may I ask? I thought you two were so perfect for each other!" Sofia snapped. Troy simply swished his hair aside, it had grown slightly longer than he liked it. He ignored the question and decided it best to make another witty remark "Well... Because you let us go, Textil died. And if I recall correctly, Kiara and Cornelia were the only other tributes stalking the arena with their dull faces. Was it them who killed Greir, Whitney, Eli and Carolyn? Because I doubt that. She showed that she was only going after Careers when she attacked us at the cabin, when the beauty from district two was slaughtering your friends. Kiara and Grao shot as US. They could have let us finish you off before attacking, but they didn't. They killed Nami. So either you were stupid enough to let them kill you all off within one day or... Oh, you didn't." He looked at her blank face. "Your group killed each other. Let me guess... Greir, Whitney and maybe the little girl tried to leave? I mean, who would want to be in the same group as murderers? You and Eli killed them, maybe... Then Eli got a little too friendly with you. If you know what I mean. And you made sure he would never be friendly to you again." He smiled in a bittersweet fashion at her "Of course, this is all just speculation, at the pace this conversation is going I'm more likely to drown before I actually get you to tell me what happened." A chill ran up his spine as he looked over his shoulder at the ever rising water as he feared that he may be right.

The sun was high in the sky now, Troy could have sworn that hours had passed since he had arrived
and that it should be sunset, but he assumed that either the boredom was getting to him or the
gamemakers were leaving the sun in the sky to make the water look tempting. And it really did look
tempting. Sweat was rolling down his body in waves, his lips cracked and dry. His hair was irritating
him, since he left his district it had become long and greasy, not unlike coal. "What're you keeping me
alive for? I mean, you seemed ever so eager to kill me off when your group of underdogs was with
you." Sofia had a hand dangling in the water, her fingers submerged in the cool liquid. She turned
to look at him "I know this may seem like a strange concept to you, but most people don't actually
enjoy killing. Don't get me wrong, I want you dead. And you will be dead at the end of this-" Her head
turned suddenly and she ducked down, rifle in hand. Troy gave her a confused look and squinted in
the direction that she was aiming her rifle. For a moment he didn't see it. He got up and called out
"Hey there, friend! You hungry? We've got fish on the grill!" He smirked, imagining how much Sofia
must hate him at the moment. No answer. He looked down at Sofia who's face was so red it looked
like it might pop. He remembered reading about how doctors of the old Panem had used leeches to
suck the blood out of people. He couldn't help but think that she could really use a leech right now,
it looked as if all the blood in her body was stuck in her thick head.

All the stuff that had been inside the cornucopia was now floating around it, everything from apples
to crates to tables. The inside of the structure was almost entirely filled with water, the waves lapping
at the shiny building. Sofia was occupied with a small box she was trying to open. Troy was vaguely
curious about what it was and almost certain he could open it but he decided not to offer. Interestingly
the box was important enough that Sofia had decided to set down the rifle. Something out of the corner
of his eyes caught his attention. A large grin crossed his face when he saw a small figure standing on
top of one of the smaller crates that had floated out to the treeline. He watched in amusement as the
girl silently hopped from one object to another, appearing to know exactly where and how to land.
The smile left his face when he realized that he was still bound. Panicking would not help so he decided
not to. The waves seemed to get more and more restless with each jump that she made, like the sea
itself was trying to stop her reaching the cornucopia. He made a small coughing noise and Sofia
turned around to look at him "What?" She asked in a bland tone, revealing nothing about her emotional
state. Troy flicked the hair out of his eyes once again "We have an unexpected visitor." He said simply,
nodding his head to the side, roughly where the figure had last been. Sofia simply grunted and muttered
something, returning to her box. Troy turned around quickly and his eyes widened when he realized that
the figure was gone. And the only place that she could be hiding was the cornucopia.

He stood up sharply, wobbling under the force of the crashing waves that had become completely wild.
He started to call out to Sofia, but the words were knocked out of his mouth as a large wave hit the structure,
knocking Troy over the side of it. The cold liquid hit his body hard, the smell of salt even stronger than before. Breathing hard he shivered as he grabbed a part of the cornucopia, only just managing to keep his head afloat the water. The assault of the waves was loud, but Troy could be sure he could hear shouting. He managed to look up and see Sofia, rifle in hand, and the other girl with her large black crossbow. He tried to call out but was rewarded with a mouthful of sickening sea water. He gagged on it and lifted his head higher, his arms already tired and struggling to hold on. He called out to both the figures for help. Sofia gave him a glance, as did the other girl, Kiara. But neither moved, both their weapons aimed at each other. He felt something inside him. It took him a moment to comprehend it but he remembered what the feeling was. It was fear. He called out to Sofia, his eyes puffy for the salt. She gave him a sad look before returning her gaze
to Kiara. He looked behind him and saw another wave. It hit him full force. His grip on the cornucopia
was lost and he was submerged in the water. As he sunk lower in the water he saw a flash of light and
heard multiple shots from the rifle. The canon boomed. For a moment Troy thought he was dead and that the canon had been his but the burning feeling in his lungs told him otherwise. He almost laughed as he thought that he'd managed to hold his breath long enough to be in 2nd place. He coughed and inhaled the water. His eyes grew weary.

Troy's final thought had been a strange one. He had started off by thinking of his family. Upon realizing that
he didn't particularly like his family he had thought of Veronica, Nami and Diamond. They were as close to
friends as he had ever gotten. Then he realized that he didn't really like them either. He finally found a memory he found suitable. He couldn't remember what the memory was exactly, but he saw a female face in an ice cream parlor back in district two. He had no memory of this woman, but looking upon her face, he felt peaceful. It was this thought that gave him the strength to let go.

POV - The Victor

Now was the time. All of the games had been leading up to this. At the back of her mind she had
been hoping that it would be a Career that was her final challenge. She looked over at the girl,
wondering what must be going on through her mind. Both girls had their weapons aimed at each
other. The cries of Troy barely registered in her head, focusing on the other girl. She had to shoot
at exactly the right time or they would both die. And that would be bad for both her and the Capitol.
Troy's cries ceased as he was taken by a large wave. The loud bang of gunfire covered up any
sounds he made.

Kiara ducked to the side, almost falling into the water herself. Sofia shot the rifle again, grazing
Kiara's face. Pain surged through the dark haired girl's body, but she ignored it. In one swift movement
she knocked Sofia off her feet, causing the girl to pull the trigger again. And another loud bang.
This time the bullet hit Kiara in the leg, she cried out and swore with all her might, but she didn't
fall. She pressed down her leg onto Sofia's chest and pinned her there. Kiara raised the crossbow,
as graceful as melted butter sliding down a wall.

"I'm sorry. Nothing personal."

And she pulled the trigger.

After that everything became a blur for Kiara. Bright lights surrounded her, a loud voice called out
to her. She watched as Sofia's body became limp and fell to the ground and into the water, floating
away. Suddenly Kiara felt weightless and was floating. Above her was a large silver structure. She
couldn't see it well due to the sun reflecting it's harsh rays off it. And then everything went dark.

The train silently moved through the plains. Kiara had just left district 8 and was now heading for the
Capitol. She hushed herself as the voices in her head chattered and she listened to them, calming them
in the way that a mother would calm her children. The voices hushed. She had come to accept them,
come to learn how to control them. She remembered every single one of the voices.

Thamos Embers
Eddie Silva
Nami Njord
Grao Fieldwerie
Veronica Mordekaiser
Sofia Bulgar
These were the voices that spoke the loudest. However when she was alone and in silence she could
hear other voices as well, the voices of other tributes. She didn't understand why they haunted her
but she accepted them. She imagined it must be rather lonely to be dead. She had always liked district
8, it felt like the home that she had never had. She was traveling to the Capitol to attend a party
by the higher class people. She was looking forward to the party, but not for the same reasons as
all the others who would be attending.

Kiara was forced into a dress, she had objected against it but she hadn't had all that much of a choice
in the matter. She hated how bare she felt. Kiara knew that she was safe now that she was out of
the games, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something terrible was just around the corner.
This feeling had persisted for the past two months. She snapped back into the moment and looked
over at the boy who was escorting her through the large doors of the building and into the party.
Her dress was a light green and even then she had to admit that she found herself looking rather
good in it. She carried with her a small purse with just a few things in it. Others had offered to carry
the purse but she had acted with high levels of aggression so they stopped.

Kiara looked very out of place at the party, even in her fine dress. Despite the large amounts of people
trying to talk to her she felt rather lonely. The lights were dimmed and soft music started to play.
A man came up to her and asked for her hand. She recognized him from an interview on TV. He was
the head gamemaker. She smiled innocently and took his hand in hers, picking her bag up and walking
onto the floor with him. He maintained eye contact with her as he held one of her hands and danced
with her. "What a week it must have been. 5 Days spent fighting for your life. I watched you with
attention. That boy, Grao, he was a real strange guy. I can't imagine what a beauty like yourself wanted
with him." He stated in hollow tone. His words felt like acid on her. The voices in her head were getting
louder, all of them shouting and wailing. It was all she could do to not cover her ears. She heard what
the gamemaker was saying, but she wasn't listening. In her head she could hear Veronica speaking to

"We're more alike than you think. In fact I think you realize it, but you just haven't come to terms
with it. You will one day..."

Kiara finally understood what Veronica had meant. She leaned over and whispered in the gamemaker's ear "Would you care to meet my friends? They're right here. In my head... I'm sure they'd love to get their hands on you-" In one swift movement she grabbed the hunting knife she had concealed in her purse and drove it into the bottom of his head, through the jaw and into the brain. Panic ensued. Kiara made a run for it, taking the knife with her. She reached the train within a few minutes and found her compartment. She grabbed her bag that she had packed and made a break for the door. Before leaving she pulled out her crossbow. She had been told to leave it back home but she wasn't the most obedient of children. The cold night's air nipped at her bare skin, her dress leaving little to the imagination. A smile crossed across Kiara's face as she ran away from the building, sirens wailing in the distance. The voices in her head repeated the same thing over and over. "Thank you."

Kiara didn't know where she was going, but she knew she would be okay. She smiled as she started to
run, just as she had done in those first moments of the games. Only now she realized that she was never
in any danger. She would always survive.


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