• HawkWD

    So since I'm somewhat active again on wiki and I'm pretty bored I decided to make a games. Make sure to read all the fun rules before entering, and may the odds be ever in your favor. In case no one got the memo all my old games i made before I left are canceled ._. 

    1. Please don't whine or complain if your tribute(s) die. :/
    2. 2 tributes per person.
    3. Reservations can be made for two spots per person, but they only last one hour.
    4. Only post advice if I ask for it :3

    District Female Male
    1 Sparkle Hinsy Balcony Frocket
    2 Lavina Quartz Guy Shotgun
    3 Catie Oplit Brass Voltage
    4 Annelie Elvander Harlan Malou
    5 Wisteria Widow Pompey Wattson
    6 Ruby Burn Luxray Meganium
    7 Clair Gravenstien Luxio Sertalium
    8 Lacey Despit Connor Smitherson
    9 Eva Fenrir Lance Heggley

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  • HawkWD

    Adiós amigos

    February 14, 2014 by HawkWD

    Alright, just as many users have come and gone, I believe it is my time to go as well. Overall this has been a decent experience, and I'm glad to have meet some of you. My writing has improved greatly while on this wiki, but lately I've had a apathy regarding this wiki, and when I do have emotions for it, they are generally negative sadly to say. I don't want to be a negative-Nancy... But this wiki really has changed since I've first arrived here.

    What was first a source of positivity and a great escape from my overall crappy life has gone downhill into a principle reason for my ongoing depression.

    When I first arrived on this wiki, I made a few good friends, Anna, Jason, Kekai, etc. Coming on chat, or getting the chance to update my games b…

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  • HawkWD

    This story is set in a parallel world to American Horror Story: Coven. Miss Robichaux’s academy sits in its exact same spot in New Orleans. Voodoo practitioners and witch hunters still lurk around every corner. The title of Supreme is still available, as are the many spells and powers that a witch/warlock can possess. But Fiona Goode, Cordelia Foxx, Zoe Benson, Queenie and even Delphine LaLaurie and Marie Laveu do not. The setting is the same, the characters are not.

    Welcome to HawkWD’s American Horror Story: Coven.

    This is a HG User thing, don't make up a tribute/character please and thank you.




    Personality: (Can be as short as you want, just no: "How I am on chat")

    Starting Power: (Listed Bellow)

    Coven or Voodoo: (Only three Vo…

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  • HawkWD

    The 48th Annual Hunger Games

    December 1, 2013 by HawkWD

    Hi everybody and welcome to the 48th Hunger Games! I've decided to postpone my previous games, mostly because after watching Catching Fire, I was inspired to write a regular games instead of a Quell... Which is kind of odd because Catching Fire included a Quell... e.e Ah whatever! I'm going to make sure I finish these because I would really feel guilty about letting anyone down if I didn't finish. Make sure to read any and all rules before entering, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

    1. No complaining if your tribute dies...
    2. Up to 2 tributes per person, this might be increased if I want more entries!
    3. Only post advice when I ask for it!
    4. Reservations last for one day! As of 12/2/13 6:00 PM CST, no new reservations may be made. All current reservati…

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  • HawkWD

    The Trust Games

    October 12, 2013 by HawkWD

    Alright everyone, HawkWD here with my final games, the 25th to be exact. Better known as the Trust Games. Being a Quarter Quell, there will be not one, but two twists. I won't reveal what they are now, but know they will make a huge impact on the games. Twice the amount of regular tributes will be required as well, and Districts 1-13, along with the Capitol, will be sending tributes to compete.

    1. No being rude on this blog. Keep your drama on chat, or better yet, just not have any at all.
    2. No complaining if your tribute is killed, it's The Hunger Games, what do you expect?
    3. You may submit up to 4 tributes, but only 2 girls. Boys have an equal chance as girls do when it comes to winning, the victor of my first games was a boy.
    4. No saying "It's on my use…

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