This story is set in a parallel world to American Horror Story: Coven. Miss Robichaux’s academy sits in its exact same spot in New Orleans. Voodoo practitioners and witch hunters still lurk around every corner. The title of Supreme is still available, as are the many spells and powers that a witch/warlock can possess. But Fiona Goode, Cordelia Foxx, Zoe Benson, Queenie and even Delphine LaLaurie and Marie Laveu do not. The setting is the same, the characters are not.

Welcome to HawkWD’s American Horror Story: Coven.


This is a HG User thing, don't make up a tribute/character please and thank you.




Personality: (Can be as short as you want, just no: "How I am on chat")

Starting Power: (Listed Bellow)

Coven or Voodoo: (Only three Voodoo spots available! EDIT: All are filled :o)

Backstory: (As short as you want! How you found out you were a witch/warlock)

An image of an actor/actress/model to portray you, please supply the name of them as well!


Underlined Powers are Powers that you may start out with.

Bolded Powers are part of The Seven Wonders, the powers required to become the Supreme.

Italicized Powers are Voodoo Powers only!

Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate objects with the power of the mind

Pyrokinesis: The ability to create/manipulate fire with the power of the mind.

Black Widow: Causes the death to occur of anyone you have intercourse with.

Concilium: Imposition of one's will onto another. Also called mind control.

Clairvoyance: The ability to read minds, which traditionally is referred to as Telepathy.

Divination: Extra-sensory awareness of things including, objects and people. (Examples: A book opens to the page you need. If someone is hidding soemthing behind their back, you can sense what it is.)

Injury Transference: Traumatic physical injuries sustained can be sympathetically transmuted to the body of another, chosen by the caster, along with the pain of the injury.

Descensum: Spiritual decent into the netherworld or afterlife.

The Sight: The ability to see significant visions of the past and future through touch, applies to people and materials. Often brought on by a traumatic event.

Transmutation: The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between. (Teleportation)

Vitalum Vitalis: The balancing of scales between one life force and another. (May bring someone back to life, but reduces your life force, or you can suck the life out of others).

Resurgence: Reanimation of once living things. (Only one person may start out with this!, now taken!!!)

War Cry: A scream that evokes causes all that hear it to turn on one another, capable of making enemies to fight their own allies.


HG Users

Name Age Powers Coven or Voodoo
Toast 14 Transmutation Voodoo
Wes 17 Ressurgance Coven
Chandni 14 Black Widow Coven
Liza 14 Telekinesis Coven
Claudia 15 Clairvoyance Coven
Summer 14 Divination Coven
Emma 14 Injury Trans. Voodoo
Connor 16 Transmutation Coven
Blake 15 Injury Trans. Voodoo
Kekai 13 Telekinesis Coven
Sam 15 Transmutation Coven
Cassandra 15 War Cry Voodoo
Kaity 15 Clairvoyance Coven
Nick 14 Telekinesis Coven
World 14 Transmutation Coven

+More rows available upon request. You can still enter even if the table is filled!+

OC Characters

These are characters I have made- up to fill the spots of Supreme, Voodoo Queen, etc.

The Supreme: Vivian Vance

A woman who will do whatever it takes to protect her Coven.

Headmistress of Miss Robichaux's Academy: Eden

A wise teacher is not without her secrets.

The staff of the Academy: Cecelia

A seemingly dutiful maid.

Students Already Enrolled at the Academy:

Piper- A well-read student may be its most dangerous.

Ava- Anything can hide behind a mask of indifference.

Taylor- A rebel at heart.

Voodoo Queen: Camille

Character Galley

HG Users

OC Characters

Part I: A Not-So-Warm-Welcome

Chapter One: Proper Introductions

Vivian briskly walked down the hall of Miss Robichaux's Academy, Cecelia by her side carrying Vivian's two small suitcases.

"Ms. Vance, do you want to stay in the Supreme's Quarters or one of the other rooms?" Cecelia asked, unsure, because unlike the other Supremes who wanted only the most opulent surroundings, Vivian was less uptight and more down to earth.

"Cecelia for the hundredth time, do not call me Ms. Vance, call me Viv, I don't like sounding old," Vivian chuckled.

"Alright M-- Viv," Cecelia responded with a smile.

"Oh and I'll take the Supreme's Quarters this time, I want to make sure our new arrivals have plenty of space in the other rooms," Vivian said thoughtfully. Cecelia picked up her pace, passing Vivian and heading up the majestic staircase and towards the Supreme's Quarters. Vivian took a moment to admire the beautiful room, even though it was constructed in the 1800s, the house still managed to look Victorian and modern at the same time.

"Eden! How come your girls aren't ready to greet the new arrivals, they should be arriving any moment?!" Vivian called out to the seemingly empty house. Suddenly Eden appeared before Vivian, having transmuted from another room.

"Sorry Vivian, I didn't realize the time," Eden apologized. "Girls! Get down here please!"

The first to descend the staircase was Piper, a well-behaved, smart student who always made sure to listen to Eden’s every word. Piper would never say this out loud, but she hoped to impress Vivian so the Supreme would tutor her, she hoped to enhance her powers to see if she had a chance at succeeding Vivian in the Supremacy.

“I’m right here. Hello Vivian!” Piper said cheerfully, extending her hand for Vivian to shake, Vivian ignored the gesture and instead enveloped Piper in a hug.

“It’s so refreshing to see a bright, young witch these days,” Vivian said with a smile.

“I guess I’ll have to go fetch Taylor and Ava then...” Eden muttered before transmutating out of the room.

With the room now empty save Piper and Vivian, Piper took the opportunity to get closer with Vivian.

“I’m really excited to get some new witches and warlocks around here, the house always seems so empty with only three students in it,” Piper commented.

“Yes well, we’ve tried to recruit more potential students lately, with the Witch-Hunters growing more and more bold with their attacks, I’ve decided it’s safer to keep all the witches I can find under one roof. Easier to protect everyone. And who knows, maybe one of them could be the next Supreme,” Vivian responded.

“I just hope I can share my knowledge with them. I mean, I have gotten pretty good with my telekinesis,” Piper said slyly.

“Telekinesis? Interesting...” Vivian started before she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Eden had Ava’s had perched in hers, and was leading the deaf and mute girl down the stairs.

"Taylor will be coming in a second, I hope," Eden said. As she and Ava reached the foot of the stairs, the door chime rang through-out the house. Vivian quickly walked to the door and swung it open. Two girls stood in the entryway. One looked slightly nervous and afraid, while the other has a curious look on their face.

"My name is Liza... Are you Vivian...?" The curious one asked slowly.

"I am. Come inside," Vivian responded, ushering the two girls into the house. "You two look exhausted!"

"The scared girl sat down on the ground, saying nothing, and Liza crouched beside her," My friend here is Chandni... I ran into her on the way here. Once we got into the city we were attacked by gunmen... Barely managed to escape them after I... I... I sent a car... A car flying into them. I... I killed them..." Liza stammered as she slowly plopped down next to Chandni.

"Witch-Hunters!" Eden gasped. She rushed over to the two girls and embraced them. "You're safe now. No one can hurt you here."

"You have the gift of telekinesis," Vivian said, a small smile forming on her lips. "What powers do you have?" She asked Chandni. The girl looked up at the Supreme with a look of sadness on her face.

"I'm not sure what to call it really... It's just... Whenever I have sex with anyone they end up dead..." She said quietly.

"It's called Black Widow," Eden said. "I'll show these two to a room, they could use some rest."

Eden helped Chandni and Liza up on their feet and lead them to the stairs.

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