"The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. The young always inherit the revolution."

Hello everyone! I'm HawkWD bringing you my first ever games over here on the wiki! These will be a the first in my trilogy consisting of the 23rd, 24th and 25th Hunger Games. I hope everyone enjoys!

Rules and Tribute Template


  1. Limited cursing please. I'll except a curse if you're tribute dies or something but please, keep it at a level which is appropriate for 12-13 year olds.
  2. Don't flip out if your tribute dies. First of all, they're not real people, second of all, only one can win so... Yeah, almost everyone is going to die.
  3. If you are going to give me tips and help me improve my writting, please make it constructive, not destructive. I do appreciate constructive critism and complements :)
  4. You don't read- your tributes doesn't live :) And the only way I can know if you're reading is if you comment everyone once in a while. Not all the time, just enough so that I know that you're reading.

Tribute Template

  1. 1st of all, NO RESERVATIONS!!!*
  2. NO SAYING,"Look at my page", that's just you guys being to lazy, so why should I try :P
  3. Don't say,"Choose whoever you want." That gives you an unfair advantage because you know I'm getting the tribute I like a lot.
  4. Two three tribute limit. (I may up this to 3 or 4 if not enough people enter)

.*Except with someone who talked to me before I made this blog. Also, I can hold a spot for 10 minutes, after that it's free game once again.







Well, that's the bare minimum and chances are you won't win. Feel free to put as much as you want!

What I will be doing

  1. Intro
  2. Chariot Rides
  3. Training Scores
  4. The Games
  5. After the Games


District 1: TBWTPT

Female: Elle Sirus

Male: Titan Sirus

District 2: Anon

Female: Alice Brown

Male: Mason Brown

District 3: Axed/ivy

Female: Nyoka Spade

Male:Henry Byte

District 4: JJ

Female: Isis Glow

Male: Draco Light

District 5: Prezisnow

Female: Selena Kyle

Male: Harvey Dent

District 6: HS

Female: Frosteria Aquastone

Male: Wither Skel

District 7: TDR

Female: Herba Hemway

Male: Ograssu Crasser

District 8: TBWTPT/SK999

Female: Atalanta Lasus

Male: Cat Ifes

District 9: EHK/Clovely

Female: Cleopatra "Cleo" Royalty

Male: Cooper McEllem

District 10: Wes/JJ

Female: Dawn Santori

Male: Chrome Spade

District 11: Clovely/Wes

Female: Avery Charlotte Grace

Male: Ixil Estus

District 12: Axed/Anna

Female: Venus Firebolt

Male: Lucas Sunsong

District 13: VDA/Anon

Female: Pinea Nummit

Male: Alexander Du Winter

Crossed Out Tributes are DEAD


Chariot Rides

5 minutes before the Chariot Rides

Amethyst Bronze, the gamemaker in charge of the pre-games,  walks up to the chariots, each crowded by two tributes and a blend of stylists, mentors, prep team members and escorts. Armed with a clipboard and pen, she strides past District 1 through 4's chariots, checking off every chariot she passes, not noticing the stares the tributes give her for her orange hair and golden butterfly wings.

"So far the chariots are good to g-- What is that?" she stammers into her headset, nearly rendered speechless by District 5's chariot. District 5's stylist doesn't even respond, and the meek tributes only offer a wave. Amethyst rolls her eyes and checks District 5 off her list before continuing on. She passes 6 through 8, and seeing nothing out of the ordinary, checks them off her list. Amethyst approaches District 9's chariot and stops to chat with the stylist.

"Hey old hag, can you get a move on? We're trying to get ready here," a extremely rude, bossy and arrogant voice rings out. Amethyst reels around in anger to face Cleopatra Royalty atop her chariot, carefully adjusting her elaborate headdress. 

"For your information I am only 29 and that is no way to speak to--," Amethyst begins, only to be cut off by Cleo.

"Seriously? 29? I'll believe it once I see your birth certificate," Cleo hoots before bursting into laughter, causing her headdress to fall from her head. Amethyst storms off in anger, furiously checking District 9 off her list.

She strolls by 10 and 11, giving them crisp, clean check marks on her list as she goes, only stopping as she reaches District 12's chariot.

"Is she giving you any trouble?" Amethyst whispers urgently to District 12's stylist, glancing over at  Venus Firebolt, who rebelled at her reaping. The escort shakes her head and Amethyst continues on, making a note on her checklist to remind the gamemaker in charge of training scores to give Venus a 12, giving Venus a huge target on her back.

Amethyst passes District 13's chariot and checks it off her list.

"It looks like we're ready to go," she announces into her headset proudly.

District 1

A hush falls over the crowds of Capitol citizens lining the streets as someone announces over the intercom that The Chariot Rides are about to begin. 

The silence turns to screams of admiration and praise as District 1's chariot rolls out into view. The chariot is covered in a mixture of golden and silver gems, and the horse is a light grey.

Elle beams as she waves to the crowd. She wears a knee length, strapless dress covered in golden gems with flecks of crimson-red ruby gems. On her head rests a golden tiara encrusted with rubies. Her chocolate brown hair is in a ponytail tossed over her left shoulder. 

Titan smiles and waves as well, extremely proud of District 1's chariot. He wears dress pants coated in sliver gems with the occasional blue sapphire. His jacket and tie are done in the same fashion and her has a simple white button up shirt underneath. 

Capitol Rating: 10 out of 10

District 2

District 1 passes by, closely followed by District 2, which steals all of District 1's remaining attention away.

Both of the Brown siblings stand on their white chariot with pride; Alice's face is expressionless while Mason puts on a evil smile. Alice's simple, yet elegant, light grey toga is covered in several read splatters of blood. Her blonde hair is down and loose, with traces of blood in it as well. Even her roman sandals are coated in the red liquid. In her right hand she holds a bloody machete loosely at her side.

Mason has a similar dark-grey toga, also dotted with blood splatters. Although Mason has no shoes, he has a plain olive-leaf halo resting on his head. Small bits of blood are on his face and even a part of his teeth. In one hand Mason grips a blood-soaked knife, the other, a pale, white, human skull.

The Capitol citizens are impressed with these tributes' raw power and malice, but are also slightly disturbed.

Capitol Rating: 7 out of 10

District 3

As the carnage chariot rolls by, District 3. The Capitol is quickly disappointed by this usually spectacular District. Nyoka wears a simple, knee-length dress with thick straps. The dress is wrapped in a bland copper wire and her shoes are basic bronze colored flats. Nyoka is visibly disappointed by her outfit, only adding to the already boring chariot.

Henry tries to smile and wave, but he too is bummed out by the simplicity of the chariot. He wears a short sleeved shirt and long pants, also wrapped in bronze wires. He has copper boots and his hair is in its normal state.

The Capitol citizens yawn this chariot off and many of them look past it towards District 4.

Capitol Rating: 5 out of 10

Training Scores

District Female Score Male Score
1 Elle Sirus 9 Titan Sirus 9
2 Alice Brown 10 Mason Brown 10
3 Nyoka Spade 9 Henry Byte 5
4 Isis Glow 8 Draco Light 9
5 Selena Kyle 7 Harvey Dent 6
6 Frosteria Aquastone 2 Wither Skel 10
7 Herba Hemway 8 Ograssu Crasser 7
8 Atalanta Lasus 6 Cat Ifes 5
9 Cleo Royalty 9 Cooper McEllem 6
10 Dawn Santori 4 Chrome Spade 8
11 Avery Grace 4 Ixil Estus 7
12 Venus Firebolt 12* Lucas Sunsong 6
13 Pinea Nummit 6 Alexander Du Winter 9
  • = For rebeling


No picture... >~<  For now I'll give you my awful description though.

The cornucopia lies in a small field to the South-West of the center of the arena. In the center there is a small farmhouse; two floors, a garage with a few simple rooms with little furnishings. To the East there is a sparse forest with edible fruits and a few rivers and ponds. South of the farmhouse is a old highway of sorts, and on the Western part of the road is a car pile-up, each rusted and abandoned (The cars have no gas). South of the highway is a large field with no food, water or places to hide. West of the cornucopia and the farmhouse is a massive cornfield, each stalk has corn ontop, which is perfectly edible. To the North of the farmhouse is a area covered in piles of supplies, but these supplies are laced with traps; tripwires, pit falls and explusives.

Pre-Game Alliances

^= Leader

Careers: Elle Sirus, Titan Sirus, Alice Brown, Mason Brown^, Alexander Du Winter

District 4 Alliance: Draco Light^, Isis Glow

District 7 Alliance: Herba Hemway^, Ograssu Crasser

Mixed Alliance: Cat Ifes^, Frosteria Aquastone, Lucas Sunsong, Pinea Nummit

Part I: Enter Death

The silver plates slowly raise, acting as a threshold from the world the tributes once knew, and a new, horrifying one. 60 seconds begins counting down as the tributes try to get their wits about them, examining every bit of information they can get, knowing that one tiny error could end their life.  Each tribute hopes and prays that they will not die.

But this is The Hunger Games

And for 25 of them, they will.


The gong echos throughout the arena, sending all the tributes off their plates, and towards the cornucopia. Alice from 2 runs besides Cat from 8, and she struggles to keep up with the speedy tributes. Alice makes a quick choice and slams into Cat, sending him to the ground, and keeps running towards the supplies.

Alice runs into the mouth and grabs a bronze spear,  polished to perfection. Alice smiles, because it won't be for long. After snatching a spear she grabs a blow gun and a vest with darts. She throws the vest on as she sprints back out, eager to spill blood.

Atalanta, from 8, bends over to grab a white back pack when the spear flies into her stomach, sending blood all over the back pack, drenching it in the crimson fluid. Atalanta screams in pain and falls to her knees, and before she shuts her eyes for the last time, she sees Alice, grinning from ear to ear, now not holding a spear.

Alice doesn't stop there though and loads a dart into her blow gun. She turns and spots Chrome from 10 rounding the cornucopia with two back packs and a spade. She quickly reacts and fires a dart into his leg.

Chrome falls to the ground and rips the dart from his leg, and sees the tip coated in a mixture of blood and a strange purple substance. Knowing his time is short, Chrome gets back on his feet, refusing to die without making an impact on these games.

Pinea from 13 grabs a pack of crackers and a knife before running over to her ally, Lucas,and the pair run over to one of the plates the tributes were on. The duo decide to remain there until their other allies die or escape the bloodbath.

Elle from 1 begins climbing the cornucopia so she can shot unsuspecting tributes with her bow when a pair of hands grab her from behind and throw her roughly to the ground. Her attacker, Ixil from 11, quickly steps on one of her arms as she tries to get up, and brandishes his knife as Elle begins to scream.

"I'm so sorry," he admits as he drives his knife towards Elle's face. Suddenly Titan, Elle's brother, slams into Ixil, causing the knife to miss Elle by a fee inches. 

"YOU WILL NOT TOUCH MY SISTER!!!" Titan shrieks in rage before taking Ixil's own knife and driving it into the make from 11's chest. Ixil jerks up for a moment before going still, and Titan pulls the bloody knife from his chest. Elle gets up and Titan ushers her into the cornucopia, not wanting anything like that ever to happen again.

Herba and Ograssu manage to meet up in the mayhem of the bloodbath, each armed with a hatchet and knife.  The two agree to flee and head towards the South, and the highway.

Chrome staggers towards a pair of fighting tributes, barely able to keep the spade from slipping through his fingertips, as his time on earth reduces to under a two minutes. He reaches to duo, locked in a dance of blades, and weakly raises the spade over his head.


Alexander from 13 goes down, brain matter and fragments of his skull going everywhere and his oppenant, Selena from 5, gives out a yelp and sprinting away. Chrome falls to the ground, his life almost over, and shuts his eyes one last time.

Harvey from 5 grabs a back pack just before being slammed into the ground. Wither from 6 pins him down with one hand and in the other, he clutches a metal water bottle. Wither slams the water bottle down into Harvey’s face over and over. Each smack breaking another bone in Harvey’s face. His cheekbone, jaw, brow and teeth are all shattered with each devastating pound.

Wither stands up admiring the piece of bloody flesh that was once a face, before sprinting away from the cornucopia.

Cleo from 9 snatches a back pack and a belt of knives before sprinting away from the cornucopia, on her way out she slashes Nyoka Spade across the back. Cleo cackles in laughter, thinking Nyoka is dead, as she runs off towards the forest. Nyoka staggers to her feet, blood dripping from the wound in her back and growls in rage.

She grips her machete in anger and runs off in pursuit. And she won’t rest until Cleo is dead.

Venus grabs a box of matches, a bottle of water and a knife before heading off, suddenly worried about what the game makers or the careers plan to do with her.

Dawn from 10 latches onto a purple back pack and heads in the other direction, leaving the 4 Career tributes and 7 non-career tributes to fight over the remaining supplies.

Cat from 8 grabs a pair of steel claws and a bag of beef strips before spotting Frosteria.

"Frosteria quick come over here!" Cat yells to her. Frosteria spots him a quickly runs over to him. The shouts and movement attract the Brown siblings who quickly charge the pair of tributes. Henry from 3 quickly uses the distraction as a opportunity to grab a water bottle and a knife and run away from the the bloodbath unharmed.

Pinea and Lucas can only watch as their allies are attacked by the murderous tributes from 2. Alice stabs Cat in the leg with her spear, causing him to fall to his knees in pain before drawing a knife and swiping at his neck. Cat is fast though and manages to duck just in time, causing the knife only to slice a chunk of hair off of his head. Cat quickly lunges forward and shoves Alice to the ground and turns to run, abandoning Frosteria to the Careers.

Mason swings his axe and it smashes grotesquely into the side of Frosteria's skull, causing blood and brain matter to spew everywhere. Alice and Mason high five, excited about their bloodbath kills.

Cat runs over to Lucas and Pinea screaming for them to run, worried the Careers will follow them. They turn and begin to dash away but Pinea trips and face plants onto the ground. Lucas turns around and pulls her up by the hand, causing both the youHe tributes to blush furiously, before continuing to run again.

Draco and Isis find no trouble at the cornucopia and easily escape with a sword, a bow and a back pack each.

The Careers quickly join up and spot the remaining stragglers, Cooper and Avery. While the two tributes grab supplies, the Careers decide what to do.

"Let's all gang up on one of them," Mason whispers.

"I love that idea," Elle responds, her eyes full of malice. The Careers quickly decide to surround Avery and they all sprint towards her. Avery notices too late, and when she tries to run, Elle fires a arrow into her back, causing her to crash to the ground. The careers quickly swarm her, shoving all their weapons into her back. She stops squirming and they all cheer.

Cooper sees this and looks on in disgust. Alice spots him though and he is forced to run away. The careers all throw their weapons at him but he is so far away that only Alice manages to graze him on the side with her spear.

As he runs to the North he swears revenge against the careers, ready to avenge Avery's death.

After what seems like hours of jogging, Draco and Isis finally stop to rest in the forest area. They plop down in the soft, abundant, bright green grass and examine the supplies they scavenged at the cornucopia. 

"I have my sword and..." Draco says as he rummages through his back pack,"... A bottle of water, some beef jerky, wire and some matches. What about you?"

"My bow, iodine and a empty water bottle, dried fruit and a first aid kit," Isis informs. The two tributes smile at all the things they got, knowing they won't have to worry about hunting or gathering for a while.

"Look at the sunset... It's beautiful," Isis says in awe, gesturing to the golden sky, slowly transforming into shades of orange and pink.

"It is... Isn't it," Draco responds, his gaze locked on Isis, not on the sunset. The pair lean back onto a large oak tree and wait for the cannons to go off.




The cannons continue to echo through out the arena before reaching the grand total of seven. The careers all cheer at the number and begin recalling their kills around their small campfire by the cornucopia.

"That idiot from 8 screamed so loud when I threw my spear into her gut!" Alice snickers.

"What a wimp! At least go out with some dignity!!!" Titan exclaims, and the group burst into laughter.

"Thats not as bad as that one girl we all took down. Did you see her face?!" Mason hoots, contorting his face into a mock scream. The group continues to laugh and joke, until the conversation changes tone.

"Where should we go tomorrow? To hunt tributes I mean," Elle asks. The tributes ponder the question before Mason comes up with a suggestion.

"I say we head North, it looks like there's a building up their or something. Who knows what's inside, and how many tributes could be hiding there?" 

The careers anonymously agree to head there tomorrow and begin setting up tents.

Venus stops before the massive corn field sprawling out before her, each stalk with a golden yellow cob of corn resting on the top. She considers her options, stay by the edge and eat the corn, risking that Wither or the careers will stumble upon her, or enter into the unknown, which could be laced with game maker traps.

Venus isn't one for fear and asks herself in her head.

"What's the worst the game makers could do to me?"

She ventures into the corn field, but the deeper she gets, the stronger the feeling that someone, or something, is watching her, grows.

Cat, Lucas and Pinea stop running as they wander deep into the forest.

"Alright--- I think--- I think we're good..." Cat gasps between rapid puffs of breath.

Lucas and Pinea sigh in relief and practically fall over from exhaustion, only being 13. Cat goes through their supplies and offers to take first watch, an offer his allies quickly accept.  The two thirteen year olds quickly drift off to sleep, side by side, after a long day of running.

Dawn stops to rest by the highway and sits down in the sparse grass. Dawn silently goes through her back pack; finding a quart of water, some pain killers and a rolled up sleeping mat. Dawn crosses over to one of the rusted cars and crawls under it, rolling her mat up. She hears the anthem and quickly peeks out from under the car, wanting to see who died.

The sky lights up with the Capitol seal before showing the faces of the fallen; Harvey from 5, Frosteria from 6, Atalanta from 8,  Chrome from 10, Avery and Ixil from 11 and finally Alexander, the lone Career death, from 13.

Dawn solemnly crawls back under the car and onto her map, wondering if she'll be dead within a few days.

End of Part I

Part II: Cornered

The sun slowly pushes above the horizon as day breaks, signifying the beginning if Day 2. The Careers quietly get up and back some supplies in their back packs for the trip to the building to the North.

"Shouldn't we burn all the stuff we leave behind? So the other tributes can't use it I mean," Alice suggests after swallowing a bite of apple. Everyone nods in agreement but Elle.

"What if we need it later?" she reasons. Mason just shrugs her off and grabs a box of matches. He lights a few and scatters them around the supplies, setting fire to all of the cornucopia loot. They admire the smoke against the pink sunrise for a moment, before Mason pipes up.

"Let's get hunting."

Lucas watches as smoke billows into the sky.

"What happened?" he asks, fear appearing in his cracking voice,"What if the forest is on fire?"

"I don't think they would do something like that on the second day," Cat assures," But we should get moving."

Cat begins replacing his bag as Lucas nudges Pinea to wake her up. She lets out a small scream and shots into a sitting position.

"What's wrong?!" Lucas frantically asks.

"Nightmare..." Pinea mutters. Lucas grabs her hand and squeezes it comfortingly, but quickly releases, blushing a bright red. Pinea gives a little smile and gets up, hoping Lucas didn't notice her rosy cheeks. 

"Come on you two, let's go," Cat says, smirking at the young tributes. 

Selena sits in the upstairs bedroom of the farm house, shear pinging her axe on the metal headrest. She's completely aware that Henry and Cooper are hiding downstairs, and she's ready to take them out.

She smiles wickedly, admiring her reflection in the axe blade.

Soon I will be a killer, she thinks gleefully.

Dawn's stomach grumbles as she wakes up from a peaceful night's rest. She slides out from under the car and gets onto her feet yawning. Weaponless, she silently creeps in between cars, her eyes looking for a tribute, her ears listening for the sound of glass crunching under foot.

Dawn quickly drops down, crouching behind a pick up truck. Two distinct, separate sounds of footprints echo through the air. Dawn covers her mouth and backs up against a tire as sweat pours down her forehead. The footsteps draw closer and slowly pass, and Dawn can just barely make out their conversation.

"Who do you miss the most back at home?"

"Probably mom... She understood me better then anyone else."

"Ms. Light was pretty cool."

Dawn slouches her shoulders in relief, knowing its only the pair from 4, who are relatively peaceful. Draco and Isis continue to walk and are soon lost from Dawn's view. Dawn gets up and heads North, heading for the corn fields to appease her growling stomach.

Herba and Ograssu slowly approach the smoldering remains of the cornucopia loot, carefully looking for any other tributes. Ograssu crouches before the black pile of soot and  burnt supplies, examining the junk for anything salvageable. 

"Tribute," Herba whispers. Ograssu jumps up, hand gripping his axe. Off in the distance Wither approaches, a malicious smile etched onto his face.

"We have to go," Herba says frantically," He's too strong."

"Just give me a second. I'm still looking..." Ograssu replies. Herba stands there awkwardly, not taking her gaze from Wither, getting closer by the second. She notices the dagger in his right hand, rope in the other, and decides she's had enough.

"Ograssu. We go or die. Your choice," Herba shouts," We can go over to that crop field for food, please we need to go!" 

Ograssu looks up in shock and nods his head. The two tributes turn and run in the other direction. Wither starts to run but the pair from 7 are much faster and soon disappear over the horizon. Wither curses his luck and heads towards the South, hoping to ambush unsuspecting tributes there.

Nyoka pants as she runs through the woods, following Cleo's footprints in the deep, brown mud. Gripping her machete, she smirks; the footprints are getting fresher, meaning before the day ends she will catch Cleo, and she will kill her. She continues down the path, ignoring the pain in her back and her lung's pleas for rest. The pain cast aside as her thoughts are consumed with the image of her, ramming her gleaming machete into Cleo's face.

And soon, I will get my wish, Nyoka thinks gleefully.

The Careers casually approach the the looming farmhouse, dark against the orange sunset. The pause after reaching the porch, Mason's hand lingering on the rusting golden doorknob. He slowly twists the knob and pushes the door open slowly, causing a eerie squeak echoing through the silent air. The Careers each grab their signature weapon; Mason a axe, Elle a trident, Alice a spear and Titan a mace, and a flashlight. 

"Ladies first," Mason says meekly, gulping as the glow of the flashlight offers little light in the dismal house. Alice rolls her eyes and enters slowly, swinging her flashlight around, illuminating every each bit of the foyer inch by inch. 

"Clear," Alice mutters. Elle and Mason entered next, with Titan covering the rear. They search the room briefly before determining no one is inside.

"What's our game-plan?" Elle asks, always eager for the logical approach in battle.

"I say we split up; Elle and I will sweep the downstairs, while Titan and Mason search upstairs," Alice suggests. The Careers all nod, accepting the plan before Titan and Mason creep up the stairs while Alice and Elle enter the downstairs guest room. The Careers suspect tributes are inside, and they're correct. Selena lurks upstairs in a master bedroom while Cooper hides in the dinning room and Henry camped out in the kitchen.

Elle and Alice finish searching the guest bedroom before crossing the foyer towards the kitchen. Henry, who had been looking through the pantry for food, hears a odd creek of the floorboards and decides not to take any chances. Grabbing his knife and water bottle, he sprints towards the back door at the end of the kitchen, and makes it outside seconds before the female Careers enter the kitchen. Henry sprints across the plains behind the farmhouse, intending to head as far North as possible.

Alice quickly heads towards the pantry, only to discover it empty. Elle searches the cabinets, finding nothing, before hearing a cough coming from the dinning room. Elle looks over at Alice and whispers frantically,"What if Wither or Nyoka is in there?"

Alice scoffs, nearly giving their position by the dinning room door," So what if Nyoka or Wither are in there, we will take her down easy."

Elle, nods, not entirely convinced before the pair switch off their flash lights and grip their weapons tightly. Silently the creeping in, Alice peers under the table, intending to rip the room apart board by board if she has to in order to find the lurking tribute. 

"Over here," Elle gasps, pointing to the tips of shoes sticking out of the crimson curtains by the windows looking over the dark front lawn.

"NOW!!!" Alice screams, flinging her spear into the curtain, Elle follows suit and hurls her trident as well. The weapons slam into the fabric, making a thunk noise as it hits the wooden wall behind it.

"What?!" Elle shouts in confusion, running towards the curtains and ripping them from the walls.

"The little looser left his shoes here to distract us!" Elle shouts in rage, gesturing to the empty shoes on the ground. Alice whips her head around at the sounds of feet against the wooden floor. Cooper sprints out of the dinning room and into the kitchen, dodging the trident thrown towards him. He crashes into the foyer and out the front door, zig-zagging as he goes to dodge the knives hurled at him. Alice and Elle take chase and follow him outside, throwing knife after knife at him as they go. Cooper rounds the house, one of Elle's knives nicking him on the side as he goes, causing a rush of blood pour from his body. The girls follow, but as they circle the house, they find only a pool of blood.

"Where did he go this time?!" Alice yells in rage.

"I'm sure he'll die of bloodless anyways," Elle assures, trying to calm her frantic ally down. Alice shoves Elle aside and rams one of her remaining knives into the wall.

She sure does have a temper, I better watch out, Elle thinks worriedly. 

Mason and Titan hardly register the girl Careers shouts from downstairs as they creep down the dark hallway towards the master bedroom, the only light coming from their dim flashlights. Mason squats down and grips hold of the doorknob with Titan close behind. Mason swings the door open and both Careers rush in to battle Selena.

Selena jumps up, a axe in each hand and swings at the incoming tributes. Mason dives out of the way, but Titan isn't the fastest tributes and gets a shallow cut to the chest. Selena cackles in triumph and slashes again at Mason, slicing open his forearm, causing blood to splatter out. Mason howls in pain and falls back. Titan takes Selena's distraction of her other successful strike and punches her in the side of the head, sending her sprawling back.

Alice and Elle hearths boy's yelps and scramble inside and up the stairs to help. Realizing she's outnumbered, Selena retreats to the other side of the bed, dodging a knife thrown by Elle as she goes. Alice and Titan make the first move, Alice leaping over the bed while Titan runs around. Selena blocks Titan's slow attack and slashes his neck open, sending him to the ground. Elle screams in terror and rushes to her brother's side.

Alice's attack goes unnoticed and she slices Selena's gut, sending organs to the ground as she screams in pain. Selena swings her axe at Alice and makes a last ditch attempt to escape, leaping over the bed. She collapses in pain half-way though, and Mason's thrown axe hits its mark: Selena's head.

Her cannon goes off and Alice and Mason cheer, ignoring the sobs from Elle as she tries to staunch the blood from Titan's neck.

"Stop being such a baby, Elle," Mason scoffs," It's a shallow cut, if we bandage it up it'll be just fine."

Elle searches through her back pack and grabs a medical kit. Ripping out the bandage roll, she grabs disinfectant and pain killer. After fixing up Titan's neck wound, the Careers help him outside.

"I say we camp out here so we can't get trapped inside by fire or something," Alice suggests, the Careers all agree and Mason and Alice set up camp while Elle tends to Titan.

"AHHH!!!" Nyoka howls as she runs towards Cleo. Cleo jumps up, deflecting her machete with her own. Cleo jumps back, and sizes Nyoka up with a wicked smile on her faces. 

"Nyoka... Are you upset I tried to kill you yesterday? Don't worry, I'll make sure to finish the job," she purrs. Nyoka just growls in response and charges. Cleo runs away, cackling  in laughter as she weaves through the trees. Nyoka runs after her, but Cleo's constant change of direction sends her straight into a tree.

"Aw... Can little Nyoka keep up?" Cleo teases," Enough running though, it's time to finish you!"

Cleo swings her machete, ready to decapitate Nyoka, but the girl from three ducks, dodging the blow. Cleo draws her knife with her other hand and slams in into Nyoka's thigh. Cleo then jumps up, slashing Nyoka's chest with her machete. Nyoka screams a nearly inhuman scream and staggers back before flinging her machete at Cleo. Cleo blocks it with her forearm and even more blood flies into the air, drenching the once bright green grass. 

"Now I'm angry," Cleo snarls. Nyoka draws her knife and manages to deflect Cleo's machete before being punched in the jaw, sending her to the ground. Cleo swings her machete down, smashing Nyoka's skull and killing her.

Cleo lets out a snicker, quiet and slow at first, before growing louder and faster. Hysterical shrieks of laughter tear through Cleo's body, sending her to the ground howling in a insane joy.

Soon, victory will be mine! Cleo thinks in glee.

Draco and Isis plop down on the cool pavement under the clear night sky. The massive canvas above them is dotted with bright stars and coated in dark blues, purples and blacks as if some giant brought a paint brush across the sky, creating the beautiful horizon they admire.

Isis snuggles up closer to Draco in their sleeping bag and smiles.

"Today has been pretty peaceful."

"Yeah, were one day and two tributes closer to making it to the end."

"Let's not talk about the end... Let's just talk about here, and now," Isis suggests, staring into Draco's gentle blue eyes. The two tributes lean in, their lips about to touch, when the Capitol anthem blares through the sky. Isis jerks back, snapped back into the reality of the Hunger Games.

Two faces dot the sky, Nyoka from 3 and Selena from 5. 

Isis and Draco drifting off to sleep, side by side, hoping dreams of the games plaque their peaceful sleep.

"Get inside!!!" Mason screams, hoping to wake the other careers as he sprints for the farm house. Alice jumps up, hand on her knife, ready to kill any tributes, but the threat the Careers face is much deadlier.


Five inch long fangs, extreme speed and a lust for blood characterize these wolf mutts. The sprint across the field, already nearing the Career's camp before Alice is even on her feet. Mason barrels onto the porch and into the house, slamming the door behind him just as the mutts encircle the other careers at their camp.

"Stay behind me," Elle orders her brother as she loads an arrow into her bow, ready to kill one of the three mutts facing her. Alice is about 10 feet away, knife in hand, anticipating the mutts' next moves. 

Just as the mutts prepare to pounce on the three Careers, a lone howl echos through the air and the mutts sprint away towards the road. 

The careers take advantage of this and run inside the house.

Down on the highway, Isis and Draco have just awakened from their sleep when they hear the howl. Isis' eyes grow wide and she turns to Draco.

"What do you think that was?" 

"That..." Draco mutters, pointing behind Isis. Isis turns around to see several wolf mutts. The pair instantly jump up and run, ditching their supplies in the ground. The wolves dash in pursuit, and it won't be long until the outrun the pair from 4.

"GO TO THE TRUCK!!!" Draco shouts to Isis. She looks forward, spotting a overturned 18-wheeler. Draco reaches the safe heaven first and begins shutting the doors as Isis nears the 18-wheeler. The lead wolf jumps forward and bites down on Isis' calve, sending her toppling to the ground. She lets out a scream of pain as Draco grabs the knife from his belt and throws it into the wolf's skull. Draco grabs hold of Isis and drags her into the back of the truck and slams the doors shut just as the wolves reach it.

Draco can't make out much in the darkness, but he does realize something, he almost lost someone her cared about.

"Isis... I need you to know that I.." Draco begins, fumbling for words. 

"I know Draco. I love you to," Isis finishes, leaning forward and planting a soft kiss on his lips.

Dawn nibbles on a golden ear of corn, savoring the juicy vegetable. A gentle breeze floats through the air, and all is peaceful where Dawn sits, eating. But not for long.

Herba and Ograssu spot Dawn and sprint towards her with their axes. 

"We have to kill her," Herba whimpers, knowing they have to kill the little girl. Dawn spots them and let's out a scream of terror. Dawn jumps up and runs into the cornfields, knowing that's her only chance at escaping the axe-wielding tributes. Herba and Ograssu enter the cornfields as well, hardly able to tell where Dawn is. 

Suddenly, Herba realizes Ograssu isn't beside her anymore. No cannon has gone off, so she knows he is still alive, but she has no hope of finding him in the field of corn, so she turns around and heads out, intending to wait for him and the edge of the field.

Dawn continues to run, hoping she is able to escape Ograssu, when she crashes into something truly horrific. 

Cat leads Pinea and Lucas through the maze of rusted, overturned vehicles as they try to outrun the wolf mutts following them. 

"In here," Cat orders, ripping a car door open and hoping in. The car has no chance of working, but it will provide the trio some protection from the bloodthirsty mutts lurking outside, so Pinea and Lucas climb into the back seats. The mutts surround the car and start snarling and snapping, causing Pinea to whimper.

Lucas grabs hold of her hand and squeezes it tight, also afraid of the creatures waiting for them. Pinea doesn't have time to register that Lucas is holding her hand because one of the mutts slams its body against the car, causing them to fall over onto the seat.

"Stay inside the car! We'll be fine... I hope," Cat says, failing at reassuring the two young tributes. The mutts begin ramming the car, causing it to shake back and forth, a king the tributes inside slide around the vehicle. Pinea starts to scream and the biggest mutt leaps against the car, toppling it over onto its side. The right side windows shatter, sending glass down onto the tributes. Lucas crawls on top of Pinea, protecting her from the rain of deadly shards. The car topples over again, flipping it upside down. The mutts stock their jaws through the broken windows and snap, trying to lock hold onto the bleeding, screaming trio. 

The biggest mutt manages to break through the windshield and starts to crawl in, eager to taste blood. Cat scrambles into the back with the other two and draws his knife.  The mutt lunges forward and bites down on Pinea's gut, causing blood to spew across the damaged vehicle.

"NO!!!" Lucas screams. Cat slams the knife into the mutt's skull, and the others all retreat at once. 

Lucas clamps his hands down on Pinea's wound as she looses blood and slips into unconsciousness. 

The wolf mutt let out a howl of pain before quickly being silenced by Wither's knife. The other three mutts growl at the tribute, snarling and snapping at his feet. Wither lets out a laugh and throws his knife into one of the mutt's sides, causing the other two to pounce straight at him. Wither runs to the right, avoiding the deadly jaws and grabs the metallic water bottle he used to kill a tribute during the bloodbath. One of the mutts leaps at him again and Wither slams the bottle into its face. The mutt recoils in pain as blood flies from the fresh wound. Wither brings the bottle down again into the mutt's head, this time causing a sickening crack to echo throughout the otherwise silent arena. The mutt goes limp and Wither looks up to face the final mutt. 

It lets out a whimper before turning and running away in fear.

Wither releases a cackle and plops down on the ground, drenched in sweat. The boy from 6 might just be the biggest threat in these games.

Dawn falls back onto the ground and begins crawling away on all fours, instantly terrified by the creature looming before her. A scarecrow stands before her, it's patchwork clothing has several crimson splatters, it's head covered in a old, musty sack, that seems to be tearing apart. From what Dawn can make out, under the sack is a decaying head, coated with dried blood and maggots.

But Dawn doesn't scream until she sees the butcher's knife clutched in its hand. 

Ograssu stomps his foot in defeat as he realizes Dawn is no where to be found, but then he heard her let out a bloodcurdling scream. Without even pondering what might be terrifying the tribute, Ograssu sprints in the direction of the noise until he trips over Dawn and face-plants into the hulking scarecrow. 

Ograssu jumps up in fear and slams his axe into the Demond's head. Ograssu pulls the axe back and sees the bloody, meaty hole in the scarecrow's face, but it still lurches forward, raising the butcher's knife. 

Dawn gets back onto her feet, and runs away screaming her head off as Ograssu remains rooted to the spot in fear.

The scarecrow brings the blade down, and a cannon echoes.

Herba gives a silent cheer when the cannon goes off, believing Ograssu caught Dawn and killed her. She sits down and waits patiently for her ally to return, eager to celebrate on getting one step closer to home.

Tears run down Dawn's face as she crashes through the corn stalks, brushing them aside as they drag and whip against her skin, ripping shallow cuts across her body. She looks around, realizing several of the seemingly until label creatures converging on her location.

Dawn begins to run faster, and is suddenly clothes-lined by one of the scarecrows. Dawn topples to the ground and rolls to the side in order to dodge the scythe being swung down towards her.  She scrambles back up to her feet and narrowly dodges the scarecrow as it reaches out to grab her. 

She starts to run again, only to see another scarecrow blocking her path. Out of options, Dawn lets out a cry for help.

"NO PLEASE!!! HELP ME!!!" She falls back onto the ground as the two scarecrows inch closer and closer to her, each armed with a deadly, rusty scythe. 

Suddenly one of them is knocked to the ground and set on fire. Venus jumps up, lighting another match and throwing it at the second scarecrow. The musty straw quickly lights up and the scarecrow is burnt to a crisp.

"Follow me!" Venus shouts as she turns around and runs. Dawn follows her and soon, the pair are out of the cornfields.

"Allies?" Venus asks. Dawn can do nothing but nod her head and accept the bottle of water Venus hands to her.

Only one face shines in the sky tonight, Ograssu from 7, who meet his demise from the scarecrow mutts that lurk throughout the corn fields. Only Herba is effected by this, and begins to cry, realizing she is all alone in the arena.

There was lots of action, thoroughly keeping the Captiol audience entertained. But the excitement won't end yet, because one tribute has a plan, a plan to kill the Careers.

Part III: Start your Engines

Cat Ifes: Highway

As soon as the sun emerges over the horizon I hoist the still unconscious Pinea into my arms and head out onto the road with Lucas close by. We head down the road to the West, looking for some sort of miracle to save Pinea, who's wound is oozing blood even after several hours. We weave through the rusting cars and across the sweltering concrete when I crash face first into Draco Light.

His District partner, Isis, instantly releases his hand and loads an arrow in place, aiming straight for my skull, "Don't come any closer," she orders.

"Wait! Pinea is dying, please, you have to help us!" Lucas pleads, the pain evident by the crack in his voice and the tears forming in his eyes," I love her," he adds after a tense moment of silence.

"Just put the bow down. We have to help them," Draco says. Isis doesn't look as sure as he does, but she drops the bow and rips a medical kit from her bag.

"I'll see what I can do," she says.

Cleo Royalty: Northern Fields

Things have been so boring since I killed that pathetic excuse for a fighter from 3. How did she get 9?! If I were a gamemaker, she would’ve gotten a 4, and even that’s a bit of a stretch. But anyways, I’ve just been so boring ever since then. Not a single tribute has wandered my way, and that may be a good thing for them, but what about me?! I need to hurt something, anything! But I know I’ll find someone eventually, and when I do, blood will be shed. And it certainly won’t be mine.

Cooper McEllem: Farmhouse

Those oafs from 1 and 2 are still camped outside the farmhouse, and that will be their demise. After Elle and Alice chased me, I hid under the back-porch until they left and now I have the perfect plan to kill them. Yesterday I found the keys to the car back in the garage, and with it, I’ll grind them all to a pulp. With the garage door already open, all I have to do is unlock the car door, and slide into the driver’s set and stick the key in the ignition. Soon they all regret killing Avery, because now I, Cooper McEllem, will kill them all.

Isis Glow: Highway

“That’s the best I can do...” I inform Lucas after I finish stitching up Pinea’s wound with the tools from my medical kit,” We will just have to wait and see what happens.” Lucas, pale as a ghost, nods and holds onto Pinea’s hand. I tap Draco on the shoulder and lead him around the overturned 18-wheeler we’re camped by.

“Are you sure it’s the best idea to ally with them. Cat looks a little shady. And you with your persona--” I begin, only to have Draco shush me.

“Look, nothing has happened yet, Lucas and Cat seem nice. The more the merrier. Just relax,” Draco assures. He gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and goes back over to talk with Cat when I hear Lucas’ voice.

“She’s awake!”

Pinea Nummit: Highway

My eyes flutter open, and the first thing I see is Lucas’ smiling face.

“You’re awake,” He says in relief. And that’s when I spit up blood. Lucas yells for the girl from 4, Isis, and I look up in confusion.

“She’s going to make you better,” he chokes,” I promise. I nod and see Isis look at me worriedly with those purple eyes of her. She mutters something to herself and frowns.

“This isn’t good... I don’t... I don’t think you’re going to make it,” She says after brief moment. I nod in assent and Lucas starts to cry. “Lucas, look me. You are going to win. I know you can, win for me. Promise me you’ll try to win.”

“I promise,” Lucas says, chocking back his tears. I lean forward, kiss him on the lips, fall back and shut my eyes for the last time.


Alice Brown: Outside the Farmhouse

My eyes snap open as soon as I hear the roar of the engine. I jump up off of my sleeping bag and see a pick-up truck of some sort barreling towards our camp. I shout for the others to run. Elle grabs my hand and we sprint for the farmhouse. I glance back, and see Mason and Titan running straight for a huge oak tree, intending to climb up it. Thankfully, the truck heads for the boys, and not me. Elle and I reach the porch and I grab my blow gun and she grabs her bow.

“Let’s just hope his windows are down,” I say.

Mason reaches the oak tree and begins climbing up it, but Titan, who was never a fast runner, is going rather slow due to his neck injury. Within moments, the truck slams into his body with a sickening crack. The cannon goes off and Elle collapses to the wooden floor in tears. The truck wheels around the tree and heads towards us. Without a word, I run inside and sprint up the stairs and out onto the balcony, waiting for the perfect moment.

Elle Sirus: Outside the Farmhouse

He’s dead. He’s really dead. I don’t care that the truck that killed my brother is barreling towards me, ready to end my life. I don’t care that Alice abandoned me to death. All that matters is that my brother, the only person I truly care about, is dead. But it seems as if I’m given one more chance at life. A blur of blonde hair, falls from above and lands on the windshield of the car, causing whoever is behind the wheel to panic and swerve away from me. I take the chance and sprint off the porch and across the green field to my brother’s corpse. I reach his cold, lifeless body laying on the ground in a pool of blood and sit beside it sobbing. Faintly hearing the sound of screeching tires and shattering glass behind me (No doubt Alice attacking the driver), I remember all the fond times my brother and I had.

“I love you,” I whisper, slowly pushing his eyelids shut. I spot Mason out of the corner of my eye.

“What are you doing here crying. Alice got him!” Mason says in glee.

That’s when something inside me snaps. Whoever the driver was is responsible for my beloved brother’s death. And he must pay. I get up and angrily storm over to Alice and Mason, who have the boy from 9 tied up.

“Tie him to the tree over there!” I bark, snatching Mason’s machete, “I’m going to teach him a lesson.” Mason and Alice comply with a look of sadism and curiosity gleaming in their eyes. I struggle, but manage to raise the machete up above his chest.

I swing it down, striking him in the chest, he screams in pain but doesn’t die. I’m not strong enough to kill him in one blow, but that was the idea.

After several strikes, I finally do the deed and his cannon booms and the screams stop.

“That was impressive,” Mason says.

“Shut up,” I say, slapping him across the face. I drop the machete and run off towards the woods, crying.

Lucas Sunsong: Highway

I stare at Pinea’s cold body for hours. The girl I love is dead. I can almost hear her angelic voice ringing in my ears, I can almost feel her warm hand locked in mine. Cat kneels beside me,” We have to go Lucas. Remember your promise.” I sigh and nod. I know I have to win. I have to win for Pinea, the girl I loved, and lost. I have to win, and let all of Panem know the evil the Capitol has done. I get up and follow Isis, Cato and Draco, silently crying. I will win Pinea, I will win for you. Trudging down the road, Pinea’s voice echoes through my ears.

“Promise me you’ll try to win.”

Dawn Santori: Highway

Venus and I haven’t run into any other tributes to day, which is a good thing in my opinion. Venus seems bored, but sort of relieved that the Capitol hasn’t sent fireballs to kill her after the way she acted during her interviews. The girl I once thought of as brazen and rude is actually rather sweet. We’ve gotten to know each other over the last couple of hours and I know, I understand why she hates the Capitol so much. And I promise if she dies and I win, I will make the Capitol pay. We get into a old sports car as the anthem plays and Venus looks out the window to see who died. The Career from 1, the boy from 9 and the little girl from 13.

The Career death is a bit of a victory, while the boy from 9’s death is no shocker. But the girl from 13. I spoke to her during training, she was so sweet and caring and full of joy. The Capitol killed that amazing personality. I silently cry into the backpack, hoping the Capitol doesn’t catch it.

How many more innocents must die before the Capitol is destroyed?

Part IV: Holes

Wither Skel: Woods

Slowly and Carefully, I skin the dead wolf. Sliding my knife, I cleanly slice the fur coat off of the corpse. The nights have gotten significantly colder, and this is just what I need to keep warm. I haven't really fought any other tributes since the bloodbath, but that doesn't matter right now. It's only a matter of time before they announce the feast, and that's when I'll take out the remaining threats and win these games. They might think they can win. But they are dead wrong.

Mason Brown: Outside the Farmhouse

With the Careers down to two, it’s time we did some real tribute hunting. Alice and I pack our bags eagerly, ready to spill some blood. “Where should we go first?” Alice asks.

“I’d say we start by the cornfields and go South to the highway, follow it and then head into the forest,” I respond. We grab our back packs and weapons and head towards the cornfields, hoping to find tributes to kill.

Cat Ifes: Highway

It’s about midday when we run into Lucas’ district partner, Venus, and the little girl from 10, run into us. At first Venus looks like she hell bent on killing us all with that little knife of hers. But eventually I manage to talk some sense into her and they join our rapidly growing alliance.

“Guys, we need to come up with a plan. We can’t just wander along this highway forever,” Isis says. So far, she’s been the most critical of our alliance. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on in her head, but it has something to do with Draco. I just don’t know what.

“How about we head for the forest, we could get berries from there,” Dawn pipes up. Everyone agrees that is a good plan and we make our way down the highway towards the woods. I cross over to Lucas, who has been rather depressed ever since Pinea died, and I place my hand on his shoulder.

“Hey kid, cheer up. Pretty soon we’ll be off of this God-forsaken highway and into the woods. Maybe we’ll find some strawberries or something,” I say in a pathetic attempt to cheer him up. Lucas gives me a small nod and a weak smile. I feel bad for Lucas, I’ve lost loved ones too, and the pain doesn’t go away. At least, not at first. Only time will tell if Lucas gets better, or worse.

Cleo Royalty: Northern Plains

After days of boredom, something exciting has finally happened. In the horizon I can see something, and I just know it’s going to be good. I break into a sprint and before long, the blob on the horizon transforms into a pile of food, water, weapons and other survival gear. I give a shout of excitement and run even faster to the supplies.

Suddenly, the feeling of ground disappears from under my feet and I plummet down and hit a cold, metal surface. Hard.

“Crap!” I yell, wiping the blood out from under my nose. After checking for any broken bones (I seem to be fine besides maybe a sprained wrist), I look around. I’ve fallen into a metal hole in the ground, some sort of trap. You have got to be kidding me! Now I’m stuck in here for who knows how long?! Oh well, maybe another tribute will find me and I can trick them into letting me out. And then I can cut them right in half.

Herba Hemway: Woods

The blanket of darkness creeps over the sky as I climb up into a large oak tree. I nibble on an ear of corn and sip a little water, careful so I don't use up all of my supplies. Honestly, I haven't been motivated to do much at all since Ograssu died. Everything has been quiet, and I've felt so lonely. He always knew how to cheer me up, and was my only friend during these horrible games, and now, he's dead. The anthem plays throughout the otherwise quiet arena. No deaths today. The Capitol will be getting bored. And that can only spell trouble for me and the other tributes. I lay back and close my eyes, hoping the gamemakers don't decide to create Capitol interest by doing something to me.

Alice Brown: Highway

My brother and I eat a brief breakfast before heading down the highway towards the woods. We haven’t spotted any tributes yet, but we’re getting close. I can feel it. We weave through the cars, passing up broken glass, shards of metal and eventually, a dried blood stain. Mason bends down and rubs thumb through it.

“This was recent, maybe a day old at the most.”

“That means a tribute shouldn’t be too far away, right?” I ask eagerly, my eyes lighting up with a lust to kill.

“We traveled through most of the night, I’d say if we run, we might be able to catch them unless they’ve left the highway already,” he responds.

“Then lets go!” I declare and sprint down the highway, Mason running close behind. I grip my spear in anticipation. It won’t be long before it claims yet another life.

Henry Byte: Northern Plains

I consider myself lucky in these games so far, I haven’t really run into any tributes and I haven’t run low on food or water. Everything has been going perfectly so far. The only problem currently is my lack of weapons. Sure I have a knife, but what good is that going to be when I run into the Careers? That’s why I’m heading North, there has to be something besides this field, right? I don’t know what I’m going to find, but when I find it, I’m going to use it to my advantage.

Elle Sirus: Woods

After running all day, I collapse on the ground, sobbing. I may have killed that rat from 9, but that doesn’t change anything. Titan is dead. My beloved brother is dead. And there’s no changing it. Everything is dark now, without Titan to shine I ray of light onto it. But there is one place I can see him again, in my dreams. There’s a reason I’ve been exerting myself so much, to wear myself out so I can sleep. And dream about my brother. He always hugs me as a greeting, where-ever we happen to be. A field of flowers, a crowded cafe, or a small room with a warm fireplace. We talk, play and do everything I ever loved doing with him. But then, reality strikes. I’m hauled out of my beautiful asylum and into the real world. And then, the cycle repeats. Get up, run, collapse, sleep. Get up, run, collapse, sleep. This is the world I will live in until I die.

Cat Ifes: Highway

Things have been slow going. We have really bonded as an alliance, and lately we’ve been taking many breaks to sit down, talk and eat. I’m a little worried that other tributes will hear us, but then again, we are a capable group of 6. The only tributes that would be dumb enough to attack us are the Careers. Venus says she last heard them at the farmhouse past the cornucopia, so we should be good.

“Hey guys, look!” Dawn shouts, pointing to the sky excitedly. I look up to see a silver parachute fall from the sky and slowly drift down to Isis’ feet, She rips open the cover eagerly and reveals a Capitol feast. Bread rolls, pork chops, chocolate covered fruit, water bottles and even forks and knives.

“Anyone hungry?!” Draco jokes. We all plop down on the ground while Isis divides the food up equally, saving only the bread for later. We all dig in, gorging ourselves on the divine food. It seems to lift everyone’s spirits even higher, even Lucas. The poor guy has finally began chatting with the others, and Dawn and him seem to be forming a friendship. I set my fork down after eating the last bit of meat and lean back, wanting to get some rest while everyone finishes their meal. Then, someone says something that changes everything.

“Are we invited to the party?”

I turn around in the direction if the voice, and see Mason and Alice Brown with bloodthirsty smiles on their faces.

Lucas Sunsong: Highway

“Lucas, Dawn, RUN!!!” Draco orders, drawing his long-sword from its sheth. I grab Dawn’s hand and start to run, ignoring the sounds of flying knives and metal hitting metal, tugging Dawn behind me.

“I ca--- I can’t--- I can’t keep this up,” Dawn puffs, her breaths becoming short and uneven. She falls over and we stop, merely twenty yards away from the raging battle behind us. All one of the Careers have to do is decide to throw a spear at us and we’re dead. I imagine a knife impaling Dawn in the gut, and clench my fists. I’ve lost one friend, I won’t loose Dawn too.

“Come on, let’s see if I can carry you on my back,” I say. She heaves herself onto my back and I support her by grabbing her legs with my hands. Slowly, I start going forward. I’m weak, but Dawn is light, I might be able to take her to the cover of the woods before collapsing. Maybe. I keep going, ignoring the ache of my muscles. And I won’t stop until Dawn is safe.

Venus Olympus: Highway

I swing my knife at the bimbo from 2’s face. She ducks and jabs her spear towards my stomach. I jump back, avoiding the deadly tip and scowl. Mason is dueling Cat and Draco, and seems to be giving them a run for their money, Dawn and Lucas are nearing the woods and Isis is loading a arrow into her bow. Alice swings her spear to the side, hitting me on the side of my head with its shaft. I stagger to the side, clutching my bleeding skull. Alice grabs knife out of her belt and throws it at me. I dodge and it smashes through a car window, sending glass showering everywhere. I charge Alice, my feet crushing over the tiny glass shards, and ram my head into her gut. She falls back and screams in pain. She doesn’t give me much time though and swings her spear in a wide arch, keeping me at bay while she gets back onto her feet. I hear Isis scream in pain and look to the side. Mason is running away as Draco runs to Isis, blood dripping out of her side.

I look back and see Alice’s fist slam into my face. That dirty cheater! I thought we had a respite from the battle to see what happened to the others. But that was my mistake. Alice grabs her spear and plunges her tip into my throat. As she runs away Cat arrives at my side, telling me it’s going to be okay, pressing his hands against my injury.

And then it all goes black.


Part V: Detonation

Draco Light: Woods

My mind hardly registers the sound of the anthem playing loudly in the background as I carry a bleeding Isis through the dark forest. After Mason and Alice ran away (unharmed I might add), I sprinted to Isis' side and tried to wrap her wound up as best as I could. We found Lucas and Dawn over in the woods and decided to get as far away from the Careers as possible after today's disaster. Not only have a I lost a friend, I might loose the love of my life.

"Everything is going to be O.K.," I whisper, more to myself then to Isis. I giver her a gentle kiss and she gives me a weak smile. But it's a smile none the less. Maybe everything will be O.K. Maybe.

Herba Hemway: Woods

One death today. One death. Let's combine the number 0, and the number 1. What does that equal? A one. One death in two days. Whatever hope I had that the Capitol wouldn't unleash a deathtrap on us has all but vanished. Something bad is going to happen today. Something horrible is going to happen today. The only question is: What is going to happen?

Henry Byte: Northern Plains

I stop in my tracks right in front of the metal hole in the ground inches before me. I was running straight towards the piles of supplies when I spotted the silver pitfall. And it seems as if the girl from 9 has fallen in.

"Hey kid! Could you help me out of here?!" She yells up to me with a bit of a forced smile on her face, "My name's Cleo. You're the boy from 3 right?!"

I simply nod, I already know she wants me to help her out. And I already know my answer: No.

"Could you help me out of here? I'd be a strong ally. Real useful if you ran into those nasty Careers by any chance."

What she just said stumped me. Cleo would be useful, as a fighter (or a human shield), if I meet any tough tributes. I run around the pitfall and grab a rope from the pile of supplies. I head back to the pitfall and throw one end down to her while I hold onto the other. She grabs the other end and begins walking up the metal side while gripping the rope. I don't know how she manages to pull herself out, but she does.

"So what's the plan partner?" I ask with a smile on my face.

That smile is changed into a look of horror when she drives a knife into my gut.

Cleo Royalty: Northern Plains

The idiot from 3 let's out a scream as I plunge the knife into his lower abdomen, twisting the metal blade throughout his insides. In his pain, he manages to push me back and run back towards the cornucopia, screaming like the little girl he is. I let out a cackle and run after him, eager to hear his cannon boom.

But the first boom I hear is his own as he's blasted to bits by a bomb that fell from above.

And the second boom I hear is mine when I receive a bomb of my own.

Boom! Boom!

Mason Brown: Farmhouse

I don’t know what caused the two explosions. But they caused two cannons, and that can’t be good. Alice looks at me, her eyes wide. And we grab our stuff, ready to run at a moment’s notice.

“Attention all tributes inside the main building. Please vacate the premises before we demolish the building with explosives. Thank you. You have thirty seconds.”

Alice doesn’t even bother taking the stairs. She runs out balcony door and leaps from it, landing on the green yard. I take the more conventional method; down the hall, down the stairs, through the foyer and out the front door. Alice is limping about ten feet ahead of me, due to some leg injury she received when she jumped from the balcony. I glance behind me to see the building implode from the inside out. The blast sends me flying a few feet and into the ground. Pieces of glass, wood and metal fly around me, burning from the explosives. I stagger back to my feet, ignoring the ringing in my ears, and help up Alice to her feet. Her left ankle might be sprained, but other then that we are both fine.

The first announcement horrified me. But the second announcement delights me.

Dawn Santori: Woods

“Attention all tributes inside the forest. Please vacate the area before we perform maintenance on the area with explosives. Thank you. You have thirty seconds.”

“RUN!!!” Cat yells, grabbing my hand with his left hand and Lucas’ with his right. We run as fast as we can, Draco a few feet ahead of us (With Isis still cradled in his arms), but I know thirty seconds is not enough time to escape the forest.

And it seems as if I am right, because the world starts lighting up around me.

Lucas Sunsong: Woods

A bomb detonates about twenty feet to my right, sending Cat, Dawn and I flying. I scramble back to my feet, and see several more explosions going off around us. Draco wasn’t affected by the blast, and is still running off in the distance. His allies momentarily forgotten as he cares for his girlfriend. I grab Dawn and help her back onto her feet and we run with Cat trailing behind us. Another explosive goes off behind us, sending Dawn and I down onto the ground.

And this time, I won’t be getting back up so easy.

Draco Light: Edge of the Woods

I burst out onto a field and free from the woods. Discharges still ring from behind me, dotting the woods. I gently lay Isis on the ground.

“Are you hurt?” I ask.

“No. Fine besides the wound I got yesterday...” She says, “What about the others?”

“Crap!!!” I shout, “I’ll be back!”

I turn and sprint back into the woods.

“LUCAS!!! CAT!!! DAWN!!!” I yell in desperation, weaving through the churned earth, burning shrubbery and toppling trees.

“HELP US!” I hear someone, Dawn perhaps, scream back. I head in the direction of the voice and find my three allies and friends. Cat seems as if he’s drunk, stumbling around in no particular direction. Dawn is crouched beside Lucas, who is crying due to the branch stuck in his back. I run over to Cat first.

“What’s wrong?” I shout above the eruptions all around us.

“I can hardly see anything. It’s.. It’s all white,” I cries out. I grab him by his shoulders and bring him over to Dawn.

“Dawn, listen to me! I know you don’t want to leave Lucas’ side but you have to. Grab Cat’s hand and lead him out of here. I’ll get Lucas!” I order her. Dawn nods, tears streaming down her cheeks. Partially from the terror occurring around her, and partially due to her friend’s condition. The frail girl grabs Cat’s hand and they start to head out of the burning woods, albeit slowly. I grab Lucas and heave him over my shoulder like a net of shrimp back in 4, and start to run.

Part VI: All That Remains

Wither Skel: Outside the Forest

The explosions have finally died down, leaving only blackened trees and charred earth. I made it out of the forest a with only a few minor cuts and burns from the burning foliage. I’m not sure how many cannons went off due to the explosions, but a hope it wasn’t too many. I want to kill everyone left in this arena. The best curse of action I suppose would be to head over to the cornucopia, perhaps take out a few tributes along the way. Grabbing my few belongings, I get up and head down towards the golden horn, ready to kill whoever happens to cross my path.

Herba Hemway: Outside the Forest

I whimper in pain as I drizzle some water on my massive burn across my right bicep. Back in the forest an explosion caused a burning tree to topple and a branch hit my arm, severely burning it. I have no medicine, no idea how to treat the burn and no sponsors, so I might as well be finished. All I can do is head down to the highway and hope some supplies have been left down there. With the arm that I wield my axe with burnt, I’m pretty much defenseless. And if another tribute happens to find me, I’m pretty much dead.

Isis Glow: Outside the Forest

My heart almost stops when Draco stumbles out of the forest with Lucas slung over his shoulder like some sort of rag doll. He manages to get over to me before collapsing and dropping Lucas to his side.

"He got a tree branch stuck in his back... Can you help him?" he gasps through rapid puffs of breath. I nod and rip open my medical kit and instantly fly into what Draco likes to call my 'doctor mode'. Medical facts and types of procedures and memories of watching my mom perform operations flow through my mind as I begin accessing Lucas' wound. First I pop some pain killers into his mouth.

"I'm going to need you to hold him perfectly still. If he moves even a little it might kill him," I order Draco. He grips Lucas' arms and holds them to the ground. I delicately wrap my hands around the tree branch and he starts to whimper. With a sickening rip I slowly pull the wooden shard from his back, bringing blood and flesh along with it. Lucas starts screaming but Draco holds him firmly to ground. Finally the branch is free and I toss it aside before taking a closer look at the two inch deep hole in his upper back.

“Missed his spine by a millimeter or two... Doesn’t look like it severed any major arteries or veins...” I mutter to myself. I grab the needle and thread and stitch the wound shut. Lucas’ gasps of pain die down and he slips into unconsciousness.

“Is he gonna be alright?” Draco asks.

“He should be fine. Really lucky if you ask me... Where are Dawn and Cat?” I ask, suddenly fearing the worst.

“I sent them towards you, I swear I saw them exit the forest and reach you guys,” Draco responds in shock. “I better go looking for them.”

He grabs his weapons and chugs some water from our rapidly depleting source of bottles. I lean towards him and kiss him on the lips.

“Don’t be long,” I say. He nods and heads back into the forest of ash and debris.

Draco Light: Forest

I trudge through the blanket of soot littering the once abundant, lush landscape. The beautiful, bright woods have turned into some sort of grey hell because of a few explosives. Really shows you the true power the gamemakers have. Makes me shudder at the thought of them watching me, possibly planning some sort of horror to release. After lots of walking I finally find them, stumbling around, completely lost.

“Oh thank God!” Dawn cries out as she wraps her arms around me. “I thought we were never gonna find you guys!”

I hug her for a moment before addressing Cat.

“Can you see now?”

“A little bit, it’s really blurry though...”

“At least we know you’re not going blind.” I grab his arm and we three start heading back towards Isis and Lucas.

“Lucas is fine by the way. Sleeping like a baby,” I say to Dawn. She smiles back, relieved that her friend isn’t going to die. It amazes me a little, despite all the gamemakers have done today, this little girl can still smile... Most people would have shut down by now, but she still keeps her positive attitude. Maybe she is really the strongest person in the arena. Not Wither or Alice or Mason... But Dawn.

The girl who can still smile.

Alice Brown: Cornucopia

I sit in the grass, feeling the steady breeze flow by as I rest for a few minutes. Mason and I spent quite a while trekking, albeit slowly because I now walk with a slight limp. Mason has been wasting his time searching through the charred remains of the cornucopia loot the he blew up. Now the only things we have are the clothes on my back, his battle axe and my spear. And I’m hungry.

“Attention tributes of the 23rd annual Hunger Games. Tomorrow at noon there will be a feast at the Cornucopia. We sincerely hope you all decide to attend,” the announcer, who I’ve grown to hate, says over the speakers.

Tomorrow both my aliments will be cured. My hunger for food, and my thirst for blood.

Part VII: The Monster Inside

Isis Glow: Heading towards the Cornucopia

I walk alongside Draco, my hand intertwined in his, as our group heads for the cornucopia. We need food, water and medical supplies if we are going to have a chance to make it to the end. Otherwise I wouldn't be going anywhere near this deathtrap.

“Do we all know the plan?” Draco asks.

“Yes. I’ll be going for the food and water, “Cat says, his vision now perfectly restored.”

“Lucas and I will wait about 5 minutes away from the cornucopia for you guys to come back, “Dawn continues as she grips her knife in apprehension.

“And I will over you while you grab the medical supplies, “I finish. Draco nods his head and gives my hand a reassuring squeeze. I wish I could tell Draco everything will be alright, but I can’t. Because it might not. Once we can see the golden horn on the horizon, we deposit Dawn and Lucas and continue towards the cornucopia. We arrive just in time. Because the feast is about to begin.

Mason Brown: The Silver Plates

All the tributes, except the little ones, all stand by different parts of the platforms we started on, no one daring to attack until the feast begins. Just as the sun goes directly above the cornucopia, the ground splits open and a sleek, black table shoots up out of the ground. 10 identical orange backpacks rest in a circle above it, save one difference, each has a District and gender printed on it, like 2F and 6M. Alice and I sprint towards the table, her heading towards our backpacks, while I ran straight to the wimp from 7. She spots me and hurls her axe towards me, which I gracefully dodge, and retaliate by throwing my own towards her. She attempts to sidestep my throw, but it cleanly cuts her right side open, causing red blood to spew out. Herba screeches and pain and falls to one knee and I grab my knife and throw it into her skull.


Lucas Sunsong: The Plains

Dawn starts to whimper when the first cannon goes off and I grab her hand to comfort her. “We should’ve gone...” she mutters. “Think of it this way, you’re protecting me... You’re giving them something to come back to,” I say, trying to reassure her. She embraces me as tears trail down her cheeks and I pat her on the back. While I doubt the cannon was for one of them, there is that slight chance that none of them will come back. But all I can do is hope... Hope that they do come back, unharmed and with lots of supplies.

Draco Light: Feast

I sprint towards the backpacks with 4M and 4F inscribed on them with Isis following close behind. My hands latch onto the orange backpacks and I sling them over my shoulder. AS I turn back around I spot what looks like something out of a horror movie. Wither, from 6, has the girl from 1 in some sort of headlock and her face is starting to turn a deadly shade of purple. I look back at Isis and she nods. I dash over to them and quickly decapitate Wither with my sword, sending Elle out of his grasp and onto the ground. I look at the head as it rolls over, blood dripping out of it.... And that’s when...

That’s when the other me takes over.

Isis Glow: Feast

I think it’s going to happen a split second before it does. Draco lets out a animal-like cackle and plunges his sword towards Elle’s gut, she rolls out of the way and it hits the ground instead of her flesh.

“Draco! STOP!!!” I scream as he pulls the sword from the earth as Elle tries to get back up to her feet. He ignores me and swings his sword at her again, she leaps forward as it slices a clean, 1-inch deep cut across her upper back. “Draco no!!! Come back!!!” I plead. Elle falls down and Draco raises his sword above her to deliver what will surely be her deathblow. I latch onto his arm, trying to pull him back.

“Don’t do this!!!”

He snarls back and knocks me aside.

And I fall back. Right onto something sharp.

Draco Light: Feast

Alice pulls her knife out of Isis’ chest and looks at me in horror. She turns and runs away, but she doesn’t need to worry. The other me has gone away, and all I’m thinking about is saving Isis. I run to her body on the ground and cradle her in my arms as blood pours from the wound in her chest.

“I love you,” I say as I start to sob. “I’m so sorry. I-- I didn’t mean to!”

She opens her mouth to respond, but blood only comes out. Her eyes roll back and she goes limp.

I start crying even harder as the cannon that belongs to her echoes through the air.

Cat Ifes: Feast

I run towards Draco as the girl from 1 grabs her backpack and retreats into the plains. The Brown siblings have been scared off by Draco’s brutality, but I know they’ll be back soon. I grab the 8M backpack from the table, along with Herba and Wither’s before kneeling beside Draco.

“It’s all my fault... I pushed her right into the knife...” he cries.

“I know you’re emotional, but you have to mourn her later. It’s not safe here. She would want you to keep moving, “ I say. He nods and gently rests her head down on the ground.

We turn and run back towards Dawn and Lucas, silent tears streaming down Draco’s cheeks.

Part VIII: Darkness

Elle Sirus: Highway

I slowly trudge through the empty, sullen highway. Grey ash rests on the once brightly colored cars and patches of grass sticking up through the cracked concrete. Abandoned pieces of luggage and shards of glass litter the ground. A child's stuffed toy lay forgotten in the street. I carefully make my way around, continuing down road. Not sure why I'm even trying anymore. Ever since Titan died, I feel so alone. The original shock has reduced to a dull, aching feeling inside, and I haven’t cried since before the feast. Finally I sit down, leaning up against a old mini-van, sipping water and remembering the times my brother and I shared.

Mason Brown: Edge of the Forest

Yesterday Alice and I spotted Draco and his friend heading into what’s left of the forest. So of course we gathered what we could carry from the feast and headed after them. It’s down to the final 7. Which means it isn’t long before I have to kill my little sister. But that’s O.K., I’ll make sure she won’t feel a thing. And I’m sure she’ll be happy to see me going home a victor. But that won’t happen until after we take care of Draco and his pathetic little band of misfits. But once it does, Panem will say goodbye to my dear sister Alice.

Dawn Santori: Forest

I lean up against Lucas as we watch the ash, raining down like snow, hit the already pale grey ground. He pulls the tarp over our heads and we scoot closer together to combat the cold. Draco sits in the middle of the clearing, staring blankly into the foliage ahead. Cat is sharpening his knife against a stick, and all is silent. Ever since we lost Isis, I feel as if we’ve lost the heart and soul of the group. Watching Draco and Isis so in love gave me hope. If they could still fall for each other in the middle of this killing frenzy... Maybe I really did have a chance of winning. But now, my hope is all but gone, and the only thing keeping me from crying is Lucas, the boy who’s saved me. The boy who kept me happy. The boy... The boy I’m starting to love...

Lucas Sungsong: Forest

“I’m gonna make a small fire,” I whisper to Dawn as I slide out from our tarp blanket and grab a box of matches from my backpack. The temperature has dropped a lot since yesterday and I’m starting to worry Draco is going to freeze to death just sitting there. I snap some blackened branches from the nearest tree and pile them up by Draco. I light the fire with the matches and gesture for Dawn to come closer. She scoots over next to me and I blush a little.

“Could you get the pot from my bag?” I ask, trying to relieve some tension. She nods and retrieves the silver pot. I fill the pot with some of our water and mash up some tea leaves I found early on in the games. I put the mashed up leaves in the water and hold it above the fire (With a glove on of course). After a while I carefully poor the hot tea into the bottles and hand one to Dawn.

“It’s probably going to taste awful, but at least it’ll keep us warm,” I tell her. She laughs a little and takes a sip. “It tastes O.K., and I certainly am warmer now,” she says, a smile slowly creeping on her face. I place a bottle over by Draco and he grudgingly takes it and drinks a little. Cat gets his bottle and finally I curl back up under the tarp with Dawn. We sit there in silence, sipping our bitter tea-water.

And that’s when the siblings from hell arrive.

The first knife misses Draco by an inch and slams into the tree past him. I jump up, dropping my tea and shielding Dawn’s body with my own. The second knife skids across my left arm, causing me to gasp in pain.

Cat grabs his knife and charges Mason, swinging it around like crazy, the two begin to duel as Alice approaches Dawn and I in a eerie, causal manner.

“Ready to die?” She asks. I grab my knife and look her right in the eye.

“I might ask you the same thing,” I snarl back. She seems shocked at first but smiles back and charges me, thrusting her silver spear towards me. I grab Dawn and we run out of the spear’s path and I turn and fling my knife back at her. She swipes it aside with her other spear and simply laughs.

“Hand me your knife. I don’t have another one,” I tell Dawn, she hands it to me obediently and I charge Alice. As I run, I spot Cat and Mason caught in bitter combat, while Draco still sits on the ground, not even reacting to what’s happening around him. I swing my knife at Alice, but she pries the block with the shaft of her spear. She swings it and easily knocks the knife from my grip.

“Too easy,” she giggles as she stabs me in the shoulder with her spear. I howl in pain and her hands wrap around my throat. I try punching her but she hardly reacts, only laughing even harder. My vision starts turning red and I can barely make out Dawn’s screams.


And suddenly, a cannon booms.

Draco Light: Forest

The whole arena seems to fall silent as Mason Brown drops to the ground, dead. Cat pulls his knife from Mason’s chest as everyone watches. And the silence ends when Alice ;lets out a shriek of rage. Her hands come off of Lucas’ neck and grab the spear from his shoulder. She charges Cat and before he can even react, her spear goes right through his eye. Another cannon goes off. And the sight of Cat Ifes’ corpse falling to the ground causes me to move. I heave Lucas off of the ground, grab Dawn’s hand and sprint off, deeper into the woods.

“Don’t look back,” I tell the, ignoring the ache in my legs as they protest my rapid movement after nearly 24 hours of staying in the same position. I ignore my own advice and risk a glance back. Alice is not following. I let out a breath of relief and continue running.

Alice Brown: Forest

I slam my spear again and again and again into Cat’s bloody corpse. Hysterical sobs pour from my eyes as I puncture his body over and over and over. Finally my legs give out and I fall onto my side, my cries of anguish extinguishing. I grab onto Mason’s cold, dead hand and whimper. His girlfriend is heartbroken, his child will forget his face. And his sister... I... Am all alone. I think I will just lay here, cold and alone, until I die.

But then a glorious thought gets me back on my feet. It’s not just Cat that killed my brother. It’s all the other evil tributes that lurk this arena. And I cannot rest until they are all dead. I grab the various weapons and supplies littered around this bloody, ash filled clearing and head back towards the cornucopia, bent on getting my revenge.

Part IX: Battle Cry

Dawn Santori: Forest

Lucas and I huddle tightly together under our tarp as we trudge through the blanket of white snow covering the ground. Draco walks silently ahead of us, his fingers locked on his sword. No one has spoken all day, and the temperatures have continued to plummet, only darkening everyone’s mood. There are only 5 of us left, which means it’s only a matter of time before we have to go our separate ways. I slowly grab Lucas’ hand and give it a gentle squeeze, dreading the moment I have to let go.

Alice Brown: Highway

The silver parachute slowly cascades through the sky. Cutting through the orange sunset illuminated behind it. It drifts down to my feet and lands on the ground as lightly as a feather. Bending down, I pick it up and untie the string binding it shut. Inside is a belt with four throwing knives and a pair of glasses. I attach the belt to my pants and examine the glasses closely. I place them on my head and suddenly the world lights up as if it were day. A evil smile creeps onto my face, this will make things even easier to hunt down and kill my remaining competitors. With my spear, knives and new ability to see in the dark, no tribute can stop me from getting my revenge.

Draco Light: Forest

“Guys... I think it’s time I leave the group. There aren’t many of us left and... I think it’s for the best,” I say, avoiding Dawn and Lucas’ gaze.

“I understand,” Lucas says half-heartedly.

“Good luck to you both,” I say and walk in the other direction Dawn and Lucas are heading. After a mile or so I plop down in the freezing snow, only thinking of Isis. How I knocked her body onto the knife that took her life. I lean up against the tree and shut my eyes before slowly drifting off to sleep.


“Draco, wake up. You’re going to miss it!” Isis says, slowly shaking me awake. I get up off the towel I was sleeping on and walk onto the bright sandy beach. I pack of dolphins cut leanly through the sparkling blue water a few feet away.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” Isis whispers, pulling herself close to me.

“It is,” I respond. “But not as beautiful as you.”

She smiles and blushes brightly, before slowly bringing her mouth to my ear.

“It’s too bad you had to kill me.” I back away in shock as blood starts spewing from her neck, gushing onto the towel, the white sand.

“You killed me. You killed me. You killed me.” She begins chanting, over and over again.

“I didn’t! It was an accident!” I plead as tears start pouring down my cheeks. Suddenly claws pert rude from her fingers and she jumps onto me and knocks me to the ground.

“I will never forgive you for what you did to me!” she howls before slashing her newly formed claws across my face.


I jump up out of the snow, drenched in sweat despite the freezing temperatures. I start to sob and fall back against the snow.

“I’m so sorry Isis... I'm so sorry...”

Elle Sirus: Southern Field

I continue walking South, leaving the concrete and broken glass behind me as I step through the snow. The cold has begun to sting my unprotected hands and nose, and I haven’t eaten in days. But for some reason, I can’t shake a feeling of joy. It makes no sense, as I almost have no chance of winning and my brother was killed only days ago. But I can’t keep a smile off my face as I walk with a extra spring in my step through the never ending snow and darkness. Suddenly the silence is broken by a shriek of rage.

I turn around to see Alice sprinting through the snow.

“YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!!!!” She howls.

Of course I had nothing to do with Mason’s death, but she obviously gone insane and there’s nothing I can do to stop her. Unarmed, I run as fast as I can away from her, heading towards some sort of frozen lake before me. I soon reach the icy surface ad run across it, knowing it can only be a inch thick at the most.

As expected, it shatters beneath me and I plummet into the freezing water. My body screams in pain against the cold that stabs into my skin. I start swimming towards the bottom when I’m jerked back from behind. I shut my eyes and conjure up one last picture of my brother, sitting in a field of bright flowers, beckoning me to join him before I feel something enter my eye and it all goes black.

Part X: Here I Stand

Lucas Sunsong: Forest

In the morning I'm awoken by the sounds of crying. I look over to see Dawn laying on her side, tears streaming down her cheeks. I scoot over to her and look at her worryingly.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Without Draco, I don't know how we could survive if Alice attacked us. Or if we were attacked by mutts. We're weak without him," she replies. I wrap my arm around her and look into her beautiful blue eyes, welling up with tears, and before I know it, we're kissing. Our lips stay locked for what seems like an eternity, and when we finally separate I just want to kiss her again.

“I know we are going to be alright, I’ll do anything to keep you safe,” I finally whisper. We pack up our belongs, and head deeper into the forest, hand in hand as we walk.

Alice Brown: Forest

After killing Elle yesterday things have never seen better, I’m only three kills away from victory, and avenging my brother. I head into the forest, carefully watching the snow for any footprints and finally, I hit the jackpot. I reach a small clearing with forgotten belongings, small wrappers, apple cores and burnt pieces of wood litter the ground. I spot a set of prints leaving the clearing, and sprint in the direction they’re headed.

Dawn Santori: Forest

Lucas and I walk through the forest, our hands intertwined, and the feeling of despair I had this morning is all but gone. With the boy I love by my side, I feel as if nothing can touch me, as if I’m safe. In the back of my mind I know it’s the final 4 and either one of us or both of us will be dead in a matter of days, but for now I want to spend every moment with him. I’m so lost in thought that I don’t hear the spear coming our way until it flies in the small gap between us.

“Get down!” Lucas shuts. I drop to the ground, narrowly avoiding a knife that Alice sent towards my skull, and slide over behind a tree.

“I will kill you for what you did to Mason!” Alice growls. I hear the sound of metal hitting metal and shouts and grunts before I hear Lucas scream in pain. I can’t help it, I run out from behind the tree, only a small knife to protect me, to see Lucas knocked to the ground with a gash on the side of his face.

“NO!!!” I scream, throwing my knife towards her, she dodges nimbly and hurls a knife of her own. I try to dodge, but the knife hits its target and enters my stomach.

Draco Light: Forest

No one would blame me if I ignored the sounds of my former allies screaming. I broke the alliance off yesterday, there’s no reason why I should run into the unknown danger that they’re facing, but for some reason, I do. I sprint between the trees until I come across the snow, colored red from the blood spilled today. Alice is retrieving her spear, while Lucas is by a dying Dawn, a deadly knife stuck in her abdomen. Instantly I sprint towards Alice and ram my knife into her back. She screams in a mixture of shock and pain and I pull the sword out. She crumples over as blood pours from her wound.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t avenge you... My dear brother...” she cries out between globs of blood spewing from her mouth. Finally, she falls over and her cannon echoes, signifying the final Career’s death. Lucas is sitting beside Dawn’s limp form, painfully reminding me of what happened to Pinea and Cat and Venus and Isis. How the games have taken all who we’ve cared about from us.

“I love you so much,” Lucas says, tears streaming form his eyes.

“I love you too,” Dawn whispers, weak from blood loss. Her eyes slowly slide shut for the final time as her breaths slowly become more labored and she squeezes Lucas’ hand tightly. Lucas leans over and plants a gentle kiss on her lips, and right before her cannon booms, Dawn smiles.

Lucas Sunsong: Forest

Dawn’s grip on my hand slackens and I gently place it on her stomach, carefully concealing the hole in her gut. I whisper goodbye and stand up, facing Draco. No tears come from my eyes now, I’ve cried too much over the course of the games, I doubt my eyes will ever produce tears again.

“So I guess this is it,” I say halfheartedly. “The final two... I’m sorry Draco, but I can’t kill you... You’re going to have to kill me.”

He looks at me with a depressed look and says something that shocks me,” I can’t... I won’t kill you. I’ve already killed too many... No, all the tributes in these games have killed to many. Now our friends, Venus and Cat are dead. The ones we loved, Isis, Pinea and Dawn are gone,” He continues, his voice cracking on Isis’ name,” Even though we didn’t know them, Herba seemed so full of joy during training, and Frosteria was kind to everyone. Even Alice and Mason and Titan and Elle had their whole lives ahead of them... And now, they’re all gone.”

I simply nod in agreement, when suddenly something catches my eye.

“Fire!!!” I shout, pointing at the trees behind Draco. The forest quickly catches ablaze and Draco and I sprint through the blazing inferno, hoping to make it to the fields ahead. Suddenly a tree crashes before us, and fire traps us on all sides.

“This is where it has to end I guess...” I choke out. Draco approaches my and puts his mouth to my ear.

“Make the Capitol pay for what they’ve done.”

Draco Light: Forest

After saying those eight words, I run towards the fire, and hurl myself in. As the fire consumes me in a pain I couldn’t possibly describe, I shut my eyes and imagine Isis and I, back in 4, watching the blue waters. I block out the pain, the screams of my lungs as they inhale only smoke, and think only of Isis. The girl I love.

The girl the Capitol took from me.

Part XI: The Road Ahead

???: The Victor

The cannon booms and trumpets blast through the air, announcing my hollow victory. A ladder drops down and I latch onto it, my gaze frozen in place, staring at Draco’s burnt corpse. He sacrificed his life to save me, and I intend to do what Draco asked of me moments before he died. The next week is a blur, being strapped to a medical table, the cheering Capitol crowds, getting the Victor’s crown placed atop my head. I stare right into the President’s eyes as he gives me the crown. I try to show him all the hate, all the loathing I have for him in one looks, and he smirks back in return as if to say.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Death Chart

Place Name Method Killer Part
26th Atalanta (8) Skewered Alice (2) I
25th Ixil (11) Stabbed Titan (1) I
24th Alexander (13) Head Smashed Chrome (10) I
23rd Chrome (10) Poisoned Alice (2) I
22nd Harvey (5) Head Smashed Wither (6) I
21st Frosteria (6) Brain Trauma Mason (2) I
20th Avery (11) Stabbed Careers (1-2) I
19th Selena (5) Brain Damage Mason (2) II
18th Nyoka (3) Skull Smashed Cleo (9) II
17th Ograssu (7) Stabbed in the Head Scarecrow Mutt II
16th Pinea (13) Blood Loss Wolf Mutt III
15th Titan (1) Crusahed by Car Cooper (9) III
14th Cooper (9) Stabbed Repeatedly Elle (1) IV
13th Venus (12) Stabbed in the Neck Alice (2) IV
12th Henry (3) Stabbed/Blown Up Cleo (9)/Bomb V
11th Cleo (9) Blown Up Capitol Bomb V
10th Herba (7) Stabbed Mason (2) VII
9th Wither (6) Decapitated Draco (4) VII
8th Isis (4) Stabbed Alice (2) VII
7th Mason (2) Stabbed Cat (8) VIII
6th Cat (8) Speared Alice (2) VIII
5th Elle (1) Stabbed Alice (2) IX
4th Alice (2) Skewered Draco (4) X
3rd Dawn (10) Stabbed Alice (2) X
2nd Draco (4) Burned to death Fire/Himself X
1st (Victor) Lucas (12) ---------------------- ----------- X


Who should've survived the Feast? Isis Wither Herba

Who will win? Alice Draco Lucas Dawn

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