Alright everyone, these are my second games, and I hopet o make these even better then my first ones. It'll be a regular games with Districts 1-13. Be sure to read the rules before entering. I will be doing training scores and the actual games.


  1. No rude comments, you can give me constructive critiscim but other then that I would keep any rude opinions you might have to yourself.
  2. You can enter up to 3 tributes, one boy and one girl.
  3. I have the right to deny any tributes that aren't up to my standards.
  4. Don't get offended if your tribute dies, it's the Hunger Games.
  5. The least amount of information you can enter is:
Feel free to add more though!

6. No reservations. (Kekai won a contest in my past games so he gets a reservation!)


District Female Male
0 Corona Crux Hydris Lacerta
1 Clarity Lux Aeron Mortui
2 Vanessa Jimenez Alexander Sidorov
3 Electra Thunder Gauge Down
4 Shermaine Wilson Nautilus Riptide
5 Solaris Eurus Slate Vale
6 Airrie Turbo Blaze Yang
7 Willow Adair Barkley Bennett
8 Maryam Mote Robin Vigo
9 Cleopatra Andrews Millet Glasscos
10 Sable Rose Kwartz Diodin
11 Yuna Besaid Trent Korey
12 Riven Exile Garfield Slater
13 June Summers Mart Karr




^= leader

Careers: Vanessa Jimenez, Alexander Sidorov, Shermaine Wilson^, Nautilus Riptide, Trent Korey and June Summers.

Anti-Careers: Corona Crux, Hydris Lacerta, Electra Thunder, Gauge Down, Airrie Turbo, Willow Adair, Maryam Mote, Robin Vigo^, Millet Glasscos and Garfield Slater

District 1 Alliance: Clarity Lux and Aeron Mortui.

Districts 6 and 9 Alliance: Cleopatra Andews and Blaze Yang.

Training Scores

District Female Score Male Score
0 Corona 8 Hydris 4
1 Clarity 8 Aeron 9
2 Vanessa 9 Alexander 10
3 Electra 5 Gauge 6
4 Shermaine 11 Nautilus 9
5 Solaris 6 Slate 7
6 Airrie 5 Blaze 6
7 Willow 8 Barkley 8
8 Maryam 7 Robin 8
9 Cleopatra 6 Millet 6
10 Sable 6 Kwartz 7
11 Yuna 4 Trent 8
12 Riven 11 Garfield 7
13 June 8 Mart 6

Day 1: Bloodbath

Robin Vigo: Silver Plate

A breeze slowly drifts by as I'm lifted from the catacombs and into the arena above. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the bright light, but once they do, I take in as much information as I can. The golden cornucopia rests in a field of bright green grass just ahead, backpacks, deadly weapons and survival gear litter the ground between me and the gleaming horn. As the clock continues to count down I glance to my left and spot Electra one plate away. After the Careers bitterly denied Maryam and I into their group, we formed a little alliance of our own. A smile grows on my face as I think about Shermaine, the cocky leader of the Careers, running away in horror as she realizes she doesn't stand a chance against Maryam and I. Let the 24th Hunger Games begin, I think gleefully.

Riven Exile: Silver Plate

30, 29, 28... The time before the 30 tributes in this arena are allowed to slaughter each other continues to decrease as  my eyes lock on the pair of swords resting just before the mouth of the cornucopia. While the weapons are what I want on day 1, they are only part of my full plan. My plan to ruin the games and defy the Capitol for what they have done. My mentor, Lucas Sunsong, last year's winner, has helped me come up with a strategy to begin a rebellion and take the Capitol down. I barely have time to smile before the gong announces that the games have truly begun.

Mart Karr: Bloodbath

The gong has barely gone off before I leap from my silver plate and sprint for the backpacks towards the cornucopia. I look around and spot Sable sprinting in the opposite direction, towards what looks like a evergreen forest. I snatch a backpack and a knife from the ground just as the screams of pain and the whizzing sound of knives slicing through the air begin to emit from all around me. I turn around to run just as a foot connects with my lower back. I'm sent sprawling to the ground and I'm kicked again directly in the side. I go flying onto my back and vomit in pain. Glancing up, I look into the cold-blooded eyes of Shermaine as she drives her sword into my stomach. Blood instantly spews from my mouth as my organs burst from the pressure of her silver blade. I shut my eyes from the last time as Shermaine begins twisting the blade throughout my gut.

Vanessa Jimenez: Bloodbath

Gripping my scimitar, I sprint in the direction that brat from 5 ran when the gong go off. In training she had the nerve to attempt to seduce Alexander, and I' not going to et that go unpunished. Luckily the girl from 5 is a very slow runner, and is too stupid to bother covering her tracks. Within minutes I've cut up with her, and swinging my scimitar across her back. She howls in pain and collapses onto the ground.

"This is what you get for messing with Alexander you bi--" My insult is cut off when she spits in my face. I wipe the liquid off and ram my knife into that once beautiful face of her's. I kick her dead body for good measure and run back towards the cornucopia to meet up with my allies.

Aeron Mortui: Bloodbath

“Clarity look out!” I shout as a knife flies through the air towards her head. She drops to the floor immediately and I hurl a knife at the attacker, June from 13. She dodges it nimbly, but decides she can’t defeat Clarity and I and retreats to her allies.

“I got the bow and medical kit!” Clarity yells to me as I run towards her. I grab her hand and we sprint towards a large mountain looming in the distance. The screams slowly die down as we get farther and farther away from the rest of the tributes. I squeeze Clarity’s hand because I know within 10 days, everyone but her will be dead.

Including me.

Riven Exile: Bloodbath

“Sorry kid,” I mutter as I drive my knife into the neck of Barkley from 7. His dead body drops to the ground and I’m forced to waste valuable time trying to get the backpack from him.

“Shouldn’t have taken this,” I whisper to his corpse as I wiggle the backpack loose. Under normal circumstances, I would have just gotten a different backpack, but I’m not in these games under normal circumstances. Unlike all the other backpacks, this back pack is white, not black, signifying that this is the backpack Lucas wants me to grab. The backpack he convinced game makers to place in the arena.

Inside of it contains the items I need to bring about the Capitol’s downfall.

I run away from the cornucopia towards the mountain, ignoring the horrifying sounds behind me.

Garfield Slater: Bloodbath

“You know the plan everyone, attack!” Robin orders as he brandishes daggers he got from the cornucopia. Willow, Millet, Maryam, Corona, Hydris and I fall into formation behind him in order to distract the majority of the Careers while Airrie, Gauge and Electra attempt to set up some traps inside the golden horn. Just as planned, Shermaine notices us and gets June, Trent and Nautilus to assist her in fighting us off.

“Do you really think you can beat us? Half of you couldn’t even manage a 7 in training!” Shermaine scoffs as she slowly draws her katana, already drenched red in blood.

“You forget we outnumber you Shermaine?” Maryam snaps back.

“That won’t be a problem after we kill most of you,” June snarls. And with that, Shermaine leads the attack, charging towards Robin and Maryam. Trent hurls one of his many spears in Willow’s direction while June sends a barrage of knives towards Corona and Hydris. That leaves Nautilus, who is currently running towards Millet and I, trident in hand and with a sadistic smile on his face.

Gauge Down: Cornucopia

While the bulk of the Careers battle the bulk of my allies, Airrie, Electra and I creep into the now empty golden horn. I instantly grab some silver wire from a container towards the back, and it seems like Airrie had the same idea.

“Let’s try to get all the weapons electrified,” she suggests. I smile, when I realize how similar our brains work, as I had the same idea. Electra stand watch while I search for some batteries or electric powered lamp and Airrie begins placing the thin wire around the weapons. Finally I spot some batteries behind a large box of various axes.

“Electra, could you help me move this box?” I call out. Electra runs over and together we manage to push the box aside just enough so I can grab the batteries.

“AHHHHH!!!” Airrie’s screams of fear echo and Electra and I turn to see Vanessa from 2 slamming the butt of her wicked looking sword into her face.

“Did you really think we were stupid enough to forget about you geeks?” Alexander snarls. Vanessa steps aside as Alexander raises his spiked mace above Airrie’s head.

“NO!!! PLEA--” her pleads for help are cut off as his mace slams into her skull, instantly braining her. Electra and I look on in horror as they approach us, cutting us off from the only exit.

“Now it’s your turn!” Alexander cackles.

We can’t fight them, we can’t trick them, and we certainly can’t reason with them. That only leaves one option.

“Run!!!” I shout to Electra, as I begin sprinting towards the left, the biggest opening between the tributes from two and the sides of the cornucopia. I’m not nearly fast enough as Vanessa jabs her scimitar towards me.

“GAUGE NO!” Electra screams as she leaps between the path of the scimitar and my neck. The blade rams clean through her skull and blood splatters all over me. I continue running though, not wanting my district partner’s death to be in vain.

Hydrus Lacerta: Bloodbath

As the knives sent by June hail down towards me, Corona slams into my body and we go crashing into the ground together. The knives sail past where we were standing moments ago and Corona jumps up to retrieve them. I get up to help but Corona pushes me back to the ground.

"Just stay down!" she hisses at me as she scoops up a few throwing knives. I comply and lay low to the ground, only observing the fight. Garfield and Millet are in close combat with Nautilus, and all three have several gashes on their bodies. Maryam and Robin are holding their own against Shermaine, but she has yet to receive a single wound. Corona flings one of her knives at June and it streaks across the cheek of the girl from 13.

“June!” Trent calls out. He rushes to her side and begins helping her up. That’s when Willow takes her chance. She flings one of her hatchets towards the pair, and it slams into Trent’s chest. He gasp for air and falls backwards onto the crowd, dead. June lets out a shriek of fear and retreats.

“We’ve got the upper-hand! Charge!!!” Willow screams to Corona.

“Stay put,” Corona orders as she runs with Willow to help Garfield and Millet. The four of them quickly overpower Nautilus and he too, runs away, leaving Shermaine to fight us all alone.

Robin Vigo: Bloodbath

Shermaine backs up, out of my and Maryam’s range, and takes in us six fighters (Plus Hydrus and Gauge watching in the background). All the other Careers have fled, leaving Shermaine the only tribute to fight us. The other tributes are casually milling around, picking up items and leaving. I spot Blaze and his ally Cleopatra, grab a sword and a set of deadly looking knives they normally would never be able to get to.

“Ready to surrender Shermaine? I promise to make your death a quick one,” I snarl. Shermaine merely bursts into laughter as if I’ve told some sort of joke.

“The death that’ll be happening today is yours,” she retorts, brandishing her katana. “I’m not afraid of a bunch of weaklings like you."

“Girl’s got guts,” Willow says from the group behind me.

We might not be able to take you on one at a time, but I don’t think you have a chance 1 on 6,” Millet states.

“You think us Careers are that cowardly?! You’re stupider then I thought!” Shermaine cackles. “Come on out!!!”

Suddenly I hear Hydrus shriek in fear and everyone wheels around to see the unknown danger.

Vanessa is swinging her scimitar like crazy towards his head, and Hydrus barely able to dodge the deadly ark of the blade. June is strangling Gauge and Alexander and Nautilus are heading straight for us. In a second I see right through Shermaine's plan, but the others instantly fall for it and turn to fight the attackers.

“HYDRUS!!!” Corona screams. She wastes her last knife by throwing it towards Vanessa’s skull. Vanessa easily dodges, but it fulfills its intended purpose to buy time for Hydrus to retreat. Millet manages to shove June off of Gauge but she avoids his knife to her gut by rolling to the side.

“We have to retreat!” Gauge chokes out through gasps of air. Corona and Hydrus run towards the pine forest on the horizon with Gauge in tow. With three of our members retreating, and two presumably dead, Millet and Garfield follow suit and head after the other three. All that's left is Willow, who is single handedly fending off Alexander and Vanessa, and Maryam and I.

"We have to cover Willow so we can get out of here!" I shout to Maryam. I run towards Willow and glance back to see Maryam charge Shermaine to fight her 1-on-1. A suicide mission.

"MARYAM NO!!!" I scream to her. Shermaine arks her sword and knocks Maryam's shield from her hand, before bringing her other sword across Maryam's neck and slicing her aortas clean open. Blood spews from the wound and I can't even say goodbye to my friend as Shermaine charges me.

The next few moments are a blur, fighting Shermaine back, having Willow practically drag me through the forest as I sob over Maryam's death.

I thought we could kill the Careers. But I was dead wrong.

Cleopatra Andrews: Forest

Blaze and I keep a steady pace as we jog through the pine trees, our heavy packs and swords only slowing us down a little. We made off like bandits during the bloodbath, while the anti-careers and careers distracted each other we got supplies we normally wouldn’t even have come close to. Our spirits are up, many were killed during the bloodbath and we were unharmed.

Suddenly the tranquil forest is infected with the sounds of cannon fire. 1, 2, 3, 4... all the way up to 7.

“Seven down...” Blaze says. I nod and put my hands in my jacket pockets to warm them from the rapidly cooling temperatures when I feel something strange in them. I pull out a folded up piece of crisp, white paper.

“Check your jacket pocket!” I shout to Blaze. He sees the paper in my hand and urgently rips a identical one out of his pocket. We unfold them and read the notes.

Dear Tributes of the 24th Annual Hunger Games,

To the North there is a large mountain. On that mountain is a wooden shack. Inside that wooden shack is... Well, it’s a bit of a surprise. A big surprise.

We hope you can make it,

Gamemakers of the 14th Annual Hunger Games.

After reading the note I look up at Blaze in shock. I don’t know what’s at the top of the mountain, but I know Blaze and I need to get their first.

Yuna Besaid: Mountain Side

I grip my note that I found in my jacket as I fight the chilly winds. Slowly I make my way up the immense mountain before me, luckily the sides are not very steep, so I don't have to worry about slipping and falling to my death. But there is no cover, a lone tree occurs every  100 yards or so, and are very large with long thick, leafless branches. If this pattern was purposely placed in the arena by the gamemakers, I do not know. All I know is that I need to ignore the dryness in my mouth, the grumble in my stomach, the pain in my legs from walking non-stop for countless hours and the sting of the cold against my face. I need to focus on getting home and helping the people of my home.

Alexander Sidorov: Cornucopia

With the last of the tributes either scared away or bloody corpses littered around, the other Careers and I pick through the supplies, grabbing food, water, medicine, knives, anything we might need for the trek up the mountain. Vanessa sticks close to my side, and we are always out of ear-shot of the other three members of the pack.

"Do you think we did good enough? Do you think Shermaine will kill us?" she whispers worriedly. In training Shermaine was quick to establish herself as leader, and set the tone of the games by telling us if she didn't live up to her sadistic standards, we would be her next victim. I admit Vanessa and I laid the 'blood thirsty killer' thing, a bit thick today, and hopefully she didn't spot me gagging over the girl from 6's brains splattered out on the ground earlier. But I can honestly say we fulfilled her expectations.

"June and Nautilus should be a bit more worried, they didn't even get a kill," I whisper back. This seems to give her a bit of peace and we finish up loading our backpacks before joining the other three so Shermaine can discuss our plan for getting up the mountain.

"Before I start, let me say that you two," Shermaine begins, pointing her finger at Vanessa and I," Did wonderful today! The sight of that 6 girl's brains everywhere was a hoot! And on top of that, Vanessa you got two kills today, nice job on chopping that bitch from 2's head off!" She praises.

I can hardly keep a straight face as this girl actually says she thinks we did good because we murdered two innocent lives today.

"As for you two. I would suggest trying a little harder next time, or it might be your heads on the ground next," Shermaine hisses at June and Nautilus, her tone instantly changing.

"But for now, I'm going to tell you the plan, and you are to follow it. To. The. Letter." she growls. "We are going to cut around the mountain and go up from the right side, we get one hour to rest at night, one during the day. That way we can arrive at the shack first and use whatever is in there to butcher the others as they arrive at the top. Got it?"

We all nod our heads in confirmation and Shermaine turns to lead us to the mountain. As we walk, I stare at the girl from 4 with loathing I've never felt before in my life.

Shermaine must die. And I will be the one to make sure that happens.

Millet Glascos: Mountain

Our alliance trudges slowly up the stark mountain as we brace ourselves against the shear cold. We could, should, be moving much faster, but Hydrus and Gauge are going really slow. On top of that Robin makes is stop for rests far too often so he can slip away to mourn Maryam in peace. With every step, I regret joining this group more and more. Three of us were slain in the bloodbath, and the careers only lost one. Corona, Willow and I are the best fighters with Robin emotionally disabled, Garfield is OK at best and Gauge and Hydrus are down right useless. Meanwhile the Careers have tributes who all scored 8+, where as one member of our group got a four. 

Robin calls for yet another rest and he retreats past a lone tree to be alone or whatever. We all sit down, Gauge and Hydrus thankful for the break. Willow sharpens some of her axes against a rock, muttering about wimps and crybabies. 

Speaking of weapons, did I forget to mention not all of us have them? Willow has her axes, I have a machete, Robin has his sword but Corona and Garfield lost all of their weapons during the fight, while Gauge and Hydrus never had any in the first place (Not that they could use anything). 

It seems with every passing moment, the odds keeping looking ever less in my favor.

Riven Exile: Mountain

With extreme discipline I job up the mountain, blocking any discomfort from my mind. The land is bare except for a large, dead tree looming in the distance, and few of the identical trees I passed up on my way here. I do see Kwartz about 20 yards to my right, but I'm not too worried a about him. He tries anything, and he'll end up with a knife in the face. That girl from 11 is also in view, but she is too far away to be off any concern. 

Suddenly there's a light vibration that shakes the mountain, I manage to stay on my feet but that buffoon Kwartz manages to fall right on his butt. The vibrations stop as suddenly as they started, but something catches my eye up ahead.

A mud slide.

Instantly, I break into a sprint. Now I know why the gamemakers put these trees here, and therefore I run straight for them. Running full speed, I risk a glance back at the other two tributes. Kwartz is back on his feet and seems to have the same idea as me, I can't really tell what Yuna is doing, but it appears she is also trying to get to the tree.

I reach the tree and use its long and sturdy branches to my advantage and quickly begin to scale the tree. The mudslide is about 50 yards up ahead now, I'm about halfway up the tree with Kwartz just starting to climb up it. Yuna is closer now, but her survival is doubtful. I climb a little higher to make sure Kwartz is no where near me, but the kid seems determined to go to the top.

The mud slide keeps getting closer at insanely fast speeds, and WHAM! The mudslide crashes into the tree, the thick roots manage to keep the thing upright though, and the light jiggle doesn't send Kwartz or I off. 

I look over into the distance to see the mud slide crash into Yuna where she lets out a scream of pain and fear. With nothing to block the sound, her cry seems to echo thought the air. The mudslide rolls over her, and I know it's only a matter of time before her cannon confirms her death. I tear my eyes away from the spot where she was standing just moments ago, Yuna wasn't my least favorite tribute. At least she wasn't like those anti-careers or careers who only cared about killing each other. She talked about caring for the sick back in her district, and during training seemed like a great person. 

I don't have much time to mourn though, as something, maybe a large rock stuck in the mud, hits the tree and it starts to shake violently. Kwartz gives a small shriek as we latch onto the trunk in fear. The force of the mudslide becomes too much and the tree begins to be uprooted. It begins to tilt and Kwartz looses his grip on the trunk just bellow me. As he falls his arms shake around for anything to hold onto until he latches onto my backpack.

I grip onto the trunk tighter as he screams and kicks. It will be difficult, but if this tree doesn't topple over I might be able to keep us both up. But then I hear the backpack straps begin to tear. 

"LET GO OF ME!" I shout in rage. I cannot loose this backpack, even if it means killing a 12 year old boy. As more and more of the stitching begins to rip away, I slowly pull one arm from off the trunk of the tree, leaving only my left to keep me from plummeting into the abyss of moving debris. I reach over and pull my dagger from my pocket, turn a little and look into the pleading eyes of Kwartz. 

"I'm so sorry," I say just over the sound of Yuna's cannon. I swing the knife, and cleanly slice Kwartz' hand clean off.

He shrieks in pain and falls into the mud, disappearing from my view. 

Sable Rose: Pine Forest (Base of the mountain)

After the mudslide came down the mountain, I retreated into the pine forest, where the mudslide stopped just before it. I've decided to camp here for the night and let all the tributes get ahead of me so I don't have to worry about them seeing me as I make my way up the mountain. Two cannons went off during the mudslide, so it presumably took some victims. The event only makes me wonder what else the gamemakers have in store as we go higher up. I sit down in some dense bushes to hide myself for the night, and pick some berries off of it (I remember them being non-poisonous from training) to eat. As I settle in for the night, the anthem starts to play and I can just make out the faces through the dense shrubbery. After the deceased faces disappear I settle in for the night, grateful I survived the bloodbath.

Post-Bloodbath Odds

Name Odds
Corona 1-27
Hydrus 1-45
Clarity 1-19
Aeron 1-18
Vanessa 1-16
Alexander 1-17
Gauge 1-41
Shermaine 1-14
Nautilus 1-18
Slate 1-25
Blaze 1-27
Willow 1-24
Robin 1-29
Cleopatra 1-27
Millet 1-28
Sable 1-34
Riven 1-23
Garfield 1-29
June 1-18

Green= Good odds

Yellow= OK odds

Orange= Poor Odds

Red= Bad odds

Day 2: Hear the Roar

Riven Exile: Upper Mountain

After hiking through at least half of the night, I can only hope I am higher up then the other tributes. After I got about halfway up the mountain, the terrain turned from a barren wasteland to more of a rocky area with large boulders everywhere. It has impeded my trek because I have to squeeze my way (Or often times go over) past them. But as long as the gamemakers don't trigger some sort of rock slide, I should make it first.

I pause after hearing what was unmistakably the sound of a roar. I’m not sure if this is the gamemaker’s next ploy to pick us off as we make our way up, or if its just my imagination, but either way, I need to keep my guard up.

Slate Vale: Mid-Mountain

I clutch my hatchet tightly as I quickly jog up the barren mountain, the terrain seems to be changing though, as instead of the same bland, brown dirt beneath my feet, sandy colored pebbles and rocks are starting to appear. I hope this means I'm getting closer to the top, but it also makes me wary as I could be entering a gamemaker trap. After watching previous games, I know a mountain like this is perfect for the gamemakers to plant mines or send in tornadoes or even sick some sort of mutt on us. But I know I must keep going up.

And that's when I spot trouble.

Up ahead the anti-Careers are moving in a tight group, very, very slowly. I pause and realize this is the perfect opportunity to mess with them. Normally I would leave a big group alone, but they have pretty much stooped to the level of the Careers, and are not better then them. I quickly scoop up a few rocks and fling one ten feet to the left of them.

"What was that?!" one of them shrieks.

I throw another one to the right and they start panicking even more and pick up the pace a little. I carefully follow them until we reach a area where the rocks and pebbles have turned into massive boulders. Using the new terrain to my advantage, I fling my last rock at their group and duck behead a nearby boulder.

"OW!!!" someone screams followed by a thud as they fall to the ground.

"Hydrus are you alright?!" someone asks worriedly.

It takes all of my willpower not to laugh, are these people really that stupid? How have they not figured out where I am?

But seems as if I spoke too soon, because three of them have rounded the boulder and spotted me.

Garfield Slater: Mid Mountain

"Damn it!!!" the boy from 5 (Slate I believe) yells as we (Millet, Willow and I) come around the boulder and see him. Willow instantly slams her axe downward towards his skull, but he brings up his own and blocks the blow. I leap at Slate and tackle him into the ground and we start rolling around, punching each other as we go.

"Get out of my way Garfield, I wanna get this guy for screwing with me!!!" Willow growls angrily.

I give Slate a solid punch to the nose and roll myself off of him and Willow swings her axe down towards him again. Slate is a hell of a fighter though, and rolls out of the way and slices her left Achilles open with his pocket knife he had gotten out to try and stab me.

Willow gives a yelp of surprise and topples over while Millet lunges towards Slate with his machete. Slate has got his axe again and manages to block the blow and the two begin to duel as I help Willow up with her leaning heavily on my shoulder.

"We need some back-up!" I yell back to the others, struggling to get Willow back on her feet. Soon Corona, armed with a rock, Gauge with a wire (Is he planning to garrote Slate or something?) and Robin and his sword quickly come to our aid.

Slate may be a skilled fighter (Proven by how beaten up Willow, Millet and I are), but he is no match for four fighters. Slate slices Gauge's right forearm before Robin knocks his axe aside and Corona hit shim roughly on the head with her rock. Slate falls to the ground, incapacitated by the blow to the head.

"What now?" I ask. "I mean, who's going to kill him?"

It's like my question sends off a bomb, Robin, Corona, Millet and Gauge all start kicking Slate's immobile body around like a rag doll before Robin and Millet slam their blades into his gut. Slate squeals in pain before slipping into unconsciousness and Corona swings her rock down onto his skull again, this time de-braining him.

It seems sadistic and brutal, but it's like the stress of making our way up this mountain and constantly worrying about a Career attack is momentarily lifted. We can fight if we work together, and we can win.

All we have to do is make sure we arrive at the shack before the Careers do.

Shermaine Wilson: Mid Mountain

I'm panicking.

My plan seems to be falling apart at the seams. This stupid sadistic, evil witch thing is completely fake. I wanted to gag at the sight of that severed head, but I can't let them know that. They have to listen to me. They have to fear me. But it seems as if the plan has backfired, it seems like Vanessa and Alexander are up to something.

But I have to keep moving and get to the shack. Because maybe I can use whatever is in there to kill them.

Sable Rose: Mid Mountain

As I continue hiking, it seems as if some giant dropped a bag of marbles across the mountain side, large boulders and rocks litter the area, slowing my travel time greatly. The good news is I found a decent sized rock to use as a weapon if needed.

And it seems as if I'm going to need it.

A loud roar emits from behind and I turn to see a huge mountain lion. Letting out a scream, I turn and scramble away from it.

I pounces after me and I quickly turn to round a boulder that it slams into. I use the lion's setback to give me a moment to locate a spot I can hide in. My eyes lock on a group of boulders there are closely packed together, but have a small crevice in-between them. If I can squeeze in deep enough, the mountain lion might not be able to reach me.

As the mountain lion regains its bearings I surge towards the rocks and try to force myself in-between them. It begins running towards me as I scoot in deeper, inch by inch.

The mountain lion shoves its paw through the opening but it can't reach me (By about an inch I might add). It lets out a frustrated growl and sulks off to find new prey.

Blaze Yang: Top of the Mountain

Cleopatra and I hold our breaths in anticipation as we hike over the last crest of the mountain and reach the flat top. The moon gives an eerie glow as the Capitol anthem seems to play at a quieter volume then before as we get our first look at what we’ve been after this entire day. Cleopatra quietly notes that Clarity from 1 (I was too lazy to write out her death but she got mauled by a mountain lion ;-;) and Slate from 5 died today.

But that doesn’t matter right now, because I’m starring into the dead eyes of my district partner.

“AHHH!” I shout while falling back onto the ground. My heart rate begins to slow as I realize my district partner is not some sort of zombie, but instead the gamemakers decided to put her severed head on a stake.

“Oh no...” Cleopatra whimpers, pointing out ahead. It seems like Airrie isn’t the only tribute the gamemakers decided to mount on the top of the mountain. Electra, Trent, Kwartz... All of the dead tributes have their skulls adulterated by a wooden spike.

“I can’t believe they would do something like this,” I whisper, my shock slowly turning into a boiling rage. Instead of giving their bodies back to their families. Giving their loved ones a chance to mourn, they instead defile their corpses by chopping their heads off as some sort of sick joke. I shake my head in disgust and Cleopatra slowly helps me back onto my feet.

We walk past the severed heads and finally reach the shack. It isn’t much, made of pieces of plywood half-hazardly stuck together with a few nails. There is a door though. And someone spray painted the words,” GO AWAY, EVIL INSIDE.” in red on it.

“Maybe this is a bad idea,” Cleopatra whimpers.

“We have to go inside. We have to know this entire trip wasn’t for nothing,” I respond, my grip on my sword becoming tighter and tighter.

“What if it’s some sort of trap?” She asks.

“Then at least we won’t be forced to kill anyone,” I say. I reach over, grasp her hand and give it a reassuring squeeze. We slowly approach the door and I release her hand from my iron-grip to grab the doorknob.

Slowly I turn the knob, and the door opens with a creak.

End of Day 2 Odds

Name Odds
Corona 1-28
Hydrus 1-50
Aeron 1-20
Vanessa 1-15
Alexander 1-16
Gauge 1-42
Shermaine 1-12
Nautilus 1-17
Blaze 1-24
Willow 1-30
Robin 1-30
Cleopatra 1-24
Millet 1-29
Sable 1-37
Riven 1-24
Garfield 1-30
June 1-17

Green= Good odds

Yellow= OK odds

Orange= Poor Odds

Red= Bad odds

Day 3: Paint it Red

Cleopatra Andrews: The Shack

We step inside, and it's like we've entered a whole different world. The interior is covered in a sleek, silver looking metal. The room is empty except for a large metal podium (About 4 feet high and 5 feet wide) in the center of it, made of the exact material as the rest of the room. Blaze and I carefully approach the podium. On the top, in the center, is a single, circular red button.

Written on it is: DO NOT PUSH!

"This is it? This is what we came all this way for?" I ask in disbelief. "A button that we aren't supposed to push?!"

Suddenly Blaze leaps at me, covering my mouth so I can't scream.

"Get behind the podium," he hisses quietly in my ear. I listen to him and we retreat behind the podium. He places his hand to his ear, as if to say, listen. I listen quietly and I can make out the unmistakable sound of Careers. Loud, arrogant and without a care in the world.

My heart suddenly speeds up to the beat of a heavy metal song as the door opens up and I hear the sounds of several footsteps.

“What is this?” a Latino sounding voice asks.

“Should we push it?” The boy from 4 asks.

“Hell no. We need to wait by the door for the other stupid tributes to get here so we can kill them. Who cares about this stupid button of doom? We need to take out the tough competitors, then we can worry about whatever this is!” A demanding voice says, leading me to believe it’s their leader, Shermaine.

“She has a point,” a different girl says after a brief moment of silence. The Careers walk to the door (From what I can hear) to wait for whoever happens to come by and my heart slows down a little.

Blaze shows me his crossed fingers and I give him a worried look. We’re sitting ducks back here, and it’s only a matter of time before they find us.

Millet Glasscos: Top of the Mountain

An eerie sense of darkness brewed among my alliance after we passed the tribute heads that were impaled on the stakes. While the sponsor gift of some pain killers, a bandage roll and a ice pack for Hydrus' sore head, Willow has been walking with a limp since Slate slashed her leg (Despite the fact we managed to stitch it up) and this makes us much weaker as she is one of (If not the) best fighter(s).

The shack finally comes in sight, and I think the area is clear. A feeling of joy washes over us and Corona gives a whoop of joy.

"I think we made it first!" Garfield says, obviously relieved.

Gauge and Hydrus still seem a bit worried for whatever reason and they begin whispering to each other in urgent voices. As we all high-five Gauge interrupts our celebration.

"At the average rate we had when going up the mountain, plus the time between when we and the other tributes left the cornucopia, at least 1 tribute was bound to get here first." He explains nervously.

"Look around, no one is here. We're fine," Garfield says in an attempt to reassure them.

“We shouldn’t celebrate just yet--” Hydrus begins before Corona cuts him off.

“Will you stop being such a wimp?! I’ve risked my ass for you these past 3 days time and time again and you just keep being a little baby!” Corona yells in anger. She turn and stomps off towards the shack, steam practically shooting from her ears. Hydrus turns pink in embarrassment and seems really hurt by what she had said.

“Now that’s honestly. Gotta’ respect that chick,” Willow says flatly. Robin shoots her some sort of a, ’shut up we don’t need him getting anymore upset’ kind of look and Willow rolls her eyes.

I’m really not sure why Corona flipped out on Hydrus like that, just a few hours ago she was tenderly wrapping the bandage around his head and making sure he kept up with how much medicine he was taking. The heads must’ve really gotten her on edge. In fact, I think the whole group is on edge.

And the stress level keeps getting higher as Robin suggests we actually go inside the shack.

Nautilus Riptide: Inside the Shack

My grip tightens on my trident as the sounds of the anti-careers gets closer and closer. Please go away, please go away. Don’t make me kill you... I think desperately. Shermaine has me positioned right next to the door because my trident is the best weapon for leaping out and stabbing someone. But I don’t want to kill, or even hurt anyone for that matter. I just want them to go away.

But that’s not happening. The knob slowly begins to turn and I squeeze my eyes shut, not wanting to have to look at the tribute who‘s life I will be taking from them. Time seemingly decreases to almost a stand-still as I hear the door open with a sickening creak. I leap out, my eyes still closed, and ram my trident into someone’s heart.

Willow Adair: Top of the Mountain

The boy from 4 rams his trident into ____'s chest as soon as they open the door. One of my other alliance members lets out a squeal as the Careers rush out of the shack. I retreat back with the others, and both alliances face each other, neither daring to make the next move.

"It's a real shame we had to kill... What's his name?

Hydrus? No I'm sorry, I mean Millet," Shermaine taunts with a wicked face on her face. Millet's corpse lays still by the door to the shack, the boy from 4 crouched by it, silent tears streaming down his face. What a wimp.

I finally get fed up with the jeers and taunts from these arrogant losers and fling one of my axes at Shermaine, inciting the battle. Both alliances charge each other and begin dueling in intense combat. Robin and Shermaine fight sword against sword, Robin hell-bent on avenging his District partner, while I deal with a snotty brat from 2. As we duel, my axe against her scimitar, I notice Aeron, Sable and Riven arrive on the scene.

It looks like all the tributes are here, and that can only mean one thing.

There will be a lot of faces in the sky tonight.

June Summers: Top of the Mountain

I leap at Hydrus, kicking him cleanly in the gut. He screams out in pain, tumbles to the ground and begins crawling away on all fours like the little, pathetic baby he is. I let out a sadistic laugh and pull out two knives from my array of throwing knives.

“Where should I cut you first?” I ask wickedly, ignoring the sounds of the intense battle around me. I want to make this painful for him. I throw the first knife, a evil looking black one with a crooked ending, into his left thigh and he collapses in pain. Then he attempts to pull the knife out, but unfortunately for him, the hooked ending keeps it locked in place.

I begin to laugh again, mocking the pitiful boy from 0 as he squirms in pain. Suddenly, my hoots of laughter are cut off by something pulling against the front of my throat. I look down to see a cooper wire around it tightly, causing a trickle of blood to emerge. Lashing out with my second knife, I stab my attacker and the pressure on my throat vanishes.

I turn around angrily to see the geek from 3 with a large gash in his side, curtsey of my knife.

“You little punk!” I growl, Hydrus slipping my mind for the moment. Gauge whimpers a little as I approach him angrily.

“Leave them alone!” I hear someone yell. I turn to face Corona, gripping the hooked knife she apparently ripped from Hydrus’ leg.

“And who’s gonna make me?” I snarl back.

As if to answer, Corona runs towards me, swinging the blade around like a base-ball bat, and I a piñ ata. I doge the rapid swipes and counter by rolling to the side and throwing my second knife towards her. Corona is quick on her feet though, and manages to avoid getting skewered through her gut.

I draw several more knives, and prepare to release my blades of hell on this brat.

Garfield Slater: Top of the Mountain

I sprint through the crowd, ignoring all the other tributes, my eyes locked on the boy who killed Millet. He sits by my friend’s corpse, in some state of shock from taking someone’s life from them. But I don’t care if he feels remorseful.

He must die.

I swing my leg forward, sending it crashing into his wet face. He screams in surprise and falls back onto the ground, unwilling to fight. I rip the trident from Millet’s chest and level it to Nautilus’ face.

“Do it,” he says, his voice void of any emotion. Except maybe regret, or anger. Or both.

I feel a twinge of guilt. The games have changed me. They have changed me, they have changed Nautilus, they have changed everyone. Do I really want to avenge a boy I’ve barely known for a week by killing someone I’ve never talked to? No. But do I have to?

Yes, I do.

I ram the trident forward, sending the tips through his eyes and the top of his nose. A cannon booms and I pull the trident out with a sickening sloshing sound. I turn from the bloody face I created, and run to assist my allies.

Robin Vigo: Top of the Mountain

Shermaine and I continue to duel, the sound of metal slamming into metal over and over and over. The whole fight, I keep my eyes locked on hers. Conveying all my rage and hate for her in one look. After a good while, she dodges my slash to her head by ducking, and she jumps back for a moment’s reprieve.

As I prepare to charge her again she opens that wicked mouth of hers.

“Are you upset I killed your little... Girlfriend?” she teases evilly. I leap towards her and bring down my sword sloppily at her face. She easily pries the attack to the side and steps just out of the reach of my blade.

“It wasn’t my fault she had to die. She was just so annoying. So ugly. So pitiful in battle. She was simply a disgrace,” she cackles. I scream in rage and slash towards her side quickly. She sidesteps the attack and uses her katana to slice my right forearm, it’s not deep, but it’s the first injury either of us have received.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Sloppy sword-play. No wonder you couldn’t protect her, let alone yourself.”

“DIE!!!” I shout in pure, boiling-red rage, with all common sense and thought leaving my brain, I actually throw my sword at her skull. She dives to the side and it sails past her, and into Aeron’s gut.

The sight of Aeron spewing blood from his mouth pulls me back to my senses. Shermaine is toying with me, playing a mind game. But it won’t work any longer. I may be unarmed, but I sure as hell can fight this cocky witch.

I kick some dirt up into the air, momentarily blinding Shermaine and I run forward, ramming my head into her gut. She goes sailing back and manages to hold back vomit as she gets back on her feet. I don’t give her more then a split second to recover though, and bring a right hook into the side of her face. She eyes widen in terror and she retreats into the crowd of fighting tributes, throwing a hasty knife back. I easily dodge it and give chase.

Shermaine Wilson: Top of the Mountain

I stumble as I run towards the entrance to the shack. The whole world seems to be spinning around and around and I can’t stay on my feet. I collapse onto all fours next to the bloody corpses of Millet and Nautilus, and start spewing every last morsel of food in my stomach onto the ground. Robin’s punch had some real strength and rage behind it, and it seems to have given me a concussion of sorts. As I finally stop vomiting, I hear Robin as he walks towards me.

I can’t die. I can’t let him kill me. Not now.

I try to grab my katana, but suddenly there are five of them and I just can’t do it. I fall back onto my side as Robin gets closer and closer. This is it, I think bitterly. Taken down by your own tactic.

But then, a miracle happens. Well, two miracles.

The first, out of all the tributes, Riven Exile comes to my rescue. She leaps at Robin and slashes at him with her dagger. Whither she knew he was going to take me out or not, I have no idea.

The second miracle is a silver parachute that lands right beside me. I struggle, but manage to rip the package open revealing a syringe filled with a fluid of sorts. Without hesitation I grab the needle and ram it into my arm.

The world slowly stops tilting back and forth, the five katanas go back down to one.

I grip the katana, get back up onto my feet, and survey the battle. Vanessa is struggling to fend off Willow, Alexander is battling Garfield, and June is fending off Corona and Gauge. Things aren’t looking for my pack.

I never liked them anyways.

I turn and look at the shack.

Time to push the button, I think, with no concern for the safety of my former allies.

Blaze Yang: Inside the shack

Cleopatra and I have just came out from behind the podium when Shermaine comes inside.

“Get out of my way, or die. Actually it doesn’t matter what you do, because I’ll kill you either way!” she hisses. I tense up and grip my knife. Cleopatra and I might be decent fighters, but even if there are tow of us and one of her, she’s just to strong. Shermaine seems to realize this as well, as she begins calmly striding towards us with a smirk on her face. My face pales. There is no way I’m getting out of this. Cleopatra freezes up in fear next to me, her body gone rigid in terror.

But I have to make sure Cleopatra does.

“Brace yourself!” I shout to Cleopatra as Shermaine continues reducing the distance between us. I turn and fly to the podium, and without hesitation, slam my hand against the button.

Cleopatra Andrews: Inside the Shack

I finally come to my sense as the ground begins to shake with some much violence Shermaine actually shows a trace of fear. The sounds of fighting die down as all the other tributes cry out in fear from the tremors rocking the mountain. The red button starts glowing a shrieking noise seems to come from no where.

“RUN!!!” Blaze screams as the shrieks grow louder and louder and the shaking grows stronger. Shermaine is already out the door as I stagger towards it, the shaking making it difficult to get out. I hear a thud from behind and turn to see Blaze on the ground, unable to get up due to the shaking. I take a step towards him and he tries to yell something to me, but the sound of shrieking is too loud.

Leave me, he mouths urgently.

I give him a tearful nod as the shaking begins rocking the shack. I stumble out of the door and see the other tributes have attempted to start fighting again, Alexander having given Sable a good whack to the head, causing her cannon to go off, nearly inaudible because of the shrieking noise coming from the shack.

Just as I think it can’t grow any louder, the shack implodes from the inside out, sending the remaining tributes flying.

Alexander Sidorov: Top of the Mountain

Within seconds of the explosion, the mountain begins shaking more violently than ever before, causing the few tributes who are still on their feet to collapse onto the ground. I look over to the burning wreckage of the shack and see that Riven Exile's body was charred into a blackened corpse by the explosion, taking out one of the biggest threats of the games. I spot Vanessa, who is unsuccessfully trying to stand up and scream to her.

"We have to get out of here!"

She nods and starts attempting to crawl towards the slope of the mountain.

Then, as quickly as the tremors started, the die down completely.

And that's when the ground begins coming apart.

Hydrus Lacerta: Top of the Mountain

I, along with all the other tributes, all jump back up to our feet as soon as the cracks start emerging from the ground. And I’m not talking about small, inch wide cracks, I’m talking about 7 foot wide gapping holes that spew some sort of hot (possibly toxic) gas up into the air.

I start scrambling towards the lope of the mountain, because at this point any place is safer then here, when June grabs the back of my shirt and flings me to the ground.

“Corona isn’t here to save you now!” she screams, ready to skewer me with one of her many knives.

Lashing out, I kick June in the shin and send her stumbling back towards one of the cracks. She doesn’t fall in, but the gas shoots out, leaving the left side of her face covered in red welts.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she shrieks, clutching her seemingly melting head. I get back up and run in the direction the other tributes went, careful to avoid the ever growing crevices in the ground. I eventually catch up the main group of fleeing tributes, stopped due to the 4 foot wide crevice separating us and the way down the mountain.

Willow, being the fearless woman she is, leaps across the crack first, barely clearing it. Vanessa, Alexander, Garfield, Cleopatra and Robin all follow her lead, flinging themselves across the gap in the earth.

“Run!” Corona shouts from behind, pulling along a confused looking Gauge. Looking back, I scream in horror upon seeing the red hot lava following them close behind.

Corona Crux: Going Down the Mountain

I grab Hydrus by the arm as Gauge and I run along, the lava only a few steps behind. With no time to spare, I leap across the chasm before me, tugging Hydrus and Gauge with me. I crash onto the ground, but feel Hydrus and Gauge pulling on my arm. I look back to see them both struggling to climb out of the crevice and resist the urge to scream. All the common sense in my body is telling me to leave them, but I can’t just leave Gauge, my friend, and Hydrus... I’m not really sure how I feel about him right now. I shake my doubts aside and pull with all my strength, managing to tug them both out of the crack.

“LOOK OUT!” Hydrus yells. I jump back, narrowly avoiding Shermaine’s tackle. She jumps up off the ground and leaps at me again. Pulling on Hydrus’s arm again, I manage to pull us out of her path.

But Gauge isn’t so lucky.

She slams into Gauge and her hands instantly lock themselves around his throat. Unarmed and exhausted, I cannot save him.

“We have to go,” I say, tears threatening to emerge from my eyes. Hydrus just nods grimly and we stumble down the mountain side, looking for someplace safe.

Garfield Slater: Mid-Mountain

Willow, Robin and I sprint in-between boulders, struggling to continue our rapid pace. I had hoped after we got past the large crack in the ground we wouldn’t come across anymore dangers, but it seems like only the valley bellow offers a safe-heaven.

“Where are--are Corona, Gau--Gauge--a-- and Hydrus?” Robin manages to ask through his coughing fit.

“A few cannons have gone off,” Willow states matter of factly. I grimace but don’t say anything. They were all nice people, but we can’t go back for them. For all we know, we’d be looking for a couple of corpses.

I’m snapped out of my train of thought when the ground starts shaking again. It’s not as strong as before, but it could mean something dangerous is going to happen again.

“What now?!” Willow shouts in anger.

“THAT!” Robin yells, pointing towards the large boulders starting to roll down towards us. The three of us run faster then ever before, occasionally shifting the left or right to dodge one of the massive rocks from crushing us. Within minutes we’ve maneuvered ourselves into the lower mountain area, marked only by the rare dead tree. But the boulders are still following us.

You know, with all these massive rocks tumbling down, you think it would be one of them that hit me. Nope.

One of the boulders slams into a tree just behind me, and sends it toppling down on top of me.

BOOM! A few Hours Later, everything has stopped going crazy

June Summers: Valley

I stagger through the bright evergreen trees around me, clutching my burned face. I don’t know how I managed to escape the lava and the boulders and everything else, but I did. The pain from my burn flares up again and I collapse on the ground, howling like a wounded animal, which at this point, as might as well be. I push myself back up onto my knees and manage to hurl up everything I’ve eaten today. It stings, but not as much as the large welts covering my face. I fall back down into my own vomit, and start to cry.

There’s no way I can get a sponsor in this state, so I only have one hope.

“SHERMAINE! VANESSA! ALEXANDER! HELP!” I call up. I continue to scream for them, even though I could just be attracting some sort of evil mutt or those anti-careers. But at this point, I don’t care. If I don’t call for them, I’ll die anyways. While I scream, I manage to crawl over to a tree and lean myself up against it.

“June?!” I hear Shermaine shout from a distance.

“YES!!! Shermaine! I’m here! Help me!” I scream in joy. I hear her run through the foliage in my direction and finally I see that dark brown hair and manage to smile.

“Thank goodness! Please help me!” I cry out. She reaches into her back pack as she approaches me, to get a medical kit or something, before crouching beside me.

“I’m so glad you’re here. I would’ve died!” I say in relief.

“Oh sweetie. You still are,” she whispers, pulling a small pocket knife from her bag and jamming it into my right aorta.

Blood begins spewing from the wound and I clutch it desperately, trying to clamp it shut. I try to scream for Vanessa and Alexander but only blood comes from my mouth.

“Rule number one of The Hunger Games: Never ask for help,” Shermaine states coldly as she gets back up and walks away.


End of Day 3 Odds

Tribute Odds
Corona 1-27
Hydrus 1-47
Vanessa 1-16
Alexander 1-13
Shermaine 1-10
Willow 1-28
Robin 1-29
Cleopatra 1-32

Day 4: Something Taken

Corona Crux: Valley

"Oh thank goodness!" I cry out as Hydrus and I spot Robin and Willow through the foliage. We quickly stagger towards them, starving, dehydrated and exhausted from yesterday. Robin gives us a water bottle from his backpack and Willow hands us some dried fruit to chow down on. I plop down on a rotting stump, taking several gulps of water before passing it to my District partner.

"What happened to Gauge?" Robin asks.

"Shermaine," I respond bitterly. Willow growls and walks off to hack at some trees with her axe. "What should we do now?" I ask after finishing up my dried pears. We all look at Hydrus, while he has absolutely no use in battle what so ever, he makes up for it with his intelligence (Although I would never admit this to him). Hydrus takes a few sips of water, deep in thought, before snapping his fingers.

“First we should head to the cornucopia and grab some supplies. Chances are the remaining Careers have either already been there or don’t need to. If we can get some more weapons and supplies, we could use the golden horn as a bunker of sorts and ambush any tributes that happen to go by,” he explains. We all nod.

“Seems like a good idea,” Robin responds. We all get up to head over to the cornucopia, Hydrus and I trailing behind.

“You know, I never did thank you for saving me all those times yesterday,” Hydrus says meekly. I blush and grin.

“No problem. You do need a lot of saving,” I tease, nudging him with my elbow. He laughs a little and I blush a little more.

Calm down, I think to myself. Now isn’t the time to tell him how I really feel. Actually, there couldn’t be a worse time to tell him. Right now I need to focus on making it another day, I still have time to tell him how I really feel.

Alexander Sidorov: Valley

Vanessa and I slowly make our way through the woods, keeping an eye out for Shermaine or the anti-careers. Yesterday we barely made it down the mountain with our lives, and we aren’t willing to take any chances. I can’t help but feel bad for Vanessa, she was leaving for Mexico in two weeks, only to be reaped and forced to enter these horrible games. I guess it’s my job to make sure she makes it to the end... And once we get there... I’m not really sure what I will do. My deep train of thought is suddenly interrupted by the cold words emitted from behind me.

“You two, come with me.”

Vanessa and I whip around, shocked that we hadn’t noticed Shermaine before now.

“And why would we go anywhere with you?” I snap back, readying my mace to finally end her.

“Because if you don’t I will kill both of you,” she says simply.

“Nice try. We outnumber you two to 1,” Vanessa growls. Shermaine simply starts to laugh, and starts to pull something out from her backpack.

The girl from 9’s severed head.

“Either do what I say, or your little girlfriend will just be another head on my mantle,” Shermaine snickers at me. I lower my mace, and Vanessa and I dejectedly follow her.

Shermaine Wilson: Valley

I shove the head back into my backpack and shudder. When I killed Cleopatra earlier, I didn’t want to keep her skull, but I had to. I knew those oafs from 2 wouldn’t listen to me unless I had something to shock them into submission, so I decided to use my acting skills to portray a psychopath. Under normal circumstances I would’ve just killed them, easily, very easily. But I need them for my plan to wipe out the anti-careers.

Who are heading towards the cornucopia right now.

Robin Vigo: Cornucopia

I toss my dull, slightly bent sword onto the ground and retrieve a new long-sword from a rack inside the cornucopia. As I dig through a box of sleeping bags, I can faintly hear footsteps from outside.

Stop being paranoid, I tell myself.

None of the others say anything, so it must’ve just been my imagination or something. Willow arms herself with more axes while Corona grabs some throwing knives. But for some reason I can’t spot Hydrus. It’s not too much of a concern, but I have this faint nagging feeling and I ask Corona anyways.

“He went out to go to the bathroom a few minutes ago...” Corona says, starting to get a little concerned.

“HE’S OVER HERE!” Shermaine shouts from outside the cornucopia. Corona, Willow and I instantly sprint around the golden horn, to see several knives soar in our direction.

“Drop!” I shout, falling to the ground, Willow and Corona follow suit and all the knives fly over our heads.

“Put your weapons down or as they said in France, ’Off with his head’” Shermaine says, butchering a French accent while holding a serrated knife close of Hydrus’ throat. Corona instantly drops her weapons on the ground, and Willow and I grudgingly put ours down as well.

Vanessa and Alexander come over to us, picking our weapons up off the ground.

“I’m so sorry,” Vanessa whispers, tears threatening to emerge from her eyes. Suddenly she drops the weapons and stoops over to pick them up, but Corona snatches a throwing knife and throws it into Shermaine’s forearm.

Shermaine shrieks in pain, throwing her arm up, giving Hydrus the chance to wiggle free and run towards us.

I jump up and slam into Alexander, knocking him over and grabbing one of the knives he was carrying. Time to kill Shermaine.

Vanessa Sidorov: Cornucopia

I jump to the left, narrowly dodging Willow’s axe’s deadly arch. It slices off a bit of my hair and I let out a curse. While Willow and I fight, Hydrus runs to Corona and the two start to flee, only to be blocked by Alexander. As I duel the girl from 7, I can’t help be try to catch glimpses of my district partner’s fight with the duo from 0.

Suddenly Corona knocks him to the ground and raises her knife above his head.

“NO!!!” I scream, elbowing Willow aside and throwing a knife towards her.

Corona Crux: Cornucopia

I feel myself being pushed to the ground by a pair of heads, followed by drops of blood splattering on my face. I open my eyes, and I see a knife stuck in Hydrus’ chest. It’s as if the world came to a near stand-still. My legs feel like rubber as I struggle to stand up as the boy I love falls backwards, dead. The sadness lingers for a moment, sucking my will to go like some sort of parasite.

But sadness is quickly replaced with anger.

I turn and throw my throwing knife in Vanessa’s skull.

Another cannon goes off and I run off into the woods, not wanting to look at Hydrus’ corpse for another second.

Willow Adair: Cornucopia

For a moment I stand still, in awe of what just happened. My alliance is shattered, Corona long gone, Hydrus a cold body and Robin too occupied with Shermaine. I walk over to Hydrus’ corpse, ignoring the boy from 2, who is simply bawling like a baby over Vanessa’s death. I knell by Hydrus’ body.

“You may have been weak. But you died like a true hero, and I will respect you for that,” it seemed proper to give him a goodbye, even though it is as sentimental as it gets. I guess I didn’t want one of my allies, one who sacrificed himself for another, to have such a... Pitiful end. To have his body to be grabbed by a claw and boxed away thousands of miles without a formal farewell. I get back up, not even bothering to kill the boy from 2, and walk off into the woods.

Alexander Sidorov: Cornucopia

At first, all I felt was a heart-wrenching sadness. Then it was pure anger against Corona. Until I realized it wasn’t her fault. It was Shermaine’s.

She made Vanessa and I assist her in this stupid plan. She made us combat the anti-careers. She is the source of all my suffering. So I must make her suffer. I get back up on my feet, tears still pouring down my red face, and I pick up a knife left on the ground. I sprint over to Robin and Shermaine and push Robin to the ground.

“DIE!” I scream in anger as I leap onto her, shoving my knife into her right eye.

Robin Vigo: Cornucopia

Alexander is screaming in rage. Shermaine is screaming in pain. And I’m watching in horror. Blood is spewing from Shermaine’s right eye as Alexander attempts to push the blade deeper in to kill her.

Shermaine karate chops Alexander in the nose with a loud crack and he falls back, clutching his nose. She jumps up, ripping the knife from her eye and stumbles off into the woods howling like some wounded animal.

I get up and run off in the other direction, Shermaine may be injured, but I’ve never seen her so angered before.

Shermaine Wilson: Cornucopia (3 hours later)

I rip the sterile gauze pad from the medical kit and press it to my eye. My left eye is squeezed shut in pain, tears forcing their way out. After holding the pad there for a few moments, I throw it away in exchange for a clean one. The pain is nearly unbearable. But I can’t give up now. Not when I’m so close to winning. I get a gauze roll and wrap it tightly around my head, holding the pad over my eye to prevent anymore bleeding.

Any other tribute would be curled up on the floor, bawling their eyes out like some sort of ninny. But not me. I don’t see this injury as some sort of death sentence. I see it as even more of a reason to win.

As the old saying goes; An eye for an eye, right?

Day 5: Misery, Sacrifice and Promise

Corona Crux: Woods

I knell on the ground, sobbing my eyes out for about the tenth time today. Hydrus is gone... he's really gone. All I can feel is this sense of emptiness, the sense of longing. A sense of sadness. It wasn't supposed to end like this... I mean, I knew one of us was going to die but I at least thought I would have a chance to say goodbye. But no, Hydrus was snatched away from me in a heartbeat. I didn't even get to tell him I loved him... What do I have now? A family who hardly gives to shits about me? A life of riches and fame, only to subjected to the life of a prostitute? I've heard the tales that the drunken victors of 0 spewed during the later hours. I know what life is waiting for me if I get the crown placed atop my head. A life of fear, a life of sorrow. A life not worth living. I slowly get up and go over to my backpack. It seems so clear now. Only one choice before me. I reach into the bag and retrieve my last throwing knife. I examine the blade for a second, the way it gleams in the soft morning light.

This grove seems like a pretty place to die in. I walk back over to the center of the grove and plop down in the soft green grass. Memories of running about the snowy wilderness in 0; climbing the highest trees, picking the ripe black berries from their delicate branches, laughing with Hydrus... I let out a sound of that of a dying animal. This is it. This is the end. I bring the knife and gently place the blade against my wrist. A deep cut ought to do the trick. I close my eyes and smile. I will be with Hydrus soon. And we can play in the woods, just like we did before. As I prepare to make the cut that will end it all, a lone voice breaks the serenity around me.


My eyes flicker open, and I turn my head to see Willow standing at the outskirts of the grove.

"What do you care? It'll just be one step clos-- closer to home for you..." I say, attempting to sound threatening, but my voice cracks.

"Corona. I want to go home more than anyone else here. But I can't let you die, not like this. It's shameful. You're an honorable fighter, one of the few I've respected these games. You don't deserve this," She says commandingly. I focus in on her more, but the metal doesn't leave my wrist.

"What do you know about honor? All you've done is thrown those axes around and insulted everyone," I hiss at her. All I want her to do is leave me in peace. Why can't she see that?

"Say whatever you want to me. I will not let you go through with this," she responds, more calm than she has ever been before. She takes a tentative step closer, and I recoil.

"Get any closer and I do it... Or... Or better yet. I throw it at you and kill myself afterwards!" I growl.

"Is this what Hydrus would've wanted. When he saved you, took a knife to the chest for you. Let himself die for you. Would he would've wanted you to do this? To slit your wrist like some sort of pathetic wimp in the middle of the forest?" Willow snaps back. At the mention of Hydrus, I start to cry again, harder than I have ever before. I just want the pain to end. I slash the knife across my wrist, causing blood to spew from my arm and into the once pristine grass.

"I'm so sorry... I couldn't do it Hydrus," I whisper as I fall back into the grass. Willow runs to my limp body. I expect her to scream, to berate me for this. But instead she just cradles my head in her arms.

"Is this what you want? What you really want?" Willow asks softly, in a delicate voice I never thought she could've produced. I close my eyes, blocking out she sound of the birds chipping, the sight of the bright blue sky behind Willow's hair, the smell of the evergreen pine wafting through the air, the pain of the fresh slice I created on my wrist, and I ask myself: Is this what I really want? If Hydrus knew I would just end my life a few hours later, would he have jumped in front of the knife meant for me. I think he still would... To give me more time in the world of the living. But he wouldn't have been happy with me. He would've told me how precious life is. He would've explained in that lame scientific way how life can only be created in the most precise circumstances, but how easy it is to get rid of it. I reopen my eyes and focus on Willow.


Willow lays my head gently onto the ground and reaches into her bag. She carefully retrieves a needle and thread from the bag and roughly stitches the cut shut.

"Goodbye Corona, I tried my best" she whispers as she gets up and leaves the grove, leaving me alone once again. She sewed the wound shut, but I can feel it. I lost too much blood. I start to cry again.

“I’m so sorry Hydrus... I coul--- Couldn’t do it. I tried to be strong but I-- I can’t do it without you.” I shut my eyes and just lay there, wishing this was some sort of fairy tale where Hydrus and I could live happily ever after. But this is no fairy tale, and my eyes never open back up.

Injury Chart

Tribute Injury
Corona Various cuts
Alexander broken nose, cuts
Shermaine Missing left eye, cuts
Willow Limps, cuts
Robin cuts

Green: Near perfect health

Yellow: Minor injuries, nothing problematic

Orange: Could be an issue but will be fine as long as they are treated quickly

Red: Could be fatal or render tribute useless unless treated quickly.

Death Chart

Placement Tribute Method Killer Day
30th Mart Karr (13) Stabbed Shermaine (4) 1
29th Solaris (5) Brain Damage Vanessa (2) 1
28th Barkley (7) Stabbed Riven (12) 1
27th Airrie (6) Bludegeoned Alexander (2) 1
26th Electra (3) Brain Damage Vanessa (2) 1
25th Trent (11) Axe to the Chest Willow (7) 1
24th Maryam (8) Neck Slashed Shermaine (4) 1
23rd Yuna (11) Crushed by mudslide Mudslide 1
22nd Kwartz (10) Crushed by mudslide mudslide 1
21st Slate (5) Beaten, stabbed, de-brained Corona (0), Robin (8), Millet (9) 2
20th Clarity (1) Mauled Moutnain Lion 2
19th Millet (9) Skewered Nautilus (4) 3
18th Nautilus (4) Stabbed through head Garfield (12) 3
17th Aeron (1) Stabbed through chest Robin (8) 3
16th Sable (10) Head Bashed Alexander (2) 3
15th Blaze (6) Disintigrated Button 3
14th Riven (12) Burned Alive Button 3
13th Gauge (3) Strangled Shermaine (4) 3
12th Garfield (12) Crushed Tree 3
11th June (13) Stabbed in the throat Shermaine (4) 3

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