Hi everybody and welcome to the 48th Hunger Games! I've decided to postpone my previous games, mostly because after watching Catching Fire, I was inspired to write a regular games instead of a Quell... Which is kind of odd because Catching Fire included a Quell... e.e Ah whatever! I'm going to make sure I finish these because I would really feel guilty about letting anyone down if I didn't finish. Make sure to read any and all rules before entering, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. No complaining if your tribute dies...
  2. Up to 2 tributes per person, this might be increased if I want more entries!
  3. Only post advice when I ask for it!
  4. Reservations last for one day! As of 12/2/13 6:00 PM CST, no new reservations may be made. All current reservations will be canceled as off 12/3/13 5:00 PM CST.

The Tributes

District Females Males
1 Glitz Patina Nicholas Chung
2 Hope Vicuna Rovil Lariste
3 Vivianne Goldé Rebel Groots
4 Alta Gilson Caspian Barneck
5 Lyra Pluto Blade Spectrus
6 Emery Fenn Buck Rockwell
7 Eileen Shade Nickel Noner
8 Xia Sūn Banette Tsukomogami
9 Amor Rune Finn Torres
10 Olympias Athes Ike Toussaint
11 Kiara Himura Shylock Bloodroot
12 Ebony Grenslev Edison Evergreen
13 Bluebell Pax Willie Fry


Training Scores

District Females Score Odds Males Score Odds
1 Glitz Patina 9 7-1 Nicholas Chung 8 8-1
2 Hope Vicuna 9 6-1 Rovil Lariste 10 4-1
3 Vivianne Goldé 6 13-1 Rebel Groots 8 9-1
4 Alta Gilson 9 7-1 Caspian Barneck 9 6-1
5 Lyra Pluto 5 19-1 Blade Spectrus 8 9-1
6 Emery Fenn 6 11-1 Buck Rockwell 8 8-1
7 Eileen Shade 8 8-1 Nickel Noner 7 10-1
8 Xia Sūn 5 20-1 Banette Tsukomogami 8 9-1
9 Amor Rune 7 11-1 Finn Torres 8 8-1
10 Olympias Athes 7 11-1 Ike Toussaint 8 8-1
11 Kiara Himura 6 16-1 Shylock Bloodroot 7 12-1
12 Ebony Grenslev 8 10-1 Edison Evergreen 7 11-1
13 Bluebell Pax 5 23-1 Willie Fry 4 28-1


Basically the arena is a large island in the center of a freshwater sea of sorts. The arena
Arena for 48th

Map of the arena (Done on MS Paint)

goes in a circle around the island, cutting off the
  • Marsh
  • Ravine, except it is much higher in the arena
  • Dark Forest
  • Meadow
 arena about two miles off the shore line of the island. The freshwater sea has its dangers though, despite the fact there are many passive fish to catch, there is a deadly sea serpent mutt that lurks just beneath the surface. The Southern third of the island is a humid marsh area, which is rather unpleasant to be in. This region contains the cornucopia, but the area is filled with thick mudd and shallow pools of water that can slow tributes down emensly when running. On top of that, poison ivy and bushes with toxic berries riddle the area, along with poisonous snakes and frogs which add a whole new level of danger to the area. The water may be fresh, but various viruses and bacteria that has been modified by the gamemakers pollute the water and any drunken will mean certain death unless the drinker has strong medicines. Any tribute wanting to survive in the marsh will most likely need some sort of medicine, water purification methods and hopefully an antidote. The middle section of the arena is dominated mostly by what I like to call a dark forest. The canopy of leaves overhead is so think it blots out most, if not all, sunlight before it can grace the forest floor. Navigating this region will be tricky, as the darkness only adds to the obstacles of large, thick roots that jutt out of the ground, along with vines and shrubbery barded with spikes. On a side note, this is the best region for camoflauging yourself.Night-vision glasses or a flashlight would help a tribute emensly in safely trepassing through this region. On either side of the dark forest are the rocky, ravine areas. These regions are dominated with deep cracks through the ground, and at the bottom swells fierce rapids, which would be difficult to swim your way out of, District 4 tribute or not, without a raft or a lifejacket. There are a few rope bridges that allow tributes to cross these ravines, but they are rotting and old, so it might be wise to take the long way around. Never the less, the area allows for a much faster trip to the Northern part of the island. The Northern part of the island is a peaceful meadow. Azure ponds and trickling rivers dot this area, providing safe, fresh water. Also, there is lots of game to be found, including rabbits, squirrles, frogs, foxes, beavers and birds. Bushes that yield fresh strawberries and various types of root plants are found here, providing a food source for tributes who cannot hunt. On the downside however, there is no concealment in the region, and even attempting to camoflauge yourself here will be difficult.

Pre-Game Alliances


Glitz Patina (1), Nicholas Chung (1), Hope Vicuna (2), Rovil Lariste (2), Alta Gilson (4), Caspian Barneck (4), Buck Rockwell (6) and Finn Torres (9).


Vivianne Goldé (3), Blade Spectrus (5), Nickel Noner (7), Eileen Shade (7), Olympias Athes (10), Ike Toussaint (10) and Willie Fry (13).

3 and 8 Alliance

Rebel Groot (3) and Banette Tsukomogami (8).

5, 11 and 12 Alliance

Lyra Pluto (5), Kiara Himura (11) and Ebony Grenslev (12).


Emery Fenn (6), Xia Sūn (8), Amor Rune (9), Shylock Bloodroot (11) and Edison Evergreen (12).


Alright, so basically, every tribute gets the standard $200 to begin with, and their training score can increase that, depending on the number.

Score Money Added
12 $300
11 $275
10 $250
9 $200
8 $175
7 $100
6 $75
5 $25
4 $25
3 0
2 0


District Females Money Males Money
1 Glitz $400 Nicholas $375
2 Hope $400 Rovil $450
3 Vivianne $275 Rebel $375
4 Alta $400 Caspian $400
5 Lyra $225 Blade $375
6 Emery $300 Buck $375
7 Eileen $375 Nick $300
8 Xia $225 Banette $375
9 Amor $300 Finn $375
10 Olympias $300 Ike $375
11 Kiara $275 Shylock $300
12 Ebony $375 Edison $300
13 Bluebell $225 Willie $225

You may sponsor your tributes at the end of each day, even if I do not ask for mentor advice.

Tributes can also earn money as the games progress:

  • For each day you tribute survives, they recieve $25.
    • Additionally, if your tribute has odds lower than 1-10, they will recieve an additonal $25.
  • For each kill your tribute gets, they will recieve $50.
  • If your tribute makes it to the final 8, they will recieve $50.

Sponsor Gifts To Be Sent/Were Sent

Day 1


Day 2



Sword (Any type): $225

Machete: $175

Knife (Around 4 inches in length): $100

Dagger (Anywhere from 6-9 inches in length): $125

Mace: $250

Hatchet: $125

Axe: $175

Throwing Axes (3): $200

War-Axe (Double Sided): $250

Trident: $200

Spear: $175

Awl: $100

Bow (With 12 Arrows): $200

6 Arrows: $75

Throwing Knives (6): $175

With Vest (9 knives instead of 6): $200

Blowgun (With 12 Darts): $150

Poison (Your choice of type): $100

Sickle: $150

Scythe: $200

Club (Wood): $100

Whip: $100

Water Related :

Water (One-Quart, lasts around 2 days): $125

Empty Water Bottle (One-Quart): $50

Iodine: $75

Gallon of Water (Lasts around 5 days): $200


Hint: The more it costs, the longer it will feed your tribute.

Bread (1 Loaf, can feed for 1-2 days): $100

Basket of Bread (six loaves, can feed for 4-5 days): $200

Soup: $75

Beef Jerkey (8 Strips): $125

Dried Fruit: $150

Feast from the Capitol: $300

Basic Survival Gear:

Jacket: $75

Gloves: $25

Sleeping Bag: $150

Tent (Sleeps 2): $200

Flint/Charcoal: $50

Macthes: $100

Wire (For traps, snares, etc): $75

Rope (For traps, snares, etc): $75

Empty Backpack: $25

Fishing Rood: $100

Net: $75


Gauze Roll: $50

Pain Killers: $50

Aniseptic: $50

First Aid Kit- Level 1 (Contains band-aids, one pain killer bottle, anispetic): $100

First Aid Kit- Level 2 (Contains gauze roll, band-aids, multiple basic medications, aniseptic, sterile cloth): $125

First Aid Kit- Level 3 (Contains gauze roll, band-aids, multiple medications, aniseptic, needle and thread, sterile cloth): $175

First Aid Kit- Level 4 (Contains gauze roll, heavy-duty bandages, multiple medications, needle and thread, sterile cloth, morphine): $225

Advacned Medicine: $300

Antidote: $175

Quick Revive: $450

Burn Cream: $150

Itch/Rach Cream: $100


Camoflauge Paint: $100

Flash-light: $75

Night-Vision Glasses: $125

Inflatable Raft (With 2 paddles): $150

Life Jacket: $50

Death Chart

Note: This will be updated at the end of each day, not after each update.

The 48th Annual Hunger Games

Day 1

Banette Tsukomogami

From the moment I rise up into the arena, I realize the games isn't really a game at all. So far all it has been is boring train rides, awkward silences when I was alone with my district partner and wearing pathetic outfits designed by my buffoon of a stylist made. Now it is about to turn into something more real, something more than a lame fairy tale about a lonely orphan boy who got to eat nice food and play dress up for a couple of days. And since it isn’t a game anymore, I should start acting like it. I look around intently, trying to soak in every detail of the arena around me. A murky looking water, littered with mounds of dirt and pale green grass that raises up to my waist is all around me and in the distance I can make out some sort of forest. On the plate to my left stands none other than Glitz Patina. Out of all the tributes, she is the only one I can't get a read on. All the other tributes I've either labeled "annoying", "too nice", "crazy" or "barely tolerable". But Glitz hasn't managed to fall into any of those categories. At times she seems rather normal, occasionally "nice" I suppose... But every once in a while during training, she would go crazy. Using her axe to slash the training dummies to pieces. To my right however, is my ally, Rebel Groots. Him and I aren't very much alike, and we think very differently. I guess the only reason I'm really allied with him is because I don't want to be alone... I shake the bitter feelings I've felt for years now, and I just focus on the countdown. 30... 29... 28... 27...

Vivianne Goldé

24... 23... 22... The amount of time before the games get smaller and smaller and I have trouble focusing. What if I trip and fall on a knife? What if someone grabs me from behind? What if my allies leave me? But I have to stop second guessing myself. There's no more time for that. I have to trust my abilities to yet me survive this. I have to make up for what happened with Drec... How I let him die... Yes, I have to win. To prove to myself I am not weak, that I am strong, and that I can fight. To rid myself of the insecurity that has been brewing inside me for the past three years.

I can win... And I will win.

Kiara Himura

10... 9...

The games are here. They really are here. There's no running from it. There's no hiding from it. I have to face it if I want to return back to 11. Back to the kids at the orphanage. Back to my father... Who will be all alone if I die. I have my allies, and I can fight if I have to. I'm fast... And I can camouflage myself. I do have a chance. It might be small compared to the Careers' chances... But it's still a chance. And I have to act on that chance now, because the timer is at 2... 1... 0...

Atla Gilson

My feet fly forward as shoot across the muddy ground and towards the cornucopia up ahead. To my side I spot that weakling, Xia, already stopping to grab some meager item like a water bottle. But I keep running towards the real supplies. The stuff reserved for careers like me. I'm a decent runner, so only a few other tributes arrive before I do, and even then nearly all of them are Careers so it doesn't matter. I enter the golden horn and snatch a trident from a rack before rushing back out to claim my first kill. Within the brief period of me being inside the golden horn, everything has erupted into chaos. Blood is flying through the air as the anti-careers attack my allies, and other tributes fight over sleeping bags and knives scattered about this marshy area. My feet shuffle for a moment, uncertain of where to go. There are so many tributes I could attack.

And finally my eyes lock on my target. I sprint towards Amor from 9, the quiet girl. She stands still, her eyes shaking in fear as she watches Nicholas Chung and Nickel try to slice each other to pieces. Guess she gets frightened by a little gore. As I reach Amor, I swing my trident, smacking her in the head with the shaft of the weapon. No need to kill her yet. She falls down with a quick scream as she realizes I've chosen her as my prey. Amor finally snaps out of her paralysis and tries to scramble away but I send her back down with a sturdy kick to the gut.

"This is gonna be fun!" I cackle before kicking her again, even though she hasn't gotten back up. I send my foot flying again, delivering a third kick to her gut. This time she coughs a little blood. As she moans she tilts her head towards me, giving me a look of confusion.

"Why haven't you killed me yet?" she whispers. I burst into laughter and kick her a fourth time. Then a fifth. And a sixth. And on and on until my foot grows numb from beating her.

"Because that wouldn't be any fun. Not like this has been," I finally answer. Amor rolls onto her back as more blood spews from her mouth thanks to my beating.

"But you know, I think I've had enough fun for one day." I grip my trident, and shove it into her skull.

Nickel Noner

I step back, just dodging the ark of Nicholas' sword. I came to the cornucopia in search of an axe, but Nicholas attacked me before I could find one. I only have a small knife to defend myself, and so far the fight has been very one sided. I'm going to have to get to my allies if I want a chance of surviving. In the corner of my eye I noticed Bluebell and Blade, but they didn't see me. So I'm going to have to get to them. Nicholas attacks again, this time jutting his sword towards my chest. I run to the right, towards Bluebell and Blade to dodge the sword.

"GU---" I start before the back of my collar is pulled and I'm thrown back onto the ground. I fall into the shallow water with a splash and I scramble back up to dodge Nicholas' sword swing. I'm not fast enough though, thanks to the water, and I feel the sword slice my right calf. I hobble forward but it's no use, Nicholas kicks me on my back and I fall back down. Twisting my body around, I see Nicholas about to swing his sword down into my body so I use my last option. I quickly reach down and splash the murky water up into his face, causing him to yelp and stagger back. I get up, knowing I have no hope of running and I tackle him. He drops his sword somewhere in the water and we slam down into some mud. I raise my fist and slam it down into his nose and it cracks on contact. I swing my fist again and it hits his mouth and he shrieks in pain. His hands fly up and grab my upper arms, his fingernails digging into my flesh and I fall back in surprise. He jumps up and lands on me, forcing my head down into the water. I try to bring it back up but I feel one of his hands shove it back down to the bottom. I start thrashing about, trying to unset him but I'm already feeling weaker by the lack of air. Panic starts to travel through me. I can't see a thing through this damn swamp water, how am I supposed to escape?

But Nicholas doesn't want to give me a chance to escape. I feel something hard slam into my face, defiantly to hard to be a fist, and blood starts coming from my mouth and my nose and merging into the filthy water. He hits me again. This time a hell of a lot harder. And I start to feel myself slipping away right before he hits me the third and final time.

Emery Fenn

I crouch in the tall reeds, quietly observing the bloodbath. After the gong went off I only went about ten feet forward to grab a few items before finding a suitable place to hide. Once a suitable looking victim, or victims, leave the cornucopia, I'll follow them to wherever they are headed and wait for the perfect moment to pick them off. But for now I get to watch teenagers murder each other, just like I would every other Hunger Games back at home. Except this isn't home. This is some gross-ass swamp with annoying mosquitoes and water that's getting into my shoes. The tributes I stalk better not decide to live here... I snap out of my thoughts as I notice Rebel and Banette running off, both carrying nice weapons and pretty big backpacks. I guess I'll follow them. I get up and run after them, but at a distance so that they won't follow me. The pair seem to be bickering over where to go and they suddenly stop running. I drop down into the grass again, whipping my head around to spot their enemy. But there is no one. I look back up and all they are doing is yelling at each other, which I can vaguely make out.

"I'm telling you---"

"---we need---"

"This marsh--- stop--- better."

"Can you--- just listen---"

I roll my eyes and glance over towards the cornucopia, now pretty far off in the distance. Too late to choose a alliance that isn't this annoying to follow.

Lyra Pluto

Splashing through the water and mud I make my way towards the yellow backpack resting on a mound of grass. I already have some dried fruit and a flashlight but there might be water in there, something my alliance will defiantly need. Kiara is waiting for Ebony and I at her silver plate because she didn't want to risk coming forward for supplies. I knew the potiental risk was worth getting my hands on at least some supplies however, but I'm not brave enough to get close to the cornucopia like Ebony is. I reach the back pack and sling it over my shoulder, knowing I don't have enough time to check it right now, and look over at the golden horn to try to spot Ebony.

"Ebony hurry!" I shout as soon as I spot her fighting over something with the girl from 3. She looks up when she hears me and lets going to the item, causing the girl from 3 to fall back onto the ground. Ebony turns and sprints towards me so I turn and run over to Kiara.

"What did you get?" She asks nervously as I reach her.

"Not much, just a back pack, some dried fruit and a flashlight," I respond. She nods before letting out a scream. I turn around just in time to see Shylock leaping towards us with a machete. I shove Kiara forward and run after her, dodging the blade of the weapon by a few inches. It sinks into the mud and Shylock starts trying to pry it out of the ground when Ebony tackles him onto the ground. The two begin wrestling around, swimging punches and kicks. Shylock, being bigger and considerably stronger, quickly gets the upperhand and puts Ebony into a headlock. As I take a step towards them, Ebony locks eyes with me and mouths one word.


But she can't do anything else because with one swift motion, Shylock snaps her neck. I turn around, tears emerging from my eyes and grab Kiara's hand. We start to run towards the trees in the distance, getting farther and farther away from Ebony's corpse. I glance back one last time, and Shylock has retireved his machete. Thankfully he decided not to follow us, but rather loot supplies from the green back pack Ebony had. Turning my head back to the front, I notice Kiara has started to sob, and many more tears are coming from her eyes than mine. I give her hand a somewhat reassuring squeeze, and we continue to run.

Eileen Shade

I duck as the barrage of throwing knives comes my way. Dropping down to the wet grass bellow me, I can hear the whiz of the blades as they sail above me. I get back up and run towards my allies and away from Rovil, who was flinging those daggers my way.

"Nickel's dead," I inform Ike nonchalantly as I reach him, Blade, Bluebell, Vivianne, Olympias and Willie.

"Damn it," Ike curses. But we don't have time to discuss the topic further, because Rovil and his friends Hope, Caspian and Buck are headed in our direction. If it were up to me I would just leave, but we 'have a plan'. And my part of the plan is to lead our 'weaker' or in my opinion, worthless, allies to the cornucopia safely so they can get their weapon of choice. I think it's pointless because they can't even use them anyways.

"Come on," I order Bluebell and Willie as I start to sprint towards the golden horn. Looking back, I see the others, besides Bluebell and Willie, charging the careers.

I hope they all die...

I run into the golden horn and head over to some throwing axes mounted on a rack over towards the back. I pick up three and look over at Bluebell and Willie: Willie is looking through a pile of sleeping bags (Seriously?) and Bluebell is just stnading around awkwardly.

"Well? Aren't you going to get something?" I ask impatiently.

"Could you help me look? I'm not sure where the throwing knives are..." she asks sweetly.

"Listen, Bluebell," I sneer, "You know what knives look like, I'm sure if you look hard enough, you can find them."

She seems taken aback, but doesn't respond. She passes me and goes to the back of the cornucopia to look for her knives. I look over at Willie, still digging through the sleeping bags like some sort of idiot, and I notice Rovil and Caspian running towards us. I grip one of my throwing axes and fling it at Rovil, but he nimbly leaps to the side and dodges the weapon.

"I've got the knives!" Bluebell says excitedly.

"Well now's a good time to use them," I shout back at her as the duo start getting closer and closer. Bluebell runs up next to me and starts flinging a few of the knives towards them. She isn't that good with them however and they don't even have to dodge most of them. I hurl my second axe at Rovil and he dodges a second time.

"Let's get out of here," I say, grabbing Bluebell's left shoulder and tugging her forward. Caspian runs towards us and raises his trident to throw at Bluebell. Without thinking, a throw my last axe at Caspian, and in the process trip over a submerged rock and fall into the water. Bluebell keeps running, probably because of what I said to her earlier, and I curse. I push myself back up but I know it's no use. Caspian raises his trident again, ready to throw it at me this time, but he hesitates. I use the moment to propell myself forward and break itno the fastest sprint I think I've ever ran. And I'm gettinga a good distance away from the boy from 4 when I realize I forgot something.


I look back to see Rovil yanking Willie out of the sleeping bag pile by his hair, exposing the crossbow at the bottom, and stick a knife in his neck. Well, there goes a second ally.

Ike Toussaint

"We lost Willie!" Eileen yells as she and Bell regroup with us. Blade, Olympias, Vivianne and I have been holding Nicholas, Hope and Buck at bay, but the three are tough fighters and we we've hardly given them a scratch. Meanwhile our alliance has already lost two, so things aren't looking up for the anti-careers. I nod to Vivianne, the signal for her and Bell to get the hell out of here, and she frowns. Vivianne whispers something to Bell and the pair run in the other direction while Blade throws to of his spears at the Careers to cover the fleeing duo. I grip my dagger tighter and sprint towards Buck, the Career I've decided to target. He thrusts his spear towards me, which I nimbly sidestep.

"Some Career you are! I can really tell the difference between the real Careers and you," I taunt, trying to make him become sloppy in rage. It seems to work, as he lets out a growl and charges straight at me. I jump to the left and narrowly avoid the tip of his spear. Getting back onto my feet, I notice Olympias in a fierce sword fight with Hope while Blade has attacked Nicholas with his machete. I whip around to see Buck running towards me again, so I dive downwards towards him, just under the spear and right through his legs. I swing my dagger across his left Achilles, making him screech in pain and fall to the ground. Before he can get up I stick the dagger deep within his back and sprint away.

"Let's get out of here!" I shout to Olympias, Blade and Eileen. I run in the direction Vivianne and Bell went, hoping none of the Careers have time to throw something at me.

Glitz Patina

"HELP! HELP!" Buck's cries of pain distract me from grappling over the package of dried fruit, giving Edison time to give me a solid punch to the nose. I fall back, letting go of the fruit and my ass hits the ground. He turns around and starts to run and I yell in anger and defeat. How could I let myself get distracted like that?! If Edison had a weapon, I would be dead right now. I'm just so angry... The world seems to be turning a tint of red as I loose control of my body. I get up, grabbing the knife from the ground beside me. My feet begin to move forward at speeds I never thought I could go, and I quickly catch up to Edison. He turns around when I start screaming like some sort of banshee. He panics, tries to run faster, and trips over a rock. I swing my knife, slicing his back all the way across horizontally. He drops the fruit and I step on the back of his neck, sending his face into a clump of grass. I swing the knife again, this time cutting his side open and he yells in pain.

"DIE! DIE! DIE!" I start chanting as I kick him onto his back and slam the knife into his gut, I rip the blade out, a swing it downwards again, puncturing a different part of his abdomen. "I WANT YOU TO DIE!" I start sobbing as I skewer him in the gut over and over and over, each time creating a new hole in his body for blood to shoot from. I finally move on, going forward and smash the knife into his neck, his screams turn into a sickening gagging sound as blood spews from his mouth. I want to stop, I want to vomit. But I can't. I bring the knife down one final time into his right eye, making one last bit of blood to squirt up and hit me in the face. I finally regain control of my body and fall back off of Edison's corpse. I break into more cries, terrified of what I had just done. And I realize... I feel so warm. I look down to see my entire torso is drenched in sticky, crimson blood, somehow warming me. I stop crying for a moment as I trace my index finger through the liquid, making a crude looking flower from it. Making the flower somehow calms me down, and I wipe the tears from my face and return to the others.

Hope and Caspian are crouched by Buck, trying to put various medicines on his deep wound. But I see the amount of blood, compare it to how much of Edison's I spilled, and realize there is no chance of him making it. As if on cue, he stops squirming and Hope brings her ear down to his neck.

"I don't hear a heartbeat!" she exclaims.

"Because that's not where you listen for a heart beat..." Caspian sighs, he puts his ear down on Buck's chest, and truly confirms his passing. I can't say I'm too upset over this, I didn't know Buck very well, him being the one of the only two Career recruits (the other being Finn), so it doesn't affect me as much as it would if Nick died.

"You alright?" Nick asks as he walks up to me worriedly.

"I'm fine," I reply shortly, and desperately try to change the subject. "Let's go see what's left in the cornucopia."

He nods in agreement and we enter the golden horn.

Xia Sun

I stumble through the gloomy forest, constantly tripping over rocks and arching roots concealed by the veil of darkness all around me. The world around me is so dark I can barely see my hand a few inches from my face. Instead I focus on my breathing, which has become very rapid after running for the past hour or so. Looking back, heading into the shady looking woods with only a rock as a weapon probably wasn't the best idea, but I doubt any other tributes will manage to find me. But the concealment is probably the only plus side of this area. If I can't even see, how am I supposed to find food? The prospect of starving to death wins over the opportunity to avoid all the other tributes, so I make I mental note to try to find my way out of the woods. I turn around, well at least I think I turn around, and start blundering the way I came. I keep my eyes peeled, on the look out for even the tiniest speak of light. But all around me I only see darkness. I realize that even if I could find food, there is no way I could stay here. This world I’m in... It just seems so unnatural... Demented? No, that’s not the right word. Eerie I suppose is the best synonym. I continue making my way, slowly, through the dense shrubbery, earning myself several cuts and gashes from the sharp thorns that adorn so many of the branches here.

But I keep moving. I can’t give up. No matter how the odds look, I’m not one to give up. The Capitol might’ve written me off when they saw my score, but I sure as hell didn’t. I remember reading in one of my old philosophy textbook the phrase: Mind of matter. It’s a theory that when the human mind gives up on something, they will never succeed, even if it is physically possible for them to do so. That is why I won’t give up. That is why I’m always moving forward. Finally, a glimpse of light graces my vision. And I begin making my way towards it. I finally stumble from the shrubbery and fall onto a smooth, stone surface.

And I look up, my eyes still adjusting to the sunlight, and see someone holding a knife before my head.

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