Alright everyone, HawkWD here with my final games, the 25th to be exact. Better known as the Trust Games. Being a Quarter Quell, there will be not one, but two twists. I won't reveal what they are now, but know they will make a huge impact on the games. Twice the amount of regular tributes will be required as well, and Districts 1-13, along with the Capitol, will be sending tributes to compete.

General Rules

  1. No being rude on this blog. Keep your drama on chat, or better yet, just not have any at all.
  2. No complaining if your tribute is killed, it's The Hunger Games, what do you expect?
  3. You may submit up to 4 tributes, but only 2 girls. Boys have an equal chance as girls do when it comes to winning, the victor of my first games was a boy.
  4. No saying "It's on my user page", but I do except HGRP wiki links, actually, that is prefered over anything else. I also don't want you asking me to pick who I like best, it's completely unfair to others.
  5. Unlike past games, I will be taking advice for your tributes but, only when I request it, not whenever you want to submit advice. If advice is given when I do not want it, it will be disregarded and your tribute will have less of a chance of winning.
  6. No reservations, there are some pre-reservations from a contest I had, but that is the lone exception.

Tribute Template




Main Weapon(s):


Feel free to do more if you want, the more you have, the more likely I will like your tribute.

Things I don't like when it comes to tributes

1. The classic "Oh I'm a Career girl from one but I don't like killing and I use a bow and arrow".

2. Tributes that are overly psychotic. On a scale of 1-10, I don't want any psychos over a 5.

3. Unoriginal tributes, aka tributes based off of Harry Potter characters, Creepypasta, etc. I want your original ideas.

Any tributes that fall under those categories will be not accepted. c:

The Tributes

District Female User Male User Female User Male User
1 Sparkle Hinsy TDR Balcony Frocket  TDR Trinity Stone Witch Zaphire Beux Joan
2 Avarosa Soverign Erlend Micheal Kaizer Leon Minerva Den Charlie Silvanous Justice Charlie
3 Duskus Sinrood Mist Finale Spectrus Mist Petra Mines Joan Lyno Nactuna Kaeghan
4 Mew Windlass Kekai Delta Bourne Kekai Delphine Triton Kekai Atlantis Tridenti Kekai
5 Volta Sparks D1 Troi Cian Joan Rune Tonic Luka Theodore Vendetta Sam
6 Novella Burnes Luka Cloize Crisante Jay Yuki Kokyu Mist Kodai Hitogoroshi Mist
7 Janu wong Emma Mordecai Darah Emma Nakomis Romanos Emma Panthern Agrios Emma
8 Hazel Underwood Nick Hibernius Rashid Nick Fabrey Texx Nick Blade Spectrus Death
9 Anala Henderson TDR Serque Flash TDR Wayde Heartby Kaeghan Brock Olsen Leon
10 Helena Krisp Sam Xavier Doron Wes Aurora Mendoza Colin Halycon Theradras Charlie
11 May Morningleaves Anna Cyprian Arys Charlie Salome Gemina Wes Devin Gemina Wes
12 Beta Spring Charlie Sapphire Raymond D1 Reyna Alvarez Colin Nitro Neutren Kaeghan
13 Piper Quinn Sam Harley Swoop Sam Elieth Lightstorm Joan Shadow Titan JJ
Cap Hester Riva Wes Alexander Creepsley Nick Dawn Olive D1 Dusk Olive D1

First Day of Training

Janu Wong

Waving goodbye to my mentor, I step into the elevator along with my three district partners. As we ride down to the training center, an uncomfortable silence plagues our group. At first, I tried to talk with the other three but... We are all so different. Panthern is very vile, I tried to talk to him once and he flipped me off before walking away. Nakomis is very quiet and somewhat mysterious, never really responding to anything I say to her. And Mordecai... Well... I've always been taught not to talk to him. Back in seven, he is a low street rat. I know my mother would kill me is I tried talking to him, so I've followed Nakomis and Panthern's lead by isolating him completely.

The elevator arrives at the training center and I'm a bit relieved to get away from my strange district partners. Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I walk over to the large group of tributes waiting for the last stragglers to arrive so the head trainer can begin. I take the opportunity to examine some of the competition. The girl from 10, Helen or Heather, catches my eyes. I give a small wave to her and she rolls her eyes. The little girl from 4 and her brother or cousin or something stand closely together. All of the other tributes tower over this girl, much like me, yet you can tell she still seems confident and determined.

As the last of the tributes arrive in the training center, I start growing more and more wary. All the male Careers look like powerful brutes, one of the 6 boys is practically some fanged beast and most of the other tributes seem tough. My confidence starts to crumble beneath me as the head trainer prepares to speak.

Part 1 of the Twist Explaination:

I'm far too lazy to write out a dreadfully boring pov of a trainer explaining a twist, so I'm just gonna some it up here.

At the end of the first day of training, the tributes will get preliminary scores and odds. A combonation of these two numbers will detirmine who they fight/are teamed up with in the 2 on 2 round. Now, I know what you are all thinking,"Dustin, this is so overdone, battle at the reapings, Nemesis Games, etc etc...". Well, it isn't overdone, because I'm mixing it up a bit.

All four of the tributes can make it out of the match alive.

So basically, the tributes have 10 minutes to do 2 things. A) Kill the other team, or B) Work with the other team to find a way out of the 2-on-2 arena. If they haven't escaped or killed off the other team at the 5 minute mark, mutts are released or other traps start going off, at the 10 minute mark, everyone dies. You can gain an extra minute for each tribute you kill, weither it be on the other team, or your own ally.

Ask me in the comments if you have any questions!

Twist 1: Love thy neighbor's soul for take...

Matches Order

The little numbers by their name mean this: (District/Training Score)

Delphine Triton (4/9) and Novella Burnes (5/5) vs Anala Henderson (9/6) and Volta Sparks (5/5)

Aurora Mendoza (10/7) and Xavier Doron (10/8) vs Cloize Crisante (6/9) and Petra Mines (3/8)

Avarosa Soverign (2/10) and Silvanous Justice (2/10) vs Panthern Agrios (7/9) and Wayde Heartby (9/8)

Finale Spectrus (3/8) and Helena Krisp (10/9) vs Trinity Stone (1/8) and Serque Flash (9/7)

Hiberius Rashid (8/?) and May Morningleaves (11/?) vs Kodai Hitogoroshi (6/?) and Dusk Olive (C/?)

The Matches

Delphine Triton

"Delphine Triton and Novella Burnes," a cold voice says over the intercom. A feeling of dread washes over me as a rough peacekeeper grips my right arm and begins leading me down the grey hall. Deep breaths Delphine.. In, out... In, out... I think to myself. I can't panic. Not now, not when the stakes have never been higher. I have a chance... A chance to save three other innocent lives. I have to make sure my ally, my opponents and I all escape this... Death match? I don't even know what to call it anymore. All I know is that I have to succeed. If I don't, innocent lives, and mine for that matter, could end within ten minutes. But that won't happen, I will make sure everyone survives this.

The peacekeeper shoves me into a glass tube, similar to the one Novella is in a few feet to my side, and the door slides shut, trapping me within. The tube begins to rise and my breaths become shallow and rapid again.

In. Out. In. Out.

No. I can't panic now. Not when the stakes have never been higher.

Novella Burnes

The tube carries me up into the arena, and the gong goes off instantly. The only tribute I can see is my partner Delphine, who I have no intention of killing. She seems kindhearted, and had already expressed her desire to save everyone in her battle. That might be impossible though... It all depends on who we are facing. As for the arena around me, it seems to be some sort of pit. The sides and floor are coated in a tile with elaborate patterns and designs. It would be quite the beauty if it weren’t chip and cracked, as if the artist who so carefully crafted them decided to destroy his work. Thick, pale green vines coat the tiles, and all around are piles of shattered tiles and half destroyed pillars.

“Weapons,” I say, pointing to a cluster of daggers over by a mound of tiles and dead vines. We sprint over to them and I grab the deadliest looking one, if Delphine’s non-violence plan falls through, I defiantly will need the most dangerous weapon I can get my hand on. Delphine on the other hand, has the opposite idea, she grabs a small switchblade from the group of weapons and sticks it in her pocket.

“We’re already running out of time,” Delphine mutters, pointing to the timer projected above, it steadily decreases, already passing the seven minute mark. “The exit is most likely the top of the pit, if we climb up these vines, we could easily get out.”

I nod in agreement, ”I suggest we start climbing now, the other team will spot us and do the same.”

Delphine shakes her head. “We need to find them first. We need to make sure they get out too,” she says stubbornly. I sigh in defeat and we start jogging throughout the area in search of our enemies. We weave through aging pillars and I spot a flash of short red hair. Anala. I run towards it silently, intent on catching the tribute. I hear footsteps to my left, coming from behind a large heap of the tiles and round it.

“Ana--” I start before the hatchet slams into my neck.

Delphine Triton

“NOVELLA!” I scream out, tears cascading from my eyes as blood spews from her neck. Anala from 9 emerges from the pile, bloody hatchet in her hand.

“I’m so sorry!!! I panicked and-- and--” Anala begins, clearly recognizing my pacifist nature, before falling to her knees in tears. Her ally, Volta, reluctantly emerges from the mound of tiles, but she drops her dagger in a sign of peace. I sprint towards Novella as blood continues pouring from her neck and she falls onto the ground, gasping for air.

“I can save her. I can save her. I can save her.” I whisper over and over as I rip the arm of my long-sleeved shirt off and press it against her neck. Apply pressure. Apply pressure. I think to myself. “I can save her. I can save her. I can save her.” The crimson blood quickly darkens my white shirt and starts seeping through.

“Help. Me,” I gasp as I start hyperventilating. In. out. In. out. I can’t panic now. Not when the stakes have never been higher. Volta and Anala quickly tear pieces of their garments off and press them against Novella’s neck. Novella begins raising her arm, at first I think it is to help clamp her neck shut or to shove Anala away, but her index finger juts out as her shaky arm points to the sky above.

I quickly glance upwards.

The clock reads four minutes, forty-seven seconds.

Anala Henderson

When my mind registers the time is running out Volta starts screaming.

“SNAKES! SNAKES!” She jumps up, abandoning Novella’s bleeding form and sprints towards the side of the pit. I begin wiping my head side to side. Snakes. Coming from all directions. Distinct, colorful patterns across their back. The old saying my parents told me before I went to play in the wheat fields of 9 echoes in my mind.

Red on yellow, you’re a dead fellow.

Normally, snakes will ignore you if you leave them alone, but I doubt the Capitol didn’t insert some sort of hormone into them that’ll make them very eager to bite us.

“They’re poisonous!” I yelp, my hands leaving Novella’s throat. I feel guilty for slashing her throat, but my compassion only goes so far.

“We can’t leave her!” Delphine cries out, tying the fabric around Novella’s throat and attempting to get the blood-drenched girl on her feet. Begrudgingly, I go to Novella’s other side and together, Delphine and I hoist her up and begin making our way to the wall. Volta is already making her way up, but she isn’t a very fast climber, and isn’t near the top yet. We hobble towards the side, stumbling over the various pieces of tiles scattered across the ground. Novella isn’t moving her feet at all, and it is seriously slowly Delphine and I down. With the snakes getting closer and closer, I know in my gut we won’t make it.

Suddenly I feel myself knocked to the left and look to see Novella standing on her own, as she shoved Delphine aside as well.

“Go...” she gasps, droplets of blood spewing from her mouth.

And with that, she takes a step back and falls into the snakes.


I lunge to the right, latch onto Delphine’s hand, and practically drag the girl to the wall.

“Climb!” I scream as I grip onto the vines and begin pulling myself out of the pit. Delphine and I are decent climbers and we reach the halfway point, where Novella has just reached. Looking down, the snakes are slithering up the wall, but they are slow enough that it won’t be a concern. I sigh in relief, we might just make it. But then I notice the pit is getting darker. I look up, and the first thing I notice is the timer reads one minute. The second thing I notice is that some sort of sliding door is about to cover the pit. We won’t make it.

Unless... Unless we have more time.

Without thinking anymore, without second guessing myself, without considering the basics of human compassion and morality, I swing my hatchet into Volta’s skull.


The timer goes from one minute to two, and Delphine screams in terror as Volta’s limp body falls from the vines and into the swarm of snakes bellow. Tears begin streaming down my face. Just climb, Anala. Don’t think. Don’t feel. Just climb. And I do. Delphine and I hoist ourselves over the edge of the pit and onto high ground as the door slides shut with a sickening creak. And with that, Delphine and I are the first survivors of the 2 on 2 round.

Aurora Rose

My tube slowly brings me up into what could quite possibly be my doom and I brace myself, ready for any horrific surroundings I've been placed in. But it isn't horrific... It's just a museum. Xavier looks as surprised as I am, I both of us hardly even register the gong. I look around, and under closer inspection we seem to be in a exhibit dedicated to China's old empires. Ancient looking coins and a old-looking compass sit in the nearest display case while a mannequin in a oriental looking dress is in the center of the room. Nothing that could be used as weapons though, so Xavier and I go through the only exit and into a long hallway with maps depicting China’s various empires like the Song and the Ming. Finally, at the end of the hallway a map of the museum is in place. I quickly scan the map and locate a room labeled “Chinese Weapons of the Middle Ages”.

“Jackpot,” I announce, my index finger placed against the label to show Xavier.

“Nice job,” he mutters in a sarcastic tone.

“No need to be a di--” I start before unleashing a scream.

Petra and Cloize are both sprinting down the hallway, armed with deadly looking swords. I turn to run, ducking as one of Petra’s knives sails over my head and into a display case, sending bits of glass across the room. I sped up, only to slip on the glass and crash into the floor, giving myself a bunch of cuts in the process. Getting up, I notice Petra taking Xavier’s punch in the jaw, and sprawling back onto the ground. Cloze is making his way towards me, and defiantly taking his sweet time.

“Are you going to run? I’d love to watch you try to scamper away like a useless rat,” he snickers. Ignoring his insult, I run back and retrieve Petra’s knife. It is awkward to carry, as the knives I’m used to using aren’t from the ancient Chinese era, but it’ll have to do. I turn around to see Cloze swinging his sword towards my face. I step back, avoiding the sharp blade by less than and inch, and slash my knife towards his neck. He pries the attack away and tackles me onto the ground. My knife slips from my hand and skitters across the cold marble floor.

“This is gonna be fun,” Cloze snarls as he draws a knife from his pocket. No, I can’t go out like this. Not pinned to the ground and in some psychopath’s mercy. Cloze places the tip of his knife gently against my left cheek, and slowly starts to apply pressure. I reach out with my hand, the knife just out of my fingertips.


I focus harder on the ground, desperately searching for a weapon to use against Cloze as his knife causes blood to emerge from my cheek. The glass. The goddamn glass. I sweep across the floor with my arms, feeling for a piece big enough. As I feel the tip of the knife enter the cavern of my mouth, my hand latches onto a decent sized piece of sharp glass. I swing my hand up, aiming for his neck.

Petra Mines

Xavier grunts as my foot connects with his crotch. Yes, it was a cheap attack, but the oaf had me on the ground. and Petra Mines isn’t going to let some cowboy from 10 take her down. He staggers back, clutching his crotch and I grab my sword.


Xavier’s head falls onto the floor with a satisfying smack as his body, spewing blood from the neck, falls in the other direction. I turn, expecting to see Cloze finishing up that pathetic excuse for a tribute Aurora, only to see his body on the ground, a piece of glass in his neck. I sprint past his body and turn the corner to see her entering a room labeled “Terracotta Warriors”. Following her, I curse, the entire room is filled with at least a hundred stone statues of Chinese soldiers. But I have to give Aurora credit, she sure is making this difficult. I sprint through the immobile sculptures, and spot Aurora’s brown hair as she runs towards a service ladder on the side of the room.

“Where the hell are you going,” I whisper as she begins heaving herself up the ladder. Looking up, I see that the ladder leads to a catwalk twenty feet above, probably used by maintenance people to adjust the lights or something.

“You’re only postponing the inevitable!” I shriek to her in rage. This is taking too long. I need to finish this brat off.

“Am I?” Aurora snickers, “Looks like you’re out of time Petra.”

I look up again, this time focusing on the clock projected on the ceiling, and realize the five minute mark as been reached. I sprint towards the ladder as the once inanimate statues around me start moving. The gamemaker trap is obvious here, a terracotta army. A few feet from the ladder a stone arm juts out and clothes-lines me backwards. The warriors begin focusing in on me.

“No! No! NO!” I start screaming. I swing my sword towards the closest warrior, smashing its head into pebbles. This seems to only agitate the others, one grab my arm and pulls me to the ground, and the rest begin kicking me on the sides.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

My ribs begin snapping as the kicks become more and more violent. One statue slams its foot down into my abdomen, causing me to spew blood into the air. They continue to kick and step on me, my vision slowly blurs and my eyes begin to shut. I look up and see Aurora’s blurry face set in a frown instead of the smug smile it was a few moments ago.

My eyes focus on one of the terracotta warrior’s face and one last thought crosses my mind.

I don't think the statues were smiling before...


  • In the first draft, Delphine and Anala were going to die while Novella was the lone survivor, but after a complete re-write, she was the first to die and Delphine and Anala were the survivors.

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