Welcome one and all to my user competition thing. Yes I know a million of these have been made lately but frankly, IDAGF. c:

On that happy note, let's get on with the rules and shiz.

How the "Game" Is Played

The game will start out with me (Dustin c:) getting murdered in a big fat mansion. Hey! Don't look so happy about it *glares at Kiki*! You will have to figure out how I died. You will get to choose what to investigate, last known whereabouts, the morgue and the crime scene. Depending on which location you choose, I will pm you the information that you will recieve by investigating that area. In order to discover the other clues, you will have to ask other players who visited other areas. A riddle or puzzle will also be posted, and whoever solves it first gets a extra clue/hint. But beware, other palyers might change a bit of information or leave a important piece out when you ask them for help. Why? Because in the end, you will have to pm me the way that you think I was killed, and the person who was the least correct will be killed, starting the process over again. But who is the killer?

The Killer is one of you. :3

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!


  1. You MUST be active in chat, preferably when I'm on chat.
  2. Don't be all pathetic when/if you die. You should've palyed the game better.
  3. If you ask me for an extra hint, I will give you false information.


Name Status
Raynah Alive
Emma Alive
Connor Alive
Liza Alive
Andy Alive
Kiki Alive
Caylin Dead
Justin Alive
Oli Alive
Jade Alive


  • Chart is in no particular order*

Elimination Chart

Mystery 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
11- Dustin DEAD


Green represents the contestant who's theory was the closest to how the person was murdered that time.
Yellow represents the contestnat who was spared from being killed.
Orange represents the contestant(s) who were almost murdered that week, AKA Scared.
Red represents the contestant killed off that week.

  • Chart is in no particular order until dead*

Murder 1: I Take a Fall

11 limos slowly pulls up to a lavish, massive mansion on the horizon, each carrying a unlucky contestants to play a diabolical game of murder. As the black vehicles arrive, the contestants stepped out and are immediately in awe of the beautiful manor before them. Each walks up the marble steps, through the intricately designed doors and into the massive parlor. A glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling, silver armor dating back to medevil times line the halls and various rugs and curtains imported from thousands of miles around lay on the floor. 

"This place is huge," Oli says in awe. 

Two maids enter then room and passes around "apple cider", not champagne, DEFIANTLY  not champagne. Everyone makes small talk and sips their not champagne when suddenly a lone butler enters the room.

"Hello everyone and welcome to Rue Manor. The staff will show you to your rooms so you can prepare for dinner where the rules of the game can be discussed. The butler turns and exits the room. Everyone gives each other worried glances because of the mysterious butler. Everyone is escorted upstairs and to their rooms where they prepare for dinner by putting on their best evening wear.

The quiet and eerie atmosphere is suddenly shattered when a loud crash emits from the parlor. All the guests and staff quickly rush to the source of e sound to discover Dustin laying face up on the parlor floor in a pool of blood.

The butler gently lifts Dustin's wrist and checks for a pulse, there is none. The maids quickly escort the remaining 10 guests into the dinning hall.

After a few moments the butler enters.

"I'm afraid Dustin is dead," he says, his voice void of any emotion.

"YES!!! I mean uh--- oh drats," Kiki shouts. 

"Dustin's death was no accident, it appears he has been murdered by one of you," the butler continues. Everyone gives each other accusing glances, mostly directed towards Kiki, ad the butler continues to speak.

"That is why you are here. One by one you will be picked off by the killer until one is left to discover, whodunnit."

"But first you must discover how the killer murdered Dustin. You may either decide to investigate the crime scene, in this case, the parlor. The morgue, where you may scrutinize Dustin's cold corpse. Or, the last known whereabouts, where you may search for any clues in his bedroom. I will give you a few moments to decide."

Crime Scene, Morgue or Last Known?

Please tell me in pm where you would like to look for clues (CRIME SCENE, MORGUE OR LAST KNOWN WHEREABOUTS). :3 In 8 hours or when all the people receive their information the first riddle will be posted. If I am not on chat message my talk page and I will try to get on chat ASAP.

NOTE: I feel quilts for missing 1-2 people when I had planned to come on but unexpected circumstances kept me away. So you can still choose a investigation site even though I am posting the riddle!!!

In order to find out what clues are in the other locations, ask the people who went to those locations. Although these people may lie to you or leave stuff out in order to win :P The chart bellow is for your conviencence.

Name Where They Investiagted
Raynah Last Known
Emma Last Known
Connor Crime Scene
Liza None
Andy The Morgue
Kiki Last Known
Caylin The Morgue
Justin Crime Scene
Oli Crime Scene
Jade None

The Riddle

It seems as if the killer has left a important riddle for you to solve. Each person will try to solve the riddle, and whoever solves it in the least amount of time will receive a valuable clue to help solve their case.

PM me in chat for the riddle.

Riddle solving time is OVER.

Connor solved the riddle the fastest, and therefore he gets the clue. The rest of you must ask him to get it.

State Your Case

This is it. With all the information you have, tell me exactly what you think the Killer did to kill Dustin. Even the smallest missed detail can be the difference between life and death. Give it to me in pm whenever you are ready, although there is a 2 day deadline.

The Scared and Spared Cards

After stating their cases, everyone nervously entered the dinning room to wait for their fate to be announced. The Butler soon entered, carrying 10 envelopes for each contestant.

"Before I hand these cards out to you, let me explain. If you get a 'spared' card that means you are safe, get a 'scared' card, and you might be the next murder the others will be investigating. The Killer ranking your theories on a scale of 1-10, if you get bellow a 3, or are the one of the people with the lowest score, you will be scared. The person with the highest score will get recognition," the butler explained in a eerie tone of voice. He opened the first envelope, containing the name of the person with the highest score.



You have come the closest to discovering how I made Dustin take that fall. You are spared this time. As for the rest of you, let me reveal what you failed to understand,” the butler read.

“While everyone was getting ready for tonight’s dinner, I slipped out of my room and towards Dustin’s door. While he busy getting his finest suit, I pulled a bobby pin from my pocket and easily broke in to Dustin’s locked room. Before he could react to my presence I punched him squarely in the nose with my gloved hand, sending blood from his nose and onto his bed. Then I pulled a slender, metal wire from my pocket and wrapped it tightly around his throat so he couldn’t speak a word or even breathe in a puff of air. As I pulled the wire tighter and tighter blood began to come from his neck wound and drip down onto the floor, accounting for the large bloods splatter in his room. After Dustin died of a lack of oxygen, I dragged his corpse down the hallway, leaving a trail of blood drops in our wake. Halfway down the stairs I heaved his body over the banister and onto the parlor floor with a smack.

Sincerely, Your Killer.”

Everyone gave each other confused glances, hardly anyone had the full story on how Dustin died. The butler silently handed everyone their envelopes, before addressing Justin.

“Please open your envelope,” he ordered. Justin pulled the card from the envelope and revealed the blood red ink reading ‘Scared’. Next was Kiki, who could barely keep tears off her face as she fearfully opened the envelope. She let out a gasp of relief upon reading the word ‘spared’ on her card.

Following Kiki was Connor who opened has card with little confidence, luckily for him, he also received a ‘spared’ card. Connor’s ally Andy then opened his card, but instead of relief, he was filled with terror by getting his ‘scared’ card. Cinder and Liza opened theirs at the same time and were both greeted with the word ‘spared’. Jade and Oli also got a spared cards, and only Caylin was left.

She tore open her envelope eagerly only to find out she had also gotten a ‘scared’ card.

“Now it’s time for everyone to adjourn to their bedrooms. Goodnight, and hope only the bedbugs bite,” the Butler said ominously.

Everyone went off to bed, wondering who would be around the next morning

NOTE: Anyone who did not submit a theory was randomly given a score. If you want to know your exact score

Murder 2: Not-So-Green Thumb

The first pair to arrive to the dinning room for breakfast are Emma and Connor, who both received spared cards yesterday. Soon Cinder, Liza, Jade, Oli and Kiki join them, leaving only the people with scared cards absent from the breakfast table.

"Maybe we should go check on them," Kiki suggests.

"I'm sure they're fine, well at least 2 of them are," Liza responds. 

Everyone eats in silence when Justin walks in.

"JUSTIN YOU'RE ALIVE!!!" Raynah says excitedly, she runs up and Gives him a high-five.

"Are Andy and Caylin not down here?" he asks nervously. 

"Nope," Oli responds. 

"I'm here now!" someone shouts.

Everyone turns around to see someone entering the room.

"Thank goodness you're alright---

Andy!" Liza says.

"If Justin and Andy are here, we all know who didn't survive the night," Kiki says solemnly. 

Suddenly a blood curdling scream emits from outside. 

"Oh no!!! It sounds like Caylin!" Emma screams. Everyone runs out onto the patio, trying to locate Caylin. 

"I think it's coming from the greenhouse!!!" Connor shouts. Everyone rushes to the glass greenhouse on the edge of the property, the screams getting louder and louder the closer they get. Once everyone gets close enough they can see Caylin on the greenhouse floor, clutching her face and thrashing about. Justin reaches to open the door but suddenly someone grabs his shoulder.

"Don't go in yet! We don't know what's going on in there," the butler orders sternly. The maids usher everyone back to the patio as Caylin's screams die down to moans, and then a deadly silence.

Everyone sits on the patio, shaken by the gruesome death that happened just before their eyes. Kiki cries into Emma's shoulder and Justin and Andy both think about how that could've been one of them. The butler solemnly walks up to the patio.

"Caylin is dead. Now it is time to investigate her murder so you do not end up like our two murdered guests. You may choose one of the following areas to investigate, the crime scene, this time the greenhouse. The last known whereabouts, which is Caylin's bedroom. Or the morgue, where you will examine Caylin's corpse."

Crime scene, Morgue, Last Known

You know the drill, tell which area you want to investigate and I will give you the info in PM. Ask other people who visited the other two areas for that information.


This Murder will be very easy to solve if you get all three areas' information. If you only have 1 it will be near-impossible, 2 it will be hard, but with all 3 it will be a piece of cake. Try to get all 3 area information.

The second tip is when I give you or someone else gives you info, paste it somewhere so if you forget it you won't have to worry.

Name Where They Investiagted
Raynah The Morgue
Emma Last Known
Connor The Morgue
Liza Crime Scene
Kiki The Morgue
Justin Crime Scene
Oli Last Known

The Riddle

Ask me in pm on chat for it. DO NOT GET IT FROM ANYONE ELSE. It is timed so...

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