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  • I live in new zealand
  • I was born on June 3
  • My occupation is school
  • I am weird
  • Haybernathy

    And I apologise for not being very "active" during that time. I've been extremely busy, and I even am now, however I've been receiving a lot of messages lately about chat and I thought that I should set things straight.

    Chat will be coming back, but first things first;

    • Remember that if such behaviour continues, chat will be gone for much longer, or even permanently.
    • Have tolerance and be mature. Wikia is a place to edit and meet new people, not to argue with everyone and cause fights.
    • Don't bombard anyone with messages about chat moderator rights. Be patient.

    I know that it may seem that what you've done is fine, and there's nothing wrong with it, but try to see how it would feel in the mod's shoes. Please just stay mature. And if you have any othe…

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  • Haybernathy

    IRC Channel

    April 30, 2012 by Haybernathy

    Due to the constant trouble on chat, we've opened up an IRC. IRC is a place to chat, and many Wikis use it.

    It stands for "Internet Relay Chat" and has many more functions than Special:Chat. You can quieten the room if an argument is going out of control, or just a single user. You can also kick and kickban. A kick allows the user to come back afterwards, but a kickban stays until a channel operator undoes it.

    IRC is a lot easier for mods and admins to keep under control. It's also a lot better and spam doesn't always necessarily flood.

    We'll be switching officially to IRC soon (i.e. disabling chat and using that), so be prepared for when that happens.

    You can visit this page for basic commands. There are instructions on the main page on how t…

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  • Haybernathy

    The 100th Hunger Games

    January 24, 2012 by Haybernathy

    Welcome, all, the the 4th annual quater quell! This year, each tribute will be hand picked by the game makers! So, we'll have a bunch of extremely skilled fighters! Please, when submitting, submit your absolute best or favourite tribute - perhaps already a victor, if you wish. They then must be accepted by me, head game maker! So, you're not really garentueed a spot if you submit. The tribute can also be of any age. Good luck, all. And may the odds be ever in your favour!

    Now that my first games are finished, I want to start with new ones straight away! I hope you enjoy. :)

    A big thank you to BlueDagger for the quell idea!

    District Female Male User
    One Arlo Pricens Sterking Silver KEAP
    Two Kaitlin Vail Alex Fisher BlueDagger
    Three Eclipse Night Twilight Nig…

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  • Haybernathy

    The 2nd Hunger Games

    December 27, 2011 by Haybernathy

    Male Female District User
    Excel Rose Bascule Du Fey One Prezziesnow9704:)!
    Levi Stone Anna Marie de Caprio Two Necterine411
    Lucky Dawn Digit Starr Three Anon....
    Apollo Elto Artemis Elto Four Rueflower
    Harris Jon Kathrina Loula Five ~ilovepeeta~
    Jack Dawson Rose DeWitt Bukater Six Rueflower
    Wood Green Golden Axe ? Seven Everdeen
    Daniel Carson Iroha Jerlin Eight Cutekittenkatara
    Pine Tucker Forest Bringer Nine Clove1001
    Adam Beirne Taylor Thorn Ten Firecatcher3
    Thunder Way Asia Madding Eleven

    Team Peeta Anna

    Drake Dust Azura Mellark Twelve Nate777

    District Money Count
    District One $10,000.00
    District Two $15,000.00
    District Three $1,000.00
    District Four $1,500.00
    District Five $12,000.00
    District Six $10,500.00
    District Seven $10,100.00
    Disrict Eight $12,500.00
    District Nine $16,000.00

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