And I apologise for not being very "active" during that time. I've been extremely busy, and I even am now, however I've been receiving a lot of messages lately about chat and I thought that I should set things straight.

Chat will be coming back, but first things first;

  • Remember that if such behaviour continues, chat will be gone for much longer, or even permanently.
  • Have tolerance and be mature. Wikia is a place to edit and meet new people, not to argue with everyone and cause fights.
  • Don't bombard anyone with messages about chat moderator rights. Be patient.

I know that it may seem that what you've done is fine, and there's nothing wrong with it, but try to see how it would feel in the mod's shoes. Please just stay mature. And if you have any other questions that haven't been answered in this blog, leave a comment. I may be looking for mods seeming a lot of ours have left over the past month, but you need to show me that you'll make a good one. Popularity and respect won't make a good mod.

And because I'm me, I'll just throw this out here again.

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