Welcome, all, the the 4th annual quater quell! This year, each tribute will be hand picked by the game makers! So, we'll have a bunch of extremely skilled fighters! Please, when submitting, submit your absolute best or favourite tribute - perhaps already a victor, if you wish. They then must be accepted by me, head game maker! So, you're not really garentueed a spot if you submit. The tribute can also be of any age. Good luck, all. And may the odds be ever in your favour!

Now that my first games are finished, I want to start with new ones straight away! I hope you enjoy. :)

A big thank you to BlueDagger for the quell idea!


District Female Male User
One Arlo Pricens Sterking Silver KEAP
Two Kaitlin Vail Alex Fisher BlueDagger
Three Eclipse Night Twilight Night Clove1999
Four Misty Blue Logan Blue Nate777
Five Thorn Tinder

Cobalt Wood

Six Sparkle Rose Ryan Hilford Iluvgale
Seven Fawn Sage Blaze Hawk Firecatcher3
Eight Michelle Beach Cod Harbor Necterine411
Nine Lilith Max Vaz Skyandbray
Ten Summer Denim Tye Red Everdeen
Eleven Winter Grakineey Max Summers Rockman117
Twelve Mariah Abernathy Brem Farere QuinnQuinn

Training Scores

  • Arlo Pricens, District One - 7
  • Sterking Silver, District One - 9
  • Kaitlin Vail, District Two - 9
  • Alex Fisher, District Two - 8
  • Eclipse Night, District Three - 7
  • Twilight Night, District Three - 8
  • Logan Blue, District Four - 7'
  • Misty Blue, District Four - 7
  • Thorn Tinder, District Five - 9
  • Cobalt Wood, District Five - 6
  • Sparkle Rose, District Six - 7
  • Ryan Hilford, District Six - 7
  • Fawn Sage, District Seven - 8
  • Blaze Hawk, District Seven - 8
  • Michelle Beach, District Eight - 9
  • Cod Harbor, District Eight - 7
  • Max Vaz, District Nine - 6
  • Lilith, District Nine - 9
  • Summer Denim, District Ten - 5
  • Tye Red, District Ten - 7
  • Winter Grakineey, District Eleven - 8
  • Max Summers, District Eleven - 7
  • Mariah Abernathy, District Twelve - 12
  • Bren Farere, District Twelve - 8



So, this is a basic map of the arena. Your plate will open up on the ocean floor and you must swim to the top. The cornucopia will then be on the sand. Beware, though, the placings of these four climates may change. There will be mutts anywhere, so be careful!

Let the games begin!

Day 1

Winter Grakineey, District 11 - Ocean

As my plate rises, what I was dreading becomes a reality. Why else would they give us snorkels and wetsuits? We also all have a backpack, but I haven't opened it yet. It's rather light, so there's probably no food or weaponry. I struggle to keep stabilized as the fish around me leave their wake behind them as they swim away. I'm so overwhelmed by everything it's becoming hard to breathe. But I must. I can't die now. Not on the first day.
Once the minute is up, I relax my feet and start drifting of. I take full control of myself and begin swimming upwards. I've never swam before - with my District being eleven and all. District four has an unfair advantage. I'm having trouble swimming. There was nothing like this at the training center, and I'm not a fast learner. But I try my hardest. I spot the district two boy. He seems to be doing a frog like motion, so I give it a try. It's a lot easier this way, but very tiring.
When I finally reach the surface, I rip my snorkel off and gasp for air. I swim forward to get towards the sand. Once I do, I lie there for a minute or two for a rest. I eventually get up and run to the golden horn that has the weapons. I get there to find Arlo, the district one boy, testing out an axe. He spots me and throws it my way. I hear his piercing laugh as I fall to the ground. Dead. On the first day . . .

Brem Farere, District 12 - Cornucopia

I hold my stance as the district one girl slowly walks towards me. We both have swords, but I am a much more skilled fighter. Shee glances over to the district eleven boy who had just dropped to the ground with an axe in his head, and I disarm her. I push her to the ground and fear fills her eyes. I stab her in the chest and smile. My first kill. It widens as I see her losing all colour in his skin as the blood flows out. I drop my sword and leave to see the other pile of weapons. I spot a tiny gun and my eyes light up. A gun! I run towards it filled with excitement, but I'm afraid I never made it. The district two boy, one of the biggest ones here, gets to it before me. He notices my slow in pace and raises his eyebrows. He aims his gun towards me and fires.

Mariah Abernathy, District 12 - Cornucopia

I almost fall over at the sight of the arena. Not the water . . . after that. Once I saw the water, I knew we'd have a district four victor. But now, I'm not so sure. I stare out around me, and so does almost everyone, as I slowly walk to the cornucopia. My father would not be too happy of me right now, but . . . this is amazing. When I finally take control over myself, I pick up various types of knives and put them into my backpack. I'm completely gobsmacked when I open it to find changes of clothes . . . perhaps it's for the different climates. It all makes sense now. I then spot another backpack of a lime colour. I pick it up and inside is a bottle of water, bread, nuts, and a flashlight. Good. I'm going to need one of those for what I have planned. Someone then pokes me in the back with a stick, I turn around to see it's Tye. I remember him from training . . . "Ally with me?" he asks. I can't help but find this utterly hilarious! Ally? With him!? I walk towards him, knife at the ready, and stab him in the heart. He starts to gasp for air as I move upwards to his windpipe. He falls to the ground, blood pouring out of him, and dies. On the first day.

Kaitlin Vail, District 2 - Cornucopia

Although I've never learned to swim, being from district two and all, I am usually a fast learner. However, today my legs were not listening to my brain. Whenever I want them to move out, they move in, and whenever in, out. It's not long before I am tangled up in a bunch of seaweed. My attempt to get out of this trap only seems to tire me out. It's becoming harder and harder to breath through my snorkel . . . and one can only stay under water for so long. I see people all around me swimming to the surface with ease. But here I am, not even moving, stuck. I'm going to die here, I think to myself. I can't get out, I can't swim . . . and it's not like anyone's going to come save me. I tried to get an ally, but they all seem to leave me after five minutes. Why? Was it something I said? Hours and hours pass and I lose air. I've stopped trying to break free because I am too tired. The last thing I see before I drift off to sleep, my last sleep, is a giant shark circling around me.

Lillith, District 9 - Snowy Mountains

I'd been walking for hours - but I think I'd finally seen all there is to this arena. Ocean, forests, fields, and snowy mountains . . . this must have taken months to design. I'm still wearing my swimwear, and I'm almost chilled to my bones. I open the backpack on my back, and take out a large jacket and put it on. Ahh. It was so smug, I'd almost fallen asleep right there and then, but five piercing cannons sounded. This signaled the bloodbath to be over. My stomach began to rumble, and I realized . . . I have no food. And I am completely dehydrated with no water. I kneel down and scoop up a handful of ice and shove it into my mouth. It's freezing, at first, but it was so refreshing I brushed the headache off so it would no longer bug me. This isn't a good place for me to set up camp, so I decide to travel to the woods where it'll be much warmer. And there may even be game there, too . . .

End of Day 1

Winter Grakineey - District 11, Placed 24th
Arlo Pricens - District 1, Placed 23rd
Brem Farere - District 12, Placed 22nd
Tye Red - District 10, Placed 21st
Kaitlin Vail - District 2, Placed 20th


Day 2

Fawn Sage, District 7 - Forests

I'd made it past the bloodbath. I'm as tired as ever. I'm as hungry as ever. But I made it . . . I've done what I was asked. Now that I have, I'm free to die. I'm free to live the remaining hours of my life as I wish. But how? I'm stuck in the arena. Alone. No one here . . . no one to call a friend. If only there was. If only there was someone close to me here. If only I had someone to hold in my arms or vice versa. I wish. I glance up to the sky to see the moon disappearing, and the sun coming. Day time. I'm lucky I did not sleep last night. Well, in a way. While I was sitting next to a tree, another tribute came by. He or she did not see me, luckily. But I am a restless. So they surely would have if I was out to it. But now that it's daytime . . . it's even easier to spot me. And I feel as though I am about to drop dead. I lay my head down and slowly close my eyes.
All I know is that I do not wake up . . . ever again.

Twilight Night, District 3 - Cornucopia

"Twilight? Twilight! Twilight, wake up!" Eclipse shakes me over and over in an attempt to wake me up, I laugh,

"Hahaha, I'm awake." she continues, "I'm awake!" she stops and smiles,

"They're gone now, the bloodbath's over. Want to go have a look at the weapons?"

"Sure." I reply. We jump off the tree we had rested in overnight. "How was your sleep?" I ask.

"I didn't. I was watching the whole time . . . on lookout."

"Eclipse . . . you didn't have to! Go have a rest now, and I'll have a look here."

She sighs and walks off. I turn away and bend down to study the leftover weapons. There wasn't much, but there was enough. I pick up two daggers, one for each of us and hang them on my belt with one of the hooks.
To my surprise, there is a sword and a backpack. No one took them on the previous day? Surely not . . .

I walk to where Twilight is resting and shake her a bit. It's been about an hour or two, and she's probably starving. When she comes to, I share one of the breadrolls that came out of the backpack.
We were having a nice relaxing time together, almost forgetting where we are and that we will have no future; when a cannon sounds.

We realize that the games have begun, there is one winner, and people are being killed.

Alex Fisher, District 2 - Grassy Plain

I don't care who's here already, I'm claiming this place for my own. Whoever comes near, dead. Whoever's here, dead. I must win these games . . . I must. I must return home. I must. I spot someone who seems to be in shooting distance. She turns around, and I recognise her to be the District five girl. Thorn's her name, I think. I aim, wait, pull the trigger. Bang, goes the gun. Boom, goes the cannon. I hear screams in the distance. I'm guessing that someone heard my bullets and freaked out. Stupid mistake. Who'd scream when they hear a gun? It'd only frighten the shooter. Even in The Hunger Games. I quickly track the source of the screams and shoot. The boy had a bag on his back. I run up to him. I remember him from the interviews . . . he just kind of interested me. And now I've killed him. He's Max Vaz of district nine.

Sterking Silver, District 1 - Beach

There are some very strong tributes here. I've seen a few that I know I must keep an eye on, but I know I will beat them. I can beat them. I've had experience in killing. I bet, any single one of these idiots will start crying when they kill someone. "Oh! How could I have done this! I am so ashamed."
Any of them.

I felt like that, at first... but then I realised, what's the point in worrying? They're gone, there's nothing to do now. Get on with your life, and so I did. I swear though, when I get out of this arena and am crowned victor, I refuse to watch another games. All they talk and worry about is who they've killed and how their family must be dealing with it. It's annoying. They obviously shouldn't be in the games if they can't handle stabbing someone in the stomach.

Ryan Hilford, District 6 - Forests

I run as fast as I can away from the monster of a boy on my trail. Scared. Frightened. Worried. Will I make it home? I must. I can't let this boy kill me! It's only the second day. Not focusing on where I am going, I run into a tree and fall to the ground. The boy catches up and stops.

"Don't shoot me, please!" I scream to the District two boy who holds a gun to my head this very second. "Just... shoot me in the leg! Don't kill me! I'll get away... I'll run!"

"No." he grunts.

"Why not!?" my voice has changed to a high-pitched scream.

"Because if you have to shoot, you shoot to kill." he begins laughing like a maniac. Aims, fires. Five more times. I black out completely. The cannon goes boom, and I am dead.

End of Day 2

Fawn Sage - District 7, Placed 19th&nbsp
Thorn Tinder - District 5, Placed 18th
Max Vaz - District 9, Placed 17th
Ryan Hilford - District 6, Placed 16th


  • Eclipse Night and Twilight Night

Day 3

Cobalt Wood, District 5 - Beach

I could hear them talking, discussing their plan. I did not know who they were and what their names were, but there were two of them. And I am only one . . . but they'll never see it coming, if I do attack. I need to work out a plan.

Five minutes later, I am prepared. In my fighting stance, waiting. The girl spots me and shrieks. I throw my knife at the boy who faces the other way from me, and he slowly falls to the ground. The girl runs up to me, angry, and screams in my face. Tears flood her eyes as she stabs me in the heart. The last thing I hear is two cannons signalling two deaths.

Twilight Night, District 3 - Beach

Tears vigorously streamed down my face. I was hurt emotionally. The one I love just died. I watched his death and I did nothing about it. I did not jump in between to save him. I did not try to aid him when he fell. I sat there and watched. Sat there and cried. I'm so ashamed . . . whatever we used to have is now over. There is no chance any more for my survival in these games. I'm as good as dead. But I won't let these people kill me. I won't give them the satisfaction of killing a heartbroken female tribute. I won't. I'll kill myself before I let that happen. And that I do. I grab the same knife I used to stab the boy out of his chest, and thrust it into my own.

And that is the last thing I ever did.

Logan Blue, District 4 - Small Island

There doesn't seem to be any career pack. We're all alone. Only small alliances of two of threes. Misty follows my trail as we swim to the small deserted island I spotted while I was on my plate.

"We're almost there, Misty." she smiled an took a huge sigh of relief. She was obviously very tired. But who can blame her? She's carrying my child.

"Pick it up, tough guy!" she laughs from behind me, "I'm tired and hungry."

I have to carry her onto the beach the rest of the way. She's a very good swimmer, but we've been at it since yesterday afternoon. No wonder she's so tired.

"Doesn't look like anyone's here." I say.

"Nope. Not many people spotted it, I guess. And even if they did, none of them are as good as us at swimming. We'll probably be in the games till about the end, I guess."

"Then what?" she looked at me funny, "only one winner, Misty. Two of us."

She shook her head and turned away. She knew what was coming.

"I'll make sure you win. I don't want you to die. You're the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. You're the most amazing person ever. You're pregnant, too. We can't let our child die."

Tears begin to stream down her face, "We can't let his father die, either."

Max Summers, District 11 - Snowy Mountains

"Stop right there, Sterking."

"What do you want?"

"There's no career pack," I say, "and most of the people who would be in it are dead."

"What's your point?" he obviously has somewhere else to be.

"My point is, it's not a regular games with no career pack. But we can start one. The District four tributes haven't been seen since the cornucopia, and Alex would never join us. I'm suggesting we, if you join me, find Mariah, Blaze, and maybe Lilith and form an alliance." his eyes widened,

"Sounds like a good idea. Do you know where they are?"

"I've asked Mariah. She said yes, and went off to find Blaze. Let's go find Lilith. The last time I saw her, she was running out of the plain into the woods."

"She'll be easy to spot there. Let's go."

Blaze Hawk, District 7 - Beach

Ice was devastated when she found that I was reaped. It was too late to volunteer, and she was completely frozen anyway. But that's good, I guess. I don't want her dying for me . . . I must do so for her. There is no doubt in my mind that she'll be worried. I am, too. I've done pretty good in these games so far, I've lasted a long time . . . but they are not over yet. There are still a heap of tributes left. I'm worried about Ice. If I die, her life will be so much more miserable. She'll be teased and bullied, and there will be no one to care for her. Her only friend in the world, dying . . . I wonder how she'll feel about that.

"Blaze!" I hear someone call out. I instantly recognize the voice. It's Mariah, the tribute from District 12. What ever would she want with me? To kill me? I can't give her the satisfaction. No way. Not ever.

"What do you want?" I reply. I move away quickly but quietly so she cannot follow the sound of my voice.

"Blaze! There you are. Ally with me?" A trap. I can tell, it's so obvious. Why would someone like her want to ally with me?

I grab the knife that stands at my feet and stab myself in the leg. Then in the arms. Then in the heart. I'm a mess. But I know Ice would prefer my death this way.

"Stay strong, Ice." is the last thing I whisper before I black out.

End of Day 3

Eclipse Night - District 3, Placed 15th
Cobalt Wood - District 5, Placed 14th
Twilight Night - District 3, Placed 13th
Blaze Hawk - District 7, Placed 12th


  • Max Summers, Sterking Silver, and Mariah Abernathy

Day 4

Summer Denim, District 10 - Beach

Tye is dead, and there is no one else I can trust. I'll be alone in the arena for sure. For the rest of my days here . . . perhaps even hours or minutes. No one can know, not until it happens. That's the thing about the games. Yeah, sure, you can have strategy and the way you kill and go about things. But it's mainly all about luck . . . whether or not a strong and tough tribute is chosen, or a weak and scrawny one. Whether you encounter someone you can take, or someone you can't. You don't know where people are. There's no "extra lives". No cheat book. Nothing. The choices you make in the arena determine whether or not you will live to see the next day. Even the choices that seem small could be deadly.

I'm not safe anywhere. The field is off due to the District 2 tribute, the forest would allow me to be spotted easily, and I cannot stand the cold. The beach is not safe, either. A lot of people will have similar thinking to me and come here. That way, we'll all be in the same area. At the same time. And, what happens then? We all kill each other. I don't want to get caught in that.
I lye on my back and stare out to sea and spot something. An island! I can swim that far. I can make it! I'll stay there, that way I'll be safe. Not everyone is a talented swimmer, but I'm good enough. The only likely people to be there would be the District 4 tributes, but they're nice enough.

Misty Blue, District 4 - Small island

"Logan, did you hear that?" I ask, standing up. I heard someone breathing . . . heavily. Did someone else spot this island and swim all the way here? Impossible.

"I'm going to see what it is. You stay here, Misty." he grabs a small dagger and slowly creeps toward the beach.

About five minutes later, I hear someone scream. Worried and scared, I run down towards the direction that Logan left to, and find him standing over what looks to be the District 10 tribute.

"Help me." she forces out.

"What is it?" Logan asks, he looks very worried.

"I - I swam all the way here. I can't breath. I'm tired and hungry. Help me, please."

"Misty, you take her feet. I'll grab her arms." the girl looks scared, "we're going to help you." he says finally.

"My name is Misty." I smile, "this is Logan. What's your name?"

"S - Summer . . ."

"Well, Summer, would you like to ally with us?" she nods her head and smiles, and then slowly closes her eyes and falls asleep.

Sterking Silver, District 1 - Beach

They all came running in an instant. I don't know why, but they were here. We were all here facing each other. That's never a good thing in the games. They all looked hesitant to fight, but I knew better. I picked up my bow and arrow, and aimed for one of the girls. Lilith was her name, I think. I fire, and she drops to the ground. The people around me stare blankly. Mariah and Max leave to finish the others off, and I am about to turn around to find some food, when a man holding a gun appears and shoots me in the head. I fall to the ground and Mariah screams. These are the last words I manage to utter;

"Get Blaze. Get anyone. You need a bigger alliance."

And I drop dead. Three cannons. One after the other.

Summer Denim, District 10 - Small Island

They've helped me a lot. They've helped me get back on my feet. But . . . but I'm afraid . . . I'm afraid I'll have to kill the both of them.

I like them! I really do! But . . . if one of them dies, the other will kill me and then them self. If I don't kill either, they'll kill me. I must act first.

I must win this.

I run up towards Logan and ask him to "help" me with something. He comes along leaving Misty behind. Good, I think to myself. It'll be much easier without her there.

When we get far enough away, I stab him in the back and he drops to the ground. Backstabbing. Oh, the irony.

"Logan?" I hear Misty scream, "Summer?"

I run towards the sound of her voice. Alarmed, ready.

"Where's Logan?" she asks once she sees me. She knows where he is. She just doesn't want to admit it.

"He's gone."

"Gone . . . where?"

"He's dead. I killed him. And now I'm going to kill you."

I begin walking towards her and she shrieks. She arms herself with a large dagger. She throws the dagger in my direction and does not miss her target.


Alex Fisher, District 2 - Grassy Plain

These games are so stupid. All of these tributes are weak, they're far too easy to kill. I'm the oldest here, I'm obviously going to win. I need to look out for that Mariah, though . . . she looks like a threat.

Foods been going good. From the amount of tributes I've killed, I've got quite a lot to keep me going for at least a week. And by that, I don't mean I'm eating the tributes, that's cannibalism and the gamemakers ruled that out years ago. Speaking of gamemakers, they haven't touched me. I bet I'm on camera a lot, though. Occupying this entire space. Having killed numerous tributes. I'm probably a crowd favourite. I have a lot of sponsors. I've received extra bullets - which must have cost a lot, ten rolls of bread each day, and sword.

*Chhhh* I look up instantly. Someone's in my territory. I grab my sword and begin walking around, looking around eagerly for the idiot. And then I see her, the District 4 girl. I wonder how she's lasted so long. She's so tiny, and it doesn't look like she can fight. But, looks can be deceiving.

She spots me and fear fills her face. I try not to laugh. I love the look of those vulnerable idiots who know they're about to die. She tries to run, but trips over her own feet. At this, I do laugh. I run towards her and stab her in the stomach. She doesn't even try to break free! I run away as the cannon sounds, all of her supplies in my hands, and a huge grin on my face.

End of Day 4

Lilith - District 9, Placed 11th
Sterking Silver - District 1, Placed 10th
Sparkle Rose - District 6, Placed 9th
Logan Blue - District 4, Placed 8th
Summer Denim - District 10, Placed 7th
Misty Blue - District 4, Placed 6th

Day 5

Michelle Beach, District 8 - Scattered forests

They all came running so fast that it was hard to escape. Cod and I had made it so far in these games, and it was all about to come to an end. If it weren't for his stupid plan to build a fire, we'd be safe - we'd make it through another day. But no, we now stand here. So vulnerable. Mariah, the District 12 girl, pushes me to the ground and leaps on me. She grabs a knife and smiles.

"How are you, honey?" she teases, "do you miss your little friend? The one that died? Well, honey, you're about to join her."

I try to break free, but she's so heavy that it makes it impossible. I turn my head to say goodbye to Cod, but he's lying on the floor already - blood trickling down his sides. The cannon sounds. I turn back to Mariah and she pouts,

"I'm so sorry you had to see that. You can go join him now, too." the boy behind her begins chuckling very loudly. Mariah shakes her head and sighs.

"This is a diversion." she softly whispers, "help me kill the boy and I'll spare your life for now." scared, I slowly nod.

"Now, Michelle, tell us about your friend. We'd love to know." as I begin describing her, Mariah sincerely nods. She turns around to look at the boy, and I see his face.

Max Summers, District 11.

She throws a knife his way and it hits him in the chest. One more cannon sounds signalling another death. Mariah stands up and retrieves the knife. I reluctantly get up, and instantly regret it.

"I didn't tell you to move!" Mariah yells, as she throws the knife at me, Max's blood still on it. Pain.

That is all I feel.


"I'll see you soon." I whisper in the hope that my friend is watching over me.

Head Gamemaker, The Capitol - Control Room

The girl from twelve and the boy from two. As expected, they are the final two. This is my most favourite part in the games, the final fight - the final showdown. The glorious part in which one tribute becomes a victor. To lure the two together, I start a fire. Mariah is running as fast as she can to get away from it, as she obviously doesn't want to die. She has her most favoured weapon in her hand, which is good because she is going to need it. She's almost at the field when she trips up and screams extremely loudly. Like the rest of Panem, I am on the edge of my seat. Alex hears her scream and runs in the direction. He obviously can't see or smell the fire. Mariah, however, gets up and continues running.

"For District Twelve!" she screams as she spots Alex.

He glances over and her and smiles. He aims his gun and shoots, but misses. Mariah dodges all of his bullets until he has only one left. He screams profanities at her and she begins laughing.

I release the mutts with a press of a button and mayhem begins.

Tracker Jackers.

Mariah begins screaming at the top of her voice and runs away from them. The smart thing to do.

Alex runs in the opposite direction. The direction of the fire. Once he spots it, he is away from the Tracker Jackers, but he faces a new danger. He begins gasping for air as the fog around him chokes him to death. It is not breathable air, so with the fire's smoke, he'll be dead in a minute.

But he does not give up. He crawls in the direction the Mariah ran.

He will not face defeat. He will not let that girl win, especially because she is from twelve.

He escapes the fire but still faces the fog. His skin burns and he cannot see very well.

"I - MUST - DO - THIS!" he yells at the top of his voice.

"Cut the fog!" I yell to the woman beside me, and she does so.

"Now make it rain - hard."

The rain pours hard on Alex. He lets a sigh of relief from his lips. The water is sensational.

But he won't make it.

Mariah is back, unharmed.

She runs toward him and stabs him in the chest.

Still trying to persevere, he grabs his gun and shoots her in the leg. She screams in pain but she is not dead yet.

And Alex has no more bullets.

She stabs him again in the heart and the cannon fires.

"Ladies and gentlemen," I begin, "we have for you, the 100th Hunger Games' Victor!"

The 100th Hunger Games: End

"Congratulations to every tribute for participating in these games. But an even bigger congratulations to QuinnQuinn for mentoring this years victor, Mariah Abernathy. And, did you know that Mariah is the daughter of the 50th Hunger Games' Victor, Haymitch! The fighting must run in the family. I can't wait till next year's games! I believe we're in for a bit of a treat!"

-Caesar Flickerman

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