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  • He's a fish!

    This will have multiple POVs, and will be Day 3 anthem and on...declaring the victor of the final 8!

    Peeta Mellark: I am hiding behind a bush. I see Brutus and Chaff. Chaff says "I won't let you get to Peeta or Katniss. It is my duty to protect them." Me? Suddenly, Brutus gets out a sword, and slices off Chaff's head. Why! No! He was nice! Boom! I get out of my hiding spot, and throw a knife at him. Brutus drops dead. Boom! I run away.

    Finnick Odair: Enobaria. I see her. I use my trident. I fling it. She suddenly catches it. Turns her hand around and flings it. I see Beetee in the way, protecting me. Boom! Katniss yells loudly. I take the trident, throw it at Enobaria, and hope she dies. No, she dodges, and flings it. It hits me with a great…

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  • He's a fish!

    Hallo everybody, this is a part 2 to my series. Yay!

    There are 32/53/75 slots left!

    1st side: People anyone can enter.

    2nd side: People either reserved or not submitted at all.

    3rd side: Total people out of escorts, mentors, tributes, and stylists.

    Everybody gets 4 people to create.

    No trolling, cussing, raging, etc.


    Kayleigh: 2

    TypeWriter's: 2

    (I promised them because of "spoiler" alert.)

    Nommehzombies: 1

    Madgeical: 2

    Vatonica: 4

    TheFakerChild: 1

    Me: 0

    Tehblakdeath: 1

    Janine F.: 1

    Mr.Cuddles: 4

    Prezziesnow9704:)!: 4

    A Wikia Contributor A: 0

    Everybody else: 4 slots left:


    District 1 Male: Reserved by Nommehzombies

    District 1 Female: Reserved by Nommehzombies

    District 2 Male: Reserved by Nommehzombies

    District 2 Female: Reserved by Nommehzombies

    District 3 …

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  • He's a fish!

    175th Hunger Games

    April 3, 2013 by He's a fish!

    This is my first ever edit to something. So, the 7th Quarter Quell...the twist will be a random tribute will be picked and instantly killed within the game at a random time, and 5 others will be given a parachute with a knife and bread in it. They will be called into a hallway together. Everyones name will slowly be called but one. They will be noted they will get a parachute. The other one will have another tracker, where one button can kill you immediately. Then that tribute can go. Everyone will get the parachute or die at the same time.

    14 days of blood and gore, blood and gore!

    • Oh, you can have up to 4 tributes entered. No reserving!
    • No complaining if your tribute dies. And no spamming. 
    • Pics are optional.

    Here is the format:




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