This is my first ever edit to something. So, the 7th Quarter Quell...the twist will be a random tribute will be picked and instantly killed within the game at a random time, and 5 others will be given a parachute with a knife and bread in it. They will be called into a hallway together. Everyones name will slowly be called but one. They will be noted they will get a parachute. The other one will have another tracker, where one button can kill you immediately. Then that tribute can go. Everyone will get the parachute or die at the same time.

14 days of blood and gore, blood and gore!


  • Oh, you can have up to 4 tributes entered. No reserving!
  • No complaining if your tribute dies. And no spamming. 
  • Pics are optional.


Here is the format:




Strength (at least 1):

Weakness (at least 2):


Bacon. There will be bacon mutts that will chase you and infect you with bacon poison. You will eventually die from it. Released on the second day.

Also...Pancake mutts! They will shoot fireballs at you, and are invincible. They cannot be outrun, but blow up after killing 3 tributes. Can only be stopped if eaten. Spawned on Day 10.

Also, Annoying Mutts! They follow your every move, and when you are annoyed, they knife you. Released on Day 5.

More Mutts!

  • Quell Mutts: Will confuse you, like making you think you were picked by family members to go die off in the Games, a victor and fighting again, or you will see imaginary tributes. Released on Day 3.
  • Victor Mutts: These mutts are just like previous victors, 5 of each spawn a day, a new one every day, and the next day multiplying the spawn rate by 3. They are at certain places.

D1: Woof: In bloodbath and cornucopia.

D2: Finnick: In Layer 1

D3: Peeta: Any layer

D4: Mags: Layer 3

D5: Enobaria: Tube

D6: Beetee: Layer 2

D7: Johanna: Section 1

D8: Katniss: Anywhere

D9: Lyme: Section 4

D10: Blight: Section 3

D11: Chaff: Section 5

D12: Haymitch: Section 2

D13 and on: Nothing, increased rates 2x.

  • Wolf Mutts: On Day 6, the dead tries to kill you...:3
  • Lizard Mutts: Day 11.
  • Tracker Jackers: Day 1 after anthem.
  • Cake Mutt: This is the cake part of the arena for a mutt, but 100x smaller. Day 10.

The arena is a cake. there are 3 layers, and never try eating it. It is poison. There is also a pipe to a large deep dark room. You need stairs! There are 5 sections in the room. You must climb up, because during the anthem, a mysterious liquid oozes inside, which is stomach acid.


D1 Male: Clos Gold, Grant Diamonds, Satin Marbles

D1 Female: Blanche Lovely

D2 Male: Mason Wide

D2 Female: Maser Wide

D3 Male: Cato Tech

D3 Female: Zeebee Hunch

D4 Male: Derrick Keating

D4 Female: Aseela Fishtail

D5 Male: Thundrus Power

D5 Female: Juno Hilltop

D6 Male: Arron Engel

D6 Female: Pucca Tamosaoa

D7 Male: Frank Tukta

D7 Female: Woodlin Junip

D8 Male: Stark Viper

D8 Female: Una Devilla

D9 Male: Grainne Nyne

D9 Female: Andre Mint

D10 Male: Hunter Rhodes

D10 Female: Annalin Sparks

D11 Male: Luke James

D11 Female: May Watson

D12 Male: Whisper Raleigh

D12 Female: Kree Branty

Ok. Here is mine. 

Name: Mason Wide

Gender: Male

District: 2

Strength: Stone Tools, Snapping Necks

Weaknesses: Afraid of Loud Noises, Running

Volunteered for his best friend Wason Mide.

Name: Maser Wide

Disrict: 2

Gender: Female

Strength: Battle Axes

Weaknesses: Is afraid of spiders and blood.

Volunteered for her best friend, Waser Mide. Willing to kill Mason, her brother.

Name: Cato Tech

District: 3

Gender: Male

Strength: Very Likable, In the Careers because of his strength, smart, kind, nice.

Weakness: Is not planning to kill, but not telling Careers, Intimidated easily, sensitive.


Name: Grainne Nyne

District: 9

Gender: Male

Strength: Uses common sense, smart, but forgetful.

Weakness: Forgetful, cocky, sarcastic



Careers: Clos Gold, Blanche Lovely, Mason Wide, Maser Wide, Cato Tech, Derrick Keating, Aseela Fishtail, Arron Engel.

10 Alliance: Hunter Rhodes, Annalin Sparks

W and J Alliance: Woodlin Junip and Juno Hilltop

TFC Alliance: Luke James, May Watson, and Kree Branty

If you want your tribute to be an alliance both creators must agree. 

Twist Time!

Cato Tech: I don't care if I die or not. As long as I don't hurt anyone, I'm cool. I shudder thinking about my life. My dad wanted me to be like the all-star Cato. But no! I refused to snap necks on command! I'm a Tech, not a Cato! Well...I am...

Grainne Nyne: I am toast. Those others will definetly get the bread and knife. But...I mean, I'm District 9! So is Andre! At least we aren't stupid enough to take tesserae! Grain. Grain. Duhh...I'm a stupid Tesserae taker...from Dorkstrict 9... stupid! Seriously, I also see Cato Tech, Annalin Sparks, Pucca Tamasaoa, Luke James and Andre Mint.

President Epicaness: The first bread and knife taker...

Luke James: No, there must be a mistake. Not me? It is that stuckup geek Grainne Nyne. He fist pumps the air, and trips on a rock. I see Pucca and Cato rolling their eyes. Grainne goes in the arena.

Andre Mint: I don't want to die. I hear the next name. Me! District 9, let me and Grainne kick 22 butts!

Pucca Tamasaoa: 2 down, 3 to go. I am called. Or am I? Luke James. Annalin Sparks. And... Cato Tech! No! But!

President Epicaness: Psych! I shove Cato down and tell Pucca to go. I stab a needle in Cato. He obviously feels pain. I say "Cato, go. You will die."

The Games goes!

Day 1

Hunter Rhodes: The blaring sun hits me as I rise in the sun, about to die. Oh well.


Grant Diamonds: I want to go home. I will die if I make a false move. Then, I feel all bubbly and weird. Great. I'm Satin Marbles. I scream 'Die Everybody! I will go home, and you 23 wimps won't! Yahhhhh!!!!!!!"


Aseela Fishtail: What a weirdo! I need to kill Clos. I notice, 6 plates are empty. Hmmm...


Arron Engel: I want to be with the Careers! I ask the Careers who the leader is. Derrick and Satin both scream "Dibs!" Derrick says "Jinx!" Derrick says maybe.


Derrick Keating: I think. I say "Sure." But I will win. Nobody beats Keating. I'm a man.


Claudius Templesmith: There is a new rule! There may be 19 victors.


Whisper Raleigh: 19 victors? Burn for the losers. Burn...


Thundrus Power: Duhh...what happens if I jump off my plate? So, I shoot thunder on the ground, spelling "Turkey or Bacon? Die everyone!"


Una Devilla: 6 plates rise up. 5 looking like confident jerks, especially Grainne.


Claudius Templesmith: 2...1...

Let the games begin!

Kree picks up a...a...sniper?

Head Gamemaker Lucius Heavensbee: I don't want to die. Because my idiot Gamemakers put a sniper in the arena. I delete it.

Kree Branty: What the heck. I throw a tantrum, and pick up some cake. I throw it, and it hits Stark in the mouth. He drops dead. My tantrum made the first kill.

Arron Engel: The Careers, Blanche, Satin, the drunkard weirdo, Mason and Maser Wide, the siblings, Aseela, Derrick, the leader, Cato Tech, and moi, Arron Engle.

Cato Tech: I jump. Grainne ambushed me. He taunts me, saying: "How did you get so far? Oh wait, it's the bloodbath". "Spare me. I got the shot." I croak. He does.

Thundrus Power: I fight for a Katana with Aseela, the spoiled brat. She gets it. I run. Zeebee is in the way. Now I am. I run, and cast thunder. It hits Satin the loser.

Mason Wide: I have the power. 2 kills left. I use full impact slam on Hunter. He stumbles. His allie, Annalin, avenges his death. She slits my throat with a Katana.

Claudius Templesmith: Ha! The Capitol tricked you 19 losers! There will be 10 victors. Doy.

Maser Wide: My brother is dead. Yes. Dead. His throat slit. Annalin smirks. "You are next." "Why?" I blurt. "Are you scared of the Katana, Maser?" I am ashamed. So, I die smiling.


24th: Stark Viper, District 8. Ate poisoned cake.

23rd: Zeebee Hunch, District 3. Katana.

22nd: Satin Marbles (Clos Gold), District 1. Electrocuted.

21st: Hunter Rhodes, District 10. Knocked down with a mighty impact.

20th: Mason Wide, District 2. Avenged by throat slit.

19th: Maser Wide, District 2. Throat slit.

Day 2

Woof Mutts and Finnick Mutts. Finnick chases down some tributes, with no luck.

Grainne Nyne: I fight some Woof mutts. I am trying to steal Career food. Suddenly, a cannon fires. Cato. I get the bread and knife. I wolf down the bread. I take the knife and throw it with brute force. Andre, my partner rolls her eyes. "What, so I ate bread. Big woop! Oh, I was supposed to save it for later. My bad!" I stick a knife in her heart, steal the food, and run.

Luke James: The three of us are chilling in the stomach. Laughing, smiling, being happy. We should get out soon. I tell them. Suddenly, a metal sponser gift falls on my head. It hurts. I open it, and I see a knife and bread. Cool. But, I faint. Into Stomach Acid falls. May and Kree are screaming, trying to save me. "Don't bother. Just, win for me. Okay?" I ask them. Before I black out forever.

Let's look at Careers, eh?

Blanche Lovely: Us Careers are toast. We have moi, Arron, not even a proper career, and District 4. Ugh. Suddenly, Derrick starts running. "Arron, take over. I'm going to Finnick these games." I have no idea who Finnick is. Suddemly, a mutt that says "Finnick" on it chases us. Oh. And then there were 3.

Derrick Keating: I grab a net, and my trident. I weave a net, and wait for people to get trapped.


18th: Cato Tech, District 3. Capitol.

17th: Andre Mint, District 9. Knife in the heart.

16th: Luke James, District 11. Bonked on the head, and burnt in acid.

Top 15! Yay!

A/N: Sorry to everyone with dead tributes. These are the Hunger Games. People die. What do you think about the Careers? Only 3 out of 8 left? Do you think the odds are in Derrick's favor? He can't come back, he will die! How about Grainne's betrayal, and sparing of Cato? How about May and Kree? They only have a knife and bread!

Day 3

Derrick Keating: I only caught a stinking rabbit. I want kills. These traps stink.

Grainne Nyne: "Pardners! How do you mind letting letting someone that didn't take tesserae in your alliance? I made a kill!" 

Arron Engel: I say to that puny 9 Freak "I'm nice, so get out in 5 milliseconds or we will slowly kill you!"

Annalin Sparks: I hear a cannon. Why am I acting so weird? I am nice, but I killed 2 Careers! 1 for the fun of it! I am ashamed. I take my beloved Katana. Slit myself. Scream. Drop dead.

May Watson: I see the Careers. So does Kree. We use the knife. They have 2. We aren't stopping until the death of them. Aseela uses her Katana. I dodge it. Kree bites off the head of Blanche. She screams. She now made 2 kills. Then, she runs. I feel something sharp in my back. I slowly run to Kree. Ugh. A trident. I need medicine or I will die! 3 holes. We didn't get the weapon.

Derrick Keating: I cockily say to the remains of the Careers "I'm back. I want to be leader again." Arron says OK. The 3 Careers. 

Juno Hilltop: Thundrus. I see Thundrus, the demented loser, and my neighbor. Woodlin sees Frank. The 4 of us fight. I am knocked out by Frank. Thundrus is in the air, dead by Woodlin. I high-five her. Well, now I high-five her corpse. Frank sneers. I run.


15th: Grainne Nyne, District 9. Tortured.

14th: Annalin Sparks, District 10. Suicide.

13th: Blanche Lovely, District 1. Decapicated.

12th: Thundrus Power, District 5. Thrown in the air.

11th: Woodlin Junip, District 7. Waist sliced.

Day 4

Claudius Templesmith: Tricked again! There are 5 victors!


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7

May Watson: I am going to..heaven. Like Luke. I don't want to die. Nobody to die.

Una Devilla: I want more deaths! I roar in anger. I grab the leg of a random tribute. It's the Whisper Idiot. He just stays there. Boom!

Kree Branty: I don't want to win. Nobody to win. Except a Career. We will be tortured, nightmares. There have been no games since the 75th. How ironic the next one was a quell. I suicide.

Top 8!

District 4: Derrick Keating, Aseela Fishtail.

District 5: Juno Hilltop

District 6: Arron Engel, Pucca Tamasaoa

District 7: Frank Tukta

District 8, Una Devilla

District 11, May Watson


10th: Whisper Raleigh, District 12. Squeezed leg.

9th: Kree Branty, District 12. Suicide.

Top 8! I will take a break from editing for a day, and will continue tomorrow. So psyched! Who do you want to die?

Day 8

Pucca Tamasaoa: I am running. Wait. I see somebody. Una Devilla and Frank Tukta. Una puts a knife in Frank's arm. Frank whips Una.  Suddenly, Bacon Mutts jump out of nowhere. Una takes Frank's whip and whips the Bacon. It shoots Bacon Poison. It hits me.  No. No. NO!!

Juno Hilltop: Sheesh, I hear voices. Then a cannon. And 2 more.



8th: Pucca Tamasaoa, District 6. Bacon Mutt

7th: Frank Tukta, District 7. Bacon Mutt

6th: Una Devilla, District 8. Bacon Mutt

Notice a pattern?

Day 9

Claudius Templesmith: Just kidding! 3 victors. Do-


Claudius Templesmith: Hovervcraft!

(Hovercraft picks up Arron)

Arron Engel: Hey, put me down!

(Hovercraft squeezes Arron)


Derrick Keating: Just District 4 in the Career alliance.


5th: Arron Engel, District 6. Hovercraft.

Day 10


Day 11


A/N: Final 4! 1 more kill...congratulations to the following:

DsHowe24 for Derrick Keating!

Keighleigh Rockstar for Aseela Fishtail and Juno Hilltop!

TheFakerChild for May Watson!

Day 12

May Watson: A sponser! Thank goodness! I put some medicine on, stumble out of hiding, and fight.

Juno Hilltop: Voices. I freeze. Derrick has an axe. I punch him in the gut, and steal the axe.

Aseela Fishtail: It is all over. Derrick...BOOM! I look at Derrick. He is unfazed. Juno has an axe in her brain. "Stop that little sneak!" I yell to Derrick.

Then, a hovercraft picks us both up.

May Watson: A hovercraft picks me up. We go in a room. No food.

President Epicaness: (THIS IS IT! THE SECRET TWIST!) "I see. The final 3. Well, eat up."


"Good, now you will be trapped in the arena food! Or sponsers! Ready? 1 will be claimed victor!


4th: Juno Hilltop, District 5. Axe in brain.

Day 13


Day...14 DUH DUH DUH!

Derrick Keating: Aseela can be a pain. She is running in circles singing "I'm a little teapot" at the top of her lungs. I sigh. The finals. I load my bow. She looks at me. And screams. I shoot the arrow. She dodges it. I use hand-to-hand combat. BOOM! Before I can save my family, I have 1 last kill. That loser May Watson.

May Watson: Wow. The finals. And I'm still here. Obviously, I am going to kill 4. Like I killed 5. I won't let my allies down. Kree, who was so scared she suicided, Luke, who banged his head and fell in acid. Now, I am ready. I take my axe out. I swing it on the rock in front of me. Next, I throw my throwing knifes on the floor. I am ready.

Derrick Keating: There she is! I laugh and throw an axe. She swiftly dodges it. I throw another. Again, she dodges. Another. Barely, but yes, she dodges. Then, she blows 30 knifes. I injure myself on the 29th, and dodge number 30. I corner her, pick up an axe, and swing it at her skull.

President Epicaness: Boom! The winner of the 175th Hunger Games...May Watson!

May Watson: I win. I win. Oh, at the last second, I used my backup axe to knock back the force of Derrick's axe, hitting him in the head.

175th Games: Cake

Winner: May Watson

Strengths: Throwing Knifes, Axe

Kills: 2

Won by: Deflecting axe


Sorry to everyone, because everyone had at least 1 tribute that died, but congratulations to TheFakerChild!

Victor's Life

May Watson: I still can't get over the nightmares. Derrick and Juno haunting me for the rest of my life. I still can't get over the guilt. But, who cares! I am so happy being a victor. Oh. I am rich. I wish Luke was still alive.

176th Games

Welcome, to the 176th Games! This will have Chariot Riding, Training, Interviews, Reap

ings, Stylists, Sponser Money, and Mentors! Can you wait? I know I can't!

Making it clear

The winner was May Watson. Here are the death charts for Derrick and Aseela!

3rd: Aseela Fishtail, District 4. Hand-to-hand combat

2nd: Derrick Keating, District 4. Axe in skull.

Most epic death

Derrick Keating. Obviously. The final battles are teh best!

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