Hallo everybody, this is a part 2 to my series. Yay!

There are 32/53/75 slots left!

1st side: People anyone can enter.

2nd side: People either reserved or not submitted at all.

3rd side: Total people out of escorts, mentors, tributes, and stylists.

Everybody gets 4 people to create.

No trolling, cussing, raging, etc.


Kayleigh: 2

TypeWriter's: 2

(I promised them because of "spoiler" alert.)

Nommehzombies: 1

Madgeical: 2

Vatonica: 4

TheFakerChild: 1

Me: 0

Tehblakdeath: 1

Janine F.: 1

Mr.Cuddles: 4

Prezziesnow9704:)!: 4

A Wikia Contributor A: 0

Everybody else: 4 slots left:



District 1 Male: Reserved by Nommehzombies

District 1 Female: Reserved by Nommehzombies

District 2 Male: Reserved by Nommehzombies

District 2 Female: Reserved by Nommehzombies

District 3 Male: Wire Elec

District 3 Female: Brooke Nile

District 4 Male: Eugene Reynolds

District 4 Female: Reserved by KNKHungerGames

District 5 Male: Kyle Power

District 5 Female: Oliver Tweet

District 6 Male: Ronald Ship

District 6 Female: Kayla Yellings

District 7 Male: Chopps Lewood

District 7 Female: Reserved by KNKHungerGames

District 8 Male: Patchouli Levi

District 8 Female: Harley Anne Quinn

District 9 Male: Gregory Nyne

District 9 Female: Reserved by Madgeical

District 10 Male: Ambrose Hanran

District 10 Female: Reserved by Madgical

District 11 Male: Reserved by TheFakerChild

District 11 Female: Reserved by KNKHungerGames

District 12 Male: Cole Smith

District 12 Female: Reserved by KNKHungerGames


Add a picture of what you is your districts theme.

District 1: Fancy Capidude

District 2:

District 3:

District 4:

District 5:

District 6:

District 7:

District 8:

District 9:

District 10:

District 11: Penny Lupe

District 12:


Must be past winners of games. Use logic! Chaff or Finnick, for example, are dead. Some still alive, like Katniss or Beetee, probably not still alive. But, you can do kids of them, like Mitch Abernathy. DO NOT do ones whos last name is Cresta or Everdeen. Instead, do Odair and Mellark.

District 1 Male: Justis Crown

District 1 Female: Seola Friar

District 2 Male: Eno Derm

District 2 Female: Eroe Deam

District 3 Male: Darryn Elec

District 3 Female:

District 4 Male: Minnow Hydro

District 4 Female: Desila Greene

District 5 Male:

District 5 Female: Crystall Soo

District 6 Male: 

District 6 Female: Redworth Franks

District 7 Male: Jonah Mason

District 7 Female:

District 8 Male:

District 8 Female:

District 9 Male:

District 9 Female:

District 10 Male: Aden Hanran

District 10 Female: Reana Ceta

District 11 Male: Mile Sanchez

District 11 Female: May Watson

District 12 Male:

District 12 Female:


Duh, how did I forget these?

District 1:

District 2:

District 3:

District 4:

District 5:

District 6:

District 7: Peter Mart

District 8:

District 9:

District 10:

District 11: Ella Frey

District 12: Efula Trinket


These will help me decide the winner, mutts, etc. There are 4 slots, so take it now!

Head Gamemaker: Samantha Davidson

Traps Gamemaker:

Mutt Gamemaker: Fish Hesa

Deciding (Suggestions on Victor, Training Scores, etc.) Gamemaker:


Tribute Format:




Weapon of Choice:

Strengths (at least 1):

Weaknesses (at least 2):


Reaped or Volunteered? If Volunteered, for who?:



Token (optional):

Picture (optional):

Anything else (optional)

Mentor Format:

What will they mentor? (Detailed, please):

How they won:

Kill count:





Drunk (Districts 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 only)?:


Stylist Format:





Design (picture):

District styling:

Escort Format:





Gamemaker Format:






(New post for Gamemakers)

An Example or 2

Tribute Format:

District: 7

Gender: Male

Name: Chopps Lewood

Weapon of choice: Axe

Strengths: Muscle, running

Weaknesses: Fear of spiders, swimming

Bio: Chopps is a loner, has no friends, and works as little as possible. He was forced into the games because of killing a Peacekeeper with his axe, so the Capitol took out all of the slips but his, and you will see what happens.


Age: 15

Height: 5'1

Mentor Format:

What will they mentor: Chopps Lewood, how to survive the first 5 days.

How they won: Everyone else suicided on the plates after chucking his token on the District 5 Male's plate.

Kill count: 1

Age: 60

Name: Jonah Mason

District: 7

Height: 5'9

Gender: Male

Drunk: Lolnoep, no bad memories

Escort Format:

Name: Efula Trinket

Age: 36

Height: 6'1

Gender: Female

Stylist Format:

Name: Fancy Capidude

Age: 28

Height: 4'9

Gender: Male 

Design (picture): Rubies, Emeralds, Gold, Silver, and Diamond colored fabric morphed together to make a Red-green-gold-silver-white cloth for the tributes to wear.

District styling: 1

Gamemaker Format:

Name: Fish Hesa

Age: 37

Height: 6'2

Gender: Male

Controlling: Mutts

Nobody in a while...

Tribute Format:

District: 9

Gender: Male

Name: Gregory Nyne

Weapon of choice: Chainsaw

Strengths: Muscle, Brave

Weakness: Clumsy, Stupid, Sensitive

Bio: After his brother Grainne died from Arron Engel in the 175th Hunger Games, he volunteered, to avenge his brother, who is the exact opposide of him.

Volunteered, for a random person named Elmo Theexplorer, to avenge Grainne.

Age: 16

Height: 5'3

Tribute Money

You may give the tributes sponsers!

You have $100 money, and you get money by being the first to solve "Daily Question". You get $25 money for killing other tributes. Prices go up by $1 and doubles (2, 4, 8, 16, etc.) for every day in my games.



Watermelon: $2

Deluxe Food: $100

Bacon: $10

Pancakes with butter: $50

Pasta: $15

Bread: $6

Fish: $3

Rice: $1


Neosporin: $30

Iodine: $20

Rigged Tonic: $400 (automatically heals, and gives you invincibility for 1 hour)


Anything you want, I must approve and give it a price.


Look at weapons!

User Money

TypeWriter'sAreCool: $497

A Wikia Contributor A: $487

Tehblakdeath: $137

Everyone else: $100

Questions of the Day!

No looking this up!

Solve these 3 questions for sponser money. 33 dollars each. Get all 3 for $1 bonus point! Get half right, you get $17!

None at the moment.


This arena has the 12 districts, like a clock arena used 101 years ago. Each District has a hazard every time a death happens. District 1 has diamonds raining from the sky, as hard as bedrock. District 2 summons dead zombies with bricks that pin you down, paralyze you, and smash you with the brick until you die. If it catches you. District 3 has sockets that shoot out metal gears that can kill you in a flash. District 4 has tsunamis with eel mutts that kill you in a flash. District 5 has electricity from the sky covering the entire area. You must go in a Gas Station to survive these. District 6 has jeeps that will cover half of the area. The wheels mercilessly crush you. They switch sides. Left side an even number death, right side an odd number death. District 7 has tree mutts covering the area. They throw axes at you. District 8 has 3,000 degree cloths fall on your head. They fall slowly, 5 feet a minute, with it being 100 feet high. So you have 30 minutes to escape. Oh, if you don't suffocate by not making it in time, you get burned. The arena resets every 3 hours. District 9 has grain-like bedrock to fall from the sky. When it touches the ground, the area burns in a 5x5 radius. The flame can kill you. District 10 has cows that maul you to death. District 11...tell mom you warned her broccoli was evil! These plants will turn into zombies, and eat your brains. District 12 has a forest with forest fires! At the final 8...everything will morph together, with every disaster at once.


5 alliance: Kyle Power and Oliver Tweet

Careers: Wire Elec, Eugene Reynolds, Cole Smith

K.R. Alliance: Ronald Ship and Kayla Yellings


Here goes!

District 1

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