In the midst of the 1st Hunger Games, we have decided to start the reapings for the second Hunger Games!

Please enter now!

To tributes: Last Hunger Games was a smashing success. This Hunger Games is going to smash the billboards off. Happy 2nd Annual Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.


  • Note: Ok, a SUPER MEGA 'HURRICANE' hit the Capitol. now the president is angry and wants more tributes! From 0 and 13 too!

4 tributes are permitted.

I'm going to do something random since I hate reading information, so if your tribute is different, don't show up at my house with a chainsaw.

There will be ghost POVs!

District Name User
D0 Boy Reggie Williams 2legit2quit
D0 Girl Sophie Sage Aquastar4infinity
D1 Boy Aurum Livingstone CallamD97
D1 Boy Ore "Snake" Cole Chrystalbeast96
D1 Girl Lindsey Greene Ms.finnickodair
D1 Girl Jennifer Shin FinnickForever
D2 Boy Draco Adams Cato Rocks!
D2 Boy Jackson Avrain 2legit2quit
D2 Girl Katelynn Huxley SkyTimeGirl
D2 Girl Andrea Michaels Ms.finnickodair
D3 Boy Alec Tromagnet Beetee19
D3 Boy Gary Flennex FinnickForever
D3 Girl Kayla Rulaar RueButtercup
D3 Girl Yumi Kishatata TheOneandOnlyDistrict3
D4 Boy Hash Davies 2legit2quit
D4 Boy Nicholas Davenport FinnickForever
D4 Girl Azora Sea AshtonMoioLover
D4 Girl Megan Bass Mrweare121
D5 Boy Jason Greene Chrystalbeast96
D5 Boy Richard Morter Ms.finnickodair
D5 Girl Candice Bolt Polinarose
D5 Girl Raine Winters Ms. finnickodair
D6 Boy Donny Walsh 2legit2quit
D6 Boy Benjamin Woodrew KEWLBEN
D6 Girl Sophia Barbarossa Ms. finnickodair
D6 Girl Senna Gocroft District3Tribute
D7 Boy Keagan Michael Ms. finnickodair
D7 Boy Sawyer Thomas Beetee19
D7 Girl Kacey Smith 52nd
D7 Girl Adora Venustus Glimmerandsparkle
D8 Boy Tiger Richman Ms. finnickodair
D8 Boy Sebastian Klein Justafox
D8 Girl Lisa Richards Chrystalbeast96
D8 Girl Luna Snare Justafox
D9 Boy Larz Williams Chrystalbeast96
D9 Boy Mitchell Benz Ms. finnickodair
D9 Girl Azalea Firethorne Beetee19
D9 Girl Mercedes Benz Ms. finnickodair
D10 Boy Adam Beirne Firecatcher3
D10 Boy Hunter Colt Firecatcher3
D10 Girl Taylor Thorn Firecatcher3
D10 Girl Fallon Echo Firecatcher3
D11 Boy Noah Greenwood Ms. finnickodair
D11 Boy Wang Jinrei Mrweare121
D11 Girl Lydia Bruner Ms. finnickodair
D11 Girl Zora Mallory District3tribute
D12 Boy Austin Lawrence Ms. finnickodair
D12 Boy T. Hawk Mrweare121
D12 Girl Marcie Redder Ms. finnickodair
D12 Girl Rosemelrose Divage Rosemelrose
D13 Boy Julian Goodman Mrweare121
D13 Girl Lily Axelhurst AshtonMoioLover


District 0- Sophie Sage

I wake up bursting in tears and screaming. The gauze in my arm suddenly starts to hurt and I relax in bed. No time for relaxing. Today is the first reaping..... of District 0. Anyways, I head to tthe kitchen. No one is awake. I open the coal stove and started making breakfast. Strange. My father's not home yet, this time of year is when there's no graveyard shift. Well, tough luck for him. I ended making up baked-from-scratch pancakes and some eggs. I start to set the table when suddenly I hear a voice.

Deep in the meadow,

Under the willow,

A bed of grass,

A soft, green pillow,

Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes,

and when again they open, the sun will-

I break into my sister's song.

"Can you please stop singing that? That was soothing at first, but now it's as creepy as the tracker jackers!"

My little sister creeps out of the shadows. Even though she's too young to be reaped, she kept on singing that like a little baby. Just then, again, the mockingjays, start singing in tune with the song. I'm envious about my sister's pleasant singing voice, while I can't hold a tune in a bucket. The reapings are at 10:00. It's 7:30. Better wake up my other sister and my mom. I creep to my sister's room. With my airhorn, I count to three.





"What was that for?" my sister asks tiredly.

"Good morning sunshine. Breakfast is ready."

Just then, my mother walks into the room.

"All right Sophie, the first 50 times you used the airhorn was funny. Now it's not. Please stop using it. It drives me crazy in the morning."

"Fine mother."

I walk out the door and get ready to eat breakfast. I eat the small breakfast I made laid out in front of me. After I'm fully dressed for the reapings, I head to the square. Bad timing. It's packed. Well, I'll let my mind drift off somewhere...........

"Ladies first!" the escort says. I'm popped out of my bubble. She walks to the reapings bowls. The chill of being reaped, that nightmare, it shrouds me and I scream.

Right on time.

The escort said my name.

I run up to the stage and scream. This wasn't supposed to happen. On my first reapings. I was reaped. Tough luck.

"Now for our boy!"

A guy called Reggie Williams was reaped. Reggie. Not him. Not that crazy deranged guy. The one who thinks that everything is his. I shake hands with him, he gives me the evil eye, and we walk into the train station. As the train pulls away, I imagine all my loved ones, being reaped away from me. It's time to win.

District 1- Aurum Livingstone

Bloodshed..... bloodshed....

"NO!!!!!!!!" I hear a voice scream.

"YES!!!!!" I scream. I think I killed someone.


It's just my older sister screaming in my face.

"WHATEVER!" I yell back. Sometimes my sister could be a pain in the bottom.

"WE HAVE NO BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!" she yells.



"Um sis? The quell says that D0 and D13 will participate, and the other districts will have double the tributes. No age limit."

"Oh." she says. Whatever.

I put on a polo shirt and some pants and head to the square. The escort, who's there, starts screaming and tells us blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

"Time for the reapings! Ladies first!" she says.

"Julie Shimmer and Katie Frost!" she says.

I hear a few million volunteers. Not that much.

"Hmm.... let's see...... eenie meenie min---"

"You two! What's your face? Lindsey Greene and Jennifer Ankle!"

Two girls rush up to the podium. One of the girls say, "It's shin."

"Ok! Here's our tributes! Lindsey Shin and Jennifer Ankle!"


"Oh so you two are twins?"


"Ok! Lindsey Shin and Jennifer Shin!"

Jennifer I believe hits her head on the wall.

"Now our boy! Taylor Yata and Tux Golden!"

"I VOLUNTEER!" I yell out. And a few billion other boys as well.

"Ok, you! Hmm... Aurum Livingstone!"

I walk up to the stage.

"WE HAVE OUR TRIBUTES! Lindsey Shin, Jennifer Ankle, Aurum Livingfree, and Ore Snake!"

All of the tributes, including me, feel like they want to die.

District 2- Andrea Michaels

Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy

Grab my glasses, I'm out the door I'm going to hit this city

Before I leave, volunteer with a bottle of jack

Cause when I leave for the games I ain't comin back

"YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE ANDREA. YOU WILL WIN." my fairly annoying sister says.

"Whatever sis, I'm gonna volunteer."

"THEN WIN." she says.

Whatever. At least I'm not drunk. I'm feeling like P. Diddy. I put on my glasses, run out the door, and I'm gonna hit the district on reaping day.

I walk to the square, but first I buy a bottle of jack. Even though I can't drink. I sign in to the reapings, holding my bottle of jack. The escort says things like a texter.

"Hello, welcome to da first reapin. I wil pik 2 boyz and 2 girlz 4 da 25 cents quell."

Everyone's confused. Even I don't know texting language.

"The 25 cents quell's rule is dat their wil be mor boyz and mor girlz in da Hungry Games. Nao let's reap some kids."

The escort goes to the reaping bowls.

"Ladeez 1st."

He draws out some names.

"Anna Marie De Caprio and Miley Gold."


I run up to the stage and push Miley Gold off the stage. Mission 3 accomplished. Volunteer with a bottle of jack. Another girl called Katelynn Huxley comes up and volunteers. That girl with the huge eyelashes.

"Nao 4 hour boyz."

He pulls out two names.

"Draco Adams and Jackson Avrain."

No one dares to volunteer. Jackson Avrain is the most feared guy in the district.

"Noa these r da tribues for the 25 cents quell. Plz shake handz."

We shake hands. I'm going to leave for the capitol and never come back.

Cause when I leave for the games I ain't coming back.


Death Format

  • Hour.Minute.Second.Millisecond: Name: (Origin, Placing, Place of Death)
*Cause of Death:


It will be a replica of the Capitol during the Second Rebellion, except it's like Los Angeles, just like my former Battle Royale Games. No Cornucopia, all the tributes will be FAR FAR FAR away from each other in the beginning. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Short Term Interviews

Day 1

"If it's to protect you, I will even become evil."
―Kayla Rulaar

Lily Axelhurst- Launch Room

"You sure you'll survive?"

"I'm sure."

I won't. I haven't even started up a strategy. I haven't even tried to guess the arena.

"All tributes to the plates." the announcement said.

I rise up to the arena. It's... THE CAPITOL? It's all.... gray somehow. An airhorn goes off.

"Let the games begin!"

Sophie Sage- La Puente

I don't have any experience with this arena. I walk off my plate. Nothing happens. This doesn't feel like the Hunger Games...... It feels more like one of those Undead series on TV. I wonder when the zombies are going to come. It's been a few minutes. No tributes have approached my area. Well, it's only been about 10 minutes since the Games have started. No excitement. I wonder if there's going to be anything more.....

Taylor Thorn- Calabasas

After Adam tripped me during the reapings, I vowed to kill him. Problem is, I must be a thousand miles away from another tribute. I don't feel anything.... I wonder if I'm all alone. Everything's all ruins. I look inside a car. Nothing there but a shard of glass. A shard of glass..... maybe I can use that as a weapon! I grab the shard of glass when suddenly I feel something run past me. I hold my shard in glass in hand, ready for any threat that comes. Crack. Crack. Crack. I feel the cracking in my ear. Someone must be near. I hear a beeping, which I heard back in District 10, when an expolsion is about to happen in the meat processing factory. I hide behind the car that I found my shard of glass in, ready for impact. BOOM! The impact wasn't that hard, but still enough for a body to be sent flying. At first I don't recognize the body, but then it horrifies me. It was dead........ a zombie.

Yumi Kishitata- Border of Irvine/Tustin

There she is. Kacey Smith of D7. Pick her off, and have one less tribute to face. Don't pick her off, I won't get any hate. Pick her off? Do I or do I not? I have a weapon, but it's pretty confusing. I don't want to kill, but the Games is forcing me too. I decide to count down with a song in some language I remember. (悪のむすめ)Daughter Of Evil


Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom,

There was a princess of age fourteen.

She was to be punished at three o'clock,

When the church bells tolled.

Finally the time of her punishment came

and the church bells rang marking her end

Without any regard for the crowd, she said,

"Oh, it's time for tea."

I throw my spear at the D7 girl. It hits her head, and she falls dead to the ground. The cannon rings like the church bells ringing.

  • PT: Kacey Smith (District 7, 52nd Place, Tustin)
    • Cause of death: Spear thrown in head by Yumi Kishitata

Candice Bolt- Hermosa Beach

This is boring. Very boring. I should be a few miles away from another tribute, yet it feels so sniffy in the air. I await someone to jump on me, but nothing happens. Anyways, I find an underground tunnel with lots of holes in it. Should I go in, or should I not. Staying here would get me fish, but I'm vulnerable to attack. Continuing would lead me to new land, but new dangers. I must be hallucinating. I shake my head, and the tunnel is still there. I feel shaking. A bit more shaking. Then it's gone. Luckily, I'm on the beach, so nothing falls on me. Suddenly I hear 2 cannons, so that means things fell. An earthquake. I better get out of this place before a tsunami comes. I run into the tunnel, hoping for a better place.

  • PT: Larz Williams (District 9, 51st Place, Chino Hills)
    • ​Cause of death: Collapsing overpass
  • PT: Alec Tromagnet (District 3, 50th Place, Corona)
    • ​Cause of death: Collapsing building

​Richard Morter- South San Jose Hills

I felt it with my own feet. I saw it with my own eyes. I heard the rumbling. A strong earthquake hitting this. Was this expected, or unexpected? I think it wasn't expected, but more to just continue the bloodlust. Meanwhile, I decide to walk down the hill, or the remnants of it. I walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. There's nothing here. A sign tells me that I have entered Walnut. I know it, because it says that in this sign next to the remnants of a building that this building is in Walnut. Anyways, I explore the ruins. A textbook in one of the rooms. A projector thingy in another. A lot of desks surrounded with chairs. Finally, a science center. This must be a school, or at least the remnants of a school. I don't want to make camp here, the school is centered in a valley, I could be trapped here. I decide to move on into an open field. This isn't a good place to hide. Except for the rotting trees and fences, no cover at all. I better move on before a few more tributes come and kill me.

Kayla Rulaar- Woodbridge

There's Yumi. My long lost twin. I know the song that can get her to be sweet and nice and not mean. I start singing it.


You are my princess, I am the servant

Destiny divided pitiful twins

If it's to protect you,

I will even become evil.


Yes. I got her to pay attention.

"Allies?" Yumi asked.

"Ok." I reply. I must let her win. Even if it means dying.

Fallon Echo- Panorama City

Why must have I been born an outcast? I'm sorry for being alive. That's a habit I keep on saying. I keep on complaining about my meaningless existence. But I can do nothing. I keep on walking down the old rugged highway I encountered on the way from the beginning. Just then I discover an overgrown forest. This would be a good spot to set up camp. I walk down the forest path until I find a big old tree. I decide to set up camp here for the time being. Maybe something will happen.......

Sebastian Klein- Eastside

Wandering all over this ruins...... it's boring. This is supposed to be the Hunger Games but no deaths? I only heard 3 cannons for the whole day. It's sunset already. I wonder when the faces will show in the sky. Meanwhile, I decide to set up camp in a rotting building. I know, it's not the best camp-out, but it's way better than the glass house. All that rotting plant smell and stink bomb. Yuck. Suddenly the sound of the Panem anthem startles me. I run out of the building and decide to look at the sky. Only three faces show. I don't recognize anyone because I never even pay attention to the reapings or the training scores. I don't even pay attention to the interviews. All I practically did there was stare out into space and barely answer any questions. No wonder no one's sponsoring me right now. Wait. If 3 people died today, that means there are 49 left. Not a big number. I better be prepared for any "natural" disasters or mutts. I fall asleep.

Senna Gocroft- North Tustin

I can't sleep. There's no reason to. Not when you're in the games. Every second I give into fatigue is just an invitation to my death. I have to stay strong. Somehow I drift off. I wake up. Two girls stand over me. One clamps my mouth shut, while the other raises a spear. This is bad........ this is bad.

  • PT: Senna Gocroft (District 6, 49th Place, North Tustin)
    • Cause of death: Heart impaled by spear thrown by Yumi Kishitata

Day 2

"We all have family waiting for us. Well too bad!"
―Yumi Kishitata

Richard Morter- Dana Point

I just love cars! I found one with the key and I am just speeding down the highway! I am driving like a mad man I hope that I could-

  • PT: Richard Morter (District 5, 48th Place, Dana Point)
    • Cause of death: Bomb set off by Wang Jinrei

Andrea Michaels- Tarzana

Sigh..... this Hunger Games is not working out for me. I thought I would like leave and die. But turns out that I'm still alive. This is boring. Boring. Boring! Suddenly I spot a girl from 11. If only I had a...... Wait! There's a gun! I grab the gun immediately and aim for her. She doesn't know what will hit her. Fire!

  • PT: Zora Mallory (District 11, 47th Place, Tarzana)
    • Cause of death: Shot in the back of head by Andrea Michaels

Yumi Kishitata (Irvine)

I can become anyone. I can conquer anyone. I can kill anyone. As long as Kayla's by my side, nothing's impossible. Here comes some girl from 4.

"Kayla! Give me a weapon!"

"Yes, Yumi."

She hands me a bow. I wonder where she found the bow. Anyways, I aim towards the girl from 4. Just then Kayla whispers something to me.

"Remember to tighten your grip."

Too late. I shot way before she told me that. It made a tiny splattering sound. One inch from a puddle. The D4 girl doesn't notice anything. Oh well. I tighten my grip and shoot. It gets her straight in the leg. She stumbles a bit and pulls the arrow out of her leg. She tries to run. Not fast enough. Kayla throws a spear at her, hitting her hand. I get a throwing knife and approach the girl from 4. I raise the knife when-

"Please! Don't kill me! I have a poor family who needs me!"

I think for a bit. Then I push her aside.

"We all have poor families that need you. That's the Games for you. 51 individuals will die. I'll make sure that individual who lives is me!"

I stab her eye, and then stab her lungs a few times. Then I leave her to bleed to death. Just then I remember what I said. I'll make sure that individual who lives is me! No. I'm wrong, I might- No, shake that thought, it's going to be me. Kayla then appears. She says,

"Let's move somewhere else, I've got a bad feeling about this place."

I agree to move. Just when I feel bad. I might have hurten Kayla's feelings.

The cannon hasn't sounded yet. I look back at the D4 Girl. She lies there, gasping, wheezing, bleeding. Soon she'll die.

Austin Lawrence- Barstow

I haven't found a tribute. I must be the only one where I am right now. Disoriented and disconnected from the mainland. Just then a cannon fires. Who was that? Oh well, if I camp out here, I could stay disconnected and stay that way. It wouldn't be a good idea to go near that desert.

  • PT: Azora Sea (District 4, 46th Place, Irvine)
    • Cause of death: Shot in leg and arm, then stabbed in the lungs by Yumi Kishitata and suffocated internally.

Ore "Snake" Cole- San Jacinto

I am bored......I can't take this anymore. I want all 44 tributes to die. All 11 times 4, 2 times 22, 1 times 44- argh! What is this games doing to me? This is why I want to die. Except, I have no weapons. I'm going to turn into a lunatic, avoiding numbers like 1, 3, 7.48, 19. 12831235 ARGH!

I hear footsteps behind me. Lily Axelhurst comes up, holding a rope. Does she expect to kill me with that? Well she can strangle me...... Strangle me......

I kicked Lily in the stomach, knocking her unconsious. I grab the rope, but I'm hesistant to finish her off. Should I or should I not?

I made my decision. I find a hook, leaving Lily to wake up by herself. I wrap the rope around my neck, and find a chair. I swing off. I hear a cracking before everything goes white.

  • PT: Ore "Snake" Cole (District 1, 45th Place, San Jacinto)
    • Cause of death: Suicide by hanging

Yumi Kishitata- Irvine

A parachute? Oh well. Someone must have liked the painful death I gave Azora. I open it. It's..... a button? I press it. There's a huge box that can fit two, an instant heal machine, and eight metal crates. Also a high power air conditioner, a dead whatever that is, and a large metal tarp. I wonder what this can do.

Stronton Melich (Audience member)

Winning the Tournament got me to the Capitol. Well at least I can give this girl full of killing potential a chance.

Kayla Rulaar- Irvine

I find a manual in the mess. Well, well, well. I give it to Yumi.

"Thanks." she says.

In a few hours, she creates a weird mini arena.

"This will serve as a Battle Arena." she says.

What a cheery thought........

Fallon Echo- Calabasas

I've stayed in the forest for a few hours now. Wonder if anyone's going to come. No one's around here. What? I heard a twig snap. Who's there? Just then, an axe flies to my right. Who was that? I find Reggie Williams. He's bloodthristy and he knows it. I run as fast as I can. Axes throw to my left and right. Dead end. just then, as I thought I was done for, Reggie screams. What happened? Oh well, at least my life is saved.

Nicholas Davenport- Irvine

Where.... where am I? Last time I remember I was in this city called Azusa. But now, where am I?

"Hello." a voice booms out. Who was that?

"Welcome to the Brackett Battles. 8 tributes will fight to the death. The last tribute alive will win. It's all a one on one battle. First battle is Nicholas Davenport vs. Katelyn Huxley. Good luck, and let the Battles begin!"

Isn't that Yumi Kishitata from District 3? But my stalling has ensured my death......

  • PT: Nicholas Davenport (District 4, 44th Place, Irvine)
    • Cause of death: Bludgeoned by Katelyn Huxley's axe.

Wang Jinrei- Dana Point

I sense a pack of 5 tributes coming my way. Luckily, I'm ready with all the weapons I need. This is Dark territory. I set up traps all over this city and I'm ready to attack.

AshtonMoioLover (Gamemaker)

This. is. amazing. There are currently 3 points of interest in the screen. First is Yumi Kishitata's Brackett Battles, which involves 8 tributes, Austin Lawrence headed for Danger Area, and the 5 tributes, Adora Venustus, Lydia Bruner, Jackson Avrain, T. Hawk, and Gary Flennex headed for Dark Territory, or Dana Point. At least 13 deaths will become of this. This shall be promising.

Right now Lily Axelhurst and Mitchell Benz are squaring off in a fistfight. Lily Axelhurst hits all the critical spots, but Mitchell trips her. Only for a split second. Lily kicks Mitchell square in the head and beats his head with her shoes and fists. It takes a few minutes for the death to happen.

  • PT: Mitchell Benz (District 9, 43rd Place, Irvine)
    • Cause of death: Repeatedly hit in the skull with metal boots owned by Lily Axelhurst

Haybernathy (Gamemaker)

The next two match-ups are ready. Marcie Redder will fight Rosemelrose Divage and Noah Greenwood will fight Reggie Williams. Meanwhile, near the edge of Barstow, Austin Lawrence is heading towards danger zone, or near the edge of the arena, just a half mile away. Five tributes are heading towards Dark Point, or Dana Point, currently occupied by Wang Jinrei. Looks like the match between Marcie Redder and Rosemelrose Divage has begun. Both tributes have pikes as weapons. Marcie and Rosemelrose manage to hit critical hits, but Rosemelrose gets the upper hand when Marcie drops her pike. As Marcie tries to pick up her pike, Rosemelrose, hits her in the head, leaving her to instantly die.

The next round is under way. Noah Greenwood and Reggie Williams have two daggers each. Noah instantly throws a dagger on Reggie's shoulder, and throws the other on his throat. They both hit, and this round is over quickly.

Meanwhile, another topic is flaming my mind. Draco Adams and Azalea Firethorne are currently squaring off in Fontana.

  • PT: Marcie Redder (District 12, 42nd Place, Irvine)
    • Cause of death: Pike slammed in brain by Rosemelrose Divage
  • PT: Reggie Williams (District 0, 41st Place, Irvine)
    • Cause of death: Throat cut by dagger thrown by Noah Greenwood

Azalea Firethorne- Fontana

District 1..... killed my whole family. District 2.... killed my friends. District 3..... destoryed my life. District 4... shattered my dreams. I HATE DISTRICT 1, 2, 3, AND 4! That's why I'm going to kill this stuck up snob from District 2! He's good at swords, but I can be better! I stab him in the stomach. He misses my deathblow. I stab him, ensuring he dies. When he falls, I stab his face. His eyes. His nose. In the back of his throat! In his throat! The cannon sounds a few seconds later. I will kill everyone from Districts 1-4 soon!

  • PT: Draco Adams (District 2, 40th Place, Fontana)
    • Cause of Death: Stabbed multiple types by Azalea Firethorne

Julian Espinoza (Gamemaker)

This four way collision is crazy. Currently, Yumi Kishitata is holding the semi-finals for her "Brackett Battles", while Megan Bass and Hash Davies are heading into Fontana, both in separate times, where Career hater Azalea Firethorne is waiting. Austin Lawrence has arrived in Death Valley, just a few minutes walk away from the end of the arena. Meanwhile, the 5 tributes are still headed for Dana Point.

Looks like the Brackett Battles have begun again. It's Noah Greenwood versus Katelynn Huxley. Katelynn Huxley immediately knocks out Noah Greenwood with her hammer. But wait. Noah Greenwood hits Katelynn Huxley with his pike just in time to save him from death. He beats Katelynn Huxley with his mace until the cannon sounds.

Meanwhile, it seems like Hash Davies has reached Fontana. Azalea Firethorne meets with Hash Davies, well not that kind of meet. Azalea pummels Hash to the ground, and slits his throat killing him. (It was a great idea to add their District number to their uniforms.)

I focused so much on Azalea and Hash's square-off that I missed Lily Axelhurst defeating Rosemelrose Divage in the semi-finals. Oh well, at least I know Noah Greenwood and Lily Axelhurst will move on the finals.

Meanwhile, Austin Lawrence has collapsed due to heat stroke. Vultures and scorpions are heading towards his body, It will only be a matter of time before he dies.

  • PT: Katelynn Huxley (District 2, 39th Place, Irvine)
    • Cause of death: Beaten to death by Noah Greenwood's pike.
  • PT: Hash Davies (District 4, 38th Place, Fontana)
    • Cause of death: Throat slit by Azalea Firethorne.
  • PT: Rosemelrose Divage (District 12, 37th Place, Irvine)
    • Cause of death: Neck snapped by Lily Axelhurst.

Luna Snare- Diamond Bar

What bloodfest is going on in the arena? I heard a bazillion cannons, or a few. Anyways, I wonder how my brother is faring at home. Then, I hear another cannon. Wonder who died, but I know there's 35 tributes left. I know how to add and subtract and do my thirteens time table. I think I'll head on into... the UNKNOWN!

  • PT: Austin Lawrence (District 12, 36th Place, Death Valley)
    • Cause of death: Heat stroke

Thomasb7 (Gamemaker)

Yumi Kishitata has allowed Noah Greenwood and Lily Axelhurst to rest until 8:30. Meanwhile, the five tributes have entered Wang Jinrei's trap. Wang Jinrei pounces off the building, literally, and all five tributes race towards Wang. Suddenly, an axe drops out of nowhere. It hits Lydia Bruner in the head, and the cannon goes off. Jackson has some sense to run away and get away. Meanwhile, Adora, T. , and Gary decide to move on. Adora suddenly gets enshrouded in a mist. She falls and the cannon sounds immediately. T. Hawk decides to try and kill Wang, but then suddenly he's coated with black sludge. He melts. All that's left is Gary Flennex. He tries to run away, but then suddenly liquid methane drops over him. He freezes, and Wang shatters his frozen body with a warhammer.

  • PT: Lydia Bruner (District 11, 35th Place, Dana Point)
    • Cause of death: Axe hit in the head by Wang Jinrei
  • PT: Adora Venustus (District 7, 34th Place, Dana Point)
    • Cause of death: Fast acting mist triggered by Wang Jinrei
  • PT: T. Hawk (District 12, 33rd Place, Dana Point)
    • Cause of death: Coated with boiling sludge by Wang Jinrei
  • PT: Gary Flennex (District 3, 32nd Place, Dana Point)
    • Cause of death: Froze with liquid methane, then shattered by Wang Jinrei.

Kayla Rulaar- Irvine

Four cannons? What is this madness? Oh well. I tell Yumi to start the finals, since it's almost night time. The finalists are dropped into the box. The only weapons are two staffs with a small rock with it. I guess if Yumi wants someone to win this, it will be by totalling someone.

Yumi Kishitata- Irvine

Something's wrong with the box. Suddenly, I dropped down. Noah Greenwood and Lily Axelhurst try to run away. However, I threw a spear at Noah Greenwood, and she perishes. Oh well. End of day. Better sleep.

  • PT: Noah Greenwood (District 11, 31st Place, Irvine)
    • Cause of death: Spear thrown at stomach by Yumi Kishitata

Day 3

Taylor Thorne- Calabasas

Run. Run from the angry mob that wants to kill you. Trip. Trip on the roots that surround you. Gasp. Gasp for air as you've been running for hours. Sleep. Sleep because you're tired. Drink. Drink because you are absolutely famished. Weep. Weep because you know you're not going to make it. Fight. Fight when another tribute comes your way. Try. Try your hardest even though you know it won't be enough. Fall. Fall because you're injured and can't do anything. Cry. Cry because you're in pain and no one is there to help you. Fly. Fly even though you aren't, you're just going crazy. Try. Try to get back up when you're broken on the inside and out. Grasp. Grasp on the supplies that you dearly want and it could save your life. Die. Die because you have no energy to live. Faint.

Lily Axelhurst- Lake Forest

That. Twit.

She cost me time, and time is of the essence there.

That. Twit.

I was forced into this lame-o battle.

That. Twit.

I had to kill two people that I didn't know.

That. Twit.

I want to kill her badly.

That. Twit.

Sebastian Klein- Ramona

I. am. bored. There's nothing to do right now. I'm just walking around, finding random supples. Amazingly, there's water everywhere. Food everywhere. If you look up close. Suddenly, my darn conscience tells me,

"Get the plate."

What plate? Whatever. I decide to move on until I get to this bsaeball field. Then my conscience says to me again.

"Get the plate."

There is no way I'm going to get the plate there. I tell my consience to shut up and then I move on.

Jennifer Shin- Sierra Madre

I found this microphone and this jukebox. I wonder what this can do. I turn it on, and then a screen appears. I type in a few numbers. A little disco music plays on, and lyrics play on. I start singing.

"It's out of the whole!!!! world!!!!! You and I!"

I never knew I had a great singing voice. I'll keep on singing until I fall asleep.

Candice Bolt- Burbank

I'm lucky that I'm alive. If I was dead, I'm dead already. No big deal. But tough luck if you're dead. I decide to walk around until I spot an airport control tower. I know these from District 5, trains rarely head here because of the rugged terrain, since we're on top of the Cascade ranges, so airplanes come here. I think I'll make camp here, and I can spot people from here. Unless mutts can fly, I'm safe.

Sophie Sage- Covina

I've walked for a long time, and there's not one person around here. I wonder if I'm the only person around, well this games setup is weird. I beter keep moving until something happens.

Night falls, and there's no faces in the sky. I wonder what happened.

Fallon Echo- Calabasas

I have to treat Taylor Thorne, my district partner. She was one person in my village in District. She's only unconscious. How hard will it be to treat her?

Day 4

Yumi Kishitata-Orange

There's nothing happening today. I'm bored. Sometimes I want to kill Kayla, but she's my district partner, how will I kill her? I'm supposed to be bloodthirsty but for some reason, I can't kill her. I think I have some history back with Kayla. Oh well.

Taylor Thorne- Calabasas

I wake up suddenly and fiercely. What happened? I'm in a bed of leaves. What's going to happen to me??

"Are you.... Taylor Thorne????" someone asks.

"Yes I am..... what do you want from me?"

"I only came to help you." the voice says. It's a girl's voice, I know it.

"Are you... ok?" the voice says. It's Fallon Echo, one of my district partners. "You had a bloody gash on your arm. I treated it."

I notice a bandage around my arm.

"You..... you saved me. Want to be allies?"

"Sure!" Fallon says.

Now I have a reliable person to trust.

Wang Jinrei- Laguna Beach

I decided to move because of my compass. South is evil. Besides, what if it explodes. I decide to rest in this cavern. I feel drowsy and fall asleep.

Day 5

Fallon Echo- Calabasas

Taylor and I wake up. There's something mysterious there. Something about the air here..... it's too mysterious. It's smells like the smell of animals. Wild animals. I catch the scent right on time. Scorpions. Oversized scorpions. Mutts. We grab whatever we can, me getting the water and food, while Taylor grabbing the weapons and medicne, and then run towards the ends of the forest. The scorpions are gaining on us.... no good. Suddenly Hunter Colt, our district partner is walking by. Oh no. OH NO. We run past Hunter, and the scorpions start to devour him. It's only a matter of time before he dies. We have lost the scorpions.. for now.

"Fallon, it's too dangerous here, we need to move." she says.

We decide to abandon our "safe forest" and head southeast.

  • PT: Hunter Colt (District 10, 30th Place, Calabasas)
    • Cause of death: Devoured by scorpions

Sophia Barbossa- El Segundo

I don't think I can trust Raine anymore. Right now I'm with Raine Winters, Megan Bass, Mercedes Benz, and Lisa Richards. I have decided to put poison in her food, macaroni and cheese we found. I prepare the food and wait. Just then Lisa, who came back from her shift at the lighthouse watch, barges in.

"Hey girls! So how's the good thing!"

We all respond with glee.

"OMG! Macaroni and cheese! I love that!" she takes a bite. Oh no. Oh no.

"It tastes so good!!!!" she says.

"I'm glad you liked it." Mercedes says. Phew at least the poison doesn't-

"AHHHHHHH!!!' Lisa says. Blood is spurting out of her mouth!

"Lisa!" everyone screams. She falls to the macaroni and cheese, all bloody now. Megan immediately gets the shotgun she found. We all found guns in the lighthouse.

"Ok, who did it?" she says.

"It wasn't me!" Mercedes replies.


"But Raine was the one who prepared it too!" Mercedes replies.

"YOU JERK MERCEDES! WHY WOULD I POISON MY OWN PLATE!" she says. She immediately shoots Mercedes and she falls to the ground.

"I KNEW IT WAS YOU!" Megan says. She shoots Raine, but Raine shoots back and they both get fatal shots. Suddenly Megan shoots me.


Everything goes white.

  • PT: Lisa Richards (District 8, 29th Place, El Segundo)
    • Cause of death: Food poisoning by Sophia Barbossa
  • PT: Mercedes Benz (District 9, 28th Place, El Segundo)
    • Cause of death: Shot in the lungs by Megan Bass
  • PT: Raine Winters (District 5, 27th Place, El Segundo)
    • Cause of death: Loss of blood, partially by Megan Bass
  • PT: Sophia Barbossa (District 6, 26th Place, El Segundo)
    • Cause of death: Shot and killed immediately by Megan Bass
  • PT: Megan Bass (District 4, 25th Place, El Segundo)
    • Cause of death: Shot by Raine Winters

Candice Bolt- Burbank

I'm still in my control tower. Nothing is really going on, except I heaerd a few cannons. I wonder what that was for. Suddenly, there are two girls running. I want to kill them, but I have only close range weapons. I look into a cabinet and find a gun. Perfect. Suddenly, I see another girl chasing them. The D2 girl. She's holding throwing knives. I don't know how to shoot this, but I think I should eliminate all of them. I aim the gun, but due to my poor eyesight, I don't aim perfectly. I pull the trigger...

and shoot.


I accidentally hit the D2 girl. She falls to the ground and dies.

Eh. Whatever. At least they won't mess with me.

  • PT: Andrea Michaels (District 2, 24th Place, Burbank)
    • Cause of death: Shot by Candice Bolt

Jason Greene- Torrance

Time to kill! But the question is...... who? I decide to scream and holler to cause some activity Just then, two girls appear.

"MY PRECIOUS!!!! IT IS TIME TO KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Then suddenly, when I'm about to plunge my sword into their stomachs, I hear a pan clinking.


Oh well. At least I can get some more kills.

Suddenly, an announcement comes.

"Tomorrow there will be a feast!" it says.

"You will be all teleported into Walnut the next day!"

How will they do that?

Taylor Thorne- Huntington Beach

We ran as fast as we can, now it's night time. We're still going to run until we find somewhere safe. Anyways, there's a feast tomorrow. What's going to happen at the feast? We're going to be teleported and then probably the games will end there and then. Suddenly I feel faint, and then I collapse.

Day 6- Finale

Rosemelrose Divage (Ghost, Lake Forest)

It's till not day, but I think I'll take revenge for what that monster Lily Axelhurst did to me. I can't see my family anymore. Well, I can still love them, but they can't love me. Theyy will never see me again. I decide to enter her dream and later give her a heart attack.

"Hello Lily Axelhurst of District 13."


"This is one of the girls you killed, Rosemelrose Divage from District 12."

"Oh. I'm sorry, but Yumi did this to me. I didn't give a choice."

"Don't feel guilty! It's all your fault!"

Lily takes a few steps back in your dreams.

"You have outlived your time. I'm taking you with me to the afterlife." I say.

I make a spear fall on her heart and the cannon booms.

Now to get Yumi.

  • PT: Lily Axelhurst (District 13, 23rd Place, Lake Forest)
    • Cause of death: Spear fell on heart, due to the actions of Rosemelrose Divage's spirit.

Andrea Michaels (Afterlife)

Everyone's..... laughing. All the dead tributes I saw before, are all laughing. They're all having a good time in this afterlife, in a "party". Why? Shouldn't everyone be crying? Shouldn't everyone be sad for their families? Katelyn is stroking her hair while drinking a beaker of punch, while Raine, Zora, Azora, and Nicholas are laughing while talking. Kacey is reading a magazine, slouched on the couch, while Megan is playing video games with Alec Tromagnet.

"NO! YOU BEAT ME AGAIN!" Megan yells out.

"I'm sorry. I'm just too good." Alec said.

"NEXT TIME GO EASY!" Megan says again.

Suddenly, a few girls come out of the kitchen. Aren't those girls...... from the first hunger games? Bree Reynolds, Sapphire Hyland, and Estelle Moon.

"I brought the butterbeer everyone!" Estelle says.

They all start cheering and laughing. Bree starts passing it out to everyone. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. I open the door. Isn't that.... Lily Axelhurst?

"Can I come in?" she says.

Everyone nods. Now I realize it. All the people who died in the Hunger Games are being brought here. I can expect more people to come.

Taylor Thorne (Rosemead)- FEAST BEGIN

I wake up. All the tributes start waking up. They have all their weapons, and they look deadly. I shake Fallon to wake up, then she does. The other tributes are eying for a bag that contains a sickle. Yumi Kishitata, the girl from 3, decides to go for the sickle first, followed by the other girl from 3, Kayla Rulaar. The boy from 11, Wang Jinrei decides to go for the sickle the same time. Yumi Kishitata gets it, but then Wang Jinrei grapples on to it. Kayla Rulaar stabs Wang Jinrei with a deathblow. Not before Wang Jinrei hits Kayla Rulaar's throat with the sickle. Two cannons boom. Everyone's eyes are still focused on the single sickle. Julian Goodman and Donny Walsh charge towards the sickle, however, Yumi quickly destroys both of their throats. However, a throwing knive slashes Yumi's arm, injuring her. She turns around and drops the sickle. Jason Greene is on her tail. He doesn't hit Yumi's deathblow, but however, Adam Beirne tries to steal it but he quickly gets eliminated. Tiger Richman decides to try and steal it with a knife. He throws it. It almost hits Jason, but it doesn't.

It hit me. Square in the head.


  • PT: Kayla Rulaar (District 3, 22nd Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Impaled by Wang Jinrei
  • PT: Wang Jinrei (District 3, 21st Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Impaled by Kayla Rulaar
  • PT: Julian Goodman (District 13, 20th Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Impaled by Yumi Kishitata
  • PT: Donny Walsh (District 6, 19th Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Impaled by Yumi Kishitata
  • PT: Adam Beirne (District 10, 18th Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Impaled by Jason Greene
  • PT: Taylor Thorne (District 10, 17th Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Stray knife thrown by Tiger Richman

Jason Greene (Rosemead)



  • PT: Lindsey Greene (District 1, 16th Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Head ripped apart by Jason Greene
  • PT: Jackson Avrain (District 2, 15th Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Head ripped apart by Jason Greene
  • PT: Sawyer Thomas (District 7, 14th Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Head ripped apart by Jason Greene
  • PT: Sebastian Klein (District 8, 13th Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Knife in back by Jason Greene
  • PT: Jason Greene (District 5, 12th Place, Rosemead)
    • Cause of death: Knife in back by Azalea Firethorne

Sophie Sage (Eagle Rock)

I decided to run away from the feast. It's better to avoid than to go into the middle of the fight. Oh well, it look slike the feast is ending any- Wait, what's that? A CRACK IN THE GROUND? WHAT'S THAT FOR?

Suddenly, a ladder appears in front of me and all the tributes are teleported here. The cliff I'm on starts shaking vigorously. Below us, lava. The boy from 7, Keagan I believe, tries to jump over the rocks onto the ladder. He misses and falls into the pit of lava. Another guy, I believe Benjamin Woodrew, tries to jump to the ladder. He fails. Luna Snare, the girl from 8, tries to get on the rock I'm on, but misses.

She grabs onto my foot. I lose my balance and end up latching onto the edge of the cliff.

"LET GO!" I yell.

"No way." she says.


"NO WAY!!"

Suddenly, I feel a pain in my hand. I look upwards before losing my grip and falling.

Down to the lava.

Yumi Kishitata.

That. twit.

  • PT: Keagan Michaels (District 7, 11th Place, Eagle Rock)
    • Cause of death: Thrown into lava
  • PT: Benjamin Woodrew (District 6, 10th Place, Eagle Rock)
    • Cause of death: Thrown into lava
  • PT: Luna Snare (District 8, 9th Place, Eagle Rock)
    • Cause of death: Thrown into lava
  • PT: Sophie Sage (District 0, 8th Place, Eagle Rock)
    • Cause of death: Thrown into lava

Fallon Echo- Eagle Rock- It ends right here.

No use. No use. I can't jump. Tiger Richman and Aurum Livingstone have tried and failed. Their cannons go off. Only five of us left. For sure, the victor will be a girl. Candice Bolt dashes up to the ladder, but slightly misses.

Enough to cost her her life.

Jennifer Shin almost makes it.

If it wasn't for Yumi Kishitata giving her an arrow to the hand.

Jennifer flies down and gets burned.

Only three of us left.

Yumi Kishitata, Azalea Firethorne, and I.

Azalea Firethorne has started fighting Yumi Kishitata for some reason. I can't jump. I can't jump. I'm going to miss.

But then, I remember one time what happened what Taylor said during training.


I can't pick up the bow for some reason. Nothing's going right. I'll probably get a low training score. Just then, Taylor Thorne walks up to me.

"Fallon, are you ok?"

I respond. "I'm fine."

"Why aren't you picking up the bow? You know you'll never do it if you don't try!"

Then, she gets pre-occupied by the D8 Girl, Luna Snare, falling straight on her.


You know you'll never do it if you don't try....

I'll do it. For Taylor.





I jump. I close my eyes and then look down and open them. For some reason I'm frozen. I'm being lifted upwards. Suddenly, I see the rock where Yumi and Azalea stood on crumbles.

Azalea pushes Yumi to the lava and then quickly mouths out "Good Job" before she dies.

Now I realize it.

I have won the Hunger Games.

Place Name User
52 Kacey Smith Ms. finnickodair
51 Larz Williams Chrystalbeast96
50 Alec Tromagnet Beetee19
49 Senna Gocroft Happy Meadows
48 Richard Morter Ms. finnickodair
47 Zora Mallory Happy Meadows
46 Azora Sea AshtonMoioLover
45 Ore Cole Chrystalbeast96
44 Nicholas Davenport FinnickForever
43 Mitchell Benz Ms. finnickodair
42 Marcie Redder Ms. finnickodair
41 Reggie Williams


40 Draco Adams 2legit2quit
39 Katelynn Huxley SkyTimeGirl
38 Hash Davies 2legit2quit
37 Rosemelrose Divage Rosemelrose
36 Austin Lawrence Ms. finnickodair
35 Lydia Bruner Ms. finnickodair
34 Adora Venustus GlimmerandSparkle
33 T. Hawk Mrweare121
32 Gary Flennex FinnickForever
31 Noah Greenwood Ms. finnickodair
30 Hunter Colt Firecatcher3
29 Lisa Richards Chrystalbeast96
28 Mercedes Benz Ms. finnickodair
27 Sophia Barbossa Ms. finnickodair
26 Raine Winters Ms. finnickodair
25 Megan Bass Mrweare121
24 Andrea Michaels Ms. finnickodair
23 Lily Axelhurst AshtonMoioLover
22 Kayla Rulaar Rue Buttercup
21 Wang Jinrei Mrweare121
20 Julian Goodman Mrweare121
19 Donny Walsh 2legit2quit
18 Adam Beirne Firecatcher3
17 Taylor Thorne Firecatcher3
16 Lindsey Greene Ms. finnickodair
15 Jackson Avrain 2legit2quit
14 Sawyer Thomas Beetee19
13 Sebastian Klein Justafox
12 Jason Greene Chrystalbeast96
11 Keagan Michael Ms. finnickodair
10 Benjamin Woodrew KEWLBEN
9 Luna Snare Justafox
8 Sophie Sage Aquastar4infinity
7 Tiger Richman Ms. finnickodair
6 Aurum Livingstone CallamD97
5 Candice Bolt Polinarose
4 Jennifer Shin FinnickForever
3 Yumi Kishitata TheOneandOnlyDistrict3
2 Azalea Firethorne Beetee19

VICTOR: Fallon Echo


President Diana Au

And so, after a brutal games, 6 days straight, we have finally found a victor of the annual Hunger Games.

The victor was Fallon Echo.

But somehow, this year's twist was a bit.... boring.

We'll be sure to make the next Hunger Games super exciting!

This is President Diana Au, signing off.

After one month, Kwan's Second Hunger Games has finally come to a close.


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