So I decided to try my hand at creating my own Hunger Games! I have a fun idea for an arena, and I want to try it out with your tributes, so here it goes! Limit 2 tributes per user. 

NO unrealistic/overpowered tributes, nothing overtly pervese 

Leave comments below after each update describing what you think your tribute would do, and I'll probably use it (though, obviously I'll have to forgo your advice and kill some of them)=

If it hasn't been fully filled out by end of the day Wednesday (8 Jan) I will fill out the remaining slots! May the odds be ever in your honor.

Tribute Template









Strength: (name 2 or 3)

Weakness: (name 2 or 3)

Allies:  (if they will who will they ally with like certain districts or personalitys.)

Training session: 

- After Reading ALL training sessions, I will give scores based on the sessions.


Name Gender District Age User Training Score
Male 1 *pending*
Pashmina Greene Female 1 15 Sammy Holtzy *pending*
George Munk Male 2 18 JJLOCA *pending
Female 2 *pending*
Male 3 *pending*
Eileen Pilano Female 3 13 Gayham *pending*
Male 4 *pending*
Female 4 *pending*
Male 5 *pending*
Female 5 *pending*
Male 6 *pending*
Female 6 *pending*
Male 7 *pending*
Female 7 *pending*
Patch Reilly


8 17 Bobsind *pending*
Female 8 *pending*
Seth Lesatto Male 9 16 Beerad21 *pending*
Larenna Rourke Female 9 17 HarrisonStoner *pending*
Joel Burns Male 10 13 HarrisonStoner *pending*
Female 10 *pending*
Trey Bartol Male 11 14 Trey Alter *pending
Female 11 *pending*
October West Male 12 16 Bobsind *pending*
Female 12 *pending*

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