Welcome to the 90th Hunger Games! The 90th Hunger games will be normal, but each tribute will have a different "codename" (e.g. Katniss was THE MOCKINGJAY), so if they win, that will be what they are known as.

The Story

The rebellion won... for about five minutes. Katniss didn't shoot Coin... she shot Coin's twin sis. Coin took power and re-created the Hunger Games!!!

Rules and Such

  • Post appropriate comments and tributes. I will pick using quality, but its mostly first come-first served.
  • You will have some say on the district, but I will change it if it is taken or if id does not suit the tribute well.
  • When I post the arena info, you cannot send it to your tributes before the games.
  • If you don't post advice for your tribute when it's life or death, the results will be obvious.    
  • You can make your own codenames, but I might change them if I don't like them.
  • You can each have four tributes. Please make a LUNAII on the Lunaii dollmaker of your tribute.
  • Group training, private sessions, interviews, and then the Games.
  • You people will have $1,000.00 for each tribute you have. I will make a chart.
  • I will not use cuss words, graphic violence, anything that is inappropriate you will not find here.
  • Please don't pelt me with chicken nuggets if your tribute dies. It all depends on who sends good advice.
  • You can use new tributes or old tributes. See if I care.
  • I will make a list of who will get POVs for what. Every tribute will get a POV. I will put their name under the POV they will get but I will not write them until I get all of the tributes. Who will get a POV for what will be chosen based off of their template answers.

Tribute Template & Tributes

Here is the tribute template. Please note that I will not do ON MY PROFILE's








Interview Angle:






Tribute Table
Name Gender Age District Alliance Code Name User
Katerina Boysiene F 18 1 Careers Kat Ms.finnickodair
RESERVED M 1 Johanna Mason VEVO
Elizabeth Wells F 15 2 Careers Eliza HGClatoLover
RESERVED M 2 Johanna Mason VEVO
Tikkiter Gear F 17 3 3F and 8F Tikk Kawaii Manga
RESERVED M 3 Johanna Mason VEVO
Jessi Jenkins F 15 4 District 4 Jess Ms.finnickodair
Devon Prescott M 15 4 District 4 Dev Ms.finnickodair
Winona Flame F 18 5 N/A Wina The girl in green boots
M 5
Jazelle Monquite F 14 6 D6 Zella The girl in green boots
Danzelle Monquite M 14 6 D6 Daz Johanna Mason VEVO
Tegan Darew F 16 7 N/A Tee HGClatoLover
RESERVED M 7 gummy monkeys (with upside-down letters)
Lizzy Tart F 14 8 3F and 8F Liz Kawaii Manga
RESERVED M 8 gummy_monkeys (with upside-down letters)
Minerva Golding F 18 9 9F and 11F Min Kawaii Manga
RESERVED M 9 gummy_monkeys (with the words upside-down)
Seiah Mallick F 14 10 10F and 12F Sy The girl in green boots
RESERVED M 10 gummy monkeys (with upside-down letters)
Janga Minetic F 15 11 9F and 11F Jen Kawaii Manga
M 11
Alice Wintamist F 14 12 10F and 12F Ali The girl in green boots
Castelian Lash M 17 12 Careers Ares Nhtomahawks22
  • Katerina Boysiene-District 1
  • Elizabeth Wells-District 2
  • Tikkiter Gear-District 3
  • Jessi Jenkins-District 4
  • Devon Prescott-District 4
  • Winona Flame-District 5
  • Jazelle Monquite-District 6
  • Tegan Darew-District 7
  • Lizzy Tart-District 8
  • Minerva Golding-District 9
  • Seiah Mallick-District 10
  • Jenga Minetic-District 11
  • Alice Wintamist-District 12
  • Ares1.png Castelian Lash-District 12

Lunaiis will go here ----->


Careers:Katerina(1), Elizabeth(2), Castelian(12)

3F and 8F: Tikkiter(3), Lizzy(8)

District 4: Jessi(4), Devon(4)

District 6: Jazelle(6), Danzelle(6)

9F and 11F: Minerva(9), Jenga(11)

10F and 12F: Seiah(10), Alice(12)

Alone: Winona(5), Dazelle(6), Tegan(7)

Training-Day One

Elizabeth Wells's POV

Devon Prescott's POV

Lizzy Tart's POV

Seiah Mullick's POV

Alice Wintamist's POV

Private Sessions, Scores, and Odds

Jessi Jenkins's POV

Winona Flame's POV

Minerva Golding's POV

Jenga Minetic's POV

Tribute Score Odds
Katerina Boysiene
Elizabeth Wells
Tikkiter Gear
Jessi Jenkins
Devon Prescott
Winona Flame
Jazelle Monquite
Tegan Darew
Lizzy Tart
Minerva Golding
Seiah Mullick
Jenga Minetic
Alice Wintamist
Castelian Lash

Interviews and Attention Status


Katerina Boysiene's POV

Jazelle Monquite's POV

Tegan Darew's POV

Minerva Golding's POV

Castelian Lash's POV

Attention Status

Different statuses will be given out of the following after the interviews. The statuses will affect your tributes' chances of winning and connecting with the audience. Based on the tributes actions, these will change several times during the games.

a. Your tribute is so good, the careers envy him/her, which isn't very good news

b. Your tribute will have a touching affect on the audience, which will gain sympathy and admiration

c. Your tribute is going to be bet on a lot, but no sympathy

d. Audience's reaction: "What was that kid's name again?"

e. The audience likes your tribute's spunk , style, and modesty

Tribute Status with Audience
Katerina Boysiene N/A
Elizabeth Wells N/A
Tikkiter Gear N/A
Jessi Jenkins N/A
Devon Prescott N/A
Winona Flame N/A
Jazelle Monquite N/A
Tegan Darew N/A
Lizzy Tart N/A
Minerva Golding N/A
Seiah Mullick N/A
Jenga Minetic N/A
Alice Wintamist N/A
Castelian Lash N/A

Day One-Bloodbath

Sponsoring Items and How Much They Cost







arrows (10)-$100

knife/throwing knife-$50

spiky star thingies-$25





broth (lasts two days)-$10

dried beef sticks(lasts two days)-$50

raw meat(once cooked, lasts two days)-$25

vegetables(lasts four days)-$50

fruits(lasts three days)-$45

assorted nuts(lasts three days)-$30

water(one gallon, comes with gallon container, lasts two days)-$25

water(two gallons, comes with two gallon containers, lasts five days)-$50

candy(lasts one day)-$25


inflatable belt-$25

life vest-$50


burn/frostbite healer-$50

camo jacket-$30

camo paints-$25

climbing boots-$50



sleeping bag-$30

grappling hook-$100


night vision glasses-$50



walking stick-$5

gauze bandage-$10

Cornucopia Stuff

Along the edges- darts(5), arrows(5), empty canteens(3), sunglasses(5 pairs), blankets(5), sleeping bags(3)

Closer-bows(2), axes(2), swords(3), food packs(three)(lasts five days), burn/frostbite ointment (three packs)

Inside the Horn- spiked boots(two pairs), climbing packs(2) (grappling hook, climbing boots, walking stick)

Tribute Statusses
Tribute Place (location or Death) Needs Current Inventory Money Left
Katerina Boysiene $1,000
Elizabeth Wells $1,000
Tikkiter Gear $1,000
Jessi Jenkins $1,000
Devon Prescott $1,000
Winona Flame $1,000
Jazelle Monquite $1,000
Tegan Darew $1,000
Lizzy Tart $1,000
Minerva Golding $1,000
Seiah Mullick $1,000
Jenga Minetic $1,000
Alice Wintamist $1,000
Castelian Lash $1,000

Due to an error, please send any comments to User blog:Hello im cat lady/Comments for the 90th Hunger Games

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