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  • Henryjh98

    Hey it's Henry. I haven't edited on this wiki in over two years but I had this little thought nagging me.

    What, out of all the fan made games on this wiki, are some of the best ones?

    This question is directed more toward veteran users who have been around enough to read and experience all sorts of different games. I really wanna know, because I enjoyed the stories I read on this wiki and would like to reread some and discover some new ones.

    So, yeah, just provide the links to some of your favorites down below and I'll happily check them out.

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  • Henryjh98

    Here is the page for the 100th Hunger Games tributes. If you would like to enter a tribute, please comment on the actual page for the Hunger Games. Thank you.

    Name: Comet Ash (D0 Male)

    Skills: Swords, Archery, Knives, Hiding, Climbing, Surviving the cold

    Weaknesses: His love for Venus, Hot and humid climates

    Strategy: Make sure he gets Venus out of the arena alive. He is willing to do anything for her, and wants badly for her to become the victor.

    Personality: Overconfident from time to time, but is mostly calm. He never hesitates to crack a sarcastic joke, but never at his own expense. He is very athletic, spry, and strong; and he certainly knows it.

    History (if you want it): From District 0, the astrology and meteorology district. When he was …

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  • Henryjh98

    The 100th Hunger Games

    March 17, 2013 by Henryjh98

    The 100th Hunger Games is an upcoming Hunger Games created by Henryjh98. It is the Fourth Quarter Quell, which means there will be a big spin on the games. If you would like to submit tributes, comment the district, names, and I will put them in for you. Please pick one district and submit two tributes for that district. 

    And I will not be doing reapings, training, and whatnot because that bores me and takes too long. I want to get straight to the action! 

    President Rexus walks onto the stage.

    "Hello, Panem," he greets in his deep voice. "It is time to pick the spin on the Hunger Games for the Fourth Quater Quell."

    A young, frightened-looking boy walks onto the stage holding an elegant box. President Rexus reaches his hand slowly into the box an…

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  • Henryjh98

    Glimmerandsparkle's 81st Hunger Games (captivating!_Part_3!

    Clove74th's 15th Hunger Games (needs work. . . literally, it needs work. Only a couple paragraphs have been written. Come one, Clove!)

    Clove74th's 73rd Hunger Games (fantastic)

    (And Mine)

    174th Hunger Games (not my best work)

    175th Hunger Games (good arena)

    Tikitooki's Pinnacle Games (amazing!)


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  • Henryjh98

    I'm really confused as to what IRC is and I want to know what it is like. Thanks to anyone who can help.

    Henryjh98 00:27, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

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